project build/
5dee6e8 envsetup: merge breakfast into lunch

project device/htc/msm7x30-common/
44bc4bd msm7x30: use caf audio.
63362ea msm7x30: remove kernel headers.

project device/htc/qsd8k-common/
104fda5 qsd8k: Remove headers.

project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/
1df2cee audio/msm7x30: Add kernel includes.
0177414 audio/msm7x30: fix for SEMC devices with stereo hw speaker
0c85f77 audio/msm7x30: #ifdef teh things
0de404b Revert "audio/8655: Enabling LPA playback by adding AudioSessionOutLPA class"
d501a1a audio/msm7x30: fix a crash on audio initialize
1fdcc6a audio/msm7x30: Change fallback route to speaker
f0ec98d audio/msm7x30: fix voice volume on first call
223cef2 audio/msm7x30: set mRecordState in AudioInputStreamMSM72xx::set
1844bcd audio/msm7x30: device enum debug
c42eabb audio/msm7x30: perform null checks when calling libhtc_acoustic functions
548b319 audio/msm7x30: port forwarding HTC code from gb
341c850 alsa_sound: Disable verbose logging
9a6c780 audio: conditionally restore session less CSD apis
07eb3c2 alsa_sound: Add option to use seperated speakerphone device
5accf62 audio: fix for device not disabled after ending voice call
67a0a0a alsa_sound: Allow SPEAKER_DUAL_MIC_* UCMs with USES_FLUENCE_INCALL
f94edcb audio-caf: fix compressed audio flags
94db555 Add back ifdef QCOM_COMPRESSED_AUDIO_ENABLED for sound/compress_params.h
2cb2791 alsa: fix platform detection for m7 devices
41eaae7 audio/msm7x30: Stop the log spam during VOIP calls
ed32cc6 audio/msm7630: Fix for Echo in Gtalk
d04614c audio/msm7x30: Use q5v2_msm_audio_mvs_frame struct
3064498 msm8660: Fix compilation error for 8660
1730000 Fix VOIP audio routing issue and add usb audio hal profile
73554f0 audio/msm8660: Squashed set of updates
672734e audio/msm7630: Fix for back to back VOIP calls failure
07e24e8 audio/msm7630: Add latency support for LPA
9a86b94 audio/msm7630: Fix to enable TTY device
510f9c3 msm8660: Add dependency on kernel headers
41ff904 alsa_sound: Support using legacy CAF input buffersize logic
bd30aeb alsa_sound: Changes for adsp restart handling
5ec3314 alsa_sound: Add support for "Voice Earpiece Extra Gain" mode
8fadd47 audio: Dynamic library loading, compilation fixes.
152073a audio: Fix separated audio input support
374afc0 audio: enable fluence incall feature
e5066ed alsa_sound: Add support for Audience A2220
ac92140 Enhance ALSA for USB Dock Audio support
d81f36f import msm7x30/msm8660 audio from CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_audio-caf
671cd2c audio-caf: allow devices to only set min buffer sizes
a762a3a alsa_sound: Fix for audio glitch on headset during FM playback
c2e34a7 audio: refactor HAL to call session id based CSD apis
63ab11a Primary output check for sonification is removed.
088fbd1 alsa_sound: Add support for new UCM file for SGLTE
ccd5aab alsa_sound: Fix race condition in close and open device
83d616c alsa_sound: Change SGLTE to Voice2 for reusability of code
5e92747 alsa_sound: Add missing param.remove(key) in setParameters
c3d5034 alsa_sound : Handle sound card detection failures
e70ace4 libalsa_intf: Add USB acdb IDs for voice over USB
694d88c audio: getNewDevice on primaryOutput for strategy phone and enforced audio
eae2d49 libalsa-intf: Add support to handle numerical amix commands
061f10d alsa_sound: Fix for no ringtone heard while playing on WFD
722337a alsa-sound: EOS notification if drain ioctl is interrupted
9c37bad alsa_sound: Initialize the mPfdProxy in constructor
99dfda5 fmradio: enable STE radio
1bac86c audio: cm build fix
b39e39b audio: fix input buffersize for AMR/EVRC formats
3093973 alsa_sound: Add support for VoLTE over USB headset
614a4e5 alsa_sound: Fix to prevent additioal doRouting call
1297a73 alsa_sound: Fix to prevent additioal doRouting call
1b6657f alsa_sound:Fix for Audio leak in LPA while in voice call
eb56b2d alsa_sound:Resample proxy ouput for other than 48KHz samplerate
9e244fc alsa-sound: Avoid use of extra bytes to signal seek processed
1cfa1ac libalsa-intf: Fix build warning from ALOGE
9e5c3ef alsa-sound: AudioSessionOut optimization
0ab86af alsa_sound: Support for applying independent channel volume control
8ed7cc1 alsa_sound: Fix usb headset record noise
cb2fa2d alsa_sound: Fix for Audio routing to HDMI when BT connected
338813c alsa_sound: Set tunnel/lpa bit for playback over usb headset
6b52607 alsa-sound: Use errno to check for error code of ioctl()
a803776 libalsa-intf: Add mono headset support
10b6ce4 alsa_sound: Add Adaptive ANC devices
750a848 audio: fix to play Skype calltone on earpiece instead of speaker
3184a32 alsa-sound: Adjustment for tunnel mode buffer size
ae1de0f alsa_sound: Fix for no audio when switching between BT headsets
6db504e AudioSessionOut: Fix to handle a single write() with an empty buffer
88b4903 audio: add support for 8610
6c461b7 libalsa: Fix voip voice calibration issue
9cd649e libalsa-intf: Include the audcal header path
f131e62 alsa-sound : Fix a deadlock
6f6620b audio: update voip input buffersize for 8974 target
6000eb5 alsa_sound: Add e2e multi-channel support on 8974.
f0792ac audio: Update sysfs node in audio daemon
3b3ffdc alsa-sound: AudioSessionOut synchronization fixes
7955ffc audio: update device for all outputs in setPhoneState
fa1cacb hardware/qcom/audio: fix memory leak in alsa_ucm.c file
9f3ab34 Fix for MT call ringtone on USB headset
5282ade audio: fix for audio recording
eb33733 Update copyright to The Linux Foundation
f158b28 audio: Add support for audio recording using EC
783a7b9 audio: enabled SSR in HAL
b3f7d30 audio: fix for setting fluence paramter issue
a309f94 alsa_sound: Decrease the playback buffer size and latency
92abe66 alsa_sound: Subsystem Restart Changes
9b79f6d audio: invoke CSD client APIs only for Fusion3 platform
b7a8ca6 alsa_sound: conditionally allow changing of fluence type
93601e9 alsa : check for valid verb index
1dca4f2 alsa_sound: Fix audio not routed from Speaker to HDMI device
1ec163f alsa_sound: Miscellaneous fixes BT and USB playback
b8851fa audio: Fix delay with first voice call and MT voice call
c410e12 audio: Add new Audio daemon process
a5a6a80 alsa_sound: Collection of fixes in HAL for EOS
4526fde alsa_sound: Decrease the tunnel buffer size to 256Kbytes
fddaa94 audio: add support for FM feature
ebe8557 alsa_sound: Fix for no audio in voice call over USB
9acf3d9 alsa_sound:Fix for no audio while playback on USB headset
2759821 alsa_sound: Fix for device switch crash
27c9030 alsa_sound: Add support for 8 channel for HDMI device
ebd7ad8 alsa_sound: Miscellaneous fixes for LPA and Tunnel Mode playback
76aa4c9 audio: Fix for usb headset recording issue
65860e4 audio: compile mm-audio project
d3d2c86 audio: Fix for TTY mode parameter values in HAL
4d33ffd alsa_sound: Re-design USB audio solution
979666c alsa_sound: update AudioPolicyManagerALSA for QCOM audio features
9d40ec5 alsa_sound: Modify playback and capture period size
908253a alsa_sound: Support LPA Playback
868131e mm-audio: intial commit of mm-audio
135a23d HAL: make changes to compile audio hal for 8974.
22d0d6f alsa_sound: Support Tunnel mode of playback
9f99e38 alsa_audio: route call voice to phone when on HDMI
1af98a6 alsa_sound: fix for SIP call mute issue.
604ccc9 Revert "alsa_sound: fix for SIP call mute issue."
5481e76 alsa_sound: fix for SIP call mute issue.
453d78c alsa_sound: fix for output device routing during video chat
15defba audio: add the headset tx
fb65fc8 hardware/alsa_sound: Change the device disable sequence

project hardware/qcom/display-caf/
2f64a6b Revert "liboverlay : unset basepipe on overlay intialization."
b24b13b hwc/copybit: Add check for Max layers support.
ba955cf hwc: In MDPcomp, set isFg flag for the first layer
92dbd42 hwc: Only enable vsync delay logging for debug builds
47aa5b2 gralloc: Backward compat for devices using older camera heap
9fa99ff Revert "gralloc: Cleanup usage of old API"
6b83772 liboverlay : unset basepipe on overlay intialization.
29b0de8 libcopybit: Fix GPU page fault on c2d use
c1c4df0 Fix crash issue arising out of multiple hdmi connect/disconnects
8563640 hwc: Do not include Framebuffer area in calculating total area
4e88d96 libhwcomposer: print a log if there is any delay in vsync read.
c691dbc hwc: Add property to differentiate the input image format
250d823 libgralloc: Change CAMERA_HEAP to ADSP_HEAP
4ccac4a libexternal: Add support for SPD Information
074307f hwc: Fallback to GPU if source image width or height is less than 2
f41d7e8 hwc: Close Fds in case of errors in openFramebuffer
ba39c0a libhwcomposer: align rotator source buffers for tile format.
c417b64 gralloc: Add workaround for Jellybean camera drivers
310691f libcopybit: Fix potential memory and surface leaks in c2d
aa3f914 display: Use actual kernel headers for all builds
f096252 hwc: Fix the copybit threshold comparison
8ba3f53 Revert "gralloc: Align protected allocations with the spec"
56d7cb5 copybit: Fallback to SF heap when IOMMU isn't available
0291c9b display: Conditionally restore genlock support
f8a6661 gralloc: Let gralloc_priv.h be overloaded by device trees
cf01fce Tiny changes to support media codecs with vanilla driver.
4b73edb qcomBSP: put check on new ionalloc
00cf5ea Fix ION_IOC_MAP error on old ion api during drm video playback
b1fe6ef gralloc: Add TARGET_USES_QCOM_BSP flag for non-AOSP features
551daf1 display: Add support for MDP 4.1
f84b2bc libcopybit: Use CM standard QCOM naming.
b655c4a liboverlay: Use camera heap for targets without mm heap.
ae45323 hwcomposer: 7x30: disable overlays for video playback
0fd638a overlay: Bring back debug.mdpcomp.maxlayer
1730279 Update include paths
0484b46 Only build CAF display variant when requested.
cfbc285 qcom_display: add TARGET_PROVIDES_LIBLIGHT
9847229 copybit: Fix type conversion error for GCC 4.7
b519bb2 gralloc: Cleanup usage of old API
ce7b2fe hwc: Sync for rotator
991234d hwc: Reset Layer cache on idle timeout
7f65307 hwc: Ensure borderfill pipe is setup only after unblank
178cddc liboverlay: round off rotator downscale factor to nearest integer.
9716d1c libcopybit: protect all c2d copybit API's
81ab01c hwc: Add support for new resolutions
e9a5dbc libexternal: Add support for vesa format
68da95e libexternal: clean up HDMI modes
626dd01 hwc: clean up overlay on external display blank
1c2e5d3 hwc: Add debug logging for fps
e851193 hwc: NULL check on buffer handle
7f889a9 hwc: Add DMA pipe support in MDP composition.
e6f98be display: Use cache invalidate and clean correctly
0be6eac hwc: Configure pipe for FB even if we exceed max layers
e129e66 overlay: Use correct downscale for rotator.
5704a5b libcopybit: Use blending parameters passed by HWC
d5c404b hwc: Configure FbUpdate only when needed
2d01bb5 libexternal: disable HPD during initialization.
6e06654 hwc: fix dst calculations for right mixer
737a536 hwc: Check vsync state before sending it up
eacb117 hwc: Add support for clearing with c2d
e3671d1 libqservice: Change the permission for SCREEN_REFRESH
77f89be gralloc: Align protected allocations with the spec
27e944f display: Remove framebuffer HAL usage
924a7b1 gralloc: Stride information fix
752f4b0 libcopybit: Remove usage of C2D_NO_BILINEAR_BIT
909a598 hwc: Fix alpha downscale check for mdp composition
6ff67bb hwc/ov: Fix MDP orientation flags and values.
2c6e0cf hwc: qclient: Subscribe to mediaplayer death later.
1a17f11 libhwcomposer: add dynamic thresold support for copybit.
a762b96 qdutils: Retrieve MDP revision and pipes information from driver.
8c0b01b hwc: Use correct z-order in video overlay
4d87dc2 hwc: Processing of HDMI connection request when WFD is active
36b9bbe gralloc: Override gralloc calculated size only if bufferSize is greater.
9d4358b hwc/overlay: Video on 4k2k external, 4k2k rotation.
bdcf348 display: Remove genlock usage
5aa54f0 hwc: Check for correct screen state before enabling vsync
e0dff93 overlay: Reset allocation on all pipes, if commit fails.
59e090a gralloc: Fix incorrect flag usage on old ion API
c59aa2f hwc: Process only MAX_NUM_LAYERS
6b93e3a hwc: handle blank/unblank for virtual display explicitly.
64b8121 hwc: Use intermediate buffers for copybit
69d9585 display: Add hook for triggering screen update
d6453ae gralloc: Allow IOMMU memory to be uncached
b551ce4 libhwcomposer: MDP composition for Higher Resolution panels
747af1e hwc: Close acquireFenceFds always.
037b1e1 hwc: Handle WFD Pause/Resume usecase
587b0da libexternal: prefix the property name with hw
b2fc956 libcopybit: update the target config_mask for transformation
11a380d hwc: Allow HWC to support Virtual Display
0d0a7cb overlay: Add support for pipe dumps.
7128e50 hwc: Get notified on media player death.
4ca8f3a display: Do not align down input rotator src height
fc3652f overlay: Fix rotator output buffer size.
01f5c8e libgralloc: Get the stride information from libadreno_utils.so
f53b377 display: Close 0 fds
86c1729 libqservice: Add a client interface.
501cf7b qdutils: Default to GPU composition
a44100c libgralloc: Add Perform function to get the stride.
69f2bb2 libhwcomposer: Only 4 pipes can be used per display for MDP Comp.
24f2005 hwc: Log if vsync read takes more than 2 expected vsyncs
b4d184f liboverlay: Fix stride alignment issue for s/w decoded video.
23f69b2 liboverlay: Set mdp src format as rotator output format.
c18dbc2 hwc: Don't use MDP for buffers of width less than 5
73d36df Update copyright to The Linux Foundation
7421472 display: Reconcile display HALs
7535aba libhwcomposer: Don't count video layers marked for SKIP
d81f9e8 overlay: Remove unnecessary lock.
4b9784e gralloc: Do not set ION_SECURE for non-contiguous heaps
e1cea3e libexternal: change the order of ioctl call for HDMI
4333330 hwc: Call MSMFB_DISPLAY_COMMIT even if FB handle is null.
feb2d8a display: Add support for overscan compensation for ext display
8f7a94f hwc: Pass transform value while cropping dst rect
dc01a53 hwc: Do not set Secure flags for UI layers
cf53700 libhwcomposer: Allow 2 YUV layer frames to use MDP composition
7bf31c3 display: Reset metadata pointer to NULL during unmap.
288f8c7 liboverlay: Rotator-assisted MDP downscaling of videos.
7b03a95 external: use metadata ioctl to set vic
57e3c81 hwc: Invoke commit ioctl even if there are no app layers
2515abf hwcomposer: In Mdss,secure content policy applies to layer buffer
7651a80 display: Use GRALLOC_USAGE_PROTECTED to indicate secure content
6f8ca31 gralloc: Remove update rect
bfc79c2 libexternal: set hw.hdmiON system property
95e4c9f overlay: mdssRot: Do not reset non-rotation flags.
6e6f9a9 display: use metadata ioctl to get panel frame rate
4e931c1 libgralloc: force 1M alignment for secure buffers
361da4f hwc: Add support for copybit(C2D) composition
eb128aa libcopybit: Add Async mode support for C2D
12b103b display: Add NULL check for metadata
bbca629 overlay: mdssRot: Fix the logic for setting Rotator info flags.
6b353bd libcopybit: Merge copybit HAL from jb
ccb4460 display: Return MDP pipe availability per display type
08c65b3 overlay: mdssRot: Fix stale rotation flag values.
ba9eed5 hwc: commit changes for ext display on blank
37552c5 libexternal: Add support for changing resolution on HDMI
75526f5 hwc: Delay HDMI/WFD connection request by one frame
81c4e7d liboverlay: Check for target specific flag for older platforms.
cbf7ccc hwc: mdpcomp: Restructure for 4kx2k displays
47573e2 display: Add display metadata in buffer handle
6e3fab8 liboverlay: Mdss Rotator secure buffer needs to be aligned to 1M.
faae042 liboverlay: Enable secure content flag in Mdss Rotator.
cf053c6 hwc: Support 4kx2k FB for Primary and External.
fbffad7 mdssRotator:For Venus, rotator buffer size depends on rotated w/h
73dcce4 libgralloc: Calculate aligned width & height using common header
e8a0179 libgralloc: Import header for Venus buffer size calculation
c5e6148 display: Add support for Venus color format for newer platforms
3d4c0ac libgralloc: Add support for custom buffer size.
92fc130 hwc: Retry vsync on EBUSY
e37e571 hwc: Handle ext display device conn/disconn requests
94baddc hwc: Support swap interval zero
8fb0d32 libcopybit: Correct AOSP license marking.
8df2ebf hwc: Fix issue with Layercache
d7f8427 gralloc: Mark framebuffer as ION memory
e78f052 hwc: User Layercache for external display
dec98cc display: Standardize log-tags for qcom display logs.
c6bd6d9 display: Add target specific flag to support Venus color format
ba48b01 overlay: Do not unset overlay for MSMFB_NEW_REQUEST
c180c4e gralloc: set ION_SECURE to flags instead of heap_mask during ion alloc.
3f2323f hwc: Remove buffer_fence definition as it is not used
9da8466 external: memset commit struct
d95c408 libgralloc: Change ion_allocation_data fields.
ece296e libgralloc: Use ION_IOC_CUSTOM instead of MSM-specific ioctls
935cb68 Update buffer dimensions with new dimension
7980f10 hwc: don't open sysfs on every iteration
725dd86 hwc/overlay: Add premultiplied alpha support.
f9a7ef2 hwc: external: Cleanup overlay objects on external disconnect.
18bcd14 display/libhwcomposer: fix potential memory leak
cd89f8c hwc: Skip secure buffers in non secure mode
d8e715f hwc: move enable disable ioctls to vsync thread
c52b330 hwc: fix some race conditions
36345b9 don't call vsync-ctrl ioctl for same enable value
9dbd53a hwc: Close unused pipes before PAN
23f8309 hwc: Call sync before draw.
3b95b4c hwc: Fix tearing on HDMI. Call glFinish()
f8f79fb hwc: Check for the validity of the fb layer
65eedd5 hwc: Fix dpi values reported
bfe0f3a liboverlay: close all the opened pipes after framework reboot.
c9829cd hwc: Add non-zero checks. Move warning log.
127177c libgralloc: remove pid checks

project hardware/qcom/media/
21d672a dashplayer: set as optional

project kernel/htc/msm7x30-3.0/
4336c12 netfilter: qtaguid: rate limit some of the printks

project kernel/htc/qsd8k/
796d23a qsd8k: copy msm-specific headers.

project vendor/samsung/
5a80dce hercules: update c2d2 libraries