project kernel/htc/msm8960/
74be7d8 msm: HTC: display: update panel parameters for vsync
646b262 msm: HTC: elite: remove unused panel
b3815c3 msm: HTC: jet: remove unused panel
cf708db msm: HTC: display: use Linux kernel style formatting
6142f0b af_unix: use freezable blocking calls in read
3c17daa sigtimedwait: use freezable blocking call
bb7dd09 nanosleep: use freezable blocking call
1f0f508 futex: use freezable blocking call
e91feea select: use freezable blocking call
50cf196 epoll: use freezable blocking call
cfb563e binder: use freezable blocking calls
db363aa freezer: add new freezable helpers using freezer_do_not_count()
dc88ad2 freezer: convert freezable helpers to static inline where possible
0138702 freezer: convert freezable helpers to freezer_do_not_count()
9280a60 freezer: skip waking up tasks with PF_FREEZER_SKIP set
9a21b35 freezer: shorten freezer sleep time using exponential backoff
9e27c94 lockdep: check that no locks held at freeze time
c1d1e94 lockdep: remove task argument from debug_check_no_locks_held
f16a21b freezer: add unsafe versions of freezable helpers for CIFS
05d7415 freezer: add unsafe versions of freezable helpers for NFS
85f1da4 HACK: ARM: disable sleeping while atomic warning in do_signal
10e5b03 misc: Fix merge conflicts from 3.4.10 stable merge
2ae6b9c Revert "mmc: sdhci: fix incorrect command used in tuning"
6fc6956 msm: HTC: fighter: add TI 3.3V regulator init
859977f msm: HTC: fighter: wcnss_5wire_interface to static struct
db499a9 msm: HTC: jet: fixup battery parameters
5d9b7d8 msm: HTC: elite: fixup battery parameters
17d5d32 msm: HTC: fighter: fixup battery parameters
b5692b5 evita: enable Torch
6921d72 msm: pm: add failed stats
c202e7d msm: rpm: add debug msg for rpm outstanding req
4b1fec6 wcnss: Prevent access to WCNSS driver after a failure
8799b47 wcnss: Add support to download calibrated data
c6252a5 board: 8930: Configure LDO17 as always_on only for 8930 SGLTE EVT1
51d8066 msm: mdm2: Decrease leakage before QSC power-up
be47c9e Linux 3.4.49
bc4d36c ftrace: Move ftrace_filter_lseek out of CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE section
3a22cc7 tracing: Fix possible NULL pointer dereferences
ce840e2 drm/gma500: Increase max resolution for mode setting
800d5c2 USB: ftdi_sio: Quiet sparse noise about using plain integer was NULL pointer
1bcf5bc xen-pciback: rate limit error messages from xen_pcibk_enable_msi{,x}()
57e90e2 drm/i915: no lvds quirk for hp t5740
15360c3 drm/i915/sdvo: Use &intel_sdvo->ddc instead of intel_sdvo->i2c for DDC.
7cfaeab drm: fix a use-after-free when GPU acceleration disabled
fa8defe hwmon: (adm1021) Strengthen chip detection for ADM1021, LM84 and MAX1617
36247d1 drm/radeon: don't allow audio on DCE6
f6321ee radeon: Fix system hang issue when using KMS with older cards
ed753ef powerpc/eeh: Don't check RTAS token to get PE addr
06f3ee4 ACPI / video: ignore BIOS initial backlight value for HP Pavilion g6
871483f ACPI / video: ignore BIOS initial backlight value for HP m4
c88c503 USB: mos7720: fix hardware flow control
515901e USB: mos7720: fix message timeouts
f856f08 USB: mos7720: fix DMA to stack
30871ae USB: revert periodic scheduling bugfix
23269c0 USB: serial: fix Treo/Kyocera interrrupt-in urb context
d3a677e USB: whiteheat: fix broken port configuration
617d12d USB: Serial: cypress_M8: Enable FRWD Dongle hidcom device
0279e67 USB: visor: fix initialisation of Treo/Kyocera devices
fd02023 USB: ark3116: fix control-message timeout
9df2454 USB: keyspan: fix bogus array index
af90f01 USB: iuu_phoenix: fix bulk-message timeout
395801f ALSA: usb-audio - Fix invalid volume resolution on Logitech HD webcam c270
8e411de6 ALSA: usb-audio - Apply Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 quirk only to audio iface
6ba9458 ALSA: usb-audio: fix Roland/Cakewalk UM-3G support
5c29245 xhci: fix list access before init
c5d2935 xhci-mem: init list heads at the beginning of init
6eb953e xhci - correct comp_mode_recovery_timer on return from hibernate
37c1d9b USB: option: blacklist network interface on Huawei E1820
590be83 ASoC: wcd9304: recalibrate microphone ground voltage
043c5e1 ASoC: wcd9304: Wait enough time during mbhc calibration
b86581e msm: HTC: add missing cam_clk
e9f66ce msm: HTC: elite: remove duplicate camera I2C driver registration
dcf333d Revert "msm: HTC: add missing cam_clk"
064be40 msm: HTC: jet: remove duplicate camera I2C driver registration
05cd028 msm: HTC: add missing cam_clk
92f4f8b perf: Treat attr.config as u64 in perf_swevent_init()
03fa842 mfd: pm8xxx-pwm: Set the correct bank if PWM is enabled without lut_config
574613c msm:camera: Fix signedness issue in hw_exec_cmds
7c9bd44 msm-camera: Fix for the Ov8825 HFR 60&120 FPS issue.
df52a8c fighter: default clock speed to 1.2GHz
8b65486 msm: kgsl: Always resume the GPU regardless of its state
a2602b1 ASoc: msm: Add low latency playback and recording support.
92caab3 msm: HTC: fighter: add fighter/fireball hardware files
f7a68ea msm_fb: display: Provide stub implementation of mdp4_dtv_free_base_pipe
fa21816 msm: HTC: Add support for GSBI2
bd85fb5 ASoC: tpa2051d3: Add TI tpa2051d3 amp for HTC devices
f41ecf94 misc: update akm8975 compass driver
9d250b7 msm: camera: Import HTC IMX105 V4L2 driver
ad5a196 msm: vidc: Get the current performance level
3dfc431 msm: rotator: Enable support for 2-pass fast YUV mode
586acd0 Revert "msm: acpuclock-8960: fix indirect reg issues for elite"
68657f2 Revert "msm: acpuclock-krait: Confirm power-collapse before disabling CPU clocks"
db22435 msm: acpuclock-krait: Confirm power-collapse before disabling CPU clocks
215af49 msm: HTC: enable AVS for HTC 8960 devices
448b4b8 msm: HTC: update board RPM power and latency, spm retention sequence
8db9389 msm: pm: Add support to query cpu status
91d66d4 video: msm: Fix initial state of LCD backlight
73b82a2 msm: iommu: serialize GPU-GPU access to context registers
b34fb38 input: touchscreen: synaptics_3200: Remove define for calibration
02787f2 msm: acpuclock-8960: fix indirect reg issues for elite
8eda0c8 msm: HTC: jet: Add jet/jewel hardware files
c556e1c msm: HTC: elite: Add elite/evita hardware files
98ade03 msm: HTC: expose board_build_flag function
d971880 msm: HTC: add implementation of get_tamper_sf function
ce3c2c3 input: touchscreen: synaptics_3200: Add Synaptics 3200 driver
66ee215 misc: pm8xxx-vibrator: Add HTC pm8xxx-vibrator driver with PWM
0604a8e input: mpu3050: Add HTC version of MPU3050 sensor
0be6b90 misc: pn544: Add PN544 NFC sensor driver
49aa69d misc: a1028: Add HTC VP A1028 driver
fb6d1e4 input: R3GD20: Add R3GD20 gyroscope for HTC
9b04592 msm: iommu: only select IOMMU_GPU_SYNC if using MSM_IOMMU
122bb16 msm: ipc: Add HTC changes to msm_ipc_router_lookup_server_name
fabf87e ville: update defconfig, build modules into kernel
6155fbc ville: enable camera for ville
36b5dae msm: camera: Port heap mask change to ion
64bfe1e msm: camera: include msm-specific ion header file
9565df0 msm: camera: import imx175, s5k6a1gx sensor drivers
50537de msm: camera: import HTC camera stack
17726d0 media: videobuf2: import HTC videobuf2 stack
0a7467c media: v4l2: import HTC v4l2 stack
b8ea866 spi: Add HTC spi_write_and_read function in spi.c
be7c5351 msm: HTC: Add front camera clock
32b4e44 msm: HTC: Add HTC camera structures
4e6e357 msm: HTC: Add HTC camera IOMMU contexts names
bf3d81b msm: ville: add board file support for camera
608c7fd input: touchscreen: atmel_224e: import touchscreen fix from ville kernel
8ec1610 msm: HTC: ville: Add ville hardware files
dfddf03 msm: camera: Return from DQBUF ioctl in case of error.
6cc4dbb leds: tps61310_flashlight: Add TI TPS61310 flashlight driver
e265779 msm: pil-riva: allow forcing of insecure mode
6b2dcfa msm: htc_wifi_nvs: expose wifi calibration data to kernel
a392904 ion: ioctl compatibility with userland using old api
ac4a2fe msm: HTC: HTC boards select FB_MSM_MIPI_DSI
17d5e16 msm_fb: display: wfd: late_initcall WFD panel
1934df1 sound: msm: ifdef for conflicting usb_audio sysfs entry
d6a3088 ASoC: msm: disable building msm8960 sound objects for HTC
2428ce6 mmc: mmcblk: Update deferred SD bus resume support
aeb42b6 msm: HTC: Add support for GSBI5, GSBI10, GSBI12
bbf33b7 Input: Add additional HTC input codes
77ad321 USB: msm_otg: Add HTC variant of msm_otg
90d883f msm: HTC: Add nand flash device to devices-8960
be17df4 msm: HTC: Add HTC specific board extension header
22623dd msm: HTC: headset_one_wire: replace hr_msleep with regular msleep
9ecd907 msm: HTC: Add updated version of board_htc.h header
49278b8 msm: HTC: Add HTC panel ID header
af98f9b msm: HTC: Add HTC MSM8960 acoustic driver
3ffedf0 msm: HTC: Add HTC emmc partitions utility code
385c6ef msm: HTC: disable HTC dying processors proc entry
4a52780 msm: HTC: Add HTC system info driver
fd8c219 msm: HTC: Add HTC wifi NVS driver
8f89559 msm: HTC: add HTC awb calibration driver
663b6a1 msm: HTC: Add HTC ramdump driver
433e9d3 msm: HTC: Add HTC bdaddress driver
719e4a9 msm: HTC: Add HTC htc_port_list driver
db5b181 msm: HTC: add HTC radio_feedback driver
e91cfae msm: HTC: Makefile: use obj-y for unconditionally included items
becabe1 msm: HTC: Add HTC headset drivers
e126d76 msm: HTC: Add htc_restart_handler
c1729a6 msm: HTC: Add devices_htc.c
6c7e733 power: pm8921-charger: Add HTC variants of pm8921-charger, pm8921-bms
34f8bd0 msm: HTC: Add HTC battery drivers
5bdaf59 msm: HTC: Add support for HTC vendor
a01b5f6 power: pm8xxx-ccadc: Add HTC register dump functions
0fd9b76 leds: leds-pm8921: Add HTC variant of leds-pm8xxx
b8520b6 mfd: pm8xxx-batt-alarm: Add HTC-specific functions for HTC battery gauge
13c2e59 hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: add HTC-specific functions
65053cf misc: cable_detect: Add HTC cable detect driver
b00bee2 input: ewtzmu2: Add Panasonic gyroscope for HTC
e2ce3b7 input: cm3629: Add Capella CM3629 proximity/light sensor for HTC
2344785 input: bma250: Add HTC variant of BMA250 I2C accelerometer
d399008 input: cy8c_cs: Add Cypress CY8C20x34 touch key support
e596a9a input: atmel_224e: Add Atmel 224e touchscreen support
0911a39 staging: ram_console: Use HTC ram_console variant
5f2f661 ARM: Add ATAG_ALS define in setup.h and expose system_rev
3394eca msm: subsystem_restart: add 8960 subsystem restart order
9906b75 msm: restart: add HTC restart code from HTC MSM8960 devices
3bdee71 msm: 8960: set 8960 boot addresses for HTC
cab92bc Makefile: set ARCH, CROSS_COMPILE for ARM
a0fb179 staging: prima: completely remove disabled logging
8c8d8b0 staging: prima: less debugging
168042f staging: prima: add option to read calibration data from HTC NVS
1e96f90 staging: prima: clean up ifdefs in hdd_update_config_from nv
d7995fe prima: WLAN Driver Release
a692b2e block: row: Fix starvation tolerance values
59ce678 block: row: Update sysfs functions
f997b93 block: row: Prevent starvation of regular priority by high priority
cb74b7e block: row: Re-design urgent request notification mechanism
f4a09d0 block: Adding ROW scheduling algorithm
d313183 cpufreq: interactive: fix uninitialized spinlock
1fe10cb cpufreq: interactive: base above_hispeed_delay on target freq, not current
110e3f1 cpufreq: interactive: fix crash on error paths in get_tokenized_data
9697dcf cpufreq: interactive: add io_is_busy interface
cce741d cpufreq: interactive: allow arbitrary speed / delay mappings
a437194 cpufreq: interactive: Enable CPU utilization statistics
9f8d537 cpufreq: interactive: fix race on governor start/stop
8a42a03 cpufreq: interactive: fix deadlock on spinlock in timer
84a96d2 cpufreq: interactive: don't handle transition notification if not enabled
9f58f84 cpufreq: interactive: init default values at compile time
ed02868 cpufreq: interactive: default go_hispeed_load 99%, doc updates
2ca5647 cpufreq: interactive: fix race on timer restart on governor start
bc819a2 cpufreq: interactive: fix racy timer stopping
7fca0cc cpufreq: interactive: fix boosting logic
264e291 cpufreq: interactive: add timer slack to limit idle at speed > min
2983547 cpufreq: interactive: specify duration of CPU speed boost pulse
07a9e29 cpufreq: interactive: adjust load for changes in speed
c9d53b3 cpufreq: interactive: remove load since last speed change
21df1ca cpufreq: interactive: allow arbitrary speed / target load mappings
67f0752 cpufreq: interactive: apply above_hispeed_delay to each step above hispeed
6ecca11 cpufreq: interactive: change speed according to current speed and target load
27f7b8e cpufreq: interactive: trace actual speed in target speed decisions
ae7f28c cpufreq: interactive: kick timer on idle exit past expiry
d4edd5d cpufreq: interactive: use deferrable timer by default
1913e0f cpufreq: interactive: pin timers to associated CPU
f090ef0 cpufreq: interactive: run at fraction of hispeed_freq when load is low
5367631 cpufreq: interactive: always limit initial speed bump to hispeed
2dbe0a7 cpufreq: interactive: remove input_boost handling
02442cf cpufreq: interactive: handle speed up and down in the realtime task
a13f415 cpufreq: interactive: keep freezer happy when not current governor
a04e441 cpufreq: interactive: take idle notifications only when active
e72f791 Revert "cpufreq: fix interactive bug during hotplug."
39869ce Linux 3.4.48
e455d05 thinkpad-acpi: recognize latest V-Series using DMI_BIOS_VENDOR
a28ab55 mac80211: close AP_VLAN interfaces before unregistering all
9012466 x86, um: Correct syscall table type attributes breaking gcc 4.8
52462d2 iommu/amd: Workaround for ERBT1312
a5d3e60 iommu/amd: Re-enable IOMMU event log interrupt after handling.
baff3c8 xen-netback: remove skb in xen_netbk_alloc_page
2e6c53d jfs: fix a couple races
e3f7e71 xen/events: Handle VIRQ_TIMER before any other hardirq in event loop.
8cfd67a m68k/mac: Fix unexpected interrupt with CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK
9771fcb libata: make ata_exec_internal_sg honor DMADIR
8842c55 ata_piix: add PCI IDs for Intel BayTail
e218bfc USB: io_ti: Fix NULL dereference in chase_port()
d043628 cifs: fix potential buffer overrun when composing a new options string
a43adb2 drm/radeon: fix card_posted check for newer asics
2968b9a xfs: kill suid/sgid through the truncate path.
19091a7 NFSv4: Fix a thinko in nfs4_try_open_cached
7c12b00 iscsi-target: fix heap buffer overflow on error
6092ad5 mm/THP: use pmd_populate() to update the pmd with pgtable_t pointer
c8a097f mm/pagewalk.c: walk_page_range should avoid VM_PFNMAP areas
60e255d drivers/block/brd.c: fix brd_lookup_page() race
bfd7610 mm: mmu_notifier: re-fix freed page still mapped in secondary MMU
c846d9b nilfs2: fix issue of nilfs_set_page_dirty() for page at EOF boundary
954dc41 wait: fix false timeouts when using wait_event_timeout()
b6a526a klist: del waiter from klist_remove_waiters before wakeup waitting process
11e88c5 mm compaction: fix of improper cache flush in migration code
0390860 drivers/leds/leds-ot200.c: fix error caused by shifted mask
1b23244 Kirkwood: Enable PCIe port 1 on QNAP TS-11x/TS-21x
91cf25f ocfs2: goto out_unlock if ocfs2_get_clusters_nocache() failed in ocfs2_fiemap()
fd768f9 perf: net_dropmonitor: Fix symbol-relative addresses
4f649ea perf: net_dropmonitor: Fix trace parameter order
4ae8c3c fat: fix possible overflow for fat_clusters
f6b6c15 cifs: only set ops for inodes in I_NEW state
ee4998c USB: UHCI: fix for suspend of virtual HP controller
99d96e8 USB: xHCI: override bogus bulk wMaxPacketSize values
50b66a0 USB: reset resume quirk needed by a hub
dd92042 USB: Blacklisted Cinterion's PLxx WWAN Interface
893f9ef TTY: Fix tty miss restart after we turn off flow-control
fcaa80f USB: cxacru: potential underflow in cxacru_cm_get_array()
dc8e739 USB: ftdi_sio: Add support for Newport CONEX motor drivers
a581e45 USB: option: add device IDs for Dell 5804 (Novatel E371) WWAN card
b0ed668 usb: option: Add Telewell TW-LTE 4G
622be96 staging: vt6656: use free_netdev instead of kfree
d825918 ARM: plat-orion: Fix num_resources and id for ge10 and ge11
0690035 avr32: fix relocation check for signed 18-bit offset
5734ada rmnet_smux: Increase Rmnet device instance count
515c325 tty: smux_ctl: Add new SMUX port Support
972cfe0 msm: camera: Added the NULL pointer check
5760ce3 media: dvb: Fix error handling of SDMX API failures
0b435ff usb: chipidea: udc: fix memory access of shared memory on armv5 machines
6200a97 msm: ipc: Load default subsystem under appropriate scenario
9088044 msm: ipc: Do not load any subsystem by default
7acf4c1 msm: vidc: Handle mgen2maxi interrupt in video driver
12bc403 timer: Don't reinitialize the cpu base lock during CPU_UP_PREPARE
b0769af leds: pm8xxx: Enable PWM LPG banks based on max current
51aa201 diag: Fix diag crash due to memory corruption
b4eb60f msm: pm: send notification only for SPC and PC
908f5de msm: rotator: Add proper checks for enabling Fast YUV
81b0164 msm_serial_hs: Use RFR GPIO to communicate remote uart
68cc30e msm: camera: Update op_pixel_clk for ov9724 sensor.
2c7431e msm: display: Proper handling of prepare and unprepare clocks
4375812 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix for kernel crash during stability
23039dd media: dvb: Fix parsing of SDMX results
73bc890 msm_fb: Correct R and G offsets for correct mapping
6fd4d95 arm: board-8930-pmic: Pass WLED compensation resistor value
c86ceac led: leds-pm8xxx: Add support to control compensation resistor
13e6d4f power: pm8921-bms: Update the FCC learning algorithm
5414a93 ASoC: msm: Add PCM loopback volume control
f60ee6a ALSA: PCM: volume API implementation
a447653 defconfig: wcnss: Enable wcnss pre-alloc memory
965a359 wcnss: Pre-alloc memory for WLAN driver
f3904f9 tty: n_smux: Rename SSR unit tests
8570d44 tty: n_smux: Add wakeup test case
afcc45e tty: n_smux: fix test pattern validation
f37eef2 tty: n_smux: Add throughput metrics to unit tests
3a26a00 tty: n_smux: Make test functions static
5f43c9e msm_fb: display: change TE simulation and read pointer interrupt timing
bc0c1c2 media: dvb: Fix race condition in DVR thread
e624587 u_ether: Handle memory allocation failure case on tx path
418a25a gpu: ion: Do fallback when allocating large sizes
c6f6876 msm: 8064: Add connector resistance
5fa7bf0 media: dvb: Add initialization of PES error indicators
f1de558b msm: camera: Add state check for sensor power up & down
5ca6c2a USB: ci13xxx_udc: Retire pending requests while flushing an endpoint
3a24f09 media: dvb: Protect against removing all PIDs from an active filter
5599171 ci13xxx_udc: Acquire spinlock before calling ep_nuke()
f431dc2 msm: vidc: Remove unncessary unmap function calls
6cbe92c Linux 3.4.47
136eafa media: mantis: fix silly crash case
a91ffa3 drm/radeon: Fix VRAM size calculation for VRAM >= 4GB
1cd75cf i2c: designware: always clear interrupts before enabling them
0e293f0 hwmon: fix error return code in abituguru_probe()
462e873 btrfs: don't stop searching after encountering the wrong item
62228fe msm: vidc: Allow client to set turbo mode
bd09116 msm: camera: Handle locks properly
e2a6f5f msm: msm_bus: Correct the return value from register-client
501441b msm: vidc: Optimize IOMMU map size for H264 decoder
859fd8c video: msm: Initialize HistLUT with last saved LUT
5888e66 video: msm: Maintain histogram LUT state through suspend resume
1787385 diag: Upgrade Diag code on this branch
6e9f2b0 Fix disconnect not sent from host when pairing is cancelled
a8ef775 msm: kgsl: Submit a draw command on resume
dacf91d msm: kgsl: Protect the mem_entry list during deletion
aa513e7 mmc: msm_sdcc: Enable clock scaling capability
896ca9f msm: mdm: change where ssr_count is decremented
26cffa1 ASoC: WCD9304: Add the compander support to wcd9304
d328e5f msm: vidc: Remove unwanted error message
45f3f06 media: dvb: Fix support for maximum TSPP buffer size
8edf6d6 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Fix kernel panic during composition switch
6f53984 gpu: msm: Allow retries for 0 order allocation
5abd66d msm: msm_bus: Add NULL pointer checks.
2438199 msm_fb: hdmi: Proper intialization of mhl resolutions
636f80e ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Add error check for memory commands
ae0e2ec msm: kgsl: Don't consider active count if not in active state
1f504cb msm-camera:Fix integer overflow when processing msm gesture ioctl.
78ce4ac msm: gemini: Reset the core incase of overflow error
b75b0ce msm: gemini: Fix the error irq handling sequence
74a9d5e msm: camera: Change CSI release sequence
72248cc msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix command sequence issue in Non-tunnel player
71587ee msm: vidc: Set extradata flag properly
bb9ceed Revert "Revert "msm: cache_erp: Handle recoverable L1 errors""
faed5e5 input: atmel_mxt_ts: Fix screen unlock issue after resume
6252fbd3 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix a type mismatch in msmsdccc_config_dma()
fe31963 EHCI: HSIC: Abort system suspend if controller is outside LPM
853d198 USB: msm_otg: Allow low power mode with proprietary charger connected
d9973ea Linux 3.4.46
53b4378 usermodehelper: check subprocess_info->path != NULL
b58f2e1 drm/radeon: check incoming cliprects pointer
85e3025 ipmi: ipmi_devintf: compat_ioctl method fails to take ipmi_mutex
65b904e drivers/char/ipmi: memcpy, need additional 2 bytes to avoid memory overflow
8401f49 ACPI / EC: Restart transaction even when the IBF flag set
173603a iscsi-target: Fix processing of OOO commands
b1f6964 drivers/rtc/rtc-pcf2123.c: fix error return code in pcf2123_probe()
2e0bc33 drbd: fix for deadlock when using automatic split-brain-recovery
4ea659d r8169: fix vlan tag read ordering.
dab2d3d hugetlbfs: fix mmap failure in unaligned size request
dd77cf8 pch_dma: Use GFP_ATOMIC because called from interrupt context
22f9c13 dm thin: do not set discard_zeroes_data
a98124a xfrm6: release dev before returning error
7d9577d ipv6: do not clear pinet6 field
f2f17ef macvlan: fix passthru mode race between dev removal and rx path
e52507b if_cablemodem.h: Add parenthesis around ioctl macros
9faef35 3c59x: fix PCI resource management
555f6a1 3c59x: fix freeing nonexistent resource on driver unload
2cbf196 packet: tpacket_v3: do not trigger bug() on wrong header status
7157a52 bridge: fix race with topology change timer
074d34f net: vlan,ethtool: netdev_features_t is more than 32 bit
7433ca9 net: use netdev_features_t in skb_needs_linearize()
ddb85c7 net_sched: act_ipt forward compat with xtables
79b2981 3c509.c: call SET_NETDEV_DEV for all device types (ISA/ISAPnP/EISA)
71ee19e sfc: Fix naming of MTD partitions for FPGA bitfiles
8e1546d tcp: force a dst refcount when prequeue packet
1203d9c net: qmi_wwan: prevent duplicate mac address on link (firmware bug workaround)
d8abf42 net: qmi_wwan: fixup destination address (firmware bug workaround)
8ed87e6 net: qmi_wwan: fixup missing ethernet header (firmware bug workaround)
25853a1 drm/mm: fix dump table BUG
5219d3d B43: Handle DMA RX descriptor underrun
2969620 mwifiex: fix setting of multicast filter
4f68f0b mwifiex: clear is_suspended flag when interrupt is received early
48633a6 ath9k: fix key allocation error handling for powersave keys
36d1c0c powerpc: Bring all threads online prior to migration/hibernation
d556c9b ext4: limit group search loop for non-extent files
cba998b tracing: Fix leaks of filter preds
33b7cfc tick: Cleanup NOHZ per cpu data on cpu down
ed032fd timer: Don't reinitialize the cpu base lock during CPU_UP_PREPARE
ad86524 audit: Syscall rules are not applied to existing processes on non-x86
7c8b65e SCSI: sd: fix array cache flushing bug causing performance problems
5a95901 xen/vcpu/pvhvm: Fix vcpu hotplugging hanging.
c43bab8 hp_accel: Ignore the error from lis3lv02d_poweron() at resume
bca7781 nfsd4: don't allow owner override on 4.1 CLAIM_FH opens
c89f6c7 dm snapshot: fix error return code in snapshot_ctr
a8555021 ALSA: HDA: Fix Oops caused by dereference NULL pointer
b03a3c9 ACPICA: Fix possible buffer overflow during a field unit read operation
3fbe188 ASoC: wm8994: missing break in wm8994_aif3_hw_params()
4831852 ARM: OMAP: RX-51: change probe order of touchscreen and panel SPI devices
cb5dfa5 KVM: VMX: fix halt emulation while emulating invalid guest sate
a3249e5 ci13xxx_udc: Draw 100mA of current in unconfigured state
0903cd4 msm_fb: hdmi: change HDMI_PHY_REG1 based on source.
5f90221 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Fix for EVRC-B/WB vocoder rate
d83fddd ASoc: msm: Fix for pcm_read getting struck in alsa core.
2a647c9 spi_qsd: Add runtime PM support to SPI QSD driver
3d69259 ASoC: wcd9310: Fix to reduce the delay while recording
a6c55a2 jbd2: fix assertion failure in jbd2_journal_flush()
1c7a78d msm: wcnss: Dump PMIC regulator contol registers
a9da2f1 msm: camera: fix antibanding issue on ov8825
5c95c15 msm: camera: Update focus register settings for ov8825
9a5e00e usb: gadget: u_data_hsic: Fix NULL pointer dereference
a9c16aa msm: camera: Move halt logic in case of overflow to ISR.
bf47775 msm: camera: Add recovery routine for live snapshot.
0485bc0 msm: camera: Recovery through camif stop and overall reset.
dcee9ad msm: camera: fix bus vectors during client registeration.
77c0ba2 msm: camera: Check if client is NULL before calling ion_free
d035129 msm_serial_hs: Fixing issue during UART shutdown
9ccf9d3 msm: camera: register settings for OV8825 sensor
46881f1 msm: pm-8x60: Use relative time for events
259cb8f power: pm8xxx-ccadc: Cancel/schedule the calibration work in suspend/resume
b0fe3c9 ASoC: msm: Fix wrong wait_event_timeout timeout checks
f5cac71 msm: mdp: Revert MDP Port split changes
ed3be3d msm: camera: Enable CAMIF SOF in case of non dual camera usecase.
f1ab164 msm: kgsl: Add NULL check for next_event hook
0b6b912 msm_fb: display: Add minimum src/dst image size validation for MDP
503780b msm_fb: hdmi: change HDMI_PHY_REG1 based on foundry.
c1584b2 msm: camera: Add null checks for stats module
9ef2e92 ASoC: msm: Fix the register address of TX4 registers
238fd6e msm: vidc: Do not reset VCD_FRAME_FLAG_DATACORRUPT flag for VC1
a5c3a3e msm_fb: hdmi: Return proper clock get error code
9fcb8ef msm_serial_hs: Improve UART Shutdown path
b03f32a msm_serial_hs: Disable UART RxStale before Force RxStale in set_termios
f0a4934 msm: vidc: Fix compilation errors
bdb7bf6 msm_serial_hs: Fix synchronization between ADM and UART Cores
d1e94d4 msm: camera: Disable software override for axi wm priority.
7331bd9 board-8930: Request the correct ab/ib values for camera.
bd35d5c msm: camera: Enable pixel line buffer for ispif.
2673fe8 power: pm8921-bms: Fine tune SOC reporting during suspend/resume
aa43f85 power: pm8921-bms: Cancel/schedule work across suspend/resume
e3e5a89 power: pm8921-bms: fix SOC jumps while entering suspend/resume
68233b8 Linux 3.4.45
94544e2 x86/mm: account for PGDIR_SIZE alignment
e4727b2 kernel/audit_tree.c: tree will leak memory when failure occurs in audit_trim_trees()
dcf3dfc tracing: Fix ftrace_dump()
22d9af8 drm/radeon: fix handling of v6 power tables
0c98574 drm/radeon: add new richland pci ids
3fe09e7 drm/radeon: fix possible segfault when parsing pm tables
d32b16b drm/radeon: fix endian bugs in atom_allocate_fb_scratch()
6f0faf5 drm/radeon/evergreen+: don't enable HPD interrupts on eDP/LVDS
6e98ede drm/radeon: add some new SI PCI ids
10939f3 drm/radeon: disable the crtcs in mc_stop (evergreen+) (v2)
62d6ec1 drm/radeon: properly lock disp in mc_stop/resume for evergreen+
f241758 drm/radeon/dce6: add missing display reg for tiling setup
ff52cbb drm/radeon: don't use get_engine_clock() on APUs
32b9dc0 drm/i915: Fall back to bit banging mode for DVO transmitter detection
83aa4e7 drm/i915: Add no-lvds quirk for Fujitsu Esprimo Q900
ec6e647 cpufreq / Longhaul: Disable driver by default
1fa3f96 r8169: fix 8168evl frame padding.
5d96a5f6 ext4: add check for inodes_count overflow in new resize ioctl
4cd9d96 ipvs: ip_vs_sip_fill_param() BUG: bad check of return value
8aa9f56 xhci: Don't warn on empty ring for suspended devices.
f69c5e4 perf/x86/intel/lbr: Demand proper privileges for PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_KERNEL
59be003 perf/x86/intel/lbr: Fix LBR filter
e233f3f net/eth/ibmveth: Fixup retrieval of MAC address
5cc4561 autofs - remove autofs dentry mount check
d79b6cc powerpc: fix numa distance for form0 device tree
169a6c2 powerpc: Emulate non privileged DSCR read and write
a7458c1 msm: 8960: Track all reservations for memory map
139a529 msm: kgsl: Don't access context memory after it's freed
a31aa79 msm: camera: Add NULL pointer check for regulator
254e62b ASoC:msm: Enabling TTY for VoLTE call
76fb3e4 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Add size safety check to ACDB driver
6411fc8 defconfig: Enable IPSec related configuration
f44df5b msm: kgsl: Insert kgsl idle for iommu-v1 when pagetables are changed.
306110a Linux 3.4.44
d82f013 mfd: adp5520: Restore mode bits on resume
37f8417 mmc: atmel-mci: pio hang on block errors
217fd3a mmc: core: Fix bit width test failing on old eMMC cards
4a70589 x86: Eliminate irq_mis_count counted in arch_irq_stat
5b5b305 KVM: X86 emulator: fix source operand decoding for 8bit mov[zs]x instructions
bb878b3 mmc: at91/avr32/atmel-mci: fix DMA-channel leak on module unload
165628d ext4: fix Kconfig documentation for CONFIG_EXT4_DEBUG
7e30abf ext4: fix online resizing for ext3-compat file systems
f5b3642 ext4: fix journal callback list traversal
213116e jbd2: fix race between jbd2_journal_remove_checkpoint and ->j_commit_callback
e99e756 ixgbe: fix EICR write in ixgbe_msix_other
b7d885f ipc: sysv shared memory limited to 8TiB
131e3af wireless: regulatory: fix channel disabling race condition
2111a77 nfsd: Decode and send 64bit time values
f71ce17 nfsd4: don't close read-write opens too soon
ed9a34c NFSv4: Handle NFS4ERR_DELAY and NFS4ERR_GRACE in nfs4_open_delegation_recall
6cd670f md: bad block list should default to disabled.
02d1a16 LOCKD: Ensure that nlmclnt_block resets block->b_status after a server reboot
b51c8db fs/dcache.c: add cond_resched() to shrink_dcache_parent()
357093a clockevents: Set dummy handler on CPU_DEAD shutdown
97630ec cgroup: fix an off-by-one bug which may trigger BUG_ON()
b593b4d drivers/rtc/rtc-cmos.c: don't disable hpet emulation on suspend
194d30b hrtimer: Add expiry time overflow check in hrtimer_interrupt
86a640f hrtimer: Fix ktime_add_ns() overflow on 32bit architectures
a91a9f1 ASoC: max98088: Fix logging of hardware revision.
8a70ddb ALSA: usb-audio: Fix autopm error during probing
b01ae28 ALSA: usb-audio: disable autopm for MIDI devices
919fa1d ALSA: snd-usb: try harder to find USB_DT_CS_ENDPOINT
273a82b mm: allow arch code to control the user page table ceiling
ede49f3 fs/fscache/stats.c: fix memory leak
f9a0a8c Wrong asm register contraints in the kvm implementation
4f67f6d Wrong asm register contraints in the futex implementation
076a5dc PCI/PM: Fix fallback to PCI_D0 in pci_platform_power_transition()
7e99b12 PCI / ACPI: Don't query OSC support with all possible controls
5bf457b Fix initialization of CMCI/CMCP interrupts
6615e6d sysfs: fix use after free in case of concurrent read/write and readdir
0e07996 i2c: xiic: must always write 16-bit words to TX_FIFO
761694a tracing: Reset ftrace_graph_filter_enabled if count is zero
e1672f4 tracing: Check return value of tracing_init_dentry()
226c8ea tracing: Fix off-by-one on allocating stat->pages
d4ca6cc tracing: Remove most or all of stack tracer stack size from stack_max_size
af18601 tracing: Fix stack tracer with fentry use
8932381 tracing: Use stack of calling function for stack tracer
a393520 fbcon: when font is freed, clear also vc_font.data
ce5b62f tty: fix up atime/mtime mess, take three
8370884 gianfar: do not advertise any alarm capability.
0907fdf arm: set the page table freeing ceiling to TASK_SIZE
be2300f serial_core.c: add put_device() after device_find_child()
0c6ad85 xen/time: Fix kasprintf splat when allocating timer%d IRQ line.
403e8ff s390/memory hotplug: prevent offline of active memory increments
d720099 usb-storage: CY7C68300A chips do not support Cypress ATACB
cfec6f5 usbfs: Always allow ctrl requests with USB_RECIP_ENDPOINT on the ctrl ep
ebd414a USB: ftdi_sio: correct ST Micro Connect Lite PIDs
a185de0 USB: add ftdi_sio USB ID for GDM Boost V1.x
c868de9 usb/misc/appledisplay: Add 24" LED Cinema display
b174e3c mwifiex: Call pci_release_region after calling pci_disable_device
9758cfd mwifiex: Use pci_release_region() instead of a pci_release_regions()
5a7cdf1 powerpc/spufs: Initialise inode->i_ino in spufs_new_inode()
59973aa powerpc: Add isync to copy_and_flush
635b15d ARM: at91: Fix typo in restart code panic message
9c61996 USB: option: add a D-Link DWM-156 variant
976c850 USB: serial: option: Added support Olivetti Olicard 145
3135205 msm_fb: display: fix iommu page fault when iommu buffer freed
e947485 msm: vidc: Update sub_anchor_mv buffer size
d8ed9cf signal: always clear sa_restorer on execve
2a182e2 msm: camera: Fix mctl release crash issue.
f1dd3d9 msm: camera: Correct hfr register settings for OV8825
aebbfca msm_fb: display: add an extra write of 0 to clear dsi-ack-err bit
ad1fd86 msm: socinfo: Add new hw_platform for QRD
76223ce radio-iris: Configure repeat count for PS string
f7a2ef4 input: touchscreen: Change the file system permission of synaptic driver
516db78 msm: board-8930: Add correct regulators for isa1200 chip
3a8d49e ASoC: msm8930: properly protect external mclk control function
cc65077 ASoC: msm: Support independent left-right channel volume control
d96e92e msm: mdm: Disable panic on external mdm boot timeout
528f75c tty: n_smux: Add SMUX documentation
9dbaf9d mmc: msm_sdcc: Add support for dynamic bus clock vote
8424552 msm:rq_stats: Register for Cpufreq policy notification
2645dda cpufreq: Resolve CPUFREQ_NOTIFY issue
6fbf32c msm: bam_dmux: Enable IPC logging for bam_dmux
c6187fa msm: camera: Fix camera crash when ctrl_q is empty
a8ec1bb msm: camera: Fix camera crash in msm_open_config
6ddc967 mm: cma: fix accounting of CMA pages placed in high memory
ec005c0 mm: cma: remove watermark hacks
2d3e62c gpu: ion: Use correct type for variables
fb34bd6 msm: watchdog: Add reboot/shutdown notifications to watchdog
2272b88 msm: ipc: Access pointers after a successful check
0e83d3b msm: ipc_router: Fix potential leaks and null dereferences
0cb398e msm: display: Proper handling of NULL pointer access for MDDI sysfs node.
9663042 msm: bam_dmux: Fix potential memory leaks
416c251 ion: Update ION_SECURE and ION_FORCE_CONTIGUOUS flags
b375a75 Linux 3.4.43
1d0dd1d net: drop dst before queueing fragments
ca4bf7c net: fix incorrect credentials passing
4087320 net: rate-limit warn-bad-offload splats.
7575f50 tcp: call tcp_replace_ts_recent() from tcp_ack()
a009d58 net: sctp: sctp_auth_key_put: use kzfree instead of kfree
d768ca1 esp4: fix error return code in esp_output()
ca6ad5d tcp: Reallocate headroom if it would overflow csum_start
d0d7ee0 tcp: incoming connections might use wrong route under synflood
f29e246 rtnetlink: Call nlmsg_parse() with correct header length
1ab6b2a netfilter: don't reset nf_trace in nf_reset()
ba12001 af_unix: If we don't care about credentials coallesce all messages
2a11e5f bonding: IFF_BONDING is not stripped on enslave failure
643094a bonding: fix bonding_masters race condition in bond unloading
74595d0 atl1e: limit gso segment size to prevent generation of wrong ip length fields
617f13b net: count hw_addr syncs so that unsync works properly.
ef95e3d net IPv6 : Fix broken IPv6 routing table after loopback down-up
815b101 cbq: incorrect processing of high limits
7b806e7 netrom: fix invalid use of sizeof in nr_recvmsg()
e979f54 tipc: fix info leaks via msg_name in recv_msg/recv_stream
1a4dc01 rose: fix info leak via msg_name in rose_recvmsg()
1091d7d NFC: llcp: fix info leaks via msg_name in llcp_sock_recvmsg()
cd5e3d9 netrom: fix info leak via msg_name in nr_recvmsg()
40aea04 llc: Fix missing msg_namelen update in llc_ui_recvmsg()
dbd9957 iucv: Fix missing msg_namelen update in iucv_sock_recvmsg()
d3dd629 irda: Fix missing msg_namelen update in irda_recvmsg_dgram()
3300687 caif: Fix missing msg_namelen update in caif_seqpkt_recvmsg()
2d97f68 Bluetooth: RFCOMM - Fix missing msg_namelen update in rfcomm_sock_recvmsg()
a776cc3 Bluetooth: fix possible info leak in bt_sock_recvmsg()
0373095 ax25: fix info leak via msg_name in ax25_recvmsg()
0e242b8 atm: update msg_namelen in vcc_recvmsg()
bf6f841 sparc64: Fix race in TLB batch processing.
c61642c TTY: fix atime/mtime regression
3ab8db7 TTY: do not update atime/mtime on read/write
6bcd300 aio: fix possible invalid memory access when DEBUG is enabled
8cb97b8 msm8930 sglte: Add support for GSBI11 for serial console
c6cdc29 msm8930 sglte: Add support for GSBI10 for serial console
b7824c6 hrtimer: Don't reinitialize a cpu_base's lock on CPU_UP
893778c msm: Camera: Add new Actuator type and register init in config
27aae42 power: pm8921-charger: usb ovp trim for pm8921
39f7e1b board: 8930: Configure LDO L17 as always_on for 8930 SGLTE
8ad40ba msm: spm: set vdd directly for current cpu
cbe4752 msm: vidc: Correct log tagging for kernel messages
da62642 msm: mdm: Ignore modem crashes during image upgrade.
b8e2e5b msm: vidc: Free buffer pool entry and then delete address table
8571cb2 config: msm8960: Enable touch firmware update
68e9d3c input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Add appropriate reset delays
2b1f154 input: synaptics_fw_update: Remove hardcoded firmware image name
50bff49 input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: add flipx and flipy to sysfs
a37dbea input: synaptics: Correct bugs in fw update
ddc9ae1 drivers: staging: rename synaptics_i2c_rmi4 to avoid confusion
5228ef7 msm_fb: Set backlight to zero during adb shell stop scenario
7009427 mmc: core: Fix NULL pointer dereference
36faa4e msm_serial_hs: Fix UART Rx dmov command stall issues
6eebb1c msm_serial_hs: Fix Tx path issues during uart shutdown
d230b81 Staging: android: binder: Fix memory leak on thread/process exit
91f3b60 msm: vidc: Memset and flush codec context buffers
c8b9ca0 mmc: core: Add support for notifying host driver while scaling clocks
71702f9 mmc: core: Log MMC clock frequency transitions
a624691 mmc: core: run clock scaling only in valid card state
5f0ed3a mmc: core: claim mmc host while enabling clock scaling from userspace
70a5c03 mmc: core: Add sysfs entries for dynamic control of clock scaling
884fa52 mmc: core: Add load based clock scaling support
cbec91b mmc: core: Allow changing bus frequency for SD/eMMC cards in runtime
e7840d2 msm: vidc: Fix metadata buffer size issue
7f4df7a mmc: block: Update error handling if block data is not available
70af215 spi_qsd: Auto-select nearest lower available clock rate
a5a9e7c Linux 3.4.42
8fdeb71 Btrfs: make sure nbytes are right after log replay
b00919c vm: convert mtdchar mmap to vm_iomap_memory() helper
5de41eb vm: convert HPET mmap to vm_iomap_memory() helper
b67bca9 vm: convert fb_mmap to vm_iomap_memory() helper
ada37d8 vm: convert snd_pcm_lib_mmap_iomem() to vm_iomap_memory() helper
c420060 vm: add vm_iomap_memory() helper function
726cc91 fbcon: fix locking harder
6b48c21 perf/x86: Fix offcore_rsp valid mask for SNB/IVB
da307d1 perf: Treat attr.config as u64 in perf_swevent_init()
a3c2127 crypto: algif - suppress sending source address information in recvmsg
d6b8c33 ssb: implement spurious tone avoidance
f4ec6e0 ath9k_hw: change AR9580 initvals to fix a stability issue
563868a ath9k_htc: accept 1.x firmware newer than 1.3
bb93ad5 ARM: 7698/1: perf: fix group validation when using enable_on_exec
9c27582 ARM: 7696/1: Fix kexec by setting outer_cache.inv_all for Feroceon
4105375 sched: Convert BUG_ON()s in try_to_wake_up_local() to WARN_ON_ONCE()s
2a6b024 KVM: Allow cross page reads and writes from cached translations.
f56d137 KVM: Fix bounds checking in ioapic indirect register reads (CVE-2013-1798)
f6dfc74 KVM: x86: Convert MSR_KVM_SYSTEM_TIME to use gfn_to_hva_cache functions (CVE-2013-1797)
ce7d866 KVM: x86: fix for buffer overflow in handling of MSR_KVM_SYSTEM_TIME (CVE-2013-1796)
e3aa855 hfsplus: fix potential overflow in hfsplus_file_truncate()
cf27674 kernel/signal.c: stop info leak via the tkill and the tgkill syscalls
f42097f hugetlbfs: add swap entry check in follow_hugetlb_page()
4f969dd can: sja1000: fix handling on dt properties on little endian systems
1103607 hrtimer: Don't reinitialize a cpu_base lock on CPU_UP
816e2bb ARM: Do 15e0d9e37c (ARM: pm: let platforms select cpu_suspend support) properly
642596c msm_fb: display: keep a minimum mdp ib bandwidth request
c74a774 power: pm8921-charger: fix the order of forcing 19.2Mhz and exit LPM
9f75f8d board: 8930: Disable battery less hardware flag for 8930 EVT
9703906 Bluetooth: GAP: Fast ACL disconnection only for Auth fail
9de653e mmc: block: reduce the block timeout to 30 secs
b08423f msm: camera: Invalidate the vpe_ctrl frame info field during close.
dd66594 msm: camera: Fix for flip issue in ov9724 sensor
3af6c51 USB: gadget: diag: cleanup connect event processing
f0df280 diag: Defer usb connect/disconnect processing
d0f3d43 USB: android: Fix kernel panic during ACM enable
3e8044f msm_fb: Remove the extra freelist in display_commit
766ba30 ASoC: msm: Handle data loss at device switch for FM
55f54c5 ASoC: msm: flush if prior and current backends rate not matching
54807c8 ASoC: msm: Add MultiMedia6 dai link
bf8bbad ASoC: msm: Add msm-pcm-loopback device
2082450 ASoC: msm: Add support to have FM playback through ASM loopback mode
8f57c0f msm: SSR: Fix problems with concurrent SSRs
5838f03 msm_fb: display: free previous iommu buffer only at overlay_unset
e87c2c1 msm: camera: Add HFR support for ov8825 sensor
5dd53d2 Revert "usb: gadget: rndis: Fix re-binding f_rndis"
3119601 msm: camera: Release mutex lock in case of failure
eda9dd0 msm: camera: Fix event queue drain issue
4d741d0 msm: camera: Handle incorrect parameter properly
aed6b08 media: dvb: Fix SDMX process size when crossing limit in TSIF
f55a660 ASoC: audio: Fix BE not disconnected even codec teardown
083d202 msm_serial_hs: Donot register UART device as PM runtime active
321b1f7 net: rmnet_usb: Fix probe error path
7ec25d8 msm: kgsl: Don't do intensive memory recovery when allocating big pages
9b98565 msm: display: Limit dynamic fps feature only to MIPI video panels.
4ea4a8d msm_fb: display: Do a pre-fill to writeback buffers.
06c5403 usb: serial: csvt: Fix TIOCMSET ioctl implementation
ee60ceb msm: acpuclock-8960ab: Increase L2 frequency
6b3a2d7 radio: iris: Added IOCTLS to get/set AF Jump, Search Thresholds
85e433b msm: cpufreq: increase priority of thread that increases frequencies
2eeba0c ASoC: msm: Add metadata mode changes to LPA driver
110f7b5 ALSA: include: Add new ioctl for metadata mode
c6bf7ca msm: display: Adjust video timing generator parameters for 8930 EVT device.
e3406bc msm: hotplug: wait for hotplug completion event from secondary core
4bf6c0c msm: pm: Add support to query cpu status
36eaa99 msm_fb: Remove the extra MDP clock enable in writeback_commit
f2fa710 tspp: Add synchronization between API call and tasklet
8313a90 tty: smux_ctl: close SMUX port during SSR
7e571c3 ARM: Fix negative idle stats for offline cpu
d0e59d8 wifi: Enable appropriate clock for qrd8930
72b2864 msm: camera: Fix for camera crash
18fe8b3 msm_fb: Fail fb2 open if called during suspend
8073aca diag: Check for build time masks being greater than ssid range
e747b7e power: pm8921-charger: BTC override fixes
7e3433d msm: 8064: remove flag to prevent soft reset of qsc on first power up
a3540e3 msm_fb: display: disable mdp blt mode
3097ac5 msm: mdm2: Add delay between subsequent PS_HOLD for 8064 fusion3
93835de msm: Add support for ION Flushing without virtual address
075e865 msm: vidc: Remove kernel mapping on input/output buffers
94402d1 Linux 3.4.41
06ce3e4 mtd: Disable mtdchar mmap on MMU systems
880f56d r8169: fix auto speed down issue
2931b31 kobject: fix kset_find_obj() race with concurrent last kobject_put()
a7d5072 mtdchar: fix offset overflow detection
7ad0908 x86, mm: Patch out arch_flush_lazy_mmu_mode() when running on bare metal
e082a17 x86, mm, paravirt: Fix vmalloc_fault oops during lazy MMU updates
fdd9ce0 sched_clock: Prevent 64bit inatomicity on 32bit systems
bff6627 udl: handle EDID failure properly.
e3a5505 kref: Implement kref_get_unless_zero v3
7077c66 vfs: Revert spurious fix to spinning prevention in prune_icache_sb
eced4ec target: Fix incorrect fallthrough of ALUA Standby/Offline/Transition CDBs
e0b4cef cifs: Allow passwords which begin with a delimitor
b7dba0e SCSI: libsas: fix handling vacant phy in sas_set_ex_phy()
706d153 drm/i915: Use the correct size of the GTT for placing the per-process entries
e3573b2 PM / reboot: call syscore_shutdown() after disable_nonboot_cpus()
e264d3c tracing: Fix double free when function profile init failed
b43105d ASoC: wm8903: Fix the bypass to HP/LINEOUT when no DAC or ADC is running
dd541ae ALSA: usb-audio: fix endianness bug in snd_nativeinstruments_*
cdde1a8 msm: msm_fb: remove mmio access through mmap
b9a83ba Revert "msm_fb: display: don't enable blt mode"
9c03f42 Revert "msm_fb: display: free pipe if blt is detected for the pipe"
fefc65c arm: Kconfig: Disable CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT feature on SMP targets
4e20429 msm: subsystem_restart: Don't use phase 3 SSR on the SGLTE2
fd97f61 msm_fb: hdmi: change sysfs node permissions
a22989b msm: msm_bus: Change MDP port interleaved setting
abe0b06 msm: ipc: Add check to avoid integer & buffer overflow
edd3e17 spi_qsd: Correction in DMA mode check.
bb9ae1e thermal: pm8xxx-tm: Turn off the temperature alarm during shutdown
b0bfc6a thermal: pm8xxx-tm: Configure temperature alarm for always-on operation
9524443 ASoC: wcd9304: Enhance OCP reporting logic
3cbb405 mms_fb: display: init pipe default configure as solidfill
6e834cd USB: ci13xxx_udc: Don't free dTD immediately after active bit is cleared
b8e7f14 msm: camera: Update register settings for ov9724 sensor
2eab21d msm: Fix reservation logic for ADSP heap
93b9f9a msm: rotator: non-blocking rotate
a50db54 msm: rotator: sync point support
7b93740 gpu: ion: enable the kmalloc heap
59e7954 msm: kgsl: Prevent fault tolerance memory free twice
782734f msm: kgsl: Add barriers to GPU fault tolerance memory reads
6479d07 msm: kgsl: Allocate space in ringbuffer for EOF commands
24e3dfa msm: kgsl: Fault tolernace for context with pagefault
e4e852e msm_fb: display: issue completion when disabling vsync irq
a7c079f Linux 3.4.40
678721a rt2x00: rt2x00pci_regbusy_read() - only print register access failure once
91c1bf8 can: gw: use kmem_cache_free() instead of kfree()
0502f20 Revert "mwifiex: cancel cmd timer and free curr_cmd in shutdown process
cdc8958 mm: prevent mmap_cache race in find_vma()
5592a94 panic: fix a possible deadlock in panic()
ddcd89f thermal: return an error on failure to register thermal class
1be4ce3 x86: Fix rebuild with EFI_STUB enabled
2570f53 block: avoid using uninitialized value in from queue_var_store
972595a crypto: gcm - fix assumption that assoc has one segment
a227904 spinlocks and preemption points need to be at least compiler barriers
261c874 hwspinlock: fix __hwspin_lock_request error path
cb96c7c x86: remove the x32 syscall bitmask from syscall_get_nr()
97bab7f powerpc: pSeries_lpar_hpte_remove fails from Adjunct partition being performed before the ANDCOND test
b81d324 ftrace: Consistently restore trace function on sysctl enabling
b26bcbe ata_piix: Fix DVD not dectected at some Haswell platforms
5a5fdfa alpha: Add irongate_io to PCI bus resources
284aeeb libata: Set max sector to 65535 for Slimtype DVD A DS8A8SH drive
57b41f6 libata: Use integer return value for atapi_command_packet_set
91777f1 EISA/PCI: Fix bus res reference
27bd92f EISA/PCI: Init EISA early, before PNP
5414419 ALSA: hda - fix typo in proc output
3379d52 ALSA: hda - Enabling Realtek ALC 671 codec
2766744 ALSA: hda - bug fix on return value when getting HDMI ELD info
b57644a reiserfs: Fix warning and inode leak when deleting inode with xattrs
0d18994 UBIFS: make space fixup work in the remount case
a41c384 spi/mpc512x-psc: optionally keep PSC SS asserted across xfer segmensts
c8c76a4 spi/s3c64xx: modified error interrupt handling and init
6ec0e8e regmap: cache Fix regcache-rbtree sync
93c86c4 ASoC: dma-sh7760: Fix compile error
3ce4af6 msm: display: Reduce excessive logging in case of WFD.
41d5dfb msm: camera: Change AEC register settings for ov8825 for low fps
1a923ca msm:board-8064: Correct ab/ib values of 1080p turbo vectors
ea2ed4a media: dvb: Add proper protection when calling SW filter packet
309ef0e USB: Dump usb info during memory access violation
8432918 mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix SPS-BAM flags while in producer mode
f022827 ASoC: msm: Add support for external EC reference point
8c888f5 dvb: mpq: Secure demux log level
9d80501 media: dvb: Discard sections TS packets with transport error indicator
1ec31c7 msm_fb: display: allow backlight update after first update
961dff6 msm: thermal: Use signed int for temperature
5515eab ASoC: wcd9304: Include all registers to debugfs dump.
fa15f93 msm: display: change mdp default ib_factor to 150
ef77667 msm_fb: display: add scaling factor for mdp ab
e3eaae6 msm_fb: display: balance bus bandwidth on mdp axi port0 and port1
fb77773 msm_fb: display: add mdp master port1 bandwidth request
cd9bccb msm: display: plane alpha support
a04d834 board-8064: Correct UART GPIO IRQ to use as wakeup IRQ
b557f03 msm: msm_bus: Fix the 64-bit division during interleaving
7ad834e mmc: core: Don't cancel detect work during MMC suspend
ca4e1a7 msm: kgsl: Add CP_WAIT_FOR_IDLE packet before updating timestamp
7973a4c msm: board-8064: Update KS8851 regulator names
15962c2 mm: Retry original migrate type if CMA failed
49a2d8b msm: display: fix iommu page faults for devices with lcdc panel.
9a412847a msm_fb: Set backlight during resume after first display commit
b138b54 media: dvb: Add notification of overflow event for decoder filter
a0f03fc msm: camera: composite stats support for bayer hist
cbfed95 Linux 3.4.39
29fcbcb Revert "xen/blkback: Don't trust the handle from the frontend."
aa5ec22 bonding: get netdev_rx_handler_unregister out of locks
c843819 smsc75xx: fix jumbo frame support
74bed69 pch_gbe: fix ip_summed checksum reporting on rx
f0180de net: add a synchronize_net() in netdev_rx_handler_unregister()
5afd933 ks8851: Fix interpretation of rxlen field.
567a4ac ipv6: don't accept node local multicast traffic from the wire
6a51997 ipv6: fix bad free of addrconf_init_net
df19106 ipv6: don't accept multicast traffic with scope 0
ccb926f DM9000B: driver initialization upgrade
98b3a57 atl1e: drop pci-msi support because of packet corruption
d97bcfa aoe: reserve enough headroom on skbs
a930484 net: fix *_DIAG_MAX constants
71ec40e drivers: net: ethernet: cpsw: use netif_wake_queue() while restarting tx queue
86f1b8c drivers: net: ethernet: davinci_emac: use netif_wake_queue() while restarting tx queue
ae8c63b bonding: fix disabling of arp_interval and miimon
d98ea18 bonding: fix miimon and arp_interval delayed work race conditions
b11b7d9 bonding: remove already created master sysfs link on failure
fbb7347 unix: fix a race condition in unix_release()
b9f3bf1 thermal: shorten too long mcast group name
a834179 8021q: fix a potential use-after-free
d1f60c6 tcp: undo spurious timeout after SACK reneging
21b56e0 tcp: preserve ACK clocking in TSO
8787606 sky2: Threshold for Pause Packet is set wrong
27d365a sky2: Receive Overflows not counted
a897b79 net: remove a WARN_ON() in net_enable_timestamp()
7b7cf9f tracing: Prevent buffer overwrite disabled for latency tracers
2f6b6e2 tracing: Protect tracer flags with trace_types_lock
2457a40 ext4: use atomic64_t for the per-flexbg free_clusters count
46c14b9 ext4: convert number of blocks to clusters properly
4025b05 efivars: Handle duplicate names from get_next_variable()
5c44ddd efivars: explicitly calculate length of VariableName
2ee4a8e Btrfs: fix space leak when we fail to reserve metadata space
3c7fe7b drm/i915: Don't clobber crtc->fb when queue_flip fails
49e6724 nfsd4: reject "negative" acl lengths
c14d752 ARM: cns3xxx: fix mapping of private memory region
ccb3d56 loop: prevent bdev freeing while device in use
39d4978 usb: gadget: udc-core: fix a regression during gadget driver unbinding
d50597f Btrfs: don't drop path when printing out tree errors in scrub
1c7b6ea Btrfs: limit the global reserve to 512mb
84519c0 Btrfs: fix race between mmap writes and compression
e18e866 usb: xhci: Fix TRB transfer length macro used for Event TRB.
afc3097 net/irda: add missing error path release_sock call
75e4839 pnfs-block: removing DM device maybe cause oops when call dev_remove
e92c5ef mwifiex: cancel cmd timer and free curr_cmd in shutdown process
8630260 vt: synchronize_rcu() under spinlock is not nice...
840d38a usb: ftdi_sio: Add support for Mitsubishi FX-USB-AW/-BD
d32cdd3 tty: atmel_serial_probe(): index of atmel_ports[] fix
2f21ae2 xen-blkback: fix dispatch_rw_block_io() error path
119016c xen/blkback: correctly respond to unknown, non-native requests
2c0260b iommu/amd: Make sure dma_ops are set for hotplug devices
60f18f4 tg3: fix length overflow in VPD firmware parsing
554293b b43: N-PHY: use more bits for offset in RSSI calibration
123dad7 b43: A fix for DMA transmission sequence errors
0883afbb b43: N-PHY: increase initial value of "mind" in RSSI calibration
e401e13 rtlwifi: usb: add missing freeing of skbuff
698d31b HID: usbhid: quirk for Realtek Multi-card reader
5050633 ath9k_hw: revert chainmask to user configuration after calibration
bb4619e can: sja1000: fix define conflict on SH
cde9833 sysfs: handle failure path correctly for readdir()
01fadbb sysfs: fix race between readdir and lseek
d8022cb staging: comedi: s626: fix continuous acquisition
c643e01 Bluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:817a]
42c4b74 Bluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:0036]
caef33a Bluetooth: Fix not closing SCO sockets in the BT_CONNECT2 state
c625222 tile: expect new initramfs name from hypervisor file system
66156e6 SUNRPC: Add barriers to ensure read ordering in rpc_wake_up_task_queue_locked
30e8f45 kernel/signal.c: use __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER instead of SA_RESTORER
556ba70 signal: Define __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER so we know whether to clear sa_restorer
84ff7c8 rmnet_smux: device state check condition removed
8f9c193 ipv4: fix the rcu race between free_fib_info and ip_route_output_slow
61c16db ASoC: msm: FENS Support for VOIP calls
745147e msm: kgsl: initialize kgsl_sync_timeline_ops properly
956c37e msm_fb: display: fix the suspend/resume hang caused by wait4vsync stuck
c11461c msm_fb: display: add one more pipe_commit delay before free ion buffer
a9ef083 msm: vidc: Remove delayed unmap flag in ion_map_iommu()
21aef94 msm: display: Fix composition issues when framework rebooted in suspend.
c069d32 msm: Avoid NULL derefernce and array overflow
f58cee9 media: dvb: Fix calculation of next ready packet in dvb-ringbuffer
bd26775 msm: camera: fix the out of order of frames issue
b404645 mmc: core: Fix some driver hangs when dealing with broken devices
54c5323 msm: camera: remove frame delay at start_stream in msm_sensor
1b57d56 msm: mdm: set the flag to send the mdm shutdown sysmon message
87bfc7a USB: f_rndis: Check if cdev is NULL before accessing
aca3fd2 msm_fb: display: fix the hang issue caused by solidfill pipe
8c4ed5f defconfig: msm8960: Panic on recoverable icache errors
4607995 usb: gadget: u_data_hsic: Use GFP_KERNEL where ever possible
24fccfe power: pm8xxx-ccadc: implement quick calibration
c615f5a power: pm8921-charger: tune IR compensation algorithm
938089d power: pm8921-bms: api for battery insertion/removal
874be60 power: pm8921-bms: update correction algorithm
ef96152 power: pm8921-bms: introduce configurable corrections
9095a20 power: pm8921-bms: restrict soc decrease to one percent
0dc3811 power: pm8921-bms: Prevent SoC from rising during discharge
da9e996 msm8930: Use appropriate VDD_CP for msm8930 platform
5668f98 gpu: ion: Minimize allocation fallback delay
d3fb871 diag: Bring diag up to date
7e40e67 msm_fb: hdmi: Use common header for resolution modes
4776946 msm_fb: hdmi: Resolution modes on HDMI
6f31269 msm: timer: Don't check state of clock while setting next timer event
99149a7 msm: kgsl: fix paren placement leading to fence timeout
0bdd261 USB: diag_bridge: Fix a possible freed memory access
60ae1af msm_serial_hs: Cleanup code to configure/unconfigure UART GPIOs
f8c3515 thermal: tsens8960: Increase the polling rate
55f7732 ASoC: msm8960: Fix button detection voltage thresholds
2093a71 input: sensor: remove open/close function from lis3dh driver
03591fcb msm_fb: display: fix dsi pll setting to reduce phase lock time
d15dbb1 usb: gadget: u_ether: Fix memory corruption in TX path
d999d63 gpu: ion: Align va address to biggest buffer size
f9bdbbb msm: camera: Set mctl client to NULL after destroy
58fd1ee msm: camera: Fix for properly configuring AXI bus when using dual_enabled mode
ef48401 net: rmnet_usb: Block open until a response is received from MDM
d9986d2 defconfig: msm8960: Enable IPC Router Security feature
e4f9890 msm: sglte2: add restart orders for combined SSR
024437b msm: apq8064: remove device registration of touchscreen FET on MTP
e295ae1 msm_fb: display: prepare clocks before enable AHB clock
3ee2d71 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Fix MBHC irq handler deadlock scenario.
9667092 usb: smd: Call smd_close API from workqueue context
d898bc6 msm: camera: Set event data stat buffer to NULL after freeing
7a80a93 Revert "msm_fb: display: remove background invert alpha option for alpha drop pipe"
35d5a2d radio: iris: Add synchronize mechanism to handle multiple command requests
8ec5375 ARM: hw_breakpoint: enable HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT feature flag
4a87861 arm: Remove no-longer-required RCU_NONIDLE wrapper
5607d22 ARM: hw_breakpoint: Clear breakpoints before enabling monitor mode
4efe05b board-8960-gpiomux: Correct Primary UART GPIOs suspend configuration
fdb06af asoc: msm: Add flexible period count to pcm record driver
4c636eb msm_fb: display: silent blending error warning message
e0a74d0 msm_fb: display: fix iommu page fault when iommu buffer freed
b98fad4 msm_fb: display: exit properly when rotator max session reached
f3b5af9 Linux 3.4.38
1014986 asus-laptop: Do not call HWRS on init
553ce45 rt2x00: error in configurations with mesh support disabled
023eae6 exec: use -ELOOP for max recursion depth
2f7dea3 i915: initialize CADL in opregion
5fb9149 tools: hv: Netlink source address validation allows DoS
66de393 udf: avoid info leak on export
19b4376 isofs: avoid info leak on export
b647ebe key: Fix resource leak
8b55bf5 USB: io_ti: fix get_icount for two port adapters
00de47e USB: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on disconnect
bc914c3 udf: Fix bitmap overflow on large filesystems with small block size
5899ef0 nohz: Make tick_nohz_irq_exit() irq safe
cbff2b6 USB: serial: fix interface refcounting
10a00e3 USB: cdc-acm: fix device unregistration
d581bb3 USB: xhci: correctly enable interrupts
31e8d29 USB: xhci - fix bit definitions for IMAN register
56d833d x86-64: Fix the failure case in copy_user_handle_tail()
8d96fce clockevents: Don't allow dummy broadcast timers
3d2e742 IPoIB: Fix send lockup due to missed TX completion
2bb5c2c ext4: fix data=journal fast mount/umount hang
120c355 usb-storage: add unusual_devs entry for Samsung YP-Z3 mp3 player
d24f139 ext4: fix the wrong number of the allocated blocks in ext4_split_extent()
ac4f52e jbd2: fix use after free in jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata()
056f8c8 cifs: ignore everything in SPNEGO blob after mechTypes
f16d21e drm/radeon/benchmark: make sure bo blit copy exists before using it
ae7952e drm/radeon: add support for Richland APUs
2cf470d drm/radeon: add Richland pci ids
6e8d94d target/iscsi: Fix mutual CHAP auth on big-endian arches
bea7cce mm/hugetlb: fix total hugetlbfs pages count when using memory overcommit accouting
612dade KMS: fix EDID detailed timing frame rate
2c5d816 KMS: fix EDID detailed timing vsync parsing
e03f8b8 drm/i915: bounds check execbuffer relocation count
5cec2bb mwifiex: fix potential out-of-boundary access to ibss rate table
5a468a7 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix problem that prevents reassociation
b903216 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix schedule while atomic bug splat
52cecaa tracing: Fix free of probe entry by calling call_rcu_sched()
1e3b58b tracing: Fix race in snapshot swapping
74a523f drm/i915: restrict kernel address leak in debugfs
cb8a094 ALSA: snd-usb: mixer: ignore -EINVAL in snd_usb_mixer_controls()
184f526 ALSA: snd-usb: mixer: propagate errors up the call chain
e978145 ALSA: hda - Fix typo in checking IEC958 emphasis bit
184e91c ALSA: hda/cirrus - Fix the digital beep registration
46a84db sfc: Only use TX push if a single descriptor is to be written
70a3336 sfc: Disable soft interrupt handling during efx_device_detach_sync()
bea3099 sfc: Detach net device when stopping queues for reconfiguration
4b8fd2a sfc: Fix efx_rx_buf_offset() in the presence of swiotlb
56bed2f sfc: Properly sync RX DMA buffer when it is not the last in the page
41ade8e sfc: Correctly initialise reset_method in siena_test_chip()
2672f1c sfc: Avoid generating over-length MC_CMD_FLUSH_RX_QUEUES request
ab2c550 sfc: Disable VF queues during register self-test
3ad735c sfc: Fix timekeeping in efx_mcdi_poll()
54ad9a8 sfc: lock TX queues when calling netif_device_detach()
e0992b7 sfc: Work-around flush timeout when flushes have completed
6099070 sfc: Really disable flow control while flushing
4d64cdb sfc: Fix MCDI structure field lookup
9a17de1 sfc: Add parentheses around use of bitfield macro arguments
0f1ac29 sfc: Convert firmware subtypes to native byte order in efx_mcdi_get_board_cfg()
be29fc5 sfc: Do not attempt to flush queues if DMA is disabled
1280938 inet: limit length of fragment queue hash table bucket lists
05bec9d bnx2x: fix occasional statistics off-by-4GB error
c2abe8a vhost/net: fix heads usage of ubuf_info
08ebc8f rtnetlink: Mask the rta_type when range checking
b6da578 tcp: fix skb_availroom()
6a2d122 ipv4: fix definition of FIB_TABLE_HASHSZ
ca42fad sctp: don't break the loop while meeting the active_path so as to find the matched transport
0aa8bf9 sctp: Use correct sideffect command in duplicate cookie handling
147289d tg3: 5715 does not link up when autoneg off
e7778a6 bonding: don't call update_speed_duplex() under spinlocks
b52f067 netconsole: don't call __netpoll_cleanup() while atomic
7436bcf net/ipv4: Ensure that location of timestamp option is stored
1c93c2e sunsu: Fix panic in case of nonexistent port at "console=ttySY" cmdline option
3ff8924 Revert "USB: EHCI: don't check DMA values in QH overlays"
acefa9b msm: display: vsync usage in turning off dsi video
886f498 msm: camera: Add NULL check for stats_buf
a5777ce rpm_log: update the rpm log base address and log length
e49f6a9 WIFI: Enable clock 19.2MHz for qrd8930
98fb17c tspp: fix tspp_close_channel to clean channel filters
8c6c897 media: dvb: Remove write permission of other users to debug-fs
506635b msm: board-8930-pmic: Add haptics support for QRD8x30
9226223 nl80211/cfg80211: add VHT MCS support
e1a8215 gpu: ion: Add null-pointer check after allocation
49532aa msm: vidc: Print clip information in the logs
6c4656e msm_fb: Set timeline threshold for command mode to 2
ed654fd msm: vidc: Free meta buffers during address table cleanup
c01b5b5 mmc: msm_sdcc: perform DLL retuning if clock rate is changed
bcf46c7 mmc: msm_sdcc: data timeout errors are expected during HS200 tuning
f57db62 mmc: sdio: fix sdio_reset_comm() to take care of UHS card reset
e5f2fd2 mmc: sdio: print correct UHS mode during card detection
a82e187 msm_fb: Enable mdp clock during LVDS init.
61157a6 msm: camera: Check for valid pcam before using it
c3c843d vidc: Handle descriptor buffer error as warning
46cf4b0 msm: 8930: Add Audio GPIO changes for 8x30 sglte
9a470f9 ASoC: wcd9304: Add MIC and GND swap headset dectect support
8243301 ASoC: msm8930: Update machine driver to support US/Euro headset
242e358 ARM: dma-mapping: Allow highmem pages to not have a mapping
119027a ARM: dma-mapping: add support for CMA regions placed in highmem zone
9b86b7c ARM: mm: fix MMU mapping of CMA regions
b4b4e91 power: battery_current_limit: Add Battery Current Limit Driver.
fde57a3 board: 8064/8960: Add battery current limit platform device.
3d901d2 msm: camera: Probe ov8825 & ov9724 drivers for 8930 SGLTE
9ed6b5b msm: camera: Fix memory leak issue.
cf6fb44 msm: camera: Add proper camera close sequence
9dab98a msm: camera: Add proper camera close sequence
a1aa2ac msm: vidc: Fix codec config frame with EOS flag issue
6d677ec gpio: msm-common: Fix irq_set_type for dual edge trigger
f6b01ee msm:rq_stats: Fix hotplug attribute during the suspend failure
1dbe8eb msm: kgsl: a2xx: Check the right interrupt status bits
8e1e8d0 msm: pm: Add regulator L9 for sglte support
a0e9ce9 msm: mdm: add a parameter for the name used to register for SSR
7935fae msm: timer: Use 32768Hz GPT and SCLK on 8064 family
100e4b3 msm: kgsl: Properly record the size of the sglist in the memdesc
6467785 msm: sglte2: prevent early bootup of the external qsc modem
9492cfc msm: ipc_logging: Update function stubs
e9c7064 power: bms: Report zero SOC if voltage is below cutoff
e3fb892 msm_fb: Fix adb shell start/stop issue when bypass enabled
e51fcbe msm_fb: hdmi: Proper HPD state update
aea501c 8930: storage: add card detect support for QRD machine
21274cf msm: mdm2: Add delay between subsequent PS_HOLD
b92d656 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix Headphone + Lineout concurrent audio playback
9c5f4d1 ASoC: Avoid putting stream state to STOP when stream paused
b9dd8cc ASoC: wcd9310: Disable Mic Bias Pull down prior to enable micbias
5442633 msm: ipc: Security updates to IPC Router
d6dbfae msm: ipc: Allow QMI clients to send messages after IRSC is complete
1668cc6 msm: ipc: Security updates to IPC Router
e5144ec msm: kgsl: pwrscale functions should be run while GPU is ACTIVE
7a4f3fb msm:video: Enable LUT update on DSI command mode panel
71d2f46 usb: wwan: Fix RX data corruption issue
396d34c msm: Change the permissions of sps debug files
db90ee6 input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Add device tree support
55d277a msm: board-8930: Add TS support for 8930 QRD
c3e9d8b slimbus: Specify number of channels for the group in group handle
a2953ed EHCI: HSIC: Add payload support for control transfers logging
ed6c836 msm: vidc: Fix possible memory corruption
5c2a29b USB: ci13xxx_udc: Flush ep0 even when queue is empty
f8c16d9 USB: mdm_bridge: Fix probe error path
fc579c9 defconfig: enable ov8825 & ov9724 camera sensors
9827402 msm: camera: Camera sensor bringup on 8930 EVT SGLTE
34c9b85 power: pm8921-charger: NULL check in 'external_power_changed' callback
b091ca4 power: pm8921-bms: fix divide by 0 issue when charging
21bf6a7 msm_fb: display: get mdp bandwidth parameters from board file
42f7371 msm: display: provide mdp bandwidth parameters from board file
18f02fa power: pm8921-bms: Prevent SOC jumps while charging
e29d1b2 msm_fb: display: free pipe if blt is detected for the pipe
88f2da8 defconfig: Enable RMI4 synaptic touch panel
73b337f input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Add GPIO configuration support
7b29587 input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Add regulator support
670bcdf input: synaptics: update license and driver version
49e01f1 input: synaptics: driver updates
4b24368 input: synaptics_fw_update: Add sysfs entry to expose Config ID
4966c78 input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Add TS support
ae8fd09 input: touchscreen: synaptics v1.1
5531350 first commit
839b191 msm_fb: Add support for NT35590 720p panel
2a47f22 msm8930: Add support for GSBI9 for Primary IPC
484442e msm: 8930: i2c gpio changes for QRD SGLTE
c4e26c2 msm: socinfo: Add New Hardware ID for QRD 8x30
6958b04 defconfig: enable MACH_MSM8930_EVT
087145b msm: board-8930: Add sglte device for 8x30 EVT
75596f9 msm: board-8930-gpiomux: Add 8x30 SGLTE gpios
799085a msm: 8930: Add support for QRD8930 device
c8082aa ASoC: msm8930: GPIO level insert is low for 8x30 sglte
b354ed9 msm_fb: Add support for multiple DCS commands in a single tx
09f9533 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Don't wait infinitely in bus reset
8e47ce4 msm_fb: display: reset base layer database
dbfe085 Linux 3.4.37
7cba6ae 6lowpan: Fix endianness issue in is_addr_link_local().
32ceecc dcbnl: fix various netlink info leaks
78d3a46 rtnl: fix info leak on RTM_GETLINK request for VF devices
47d7ed1 ipv6: stop multicast forwarding to process interface scoped addresses
c7a226b bridging: fix rx_handlers return code
8c6292a netlabel: correctly list all the static label mappings
e86429f macvlan: Set IFF_UNICAST_FLT flag to prevent unnecessary promisc mode.
094b503 tun: add a missing nf_reset() in tun_net_xmit()
8bd2b8fa tcp: fix double-counted receiver RTT when leaving receiver fast path
6202fe4 net: ipv6: Don't purge default router if accept_ra=2
2b2066c rds: limit the size allocated by rds_message_alloc()
136d76d l2tp: Restore socket refcount when sendmsg succeeds
0530082 drm/i915: Increase the RC6p threshold.
51dfcbf loopdev: remove an user triggerable oops
187c2bd loopdev: fix a deadlock
d72b4f9 block: use i_size_write() in bd_set_size()
969ff7d hwmon: (sht15) Fix memory leak if regulator_enable() fails
81da76a drm/i915: EBUSY status handling added to i915_gem_fault().
cb505e2 atmel_lcdfb: fix 16-bpp modes on older SOCs
a40a945 btrfs: use rcu_barrier() to wait for bdev puts at unmount
59c0110 s390/mm: fix flush_tlb_kernel_range()
8a52ddf s390: critical section cleanup vs. machine checks
6bf083f perf,x86: fix link failure for non-Intel configs
d780563 perf,x86: fix wrmsr_on_cpu() warning on suspend/resume
8c97feb selinux: use GFP_ATOMIC under spin_lock
e550050 powerpc: Fix cputable entry for 970MP rev 1.0
9d4a6f2 powerpc: Fix STAB initialization
32f8134 w1: fix oops when w1_search is called from netlink connector
dce5c33 hwmon: (lineage-pem) Add missing terminating entry for pem_[input|fan]_attributes
fa55537 hwmon: (pmbus/ltc2978) Fix temperature reporting
fe88b8b ALSA: seq: Fix missing error handling in snd_seq_timer_open()
9a9b01c perf,x86: fix kernel crash with PEBS/BTS after suspend/resume
75750fc TTY: do not reset master's packet mode
3b11e57 tty: serial: fix typo "ARCH_S5P6450"
d91371b serial: 8250_pci: add support for another kind of NetMos Technology PCI 9835 Multi-I/O Controller
e3c51d6 ext3: Fix format string issues
44ddae4 signal: always clear sa_restorer on execve
a4371b6 staging: vt6656: Fix oops on resume from suspend.
0319f99 USB: EHCI: don't check DMA values in QH overlays
0b520a5 USB: storage: fix Huawei mode switching regression
e870d9d usb: serial: Add Rigblaster Advantage to device table
5c1892e USB: added support for Cinterion's products AH6 and PLS8
0864bc5 usb: cp210x new Vendor/Device IDs
5c6142c USB: cdc-wdm: fix buffer overflow
82eccc2 USB: option: add Huawei E5331
c8fba58 virtio: rng: disallow multiple device registrations, fixes crashes
40e0c1e xen/pciback: Don't disable a PCI device that is already disabled.
9909423 qcaux: add Franklin U600
4171648 Asoc: msm: 8064: Set channel as Mono for Incall Music Delivery
fdd17d4 msm: kgsl: Remove invalid context_id logging
2ad9ef8 radio: iris: Allow user to set number of stations
7257fe1 qup_i2c: Use separate variables to store i2c gpios settings
41555d7 slim_msm: Reading the smaller length messages properly
fbfaf81 usb: gadget: u_data_hsic: Cancel pending MDM write work during remove
f834b27 msm_fb: display: Avoid dsi clock warnings during boot
738ae80 msm_fb: Correctly setup splash screen flag in MDP probe
0cc280a input: cyttsp-i2c-qc: Fix suspend/resume sequence
b8c8e04 msm: kgsl: Bump up the GPU frequency for long batch processing
a62086d cfg80211: Extend support for IEEE 802.11r Fast BSS Transition
0198d6e msm: 8064: Initialize PM8921 GPIOs for MPQ8064 Hybrid version
33681af mpq8064: Add support for GSBI6 UARTDM for Bluetooth feature
ddec6e4 msm_fb: hdmi: Update frame rate on resolution change
1470921 msm_fb: hdmi: Remove supported resolution check
929cacc msm: vidc: Invalidate cache when allocating buffers
0fcd0e3 msm: mdm: Fix error value for SHUTDOWN_CHARM ioctl
771c789 msm: board-8064: Add core control limits for msm_thermal
f223044 thermal: msm: Add core control support to thermal driver
4f4f27b mm-camera: Changes to remove unused code for security issue reported
5a708c4 msm: pm-data: Enable powercollapse/suspend_enabled for non-boot cpus
4908abf msm: board-8064: Initialize SPM driver earlier than thermal
0ed2feb msm: pm-8x60: Setup memory for save/restore cpu registers early
281ff6d msm:rq_stats: Add hotplug disable attribute
e2ba811 usb: serial: csvt: Fix control signal definitions
241ded3 Revert "msm: cpufreq: Remove cross-calling limitation"
91e7af5 ASoc: msm: update the pending buffer flags in underrun
68cb546 msm: mdm: modify qsc power up sequence on sglte2 platform
7afc3de msm: board-8960: Remove non-secure allocation exception
35b8f36 msm_fb: display: Wait for DMAE for external interface (DTV)
111e054 radio-tavarua: Handle I2C read/write errors during sleep mode.
ca784ce msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix seek issue in tunnel player
21d1db3 Asoc: msm: Set the right topology during in call voice recording
7b64803 net: rmnet_usb: initialize rmnet before registering with usb
92a7adf Linux 3.4.36
8420d82 USB: Fix connected device switch to Inactive state.
983c9b4 Revert "ALSA: hda - hdmi: Make jacks phantom, if they're not detectable"
beabe20 USB: Rip out recursive call on warm port reset.
e850004 USB: Prepare for refactoring by adding extra udev checks.
ac79dc9 USB: Don't use EHCI port sempahore for USB 3.0 hubs.
d2c96b7 dmi_scan: fix missing check for _DMI_ signature in smbios_present()
abf73cb ftrace: Update the kconfig for DYNAMIC_FTRACE
f39e4f1 Fix memory leak in cpufreq stats.
cc6de71 vfs: fix pipe counter breakage
3126603 Fix: compat_rw_copy_check_uvector() misuse in aio, readv, writev, and security keys
96ace77 keys: fix race with concurrent install_user_keyrings()
30e39b7 crypto: user - fix info leaks in report API
76de736 xen/pat: Disable PAT using pat_enabled value.
626614b HID: logitech-dj: do not directly call hid_output_raw_report() during probe
1c48233 e1000e: fix pci-device enable-counter balance
f4ec9b2 ALSA: vmaster: Fix slave change notification
1515f18 ALSA: ice1712: Initialize card->private_data properly
724285c ARM: 7663/1: perf: fix ARMv7 EVTYPE_MASK to include NSH bit
b08994d drm/radeon: add primary dac adj quirk for R200 board
bc37694 hwmon: (pmbus/ltc2978) Use detected chip ID to select supported functionality
ec2bc2f hwmon: (pmbus/ltc2978) Fix peak attribute handling
cca30bd hwmon: (sht15) Check return value of regulator_enable()
fbad807 md: raid0: fix error return from create_stripe_zones.
c443082 md: fix two bugs when attempting to resize RAID0 array.
517557f md: protect against crash upon fsync on ro array
f9c89da ath9k_hw: improve reset reliability after errors
34127f3 ath9k: fix RSSI dummy marker value
97cf710 mwifiex: correct sleep delay counter
681e3b1 hw_random: make buffer usable in scatterlist.
7ae6c92 ata_piix: reenable MS Virtual PC guests
1ecb693 SUNRPC: Don't start the retransmission timer when out of socket space
d3e8a18 NFS: Don't allow NFS silly-renamed files to be deleted, no signal
18d2c79 cifs: ensure that cifs_get_root() only traverses directories
d0e44ed btrfs: Init io_lock after cloning btrfs device struct
a564641 target/pscsi: Fix page increment
c60de93 SCSI: storvsc: Initialize the sglist
7628421 SCSI: dc395x: uninitialized variable in device_alloc()
f8ac697 xen/pci: We don't do multiple MSI's.
b9dfac7 ARM: fix scheduling while atomic warning in alignment handling code
6572391 ARM: VFP: fix emulation of second VFP instruction
eeee0aa power: pm8921-charger: decrease the index by 1 except for case 0
67f3f02 msm_fb: display: add mfd null pointer and mfd panel_power_on checks
d76ef6d msm: remove obsolete DMM code and config options
253dd0a msm: camera: Add support for diverting RDI frames.
a720337 msm: camera: kernel driver for sensor imx135
1ab378e msm: display: msm_fb: Fix hang when framework is rebooted in suspend mode.
852c781 ASoC: msm8930: Update gpio values for sglte platform
c27843e spi_qsd: DM mode support for different fifo sizes
7b4a7cb radio-tavarua: Configure channel spacing for enhanced search
8b63af1 radio-tavarua: Add support for WCN2243 v2.1 SOC
0c7c49c net: rmnet_usb: Fix rx_submitted anchor list corruption
cef0482 USB: u_serial: Fix NULL pointer dereference in unthrottle callback
0afde9e USB: u_serial: Don't push data to line discipline in interrupt context
7afdb27 net: rmnet_usb: qmap: reset skb tail when changing data pointer
389853a msm: board-8064-gpiomux: clean up of AP2MDM GPIO configurations
41e4bba radio: iris: Shutdown the FM Radio gracefully
614eba3 wcnss: Add support for nv bin download at coldboot
7a71e5f msm_fb: display: delay commit video tile frame size register
39599cc msm_fb: hdmi: Proper disabling of HDMI
05d2e35 USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Switch to DMA memory to support MMAP
67938b4 mfd: marimba: Add support for WCN2243 v2.1 SOC
f16d3fd ASoC: audio: Fix MEM_UNMAP called before CLOSE ack
90a334e msm: camera: Check for valid mctl handle before using it.
89890c3 msm:qseecom: Add validation checks for memory cleanup for qseecom
f5e67a2 msm: kgsl: Delete the context event while the context is still valid
f66ecfb mmc: msm_sdcc: check for pending_resume in SDCC system suspend
39eaee3 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix data timeout calculation for DDR bus speed mode
3838abe mmc: msm_sdcc: fix the clock selection logic in DDR mode
833f22e power: pm8921-charger: Add error handling logic
deb7e2c mmc: card: abort the suspend if the card is busy
62f55ec msm: camera: Fix flash issue timeout
6a7f3fa ASoC: msm: Add support for Voice2
bbe8927 usb: gadget: serial: Limit write permissions to root
35f0d94 ASoC: apq8064 : Fix for voice over USB in Fusion target
47ca007 ASoC: msm: Change SGLTE to Voice2 for reusability of code
831bfab msm: board-8064-camera: disable i2c for sglte2
57aefdd msm: sglte2: change the soft reset gpio for the qsc modem
47b4332 ASoC: msm: Fix for improper volume ramp up in tunnel playback
f69cfad msm: wfd: Map double the size of reconstruction buffer
6f1fe5a ASoC: wcd9304: Resend edge triggered GPIO IRQ
aa98065 msm_fb: display: don't enable blt mode
f9828d9 block: blk-core: add printk_ratelimit
7151f28 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: add boundary check for out of bounds issues"
23757e8 media: dvb: Secure demux debug flag
341d4bf msm: wfd: Return proper error if mmap fails
db2cdad msm: avs: Restore core voltage when disabling AVS
786b39e msm: pm: Update spm retention sequence to support per core retention
5effc7c msm: pm: Add support for retention on each core
b963a8a msm:camera: Increase the UB sizes for stats
8feb3f0 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Check copp_id's array index
405ce8b media: dvb: Seperate secure demuxing to secure feeds only
31c7804 msm_fb: display: no native frame buffer memory operations
b31839b msm_serial_hs_lite: Don't set UART clock to zero always
220f8ee msm: sps: Fix BAM ISR race with pipe disconnect
e98f1e4 msm: 8064: Add support for GSBI4 based UARTDM
ed1600b usb: f_serial: Remove unnecessary return statements in gport_setup
c0b5b1b wcnss: Configure bite interrupt as edge triggered
1b527f0 ASoc: msm: Add support for VoLTE
500fdc5 mobicore: t-base-200 Engineering Release.
4c37eef mobicore: t-base-200 Engineering Release.
3166e89 msm: 8064: add platform device info for the sglte2 target
5134f21 msm: socinfo: add new subtype definition for the SGLTE2 target
1285508 media: dvb: Secure demux API updates
3749363 EHCI: HSIC: Halt the controller while resetting the port
0e6601e msm_fb: hdmi: proper vic for 576p
bbbd092 msm:crypto: Add validation checks for memory cleanup
4a0d1f6 qup_i2c: Update clock ready check condition
2c22e91 msm: kgsl: Add event tracepoints
ef02fc0 msm: kgsl: Resolve a potential race in the interrupt handler
ab60199 msm: kgsl: Check the current interrupt status before power operations
0da182f power: pm8921-charger: Make charger removal detection workaround optional
39828fa ASoC: wcd9310: Update compander gain implementation
3713901 ASoC: wcd9310: Update compander configuration sequence
caf632b mobicore: statically assign minor device numbers
cdd7ca4 mobicore: t-base-200 Engineering Release
8372b91 mobicore: MobiCore 1.2 kernel module Changes to MC11
cde3cfe mobicore: New branch incorporating QC code review suggestions.
bc123a2 cfg80211: enable TDLS on P2P client interfaces
131eb4b net: usb: Add MUX support in embedded rmnet driver
68f4437 power: pm8921-charger: get rid of using LPM
6279ddf wcnss: Log CCPU registers in reset interrupt API
d879659 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Fix MBHC irq handler deadlock scenario
1dd7a24 Bluetooth: Dont retry eSCO for WBS
858f871 msm: camera: Fix the composite stats buffer handling.
82dac16 Fix pairing not successful when remote reports missing pin
d5b9a6b diag: Bring Diag up to date
9c351fb Revert "wcnss: Add support for nv bin download at coldboot"
5469a23 msm: camera: Fix for inverted preview with front camera in 8930 fluid device.
e38d481 Bluetooth: GAP: Disconnect ACL immediately after Auth failure.
c230f02 msm_serial_hs: Wait for discard flush completion for UART Rx channel
2713e27 Linux 3.4.35
e7e24f9 usb hid quirks for Masterkit MA901 usb radio
a059654 ata_piix: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH
78b6767 ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel Avoton DeviceIDs
3f14f68 perf tools: Fix build with bison 2.3 and older.
0685b59 staging: comedi: check s->async for poll(), read() and write()
e4cd1e4 staging: comedi: ni_labpc: set up command4 register *after* command3
1e05b99 staging: comedi: ni_labpc: correct differential channel sequence for AI commands
427e85b ACPI: Add DMI entry for Sony VGN-FW41E_H
7eb0fad ab8500_btemp: Demote initcall sequence
f9a8884 ab8500-chargalg: Only root should have write permission on sysfs file
916b6c6 cgroup: fix exit() vs rmdir() race
a74e9a3 cpuset: fix cpuset_print_task_mems_allowed() vs rename() race
68412b1 pstore: Avoid deadlock in panic and emergency-restart path
06f924f ath9k_hw: fix calibration issues on chainmask that don't include chain 0
57ef0d8 unbreak automounter support on 64-bit kernel with 32-bit userspace (v2)
146207b fuse: don't WARN when nlink is zero
94dcb26 vhost: fix length for cross region descriptor
7e5e167 svcrpc: make svc_age_temp_xprts enqueue under sv_lock
5623a7c nfsd: Fix memleak
4234fb2 ext4: fix free clusters calculation in bigalloc filesystem
19c9740 ext4: fix xattr block allocation/release with bigalloc
51e2600 ext4: fix race in ext4_mb_add_n_trim()
ced2dec ext4: check bh in ext4_read_block_bitmap()
f74e995 media: rc: unlock on error in show_protocols()
0f600ee fs: Fix possible use-after-free with AIO
d48e3a8 sysctl: fix null checking in bin_dn_node_address()
ef7a6c34 firewire: add minor number range check to fw_device_init()
303ee54 block: fix synchronization and limit check in blk_alloc_devt()
a8aa6d3 idr: fix a subtle bug in idr_get_next()
c93c851 xen/blkback: Don't trust the handle from the frontend.
f8cf112 xen-blkback: do not leak mode property
6ee1df3 block: fix ext_devt_idr handling
5978ac7 ocfs2: ac->ac_allow_chain_relink=0 won't disable group relink
0d5b0fc ocfs2: fix ocfs2_init_security_and_acl() to initialize acl correctly
fa1c19b ocfs2: fix possible use-after-free with AIO
316857e target: Add missing mapped_lun bounds checking during make_mappedlun setup
3fa4f72 target: Fix lookup of dynamic NodeACLs during cached demo-mode operation
58d7422 x86: Make sure we can boot in the case the BDA contains pure garbage
2a0887c doc, kernel-parameters: Document 'console=hvc'
938987d doc, xen: Mention 'earlyprintk=xen' in the documentation.
92916fb x86, efi: Make "noefi" really disable EFI runtime serivces
e684247 ftrace: Call ftrace cleanup module notifier after all other notifiers
db3d76a posix-timer: Don't call idr_find() with out-of-range ID
0c85818 iommu/amd: Initialize device table after dma_ops
db6154e quota: autoload the quota_v2 module for QFMT_VFS_V1 quota format
dd54ec4 ALSA: hda - hdmi: Make jacks phantom, if they're not detectable
2f8088b power: pm8921-bms: reset coulomb counter when faking high ocv
64b37c2 power: pm8921-bms: optimize finding ocv
c716e1a power: pm8921-bms: fix the mutex usage
4dc49a5 power: pm8921-bms: add capacitive resistance
67021bf power: pm8921-bms: Fix CC conversion precision
90514c3 power: pm8921-bms: correct even after faking 100%
aa72506 power: pm8921-bms: Enable batt alarm
165f1ae power: pm8921-bms: fix override mode causes sleep current increase
12139a3 power: pm8921-bms: disable ocv updates for flat portion of the curve
cc625fb power: pm8921-bms: implement BMS reset
a3a9923 ASoC: msm: Add support to fix up the channels for HDMI
a7f44e6 msm: clock-8960: Correctly measure KPSS pass3 debug clocks
0a801c1 msm: ipc: Cache the length of a packet being looped back
72ad579 msm: ipc: Advertise service information only from alive subsystems
25e9187 msm: ipc: Send REMOVE_CLIENT message when a server port is closed
e8ad535 msm: ipc: Fix lockdep warning by IPC message router
a85d09f msm: ipc: Reorganize server hash table
b234c24 msm: ipc: Update HELLO message processing
c1a4e3a msm: ipc: Fix the logic while dumping IPC Router routing table info
618de44 ASoC: wcd9310: Reset OTHR_RESET_CTR before power down
fb4e77e msm: display: Add DSI clock control for MDP GDHS power collapse
92406e6 msm: kgsl: Always send fence sync the timestamp it expects
0e100ff arm: common: move cpaccess sysfs node
a7bb292 USB: android: Rate limit android enable warning
9f3b2ee USB: Rate limit adb open and release messages
6252c36 USB: mdm_bridge: Fix control bridge suspend
6d9fdc8 USB: mdm_bridge: Simplify data bridge suspend/resume path
4c69856 ASoC:msm:Add support for Voice Features on SGLTE Call
a3720ae SoC: msm: Set soft step values to 0 to avoid noise
6cf304e slimbus: Populate slimbus device's logical address during assignment
6d43009 slimbus: Allow controller to specify logical addresses
36097c4 slimbus: Allow controller to override default scheduling algorithm
9c706fb slimbus: Callback to indicate device report present message
96134ff msm_fb: display: balance secure map and unmap in each mfd
baa25cc msm:camera: Add new vfe32 commands
c03cdb74 msm_fb: Update MDP fence wait behaviour
fc0cf27 Revert "USB: ensure parent device is resumed for child's system-resume"
4201af6 msm: wfd: Correct logic to unmap mdp buffers
048b6fe Linux 3.4.34
616dd23 USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs update for Super TOP SATA bridge
12b64a2 USB: storage: properly handle the endian issues of idProduct
3036116 USB: ehci-omap: Fix autoloading of module
9c5879c USB: option: add Huawei "ACM" devices using protocol = vendor
0457c05 USB: option: add Yota / Megafon M100-1 4g modem
78b4297 USB: option: add and update Alcatel modems
62fb8fe dca: check against empty dca_domains list before unregister provider
b9bf60a vlan: adjust vlan_set_encap_proto() for its callers
8c2223f sock_diag: Fix out-of-bounds access to sock_diag_handlers[]
e5a096a ipv6: use a stronger hash for tcp
785e5dc ipv4: fix a bug in ping_err().
1e6b5fb net: fix a compile error when SOCK_REFCNT_DEBUG is enabled
29b3bb0 xen-netback: cancel the credit timer when taking the vif down
320c150 xen-netback: correctly return errors from netbk_count_requests()
b5428e47 net: fix infinite loop in __skb_recv_datagram()
6e95f97 bridge: set priority of STP packets
a9115fb HID: wiimote: fix nunchuck button parser
6a924a7 mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: fix host version read
f515e1d fb: Yet another band-aid for fixing lockdep mess
c30b55c fb: rework locking to fix lock ordering on takeover
62a3dcc fbcon: don't lose the console font across generic->chip driver switch
0bbdba1 drivers/video: fsl-diu-fb: fix pixel formats for 24 and 16 bpp
aa3fc35 pcmcia/vrc4171: Add missing spinlock init
49e8ae9 Purge existing TLB entries in set_pte_at and ptep_set_wrprotect
25c3a08 powerpc/kexec: Disable hard IRQ before kexec
27c3032 ARM: 7643/1: sched: correct update_sched_clock()
cae53e2 ARM: samsung: fix assembly syntax for new gas
76753d3 ARM: PXA3xx: program the CSMSADRCFG register
03e578b ASoC: wm2200: correct IN2L and IN3L digital mute
4aee409 staging: vt6656: Fix URB submitted while active warning.
59959c95 staging: comedi: disallow COMEDI_DEVCONFIG on non-board minors
a143ae6 drm/i915: Set i9xx sdvo clock limits according to specifications
6bdf875 drm/i915: disable shared panel fitter for pipe
df87bd3 intel/iommu: force writebuffer-flush quirk on Gen 4 Chipsets
bdfb333 target: Fix divide by zero bug in fabric_max_sectors for unconfigured devices
61d4026 drm/usb: bind driver to correct device
d8a5f7f drm: Use C8 instead of RGB332 when determining the format from depth/bpp
d8fe02d drm: Fill depth/bits_per_pixel for C8 format
7b480b0 drm: don't add inferred modes for monitors that don't support them
df28f48 vgacon/vt: clear buffer attributes when we load a 512 character font (v2)
ae4c05e drm/udl: disable fb_defio by default
b701cf4 drm/udl: make usage as a console safer
746042c drm/radeon/dce6: fix display powergating
5cf5b73 sunvdc: Fix off-by-one in generic_request().
6523289 ALSA: hda - hdmi: ELD shouldn't be valid after unplug
7e8b41d ALSA: hda - Workaround for silent output on Sony Vaio VGC-LN51JGB with ALC889
63b2afe ALSA: hda - Release assigned pin/cvt at error path of hdmi_pcm_open()
e32afc1 ALSA: usb: Fix Processing Unit Descriptor parsers
e3fc3cb ALSA: usb-audio: fix Roland A-PRO support
a8fb02f p54usb: corrected USB ID for T-Com Sinus 154 data II
92a5267 NLM: Ensure that we resend all pending blocking locks after a reclaim
8e0ed82 umount oops when remove blocklayoutdriver first
38bc0fe drivercore: Fix ordering between deferred_probe and exiting initcalls
f4ce5b3 mm/fadvise.c: drain all pagevecs if POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED fails to discard all pages
06c7976 tmpfs: fix use-after-free of mempolicy object
3b6e03c drivers/video/backlight/adp88?0_bl.c: fix resume
cd33693 ocfs2: unlock super lock if lockres refresh failed
9fd4e53 fs/block_dev.c: page cache wrongly left invalidated after revalidate_disk()
0b7fba4 inotify: remove broken mask checks causing unmount to be EINVAL
8034372 futex: Revert "futex: Mark get_robust_list as deprecated"
e3aa5ed s390/kvm: Fix store status for ACRS/FPRS
2030511 KVM: s390: Handle hosts not supporting s390-virtio.
7fecb64 mmu_notifier_unregister NULL Pointer deref and multiple ->release() callouts
d0730c2 mm: mmu_notifier: make the mmu_notifier srcu static
4209ee0 mm: mmu_notifier: have mmu_notifiers use a global SRCU so they may safely schedule
362efcc Driver core: treat unregistered bus_types as having no devices
2199a65 xen: close evtchn port if binding to irq fails
4f4eb62 xen: Send spinlock IPI to all waiters
6a17167 rtlwifi: usb: allocate URB control message setup_packet and data buffer separately
d117907 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID
1946c76 b43: Increase number of RX DMA slots
906c9c4 USB: serial: fix null-pointer dereferences on disconnect
46605da tty: set_termios/set_termiox should not return -EINTR
0c10d7f tty: Prevent deadlock in n_gsm driver
ceb0446 ALSA: rme32.c irq enabling after spin_lock_irq
7fb3e95 ALSA: ali5451: remove irq enabling in pointer callback
507d34b x86: Hyper-V: register clocksource only if its advertised
dd9c58a hrtimer: Prevent hrtimer_enqueue_reprogram race
7c3e516 posix-cpu-timers: Fix nanosleep task_struct leak
b3c57f0 genirq: Avoid deadlock in spurious handling
526a265 timeconst.pl: Eliminate Perl warning
17c2f96 mm: fix pageblock bitmap allocation
5c444ed x86-32, mm: Remove reference to alloc_remap()
99867c9 x86-32, mm: Remove reference to resume_map_numa_kva()
025cee7 x86-32, mm: Rip out x86_32 NUMA remapping code
7784a3d msm_fb: display: Do clock control within mdp4_hw_init
694b193 msm: sps: check the result of memory allocation
33f8150 misc: isa1200: properly disable clocks
9d41b6a misc: isa1200: add device tree support
e28b135 media: dvb: Fix secure demux application load check
8c8778c wcnss: Add support for nv bin download at coldboot
da995f2 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Add support to configure ISO and ARIB coefficients
6e0f798 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Add support to configure ISO and ARIB coefficients
7982991 msm_fb: display: fix fence fd list be put twice
ef3e9fa ASoC: msm: Mixer control to update the sample rate of HDMI interface
768c6fe msm: Add null pointer checks
de8cbf9 tspp: Fix incorrect usage of clk_disable to support PM
fdd415b board: 8960-pmic: Swap mapping of camera snapshot and focus keys
d759288 msm: sps: improve debugging support in SPS driver
4560a36 mmc: sdio: Fix SDIO 3.0 UHS-I initialization sequence
2ffb3eb msm: camera: Update debug data in vfe driver
a45ff85 mmc: msm_sdcc: optimize sampling clock tuning procedure
12387de msm: acpuclock-8064: Lower max L2 speed to 1134MHz
986d4bc msm: camera: Enable VFE Out of Order writes.
3ad4d97 msm:kgsl: Remove NORETRY flag in memory allocations
4257a94 msm_fb: display: add mutex to video_off
1fb868c qseecom: Fix kernel panic
fc95318 crypto: Fix QCEDEV platform data initialization.
31508d5 gpu: ion: suppress excessive logging for expected failure cases
c2392df tspp: improve tspp_open_stream/tspp_close_stream behavior
b64126c media: mpq: Secure demux version verification
8ecf5ad power: pm8921-charger: Do not update "type" property of usb_psy
13c972d power: pm8921-charger: add boundary check for out of bounds issues
ae6b12a diag: Bring diag up to date
8dcb925 msm_fb: display: calculate mdp clock including borderfill pipe
38cf61a msm: rq_stats: Fix missing initalization of cur_freq
087be57 vidc: Turbo mode for multiple instances
303d4ac qup_i2c: Avoid potential panic issue
44dd05b msm: mdm2: Fix sysmon.h include path.
55cf35b power: pm8921-charger: don't reject all the chg current requests
7a679a3 power: pm8921-charger: force 19.2Mhz while writing to a register
d97d54f power: pm8921-charger: disable AICL
0ddca63 power: pm8921-charger: Support multiple vbus requests
e7e27af power: pm8921-charger: fix a potential array out of bound access
1cb4116 Fix not able to disconnect from the Host after SMP requests
b59d321 cfg80211: fix station change if TDLS isn't supported
a02b963 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Add NULL checking for input parameters
4294699 msm: kgsl: Fix pagefault logging of one per 4k
461c4a0 net: rmnet_usb: Fix assignment order of instances
0b82584 msm: vidc: Fix klocwork error
2b5fd54 cfg80211: Pass TDLS peer's QoS/HT/VHT information during set_station
f7052a8 msm: mdp: Move wfd state signalling into mdp driver
b549e52 sync: Fix race condition between merge and signal
da445f9 android/lowmemorykiller: Ignore tasks with freed mm
ca7d1a5 msm_fb: display: Program source address registers correctly
1c3000a 3.4.33
ce0030c printk: fix buffer overflow when calling log_prefix function from call_console_drivers
05cfbed Perf: Correct irq for CPU hotplug detection
4cdf85a Perf: Toggle PMU IRQ when CPU's are hotplugged
f40934d msm: 8930: Update revision check for SD card regulator configuration
5211e29 msm: wfd: Make wfd-util thread-safe
9f6d091 cfg80211: Pass station (extended) capability info to kernel
3cfde2b msm: hotplug: Change the pen variable in one place
5d7189e hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: Vote for a PMIC clock buffer.:
5fed1a7 {nl,cfg}80211: Peer STA VHT caps
dd29395 ieee80211: Rename VHT cap struct
d488b6a mac80211: VHT (11ac) association
fcc2497 mac80211: include VHT capability IE in probe requests
4c2d232 camera: Flush event queue for config node before unsubscribe.
56ff9ba ASoC: audio: fix unlock Null pointer issue
12867c8 usb: mdm_bridge: Add support for multiple instance of dun and rmnet driver
ca8b69e msm_fb: display: check active queue before signal timeline
3254bad cfg80211: allow advertising VHT capabilities
48f3741 cma: redirect page allocation to CMA
55eb56c Revert "mm: cma: on movable allocations try MIGRATE_CMA first"
1ace315 mm: Don't put CMA pages on per cpu lists
8ff19d4 wireless: add VHT (802.11ac) definitions
4d53ec4 msm_fb: display: provision of mixer reset function
7db8e4a msm: vidc: Reduce priority of unwanted logs
7c32eb1 video: msm: Add revision check to calibration API
1b09ad7 msm_fb: display: Configure solidfill color to black
d262b5e msm: display: Add data stuctures for MSM8974 target support
b6ce98a ASoC: WCD9310: Enable codec loopback support through IIR2 path
6b4631e input: bmp18x: create the syfs group for i2c device
ed8c2dd msm: kgsl: Don't silently ignore events that have a retired timestamp
c77df99 msm: kgsl: Send the correct timestamp to an expired event
ecbb99a msm: kgsl: Add context reference counting to KGSL events
ef3456c msm: kgsl: Move events to context specific lists
740f674 msm: kgsl: Remove duplicate code for checking timestamps
c4eb8e5 thermal: pm8xxx-tm: Add configuration option for allowing shutdown override
b2451ea thermal: pm8xxx-tm: Use delayed_work task for temp alarm status reading
b42b294 thermal: pm8xxx-tm: Improve temp alarm logging and notification filtering
197c31e thermal: pm8xxx-tm: Modify userspace notification method
4e7999f msm8930: add i2c device for barometer bmp18x
bdaf243 Bosch Sensortec BMP18x device driver V1.1
f02da24 msm: display: reset vsync state when display is turned on
3aabeae ASoC: msm: avoid negative time stamp check
8b854c3 msm: display: dsi command mode vsync time generation
6472165 media: dvb: mpq: Limit number of TS packets on secure demux input
832ab8e media: dvb: mpq: Secure demux API updates
fff3f2e EHCI: HSIC: Fix a race between root hub resume and controller removal
9179d54 usb: gadget: u_bam: Fix NULL pointer dereference crash
9ad3bfb Linux 3.4.32
248924c igb: Remove artificial restriction on RQDPC stat reading
266c43c efi: Clear EFI_RUNTIME_SERVICES rather than EFI_BOOT by "noefi" boot parameter
15295d7 PCI/PM: Clean up PME state when removing a device
dc66ff1 x86/xen: don't assume %ds is usable in xen_iret for 32-bit PVOPS.
44f80d6 x86/mm: Check if PUD is large when validating a kernel address
65f5539 x86/apic: Work around boot failure on HP ProLiant DL980 G7 Server systems
e2ef6aa x86: Do not leak kernel page mapping locations
18051b4 s390/timer: avoid overflow when programming clock comparator
f7ba230 msm_fb: Optimize the resolution change on hdmi interface
86b14c9 msm_fb: display: add early_off during panel off
906e35d msm_fb: display: Send pixel data while sending on/off commands
02c2d64 ASoC: wcd9304: Turn off mclk during clock transition
ccdb96e USB: f_rndis: Check if cdev is NULL before accessing
ca6a02c misc: isa1200: Replace spinlock with mutex
e2ae396 defconfig: Enable CPU frequency switch profiling support on Krait targets
5cb9899 msm_fb: display: wait4vsync before set suspend flag
d30665d msm: vidc: Fix iommu pagefault in concurrent scenario
e5f33a8 mfd: pm8xxx-misc: Add API to read PMIC registers
7e70c22 usb: gadget: u_ether: Fix NULL pointer derefernce crash
f212b6e Revert "Bluetooth: Avoid re-authentication for secure high connections"
2738eec Bluetooth: Introduce new security level
7c85d6d msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Check return code from audio_aio_open()
4dfdab1 mmc: core: Fix a deadlock due to race between suspend and delayed BKOPS
d77c9bb0 mmc: core: Cancel BKOPS checking in case MMC is suspended
860cef9 mmc: use percentage changed sectors as indication to check BKOPS need
ec0bbad mmc: Do not perform blocking BKOPS
014010d mmc: increase BKOPS polling duration before suspend
1aa816c mmc: core: disable the cache before suspend only after stopping BKOPS
67c157c mmc: core: Reduce the time to check for BKOPS need on idle
871cefa msm_fb: hdmi: HDMI resume delay
3260415 msm_fb : display : Change fps level dynamically.
2cf6ec9 msm: kgsl: snapshot: Don't keep parsing indirect buffers on failure
aeebcc0 msm: kgsl: Use the correct timestamp for the snapshot
3bbb56e msm: kgsl: Make sure the last IB2 is in the static snapshot region
21aaadf msm: kgsl: Make the snapshot dumper more tolerant of corrupted IBs
987e2f7 msm: kgsl: Debugfs entity to switch on/off userspace FT policy control
99678f8 msm: kgsl: Allow pagefault policy to be controlled by userspace
b810732 msm: kgsl: Limit pagefault logging to 1 per page
8329722 msm: kgsl: No fault tolerance if userspace sets a flag
3164fb0 msm: kgsl: Allow fault tolerance userspace control
45a50d6 msm: kgsl: Reduce postmortem logs by default
d2326b8 msm: kgsl: Run GPU fault tolerance at max clock
696f89e msm: kgsl: Detect long running IBs
5bea9c6 msm: kgsl: Store process id and name in context structure
d20d71a msm: kgsl: Renaming recovery to fault tolerance
deeecc0 msm: kgsl: Recovery policy change
460cc76 msm: kgsl: Locate index of recovery during initialization
4648db9 msm: kgsl: Fix hang detection to be 50ms or more
cf61bd5 ASoC: msm: skip sending volume in compressed pass through playback
8dec619 wcnss: Add interface to Reset wcnss
72a2746 Linux 3.4.31
495f029 be2net: Fix to trim skb for padded vlan packets to workaround an ASIC Bug
eac7b44 tg3: Fix crc errors on jumbo frame receive
a10a3da tg3: Avoid null pointer dereference in tg3_interrupt in netconsole mode
94fab0a bridge: Pull ip header into skb->data before looking into ip header.
f641de9 tcp: fix for zero packets_in_flight was too broad
2813296 tcp: frto should not set snd_cwnd to 0
42671f1 netback: correct netbk_tx_err to handle wrap around.
90ffc8f xen/netback: free already allocated memory on failure in xen_netbk_get_requests
33eb260 xen/netback: don't leak pages on failure in xen_netbk_tx_check_gop.
be7254f xen/netback: shutdown the ring if it contains garbage.
d6f5498 net: sctp: sctp_endpoint_free: zero out secret key data
8a501d8 net: sctp: sctp_setsockopt_auth_key: use kzfree instead of kfree
4c921d0 sctp: refactor sctp_outq_teardown to insure proper re-initalization
b4129da atm/iphase: rename fregt_t -> ffreg_t
f60f854 packet: fix leakage of tx_ring memory
d783780 via-rhine: Fix bugs in NAPI support.
909978d ipv6: do not create neighbor entries for local delivery
6c1128b pktgen: correctly handle failures when adding a device
e386604 net: loopback: fix a dst refcounting issue
646e28c r8169: remove the obsolete and incorrect AMD workaround
30a66dd netxen: fix off by one bug in netxen_release_tx_buffer()
3a2593d isdn/gigaset: fix zero size border case in debug dump
37c1a85 net/mlx4_core: Set number of msix vectors under SRIOV mode to firmware defaults
70f8589 net/mlx4_en: Fix bridged vSwitch configuration for non SRIOV mode
f0adabb net: calxedaxgmac: throw away overrun frames
07da6b2 ipv6: fix header length calculation in ip6_append_data()
6320f43 MAINTAINERS: Stephen Hemminger email change
3b69055 ipv6: fix the noflags test in addrconf_get_prefix_route
0ad7157 net: prevent setting ttl=0 via IP_TTL
7f8d73f samsung-laptop: Disable on EFI hardware
7392301 efi: Make 'efi_enabled' a function to query EFI facilities
a256a4c Bluetooth: Fix handling of unexpected SMP PDUs
7308f84 kernel/resource.c: fix stack overflow in __reserve_region_with_split()
0b2d4e1 virtio_console: Don't access uninitialized data.
5327297 rtlwifi: Fix scheduling while atomic bug
5f2ffd2 rtlwifi: Fix the usage of the wrong variable in usb.c
5a386c6 mmc: card: fix timeout on erase/trim command due to sanitize
3e9d336 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: add check for maximum COPPs allowed
e4b53df arm: mach-msm: qdsp6v2: remove unnecessary write count check
6d9fc60 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: avoid unnecessary check
537218b arm: mach-msm: qdsp6v2: update dual mono setting check
ffc7741 msm: vidc: Add support for NV21 color format encoding
4479b48 net: rmnet_usb: Add support for PID 0x9079
f0b04de net: rmnet_usb: Support multiple instances
442d78a msm: acpuclock-8930ab: Lower VDD_DIG voltage vote for L2 at 384MHz
aefa110 video: msm: Calibration config implementation
224b777 wcnss: new SMD control channel with WCNSS
2bf9085 msm: mdm: Shutdown specific external modem
f3cb487 msm: mdm: do not assert ap2mdm_errfatal gpio in some cases during SSR
fdde32b msm: 8064: add configuration to prevent asserting ap2m_errfatal
b754b04 msm: sysmon: Add support for second USB HSIC modem
01fec09 msm: hsic_sysmon: Support multiple instances
3e69bfc msm: mdm: Fix for incorrect ramdump timeout and ssr ref count.
800ac37 net: rmnet_usb: Use USB_DEVICE_INTERFACE_NUMBER
7f295d1 msm: vidc: Move metadata shared input mem to firmware heap.
beeb8a4 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: remove unmap ion region before disable
5ca5973 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Add support for large requests
72b351c USB: ci13xxx_udc: Add module param to enable streaming mode
9ade191 USB: gadget: Add module parameter for Rx transfer length
ce70bb9 diag: Modify diag to support multiple hsic instances
96838fe mmc: msm_sdcc: Hard reset controller on errors
c9b3634 USB: android: Wakeup both reader and writer processes upon TX/RX error
7ea5a25 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8130 variants of MSM8930
02bccf5 msm: camera: Add missing unsubscribe function in server ops.
a51ab40 msm_fb: display: remove extra mdp4_dsi_cmd_clk_check()
37da84a msm: ADSPRPC: Update driver to create its own device node
bffc579 msm: ADSPRPC: Cleanup header and source.
7091f24 gpu: ion: handle allocation error during heap protection in CP heap
b485f3a msm: vidc: unsecure heaps in the right order during error handling
e833aca Update copyright to The Linux Foundation
5789f16 gpu: ion: allocate huge pages in iommu heap
06c6c23 msm: mdm: Fix bug in retrieving driver's private data
65067fa tspp: Improve GPIO configuration mechanism
8fa85b0 tspp: support device tree mechanism in the driver
d5c2b47 Revert "msm: mdp: Move wfd state signalling into mdp driver"
30dfaf7 msm: display: reduce timeline to 1 for smart panel
f96110c gpu: ion: replace __GFP_ZERO with manual zero'ing
f05c21f msm_fb: writeback panel commit should not happen when buffer is NULL
ec6218d mfd: pm8821-core: Add support for PMIC thermal alarm
913ce4b msm_fb: display: clean pipes from commit queue at suspend
e67749b msm_fb: hdmi: Support for 1280x1024@60Hz resolution
74f0a2f msm_fb: hdmi: hdmi 3d length check
d42dd10 msm_fb: hdmi: Do not turn on HDMI if not ready
a211eef msm_fb: hdmi: update data on resolution change
c74d85b Linux 3.4.30
b4e8be4 usb: Prevent dead ports when xhci is not enabled
235b620 USB: XHCI: fix memory leak of URB-private data
d018dbb xhci: Fix TD size for isochronous URBs.
1757e24 xhci: Fix isoc TD encoding.
5c59de0 drivers: xhci: fix incorrect bit test
c42fc5a USB: storage: optimize to match the Huawei USB storage devices and support new switch command
fae3bb5 USB: storage: Define a new macro for USB storage match rules
7ad8ac9 usb: Using correct way to clear usb3.0 device's remote wakeup feature.
5b70af1 USB: EHCI: fix bug in scheduling periodic split transfers
f4cc7a1 USB: EHCI: fix timer bug affecting port resume
18591ae USB: qcserial: add Telit Gobi QDL device
fdc3c54 USB: option: add Changhong CH690
de43991 USB: option: add support for Telit LE920
66a76eb USB: ftdi_sio: add PID/VID entries for ELV WS 300 PC II
649d7a7 USB: ftdi_sio: add Zolix FTDI PID
1a9277b drivers/rtc/rtc-isl1208.c: call rtc_update_irq() from the alarm irq handler
0b0a573 nilfs2: fix fix very long mount time issue
89960fe sched/rt: Use root_domain of rt_rq not current processor
11151f3 x86-64: Replace left over sti/cli in ia32 audit exit code
8f69eea drm/radeon: Calling object_unrefer() when creating fb failure
dcf73ed drm/radeon: prevent crash in the ring space allocation
c7d3c17 drm/radeon: fix MC blackout on evergreen+
b5dc90f drm/radeon: add quirk for RV100 board
b5d3ef2 drm/radeon: add WAIT_UNTIL to the non-VM safe regs list for cayman/TN
36509fc drm/radeon/evergreen+: wait for the MC to settle after MC blackout
b0cc9fb digsig: Fix memory leakage in digsig_verify_rsa()
425cde4 msm_fb: display: Copy splash image to kernel memory
dff38fb USB: ks_bridge: Enable autosuspend only for remote wakeup capable devices
da0e937 USB: ks_bridge: Abort suspend when data is received during unlink
e8b6e27 mfd: wcd9xxx: fix multi channel payload calculation
29bc58b media: dvb: Fix demux output buffer overflow state for secure demux
d5afcf3 media: dvb: mpq: Fix issue with framing mechanism
6d38b36 media: dvb: Fix stopping of DVR thread
92fe88c usb: gadget: Support multiple HSIC transport instances for dun and rmnet
a2d6759 USB: allow match on bInterfaceNumber
03e3cd7 gpu: ion: Add ADSP heap
e404b05 camera: Enable flash driver for 8960 target
3944eff msm: subsystem_restart: Ignore SSR requests during system reboot/shutdown
b7d3546 msm: mdp: Move wfd state signalling into mdp driver
b32fcca diag: Update Message SSID Limit and Buildtime masks
587c98e msm: Add indicator for separate metadata buffers support
27147a7 msm: rotator: Support Fast YUV for 8960, 8064 and 8x30 targets.
70a64b4 msm: mdm: Assert soft_reset_gpio in mdm_power_down_common
84fec15 USB: msm_otg: Add 50 msec delay after changing scope from SYSTEM to DEVICE
8ccaa1d USB: ks_bridge: Prevent freeing buffers while copy is in progress
c999d43 usb: ks_bridge: Free up stale buffers in probe
ea4b0b0 usb: ks_bridge: Synchronize disconnect with ongoing IO
3883780 msm: vidc: Add a check for separate metadata buffers
c766902 msm: camera: Enable Bayer stats.
eb40731 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix threshold value for class G headphone
5ae1424 usbnet: ratelimit kevent may have been dropped warnings
9af49c7 net: usb: Handle interface suspend properly
67b24de net: rmnet_ctrl_usb: Block file close until tx URBs are transmitted
28642d1 net: usb: Abort suspend if get_encap response is not sent
fa476f7 net: usb: Fix memory leak on Tx data path
2038ae2 usbnet: decrease suspend count if returning -EBUSY for runtime suspend
fe2ec546 net: usb: Prevent suspend if response available notification received
c4c5fc1 Perf: Restore counter after powercollapse for generic ARM PMU's
a320a28 msm: perf: add debug patch logging framework
f9bf3d8 msm: perf: Relax Column exclusion checks for L2CC events
2f71d2b Perf: Assign proper routine to free IRQ
1f7e7ba msm: Perf: Differentiate between L1 and L2 PMU IRQs
6c755b2 Perf: Let platforms decide IRQ request methods.
d8424b4 Perf: Add generic IRQ handlers for ARMv7 PMU's
22ec8e2 Perf: Change IRQ functions for CPU variants
9c91478 Perf: Make L1 PMU IRQ name target independent
5343d0c Perf: Restore correct CPU's PMU counters after power collpase
24866ee msm: kgsl: Don't change the sglen of the memdesc if allocation fails
bfbd405 usb: gadget: Unclaim endpoints upon disconnect
4670dcd ASoC: msm: Resume writes only for start command
e494414 usb: mdm_bridge: Fix race between disconnect and I/O completion handler
ac84f09 Vidc: Treat Non-IDR frame type error as bit stream error
da3bd8d msm: vidc: Correct the display size of small resolution clips
0bcdb73 msm: kgsl: Use the correct units for ADRENO_IDLE_TIMEOUT
18b58dc diag: Add support for APQ8064AA variant.
0ad34f6 msm: subsystem_restart: Panic on SSR errors
372e15a Revert "mako: debug: disable lge_crash_handler"
1bbb260 msm: subsystem_restart: Remove customer specific code
99f84eff msm: subsystem_restart: Use a CPU intensive workqueue for SSR
46d1140 msm_serial_hs: consider flush buffer request only when DMA is in progress
6873f4b msm: adsprpc: Allow zero length buffer
b49cf9b msm: adsprpc: Update to retrieve the physical address for ION buffer
bb0c304 msm: Move adsprpc into drivers
b6a022f msm: adsprpc: Incorporate coding style comments
ad58ba0 msm: adsprpc: include msm-specific ion header file
065497f msm: adsprpc: RPC driver between apps and adsp
8dd46e0 media: dvb: Fix PID removal from a filter
7e48d91 media: dvb: mpq: Fix race-condition in mutex locking
b64a50f media: dvb: mpq: Extend TSPPv1 plugin PID filtering capabilities
5985533 gpio: pm8xxx-gpio: change the license header from CAF to LF
2ce0f3d event_timer: Add spinlock protection to event time update
54aeb82 usb: ks_bridge: Add support for multiple instance of driver
3b8cbd8 power: pm8921-bms: fix the mismatch of container_of member type
4b93698 gpio: pm8xxx-gpio: remove unnecessary checks in static callbacks
f04b5a8 msm: camera: Check for valid mem object before using it.
2702baf msm: 8064: add platform configuration for two external 9k modems
f92ff4c mmc: msm_sdcc: don't print the timeout errors for BKOPs
a759570 mmc: core: reduce the maximum timeout for BKOPs
46a1836 mmc: core: interrupt Background Operations if it takes too long
824c4ad mmc: msm_sdcc: don't perform busy wait for CMD13 (status command)
00d7be6 mmc: msm_sdcc: Reset SDCC controller if check for Tx/Rx active fails
c91a92a EHCI: HSIC: Fix GPT timer count values used for resume sequence
5afd086 msm_fb: display: restore previous mdp bandwidth when resume
fb00703 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Support earpiece ANC
ac4a009 msm_fb: display: adjust refx100 parameter to avoid tearing
b8d8190 msm: 8064: add platform subtype definition for DSDA2 target
ffd21b0 msm: mdm: add support for multiple external modems
33296fd msm: camera: Coexist composite and non composite RDI
d5ff58e hwmon: epm: Update type for trepn usage
972d4b2 media: dvb: Fix handling of multiple PIDs per recording filter
e54c9ac Revert "usb: msm_otg: add charger notify API"
9ecc39c EHCI: HSIC: Implement new reset sequence to workaround PHY lockup issue
1c1d82b EHCI: HSIC: Disable asynchronous interrupt when wakeup gpio is present
bbd0582 EHCI: HSIC: Handle asynchronous interrupt properly
b26c0d0 Revert "usb: msm_otg: prevent abnormal charging stop when vbus active."
229ee87 Bluetooth: Validate the hci connection before data transfer
8e71da1 Bluetooth: GAP: Read the clock offset on ACL connection complete
c5ac78a Bluetooth: Fix for LE cancel Create Connection not working
45c9e81 Bluetooth: Avoid re-authentication for secure high connections
513ebdc Bluetooth: GAP: Dont allow role switch when there is another ACL
398cc33 Linux 3.4.29
9767a24 target: fix regression with dev_link_magic in target_fabric_port_link
ae2bac5 x86/Sandy Bridge: Sandy Bridge workaround depends on CONFIG_PCI
40913e0 x86, efi: Set runtime_version to the EFI spec revision
956b031 efi, x86: Pass a proper identity mapping in efi_call_phys_prelog
4031dfc x86/msr: Add capabilities check
846c314 smp: Fix SMP function call empty cpu mask race
64fdede NFS: Don't silently fail setattr() requests on mountpoints
5a099d7 mac80211: synchronize scan off/on-channel and PS states
4b56ffb iommu/intel: disable DMAR for g4x integrated gfx
5a6d608 Bluetooth: Fix incorrect strncpy() in hidp_setup_hid()
99141c2 ASoC: wm2200: correct mixer values and text
ecf7def EDAC: Test correct variable in ->store function
4184c93 ALSA: hda - Add a fixup for Packard-Bell desktop with ALC880
d065f12 ALSA: usb-audio: fix invalid length check for RME and other UAC 2 devices
82f9455 ath9k: fix double-free bug on beacon generate failure
fb25949 ath9k: do not link receive buffers during flush
6572738 ath9k_htc: Fix memory leak
e4fcbe5 mac80211: fix FT roaming
df2f070 brcmsmac: increase timer reference count for new timers only
8c69e05 iwlegacy: fix IBSS cleanup
68171ce mwifiex: fix typo in PCIe adapter NULL check
dc28035 xfs: Fix possible use-after-free with AIO
6f92e64 IOMMU, AMD Family15h Model10-1Fh erratum 746 Workaround
592306f radeon_display: Use pointer return error codes
d4ffc50 drm/radeon: fix cursor corruption on DCE6 and newer
dec3b6a Bluetooth: Fix sending HCI commands after reset
112ae50d ARM: 7627/1: Predicate preempt logic on PREEMP_COUNT not PREEMPT alone
399f415 ARM: at91: rm9200: remake the BGA as default version
96b3ce5 ARM: DMA: Fix struct page iterator in dma_cache_maint() to work with sparsemem
bad73b6 fs/cifs/cifs_dfs_ref.c: fix potential memory leakage
83829ab can: pch_can: fix invalid error codes
1c53939 can: ti_hecc: fix invalid error codes
e3b308a can: c_can: fix invalid error codes
850bf19 cma: fix watermark checking
fd1bf26 media: dvb: mpq: Fix initialization of secure-demux resources
4c3da4d msm: camera: Update bus bandwidth vectors for camera for 8960/8064 targets.
69fe89f android/lowmemorykiller: Wait for memory to be freed
7248227 qseecom: Check if app exists before loading the app
34b589c msm_fb: HDMI: Reset HDCP reauth flag when powering off
631e21d msm_fb: display: initialize dmap_comp before wait4dmap
5e0c31d arm: msm: qdsp6v2: update to finite loop
5fa8aa7 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: check for invalid port index
d085755 Revert "msm: board-8064: Increase MFC ION heap size by 256KB"
bef1090 msm_fb: display: add mdp clock control to histogram enable/disable
d4d9410 usb: diag_bridge: Support PID 9079
bd9bfaf ASoC: msm: Allow drain only if a write was called
e011b20 ASoC: msm: proper error code for drain ioctl
a689caf qseecom: Fix failure to release qseecom handle
4ce2012 tty: n_smux: Mask power collapse support
9d2436d msm: clock-8960: Add support for hardware clock gating on 8960ab
46c9215 msm_fb: display: keep borderfill pipe's iommu info
2e7fc34 media: dvb: mpq: Add option to read current STC value
0420ca2 tsif: Add option to read TSIF clock reference counter
586fb39 tspp: Add option to read TSIF clock reference counter
63f5317 ASoC: msm: Fix for proxy port open failure in WFD session
9a054c9 media: dvb: mpq: Fix warning about uninitialized variable
11cc737 msm: wfd: Amend the log priority of debug message
b5dd0b4 qup_i2c: Manage gpio configuration from runtime pm.
cf2ce97 qup_i2c: Add runtime PM support to I2C QUP controller
17ca75d msm_fb: hdmi: HDMI suspend resume event handling
f5abc1c power: pm8921-charger: don't apply kickstart unless it is 8921 pmic
4d538e0 Revert "pm8xxx-adc: add the functions to set tuning parameters"
d166999 qseecom: Remove extra call to disable clock.
1d8f907 coresight: improve error handling for exported coresight apis
7aa46c2 coresight: implement new tmc etr to usb flush procedure
f8af853 coresight: reset bam before making etr to usb connection
7894324 Revert "coresight: enable and disable STM during probe"
6b57d6c coresight: turn on etm during first cpu hotplug if enabled in boot
ee9463d coresight: hotplug enable/disable etm only for round robin access
69d79d5 coresight: remove cpu hotplug locking for smp_calls
8a27865 coresight: read block size for tmc-etr to usb transfers from DT
88ab61f msm: kgsl: Modify kgsl_mmu_pagefault ftrace event format
9faeea1 coresight: return error if null or error is passed to coresight_register
2290a3c coresight: read tmc-etr reservation size from DT node
e140bab coresight: abort coresight tracing on kernel panic
256bc22 coresight: support dumping tmc-etf and tmc-etr on kernel panic
ef5b46f jtagmm: Add save-restore support for Debug and ETM registers
b2fa17a coresight: 9625: Modify ETM driver to support ETMv3.5
dd3fd38 coresight: turn on pcsave during first hotplug if enabled in boot
f5a7334 coresight: clear pwrup just after clearing pwrdwn
e3849d4 coresight: add qview entity id for supporting qview traffic
1214c3c tracing: have trace_printk process arguments before storing
502f0d8 coresight: have trace_printk only log the actual data to STM
ddec663 coresight: Have trace_marker only log the actual data
12c143c coresight: keep drvdata->size as the actual buffer size
d662172 coresight: attempt to send data over STM only if size is non-zero
572851f coresight: add STM support for explicit userspace entity ids
1399f46 coresight: graceful etm enable/disable for offline cores
cc846d9 coresight: change ETM locking scheme from mutex to spinlock
f3dd472 coresight: graceful pcsave enable/disable for offline cores
7f5ce70 coresight: resolve pcsave and etm tracing concurreny issue
30d525d coresight: use 2K block size transfers for output via usb
cc19e32 coresight: Remove license info from coresight-stm.h
af6a4aa coresight: Export coresight-stm header to userspace
e40c92c defconfig: build control_trace module for msm8960
36ef4e5 coresight: implement runtime pc save control
dffa531 coresight: explicitly control ETMCR & preserve prog & power down bits
51193d3 coresight: enable and disable STM during probe
0a13a8c coresight: initialize buf during tmc etr probe
18f7401 coresight: ignore multiple calls to coresight_abort
3e86f9d Revert "coresight: disable ETM probe for Krait v3"
549f481 coresight: cp14 support for etm driver for krait v3
2d1a8d4 coresight: move cp14.h to include/asm/hardware
381ba72 coresight: use ETMPDCR instead of ETMCR for ETM power/clock control
977757f coresight: A DLKM to abort trace on userspace abort
da3ee18 tracing: ftrace events for user faults and undefined instructions
f32402f jtag: make debug arch defines local to jtag.c
e2cc39b coresight: simplify etm_init_arch_data
ad8fc30 coresight: implement crash dumping support
cfb20fb coresight: change default sink to ETF
f9ecece coresight: sequence FFCR writes during __etb_disable
6ee12b4 coresight: change STM ATID to allow concurrent trace sources
2739995 coresight: change to using smp call for etm enable/disable
98e6ce3 coresight: allow usage of all ports for 8064
5a519d8 coresight: reserve memory for tmc etr carve out
fee6d38 coresight: only use etm0 for populating configuration
05c0e5d coresight: don't directly log printk to STM
e864d91 coresight: allow hardware events to feed into CTI input
18d1738 coresight: take care of tmc etr wrap around & offset calculation
3317132 coresight: DT support for etr to usb output on 8974
c6c1464 coresight: support for etr to usb output
e1c5507 coresight: split qdss config to more granular coresight configs
dd6b4ed Revert "msm: debug: disable JTAG debugging and tracing across power collapse"
ac4a6de msm: power: update copyright markings
5e57bd3 msm: kgsl: Add minimum amount of wait in adreno_waittimestamp
15c61a1 msm: vidc: Fix various NULL pointer accesses, memory leaks.
41f08d5 media: dvb: mpq: Fix mutex release
f721090 msm: display: Fix blend configuration for video layer with MDP composition
0b4472b USB: ci13xxx_udc: Skip flushing endpoints upon failure
e25afb7 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Don't flush inactive endpoints
710a733 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Avoid flushing endpoint twice during disable
fb3d2f5 revert "msm: 8064: Add regulator supply for DDR3 memory"
76fe529 USB: ks_bridge: Fix PM usage counter mismatch
2f73120 msm_fb: Check for panel power on after Unblank.
ac84827 qseecom: Add SFAB clock voting in set_bandwidth request
f3fb36a qseecom: Fix the kernel_qseecom_client send_cmd fucntionality
aec11cf qseecom: Remove mutex lock in load_fw API
1b92b2b qseecom: Add API to set bandwidth for CE HW
298a03e qseecom: Vote for CE clk before loading image
8c21a3f qseecom: Add kernel space client support
a630181 qseecom: Enable clocks for the Crypto Engine used by Trustzone.
8307bdb media: dvb: mpq: Fix writing data to sdmx
0b1e2e1 media: dvb: Fix invocation of secure-demux when playing from TSIF
b55588a media: dvb: Optimize setting of secure-mode
9484fec Bluetooth: hidp: safely acquire hci connection
a28ff28 Revert "Bluetooth: Disabled the MULTICAST_ADDR_SET feature for BNEP."
ce747d4 Bluetooth: Resolved a race condition
0800fe2 Bluetooth: Added SSR state machine in hci_smd sriver
6d41bdf Bluetooth: Support for Remote name request cancel command
d96001b Bluetooth: Handle pairing cancel req for LE device
73333ce Revert "Bluetooth: Initiate dedicated bonding if pin/key missing on remote device"
f0c2b8f Bluetooth: Avoid a case where sleep is getting called in soft irq context
2dc7494 Bluetooth:Show bonding dialog if neither side requires no bonding
311eac4 Bluetooth: Fixes FindMe Target L2CAP channel issue
94bf88f Bluetooth: Update pending_sec_level on auth update.
eb8179b msm: vidc: Separate meta buffers support in secure mode
888204f msm: board-8064: Increase MFC ION heap size by 256KB
b64aa5b media: dvb: mpq: Secure demux support
d69f225 media: dvb: Report error statistics in new PES events
7f131d7 media: dvb: Fix releasing of section events
bb0d0f9 tspp: Allocate from DMA pool for small buffer sizes
b6113a5 media: dvb: Reset read/write pointer when filter is stopped
4918bd3 cfg80211: Add TDLS event to allow drivers to request operations
9fee622 msm_fb: display: wait4vsync after timing generator is turned off
db8cf39 msm: kgsl: Remove support for IOCTL_KGSL_SHAREDMEM_FROM_VMALLOC
97c74d6 msm: kgsl: Add GFP_NORETRY to the page_alloc flags and handle errors
dc67dfb msm: kgsl: Cleanup memdesc flags
bf0fb20 msm: display: increase fence timeout
6dac347 msm_fb: display: fix division-by-zero bug
b80bd45 diag: Add support for mutiple HSIC instances
4819c90 msm_fb: display: add wfd suspend/resume to early suspend
bc5ac04 ASoC: wcd9310: Update wcd9310 compander configuration
e8b8455 ASoC: msm: Fix delay in switching from WFD session
4ab913d Linux 3.4.28
8f3933a ioat: Fix DMA memory sync direction correct flag
54980d1 ACPI / processor: Get power info before updating the C-states
b8b02d1 ACPI / cpuidle: Fix NULL pointer issues when cpuidle is disabled
35d620d drm/i915: Implement WaDisableHiZPlanesWhenMSAAEnabled
115b96e ALSA: usb-audio: Fix regression by disconnection-race-fix patch
b7cd50f ahci: Add identifiers for ASM106x devices
b88532f drivers/firmware/dmi_scan.c: fetch dmi version from SMBIOS if it exists
220a0bc drivers/firmware/dmi_scan.c: check dmi version when get system uuid
af22aff SCSI: sd: Reshuffle init_sd to avoid crash
462434e usb: dwc3: gadget: fix ep->maxburst for ep0
a94af21 USB: UHCI: fix IRQ race during initialization
1dbcda3 PCI: shpchp: Handle push button event asynchronously
5f3e5a3 PCI: pciehp: Use per-slot workqueues to avoid deadlock
11cfb2b PCI: Allow pcie_aspm=force even when FADT indicates it is unsupported
7145808 PCI/AER: pci_get_domain_bus_and_slot() call missing required pci_dev_put()
465760c wake_up_process() should be never used to wakeup a TASK_STOPPED/TRACED task
9b6d794 ptrace: ensure arch_ptrace/ptrace_request can never race with SIGKILL
b08d818 ptrace: introduce signal_wake_up_state() and ptrace_signal_wake_up()
9c5f1b4 evm: checking if removexattr is not a NULL
f2a0100 ftrace: Be first to run code modification on modules
d027bb3 libata: ahci: Add support for Enmotus Bobcat device.
aa824d5 drm/i915: Invalidate the relocation presumed_offsets along the slow path
edeca65 msm: camera: vision mode sensor driver
fd52c95 msm: acpuclock-8930ab: Update PVS Data for 1.7 GHZ parts
4e3f524 ASoC: wcd9310: Correct the mixer controls for Compander switches
6e750d7 msm: kgsl: Change GPU Fast Hang detection to 50ms
8bbda8c msm:vidc: Add support for MP2 sequence end code
2a1c7db 8930: Use MPP line for USB ID detection
96819fd msm_fb: display: release mdp clk in mdp4_overlay_writeback_on()
999ee57 msm: power: update power drivers to msm-3.4 tip
7c229e5 msm: power: Revert LGE power patches
43c81de trace: cpu_freq_switch: Add profiler for CPU frequency switch times
eef8a13 msm: kgsl: Avoid NULL pointer in adreno setstate functions
8ed4985 msm: board-8930: Keep the GPU power rail on when display is on
9062a67 msm_otg: Fix LPM issue on removing Host cable
672e120 Revert "msm_fb: display: blt always enabled for 720p,1080p, secure buf"
febeabd msm: display: maintain smmu for secure video
ce087e8 msm_fb:display: correct bus bw for downscale case
de9a4ab Revert "power: pm8921-charger: change BOOT_DONE configuration"
406e569 msm: bam_dmux: revert the skb state when memory allocation fails
90eaa80 msm_fb: display: add setting gpio-controlled backlight logic
12bfb0c msm: board-8930: add gpio-controlled backlight function
2a0a33a block: blk-merge: don't merge the pages with non-contiguous descriptors
75d4d14 msm_fb: display: replace msleep with wait4vsync
304c0d4 msm_fb: display: get mipi frame rate from panel file
2061f85 diag: Add diag changes to bring diag up to date
3834530 msm: kgsl: Don't wake up gpu on kgsl_ioctl calls if not necessary
d59915a msm_fb: display: turn mdp clock on at pipe_commit
771c047 usb: ehci-msm2: Fix unbalanced clock warning
92f7325 usb: ehci-msm2: Fix controller autosuspend
56f8530 msm_fb: display: add mdp new update method
a7b33f1 input: mpu3050: add enable/disable sysfs attribute
bd710ac USB: ci13xxx_udc: Don't flush and disable all endpoints during disconnect
a226b85 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Add timeout of 100ms for endpoint flush loop
aa35a27 msm: wfd: Add NULL pointer check conditions
2d1efe3 camera: Use fps divider to calculate the framelength lines.
799447f msm: bam_bmux: Add in_global_reset check while rescheduling queue_rx
0fd140f rmnet_smux: Fix duplicate packet send
344d7f5 msm: rmnet: Add new rmnet ports for iWLAN feature
3cbeeab msm: bam_dmux: Add new logical channels for iWLAN feature
056fb30 msm: smd_pkt: Add new SMD channels for iWLAN
0469f4a msm: smd_pkt: Enable IPC logging in SMD_PKT driver
927c0fc msm: smd_pkt: Allow multiple users of an SMD_PKT device
240be2e msm: smd: Add Interrupt ID to SMD DebugFS Interrupt Stats
b880557 tty: n_smux: Update subsystem restart unit tests
f6424c7 msm: board-8930: Vote for higher bandwidth on 8930AB
5bc13e0 msm: rotator: clear rotator bus scale handler
f3f3459 tty: n_smux: Add function to determine if remote side is active
b9c3cf7 tty: n_smux: Log error messages to internal log
0177893 tty: n_smux: Add flow control state to overflow message
f61339e tty: n_smux: Add Remote Flow Control Test
f44a8cc n_smux: add debugfs node for printing channel states
98f7812 tty: n_smux: Enable IPC logging for SMUX
02f3169 Linux 3.4.27
111be1d staging: vt6656: Fix inconsistent structure packing
d7ddb69 staging: wlan-ng: Fix clamping of returned SSID length
f6ffcce tty: 8250_dw: Fix inverted arguments to serial_out in IRQ handler
5147811 serial:ifx6x60:Delete SPI timer when shut down port
fd426d3 USB: option: blacklist network interface on ONDA MT8205 4G LTE
a4ee70a USB: option: add TP-LINK HSUPA Modem MA180
df1ffc8 xen: Fix stack corruption in xen_failsafe_callback for 32bit PVOPS guests.
ffe2882 xen/grant-table: correctly initialize grant table version 1
d239fdb drbd: add missing part_round_stats to _drbd_start_io_acct
6365d10 igb: release already assigned MSI-X interrupts if setup fails
5ad7813 intel-iommu: Prevent devices with RMRRs from being placed into SI Domain
92a7389 target: Add link_magic for fabric allow_link destination target_items
ced8dfb r8169: avoid NAPI scheduling delay.
5c96110 ext4: init pagevec in ext4_da_block_invalidatepages
ee415da ALSA: usb - fix race in creation of M-Audio Fast track pro driver
d2e42ef x86/Sandy Bridge: reserve pages when integrated graphics is present
2017a7c s390/time: fix sched_clock() overflow
aa16959 target: Release se_cmd when LUN lookup fails for TMR
4b77fd4 tcm_fc: Do not report target role when target is not defined
e86f92f tcm_fc: Do not indicate retry capability to initiators
8630dda sh: Fix FDPIC binary loader
4fde7d4 usb: ks_bridge: Limit write size to 16KB
4dcb8f2 msm:vidc: Initialize meta buffer header during secure session
d580a76 USB: gadget: diag: Take spin lock while freeing requests
3950450 USB: msm_otg: Increase data contact detection timeout
c24fffb USB: ci13xxx_udc: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
bb837e1 USB: mdm_bridge: Fix a possible freed memory access
23441d8 msm: display: increase max mdp clock to 266.667MHz
ab2b9ac msm: camera: Update the bus vectors for 8x30 camera usecases.
5938d3c msm: board-8960: Remove disable AVS for 8960AB
0f297a9 board-8960: Update 8960AB and 8064AB SPM sequences.
6fe45de msm_fb: call complete for no_update timer after power flag is set
72cca37 msm_fb: Handle histogram IRQ cleanly during suspend/resume
ad779e7 mm: cma: on movable allocations try MIGRATE_CMA first
072827d mm: show migration types in show_mem
8442010 msm_serial_hs: Add support to handle Rx BREAK condition
b70fa75 mm: show migration types in show_mem
b9c24b2 mm: cma: on movable allocations try MIGRATE_CMA first
dfaa168 Revert "msm: cache_erp: Handle recoverable L1 errors"
66592fc mach-msm: Add support for APQ8064AA
856c65e msm: clock-8960: Disable hardware clock gating for vcap_ahb_clk
f158196 msm_fb: display: update var in display commit
1fd8244 msm_fb: Calibration config API
759e4da msm_fb: display: check FB_ACTIVATE_VBL bit only
23681d8 msm_fb: display: fix frame rate wrong calculation
5ab4ddb msm: rpm: Correct MSM8930+PM8038 resource mapping
2efa1b8 msm_serial_hs : handle uart_flush_buffer
6723972 Linux 3.4.26
828b188 USB: fix endpoint-disabling for failed config changes
ede3e03 staging: comedi: Kconfig: COMEDI_NI_AT_A2150 should select COMEDI_FC
c390e5a staging: comedi: don't hijack hardware device private data
359c4ea libceph: Unlock unprocessed pages in start_read() error path
57d93df ceph: call handle_cap_grant() for cap import message
fbc8158 ceph: Fix __ceph_do_pending_vmtruncate
ba647fd ceph: Don't add dirty inode to dirty list if caps is in migration
42d519d ceph: Fix infinite loop in __wake_requests
7ae7b55 ceph: Don't update i_max_size when handling non-auth cap
3317122 rbd: do not allow remove of mounted-on image
1e411c6 rbd: fix bug in rbd_dev_id_put()
f2ac87d rbd: BUG on invalid layout
50cda8f rbd: remove linger unconditionally
02585b8 ceph: don't reference req after put
31c4647 libceph: remove 'osdtimeout' option
87c7f75 rbd: kill notify_timeout option
5833a91 rbd: add read_only rbd map option
e4a4a55 rbd: kill create_snap sysfs entry
3aa540b libceph: avoid using freed osd in __kick_osd_requests()
9aaab33 libceph: fix osdmap decode error paths
7f5b160 libceph: fix protocol feature mismatch failure path
5bd9eb5 libceph: WARN, don't BUG on unexpected connection states
1cc023b libceph: always reset osds when kicking
a9ded43 libceph: move linger requests sooner in kick_requests()
0d3b9ff libceph: register request before unregister linger
1d2522a libceph: don't use rb_init_node() in ceph_osdc_alloc_request()
76fb865 libceph: init event->node in ceph_osdc_create_event()
281c5d9 libceph: init osd->o_node in create_osd()
6ea5c96 libceph: report connection fault with warning
1c0bd4a libceph: socket can close in any connection state
b4659d8 ceph: propagate layout error on osd request creation
a871375 rbd: drop dev reference on error in rbd_open()
2c13088 ceph: tolerate (and warn on) extraneous dentry from mds
ca9a5e3 rbd: send header version when notifying
fc5eb62 rbd: use reference counting for the snap context
894910d rbd: set image size when header is updated
929333a rbd: expose the correct size of the device in sysfs
7272b7d rbd: only reset capacity when pointing to head
95268c4 rbd: return errors for mapped but deleted snapshot
a2d928f ceph: close old con before reopening on mds reconnect
627e242 Revert "drm/i915: no lvds quirk for Zotac ZDBOX SD ID12/ID13"
7d17dc4 drm/i915: Flush the pending flips on the CRTC before modification
1d35b4e drm/i915: call drm_handle_vblank before finish_page_flip
77f0c3b drm/i915: Fix GT_MODE default value
0907a85 drm/i915: prevent possible pin leak on error path
755a489 drm/i915: Reduce a pin-leak BUG into a WARN
d1879e3 drm/i915: only enable sdvo hotplug irq if needed
90877b1 drm/radeon: fix ordering in pll picking on dce4+
df2a959 drm/i915: SDVO hotplug have different interrupt status bits for i915/i965/g4x
64d3c4a drm/i915: add some barriers when changing DIPs
3eafd58 drm/radeon: fix up pll selection on DCE5/6
1478f45 drm/i915: don't pwrite tiled objects through the gtt
b834417 drm/i915: Wait for all pending operations to the fb before disabling the pipe
392dcfd drm/i915: Add wait_for in init_ring_common
feef244 drm/i915: Check VBIOS value for determining LVDS dual channel mode, too
2406e63 drm/i915: hold forcewake around ring hw init
e99e7f7 drm/i915: move NEEDS_FORCE_WAKE to i915_drv.c
6148d57 drm/i915: fix up ivb plane 3 pageflips
0ab9c5b drm/i915: Unpin the flip target if we fail to queue the flip
fd5f254 drm/edid/quirks: ViewSonic VA2026w
7d609c8 KVM: PPC: 44x: fix DCR read/write
eb52d30 drm/i915: disable cpt phase pointer fdi rx workaround
8b564a8 GFS2: Test bufdata with buffer locked and gfs2_log_lock held
74abeff xhci: Handle HS bulk/ctrl endpoints that don't NAK.
7dd830b USB: hub: handle claim of enabled remote wakeup after reset
4ceac47 xhci: Avoid "dead ports", add roothub port polling.
9dbcaec USB: Handle warm reset failure on empty port.
870826a USB: Ignore port state until reset completes.
7bcaf3b USB: Increase reset timeout.
a723a6c USB: Allow USB 3.0 ports to be disabled.
36f0373 USB: Ignore xHCI Reset Device status.
98e5587 USB: Handle auto-transition from hot to warm reset.
e5583b7 drm/nouveau: fix blank LVDS screen regression on pre-nv50 cards
1353cac usb: musb: core: print new line in the driver banner again
98bea52 usb: gadget: dummy: fix enumeration with g_multi
b756d75 USB: cdc-acm: Add support for "PSC Scanning, Magellan 800i"
91d816c usb: ftdi_sio: Crucible Technologies COMET Caller ID - pid added
1aaa394 USB: option: add Telekom Speedstick LTE II
719d0cd USB: option: Add new MEDIATEK PID support
b80a67d USB: option: blacklist network interface on ZTE MF880
d6e362f USB: option: add Nexpring NP10T terminal id
16fc9b0 b43: Fix firmware loading when driver is built into the kernel
99dd9a9 mwifiex: check wait_event_interruptible return value
848842e mac80211: use del_timer_sync for final sta cleanup timer deletion
5ca99e7 mac80211: fix ibss scanning
4a3b568 radeon/kms: force rn50 chip to always report connected on analog output
95afecc staging: speakup: avoid out-of-range access in synth_add()
16557f3 staging: speakup: avoid out-of-range access in synth_init()
bef8663 staging: r8712u: Add new device ID
9a19426 staging: comedi: comedi_test: fix race when cancelling command
a72725d staging: comedi: fix minimum AO period for NI 625x and NI 628x
e7b67ac staging: comedi: prevent auto-unconfig of manually configured devices
1d757c9 ALSA: pxa27x: fix ac97 warm reset
b66c35d ALSA: pxa27x: fix ac97 cold reset
f9df20c udldrmfb: udl_get_edid: drop unneeded i--
b756902 udldrmfb: udl_get_edid: usb_control_msg buffer must not be on the stack
c876baa udldrmfb: Fix EDID not working with monitors with EDID extension blocks
d6ec6c9 ASoC: wm5100: Remove DSP B and left justified formats
6d445a5 ASoC: wm2200: Remove DSP B and left justified AIF modes
bc85643 ASoC: wm2200: Fix setting dai format in wm2200_set_fmt
4548554 ASoC: wm2000: Fix sense of speech clarity enable
48f678d HID: add quirk for Freescale i.MX23 ROM recovery
cbedcb6 epoll: prevent missed events on EPOLL_CTL_MOD
ba1de75 regmap: debugfs: Avoid overflows for very small reads
dc4a02c ACPI : do not use Lid and Sleep button for S5 wakeup
a0f8b51 x86, amd: Disable way access filter on Piledriver CPUs
9035b20 thp, memcg: split hugepage for memcg oom on cow
4faf067 udf: don't increment lenExtents while writing to a hole
8d00c77 udf: fix memory leak while allocating blocks during write
a0e0e46 aoe: do not call bdi_init after blk_alloc_queue
ed8e1a6 ext4: lock i_mutex when truncating orphan inodes
bd06aeb ext4: do not try to write superblock on ro remount w/o journal
b5f0e25 jbd2: fix assertion failure in jbd2_journal_flush()
e307ec2 ext4: check dioread_nolock on remount
cb83298 ext4: fix extent tree corruption caused by hole punch
2c3a371 samsung-laptop: Add quirk for broken acpi_video backlight on N250P
e80bd5a video: mxsfb: fix crash when unblanking the display
fac3e9e hwmon: (lm73} Detect and report i2c bus errors
e239d2d staging: vt6656: 64bit fixes: vCommandTimerWait change calculation of timer.
82b2729 staging: vt6656: 64bit fixes: key.c/h change unsigned long to u32
4a3e24b staging: vt6656: 64 bit fixes: fix long warning messages.
a17de00 staging: vt6656: 64 bit fixes : correct all type sizes
27c1026 staging: vt6656: 64 bit fixes: use u32 for QWORD definition.
97e3cb7 staging: vt6656: [BUG] out of bound array reference in RFbSetPower.
61652b1 dm ioctl: prevent unsafe change to dm_ioctl data_size
38d6758 dm persistent data: rename node to btree_node
4d7981b ring-buffer: Fix race between integrity check and readers
0d38a87 RDMA/nes: Fix for terminate timer crash
e5ca289 RDMA/nes: Fix for crash when registering zero length MR for CQ
c7cde2b SUNRPC: Fix validity issues with rpc_pipefs sb->s_fs_info
297456d drm/i915: make the panel fitter work on pipes B and C on IVB
5df148b drm/radeon: Properly handle DDC probe for DP bridges
e4a5d6d drm/radeon: add WAIT_UNTIL to evergreen VM safe reg list
a98843e drm/radeon: fix eDP clk and lane setup for scaled modes
16639bc intel-iommu: Free old page tables before creating superpage
9aba4c8 i2400m: add Intel 6150 device IDs
7e94f31 jffs2: hold erase_completion_lock on exit
11d607d SUNRPC: Ensure we release the socket write lock if the rpc_task exits early
d5b3199 SUNRPC: Ensure that we free the rpc_task after cleanups are done
65ac5ef SUNRPC: continue run over clients list on PipeFS event instead of break
b53673d mtd: nand: gpmi: reset BCH earlier, too, to avoid NAND startup problems
272965f mtd cs553x_nand: Initialise ecc.strength before nand_scan()
6b4b467 ext4: fix possible use after free with metadata csum
aadee0f ext4: fix memory leak in ext4_xattr_set_acl()'s error path
af713fb mfd: Only unregister platform devices allocated by the mfd core
4bc4d7e mfd: wm8994: Add support for WM1811 rev E
28a63b6 target/tcm_fc: fix the lockdep warning due to inconsistent lock state
9326910 libata: fix Null pointer dereference on disk error
d8876cb libata: set dma_mode to 0xff in reset
4b693ac sata_promise: fix hardreset lockdep error
370caef iscsit: use GFP_ATOMIC under spin lock
2e4be18 SCSI: qla2xxx: Test and clear FCPORT_UPDATE_NEEDED atomically.
e21c4b9 SCSI: prevent stack buffer overflow in host_reset
3814b31 SCSI: mvsas: fix undefined bit shift
8f735b2 SCSI: mvsas: Fix oops when ata commond timeout.
a565623 ASoC: sigmadsp: Fix endianness conversion issue
2d2b65e firewire: net: Fix handling of fragmented multicast/broadcast packets.
5004c75 ath9k_hw: Fix signal strength / channel noise reporting
324b9be ath9k: ar9003: fix OTP register offsets for AR9340
867f263 Revert "ath9k_hw: Update AR9003 high_power tx gain table"
ce19422 mm: use aligned zone start for pfn_to_bitidx calculation
c0b9652 mm: compaction: fix echo 1 > compact_memory return error issue
b1ca420 MIPS: Fix poweroff failure when HOTPLUG_CPU configured.
4305c46 s390/cio: fix pgid reserved check
9d4c74b KVM: Fix user memslot overlap check
91534f7 powerpc: Add missing NULL terminator to avoid boot panic on PPC40x
23c4e04 powerpc/vdso: Remove redundant locking in update_vsyscall_tz()
55800cd powerpc: Fix CONFIG_RELOCATABLE=y CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP=n build
8fcd6a4 bcma: mips: fix clearing device IRQ
2686f89 ath5k: fix tx path skb leaks
7e7791e regulator: wm831x: Set the new rather than old value for DVS VSEL
a5da225 msm: acpuclock-8930{aa}: Lower VDD_DIG voltage vote for L2 at 384MHz
7277bb7 msm: Add support for amr-wb+ non-tunnel driver
8cc641c msm_fb: display: check bus scale handler for registration
8179f5a msm: kgsl: Fix guilty context logic for GPU hangs
d240c16 qseecom: Add SFAB clock voting.
4f091cb qseecom:Fix race condition while voting for clocks
7691ac1 defconfig: Updates for WLAN on the jb_2.5 branch
c7cd2b0 gpu: ion: Add flag for forcing contiguous allocations
dc5c0e6 msm: board: 8960-camera: Add support for correct GPIO mux.
0f3f4ac msm: camera: Update the status of the ctrlcmd to userspace
3661d62 msm: vidc: Add free buffer api to flush state
7287080 msm: socinfo: Add support for APQ8064AA
8fc895d defconfig: turn on SCHED_MC for some MSM targets
d1a68e0 defconfig: Enable MSM_AVS_HW on 8960 targets
fb119af msm: spm: enable avs for 8960 hw
dfede05 msm: spm-v2: Disable AVS operations on unsupported targets
d3c5eaf msm: spm-v2: Add support for AVS
63cc57c Add full_msm8960-perf_defconfig
e7aa8c6 msm: vidc: Add the change to prevent memory leak
3b6fa1d msm_fb: display: add satge commit without pipes queued
7a69d3b input: sensor: add check if regulator is valid before releasing it
45486b1 Revert "msm_mdp: Add Venus color format support to MDP header file"
b50d03c msm: kgsl: Add context reference counting to KGSL events
b2408f4 msm: cpufreq: Implement suspend/resume for cpufreq driver
56b44b2 msm: spm_devices: Fix failure to set vdd during cpu_up
e84292b msm: pm: Add power collapse debug counters support.
7683d0a msm: pm-8x60: Mark PC counters address as non-cacheable
24b2cea msm: pm: warmboot entry/exit counters on IMEM
85b29ff msm: boards: Enable Krait Retention.
96c0aa4 msm: pm-8x60: Fix bug where device enter low power mode
79f3b4a msm: pm-8x60: save and restore CP15 registers
8ce3912 mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix SDCC-BAM, DML reset sequence
1358c73 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Fix the ANC CnP
6affa8a msm: display: correct copyright statement
ee8d227 msm_fb: display: Evenly balancing load on MDP ports
fa81d1d ASoC: wcd9304: avoid decrementing active channel count if already zero
ebdc8ec msm: camera: Validate gpio calls for LED flash
3284276 Fix msm.h header include path for msm video server
f14ae49 msm:wfd: Unregister switchdev before freeing memory
305c8e7 msm: acpuclock-8064: Update L2 voltage table
78164cf msm: spm_devices: Fix failure to set vdd during cpu_up
06cc95a msm: cache_erp: Handle recoverable L1 errors
2cd08ce msm: camera: RDI2 frame divert
dd189aa msm_fb: display: add wfd clk ctrl in pipe_commit
1e55e26 msm: board-8930: Use AUTO mode in PM8038 SMPS 3 sleep set configuration
13493d4 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix deadlock in mutex while HS insert
7dfe187 msm_fb: display: Add alpha enable check in blend
0ba1cd8 Linux 3.4.25
4ca05c8 can: Do not call dev_put if restart timer is running upon close
c0c7cf2 HID: Add Apple wireless keyboard 2011 ANSI to special driver list
b14d552 mm: limit mmu_gather batching to fix soft lockups on !CONFIG_PREEMPT
e0996e3 drivers/rtc/rtc-vt8500.c: fix handling of data passed in struct rtc_time
8f4d9c2 drivers/rtc/rtc-vt8500.c: correct handling of CR_24H bitfield
850fcad CRIS: fix I/O macros
0f7ac9c lib: atomic64: Initialize locks statically to fix early users
1a0da46 Bluetooth: cancel power_on work when unregistering the device
7e27418 Bluetooth: Add missing lock nesting notation
2145cea Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support for VAIO VPCEH [0489:e027]
7164ac2 PCI: Reduce Ricoh 0xe822 SD card reader base clock frequency to 50MHz
fdbe6fe solos-pci: fix double-free of TX skb in DMA mode
042279b ARM: 7607/1: realview: fix private peripheral memory base for EB rev. B boards
ebd3b1a ARM: missing ->mmap_sem around find_vma() in swp_emulate.c
99574fa ARM: mm: use pteval_t to represent page protection values
2ee4432 tcp: RFC 5961 5.2 Blind Data Injection Attack Mitigation
29eac37 tcp: tcp_replace_ts_recent() should not be called from tcp_validate_incoming()
f451931 tcp: refine SYN handling in tcp_validate_incoming
d21383f tcp: implement RFC 5961 4.2
34fb350 tcp: implement RFC 5961 3.2
c87b455 tcp: fix MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST logic
c7078c2 net: sched: integer overflow fix
d46699a inet: Fix kmemleak in tcp_v4/6_syn_recv_sock and dccp_v4/6_request_recv_sock
6eec241 batman-adv: fix random jitter calculation
a9b8762 sparc: huge_ptep_set_* functions need to call set_huge_pte_at()
af445c0 x86, amd: Disable way access filter on Piledriver CPUs
cd924e9 freezer: add missing mb's to freezer_count() and freezer_should_skip()
475261d cgroup: remove incorrect dget/dput() pair in cgroup_create_dir()
66f8b95 xhci: Add Lynx Point LP to list of Intel switchable hosts
4b2e610 usb: host: xhci: Stricter conditional for Z1 system models for Compliance Mode Patch
a50afb9 xhci: fix null-pointer dereference when destroying half-built segment rings
ceb58b9 xHCI: Fix TD Size calculation on 1.0 hosts.
363cfe8 xhci: Fix conditional check in bandwidth calculation.
9044dea usb: musb: cppi_dma: export cppi_interrupt()
09c4161 genirq: Always force thread affinity
1a37441 Input: sentelic - only report position of first finger as ST coordinates
c815c83 Input: walkera0701 - fix crash on startup
042cf2f nfs: fix null checking in nfs_get_option_str()
59d6ce4 nfsd: avoid permission checks on EXCLUSIVE_CREATE replay
4cbb3d0 nfsd4: fix oops on unusual readlike compound
12c93e1 nfsd: fix v4 reply caching
aa8dc4a nfs: fix wrong object type in lockowner_slab
0d96537 NFS: Fix calls to drop_nlink()
1627e18 NFS: avoid NULL dereference in nfs_destroy_server
d1967aa NFS: Add sequence_priviliged_ops for nfs4_proc_sequence()
eb9422b ACPI / scan: Do not use dummy HID for system bus ACPI nodes
dc23068 ACPI: do acpisleep dmi check when CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP is set
c96158c usb: gadget: network: fix bind() error path
e7a4b0e usb: gadget: uvc: fix error path in uvc_function_bind()
bb355e4 usb: gadget: phonet: free requests in pn_bind()'s error path
9784404 usb: gadget: midi: free hs descriptors
44c818b p54usb: add USBIDs for two more p54usb devices
0e70111 p54usb: add USB ID for T-Com Sinus 154 data II
a86cd75 rtlwifi: fix incorrect use of usb_alloc_coherent with usb_control_msg
7339608 ALSA: hda - Fix pin configuration of HP Pavilion dv7
37cb3a0 ALSA: hda - Fix the wrong pincaps set in ALC861VD dallas/hp fixup
740ccba ALSA: usb-audio: Fix missing autopm for MIDI input
929cfe9 ALSA: usb-audio: Avoid autopm calls after disconnection
6718272 tmpfs mempolicy: fix /proc/mounts corrupting memory
25747cc mm: Fix PageHead when !CONFIG_PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED
711cf00 mm: fix calculation of dirtyable memory
6cb6a94 virtio: force vring descriptors to be allocated from lowmem
4511ba0 x86, 8042: Enable A20 using KBC to fix S3 resume on some MSI laptops
7361a90 exec: do not leave bprm->interp on stack
5a76bf4 SGI-XP: handle non-fatal traps
745a4b9 pnpacpi: fix incorrect TEST_ALPHA() test
6afc22b b43: fix tx path skb leaks
0752c77 b43legacy: Fix firmware loading when driver is built into the kernel
f762136 inet_diag: validate port comparison byte code to prevent unsafe reads
b2aa2e7 inet_diag: avoid unsafe and nonsensical prefix matches in inet_diag_bc_run()
879fc99 inet_diag: validate byte code to prevent oops in inet_diag_bc_run()
457a04b inet_diag: fix oops for IPv4 AF_INET6 TCP SYN-RECV state
1755fd2 usb/ipheth: Add iPhone 5 support
eab34a3 ipv4: ip_check_defrag must not modify skb before unsharing
6b015f3 irda: sir_dev: Fix copy/paste typo
aa33504 ne2000: add the right platform device
dff343c sctp: fix -ENOMEM result with invalid user space pointer in sendto() syscall
d0804c6 sctp: fix memory leak in sctp_datamsg_from_user() when copy from user space fails
1097b6a bonding: fix race condition in bonding_store_slaves_active
1789172 bonding: Bonding driver does not consider the gso_max_size/gso_max_segs setting of slave devices.
e4d09e5 msm: display: panel frame rate report
d244a27 Revert "Bluetooth: Disable BlueZ driver/stack"
565c431 mmc: msm_sdcc: Reset SDCC controller if check for Tx/Rx active fails
572092f USB: msm_otg: Always update state machine inputs during bus suspend/resume
30dfc30 msm_fb: display: fix iommu leak during base layer swap
4138123 msm: Enable raw tables in iptable.
4e8b402 msm: kgsl: Ensure context pointer exists before dereferencing
fdf284d ASoC: compr: change sequence of softvol
721f7e7 msm: kgsl: Process all idle checks
684fcda board: 8064: improve touch accuracy
03b72d3 msm: board-8930: Remove force mode configurations for PM8917 S3 and S4
b058009 ASoC: msm: Decrease the playback period size of PCM driver
14e9e34 msm: acpuclock-8064: PVS Data for 1512 GHZ 8064v2 parts
741bdce msm: acpuclock-8064: Enable 25mV boost on A-family
7a0a625 msm: 8960ab: Add gfx3d axi clock and port to footswitch data
266d9d5 EHCI: HSIC: Add support to vote for SVS digital voltage
3e3ba5f msm: display: sync point clean up
d8ae36d msm: vidc: Amend the check to reset data corrupt flag
d994fbf msm: vidc: Add support for Mpeg-2 open-gop handling
0685cf2 msm: vidc: Modify the MPEG-2 aspect ratio calculation
4ffd812 msm: 8960: Enable vibrator for 8960 ab
a4c8016 msm_fb:display: Enable LVDS panel support
cf78301 Revert "mako: enable lgit lcd driver"
4a54176 msm_fb: display: change the location of wakeup timer call
c0b1e8d msm_fb: display: wake up system before vsync for cmd panel
82fd8c6 msm_fb: display: wake up system around vsync
dea2a47 iommu/msm: let iommu_map_range use all page sizes.
8024c27 msm: acpuclock-8960ab: Support AVS in 8960ab
2a61899 msm: AVS: Refactor and clean up avs_hw.S to avs.c
683077a USB: gadget: diag: Ratelimit ep request queuing failure messages
e37d5b9 msm: avs: Remove vestigial software based AVS
98089c0 USB: Prevent system suspend when HSIC device is active
d73d525 mmc: sdio: fix resume failure
6771037 leds: leds-pm8xxx: Fix incorrect register macros
eb54337 mfd: pm8038: Add structure to support pm8xxx vibrator
2b8f2d8 msm: vidc: Avoid memset of list elements in the buffer entry.
7ccbdc9 USB: msm_otg: Check ID state before entering into LPM
389d484 defconfig: msm8960: Disable USB Storage debug config
b95d663 usb: mdm_ctrl_bridge: Do not unlink URB upon cable disconnect
5ac7892 msm: footswitch-8x60: Update bus ports for FS_VED footswitch on MSM8960AB
6716bd9 msm: 8960ab: Don't add gfx2d footswitches on 8960ab
38980ec4 usb: ks_bridge: Fix memory leaks in the driver.
daa134f msm: vidc: Correct the decoder profile info assignment
197a6ae msm_serial_hs: Don't configure gpios into UART Mode always
82e6305 sensors: change sysfs attribute permissions
e8eebe9 android/lowmemorykiller: Selectively count free CMA pages
708346b dvb: mpq: Add sharing of video buffer with dvb-video
63196a6 tsif: Add option to inverse tsif signals
7b4713e ASoC: msm: Modify min and max period bytes and num periods
6a6514d radio: iris: Add support for RT Plus, eRT feature.
cc1ffb1 msm: Fix incorrect end of board file.
bcd8ae7 msm: Fix gpio and device dependency on CONFIG_GPIO_SX150X
9a36119 msm: Fix ethernet gpiomux dependency on CONFIG_KS8551 on 8064.
eda23cc msm_fb: display: add mdp bandwidth runtime calculation
d98d656 msm: kgsl: Issue conditional interrupts on internal submissions
4ad48c3 media: dvb: mpq: Enhance debugfs counters for decoder output
e4d7335 msm:camera:: Enabled af & rs_cs stats
aa9b6bb media: dvb: mpq: Improve handling of PCR packets
0c59880 dvb: mpq: Add option to allocate video buffer from IOMMU heap
2115d0f dvb: mpq: Fix initialization of video stream-buffer
c5515ca media: dvb: mpq: Enhance information exposed in debug-fs
b2896dc media: dvb: mpq: Fix contiguous allocation of TSPP output buffer
2c4cd34 media: dvb: mpq: Unify PES and section pipes
4c28de2 media: dvb: mpq: Fix notification of first video PTS
1325b10 media: dvb: Fix un-mapping of external buffers
582ca77 media: dvb: mpq: Support new elementary stream data events
57f5ac8 tspp: Disable read-complete interrupt
3d5a2df drivers: media: dvb: mpq: Fix framing for external decoder buffers
39b9ae1 media: dvb: External buffers support for decoder filters
50605c3 media: dvb: mpq: Improve PTS/DTS information reporting
55730f9 media: dvb: mpq: mpq_streambuffer linear buffer support
567bed8 tspp: Improve data-path handling
1b12e43 msm: sps: support polling when pipe is in IRQ mode
b58c04b media: dvb: mpq: Use kthread instead of workqueue
727a871 dvb: dvb-core: Use kthread instead of workqueue to process DVR input
f0cc271 misc: tspp: Enable notification of TSIF status and expose it in debugfs
0797255 media: dvb: dvb-core: Improve handling of 192 packets output
24117bf media: dvb: Add information on active filters in debugfs
2eb42c5 media: dvb: dvb-core: Fix memory leak in DVR buffers
bbac8a7 media: dvb: mpq: Set smaller descriptor size for section pipe
229090d media: dvb: mpq: TSPP output buffer allocation by demux plugin
ddb703f media: dvb: dvb-core: Stall demux in PULL mode when events queue is full
0b68793 media: dvb: mpq: Extended and unified parameters of demux module
bbd06bf tspp: Add option to inverse tsif signals
057363c media: dvb: mpq: Update calls to ION API
cce8563 media: dvb: Add support for external demux buffer allocation
733d861 mm: Use correct define for CMA features
922b842 mm: make counts of CMA free pages correct
009bbd6 usb: ks_bridge: Avoid allocating large buffers in atomic context
02df153 msm_fb: display: free borderfill pipe when ref_cnt reach 0
8512aec msm: rpm-regulator: Replace spinlocks with mutex locks
5a623db msm: acpuclock-krait: Pre-emptively vote for the L2 HFPLL regulators
81796c0 msm: acpuclock-krait: Don't vote for PLL regulators in power-collapse paths.
bc7e66b msm_fb: display: add panel's late_init
dcaed9a msm_fb: display: skip one vsync event after enabling mdp and vsync clk
221732e msm: event_timer: Fix potential race condition
5d58517 msm: gemini: Support upto 64mp encoding
fabf0f1 ondemand: Add support to consider other cpu load when scaling frequencies
b9ec2cf power: pm8921-bms: fix fake battery emulation
2f2e430 USB: android: Fix adb device file closing bug
a3e75eb msm: default config: enable sync and sw_sync
53e9bc3 ASoC: apq8064: Fix button detection voltage thresholds
1b3d3ca msm: Ensure krait pll clamp is always set for CPU0
52404d1 ARM: decompressor: avoid speculative prefetch from non-RAM areas
d4109b1 msm: platsmp: Update Krait reset sequence
434f1af msm: Ensure droop detectors do not affect krait PLLs
2037224 msm: kgsl: Replace 325Mhz with 320 Mhz for 8064 and 8960PRO
0fbd2ac diag: Add support for diag dci restart
9d3770c diag: Reorganize code to provide improved functional access
3f4dad5 diag: Rename QDSP to LPASS
6f8a15e diag: DCI Multi-Client Crash Fix & Cummulative Log and Event Mask Fix
d63ae31 diag: Add fixes for DCI
14f480d diag: Add logs & events streaming support for DCI
92446a6 msm: kgsl: Support user specified timeouts in adreno_waittimestamp
cca6114 msm: kgsl: Move the adreno WPTR poke logic to the hang detection
46ee109 msm: kgsl: Add a flag to context struct for bad timestamp waits
e80c346 msm: kgsl: Add support to use timestamps from userspace for an issue
edbe403 msm: kgsl: Check for valid pointer before dereferencing
c9ec266 msm: kgsl: Define unique values for context flags
e56f8b7 Linux 3.4.24
29251de rcu: Fix batch-limit size problem
d5a79aa perf test: fix a build error on builtin-test
1229a83 cdc-acm: implement TIOCSSERIAL to avoid blocking close(2)
455d895 ftrace: Clear bits properly in reset_iter_read()
31fdb19 xhci: Extend Fresco Logic MSI quirk.
96d791a USB: OHCI: workaround for hardware bug: retired TDs not added to the Done Queue
a5e247e ACPI / video: ignore BIOS initial backlight value for HP Folio 13-2000
fe1fa67 ACPI / PNP: Do not crash due to stale pointer use during system resume
b54b1f3 ACPI / PM: Add Sony Vaio VPCEB1S1E to nonvs blacklist.
b49dc13 ACPI / battery: Correct battery capacity values on Thinkpads
46c117c USB: mark uas driver as BROKEN
7052793 USB: cp210x: add Virtenio Preon32 device id
73b01ef usb: ftdi_sio: fixup BeagleBone A5+ quirk
c36337a USB: ftdi_sio: Add support for Newport AGILIS motor drivers
249d474 USB: option: blacklist network interface on Huawei E173
d1687be USB: add new zte 3g-dongle's pid to option.c
280c7a4 x86: hpet: Fix masking of MSI interrupts
2ee75ba telephony: ijx: buffer overflow in ixj_write_cid()
5678ad7 x86,AMD: Power driver support for AMD's family 16h processors
ead8c6b mm: dmapool: use provided gfp flags for all dma_alloc_coherent() calls
d7ba8df drm/i915: do not default to 18 bpp for eDP if missing from VBT
11b7309 drm/i915: do not ignore eDP bpc settings from vbt
4afca92 workqueue: convert BUG_ON()s in __queue_delayed_work() to WARN_ON_ONCE()s
a11bf0a ASoC: dmaengine: Correct Makefile when sound is built as module
1b59789 ARM: 7566/1: vfp: fix save and restore when running on pre-VFPv3 and CONFIG_VFPv3 set
47dc705 mmc: sh-mmcif: avoid oops on spurious interrupts (second try)
e07aa3c Revert misapplied "mmc: sh-mmcif: avoid oops on spurious interrupts"
78a685b tmpfs: fix shared mempolicy leak
442843f gpu: ion: Use writecombine for uncached mappings
193fef0 gpu: ion: Request highmem pages for IOMMU heap
4831b6f msm: camera: Add missing frame_id copy from diverted frame.
328c93d msm: camera: Copy the frame_id from the diverted frame.
d74a62d msm: camera: Add support for low power configuration in camera
3621f4c diag: hsic: Fix improper opening/closing of diag_bridge.
dcc8b72 diag: Rate limit usb write error messages for hsic data
54827ed diag: fix hsic concurrency issue when in MEMORY_DEVICE_MODE
4c3d4be msm: display: Clear performance request data in turning on
98e5fa5 msm: dcvs: enable/disable power collapse on CPU 0 only
520b3f2 msm: dcvs: check power collapse state after updating params
8d0782e msm: dcvs: add ss_no_corr_below_freq parameter
e7ecded msm: mpdecision: make runqueue divisor configurable via sysfs
d203736 msm: acpuclock-8930{aa,ab}: Turn off inefficient frequencies
9c07082 msm: kgsl: Synchronize access to IOMMU cfg port
e76035f gpu: ion: Flush new pages
70b7280 mm: Use aligned zone start for pfn_to_bitidx calculation
afb2a33 fs: fuse: Workaround for CMA migration
d3c1145 cma: fix migration mode
c21a803 cma : use migrate_prep() instead of migrate_prep_local()
926c524 mm: Add is_cma_pageblock definition
2dc518e mm: split_free_page ignore memory watermarks for CMA
039f298 mm: Don't use CMA pages for writes
630920b cma: fix race condition on a page
5249a05 gpu: ion: Restrict access to CP heap
2280723 defconfig: Enable lowmemorykiller autodetect option
5d9a521 android/lowmemorykiller: Check all tasks for death pending
adec9c7 msm: Enable MM heap to use CMA
e682c4c arm: select HAVE_DMA_CONTIGUOUS
add8c1c defconfig: msm8960: Enable CMA
b002ccb fs/buffer.c: Revoke LRU when trying to drop buffers
87eafac 8930: Add support for using CMA with ion heaps
0ae40a0 8064: Add support for using CMA with ion heaps
354d40f 8960: Add support for using CMA with Ion heaps
aef9feb msm: Rip out fmem related memory adjustments
d314222 gpu: ion: Add support for CMA allocations in cp heap
1b33e39 gpu: ion: Rename request/release region
dfb5a03 gpu: ion: Factor out common code on first alloc/last free
46fe97f gpu: ion: Add msm specific extensions to CMA heap
792b32d add CMA heap
0085c1a add private field in ion_heap and ion_platform_heap structure
b2d367c fix ion_platform_data definition
dd9a038 arm: dma-mapping: Add APIs for other memory types
afb1b40 common: DMA-mapping: Add strongly ordered memory attribute
2dbb124 common: DMA-mapping: add DMA_ATTR_NO_KERNEL_MAPPING attribute
88d97db arm: dma: Allow CMA pages to not have a kernel mapping.
92b9ec9 arm: dma: Expand the page protection attributes
51b5794 ARM: dma-mapping: fix buffer chunk allocation order
7af10a3 ARM: dma-mapping: Add missing static storage class specifier
8b5439b ARM: dma-mapping: use PMD size for section unmap
2bbb1b9 ARM: dma-mapping: add support for IOMMU mapper
f8f9d07 ARM: dma-mapping: use alloc, mmap, free from dma_ops
53e207d ARM: dma-mapping: remove redundant code and do the cleanup
8b59d2a ARM: dma-mapping: move all dma bounce code to separate dma ops structure
36dbd4c ARM: dma-mapping: implement dma sg methods on top of any generic dma ops
e9bb4d1 ARM: dma-mapping: use asm-generic/dma-mapping-common.h
dc4d01d ion: isolate msm-specific ion extensions
456e268 ion: change ion kernel map function to not take flags argument
749dd46 ion: remove obsolete ion flags
ade5bbb msm: vidc: port heap mask change to ion for secure session
7212b39 msm:subsystem_restart: Enable download mode.
cd8aa44 msm: board-8930: Set the GPU chip ID and turbo speed for 8930AB
ee61e4d msm: kgsl: Idle GPU core before programming SMMU from CPU
543aa13 msm: Kconfig: Enable IOMMU CPU-GPU synchronization
5622d1c msm: iommu: Synchronize access to IOMMU cfg port
7a0c93c msm: kgsl: Remove extra interrupts when setting MMU state
313faf6 msm: kgsl: Make the GPU device aware of the next pending event
5758d4c iommu/msm: fix the include guard in iommu.h
00a01ba msm: kgsl: Use signed integers for power level comparsions
3c337a3 msm: kgsl: Always set the active powerlevel when changing clock rates
2ddfc8a msm: kgsl: Add max and min power level controls in sysfs
f294e89 msm: kgsl: Disable HLSQ register reads from snapshot
81c0d8d msm: kgsl: Disable clock gating earlier during snapshot
32f968d msm: kgsl: Remove incorrect check for current context
65c41b3 msm: kgsl: Set requested power state to NONE after resume
bd5c9fc msm: kgsl: Issue conditional interrupts on internal submissions
9efae8f msm: kgsl: Update A330 VBIF settings
f50bfdc msm: kgsl: Turn off the CP_DEBUG dynamic clock
75f58f9 msm: clock-8960: Add clock initialization support for 8930ab
a970c02 msm: clock-8960: Add more gfx3d and vcodec frequencies for 8930ab
6fc400e msm: clock-8960: Merge similar gfx3d_clk freq tables
909e78e msm: clock: Convert clock fmax and vdd class levels from arrays to pointers
2e72677 msm: clock: Make lock for vdd_class into mutex
d55b90f msm: clock: Expose parts of "clock.h" through
c776419 msm: clock: Allow registration of multiple MSM clock tables
c3b65ea msm: clock: Remove warned flag
83c5b55 msm: clock-8974: Add support for the HDMI PHY PLL
f6e9fe4 msm: clock-8974: Add initial DSI PLL support
954726c defconfig: msm8960-perf: Enable SYNC and SW_SYNC
2840b0a spi_qsd: Support delay per transfer if requested by the client
7494f36 msm: socinfo: Add missing MSM8930AA ID
20bbe60 msm: Add support for MSM8930AB
b2eca96 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8930AB
c6a603a msm: Refactor cpu_is macros into SoC classes
01c27a3 msm: acpuclock-8930ab: Add support for MSM8930AB
2ac41c9 ion: Port heap mask change to ion
97e2123 ion: change ion buffer flags
21ceb8a gpu: ion: IOCTL return success when error occurs
673f701 ion: remove ion_validate_buffer_flag
fd02cfb gpu: ion: move msm-specific ioctls to custom_ioctl
9faf7e1 msm: display: include msm-specific ion header
0dd75a4 gpu: ion: include msm-specific ion header
a8d9538 media: dvb: mpq: include msm-specific ion header
ccd49d2 msm: 8660: include msm-specific ion header
7e93a65 msm: 8960: include msm-specific ion header
fb52d11 msm: 8930: include msm-specific ion header
9d01c6d msm: 8064: include msm-specific ion header
16a0645 msm: 7627a: include msm-specific ion header
c75b47d msm: 8660: include msm-specific ion header
568e1e0 msm: 7627a: include msm-specific ion header
c7fb35f msm: 9615: include msm-specific ion header
7ad8361 msm: 9615: include msm-specific ion header
9dc32cf msm: 8960: include msm-specific ion header
78267eb msm: 8960: include msm-specific ion header
46475f6 msm: 8930: include msm-specific ion header
9312a5c msm: board-8930: include msm-specific ion header
00a8b8e msm: board-8064: include msm-specific ion header
683564f qseecom: include msm-specific ion header
5304470 msm: kgsl: include msm-specific ion header
355c0ff msm_mdp: Add Venus color format support to MDP header file
df8d682 msm_fb: display: check pipes queued before enter wait_for_completion
8d9ec58 video: msm: Do not use disable_irq in the spin_lock_irqsave context
5d23bda video: msm: Remove adjustment to MDP revision
64f784b video: msm: Send ETIMEDOUT on update-notify timeout
4b5bf39 msm_fb: display: Add timeout for waiting on update
79b217a msm_fb: configure LM1 and LM2 CSC coefficients with RGB2YUV for WFD
4c5e926 msm_fb: Retain CSC values across suspend/resume sequence
21b08af video: msm: Enable mdp clock for histogram and histLUT
1fdbd68 video: msm: Ensure idle state before enabling histogram
6afcc0c video: msm: Defer histogram reset to workqueue
33ee782 video: msm: Dynamically toggle histogram interrupt
8ade0be video: msm: Move histogram disable to before panel off
5ba97a0 msm: wfd: Handle SET_FRAMERATE_MODE for Venus subdevice
67d3fb6 msm: wfd: Handle error cases properly when allocating input buffers
a41d777 msm: vidc: Adds VUI timing info support for AVC encoding.
2bc852a msm: wfd: Clear out stale flags for output buffers
d860e3b msm: wfd: Fix flags to V4L2_ENC_QCOM_CMD_FLUSH
ea752a2 msm: wfd: Fix bug in calcuating number of MDP updates
af7cd22 msm: vidc: Set CODECCONFIG for buffers with sps/pps
c1ce944 msm: wfd: Avoid exiting mdp task thread on error.
0da9a74 msm: wfd: Fix for freeing recon buffers in enc subdev
12b0bc6 msm: vidc: Adds AU delimiter support for AVC.
1c803d8 msm: video: wfd: Add Device Tree support
5aa78dc msm: video: wfd: Move domain specific mappings into subdevices
eeb5115 msm: display: non-blocking for overlay update
0216cbe msm_fb: dsiplay: fix frame buffer f_count leak
0a4bd52 msm_fb: display: delete dsi clock control from cmdlist_commit
800ce2b msm_fb: display: Send current timestamp in case of timeout
7ba9719 msm_fb: display: Create sysfs entries in mdp_probe for MDP3 targets
bd67a79 msm_fb: display: Create sysfs entries in mdp_probe for MDP4 targets
2e01cc2 Revert "msm: mdp: Initialize vsync sysfs in probe"
61ebbeb msm_fb: display: Send vsync events using sysfs for MDP3 targets
1b009dc msm_fb : Add timeout while waiting for vsync event
eb93e8c msm_fb: display: Make sysfs read request interruptible
82d2fd7 msm_fb: Make Vsync IOCTL during disable sequence as NO WAIT
5daa9cf msm_fb: Handle vsync interrupt properly on MDP 3.03 targets
073a3d6 msm_fb: display: extend mutex protection for mdp pan display
e572747 msm_fb: display: Removing extra disable irq in cmds_rx API's
3f6b3bd msm_fb: display: add wait4videodone for video mode
1406e75 msm_fb: display: return fail if pipe still staged
0613f6d msm_fb: display: fix page fault during supend/resume
2741826 msm_fb: display: add mdp clk rate calculation for low vbp
b613a09 msm_fb: display: Fix blend configuration for MDP4.1
6d78d68 ASoC: msm: Fixes for underrun issue in LPA Playback
a46930c msm: dcvs: set gpu actual freq when setting gpu floor
74da4a0 msm: dcvs: add sysfs parameter for active and leakage offsets
388cc2e msm: dcvs: set algo params according to number of online CPUs
28ddcdd msm: dcvs: set gpu frequency floor when multiple CPUs online
43a980c msm: dcvs: do not run gpu set_floor_frequency callbacks after stop_sink
80e0b7b msm: dcvs: drop pending frequency update on stop sink
c1785c3 msm: dcvs: start and stop temp updates with core sink
5a0a3c2 msm: mpdecision: wait at least 100ms between cpu hotremoves
93bb425 msm: dcvs: gpu minimum frequency levels
f9c62d7 msm: wfd: Add error handling for input buffer ion map failure
0483fb3 msm: kgsl: Don't reregister msm policy every time we switch policies
a9aac29 msm: dcvs: create cpu freq table dynamically
d448aba sched: add sysctl for controlling task migrations on wake
6dbd3b7 msm: dcvs: run dcvs, mpdecision threads at default priority
118f47b msm: dcvs: add frequency transient control to sysfs
b947fcb Linux 3.4.23
cc7c332 kbuild: Do not package /boot and /lib in make tar-pkg
0e252d8 pnfsblock: fix partial page buffer wirte
f036099 drm/i915: Add no-lvds quirk for Supermicro X7SPA-H
693023b i915: Quirk no_lvds on Gigabyte GA-D525TUD ITX motherboard
cd81606 ACPI: missing break
e3c8a48 bnx2x: remove redundant warning log
3d81da8 Revert "sched, autogroup: Stop going ahead if autogroup is disabled"
43477d6 i7300_edac: Fix error flag testing
f392171 md/raid10: close race that lose writes lost when replacement completes.
dbdd7f0 workqueue: exit rescuer_thread() as TASK_RUNNING
1b9dd61 x86, fpu: Avoid FPU lazy restore after suspend
659cca4 ARM: Kirkwood: Update PCI-E fixup
0b4d372 mm: soft offline: split thp at the beginning of soft_offline_page()
25a30e7 mm/vmemmap: fix wrong use of virt_to_page
86d8095 drm/radeon: properly track the crtc not_enabled case evergreen_mc_stop()
a0c246c drm/radeon: properly handle mc_stop/mc_resume on evergreen+ (v2)
dfbc8b9 drm/radeon/dce4+: don't use radeon_crtc for vblank callback
c004e0d Dove: Fix irq_to_pmu()
99e48f9 Dove: Attempt to fix PMU/RTC interrupts
9986166 msm: camera: Recover camera when sensor is pulled off.
3852cbb msm: kgsl: Enable GPU to use multiple IOMMU devices
b67c658 defconfig: wlan: Remove prima WLAN driver
9baee24 msm: 8960ab: Correct graphics 3d port representation
31253f5 msm: wfd: enable CONFIG_MSM_WFD for msm8960.
460bdda video: msm: Update MDP revision definition
ae4482c msm_fb: display: add config of wb_mux_sel during update
f7f33a2 msm_fb: display: empty pending queue during suspend for wfd
6d5ad5a msm: board-8930: adding the dsi pll client to 8917 dsi regulators
c5f91ca msm: board-8930: Remove HDMI clocks from MDP GDHS data
f588d63 msm_fb: Wifi display changes for commit ioctl
9444aaa msm_fb: display: empty pending queue during suspend
357b9c7 msm_fb: display: wfd with vsync driven frame push
edc7a36 Linux 3.4.22
4d064b9 x86-32: Export kernel_stack_pointer() for modules
97d4114 msm:subsystem_restart:Restart device when SSR phase one is invoked
bedd228 msm: kgsl: Always reset global ts_cmp_enable on GPU interrupts
b8c11fc msm: kgsl: Set sysfs max clock for devices with no power scale policy
c916200 msm: msm_bus: Add support for 64-bit bandwidth requests
85a9ff8 kernel/msm: 8974: Audio ocmem driver changes to use bus dt APIs
bddfba0 ASoC: msm8974: Audio ocmem driver changes to fix playback issues
12d7dcd msm: kgsl: Fix adreno idle detection during hang
2747cf6 msm: kgsl: On pagefault stall GPU so that it hangs
8dfdc336 msm: kgsl: Enable "big page" memory allocations
87f5962 msm: kgsl: set io_fraction to max for msm policy
ddf9301 msm: kgsl: add per-process memory info to debugfs
158a5c0 msm: kgsl: add userspace memory type to ftrace events
3e626ff msm: kgsl: set userspace memory type on each memdesc
b5c8048 msm: kgsl: Watch SP_FS_FULL_ALU_INSTRUCTIONS for hang detection
a96c29e msm: kgsl: Add the thread group leader ID to memory traces
86a5af3 msm: kgsl: Simplify logic for VBIF registers across A3XX cores
5244cbd msm: kgsl: In kgsl release do not idle if device is in HUNG state
337d6c9 msm: kgsl: Fix the address translation ranges for GPU IOMMU
d316ff8 msm: kgsl: Do not allocate space in ringbuffer for hung context
426da0d msm: kgsl: unprepare clocks when we move from NAP to SLEEP
5586372 msm: kgsl: Handle missed alloc error cases
aef1984 msm: kgsl: Invalidate base pointers when tlb is flushed
c258a8a msm: Add switch node mechanism for wfd
7dc9181 msm: acpuclock-8064: Add PVS tables for 1.7 GHz parts
7b0161d msm: acpuclock-8064: Add support for 8064v1.1 FASTER PVS bin
507f9b1 msm: acpuclock-8064: Final PVS Table Data for 8064v2
31486f3 msm-3.4: acpuclock: Add 8064v2 PVS voltage table data
53f5c2e Asoc: msm: Mixer control to update the sample rate of HDMI interface
2fb0163 ASoC: msm: Register restart api for under run issue.
f86a70e ASoC: soc: Update the restart op of the platform driver.
ceb2bee ASoC: core: Update ALSA core to issue restart in underrun.
139eabf mmc: msm_sdcc: enable Power Off Notifications
f44e64b mmc: core: Fixup broken suspend and eMMC4.5 power off notify
a317a4c mmc: block: Fix error handling of device attributes creation
9a2adff Revert "MMC-4.5 Power OFF Notify Rework"
b7a086f mmc: msm_sdcc: Reset SPS BAM on error recovery
867be74 mmc: card: fix write packing errors due to previous revert
070c604 mmc: core: use mmc_try_claim_host in suspend path
ab0b6b0 mmc: block: Adding device attribute for minimum sectors to start BKOPS
f86f642 mmc: card: Add eMMC4.5 packing control unit-tests
60aaa64 mmc: card: Add eMMC4.5 write packed commands unit-tests
5c46dad mmc: core: Add support for idle time BKOPS
a07f771 mmc: block: Update packing statistics with large sector size
10217bc mmc: block: Add MMC write packing statistics
c998912 mmc: card: Fix packing control enabling algorithm
98e6781 mmc: block: Add write packing control
121b8e8 mmc: support packed write command for eMMC4.5 device
79b87fe mmc: add packed command feature of eMMC4.5
8d51999 mmc: msm_sdcc: enable the write packing control
231dd08 mmc: msm_sdcc: Enable write packing capability
5d04274 msm: camera: Fix for back camera Snapshot due to no AF stats
3a3ab24 usb: diag_bridge: call bridge callbacks even for -EPROTO.
663c5ec msm: vidc: wfd: Add WFD support for msm8974
ee0f5f9 msm_fb: display: mdp4 version assigned at board file
e5ee72e1 msm_fb: display: add per stage alpha drop detection
0119007 msm_fb: display: remove background invert alpha option for alpha drop pipe
309c0ca msm_fb: display: Consolidate commit ioctls
cbab076 msm_fb: display: do not use ION_IOMMU_UNMAP_DELAYED
5790628 msm_fb: display: add fput_light to frame buffer
5caf9a0 diag: Add support for QSC restart
9aaddb3 diag: Add missing "get log mask" command
ed86b90 adiag: Add new entry in message mask table
c42b14d msm: display: check get_unused_fd_flags return val
59d758f msm: display: Increase timeout value for fence waiting
86ad5b6 msm_fb: display: Enable scaling bit while setting x-flip bit
3d514b8 Linux 3.4.21
8abbba5 ASoC: msm: Enhance multi channel pcm driver to support SYNC and ASYNC
43fd883 ASoc: msm: Add amr-wb/wb+ tunnel playback support
3f7b247 ASoC: msm8974: fall back to have AFE port started at prepare
9e79beb ASoC: msm: implement drain command in compress platform driver
68d103a ASoC: msm: Add 8-channel L-PCM TX support
0c4528e iwlwifi: fix 6000 series channel switch command
bffeb2a net/wireless: ipw2200: Fix panic occurring in ipw_handle_promiscuous_tx()
1103ef8 timekeeping: Cast raw_interval to u64 to avoid shift overflow
e84ad73 ARM: OMAP: counter: add locking to read_persistent_clock
fc6058e mmc: sdhci-s3c: fix the wrong number of max bus clocks
ee746ff powerpc/eeh: Lock module while handling EEH event
7da2f89 MPI: Fix compilation on MIPS with GCC 4.4 and newer
53b360c watchdog: using u64 in get_sample_period()
368c8c7 USB: mct_u232: fix broken close
47abf71 NFC: Fix nfc_llcp_local chained list insertion
b127f3f NFC: pn533: Fix mem leak in pn533_in_dep_link_up
c09221c NFC: pn533: Fix use after free
9cfb662 get_dvb_firmware: fix download site for tda10046 firmware
08ecfb7 sata_svw: check DMA start bit before reset
65c03b4 ixgbe: add support for X540-AT1
865c6f7 KVM: x86: invalid opcode oops on SET_SREGS with OSXSAVE bit set (CVE-2012-4461)
5042a55 scsi: Silence unnecessary warnings about ioctl to partition
6495a1b bas_gigaset: fix pre_reset handling
06096cf ALSA: hda - Add support for Realtek ALC292
510add6 ALSA: hda - Fix missing beep on ASUS X43U notebook
e5f5603 ALSA: hda - Add new codec ALC283 ALC290 support
c4e9e58 PM / QoS: fix wrong error-checking condition
98165e2 sparc64: not any error from do_sigaltstack() should fail rt_sigreturn()
acaf0ed jbd: Fix lock ordering bug in journal_unmap_buffer()
c9fa3f4 can: bcm: initialize ifindex for timeouts without previous frame reception
5e937c8 can: peak_usb: fix hwtstamp assignment
d6e782e radeon: add AGPMode 1 quirk for RV250
e41cd8f mac80211: deinitialize ibss-internals after emptiness check
fceca5e futex: avoid wake_futex() for a PI futex_q
f42513b dm: fix deadlock with request based dm and queue request_fn recursion
ecf049c md/raid10: decrement correct pending counter when writing to replacement.
8c98fba md: Avoid write invalid address if read_seqretry returned true.
45bc5c6 md: Reassigned the parameters if read_seqretry returned true in func md_is_badblock.
262a70e jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in jffs2_write_begin
11371ec mtd: ofpart: Fix incorrect NULL check in parse_ofoldpart_partitions()
02bbebe mtd: slram: invalid checking of absolute end address
e939e24 PARISC: fix user-triggerable panic on parisc
7c06237 PARISC: fix virtual aliasing issue in get_shared_area()
de13405 ALSA: hda - Cirrus: Correctly clear line_out_pins when moving to speaker
75c23fc ALSA: ua101, usx2y: fix broken MIDI output
9cbecb4 drm/radeon: add new SI pci id
6417635 SCSI: isci: copy fis 0x34 response into proper buffer
8d8c210 mwifiex: fix system hang issue in cmd timeout error case
6966e1b mwifiex: report error to MMC core if we cannot suspend
3830720 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID
82c0aba x86, microcode, AMD: Add support for family 16h processors
8433fcc x86, efi: Fix processor-specific memcpy() build error
9d4f962 x86-32: Fix invalid stack address while in softirq
3ec1dc2 rtlwifi: rtl8192se: Fix gcc 4.7.x warning
6df5eea scsi: aha152x: Fix sparse warning and make printing pointer address more portable.
cbe6d9b mvsas: remove unused variable in mvs_task_exec()
896c631 drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: fix lp5521_read() error handling
d4cad86 ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: initialize card pointer
2214cc8 Bluetooth: Fix using uninitialized option in RFCMode
4f442c5 NVMe: Fix uninitialized iod compiler warning
32e11d5 UBIFS: fix compilation warning
80fe139 Revert "Revert "Bluetooth: Disable BlueZ driver/stack""
d23a45b msm: camera:: Concurrent camera stability stop issue fix
4d59c8c msm: camera: Fix for Concurrent camera bus overflow
6c3c031 msm: camera: Dynamically register domain and attach to device.
92fa99c Camera Bring-up MR1.
4472ce5 Revert "Camera Bring-up MR1."
6514ba8 Revert "msm: camera: Dynamically register domain and attach to device."
0175272 Revert "msm: camera: Fix for Concurrent camera bus overflow"
213f345 Revert "msm: camera:: Concurrent camera stability stop issue fix"
4d59305 Revert "Bluetooth: Disable BlueZ driver/stack"
be733bb msm: camera:: Concurrent camera stability stop issue fix
beb8bc8 msm: camera: Fix for Concurrent camera bus overflow
7c705e7 msm: acpuclock-krait: Disable secondary clock source gating during switches
f76eed3 msm: acpuclock: Add PVS data for 8960ab
02db5a8 msm: acpuclock-8064: Add support for multiple speed and PVS bins.
a133dbf msm: acpuclock-krait: Keep the secondary MUX input fixed
466a49d msm: acpuclock-8974: Increase max CPU and L2 frequencies to 1.5GHz
113c45d Revert "msm: acpuclock-krait: Fix PTE efuse address for acpuclock-8974."
c13b679 msm: acpuclock-8960: Port AVS hooks to acpuclock-8960
519e94f msm: acpuclock-krait: Fix PTE efuse address for acpuclock-8974
01625c3 msm: acpuclock-8960ab: Set power collapse rate
c691805 msm: camera: Dynamically register domain and attach to device.
5cf67b1 Camera Bring-up MR1.
b83b147 Revert "msm: board-8930: Reduce the PMEM size for audio"
97d10fd Revert "msm: board-8930: Remove HDMI clocks from MDP GDHS data"
b52c718 mmc: Revert all packing related patches
d0ed5ae mmc: msm_sdcc: Enable eMMCv4.5 BKOPS support
32286c2 mmc: core: Add the ability to enable BKOPS
b12ed0e mmc: support BKOPS feature for eMMC
e11cecb mmc: Revert BKOPs feature
de4e64a Revert "touchscreen: cyttsp-i2c-qc: Add low power mode functionality"
d9ad07e power: pm8921-charger: fix EOC worker not starting
1255fe1 msm: smsm: Add processor AWAKE signaling
5311108 USB: android: Don't disable configuration for every adb close
2f08a58 msm: devices-8930: Change start address for RPM RBCPR stats
50d6b09 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix the issue of memory unmap
7122a2f msm: acpuclock-8064: Lower VDD_DIG voltage vote for L2 at 384MHz
a7b8f1f msm: clock-8960: Lower frequency requirements of fpb active votes
03a9915 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Fix ENDPOINT PRIME failure issue
ed173f6 usb: mdm_bridge: Increase the number of rx urbs
b16c0bd ASoC: wcd9310: Resend edge triggered GPIO IRQ
2d43cd5 msm: 8960: add ath6kl_wlan_power function to control AR6004 gpio
3ec03e3 wcnss: Rename riva to wcnss in SSR framework
0fe15c4 power: pm8921-charger: Control CHG_USB_SUSPEND enabling boost
515395d msm: board-8930: Reduce the PMEM size for audio
b91ab71 USB: msm_otg: Abort suspend while host mode is activated
47e6c14 msm: 8930-gpiomux: Reduce drive strength for CDC_MCLK
7846731 msm_serial_hs_hwreg.h: Correcting the even parity and odd parity bits
d8110eb msm: board-8930: Remove HDMI clocks from MDP GDHS data
802fcbb ASoC: WCD9304: Fix pop level during start of recording
2a8bd31 msm: rpm_stats: Add support to read master PC stats from RPM MSG RAM.
36a7563 msm: rpm_stats: Debugfs support to display master PC stats.
b7dd615 ASoC: pcm: allow backend hardware to be freed in pause state
9414bbe msm: sysmon: Handle races between probe/removal and API calls.
4137538 input: pm8xxx-pwrkey: Update key press status during probe
3cdb860 msm: event_timer: Support to add event timers.
7733de1 msm: defconfig: Enable event timer
12aaabe msm: pm: Adjust for events with hard wakeups
c8944c0 build: strip debug symbols from installed kernel modules
6b4de78 ASoc: msm8930: Add fix for Unsupported Proxy backend sample rates
19211b9 rmnet_smux: Wake netif queue after low-watermark notification
42de241 msm: vidc: Set dpb count for smooth streaming
729f8bf ASoC: WCD9304: Wait for earpiece PA to settle down
be4e313 mmc: msm_sdcc: Reset interrupt MASK register (MCI_MASK0) on powering off
2226d26 mmc: msm_sdcc: set DDR timing mode before setting the clock rate
1454bc8 power: pm8921-charger: Fix bug in current limit lookup
ebbf212 msm: spm: Add msm_spm_get_vdd API
50cf2fc msm: krait-l2-accessors: Remove workaround for 8064 Krait errata
c114507 msm: avs: Add API to restore the AVSCSR register
03675a1 crypto: Add wait states for hash/hmac operations
395a90f msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Set end of frame flag to avoid aac multiseek issue
988e443 msm: clock-local: Add PXO rates for LPASS clocks on 8660, 8960, 8930, 8064
0f4475c Linux 3.4.20
d0e85e0 libceph: drop declaration of ceph_con_get()
51b8318 Revert "serial: omap: fix software flow control"
8217df0 ACPI video: Ignore errors after _DOD evaluation.
b7d68a7 ceph: avoid 32-bit page index overflow
dfae3b3 libceph: check for invalid mapping
73bba6f ceph: Fix oops when handling mdsmap that decreases max_mds
631015e libceph: avoid NULL kref_put when osd reset races with alloc_msg
a872024 rbd: reset BACKOFF if unable to re-queue
21e292e libceph: only kunmap kmapped pages
76cb692 libceph: avoid truncation due to racing banners
5236930 libceph: delay debugfs initialization until we learn global_id
b8e03e3 libceph: fix crypto key null deref, memory leak
5923892 libceph: recheck con state after allocating incoming message
7389a76 libceph: change ceph_con_in_msg_alloc convention to be less weird
328677c2 libceph: avoid dropping con mutex before fault
900fbd9 libceph: verify state after retaking con lock after dispatch
da75ae3 libceph: revoke mon_client messages on session restart
6cdaef1 libceph: fix handling of immediate socket connect failure
8992551 libceph: clear all flags on con_close
63c1362 libceph: clean up con flags
265fb7c libceph: replace connection state bits with states
cb9f885 libceph: drop unnecessary CLOSED check in socket state change callback
3b5a9ea libceph: close socket directly from ceph_con_close()
1c5b33b libceph: drop gratuitous socket close calls in con_work
5d0f354 libceph: move ceph_con_send() closed check under the con mutex
67c6fc1 libceph: move msgr clear_standby under con mutex protection
da6a81e libceph: fix fault locking; close socket on lossy fault
ed447f0 libceph: reset connection retry on successfully negotiation
eea8ed9 libceph: protect ceph_con_open() with mutex
175c4c2 libceph: (re)initialize bio_iter on start of message receive
d43841e libceph: resubmit linger ops when pg mapping changes
7621822 libceph: fix mutex coverage for ceph_con_close
b3fd00b libceph: report socket read/write error message
59d0272 libceph: prevent the race of incoming work during teardown
9beb73f libceph: initialize msgpool message types
d92d11d libceph: allow sock transition from CONNECTING to CLOSED
a5b0662 libceph: initialize mon_client con only once
638ba17 libceph: set peer name on con_open, not init
db90f99 libceph: add some fine ASCII art
a865127 libceph: small changes to messenger.c
8a0566f libceph: distinguish two phases of connect sequence
05a24ec libceph: separate banner and connect writes
a94af04 libceph: define and use an explicit CONNECTED state
abb46df libceph: clear NEGOTIATING when done
2a281c7 libceph: clear CONNECTING in ceph_con_close()
8a62c33 libceph: don't touch con state in con_close_socket()
70b0604 libceph: just set SOCK_CLOSED when state changes
54942c5 libceph: don't change socket state on sock event
eb8c564 libceph: SOCK_CLOSED is a flag, not a state
f892064 libceph: don't use bio_iter as a flag
67e5007 libceph: move init of bio_iter
ec53635 libceph: move init_bio_*() functions up
3b17b0b libceph: don't mark footer complete before it is
3c968ed libceph: encapsulate advancing msg page
4ecff48 libceph: encapsulate out message data setup
9021a42 libceph: drop ceph_con_get/put helpers and nref member
1c623b0 libceph: use con get/put methods
8124d55 libceph: fix NULL dereference in reset_connection()
fccbf06 libceph: transition socket state prior to actual connect
f4d29a9 libceph: fix overflow in osdmap_apply_incremental()
6b71f61 libceph: fix overflow in osdmap_decode()
c66a9c7 libceph: fix overflow in __decode_pool_names()
ce4516f libceph: make ceph_con_revoke_message() a msg op
ae04853 libceph: make ceph_con_revoke() a msg operation
bfd3572 libceph: have messages take a connection reference
e84e066 libceph: have messages point to their connection
35067a2 libceph: tweak ceph_alloc_msg()
6880138 libceph: fully initialize connection in con_init()
9403ae3 libceph: init monitor connection when opening
a2b8761 libceph: drop connection refcounting for mon_client
31a84d8 libceph: embed ceph connection structure in mon_client
51588ed libceph: set CLOSED state bit in con_init
d39319e libceph: provide osd number when creating osd
0bcd157 libceph: start tracking connection socket state
bc32747 libceph: start separating connection flags from state
d910c11 libceph: embed ceph messenger structure in ceph_client
4874ba9 libceph: rename kvec_reset and kvec_add functions
f5e79a4 libceph: rename socket callbacks
809c58f libceph: kill bad_proto ceph connection op
ac7a426 libceph: eliminate connection state "DEAD"
e7fda85 ceph: check PG_Private flag before accessing page->private
9923ad7 rbd: Fix ceph_snap_context size calculation
6448acf rbd: store snapshot id instead of index
4573951 rbd: protect read of snapshot sequence number
095cb21 rbd: don't hold spinlock during messenger flush
49da293 libceph: fix messenger retry
21cbad5 libceph: flush msgr queue during mon_client shutdown
576e428 rbd: Clear ceph_msg->bio_iter for retransmitted message
acecca4 libceph: use con get/put ops from osd_client
40971fc libceph: osd_client: don't drop reply reference too early
1c201df libceph: fix pg_temp updates
15ba38e libceph: avoid unregistering osd request when not registered
1d3df0e ceph: add auth buf in prepare_write_connect()
3f13447 ceph: rename prepare_connect_authorizer()
8d19055 ceph: return pointer from prepare_connect_authorizer()
ed35fbc ceph: use info returned by get_authorizer
4f33c7e ceph: have get_authorizer methods return pointers
83d28f7 ceph: ensure auth ops are defined before use
018a2a1 ceph: messenger: reduce args to create_authorizer
0f56a54 ceph: define ceph_auth_handshake type
33f0577 ceph: messenger: check return from get_authorizer
29e1a95 ceph: messenger: rework prepare_connect_authorizer()
59336e0 ceph: messenger: check prepare_write_connect() result
59a521e ceph: don't set WRITE_PENDING too early
7dd07ab ceph: drop msgr argument from prepare_write_connect()
d4ac74c ceph: messenger: send banner in process_connect()
726644c ceph: messenger: reset connection kvec caller
6b7cc02 libceph: don't reset kvec in prepare_write_banner()
1f7631f ceph: messenger: change read_partial() to take "end" arg
dd22ce5 ceph: messenger: update "to" in read_partial() caller
d0d7af6 ceph: messenger: use read_partial() in read_partial_message()
f77637d ceph: osd_client: fix endianness bug in osd_req_encode_op()
cf34fc7 crush: fix memory leak when destroying tree buckets
9a0117a crush: fix tree node weight lookup
20501b9 crush: be more tolerant of nonsensical crush maps
9926776 crush: adjust local retry threshold
506b467 crush: clean up types, const-ness
5564921 selinux: fix sel_netnode_insert() suspicious rcu dereference
a23d631 reiserfs: Protect reiserfs_quota_write() with write lock
8c7dcc4 reiserfs: Move quota calls out of write lock
8ed4d1c reiserfs: Protect reiserfs_quota_on() with write lock
394cbbc reiserfs: Fix lock ordering during remount
824904c NFS: Wait for session recovery to finish before returning
d1b28a2 drm/i915: fix overlay on i830M
37a42f9 s390/signal: set correct address space control
39220c9 sky2: Fix for interrupt handler
122fd46 eCryptfs: check for eCryptfs cipher support at mount
c8a1ae7 eCryptfs: Copy up POSIX ACL and read-only flags from lower mount
9dbd341 usb: use usb_serial_put in usb_serial_probe errors
a39bdce netfilter: nf_nat: don't check for port change on ICMP tuples
b3e991e netfilter: Mark SYN/ACK packets as invalid from original direction
c581c7c netfilter: Validate the sequence number of dataless ACK packets as well
1b10e0b r8169: allow multicast packets on sub-8168f chipset.
cfc2c99 r8169: Fix WoL on RTL8168d/8111d.
f5a93ea xen/events: fix RCU warning, or Call idle notifier after irq_enter()
56cb8f7 r8169: use unlimited DMA burst for TX
ec59242 tmpfs: change final i_blocks BUG to WARNING
f86c309 net-rps: Fix brokeness causing OOO packets
4e95708 net: correct check in dev_addr_del()
798f49e ipv6: setsockopt(IPIPPROTO_IPV6, IPV6_MINHOPCOUNT) forgot to set return value
0fa8933 ipv4: avoid undefined behavior in do_ip_setsockopt()
999d6a5 m68k: fix sigset_t accessor functions
dd361b4 wireless: allow 40 MHz on world roaming channels 12/13
e5c4ee6 memcg: oom: fix totalpages calculation for memory.swappiness==0
9098e87 ttm: Clear the ttm page allocated from high memory zone correctly
cfb62e2 drm/radeon: fix logic error in atombios_encoders.c
3bf0d10 USB: option: add Alcatel X220/X500D USB IDs
47ccee3 USB: option: add Novatel E362 and Dell Wireless 5800 USB IDs
3e31ee1 s390/gup: add missing TASK_SIZE check to get_user_pages_fast()
87dd2c4 Revert "Staging: Android alarm: IOCTL command encoding fix"
0712621 UBIFS: introduce categorized lprops counter
151de63 UBIFS: fix mounting problems after power cuts
647a9db ASoC: dapm: Use card_list during DAPM shutdown
b6d8065 ASoC: wm8978: pll incorrectly configured when codec is master
c2628a3 ALSA: hda - Add a missing quirk entry for iMac 9,1
2302f5e ALSA: hda - Add new codec ALC668 and ALC900 (default name ALC1150)
d2d0adc ALSA: hda - Fix invalid connections in VT1802 codec
9562c79 ALSA: hda - Fix empty DAC filling in patch_via.c
f283494 ALSA: hda - Force to reset IEC958 status bits for AD codecs
1289a3e ALSA: HDA: Fix digital microphone on CS420x
2a1d20c ALSA: hda: Cirrus: Fix coefficient index for beep configuration
30966db crypto: cryptd - disable softirqs in cryptd_queue_worker to prevent data corruption
bb60c07 cifs: fix potential buffer overrun in cifs.idmap handling code
0de578d module: fix out-by-one error in kallsyms
a6a19e3 fanotify: fix missing break
bb1d687 mac80211: call skb_dequeue/ieee80211_free_txskb instead of __skb_queue_purge
ab4e547 mac80211: don't send null data packet when not associated
1cbc74e mac80211: sync acccess to tx_filtered/ps_tx_buf queues
0244d2e xfs: drop buffer io reference when a bad bio is built
3f874ec mm: bugfix: set current->reclaim_state to NULL while returning from kswapd()
9983925 msm: kgsl: Add subset of new A330 registers
ea4f8b8 msm: kgsl: Pass multiple register sets to the snapshot register dump
8256893 msm: kgsl: A330: Dump the CP_MERCIU block in the snapshot
fc99ff9 msm: kgsl: Adjust the size of the ROQ buffer based on GPU core
c097820 msm: kgsl: Add adreno_is_a330() for A330 specific code
cf3252d msm: kgsl: Increase REG_RBBM_CNTL value to 0xFFFF for A20X
17fbff7 msm: kgsl: A3xx: Initialize UCHE 64-byte cachelines
5af32d9 msm: kgsl: set GPU register RB_GMEM_BASE_ADDR
fc2c904 msm: kgsl: Do not save context if it is being destroyed
15a8b46 msm: kgsl: Define register offsets for IOMMU-v2
6403137 msm: kgsl: Updated VBIF settings for A330 to improve performance
3cf33be msm: kgsl: Restructure offset definitions for IOMMU registers
c940699 msm: kgsl: Ensure correct enable sequence for 2D core clock
acd67ac msm: kgsl: Don't report io_busy for msm policy
102aac5 msm: kgsl: Turn on additional clock for IOMMU
2b54b5f msm: kgsl: Set the gpu address range for MMU to correct value
2151cb9 msm: kgsl: Limit GPU memory buffer allocation sizes
e752ab2 msm: kgsl: Return error if the user allocates a buffer size of zero
a9d4300 msm: kgsl: Enable GPU DCVS by default where possible
91ede1e msm: kgsl: Add new sysfs node to list GPU clock frequencies
473e914 msm: kgsl: Change VBIF settings for adreno A330
0d2e14f msm: kgsl: Return error code when ION setup fails
2792338 msm: kgsl: Update pagetable on context destruction for A20x
bf7a382 msm: kgsl: Need to explicitly halt the ME on stop
d655667 msm_fb: HDMI: Turn on HDMI core only for supported resolution
1252b43 msm_fb: HDMI: Cleanup of HDMI switch device notifications
cf44e5f msm_fb: HDMI: Add support for HDMI audio switch device node
9a2cdc3 msm_fb: HDMI: Cleanup HDMI audio off sequence
fe4fb27 msm_fb: dtv: Serve device off in a separate thread
cddf7f6 msm_fb: HDMI: Cleanup HPD software debouncing logic
3474653 msm_fb: hdmi: black out pipes on unset
a712fe7 msm_fb: hdmi: Proper update of ACR CTRL Register
454d607 msm_fb: HDMI: Remove HDCP Kernelconfig
40d9e8f msm_fb: HDMI: Driver changes to support HDCP module parameter
55134dc msm_fb: HDMI: Add module parameter to disable HDCP
22ffc7d msm_fb: hdmi: Soft debouncing logic improvements
5e466b0 msm_fb: hdmi: Correct checksum value
aaece71 Revert "msm_fb: HDMI: Add support for hdmi_audio switch node"
0181996 mfd: wcd9xxx: Add WCD9304 1.2 version codec chip entry
a3ceef8 mfd: wcd9xxx: Check for wcd9xxx_read error
5f8fc7a mfd: wcd9xxx: Continue to probe codec without interrupt
65213ed msm: acpuclock-8930: Support PMIC 8917
c9f51b9 msm: clock-8960: Support new PMIC 8917 for 8930
b1d5f75 msm: board-8930: Detect PMIC 8917 device for initialization
a3b73c4 msm: board-8930: Indicate presence of pm8917 to acpuclk driver
fa3d06d msm: board-8930: Do not send PM8917 LDO 1 regulator request to RPM
ccda9e7 msm: board-8930: Use auto mode for PM8917 SMPS 7
10bc202 msm: board-8064: Use 8960_PM8917 rpm-regulator version with PM8917
fafa952 msm: rpm-regulator: Add PM8917 N1200 TCXO workaround support for 8960/8064
2a23838 mfd: pm8xxx-misc: add PM8917 in PM8921 cases
b28275f ASoC: msm8930: Add speaker playback support for 8930+8917
b2d799d msm: 8960/8064/8930: add has_dc_supply property.
ff4f9ce power: pm8921-charger: report DC online for some platforms.
054a5b7 msm: board-8930: Add backlight control when using PM8917
7afbd4c msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for MSM8930 + PM8917
c6e0469 msm: rpm-8930: Add RPM enumeration to support PMIC 8917
86161e4 msm: board-8930: Add regulator board file for MSM8930+PM8917
0449998 msm: board-8930: Add support for PMIC PM8917
181fc58 Bluetooth: Disable BlueZ driver/stack
8530609 ASoC: msm: reduce period_bytes_min for voice call
1628608 Linux 3.4.19
2ce3809 ALSA: usb-audio: Fix mutex deadlock at disconnection
3289669 ALSA: Fix card refcount unbalance
13ec043 xfs: fix reading of wrapped log data
2834bc7 USB: mos7840: remove unused variable
6903f0a drm/i915: clear the entire sdvo infoframe buffer
c974303 drm/i915: fixup infoframe support for sdvo
511c41c drm/radeon/si: add some missing regs to the VM reg checker
c436fd2 drm/radeon/cayman: add some missing regs to the VM reg checker
4fa1f62 drm/vmwgfx: Fix a case where the code would BUG when trying to pin GMR memory
9feda19 drm/vmwgfx: Fix hibernation device reset
f1e729c mmc: sdhci: fix NULL dereference in sdhci_request() tuning
c4cbedf futex: Handle futex_pi OWNER_DIED take over correctly
f0d6767 ipv6: send unsolicited neighbour advertisements to all-nodes
0f2835b af-packet: fix oops when socket is not present
ecdebbf net: inet_diag -- Return error code if protocol handler is missed
988aaa6 l2tp: fix oops in l2tp_eth_create() error path
808235f drivers/net/ethernet/nxp/lpc_eth.c: Call mdiobus_unregister before mdiobus_free
b97ecda net: fix divide by zero in tcp algorithm illinois
545bc46 net: usb: Fix memory leak on Tx data path
d707b52 ipv6: Set default hoplimit as zero.
d1a94e0 tcp: fix FIONREAD/SIOCINQ
0f04b9a netlink: use kfree_rcu() in netlink_release()
c2f5b75 sctp: fix call to SCTP_CMD_PROCESS_SACK in sctp_cmd_interpreter()
9de4f26 ALSA: Avoid endless sleep after disconnect
41a4962 ALSA: Add a reference counter to card instance
1c694ff ALSA: usb-audio: Fix races at disconnection in mixer_quirks.c
49e44e3 ALSA: usb-audio: Use rwsem for disconnect protection
799c92f ALSA: usb-audio: Fix races at disconnection
5fee99c ALSA: PCM: Fix some races at disconnection
45820dc hwmon: (w83627ehf) Force initial bank selection
47baf0d drm: restore open_count if drm_setup fails
cde5250 NFS: Fix Oopses in nfs_lookup_revalidate and nfs4_lookup_revalidate
088eb1b NFS: fix bug in legacy DNS resolver.
588c72e nfsd: add get_uint for u32's
0ada210 NFSv4.1: We must release the sequence id when we fail to get a session slot
8827f31 NFSv4: nfs4_locku_done must release the sequence id
4311302 nfs: Show original device name verbatim in /proc/*/mount{s,info}
b37d056 nfsv3: Make v3 mounts fail with ETIMEDOUTs instead EIO on mountd timeouts
1feb89a mac80211: fix SSID copy on IBSS JOIN
d39904c mac80211: make sure data is accessible in EAPOL check
4435990 mac80211: verify that skb data is present
537d86c mac80211: check management frame header length
4b51c17 drm/udl: fix stride issues scanning out stride != width*bpp
f93a53b DRM/Radeon: Fix Load Detection on legacy primary DAC.
7be001e mac80211: don't inspect Sequence Control field on control frames
739b9fa mac80211: Only process mesh config header on frames that RA_MATCH
fec9a0c mac80211: use blacklist for duplicate IE check
2404ce3 wireless: drop invalid mesh address extension frames
91721d4 cfg80211: fix antenna gain handling
bfc5de3 target: Fix incorrect usage of nested IRQ spinlocks in ABORT_TASK path
7f83bc1 iscsi-target: Fix missed wakeup race in TX thread
227ab73 target: Avoid integer overflow in se_dev_align_max_sectors()
506485a target: Don't return success from module_init() if setup fails
75d1ac7 rt2800: validate step value for temperature compensation
7bbaeec ath9k: Test for TID only in BlockAcks while checking tx status
a2fad9a ath9k: fix stale pointers potentially causing access to free'd skbs
180bed3 Input: tsc40 - remove wrong announcement of pressure support
da205c8 xen/mmu: Use Xen specific TLB flush instead of the generic one.
ccd37ab xen/gntdev: don't leak memory from IOCTL_GNTDEV_MAP_GRANT_REF
6307eb99 msm: kgsl: Move graphics device registration for 8960
95f7f79 msm: kgsl: Set 8960PRO GPU chip id
5d40465 msm: pm8921-chg: configure alarm voltage for 8930
2beb127 mfd: pm8038: Enable the battery alarm module
e0557a9 msm_fb: display: force mdp clock off at suspend
d786c55 msm_fb: display: fix dsi_busy_wait race condition
61140e3 msm_fb: display: add video mode dcs cmdlist support
e3142f9 msm_fb: display: add sysfs and clock control to smart panel
27c8a9e Adding WLAN configs to defcofig file
ac682bb msm: msm_dsps: Disable the DSPS watchdog before shutdown
aa75efa msm: cpufreq: Remove cross-calling limitation
6a8fb3b msm: spm: Add cross-calling support to change voltages
a1ec643 msm: mpdecision: do not print warning on hotplug times
9e1417c thermal: tsens8960: Add platform detection
988e7ba msm: bam_dmux: handle system wide low memory conditions
7d67c4e msm: smsm: Rename LTE Coexistence Bit
ee22ada defconfig: Enable qos queue discipline configuration
4c64d2d net: sched: export an api to enable/disable flow on sch
4e28773 msm_rmnet: add ioctl to enable/disable flow on prio qdisc
b6510ef msm: Export some iommu domain management functions
63da6bd checkpatch: Excuse reverts from "summary line over 75 characters" check
622828f msm: cpr: Enable CPR support for 8625
7990082 msm: cpuidle: Don't disable irqs again
bd01d26 spmi: qpnp-int: Support wake interrupts
d5bb055 slim: msm: Control interface clock if it's specified
1e565d5 msm: clock-local2: Move lock from rcg_clk_set_rate to lower level ops
63b8726 msm: pm: Support for Krait Retention
d0befde msm: bam_dmux: add handling for unsupported clocks
1e0e278 input: atmel_mxt_ts: Add device tree support
f9174f7 trace: power: add cpu_frequency_switch_{start, end}
807ec59 msm: acpuclock: Support tracing of CPU frequency changes
d337ddd mmc: msm_sdcc: remove the check for dml busy
bbbf5fb msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Temporarily program MSS_MPLL1_CONFIG_CTL
deaabfa msm_serial: Fix the timing requirement for UIMs
7ec0376 msm: fsm9xxx: Add support for 3v UIMs
9578abc msm: sps: output clearer HW info when BAM is enabled
300c4b3 msm: iommu: Fix SMR NSCFG configuration
1e81131 msm: rpm-smd: Remove timeouts on RPM transaction acks
9557b6b msm: msm_bus: Fix the number of masters for 8960 Pro
8b2a4da msm: ocmem: Turn ON the memory macros in Normal Pass through mode
2f2d63f msm: ocmem: Update the memory macro size for 1K interleaving
46261f6 msm: Kconfig: Add Non-secure mode for OCMEM.
6fcf532 tty: n_smux: Fix packet close synchronization issue
0272964 msm: ipc_logging: Add newline to string decode
06b8d9d msm: lpm_resources: Update rpm sleep data on notification
4e3c2bc msm: msm_bus: Fix scaling of ocmem core clock
320598f bluetooth: LE conn whitelist implementation
1e8c073 Bluetooth: hci_ath: Configure GPIOs as part of bluetooth on.
0b4e701 msm: Fix location to write dump table address in IMEM.
923cb1c Adding WLAN
62720dc timers: Fix endless looping between cascade() and internal_add_timer()
88508f3 nohz: Fix idle ticks in cpu summary line of /proc/stat
82bf5d3 workqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter_idle() if trustee is active
4b641d8 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix race conditions in runtime PM
879d2f7 v4l2: fix the memory leak
fa22709 msm: camera: nullify pointers after kfree and fix the memory leaks
c1be92b mako: update display settings
f8bd9cb Revert "mmc: core: Add 1ms delay after sending CMD6 to MMC cards."
e7faef7 Bluetooth: Disabled the MULTICAST_ADDR_SET feature for BNEP.
853ecb2 iopoll: Introduce the readl_iopoll_timeout_noirq macro
f014139 msm: pil: Allow MBA & Modem auth timeout to be set in module parameters
ccab7df msm: pil: Add module parameter to override proxy vote timeouts
bf09d80 mmc: msm_sdcc: set IO_PAD_PWR_SWITCH bit based on IO voltage level
eeaf781 msm: apr: initialize subsystem device state early
cadb639 msm: 8960: Change the msm master clock for AUXPCM
b7e2c11 input: atmel_mxt_ts: Fix macro (CONFIG_OF) name usage.
c40e28f msm: pil-q6v5-lpass: Add support for secure image loading
d01321c Bluetooth: hci_ibs: Vote on/off UART clocks in non atomic context.
4e13995 msm_serial_hs: Don't destroy mutex from msm_hs_shutdown()
473188b Bluetooth: Fix for supervision timeout must be 6X connection interval
17a947e msm: lpm_resources: Initalize L2 flush flag
ed92ac2 msm: smem_log: Initialize SMEM log after SMD
b47a90c regulator: qpnp-regulator: Add support for rev 1 N1200 and N600 LDOs
1fd9bf2 regulator: qpnp-regulator: Update boost regulator current limit reg address
ecc02f3 leds: leds-qpnp: Add QPNP PMIC led driver
2481eca msm: clock-rpm: Set the sleep vote only for sleep set clocks in handoff
102d7d1 ehci_msm2: Fix enumeration during PHY suspend failure
cf570d0 Revert "msm: copper: Temporarily stub out bus arbitration for copper"
f6cfd6c msm: sps: add option for external block pipe reset
1371d19 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix race conditions in runtime PM
2d325ad jtag: restore only if save has occurred
3713928 msm: scm-boot: Clarify types for scm_set_boot_addr()
bef3657 msm: rpm-smd: Fix error codes returned by msm_rpm_wait_for_ack
336f224 msm: clock-8960: Add core clock for second gfx3d iommu on 8960ab.
c5e46a0 mfd: wcd9xxx-core: fix the device registeration check.
4961de6 msm: memory: Calculate DDR size early at boot time
b2f194d Bluetooth: Send Disconnection reason to Bluez
ce73c37 msm: Remove incorrect SAW2 PMIC DATA commands
5bd73f8 tspp: add kernel api for video demux component
492a603 msm: socinfo: Add support for socinfo v7
bab04cb Documentation: arm/dt: update spm-v2 doc to remove pmic-dly
3467c82 msm: lpm_resources: Update L2 vote for power collapse
19e66cf msm: sps: improve debugging in SPS driver
10cb8e5 msm: Allow watchdog disable via sysfs
ec1470b gpio: qpnp-pin: Add support for gpio major revision 1
1770a3c defconfig: msm8960: Enable IPC logging.
2b9c2e6 msm_serial_hs: Call clk_set_rate() from non-atomic context.
b4696c7 qup_i2c: turn off the ahb clock conditionally.
c93753e radio: iris: Pass proper parameters to SOC for RDS transmission.
ee6f649 input: mpu3050: adjust LPF bandwidth according to sampling frequency.
c5d82e8 cpufreq: fix interactive bug during hotplug.
f960910 radio: iris: Add Platform device entry for fm iris driver.
ea7df9e msm: bms: fix data for palladium battery.
e93bdc7 msm: clock-8960: Disable SMMU SFPB hardware clock gating.
3bbd4f7 arm/dt: Add regulator properties to DSI device.
0c31a1f arm/dt: Add toshiba 720p DSI panel device.
adcdfab msm: acpuclock-8960ab: Add frequencies up to 1.7 GHz
705ff47 msm: Kconfig: Update SUBSYSTEM_RESTART config.
edb86f4 msm: clock-8960: Add support for 8064v2 and 8064ab.
3f7590f msm: acpuclock-krait: Fix PTE efuse address for acpuclock-8974.
e12adf6 msm: clock-pll: Update PLL enable sequences for new processes.
12b9c85 video: msm_fb: Ensure backlight is scaled atomically.
c0900c2 msm: clock: Return error upon invalid call to clk_set_rate.
c503e44 msm: kgsl: Add the GPU chip ID for the 8064v2 SoC.
fc9be07 msm: Support speed push 450Mhz for adreno A320 on 8064ab chip.
bae1cb5 msm: Add support for APQ8064AB variant.
c9a367b msm: iommu: Remove the vcap iommu from 8960ab.
91b7d3e msm: socinfo: Add support for APQ8064AB.
5c585ba coresight: disable ETM probe for Krait pass3.
ffb7966 msm: socinfo: Add support for detecting Krait Pass 3.
b1c9ba2 msm: platsmp: Update Krait release sequence for 8960AB.
f43f421 ARM: smp: Fix cpu_up() racing with sys_reboot.
37d126d tty: smux_ctl: Do not set POLLERR if signal received.
ff96cd2 sched: add PF_WAKE_UP_IDLE.
a4b025c topology: enable SD_SHARE_PKG_RESOURCES at CPU level.
3c13739 EHCI: HSIC: Fail root hub bus suspend when port is not enabled
e44a6a5 rmnet_smux: fix flow control race condition.
a1a1c3b msm: rpm_stats: Update the base address to read rpm stats.
2cadda7 prima: release v3.2.1.11h
cbd2e39 msm: rpm_resources: Prevent power collapse with pending RPM ack.
74a241a prima: release v3.2.1.11g
c16c11d u_data_hsuart: Fix high-watermark race condition
81bdcac EHCI: HSIC: Increase IAA watchdog timeout to 100ms
8ddd481 Linux 3.4.18
0b1743f Revert: ARM: SAMSUNG: Add naming of s3c64xx-spi devices
88f002c drm/nouveau: headless mode by default if pci class != vga display
de540b7 drm/nouveau: fix suspend/resume when in headless mode
ba76a5d drm/nouveau: silence modesetting spam on pre-gf8 chipsets
ac219f9 HID: microsoft: fix invalid rdesc for 3k kbd
8c9c9df target: Fix double-free of se_cmd in target_complete_tmr_failure
4bd1d45 b43: Fix oops on unload when firmware not found
7db4c17 floppy: do put_disk on current dr if blk_init_queue fails
32f25ea md/raid1: Fix assembling of arrays containing Replacements.
e7355f1 gpiolib: Don't return -EPROBE_DEFER to sysfs, or for invalid gpios
0659a31 gpio-timberdale: fix a potential wrapping issue
0d81906 ext4: fix unjournaled inode bitmap modification
b07c263 msm: 8960: remove gpio request from bluetooth platform init
1fe629e leds: leds-pm8xxx: Add CABC support for backlight control
0ac89b4 msm: pm2: Add CPR specific function callbacks to PM driver
bac3791 mpm: 8625: Add support for bypass irq list
1180ebb WLAN: WCN1314: Fixed kernel panic during unloading WLAN driver
df92998 wcnss: Notify Kernel suspend/resume to WCNSS
b12bab7 prima: release v3.2.1.11f
41ee027 msm: camera: fix the memory leak and null check after kmalloc
ec24398 Revert "Revert "mako: msm: board: enable HS200 bus speed mode support""
8c6296f Revert "mako_defconfig: set CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON=y"
06519d5 tty: n_smux: Adjust receive retry queue parameters
664370f2 msm: ultrasound: remove frequent debug prints
3910ee1 msm: bam_dmux: add device tree support
1a089f3 arm: common: fix cpaccess asm instruction
33f8252 tty: n_smux: Increased smux log buffer size
412b080 msm: msm_bus: Fix setting the modes for masters
cf36807 lib: Pass the correct align offset to bitmap_find_next_zero_area_off
2b28565 spi_qsd: support to transfer 64K chunks in DM mode
b0795e1 msm: Configure wcd9xxx reset gpio level low
75dec30 v4l2: Adds support for codec config
4205dee mfd: wcd9xxx: Fix codec hardware reset sequence
480e1d7 tsif: Improve workaround for DMA bug
929e2e0 defconfig: msm8960: enable interactive governor
f2a7602 msm8660: Enable Memory Compaction.
5d9b788 msm: smd: remove riva v1 hardware workaround
48e8ce5 msm: qdsp5: Fix for crash in mp3 driver
9b2fbf0 msm: Kconfig: Select ARM_HAS_SG_CHAIN for 7627a/8625
d666016 WCD9320: Add support for class H controller
f96466e msm : Add support to get user defined TTY device for Uart port
4649919 msm: adsp: qdsp5: Allow MOD_READY event in ENABLING state
ce8b260 video: msm: Add logical display id for post processing
84b78cb block: Expose kblock_schedule_delayed_work()
3f95a42 arm/dt: msm9625: Add device tree for MSM9625 RUMI
8572b00 arm/dt: msm9625: Add device tree for MSM9625 CDP
2c2875f msm: clock: Move voltage scaling to prepare/unprepare
5e38663 EHCI: HSIC: Handle wakeup interrupt properly during probe
983e0a4 arm/dt: msm9625: Add device tree for MSM9625 MTP
35f3a19 lib: genalloc: Change chunk allocation to vmalloc
e10cd1c msm: SSR: Don't fail init on NULL restart orders
651a565 msm: gpiomux: Add gpiomux support for 8092
8a5bdaf PM: Prevent runtime suspend during system resume
9985432 v4l2: add NULL checks fh->vdev
f500173 msm: bam_dmux: abort ul wakeups in the middle of SSR
354830b msm: 7627a: Allocate bigger heap size for ZSL feature
4e1946a msm:vdec: Correct filled length of the output buffer
f9e7c47 Rndis: Don't request Host to send aggregated RNDIS packets
e9ec85f arm: arch_timer: Enable timer in set_mode only
2380ad4 msm: cpuidle: Update C state time stats in the cpu idle device.
b993877 msm: ocmem: Add support for locking and unlocking regions
5c1bd40 msm: Kconfig: add new dependencies to MSM_RMNET_BAM
37f9fbd defconfig: camera: Enable OV2720 config
e1ddb9b arm/dt: msm9625: Add device tree entry for watchdog
f68456d msm: subsystem_restart: Don't use phase 3 SSR on the SGLTE
336d8b1 hwmon: qpnp-adc: Add PMIC 2.0 ADC bringup fixes
f323f8c slim_msm: Retry initial sequence messages
3143254 EHCI: Update qTD next pointer in QH overlay region during unlink
160a3ca msm: ocmem: Export API symbols to modules
a287eba defconfig: Enable ks bridge for flashless boot and efs sync
1f6fa26 defconfig: Enable ks bridge for flashless boot and efs sync
4f77e34 msm: msm_bus: Add device tree support for bus scaling clients
8b76c20 arm/dt: pm8941: Modify VADC channel property nodes
450a9b1 arm/dt: pm8941: Add additional VADC channel nodes
0beb869 msm9625_defconfig: Enable watchdog
957f5b5 msm: smd: call smem_find() after releasing spinlocks
cd7672f hwmon: epm_adc: Fix incorrect SPI writes
b0b8a6e hwmon: epm_adc: Add EPM support using PSOC
2af37f1 hwmon: epm_adc: Update the physical result
1f92c07 msm: rpm-smd: Remove BUG if packet size is 0
ccd3bf1 thermal: tsens: Leave sensors enabled on TSENS init.
827173a use clamp_t in UNAME26 fix
cebdc12 kernel/sys.c: fix stack memory content leak via UNAME26
a1ba6a9 prima: null check after kzalloc
e1a378f prima: release v3.2.1.11e
ec428a7 ASoC: wcd9304: reconfig LDO_H_MODE_1 to the ldoh from board file.
4a5d4f8 prima: release v3.2.1.11d
3f4aed3 msm_fb: display: fix dsi controller hang up during blt enable/disable
d1d8140 slim_msm: Satellite channel should not be deallocated more than once
a0bc47f defconfig: msm9615: Add CONFIG_HID_SUPPORT
10a49fa defconfig: 8960/8064: Enable Battery Current Limit
231689b Bluetooth: Validate hci conn validity before refering wakelock.
df2d84d EHCI: HSIC: Add enhancements to debug logging
57fb9a3 Bluetooth: Check for both SCO and ESCO types in hci_connect API.
92cba64 msm: cpr: Add boot parameter option to disable CPR
c8c1177 arm/dt: Update SPM PMIC_DATA to enable/disable PMIC FTS
a724255 msm: clock-debug: Update debug_suspend feature for prepared state
c35693f msm: smd_pkt: Reduce log churn during SSR
36a6371 msm: socinfo: add support for msm8226
2af5973 msm: Kconfig: add an entry for msm8226
2c251a3 msm: irqs: Specify the irqs for msm8226
16aa452 msm: sps: output the log before callback
bec8b39 input: pwrkey: Handle out-of-order press and release interrupts
4cd49e1 EHCI: HSIC: Prevent disabling wakeup irq twice
ff30af8 mako: backlight: change default brightness for linear curve
76eb1c2 Documentation: arm/dt: corrections in msm_qpic_nand.txt
fe2d4d3 msm: hsic: Disallow processor idle sleep while driving resume signal
63c195b ARM: Fix deadlock scenario with smp_send_stop()
ccae4c4 ks8851: Add GPIO and regulator support
4f5e713 msm: cpufreq: fix a race between hotplug and cpufreq
70a7e56 msm: smd: add support for word access channels in ssr
037942d msm: Fix correct topology for qseecom bus scaling.
2b73ee0 msm: acpuclock-krait: NULL terminate L2 table for find_cur_l2_level()
88bdd4a msm: rpm-smd: Remove timeouts on RPM acks in noirq context
b0466c9 msm: modem-8960: Don't initialize on the 8064 alone
d405e40 defconfig: Add support for WCN2243
b8c88c6 Rndis: Add debug support to disable RNDIS Multipacket Feature
332fdcb radio-iris: Fix corner cases in dqbuf
492c950 mako: camera: no muxing of common cam gpios
b5f5379 spi_qsd: Runtime configuration of spi gpio's
7cd1ac3 input: cyttsp-i2c-qc: move to multitouch protocol B
fbad282 msm7627a: Board file changes to support CAD sound devices
62f6c4a msm: board-7627a: Feed in reserved sizes via variable
7f934ae board-8064: Add boot param to enable MHL
466cf5f msm: board-7630: Remove has_outer_cache flag
1b85957 msm: board-8064: Add backlight control when using PM8917
6f7c347 msm: board-8064: Add support for remapped PM8917 GPIOs
3619925 msm: board-8064: Add support for PM8917 regulator power grid
4ce89ea prima: release v3.2.1.11c
e795bd2 msm: socinfo: Add support for socinfo v7
31c9203 msm: board-8930: Expand GPIO address space to allow for PM8917
ef8118e msm: board-8930: Move board-8930-regulator.c to a PMIC specific file
bba2633 msm: board-8930: Change min_uV request for Sitar CDC_VDD_CP supply
cd0bb5e msm: board-qrd7627a: Enabling RTB for 7627a and 8625.
ffe7ea1 board-8960: kgsl: Fix the nominal clock rate on 8960PRO
a1f507b board-8960: Add HSUSB PHY Init Sequeunce for SGLTE Platform
e4c4704 msm: board-8064: Update touch config to improve latency
1c0b8f6 msm: 8092: Add board file for 8092
57b7337 msm: board-msm7627a-wlan: Handle gpio request failures properly
4f6e549 msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for PM8921 VREG_XO (LDO 13) for APQ8064
72f5b69 msm: board-8064: Add control for PM8921 regulator LDO 13 (VREG_XO)
6ff930c msm: board-8064: include msm-specific ion header
e5ac214 msm: board: include msm-specific ion header
c942e40 board8064: Update gain and resistance value for EPM
4c93ce9 msm: board-8960: Add regulator support for KS8851 ethernet device
73a5154 msm: board-8064: Increase drive strength of PMIC GPIO 34.
0143c58 msm: Add rf4ce board file changes for 8064 HRD & DTV
0ea1b76 msm: board-8960: Don't add modem devices on APQ targets
f5ca483 mako: camera: update bus vectors to increase peak bandwidth
5390967 Linux 3.4.17
1f94bd4 drm/i915: no lvds quirk for Zotac ZDBOX SD ID12/ID13
0187c24 x86, mm: Use memblock memory loop instead of e820_RAM
a0419ca staging: comedi: amplc_pc236: fix invalid register access during detach
775dc1a x86: efi: Turn off efi_enabled after setup on mixed fw/kernel
a57a57a efi: Defer freeing boot services memory until after ACPI init
7a32a0b x86, mm: Undo incorrect revert in arch/x86/mm/init.c
3fd37d2 x86, mm: Find_early_table_space based on ranges that are actually being mapped
6c422bb Revert "ath9k_hw: Updated AR9003 tx gain table for 5GHz"
0b79a8a cpufreq / powernow-k8: Remove usage of smp_processor_id() in preemptible code
44b977a bcma: fix unregistration of cores
7e8cec3 dmaengine: imx-dma: fix missing unlock on error in imxdma_xfer_desc()
73cb409 dmaengine: sirf: fix a typo in moving running dma_desc to active queue
1664295 dmaengine: sirf: fix a typo in dma_prep_interleaved
a2c439d freezer: exec should clear PF_NOFREEZE along with PF_KTHREAD
0fb0773 Bluetooth: SMP: Fix setting unknown auth_req bits
5a01241 mac80211: check if key has TKIP type before updating IV
adb91f6 ARM: at91: at91sam9g10: fix SOC type detection
6ff5ef25 ARM: at91/i2c: change id to let i2c-gpio work
0a6904a ARM: at91/tc: fix typo in the DT document
baa526f ARM: SAMSUNG: Add naming of s3c64xx-spi devices
02b2162 vhost: fix mergeable bufs on BE hosts
8d649dd USB: mos7840: remove invalid disconnect handling
380c05e USB: mos7840: remove NULL-urb submission
45af0b2 USB: mos7840: fix port-device leak in error path
b296aac USB: mos7840: fix urb leak at release
5b31259 USB: sierra: fix memory leak in probe error path
96e42e6 USB: sierra: fix memory leak in attach error path
a58af76 USB: serial: Fix memory leak in sierra_release()
ed7d272 USB: opticon: fix memory leak in error path
ce11958 USB: opticon: fix DMA from stack
02c6b1f USB: whiteheat: fix memory leak in error path
891fe96 usb hub: send clear_tt_buffer_complete events when canceling TT clear work
313f0fd usb-storage: add unusual_devs entry for Casio EX-N1 digital camera
145f944 ehci: Add yet-another Lucid nohandoff pci quirk
a8091a3 ehci: fix Lucid nohandoff pci quirk to be more generic with BIOS versions
057f077 Drivers: hv: Cleanup error handling in vmbus_open()
7b76336 Staging: android: binder: Allow using highmem for binder buffers
c70fc22 Staging: android: binder: Fix memory leak on thread/process exit
fa3b39b sysfs: sysfs_pathname/sysfs_add_one: Use strlcat() instead of strcat()
325c6bf xhci: Fix potential NULL ptr deref in command cancellation.
6c6dff6 SUNRPC: Prevent races in xs_abort_connection()
dedf1c2 Revert "SUNRPC: Ensure we close the socket on EPIPE errors too..."
ea28872 SUNRPC: Clear the connect flag when socket state is TCP_CLOSE_WAIT
9f659ca SUNRPC: Get rid of the xs_error_report socket callback
71a36b5 mm: fix XFS oops due to dirty pages without buffers on s390
368845f x86, mm: Trim memory in memblock to be page aligned
c87ece5 ARM: 7559/1: smp: switch away from the idmap before updating init_mm.mm_count
24d1745 genalloc: stop crashing the system when destroying a pool
3146a25 drivers/rtc/rtc-imxdi.c: add missing spin lock initialization
6fddae5 fs/compat_ioctl.c: VIDEO_SET_SPU_PALETTE missing error check
419cbf2 gen_init_cpio: avoid stack overflow when expanding
218246d ALSA: hda - add dock support for Thinkpad T430
1c1e115 drm/radeon: add error output if VM CS fails on cayman
8357dde drm/radeon: add some new SI PCI ids
1c85169 USB: Allow skipping device resume during system resume.
3a1d121 vidc: Free client context in error cases
344fe3b msm: vidc: error handling for ion_map_iommu calls.
3b2b6e9 mako: backlight: use linear brightness ramp
373c624 backlight: lm3530: remove board specific hard-coding value
0959a57 mako: backlight: add default brightness
e563da7 backlight: lm3530: add default brightness to pdata
5e5a60d msm: dcvs: allow re-registration of cores.
07cf2ff msm: mpdcvs: add ftrace events.
8d843b3 msm: dcvs: force on the slack timer,
3587638 msm: dcvs: get rid of unused attributes.
19cf474 msm: dcvs: add thermal control.
3edb5de msm: dcvs: change tz buffer to 32KB.
080f49d msm: dcvs: functions to start/stop/restart hrtimer.
5542f3e msm: dcvs: cleanup debug prints.
da4e6de msm: dcvs: remove core name.
2ebc0fe msm: dcvs: split get_core in add/get_core.
6e9b34f msm: dcvs: remove idle notification registration.
50bcc83 msm: dcvs: provide frequency set/get callbacks at registration.
c43f0db msm: dcvs: update dcvs if the governor limits change.
bbb52fe msm: dcvs: use wait_q.
584187d msm: dcvs: get rid of the pending freq array.
74f1083 msm: dcvs: prevent thread creations upon cpu hotplug insertions.
4aa4a2b msm: dcvs: hide -13 errors when communicating with the secure side.
83347e0 cpufreq: msm: fix race in cpufreq.
44755a7 cpufreq: msm: remove gov_mutex from stop.
b6c0577 msm: dcvs: Add thermal interfaces.
7e37e6e msm: dcvs: rearrange platform data.
7b933c5 msm: dcvs: update the event enum in preparation for mpdecision.
de91d2c msm: 8064: add board file structures for mpdecision and msm governor.
f392b1d msm: mpdecision: Add mpdecision driver code.
9b230b5 usb: ks_bridge: Fix memory leak in tx data path.
fe9a0d0 sched_avg: add run queue averaging.
166975b ASoC: msm: Add support for voice over USB.
bf4e484 ASoC: wcd9310: Fix NULL pointer dereference.
f3252e1 ASoC: apq8064: Enhance the machine type check for apq8064 devices.
892c9ad ASoC: msm/apq: Remove the dependency of AUX PCM TX to AUX PCM RX.
8c49840 ASoC: msm: Set the minimum channels to 2 for HDMI.
cd1d37d ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Fixed the volume command timeout issue.
0dec67f ALSA: Extend sound jack to support upto 8 key events.
e381d1e ASoC: wcd9310: Enhance OCP reporting logic.
ebeaafc ASoC: PCM: Release memory allocated for DAPM list to avoid memory leak.
9d0f6c9 ASoc: msm8960: Add msm8960AB board specific change.
418393f ASoC: msm: update opcode of read compressed interface.
4bae093 ASoC: Add locking in DAPM widget power update.
4c054d2 ASoC: msm: Reset the calibration block after subsystem restart.
b52dfdd ASoC: msm8960: Fix button detection voltage thresholds.
a714e4b ASoC: apq8064-i2s: Add machine driver for APQ8064 I2S.
5290046 ASoC: wcd9310: Turn on EAR DAC and PA at the same time.
5fae0ad ASoC: wcd9xxx: Retry probing interface device on slimbus.
a48c60e ASoC: msm: Change the reset timeout to look the PLL on cs8427.
33eeb70 ASoC : msm: HDMI 5.1 LPCM playback support.
653025c ASoC: msm: Modify default buffer params of compressed driver
ade6d26 ASoC: msm: Remove the check to break when the app not ready with data.
ba4f528 ASoC: msm: Add AMR-WB tunnel capture support.
d24134a ASoC: msm: Add AIO support for multi channel pcm platform driver.
d706fcf ASoC: msm: Disable 100 KHz level shifter when not in use
fc80ba7 ASoC: msm: Default format for the compressed driver as LPCM.
a3a4f32 ASoC: wcd9310: reduce mbhc button release GPIO debounce time.
18d10ee ASoC: WCD9310: Defer the setup of headphone removal detection.
f95127f ASoC: msm: Updated the period size of Multichannel driver.
1b712ec ASoC: msm: Fix seekbar issue while excercising tunnel mode playback
24eb08a ASoC: msm: Fixup of the SEC I2S port to 2 channels.
76a8498 ASoC: msm: include msm-specific ion header.
113eb8a ASoC: msm: Add support for 4-pole extension cable.
43fdaba ASoC: msm: Add support timestamp update VCAP playback usecase.
e3aed9f ASoC: WCD9304: Pull in fixes for slimbus connect/disconnect.
28d84db msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix voice RTAC.
958320c prima: set frame-size warning to kernel default
4173b9e prima: release v3.2.1.11a
7cdaf77 msm: audio: include msm-specific ion header.
96720cb mako_defconfig: set CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON=y
4622bda prima: release v3.2.1.10g
8d37ae3 prima: release v3.2.1.10f
3eccef6 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix WMV stream resume issue
f12c784 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Add RTAC voice lookup by CVP or CVS handle
4c24bca mfd: pm8xxx-spk: Fix settings for the class D audio amplifier
f88df5f Linux 3.4.16
f2a713d mtd: nand: allow NAND_NO_SUBPAGE_WRITE to be set from driver
3ba5954 sparc64: Be less verbose during vmemmap population.
d37bccc sparc64: do not clobber personality flags in sys_sparc64_personality()
f603fa36 sparc64: Fix bit twiddling in sparc_pmu_enable_event().
846514f sparc64: Like x86 we should check current->mm during perf backtrace generation.
01afdbe sparc64: fix ptrace interaction with force_successful_syscall_return()
dd2c50e ipv6: addrconf: fix /proc/net/if_inet6
259c5a7 tcp: resets are misrouted
04c5923 RDS: fix rds-ping spinlock recursion
2d2f242 vlan: don't deliver frames for unknown vlans to protocols
14a547a skge: Add DMA mask quirk for Marvell 88E8001 on ASUS P5NSLI motherboard
742bd2b net: Fix skb_under_panic oops in neigh_resolve_output
6114941 infiniband: pass rdma_cm module to netlink_dump_start
70f7f1c netlink: add reference of module in netlink_dump_start
f0dc514 media: au0828: fix case where STREAMOFF being called on stopped stream causes BUG()
bfbd61e usb: dwc3: gadget: fix 'endpoint always busy' bug
8538f9c amd64_edac:__amd64_set_scrub_rate(): avoid overindexing scrubrates[]
5a58f48 iommu/tegra: smmu: Fix deadly typo
248ada2 pinctrl: tegra: set low power mode bank width to 2
409dcae pinctrl: tegra: correct bank for pingroup and drv pingroup
727fa37 Revert "cgroup: Drop task_lock(parent) on cgroup_fork()"
5993bba Revert "cgroup: Remove task_lock() from cgroup_post_fork()"
9a55fef cgroup: notify_on_release may not be triggered in some cases
9b1ca55 USB: option: add more ZTE devices
f9353fb USB: option: blacklist net interface on ZTE devices
045b361 usb: host: xhci: New system added for Compliance Mode Patch on SN65LVPE502CP
a520446 usb: acm: fix the computation of the number of data bits
e83863d USB: cdc-acm: fix pipe type of write endpoint
cf32a3a xen/x86: don't corrupt %eip when returning from a signal handler
efd5fa0 x86: Exclude E820_RESERVED regions and memory holes above 4 GB from direct mapping.
3680030 use clamp_t in UNAME26 fix
643fde8 kernel/sys.c: fix stack memory content leak via UNAME26
6eca486 pcmcia: sharpsl: don't discard sharpsl_pcmcia_ops
9b62355 SUNRPC: Fix a UDP transport regression
baecc6e SUNRPC: Prevent kernel stack corruption on long values of flush
1b91a89 s390: fix linker script for 31 bit builds
d641457 oprofile, x86: Fix wrapping bug in op_x86_get_ctrl()
08eaf6a NLM: nlm_lookup_file() may return NLMv4-specific error codes
75383fac9 arch/tile: avoid generating .eh_frame information in modules
d39bd27 nohz: Fix idle ticks in cpu summary line of /proc/stat
2807664 ext4: Avoid underflow in ext4_trim_fs()
4319fd0 ext4: race-condition protection for ext4_convert_unwritten_extents_endio
2f6f036 EHCI: Update qTD next pointer in QH overlay region during unlink
33ddf5a power: pm8921-bms: use fixed ibat_avg instead of shutdown ibat_avg
5195d1b mako: power: use fixed ibat_avg during first soc calculation
f17df24 power: pm8921-bms: use pmic power reason to check restart
f063d16 slim_msm: Retry initial sequence messages
6e501bb slimbus: Avoid same channel definition, removal in same sequence
6b6cad3 slim_msm: Satellite channel should not be deallocated more than once
a279ff9 slimbus: clear slimbus read transaction if synchronous read fails
2952f23 prima: release
6c99964 msm: mdp: Set clock rates on external interface as needed
7ff9853 video: msm: set vfe stack-size warning to kernel default
13f3aac Revert "Revert "mako: display: change color value to displayed in case of underflow""
a746a23 Revert "Revert "Revert "mako: debug: enabling subsystem ramdumps"""
827458a msm: display: add delay after taking out the base layer.
292454d prima: release v3.2.1.10d
d666daf EHCI: HSIC: Fix race between HSIC runtime resume and remote wakeup
adffd54 msm_fb: display: Fix flickering when BLT is enabled/disabled
0a48846 power: pm8921-bms: handle restart without pmic power on
7e2f06d Revert "Revert "mako: debug: enabling subsystem ramdumps""
553f672 Linux 3.4.15
a6b5c98 ALSA: emu10k1: add chip details for E-mu 1010 PCIe card
e503f73 ALSA: ac97 - Fix missing NULL check in snd_ac97_cvol_new()
60dd77a ASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Fix typo of Vibrator
eb695ee ASoC: wm2200: Fix non-inverted OUT2 mute control
efd9aa3 ASoC: wm2200: Use rev A register patches on rev B
e9eeac8 ASoC: fsi: don't reschedule DMA from an atomic context
bb4e973 ALSA: hda - Always check array bounds in alc_get_line_out_pfx
7ec51fc usb: gadget: at91_udc: fix dt support
a5b9aa5 eCryptfs: Call lower ->flush() from ecryptfs_flush()
e7ba1a1 eCryptfs: Write out all dirty pages just before releasing the lower file
068478a eCryptfs: Revert to a writethrough cache model
47bd3aa eCryptfs: Initialize empty lower files when opening them
4fd4415 eCryptfs: Unlink lower inode when ecryptfs_create() fails
8abffa8 tpm: Propagate error from tpm_transmit to fix a timeout hang
f5e37c5 e1000e: Change wthresh to 1 to avoid possible Tx stalls
ea05dc5 jbd: Fix assertion failure in commit code due to lacking transaction credits
6a52f3c drm/i915: use adjusted_mode instead of mode for checking the 6bpc force flag
ab8cd49 drm/radeon: Don't destroy I2C Bus Rec in radeon_ext_tmds_enc_destroy().
5253835 Add CDC-ACM support for the CX93010-2x UCMxx USB Modem
7ae3bb7 netfilter: xt_limit: have r->cost != 0 case work
aee054f netfilter: limit, hashlimit: avoid duplicated inline
29f0d1b netfilter: nf_ct_expect: fix possible access to uninitialized timer
7ea0513 netfilter: nf_nat_sip: fix via header translation with multiple parameters
6ebe631 netfilter: nf_nat_sip: fix incorrect handling of EBUSY for RTCP expectation
0b0ea6a ipvs: fix oops on NAT reply in br_nf context
285ff6c netfilter: ipset: timeout fixing bug broke SET target special timeout value
0fc58b2 netfilter: ipset: fix timeout value overflow bug
7fcbcdc netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix racy timer handling with reliable events
486aaeb ipvs: fix oops in ip_vs_dst_event on rmmod
c847943 pktgen: fix crash when generating IPv6 packets
c4c493a kdb,vt_console: Fix missed data due to pager overruns
9b38cc4 md/raid10: use correct limit variable
a0fee8d ath9k: use ieee80211_free_txskb
00dff26 timers: Fix endless looping between cascade() and internal_add_timer()
3dca360 viafb: don't touch clock state on OLPC XO-1.5
a065f95a8 video/udlfb: fix line counting in fb_write
08de372 module: taint kernel when lve module is loaded
865221d autofs4 - fix reset pending flag on mount fail
7fce34e block: fix request_queue->flags initialization
e299f8a xen/bootup: allow read_tscp call for Xen PV guests.
c525d8e xen/bootup: allow {read|write}_cr8 pvops call.
e1621ec target: fix return code in target_core_init_configfs error path
b77a7a0 SUNRPC: Ensure that the TCP socket is closed when in CLOSE_WAIT
0bd1ed9 firewire: cdev: fix user memory corruption (i386 userland on amd64 kernel)
90e4ed1 ARM: 7541/1: Add ARM ERRATA 775420 workaround
023f18f SCSI: scsi_debug: Fix off-by-one bug when unmapping region
791f153 SCSI: storvsc: Account for in-transit packets in the RESET path
2a7c112 iscsi-target: Bump defaults for nopin_timeout + nopin_response_timeout values
a114a8b iscsi-target: Add explicit set of cache_dynamic_acls=1 for TPG demo-mode
b095d61 iscsit: remove incorrect unlock in iscsit_build_sendtargets_resp
1faef92 iscsi-target: Correctly set 0xffffffff field within ISCSI_OP_REJECT PDU
8892290 SCSI: hpsa: dial down lockup detection during firmware flash
530258f tmpfs,ceph,gfs2,isofs,reiserfs,xfs: fix fh_len checking
fb2ca53 mips,kgdb: fix recursive page fault with CONFIG_KPROBES
531db9f ALSA: hda - Fix memory leaks at error path in patch_cirrus.c
ccb6ce1 ALSA: hda - do not detect jack on internal speakers for Realtek
b9d5c7a ACPI: EC: Add a quirk for CLEVO M720T/M730T laptop
11a4643 ACPI: EC: Make the GPE storm threshold a module parameter
5860462 lockd: use rpc client's cl_nodename for id encoding
2bb0603 NFSD: pass null terminated buf to kstrtouint()
17170f0 nfsd4: fix nfs4 stateid leak
db0a62c ARM: vfp: fix saving d16-d31 vfp registers on v6+ kernels
a142f0b mako: earjack-debugger: use workqueue on resume
0b03ec8 prima: release
149db09 Revert "staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Don't count reserved free memory"
99001c9 msm_fb: HDMI: Add support for hdmi_audio switch node
6b8a5d1 msm_otg: change the message level about ta_detection
5f030ef power: pm8921-charger: not change the usb supply type
d45f96c usb: ks_bridge: Fix bug in partial read on data buffer
c7b9b83f USB: msm_otg: Fix data contact detection issue
b1aa4d8 usb: msm_otg: schedule state machine only when state changes
ef59a42 net: usb: Define waitqueue head as static global variable
6ff217b usb: msm_otg: disallow suspend during charging detection
c7525b8 usb: wwan: Avoid RX URB submission races
911189a usb: misc: Avoid excessive logging during disconnect
a6194c1 usb: ks_bridge: Check for received data upon unlinking the urb
3d02d94 usb: diag_bridge: Fix NULL pointer crash during disconnect
f292a32 usb: ks_bridge: Add support for autosuspend
0abade2 msm: vidc: include msm-specific ion header
88e8f07 vidc: Handle EOS with Codec config buffer.
41690d0 msm: vidc: enable video core clock to 266Mhz
c803c58 video: msm: wfd: Add ion_phys changes for secure session
cf0fe89 video: msm: wfd: initialize mdp_iommu_split_domain for wfd
2509058 msm: video: wfd: Add error handling while wfd open.
833942e msm:vidc: Add the support for MPEG-2 extension and user data
e8b28c7 vidc: 1080p: Copy input frame tag to the output frame tag
b9b79ae msm:vidc: add support for pause in eos state
478c7f0 vidc: fix wrong number of slices in slice delivery mode
e563f46 msm: vidc: suppress non-fatal error messages.
cf74e94 msm:vidc: Add temporary buffer for MPEG-2 extension and user data.
393d468 msm: vidc: include msm-specific ion header
eb15315 vidc: 1080p: IDR picture type support for H264 format
6cfe093 msm: vidc: Enable turbo mode based on client request.
d4837f6 msm: vidc: Bus clk changes for 8960 PRO.
0f667e8 Revert "base: sync: signal a sync pt when not adding to the active_list"
111ae13 sync: Fix error paths
6437643 use msm8960_defconfig instead of mako_defconfig
5fd9c3d prima: release v3.2.1.9
6bb7706 mako: serial console: not write console message if not using earjack-dedugger
99b59d0 mako: fsa8008: not use mic_bias_en in rev 1.0 or later
3018644 switch: fsa8008: use mic_bias_en only if gpio is valid
3ab322a audio: waking up when ear_sense gpio is detected for rev1.1
41db433 msm: mdp: Initialize vsync sysfs in probe
8e0b325 sync: add tracepoint support
bf7a56a sw_sync: convert to new value_str debug ops
41991aa sync: refactor sync debug printing
f76d6d6 sync: use proper barriers when waiting indefinitely
cc4ce56 sync: update new fence status with sync_fence_signal_pt
ea12765 sync: dump sync state of fence errors
7dd3cc4 Staging: android: binder: Add some tracepoints
40eb643c Staging: android: binder: Add some missing binder_stat_br calls
236fd49 Revert "binder: Quiet binder"
586f09e msm: camera: increase the v4l2 event-queue size
aa0d450 mako: power: wlc: support for rev1.1
821d92c mako: camera: change the vcm_en for rev.1.1
cfa76fc mako: vibrator: fix the unbalanced voting XO on/off and set gpiomux
4ba7a81 mako: vibrator: clean up codes
58253c7 ASoC: wcd9310: force slimbus ports to disconnect during error cases
7d1db12 Asoc: msm: 8064: Set channel number based on recording mode
7a47627 sync: protect unlocked access to fence status
e8cd8ba camera: adjusting flash tuning
e5479fe input: pm8xxx-pwrkey: Update key press status during probe
9c83a94 input: pwrkey: Handle out-of-order press and release interrupts
a504728 pmic8xxx-pwrkey: move to subsys_init
989c4d8 mako_defconfig: enable keyreset driver
3c40177 mako: initialize main PMIC earlier
f278add pm8921-core: initialize pwrkey device earlier
717a9a1 ARM: msm: lge: add keyreset device for charger mode
e977b21 input: keyreset: add support for reset after timeout
b0e2512 input: keyreset: move init to subsys to be ready early
6ed2f37 input: keyreset: process pressed keys at init
956ad54 fix uninitialized variable warning
16aea52 fix section mismatch warnings
9f735c8 msm: display: display idle checking update
ed3b0794 msm_fb: display: blt always enabled for 720p,1080p, secure buf
dcd1d36 msm_fb: display: add options to switch blt mode for dsi video
1982491 msm: mdp: Remove mixer1 blt for external
7b5949f camera: fix null pointer execption
595e984 vt: fix race in vt_waitactive()
c124643 camera: fix the preview being paused on touch af
e86303d prima: release v3.2.1.8b
b8ce817 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Apply posted writes workaround to control IN endpoint
6e1452b mako: thermal: change min charging current in thermal mitigation
23d2a7c power: pm8921-bms: use consistent temperature units
90e32fa power: pm8921-bms: support wireless charger bms
5315065 mako: power: support wireless charger bms using pm8921-bms
7346d0f power: pm8921-bms: use restart reason for usb detection
3a3de0e mfd: pm8xxx: provide api to read restart reason
40b8a9e prima: release v3.2.1.7b
e3f681a Linux 3.4.14
45b36ec camera: fast auto focus
93875bc sched: Fix migration thread runtime bogosity
e08ea4c udf: fix retun value on error path in udf_load_logicalvol
a71d788 Convert properly UTF-8 to UTF-16
84b7167 cifs: reinstate the forcegid option
b919016 JFFS2: don't fail on bitflips in OOB
719740d mmc: sh-mmcif: avoid oops on spurious interrupts
3883e28 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Pass on the suspend failure to the PM core
dbb28ef mtd: omap2: fix module loading
7c63137 mtd: omap2: fix omap_nand_remove segfault
196f9c7 mtd: nand: Use the mirror BBT descriptor when reading its version
70b22c7 mtd: nandsim: bugfix: fail if overridesize is too big
2640a71 mtd: autcpu12-nvram: Fix compile breakage
e82df24 mtd: mtdpart: break it as soon as we parse out the partitions
c62f994 CPU hotplug, cpusets, suspend: Don't modify cpusets during suspend/resume
0c96738 efi: initialize efi.runtime_version to make query_variable_info/update_capsule workable
b4bec66 efi: Build EFI stub with EFI-appropriate options
d9302b1 mempolicy: fix a memory corruption by refcount imbalance in alloc_pages_vma()
04ea8a8 mempolicy: fix refcount leak in mpol_set_shared_policy()
04a30bd mempolicy: fix a race in shared_policy_replace()
33efe29 mempolicy: remove mempolicy sharing
14cfd9f revert "mm: mempolicy: Let vma_merge and vma_split handle vma->vm_policy linkages"
160f00f r8169: 8168c and later require bit 0x20 to be set in Config2 for PME signaling.
34ffca4 r8169: Config1 is read-only on 8168c and later.
f5260a7 rcu: Fix day-one dyntick-idle stall-warning bug
4a94001 score: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
1b5124a m32r: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
a3e9082 cris: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
3b30d31 alpha: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
ce6ccabd m68k: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
c7cc1fa mn10300: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
c272355 frv: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
2ddcad1 xtensa: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
d2d41b7 parisc: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
699d26c h8300: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
c5a3f2e ia64: Add missing RCU idle APIs on idle loop
d59316e drm/radeon: force MSIs on RS690 asics
60a601f drm/radeon: Add MSI quirk for gateway RS690
47c3ae0 drm/radeon: only adjust default clocks on NI GPUs
507130a drm: Destroy the planes prior to destroying the associated CRTC
3e0f62d ALSA: USB: Support for (original) Xbox Communicator
92c635b ALSA: usb - disable broken hw volume for Tenx TP6911
c8ab5d9 ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix detection of ALC271X codec
4ca1a84 ALSA: aloop - add locking to timer access
c3b9446 mm: thp: fix pmd_present for split_huge_page and PROT_NONE with THP
6a91e16 mm: fix invalidate_complete_page2() lock ordering
26fc07d hugetlb: do not use vma_hugecache_offset() for vma_prio_tree_foreach
70fb727 kpageflags: fix wrong KPF_THP on non-huge compound pages
62bd817 ASoC: wm9712: Fix name of Capture Switch
e87ba35 ext4: fix fdatasync() for files with only i_size changes
7061315 ext4: always set i_op in ext4_mknod()
a4bf81c ext4: online defrag is not supported for journaled files
67bec35 ext4: move_extent code cleanup
d49765a ext4: fix crash when accessing /proc/mounts concurrently
78790d1 ext4: fix potential deadlock in ext4_nonda_switch()
2de1ece ext4: avoid duplicate writes of the backup bg descriptor blocks
1079d76 ext4: don't copy non-existent gdt blocks when resizing
2d5a1fb ext4: ignore last group w/o enough space when resizing instead of BUG'ing
b790ef2 PCI: Check P2P bridge for invalid secondary/subordinate range
82e0551 SCSI: zfcp: only access zfcp_scsi_dev for valid scsi_device
960e8a5 SCSI: zfcp: restore refcount check on port_remove
ab37eb2 SCSI: zfcp: remove invalid reference to list iterator variable
530bab7 SCSI: zfcp: Do not wakeup while suspended
2872405 SCSI: zfcp: Bounds checking for deferred error trace
1afbcbd SCSI: zfcp: Make trace record tags unique
ab61744 SCSI: zfcp: Adapt to new FC_PORTSPEED semantics
194cca1 drm/savage: re-add busmaster enable, regression fix
fa9a48a aoe: assert AoE packets marked as requiring no checksum
2583c97 net: do not disable sg for packets requiring no checksum
782d596 netrom: copy_datagram_iovec can fail
bc0b216 l2tp: fix a typo in l2tp_eth_dev_recv()
28ad5c7 ipv6: mip6: fix mip6_mh_filter()
7a20f9c ipv6: raw: fix icmpv6_filter()
514ddfe ipv4: raw: fix icmp_filter()
09c6cf7 net: guard tcp_set_keepalive() to tcp sockets
6b8fc5c net: small bug on rxhash calculation
e043257 pppoe: drop PPPOX_ZOMBIEs in pppoe_release
8d16c62 sctp: Don't charge for data in sndbuf again when transmitting packet
2033554 tcp: flush DMA queue before sk_wait_data if rcv_wnd is zero
410eafa ipv6: fix return value check in fib6_add()
d5e36b0 ipv6: del unreachable route when an addr is deleted on lo
17de307 ipv6: release reference of ip6_null_entry's dst entry in __ip6_del_rt
2ab0868 8021q: fix mac_len recomputation in vlan_untag()
97d5d32 sierra_net: Endianess bug fix.
5ee708f pkt_sched: fix virtual-start-time update in QFQ
52ee754 net-sched: sch_cbq: avoid infinite loop
6720119 netxen: check for root bus in netxen_mask_aer_correctable
ec7fd13 ixp4xx_hss: fix build failure due to missing linux/module.h inclusion
f7ee46f net: ethernet: davinci_cpdma: decrease the desc count when cleaning up the remaining packets
53bf146 xfrm_user: ensure user supplied esn replay window is valid
743b911 xfrm_user: don't copy esn replay window twice for new states
0c5e375 xfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_tmpl()
97f96ea xfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_policy()
d5f1f7c xfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_state()
37d61a2 xfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_auth()
a91af73 xfrm: fix a read lock imbalance in make_blackhole
f38b334 xfrm_user: return error pointer instead of NULL #2
555144b xfrm_user: return error pointer instead of NULL
20eb208 xfrm: Workaround incompatibility of ESN and async crypto
6571974 bnx2x: fix rx checksum validation for IPv6
e878ead localmodconfig: Fix localyesconfig to set to 'y' not 'm'
0699c6d jbd2: don't write superblock when if its empty
66307ae workqueue: add missing smp_wmb() in process_one_work()
24a0c20 PM / Sleep: use resume event when call dpm_resume_early
a332509 rapidio/rionet: fix multicast packet transmit logic
ed55202 powerpc/eeh: Fix crash on converting OF node to edev
9825e31 lguest: fix occasional crash in example launcher.
0c0b534 drivers/dma/dmaengine.c: lower the priority of 'failed to get' dma channel message
03f0a11 drivers/scsi/atp870u.c: fix bad use of udelay
3fc49ce kernel/sys.c: call disable_nonboot_cpus() in kernel_restart()
6d36a9d lib/gcd.c: prevent possible div by 0
03c4441 mfd: max8925: Move _IO resources out of ioport_ioresource
95482ba PCI: acpiphp: check whether _ADR evaluation succeeded
991e719 media: gspca_pac7302: add support for device 1ae7:2001 Speedlink Snappy Microphone SL-6825-SBK
63c4863 media: rc: ite-cir: Initialise ite_dev::rdev earlier
63b2f08 intel-iommu: Default to non-coherent for domains unattached to iommus
750025a slab: fix the DEADLOCK issue on l3 alien lock
4893cf6 kbuild: Fix gcc -x syntax
f159778 kbuild: make: fix if_changed when command contains backslashes
6058435 mn10300: only add -mmem-funcs to KBUILD_CFLAGS if gcc supports it
6940973 msm: display: add more checking to ensure display is idle
5980aa8 sysmon: check if mutex lock is available
7f5d01d camera: fixed turning off camera making a sound
5398d2b wcnss: Update Riva ramdump segments
6b4bfae debug: subsystem_restart: do not set ssr magic number on independent ssr
21aaf15 msm: mdp: Fix clocks
cbea936 Revert "mako: debug: enabling subsystem ramdumps"
ef0503c mako: fix typo of ram_console
21c5fce Revert "staging: android: ram_console: honor dmesg_restrict"
95904b8 msm: restart: write bootreason as reboot when reboot without cmd(argument)
5d6f3c5 mako: append the boot reason to last_kmsg
62dd83e msm: kgsl: improved bounds checking on user-specified parameters
9cd5068 msm: vidc: fix buffer pool index
ef4feb3 ASoc: soc-pcm: Move dev_warn to pr_warn_ratelimited
41bf9d2 prima: release v3.2.1.6a
68fd2ad mako: leds: fix greenish fadeout
2f2979b mako: touch: PLG137 firmware E027 update
a7958a0 mako: display: reduce mipi line clock per LGSI spec
eb59bf6 power: pm8921-bms: remove SoC fluctuation during discharging
257b508 usb: gadget: Handle function control requests before set config
eb4c9d2 USB: gadget: f_audio_source: change max ISO packet size
b3dd144 mako: slimbus: fix the duplicated slimbus code
0a41a3e msm: display: Do not create release fence in suspend
aeb3416 msm: display: panel recovering from suspend
41ea9b9 msm: display: allow fb open even in suspend state
57d5f87 msm: display: Allow MDP clocks to use Max clock.
b0a8109 staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Change default debug_level to 1
4971f84 staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Don't count reserved free memory
7ec9487 staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Add config option to support oom_adj values
5dfda80 No world-writable files in debugfs
6074b77 apq8064: Add support for hdmi multichannel
399abb8 Linux 3.4.13
ead9414 SCSI: scsi_dh_alua: Enable STPG for unavailable ports
b8d54c0 SCSI: scsi_remove_target: fix softlockup regression on hot remove
4a3bb11 x86/alternatives: Fix p6 nops on non-modular kernels
b4d4dc3 isci: fix isci_pci_probe() generates warning on efi failure path
22fb582 IB/srp: Avoid having aborted requests hang
0e4765f IB/srp: Fix use-after-free in srp_reset_req()
350f3ed IPoIB: Fix use-after-free of multicast object
cbc7a82 remoteproc: fix a potential NULL-dereference on cleanup
abe9885 remoteproc: select VIRTIO to avoid build breakage
0f0c590 can: mscan-mpc5xxx: fix return value check in mpc512x_can_get_clock()
7b5c87e SCSI: hpsa: Use LUN reset instead of target reset
54ce2fb SCSI: ibmvscsi: Fix host config length field overflow
7d0fcfe Yama: handle 32-bit userspace prctl
56a631f UBI: fix autoresize handling in R/O mode
1168fb4 n_gsm: memory leak in uplink error path
119bd47 n_gsm: added interlocking for gsm_data_lock for certain code paths
b0a3c58 n_gsm: uplink SKBs accumulate on list
3e6ef23 n_gsm.c: Implement 3GPP27.010 DLC start-up procedure in MUX
aa821c5 coredump: prevent double-free on an error path in core dumper
92d9a68 ath9k: Disable ASPM only for AR9285
e3a63e8 Increase XHCI suspend timeout to 16ms
c4f132c xHCI: handle command after aborting the command ring
7538234 xHCI: cancel command after command timeout
2818247 xHCI: add aborting command ring function
1976fff xHCI: add cmd_ring_state
59b91d2 xhci: Intel Panther Point BEI quirk.
ed02004 firmware: Add missing attributes to EFI variable attribute print out from sysfs
dc8276b b43legacy: Fix crash on unload when firmware not available
1eafb02 tools/hv: Check for read/write errors
de5d66e tools/hv: Fix exit() error code
37b6d80 tools/hv: Fix file handle leak
268b7d4 serial: set correct baud_base for EXSYS EX-41092 Dual 16950
c5500c7 serial: pl011: handle corruption at high clock speeds
bba5a67 serial: omap: fix software flow control
804f6a4 TTY: ttyprintk, don't touch behind tty->write_buf
e2a43ab Remove BUG_ON from n_tty_read()
f810716 staging: comedi: fix memory leak for saved channel list
19dcf41 staging: comedi: don't dereference user memory for INSN_INTTRIG
4483c56 staging: comedi: jr3_pci: fix iomem dereference
b5697de staging: comedi: s626: don't dereference insn->data
2867558 staging: r8712u: Do not queue cloned skb
0f2c427 tty: keyboard.c: Remove locking from vt_get_leds.
f7d978e staging: speakup_soft: Fix reading of init string
1d64560 usb: host: xhci: Fix Null pointer dereferencing with 71c731a for non-x86 systems
28939e9 USB: qcaux: add Pantech vendor class match
e59f498 USB: ftdi_sio: add TIAO USB Multi-Protocol Adapter (TUMPA) support
58bd65b USB: option: blacklist QMI interface on ZTE MF683
47c8e86 usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: fixup error probe path
c0b50b2 dm verity: fix overflow check
7d77f47 dm table: clear add_random unless all devices have it set
f9954ca dm: handle requests beyond end of device instead of using BUG_ON
9316bed vfs: dcache: fix deadlock in tree traversal
a6955e8 msm: fb: make the pan task interruptible
6933c50 vidc: handle secure and non-secure session concurrency
4606063 msm_fb: display: empty pending queue during suspend
07a77b8 msm_fb: HDMI: HDCP: Start HDCP authentication as a work item
30f0839 mako: Update Prima WLAN driver configuration to enable roaming
9a49e6b prima: release v3.2.1.6
7ea476e msm: mdp: vsync sysfs bug
245c868 mdp: Do not start LUT for overlay0
948989a mako: audio: change ear_sense gpio for rev 1.1
4486410 mako: camera: set vcm_en as high
5a47a15 mako: camera: add sekonix actuator driver
a257af6 camera: add sekonix actuator driver
ce4747c camera: imx111: tune driver for sekonix lens
2f3c438 msm: display: buf sync enhancement
76f0c66 msm: display: add display commit ioctl
1ba7f00 msm: display: make pan display as a non-blocking call
41ed419 msm: display: add sync point support in overlay commit
5719529 msm_fb: display: Send vsync events using sysfs for MDP4 targets
3cf0a81 msm_fb: display: add support of mdp clocks controlled by vsync
182fb39 msm_fb: display: add dcs command list for dsi command mode
c6ced86 mako_defconfig: enable te interactive governor
cf13495 printk: Defer CPU_ONLINE console flushing
734dc21 soc-pcm: WARN_ON invalid playback route
44bb243 msm: rq_stats: Support to know cpu utilization in userspace
1c7eb28 Linux 3.4.12
9effb1b ARM: 7467/1: mutex: use generic xchg-based implementation for ARMv6+
446d14d Revert: drm/i915: correctly order the ring init sequence
9a266f6 vmwgfx: corruption in vmw_event_fence_action_create()
03c4c80 drm/i915: fall back to bit-banging if GMBUS fails in CRT EDID reads
bd1d3d8 drm/udl: limit modes to the sku pixel limits.
6680146 gpio-lpc32xx: Fix value handling of gpio_direction_output()
d20ff72 ASoC: wm2000: Correct register size
1437cb5 USB: Fix race condition when removing host controllers
0f36cbb USB: ohci-at91: fix null pointer in ohci_hcd_at91_overcurrent_irq
feab18e LockD: pass service to per-net up and down functions
97ed537 kthread_worker: reimplement flush_kthread_work() to allow freeing the work item being executed
34b6567 kthread_worker: reorganize to prepare for flush_kthread_work() reimplementation
c717dca NFSd: set nfsd_serv to NULL after service destruction
6a4ebdb NFSd: introduce nfsd_destroy() helper
1d22d56 UBI: fix a horrible memory deallocation bug
77d13a0 irq_remap: disable IRQ remapping if any IOAPIC lacks an IOMMU
49194d4 mm: avoid swapping out with swappiness==0
6425504 net: qmi_wwan: new devices: UML290 and K5006-Z
8d33627 net: qmi_wwan: add Sierra Wireless devices
e7861ce net: qmi_wwan: add ZTE MF821D
e7f558c net: qmi_wwan: add ZTE MF60
bf5ebae net: qmi_wwan: Add Sierra Wireless device IDs
4bf00385 USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3765-Z
11cbc50 net: qmi_wwan: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
61df445 pch_uart: Add eg20t_port lock field, avoid recursive spinlocks
cb21840 powerpc/85xx: p1022ds: fix DIU/LBC switching with NAND enabled
e85f60c powerpc/85xx: p1022ds: disable the NAND flash node if video is enabled
3dcb536 pch_uart: Fix parity setting issue
439ec7b pch_uart: Fix rx error interrupt setting issue
17361b3 pch_uart: Fix missing break for 16 byte fifo
a31c997 media: Avoid sysfs oops when an rc_dev's raw device is absent
9a227fc time: Move ktime_t overflow checking into timespec_valid_strict
80257cb time: Avoid making adjustments if we haven't accumulated anything
8e87815 time: Improve sanity checking of timekeeping inputs
504471e media: lirc_sir: make device registration work
391c314 mm: sparse: fix usemap allocation above node descriptor section
e194fab sched: Fix race in task_group()
6418cc4 r8169: RxConfig hack for the 8168evl.
9dd30d1 libata: Prevent interface errors with Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex
b2c1fca rds: set correct msg_namelen
11266a8 Fix a dead loop in async_synchronize_full()
0d19c30 media: cx25821: Remove bad strcpy to read-only char*
e6da94b net: Statically initialize init_net.dev_base_head
c031edc Bluetooth: Fix sending a HCI Authorization Request over LE links
0fcc080 Bluetooth: Change signature of smp_conn_security()
27d5046 Bluetooth: Fix use-after-free bug in SMP
403c9eb Bluetooth: Add support for Apple vendor-specific devices
004251b Bluetooth: Use USB_VENDOR_AND_INTERFACE() for Broadcom devices
ef3914b Bluetooth: btusb: Add vendor specific ID (0a5c:21f4) BCM20702A0
2b3c713 macvtap: zerocopy: set SKBTX_DEV_ZEROCOPY only when skb is built successfully
61f26eb macvtap: zerocopy: put page when fail to get all requested user pages
bfd1678 macvtap: zerocopy: fix truesize underestimation
2b9ec26 macvtap: zerocopy: fix offset calculation when building skb
6c9e628 x86: Fix boot on Twinhead H12Y
6adebb0 workqueue: UNBOUND -> REBIND morphing in rebind_workers() should be atomic
956b165 md/raid10: fix problem with on-stack allocation of r10bio structure.
1f7edfc drm/i915: HDMI - Clear Audio Enable bit for Hot Plug
4b4ceb8 drm/nouveau: fix booting with plymouth + dumb support
fcb836f drm/radeon: fix dig encoder selection on DCE61
d6ce9c9 drm/radeon: force dma32 to fix regression rs4xx,rs6xx,rs740
5f566f0 drm/radeon: don't disable plls that are in use by other crtcs
ea708eb drm/radeon: convert radeon vfct code to use acpi_get_table_with_size
6992255 drm/i915: fix wrong order of parameters in port checking functions
853a847 drm/radeon/atom: powergating fixes for DCE6
d468e21 drm/radeon/atom: rework DIG modesetting on DCE3+
2607b94 drm: Check for invalid cursor flags
4368ade asus-nb-wmi: add some video toggle keys
91a1da9 asus-laptop: HRWS/HWRS typo
33822ab drm/i915: extract connector update from intel_ddc_get_modes() for reuse
9e4f719 drm/radeon/kms: extend the Fujitsu D3003-S2 board connector quirk to cover later silicon stepping
25413e6 drm/radeon: implement ACPI VFCT vbios fetch (v3)
0a1d9a8 drm/radeon: split ATRM support out from the ATPX handler (v3)
53c6c87 drm/radeon/ss: use num_crtc rather than hardcoded 6
8ff6361 drm/radeon: avoid turning off spread spectrum for used pll
13e902a fbcon: fix race condition between console lock and cursor timer (v1.1)
95c1d94 drivers/misc/sgi-xp/xpc_uv.c: SGI XPC fails to load when cpu 0 is out of IRQ resources
7f2e6de PM / Runtime: Clear power.deferred_resume on success in rpm_suspend()
a0bfb91 PM / Runtime: Fix rpm_resume() return value for power.no_callbacks set
5e5891d drivers/rtc/rtc-rs5c348.c: fix hour decoding in 12-hour mode
e60b883 mutex: Place lock in contended state after fastpath_lock failure
8623625 tty: serial: imx: console write routing is unsafe on SMP
48877fe usb: host: xhci: fix compilation error for non-PCI based stacks
fa544a2 xhci: Recognize USB 3.0 devices as superspeed at powerup
279412b xhci: Make handover code more robust
3dd2f0b xhci: Fix a logical vs bitwise AND bug
40fd882 usb: host: xhci-plat: use ioremap_nocache
3c4154b Intel xhci: Only switch the switchable ports
dadc5da usb: host: xhci: Fix Compliance Mode on SN65LVPE502CP Hardware
1f92c25 rt2800usb: Added rx packet length validity check
adc7b2b USB: add device quirk for Joss Optical touchboard
61fee2c USB: ohci-at91: fix PIO handling in relation with number of ports
5527f13 USB: cdc-wdm: fix wdm_find_device* return value
7acab78 usb: dwc3: ep0: correct cache sync issue in case of ep0_bounced
1ea39e9 USB: ftdi-sio: add support for more Physik Instrumente devices
c5a79af USB: ftdi_sio: do not claim CDC ACM function
7d9088f USB: ftdi_sio: PID for NZR SEM 16+ USB
7fe0451 EHCI: Update qTD next pointer in QH overlay region during unlink
6da04d6 NFS: return error from decode_getfh in decode open
3672dff NFS: Fix a problem with the legacy binary mount code
f15e724 NFS: Fix the initialisation of the readdir 'cookieverf' array
010ec57 rt2x00: Fix rfkill polling prior to interface start.
c0b4947 rt2x00: Fix word size of rt2500usb MAC_CSR19 register.
117fe26 rt2x00: Identify ASUS USB-N53 device.
87a3420 dmaengine: at_hdmac: check that each sg data length is non-null
8dd47c7 dmaengine: at_hdmac: fix comment in atc_prep_slave_sg()
570d152 DMA: PL330: Check the pointer returned by kzalloc
fe9803b DMA: PL330: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in pl330_submit_req()
7334e40 cfg80211: fix possible circular lock on reg_regdb_search()
12e58ca can: janz-ican3: fix support for older hardware revisions
4a3aa6ef can: ti_hecc: fix oops during rmmod
d83e6a4 asix: Support DLink DUB-E100 H/W Ver C1
b9e8ad4 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Log message that B_CUT device may not work
870fefc MIPS: mm: Add compound tail page _mapcount when mapped
0ed92b2 Input: i8042 - disable mux on Toshiba C850D
c648535 tracing: Don't call page_to_pfn() if page is NULL
dca2dd1 ARM: 7532/1: decompressor: reset SCTLR.TRE for VMSA ARMv7 cores
9f8a301 hpwdt: Fix kdump issue in hpwdt
a6be20b Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix enabling LE while powered off
ec4d417 Bluetooth: Fix not removing power_off delayed work
dcc8dbc Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix enabling SSP while powered off
f51909c SCSI: scsi: virtio-scsi: Fix address translation failure of HighMem pages used by sg list
c2cf6b0 SCSI: hpsa: fix handling of protocol error
4f04e02 SCSI: bnx2i: Fixed NULL ptr deference for 1G bnx2 Linux iSCSI offload
d39bdd3 SCSI: mpt2sas: Fix for issue - Unable to boot from the drive connected to HBA
c68f3282 SCSI: lpfc: fix problems with -Werror
d521765 brcmfmac: Fix big endian host configuration data.
7c4a26d brcmfmac: fix big endian bug in i-scan.
ba41a6d mac80211: clear bssid on auth/assoc failure
0bf2a82 ibmveth: Fix alignment of rx queue bug
1db67b6 vmwgfx: add dumb ioctl support
2ae6371 cifs: fix return value in cifsConvertToUTF16
a3bd94a HID: Fix logitech-dj: missing Unifying device issue
3f4d6d7 hwmon: (ad7314) Add 'name' sysfs attribute
17c7900 hwmon: (ads7871) Add 'name' sysfs attribute
b5b937d hwmon: (fam15h_power) Tweak runavg_range on resume
02fc6e7 xen/boot: Disable NUMA for PV guests.
449efd1 xen/m2p: do not reuse kmap_op->dev_bus_addr
967c0e4 memory hotplug: fix section info double registration bug
32e6530 mm/ia64: fix a memory block size bug
fea0071 can: mcp251x: avoid repeated frame bug
48f0f14 sched: Add missing call to calc_load_exit_idle()
a95bb54 hwmon: (twl4030-madc-hwmon) Initialize uninitialized structure elements
6093dd2 drivers/rtc/rtc-twl.c: ensure all interrupts are disabled during probe
aa7994f mm/page_alloc: fix the page address of higher page's buddy calculation
a4dd7e6 ASoC: samsung dma - Don't indicate support for pause/resume.
547ee16 nbd: clear waiting_queue on shutdown
9fd0132 md/raid5: fix calculate of 'degraded' when a replacement becomes active.
d765682 md: make sure metadata is updated when spares are activated or removed.
1c55a12 md: Don't truncate size at 4TB for RAID0 and Linear
dd81219 digsig: add hash size comparision on signature verification
e3c9398 Redefine ATOMIC_INIT and ATOMIC64_INIT to drop the casts
cf499a0 kobject: fix oops with "input0: bad kobj_uevent_env content in show_uevent()"
f0868b7 ahci: Add alternate identifier for the 88SE9172
93ee708 oprofile, s390: Fix uninitialized memory access when writing to oprofilefs
d409354 mmc: card: Skip secure erase on MoviNAND; causes unrecoverable corruption.
e66a381 mmc: sdhci-esdhc: break out early if clock is 0
3a4781e mmc: mxs-mmc: fix deadlock in SDIO IRQ case
8889866 ACPI / PM: Use KERN_DEBUG when no power resources are found
2bafdfd ACPI / PM: Fix resource_lock dead lock in acpi_power_on_device
d156b47 perf_event: Switch to internal refcount, fix race with close()
9b52a3b sound: tegra_alc5632: remove HP detect GPIO inversion
2ad98b0 fs/proc: fix potential unregister_sysctl_table hang
125c4c2 USB: option: replace ZTE K5006-Z entry with vendor class rule
8ef2b61 staging: comedi: das08: Correct AO output for das08jr-16-ao
8fae345 staging: r8712u: fix bug in r8712_recv_indicatepkt()
191ee41 staging: vt6656: [BUG] - Failed connection, incorrect endian.
6d4960e staging: zcache: fix cleancache race condition with shrinker
18e64a0 Staging: speakup: fix an improperly-declared variable.
4386363 ALSA: hda - Workaround for silent output on VAIO Z with ALC889
23b5a5d ALSA: ice1724: Use linear scale for AK4396 volume control.
6172ace ALSA: hda - Fix Oops at codec reset/reconfig
68983b9 ALSA: hda - Fix missing Master volume for STAC9200/925x
4dbbba4 ARM: Fix ioremap() of address zero
6252fbdc Staging: Android alarm: IOCTL command encoding fix
8cc876d ARM: 7527/1: uaccess: explicitly check __user pointer when !CPU_USE_DOMAINS
eff605b ARM: 7526/1: traps: send SIGILL if get_user fails on undef handling path
dab510c ARM: 7513/1: Make sure dtc is built before running it
3518fd3 ARM: 7496/1: hw_breakpoint: don't rely on dfsr to show watchpoint access type
a18a65b target: Fix ->data_length re-assignment bug with SCSI overflow
2d4d5e8 eCryptfs: Copy up attributes of the lower target inode after rename
2594157 netconsole: remove a redundant netconsole_target_put()
f92e8b0 vfs: dcache: use DCACHE_DENTRY_KILLED instead of DCACHE_DISCONNECTED in d_kill()
5975bc2 vfs: make O_PATH file descriptors usable for 'fstat()'
f274279 cciss: fix handling of protocol error
3b4a9cc cpufreq/powernow-k8: workqueue user shouldn't migrate the kworker to another CPU
fc7da7e workqueue: reimplement work_on_cpu() using system_wq
2ff0cd9 openvswitch: Reset upper layer protocol info on internal devices.
6cacd60 bnx2x: fix 57840_MF pci id
b9d798a net: ipv4: ipmr_expire_timer causes crash when removing net namespace
fae286b l2tp: avoid to use synchronize_rcu in tunnel free function
c5ca1d0 gianfar: fix default tx vlan offload feature flag
fa1dcb6 sfc: Fix reporting of IPv4 full filters through ethtool
fbc3501 tcp: fix cwnd reduction for non-sack recovery
912af4d netlink: fix possible spoofing from non-root processes
7c799a1 af_netlink: force credentials passing [CVE-2012-3520]
9e296be af_packet: don't emit packet on orig fanout group
d09b3b2 net: fix info leak in compat dev_ifconf()
62b4d90 ipvs: fix info leak in getsockopt(IP_VS_SO_GET_TIMEOUT)
59039dc dccp: fix info leak via getsockopt(DCCP_SOCKOPT_CCID_TX_INFO)
00ed5b8 llc: fix info leak via getsockname()
dbcba7a Bluetooth: L2CAP - Fix info leak via getsockname()
8717cd3 Bluetooth: RFCOMM - Fix info leak via getsockname()
279d3f5 Bluetooth: RFCOMM - Fix info leak in ioctl(RFCOMMGETDEVLIST)
745dcdb Bluetooth: RFCOMM - Fix info leak in getsockopt(BT_SECURITY)
639edee Bluetooth: HCI - Fix info leak via getsockname()
87c42a1 Bluetooth: HCI - Fix info leak in getsockopt(HCI_FILTER)
458ed56 atm: fix info leak via getsockname()
5b26dbd atm: fix info leak in getsockopt(SO_ATMPVC)
84a2d3c ipv6: addrconf: Avoid calling netdevice notifiers with RCU read-side lock
c8cca9d af_packet: remove BUG statement in tpacket_destruct_skb
caf2630 net/core: Fix potential memory leak in dev_set_alias()
a348ed0 pptp: lookup route with the proper net namespace
bc3f724 isdnloop: fix and simplify isdnloop_init()
7e0c71a net_sched: gact: Fix potential panic in tcf_gact().
4658b24 tcp: Apply device TSO segment limit earlier
0a1f711 sfc: Fix maximum number of TSO segments and minimum TX queue size
2dc3b21 net: Allow driver to limit number of GSO segments per skb
182c21f msm: mdp: Release all fences on blank
ab22e7d Revert "mako: display: change color value to displayed in case of underflow"
0fac0bb Mako: NFC: Return proper error code from address change ioctl.
07d8c92 prima: release v3.2.1.5b
66ad4c0 msm: kgsl: Hold the pm_qos vote at all times when ACTIVE
8ead8a6 backlight: lm3530: set CABC register on first bootup
f3d7cba wcnss: Set PMU register bit to indicate SSR
cbf2325 vidc: close instance if securing session fails.
5275761 msm: sysmon: recognize ungraceful shutdowns
35c9b80 msm: vidc: Allow client to request sps/pps per IDR frame
bf14cc6 msm_fb: display: Add MSMFB_OVERLAY_COMMIT ioctl.
fc0d021 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Set QMULT for ISO endpoints
8ae7ffb USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Fix use after free in audio_unbind
7015dfc USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Fix error handling and increase packet size
315e698 USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Adjust packet timing to reduce glitches
34b1e30 USB: gadget: f_audio_source: New gadget driver for audio output
c2f0cc7 USB: gadget: f_accessory: Add support for HID input devices
164a985 Add ACCESSORY_SET_AUDIO_MODE control request and ioctl
8ec70a6 usb: gadget: Initialize non zero ep max packet size to 0xFFFF
3756c7e mako: audio: change LDO voltage for headset mic bias(1.8V ->2.5V)
d506709 mako: pmic: store Real Time Clock(RTC)
5bb4720 vidc: Error handling for memory heap mapping.
f85e0a4 prima: release
9c56de0 power: pm8921-bms: fix unintended diff between reported SoC and calculated SoC
70568cf msm_fb: hdmi: Add support for HDMI Audio caps
5cd6b86 msm_fb: hdmi: Fix parsing of audio capabilities
57d97dd msm_fb: call the backlight control before FB_BLANK_POWERDOWN
b0c0c6d msm: mdm: Add shutdown ioctl and send poweroff request to the mdm
cbe67c0 msm-pcm-q6: Add support for flexible recording period size
fd11177 msm_fb: display: empty queue at suspend
028d03d msm : display: buffer sync point update
0fa0005 msm: mdp: Disable vsync in video off.
c5ba7b4 msm_fb: display: remove extra dmap irq disable
a1c1098 mako: display: reduce lcd initial delay time.
8f87790 mako: defconfig: auto-generated
2d2cb97 mako: display: fixed abnormal display initialization
7a72ca6 power: pm8921-charger: prevent recharging when batt is overheat
19c87dd power: charger: set under threshold as vddmax_min for unplug_usbcheck_work.
506f81c ASoC: wcd9310: Turn off slimbus clocks when no ports are active
b9873fd slimport: Modify to support slimport-to-VGA and slimport-to-DP dongles
ffb7305 slimport: reduce hdmi connection setup time
6ca9531 gpu: ion: Fix race between ion_import and ion_free
da2f5f2 usb: gadget: prevent change of Host MAC address of 'usb0' interface
674a167 msm_fb: Fix display corruption with continuous splash screen feature
f5279ec switch: fsa8008: do not enable uart console
5c17cb6 usb: gadget: Fix g_ether interface link status
2870d8d prima: release v3.2.1.3b
910a603 mako: add the earjack debugger trigger
a8c7f6b msm_fb: display: check base layer pipe at irq handler
bce2289 msm_fb: display: add blt condition check at video/lcdc off
df5f3c8 msm: display: Buffer sync point support
52a38b5 msm: mdp: Send fake vsync only when enabled from userspace
e1a3156 mako: camera: change i2c clock to 100KHz from 384KHz
0fb359a msm: kgsl: remove unnecessary definitions for dup and has_signaled
0b120d0 msm: kgsl: implement sync compare callback
8bd3611 camera: prevent warning in relesing interrupt on ispif
5b01b8e mako: enable SW_SYNC
748703a msm: camera: actuator: update driver
fd80bc7 prima: revert scan optimizations to support concurrency
bdb9ca7 prima: Release
6fbe82d msm_fb: Clear real pipe attributes in the pipe free
7390e34 msm: dsi: use timeout for dma transfer
f8c759e Revert "[ARM] msm: fix mipi_dsi_off"
f2b5693 Revert "[ARM] msm: fix mdp_off"
905eac9 power: battery: disable USBIN_OV_IRQ USBIN_UV_IRQ irq
df7ea15 thermal: tsens8960: Fix delay in the ISR
08d6794 defconfig: mako: Enable sync
fe6c39c msm: kgsl: Add support for Android's sync point framework
5dcc956 switch: fsa8008: enable the debug message
720c563 mako: vibrator: adjust vibrator amp
bfae208 android_vibrator: set maximum value of amp to 100 from 127
c68f416 vibrator: tspdrv: clean up codes
bd483da base: sync: signal a sync pt when not adding to the active_list
b714287 base: sync: include struct seq_file to fix compile warning
bc187e3 netlink: fix possible spoofing from non-root processes
6010652 af_netlink: force credentials passing [CVE-2012-3520]
4bdc71f msm: clock: Fix HDMI compatibility of 720p TV.
2b2765b backlight: lm3530: decrease a little more backlight level
54adcf9 power: cleanup the messages of wireless charger
393bd8e msm: ssr: remove msleep in the panic handler
bc7be59 msm: debug: disable JTAG debugging and tracing across power collapse
74a5f8b msm: rtb: change msm_rtb default filter
b451663 mako: remove the pop noise on inserting earjack
b017c81 android_vibrator: improve the vibration response.
dab6a1c msm : dsi: fix merge error
b732fcf mako: vibrator: fix unbalanced calling of regulator
88ed122 mako: vibrator: add XO clock control for vibrator
33385ab mako: vibrator: warmup delay for vibration sensitivity
7eb84ca android_vibrator: warmup delay for vibration sensitivity
a66ff76 android_vibrator: improve the vibrator-off sequence
1e7bcb7 bluetooth: Send hardware event to userspace stack on controller reset
d93ff03 power: charger: fix for incorrect detection of TA as USB
8603137 Revert "mako: backlight: sync backlight on/off with lcd on/off"
e82189e mako: EHCI: HSIC: Pass interrupt threshold value as platform data
c4e40db EHCI: HSIC: Pass interrupt threshold value as platform data
e9496a4 msm_fsb: handle pipe-allocation errors
2f40979 msm_fb: Add option to enable/disable mixer commit
00709f7 Linux 3.4.11
7dc4fd3 msm_fb: display: free base layer pipe at adb stop
6475ad7 msm_serial_hs_lite: HACK: mako earjack noise reduction
3fe6c90 mako: fsa8008: fix noise in the state of ear-jack connection
80b58012 switch: fsa8008: control uart console
6d1bcab msm_serial_hs_lite: restore console flags on resume
3a0e947 switch: fsa8008: separate gpio initialization from probe
e18625c hwmon: (asus_atk0110) Add quirk for Asus M5A78L
af84397 dccp: check ccid before dereferencing
72961d9 x86, microcode, AMD: Fix broken ucode patch size check
bbebafa xen/pciback: Fix proper FLR steps.
095ac02 xen: Use correct masking in xen_swiotlb_alloc_coherent.
9db2bc1 PARISC: Redefine ATOMIC_INIT and ATOMIC64_INIT to drop the casts
df0b962 drm/vmwgfx: add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE so vmwgfx loads at boot
ae2e290 Input: i8042 - add Gigabyte T1005 series netbooks to noloop table
7d60f87 HID: add NOGET quirk for Eaton Ellipse MAX UPS
7db3f56 i2c-i801: Add Device IDs for Intel Lynx Point-LP PCH
f313f5b i2c-designware: Fix build error if CONFIG_I2C_DESIGNWARE_PLATFORM=y && CONFIG_I2C_DESIGNWARE_PCI=y
b4b55ff fuse: fix retrieve length
6cbe67f ext3: Fix fdatasync() for files with only i_size changes
d027dff udf: Fix data corruption for files in ICB
d3ed173 SCSI: Fix 'Device not ready' issue on mpt2sas
7a4601c SCSI: mpt2sas: Fix for Driver oops, when loading driver with max_queue_depth command line option to a very small value
797efad SCSI: scsi_lib: fix scsi_io_completion's SG_IO error propagation
dc0c0a9 SCSI: megaraid_sas: Move poll_aen_lock initializer
43da476 Fix order of arguments to compat_put_time[spec|val]
05d71a5 Remove user-triggerable BUG from mpol_to_str
242fa18 powerpc: Make sure IPI handlers see data written by IPI senders
fe83a63 powerpc: Restore correct DSCR in context switch
c68ef2b powerpc: Fix DSCR inheritance in copy_thread()
59d0622 powerpc: Keep thread.dscr and thread.dscr_inherit in sync
652f437 powerpc: Update DSCR on all CPUs when writing sysfs dscr_default
a9959bb USB: CDC ACM: Fix NULL pointer dereference
5750abb USB: smsusb: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
98ad260 USB: rtl8187: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
37037e1 USB: p54usb: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
3ecad65 USB: jl2005bcd: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
3c8ac60 USB: spca506: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
e949773 x32: Use compat shims for {g,s}etsockopt
0522ba5 regulator: twl-regulator: fix up VINTANA1/VINTANA2
3ad3bc5 rapidio/tsi721: fix unused variable compiler warning
8d30b993 rapidio/tsi721: fix inbound doorbell interrupt handling
190d604 uvcvideo: Reset the bytesused field when recycling an erroneous buffer
ebad30a sched: fix divide by zero at {thread_group,task}_times
0f342b9 sched,cgroup: Fix up task_groups list
3465c32 block: replace __getblk_slow misfix by grow_dev_page fix
81d030d PCI: EHCI: Fix crash during hibernation on ASUS computers
4592431 ath9k: fix decrypt_error initialization in ath_rx_tasklet()
4500d52 ACPI: export symbol acpi_get_table_with_size
8b34096 cciss: fix incorrect scsi status reporting
234c04c svcrpc: sends on closed socket should stop immediately
973caa9 svcrpc: fix svc_xprt_enqueue/svc_recv busy-looping
389aec3 svcrpc: fix BUG() in svc_tcp_clear_pages
cbd3df7 Revert "drm/radeon: fix bo creation retry path"
e51f2ce drm: stop vmgfx driver explosion
47b8bbd audit: fix refcounting in audit-tree
ae2a5dd audit: don't free_chunk() after fsnotify_add_mark()
e5cd679 NFS: Alias the nfs module to nfs4
3cf3cfc Bluetooth: Fix legacy pairing with some devices
4a20bce Bluetooth: Set name_state to unknown when entry name is empty
a8b8ad6 Bluetooth: Fix using a NULL inquiry cache entry
a431bd5 Bluetooth: Fix using NULL inquiry entry
4c795fe UBIFS: fix complaints about too small debug buffer size
d307889 NFS: return -ENOKEY when the upcall fails to map the name
797d03b NFS: Clear key construction data if the idmap upcall fails
f401b10 NFSv4.1: Remove a bogus BUG_ON() in nfs4_layoutreturn_done
c2bf322 pnfs: defer release of pages in layoutget
73b8b9f NFSv3: Ensure that do_proc_get_root() reports errors correctly
94a6f17 target: fix NULL pointer dereference bug alloc_page() fails to get memory
69b9b6d ALSA: hda - don't create dysfunctional mixer controls for ca0132
c3a0afd mm: hugetlbfs: correctly populate shared pmd
5be8fc2 USB: winbond: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
660345c alpha: Don't export SOCK_NONBLOCK to user space.
f998ff5 alpha: fix fpu.h usage in userspace
b030a2c vfs: canonicalize create mode in build_open_flags()
1e6cec2 vfs: missed source of ->f_pos races
7b6d36d ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Fix 6pin mux configuration
73f34fe ASoC: wm9712: Fix microphone source selection
e78e9b4 ARM: imx: select CPU_FREQ_TABLE when needed
830cb0d ARM: imx6: spin the cpu until hardware takes it down
47bca6a xen/setup: Fix one-off error when adding for-balloon PFNs to the P2M.
449daa0 Revert dma: imx-dma: Fix kernel crash due to missing clock conversion
588d6b1 ARM: S3C24XX: Fix s3c2410_dma_enqueue parameters
cef2cf5 ARM: S3C24XX: Add missing DMACH_DT_PROP
8c17041 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix dmtimer set source clock failure
88b67cb ARM: 7489/1: errata: fix workaround for erratum #720789 on UP systems
635a2a8 ARM: 7488/1: mm: use 5 bits for swapfile type encoding
aa2e66e ARM: 7487/1: mm: avoid setting nG bit for user mappings that aren't present
7de4da6 ARM: 7483/1: vfp: only advertise VFPv4 in hwcaps if CONFIG_VFPv3 is enabled
5ed0dc3 ALSA: hda - fix Copyright debug message
7d79cc4 USB: emi62: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
61fe808 USB: vt6656: remove __devinit* from the struct usb_device_id table
9bb777d power: pm8921-charger: adjust vdd max earlier
1bd7c86 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: enable unplug_check for PC USB"
31802ec sync: improve timeout dumps
93b10c9 sync: use correct signed type when handling SYNC_IOC_WAIT
442fff4 sync: dump sync state to console on timeout
4581158 sync: clean up compiler warnings
131ed18 sync: fix erase-o in sync_fence_wait
df53a2ca sync: change wait timeout to mirror poll semantics
741cdde sync: add reference counting to timelines
c4af266 sync: add internal refcounting to fences
9934319 sync: optimize fence merges
1ee7685 sync: reorder sync_fence_release
4fa0eb8 power: pm8921-charger: enable unplug_check for PC USB
3449f7b ASoc: msm: Increase default buffersize to 4k for audio playback
d0f3fc3 ASoc: msm: Increase max buffer size to 4k for lowlatency playback
e830fd9 ASoc: msm: Add lowlatency playback and recording routing controls
830a84f mako: power: use SoC % value for charging stop and resume
76048da power: pm8921-charger: use SoC % value for charging stop and resume
b09bf54 net: usb: Submit RX URBs regardless of whether QMI channel is opened
5b03082 mako: touch: PLG137 firmware E015 update
7d8e1a2 mako: touch: preserving touch data coherency
33f5111 msm_fb: remove unused code
423894a mako: display: disable LP stop mode
82f100f mako: display: increase mipi line speed
69f1730 power: pm8921-charger: OVP_FET control for USBIN drop error
d530d1c usb: msm_otg: prevent abnormal charging stop when vbus active.
30f9309 msm: camera: Disable stats logs by default
204d123 vidc: Correct start and stop sequence.
74ef891 ASoC: WCD9310: Reduce the sleep time after lineout PA enable
3bdb6de gpio: msm: do not re-enable the interrupt and clear the status
66fa35b mako_defconfig: compile wlan driver in
d2e1c0e prima: WLAN Driver Release v3.2.0.10
da7c42c mako: power: add new rconn_mohm for charger and bms
5bc5cf1 Disable BT SMD driver for mako kernel
78df86f usb: msm_otg: support for slimport charger
e0f075f slimport: Add slimport detection function
69640a1 slimport: Change slimport certification confirmed driver
bfaaa3b slimport: add wake lock for stability in connected status
690bec5 vidc: Add secure node support for encoder.
71492fa msm: vidc: Use MM heap for prediction buffer during secure encode
d917beb diag: Increase HSIC throughput by implementing multiple simultaneous reads
a8d2853 usb: misc: fix that MDM diag not operate after SSR3
cd34e12 audio: remove handset pop-noise
6179e67 mako: touch: error checking for firmware update
5b6082d mako: touch: add sys node for charger status update
18f0d73 mako: battery: reduce the charging current to 900mA
2d2643f power: battery: fix charging current restoration
c5d0fef mako: display: update lcd initial code.
f113597 prima: WLAN Driver Release v3.2.0.9
0db2d8b mako: clean up codes
c7421a9 switch: fsa8008: fix to detect earjack during deep sleep
77d8ea0 mako: backlight: apply customized backlight LUT for power saving
9f16d22 backlight: lm3530: add the backlight map in platform data
9ad6f6a [ARM] mako_defconfig: enable CONFIG_HID and CONFIG_UHID
20c6302 HID: uhid: Fix sending events with invalid data
c83f988 HID: uhid: silence gcc warning
db742f5 MAINTAINERS: add UHID entry
6edd804 HID: uhid: add example program
2124404 HID: uhid: add documentation
03951e2 HID: uhid: implement feature requests
ccd8749 HID: uhid: forward raw output reports to user-space
fd2076e HID: uhid: forward output request to user-space
8fba798 HID: uhid: forward open/close events to user-space
d11acf2 HID: uhid: add UHID_START and UHID_STOP events
978bc39 HID: uhid: forward hid report-descriptor to hid core
dfa8d98 HID: uhid: allow feeding input data into uhid devices
8a850b9 HID: uhid: add UHID_CREATE and UHID_DESTROY events
fd7d634 HID: uhid: implement write() on uhid devices
9b2c396 HID: uhid: implement read() on uhid devices
845e1ec HID: uhid: allow poll()'ing on uhid devices
0f66301 HID: uhid: add internal message buffer
11c4b3e HID: uhid: introduce user-space I/O driver support for HID
2073afb power: charger: fix fluctuation between charging and not charging
24d8b79 Revert "mako: pmic: store Real Time Clock(RTC)"
63a2d6a camera: imx111(rear): fix unsupported packet format error in csic
4a42c08 msm: usb: fix mdm bridge channel mismatch when disconnecting
11ab1d5 msm: hsic: Retry port RESUME if unable to send SOFs within 3ms
a167a3f leds: pm8xxx: change calculation of blinking period and on/off timing
8126554 power: charger: get the current information from usb-otg
d063ef3 [ARM] usb: msm_otg: correctly report charging status
040ef00 Revert "msm: vidc: Correct calculation of yuv buffer size"
926cf3f ASoc: msm: Update platform drivers to correctly access audio_client
bbc2fff ASoc: Reduce number of periods in low latency driver.
404c2f3 switch: fsa8008: show error and warning messages
77f3a41 mako: Fix unbalanced disables for vibrator
36b2b8c msm: smd_tty: use pm_qos for bt performance.
803bb63 msm: mdm: Disconnect peripheral(hsic) before powering down the MDM
01e5a5b EHCI: HSIC: Use counter for timeout in ulpi_read()
83baa8b msm_fb: display: add mutex on overlay_play to fix iommu page fault
f8eacd6 msm_fb: display: add wait for overlay0 done
8d29c17 msm_fb: display: fix mdp crash during overlay unset
8d2c056 msm_fb: display: alloc/free writeback buffer done at do_blt()
9026e1d msm_fb: display: fix page fault during supend/resume
610ff31 ARM: disable preemption in machine_shutdown
dfc1098 leds: pm8xxx: add calculation of blinking period and on/off
a27940e mako: leds: change led lut table index
6c056b5 mako: leds: changing LEDS brightness settings.
c650af3 leds: pm8xxx: change adjust brightness routine
ecef32b mako: touch: ignore abnormal touch interrupt
f572d26 gpu: ion: Add compatibility with future changes
0cc4fd7 mako: power: battery: add argument to set_health_state()
45ccbb5 power: pm8921: consideration of ibat max overwrite
165ca5e power: battery: add argument to set_health_state()
c34cd48 msm: camera: Adjust blanking timing settings.
ef6ce3c mako: touch: bug fix on report mode setting
bfd63ae mako: touch: correct resolution and reduce threshold
0c0acb1 mako: display: adapt LCD tuning value
325acb8 mako: clean up board-mako-misc codes
795a9a6 android_vibrator: clean up codes and handle errors
9afe5ae mako: remove the hall ic codes
bfafe7e power: pm8932-bms: avoid skipping when SoC is 1%
2523651 msm_ion.h: switch to using legacy_ion.h
6dcfc1d legacy_ion.h: a backwards-compatibility copy of ion.h
14f08fd ARM: GIC: fix irq_trigger return
ab3bf19 Revert "usb: ehci-msm-hsic: replace wakelock with wakeup source"
e346f7a power: pm8921-bms: display the battery information for monitoring
ef701b0 power: battery: change cutoff voltage to 3.5
ec04044 usb: msm_otg: fix for TA detection bug
88a0c17 mako: debug: clean up lge crash handler source code
1d7938c msm: sysmon: get a restart reason for the external modem that uses HSIC
e1e4454 camera: imx111: modify handling eeprom data for lens shading
f95b978 Linux 3.4.10
e190012 rt2x00: Add support for BUFFALO WLI-UC-GNM2 to rt2800usb.
4cfb77e usb: gadget: u_ether: fix kworker 100% CPU issue with still used interfaces in eth_stop
4893ce5 usb: serial: mos7840: Fixup mos7840_chars_in_buffer()
d3d31e5 USB: ftdi_sio: Add VID/PID for Kondo Serial USB
7c65b87 USB: option: add ZTE K5006-Z
c638628 USB: support the new interfaces of Huawei Data Card devices in option driver
ddffad3 IB/srp: Fix a race condition
a8e4803 pmac_zilog,kdb: Fix console poll hook to return instead of loop
1aac2e7 xhci: Fix bug after deq ptr set to link TRB.
0adf7a0 xhci: Switch PPT ports to EHCI on shutdown.
ebd311e xhci: Increase reset timeout for Renesas 720201 host.
40c293d xhci: Add Etron XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirk.
d8b868f ext4: fix kernel BUG on large-scale rm -rf commands
e1b5aba ext4: fix long mount times on very big file systems
9a321be ext4: avoid kmemcheck complaint from reading uninitialized memory
8b9f386 ext4: make sure the journal sb is written in ext4_clear_journal_err()
75a7571 drm/radeon: fix bank tiling parameters on evergreen
e3d7a0f drm/radeon: fix bank tiling parameters on cayman
844bebf drm/radeon: add some new SI pci ids
3407b51 drm/radeon: do not reenable crtc after moving vram start address
b248464 drm/radeon: properly handle crtc powergating
acafb02 drm/i915: reorder edp disabling to fix ivb MacBook Air
c02a296 drm/i915: ignore eDP bpc settings from vbt
57ecc93 drm/i915: correctly order the ring init sequence
1a475b7 drm/nvd0/disp: mask off high 16 bit of negative cursor x-coordinate
6700eb4 drm/i915: prefer wide & slow to fast & narrow in DP configs
b9247be xen: mark local pages as FOREIGN in the m2p_override
90f9cb7 fuse: verify all ioctl retry iov elements
9ea2c02 dma: imx-dma: Fix kernel crash due to missing clock conversion
a875319 s390/compat: fix mmap compat system calls
bdac2ea s390/compat: fix compat wrappers for process_vm system calls
e0110b5 mako: ASoc: msm: Add low latency playback and recording support.
2fe396f mako: power: pm8921-bms: charging curve adjustments
de12318 mako: power: pm8921-bms: limit voltage correction
a159416 mako: power: pm8921-bms: use shutdown soc if it is within limits
94f1ec3 mako: power: pm8921-bms: remove Dynamic Unusable Charge algorithm
822de0f mako: msm: board-8064: Enable NLDO TCXO workaround for APQ8064
eea4a78 mako: msm_fb: display: change implementation of updating mdp_clk and blt mode
988bce1 mako: msm: Rename pmem variables and macros
7121ca4 mako: gpio: msm: Make msmgpio a platform device
ca9befa mako: coresight: switch to use coresight core layer code
1c3c923 mako: usb: msm_otg: Enable VBUS MPM interrupt
559a997 mako: msm: mdm: change the gpio pull value of mdm2ap_status after bootup
ea349c0 Revert "msm: tty: update receive room just before writing data to the ldisc"
c74ffb5 mako: touch: PLG137 firmware E009 update
4ea40bb mako: touch: fix the tool type to finger
84cf5a3 power: charger: change charger detection for TA plug in
1265899 mako: power: use wireless charger api instead of power supply api
06ab3e1 mako: battery: add battery temperature control
3259959 power: battery: add battery temperature control
becd528 Revert "power: add battery type selection and check lge battery"
839d5a5 power: pm8921-charger: add device_create_file for charge_state
f0ee9af mako: power: pm8xxx-adc-scale: board specific thermistor characteristic
b19ebbc pm8xxx-adc: add the functions to set tuning parameters
dac592e mako: power: update battery data
53adc8c New prima driver release jb_rel- from codeaurora.org
3e7df3a slimbus: Decrement channel reference during reconfigure now
2c71b24 slim_msm: Keep track of satellite reconfiguring a channel
c92a70e mfd: Reorder slimbus disconnect port and channel
bc1beb8 camera: Fix the problem ispif selects wrong csid
2088103 New prima driver release jb_rel- from codeaurora.org
c71662f msm: vidc: Separate partition for shared memory
a80c69e arm/dt: Move MDSS device nodes to separate dtsi file
32ce1ea msm: cpr: Add support for CPR in 8625
bcc386d defconfig: msm8974: enable genlock
19d3d31 msm: Remove idle stats and cpuidle hooks
aa6b27e msm: timer: Add a stub for msm_timer_get_timer0_base
da7ce9c msm: iomap: Add mappings for the MPM PS_HOLD region
443e634 msm: vidc: Adds support for Rate Control
4fd8c5f mako: touch: PLG137 firmware E008 update
99bf09c ASoc: msm: Add low latency playback and recording support.
a876ba6 msm: Fix for overflow cpu alive mask dump.
09236b0 tty: hold lock across tty buffer finding and buffer filling
a31d106 msm: Turn off cpu alive mask messages.
2bdd056 msm: kgsl: Add GPU clock statistics.
8acab07 Bluetooth: Enable BT&FM kernel modules for MSM8974
ffaa5ab v4l2: Add mutex to streamon() and dqbuf()in v4l2 framework.
cdb36c2 tty: hold lock across tty buffer finding and buffer filling
ae341d1 msm: mdss: fix suspend coming to MDP before panel drivers
a5a987a msm: mdss: allocate framebuffer memory from ion pool
05bb0b7 msm: mdss: improve clock and bus scaling logic
4d4198a msm: camera: fixed lens shading problem
1957333 Revert "Revert "mako: msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on""
dd975e5 platform: msm: Add driver for QPNP PMIC clkdiv peripherals
4a14a55 msm: add adsp loader driver
a31b7f3d msm: kgsl: Hold pm_qos vote for active rendering
91d9546 msm: APRv2: Add APRv2 support
f8c4564 usb: msm_otg: Add support for separate ASYNC IRQ to exit LPM
e541526 msm: vidc: Adds support to send new command
41b206d msm_fb: display: commit mdp baselayer pipe
b9afc73 ASoC: WCD9304: remove dependency between DMIC's and Decimators.
8e838cc msm: audio: qdsp5: Add Support for AC3/EAC3 driver
387b669 msm: kgsl: Map ebi memory to kernel
20c2a6c usb: gadget: Kconfig: Remove unused option for RMNET_SMD_CTRL
d3c435e power: pm8921-bms: fix 0% soc reported when started with a charger
bea2d5d msm: ocmem: Add clock management support
54ca8c0 msm: ocmem: Refactor the GPU MPU workaround to a stub
f27e4f0 Revert "ARM: 7169/1: topdown mmap support"
65396b9 msm: clock-8974: Add a voter clock for the OCMEM core
57970966 arm/dt: 8974: Specify the PON resin reset configuration
ce4da9c msm: qpnp-power-on: Use BARK interrupt for key reporting
d44f5aa arm/dt: msm8974: Add dts support for PON reset configuration
0e18cd0 msm: qpnp-power-on: Add reset configuration support
cd9383f msm: vidc: Adds support to send frame rate to Video Hardware
ffa1681 gpio: qpnp-pin: Properly mask gpio get value
d3cf9b0 gpio: qpnp-pin: Fix bugs preventing MPP correctness
37d554a power: pm8921-bms: remove forcing shutdown soc
22c5f0b mako: touch: reset_pin control during touch power control.
9d268ac PM / Sleep: Prevent waiting forever on asynchronous suspend after abort
a5f830e mako: i2c: change max i2c clock to 384KHz
1dbac4a mako: display: change lcd initial code.
340dba8 qseecom: Fix kernel panic
fe1ef3b mako: pmic: store Real Time Clock(RTC)
6567145 report Wireless instead of WIRELESS for charger
705c673 msm: board-8930: Add platform device for multi channel session.
0e4a16d 8064: tspp: Add TSPP device to device list
e7652cf msm: kgsl: Fix address range checking with no MMU
d075233 msm: vidc: Adds error check for controls
a856ecf PM / Sleep: call early resume handlers when suspend_noirq fails
496f928 msm_fb: display: change implementation of updating mdp_clk and blt mode
59d3679 thermal: tsens8974: Fix one point calibration offsets
05e5881 msm: Rename pmem variables and macros
8047d09 msm: camera: Add AXI arbitration logic for VFE
a16ab49 defconfig: 8974: Enable GPIO keys driver
b70740f arm/dt: msm8974: Add device and GPIO configuration for GPIO based keys
50b50fa 8064: tspp: porting TSPP driver to 8064
a65c8c5 mdp: Fix incorrect reserved[3] usage
54ce856 gpio: msm-v3: Fix the INTR_POL_CTL bit configuration
5b1f701 gpio: msm-v3: Clear the reset state before configuring a gpio interrupt
6b1d5df msm: platsmp: Initialize headswitches for secondary CPUs
e8571ef msm: krait-regulator: Initialize headswitches for secondary CPUs
a9fb5d4 Revert "mako: msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on"
0eb50ee power: pm8921-bms: change OCV when scaling soc for charging
dc3323a power: pm8921-charger: round up vddmax adjustments
d6d66c7 power: pm8921-bms: charging curve adjustments
5dc6d34 power: pm8921-bms: use termination battery resistance
2f7f6fc power: pm8921-bms: increase/decrease UUC 1% at a time
720b00e power: pm8921-bms: limit voltage correction
a7daba5 power: pm8921-bms: backup average current along with shutdown soc
1658215 power: pm8921-bms: use rtc to get average current
2feabe3 power: pm8921-bms: fix ccadc accuracy
1f4cc51 power: pm8921-bms: provide option to ignore shutdown soc
d74be6b power: pm8921-bms: change power on ocv if soc < 0
2a46832 Revert "Revert "msm: board-8974: Switch from stub to krait regulator for 8841 S5-S8""
5daee15 msm: krait-regulator: Change default min voltage to 0.9V
bc56743 msm: mdp: Fix reserved field usage
a0c30ae wcnss: Wait for WCNSS to finish it's error fatal routines during SSR
ac580a9 ASoC: WCD9304: Vote for runtime pm off after slimbus port disconnect
ca13bc7 dts: 9625: Remove duplicate property
2d0d5ba ARM: dma-mapping: remove offset parameter to prepare for generic dma_ops
1dc8f00 ARM: dma-mapping: introduce DMA_ERROR_CODE constant
e2a8e41 ARM: dma-mapping: use pr_* instread of printk
f504f8e ARM: dma-mapping: use dma_mmap_from_coherent()
b1ee3af common: add dma_mmap_from_coherent() function
602dc27 power: pm8921-bms: use shutdown soc if it is within limits
52daf65 power: pm8921-bms: dont adjust at high battery capacity
091c9ec power: pm8921-bms: iterate rbatt algorithm
41b46cd power: pm8921-bms: use background work to calculate soc
6f42a23 power: pm8921-bms: adjust rbatt and ocv both for shutdown soc
de9c7e7 power: pm8921-charger: increase hearbeat if battery is low
647d0f8 power: pm8921-bms: increase soc slowly while charging
db0fb30 msm_fb: display: Set timing generator after register flush
196ad09 Linux 3.4.9
8f3ce22 rt61pci: fix NULL pointer dereference in config_lna_gain
117b7f7 Input: wacom - Bamboo One 1024 pressure fix
95c9248 Input: eeti_ts: pass gpio value instead of IRQ
733e9ad e1000e: NIC goes up and immediately goes down
66f3d99 iwlwifi: disable greenfield transmissions as a workaround
c6c0038 tun: don't zeroize sock->file on detach
510f1d1 cfg80211: fix interface combinations check for ADHOC(IBSS)
25320e7 cfg80211: process pending events when unregistering net device
5784dff ARM: pxa: remove irq_to_gpio from ezx-pcap driver
0f27ec3 ARM: dts: imx53-ard: add regulators for lan9220
87a266d ARM: mxs: Remove MMAP_MIN_ADDR setting from mxs_defconfig
6213566 target: Check number of unmap descriptors against our limit
c329e96 target: Fix possible integer underflow in UNMAP emulation
6fb6469 target: Fix reading of data length fields for UNMAP commands
74c90d4 target: Add range checking to UNMAP emulation
49ca240 mm: hugetlbfs: close race during teardown of hugetlbfs shared page tables
a05f127 x86, microcode: Sanitize per-cpu microcode reloading interface
a434a3c x86, microcode: microcode_core.c simple_strtoul cleanup
575b5ea HID: add ASUS AIO keyboard model AK1D
21bba6e HID: add support for Cypress barcode scanner 04B4:ED81
20e24cb HID: multitouch: add support for Novatek touchscreen
7d696f0 random: mix in architectural randomness in extract_buf()
af2eb88 dmi: Feed DMI table to /dev/random driver
73e62ae random: Add comment to random_initialize()
26665db random: remove rand_initialize_irq()
12dae51 mfd: wm831x: Feed the device UUID into device_add_randomness()
ec947d6 rtc: wm831x: Feed the write counter into device_add_randomness()
ba6a40b MAINTAINERS: Theodore Ts'o is taking over the random driver
38e16fc random: add tracepoints for easier debugging and verification
29aef9d random: add new get_random_bytes_arch() function
f5caa70 random: use the arch-specific rng in xfer_secondary_pool
e48fa33 net: feed /dev/random with the MAC address when registering a device
76b9be5 usb: feed USB device information to the /dev/random driver
1d0eb35 random: create add_device_randomness() interface
e0604ba random: use lockless techniques in the interrupt path
0110bbf random: make 'add_interrupt_randomness()' do something sane
cabf5b0 x86, nops: Missing break resulting in incorrect selection on Intel
0295403 wireless: reg: restore previous behaviour of chan->max_power calculations
ccf0b82 ath9k: Add PID/VID support for AR1111
33db2f2 mac80211: cancel mesh path timer
73ee3f4 ACPI processor: Fix tick_broadcast_mask online/offline regression
59c5bc1 ore: Fix out-of-bounds access in _ios_obj()
8b0331a video/smscufx: fix line counting in fb_write
fb060f3d md/raid1: don't abort a resync on the first badblock.
cc9fdb9 mm: mmu_notifier: fix freed page still mapped in secondary MMU
41a2033 ALSA: hda - Fix double quirk for Quanta FL1 / Lenovo Ideapad
55f5c43 ALSA: hda - remove quirk for Dell Vostro 1015
08899ba ALSA: hda - add dock support for Thinkpad X230
cd5deba ALSA: hda - add dock support for Thinkpad T430s
8115553 ARM: Fix undefined instruction exception handling
85869d9 ARM: 7480/1: only call smp_send_stop() on SMP
7e49f71 ARM: 7479/1: mm: avoid NULL dereference when flushing gate_vma with VIVT caches
17c7d14 ARM: 7478/1: errata: extend workaround for erratum #720789
f95f7ae ARM: 7477/1: vfp: Always save VFP state in vfp_pm_suspend on UP
ea2ebaa ARM: 7476/1: vfp: only clear vfp state for current cpu in vfp_pm_suspend
05aa0d1 ARM: 7466/1: disable interrupt before spinning endlessly
ce6f0ff mm: fix wrong argument of migrate_huge_pages() in soft_offline_huge_page()
603cb88 pcdp: use early_ioremap/early_iounmap to access pcdp table
246dec1 media: ene_ir: Fix driver initialisation
d7c61cb nilfs2: fix deadlock issue between chcp and thaw ioctls
d281dc7 SUNRPC: return negative value in case rpcbind client creation error
613975f sunrpc: clnt: Add missing braces
88cdb96 asus-wmi: use ASUS_WMI_METHODID_DSTS2 as default DSTS ID.
5eaac83 Redefine ATOMIC_INIT and ATOMIC64_INIT to drop the casts
df04d53 msm: clock-8974: Add additional MMSS clocks to the debug mux
c77922f msm: clock-8974: Correct the resource ID for the mmssnoc_ahb_clk
77140da msm: clock-8974: Activate RPM clock scaling in pre_init.
d39507a msm: vidc: Allocate persist buffers.
16b06f8 usb: ehci-msm-hsic: abort suspend when interrupts are pending
2309eaa EHCI: HSIC: Perform msm_bus voting update in workqueue context
91bb03f ARM: arch timer: Set the TVAL before timer is enabled
c76ad88 msm: q6dsp6v2: Configure token in APR packet correctly
9e5a4c6 msm: msm8974: Add hostless PCM support
5cda3c9 gpio: qpnp-pin: Fix documentation for src-select binding
41f1cc3 input: atmel_mxt_ts: add support for 336S and 1664S controllers
f8f1a46 qup_i2c: set up node before calling of_i2c_register_devices
e824a6e gpio: qpnp-pin: Update MPP and GPIO subtypes based on doc change
1c3d94f gpio: qpnp-pin: Fix constraint checking for mode
91c5a04 gpio: qpnp-pin: Report erroneous value on failed param check
913565a msm: tty: update receive room just before writing data to the ldisc
4647cdb msm: rpm-smd: Fix race conditions with SMP
dcd8b4e bam_dmux: Adapt RX timer interval to data rate.
e36587d mako_defconfig: Add add CONFIG_FB_MSM_NO_MDP_PIPE_CTRL
b1c0c08 ASoC: msm: Add back-end enablement for CPU DAIs
9b77137 Revert "Revert "ASoC: msm: Add support for voice over HDMI""
8ed7de3 mako: set the led max brightness from 100 to 10
232d665 leds: pm8xxx: adjust the max brightness
e0041de leds: pm8xxx: add pwm control sysfs files
d6c3388 mako: led blink mode(pwm)
fc880da msm: pm-8x60: fix timeout bug issue in suspend processing
cb37023 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix to enable Headphone in class G mode
fe0cb54 msm: msm_bus: Avoid initializing NoCs not owned by Apps
ae5f5e8 msm: camera: eeprom support flag moved to right place
6578e0c msm: acpuclock-8960ab: Add support for 8960ab
fff7c0c defconfig: 8974: Enable watchdog on msm8974
0aab6ac camera: vfe32: Use vfe subdev for NOTIFY_VFE_IRQ notification.
21f75a0 msm: kgsl: Allow the wait_timeout to be disabled
a29a2e0 msm: kgsl: Don't use 'wait_timeout' in the idle functions
975c53a ASoC: apq8064: Change MBHC micbias voltage to 2.7 Volts
0b50fde media: dvb: mpq: Add setting of TSIF mode
4d5e354 msm: ocmem: Add zone initialization checks
e9f11f3 msm: ocmem: Fix device addresses returned to Video subsystem.
490c971 msm: board-8660: Support unique map for CP and no CP
a8549f1 msm: smd: fix packet polling race condition
4ee51f6 [ARM] msm: call video start function
a51c87b power: pm8921-bms: remove Dynamic Unusable Charge algorithm
807249a power: pm8921-bms: use shutdown_soc to force power on soc
3da6176 power: pm8921-bms: use direct charger api instead of power supply api
9c0e604 power: pm8921-bms: periodic hkadc calibration
fbefde2 power: pm8xxx-ccadc: missing calibration at bootup
4ff213c power: pm8921-bms: fix rounding down state of charge
b268013 power: pm8921-bms: dont use override mode if batfet is open
0711c52 power: pm8921-bms: remove reading rbatt from bms
1cc4bdc [ARM] msm_fb: add dmap waiting before turning off timing generator
d35db04 defconfig: 9625: Enable SPI, SPI Ethernet and dependent NET configs
0045df4 msm: 9625: Initialize SPI and SPI Ethernet
5a06e79 msm: 9625: Initialize gpiomux
75aaf2f gpio: msm-v3: Clear the interrupt status by writing 0
d4f38da msm: krait-regulator: fix PMIC voltage set point calculation
c7a8607 thermal: msm8974: Fix calibration less temperature readings
b557a8c diag: Update last SSID for general category
3689835 msm: mdss: fix incorrect programming of timing generator setting
0b3bc7e [ARM] msm: fix mdp_off
e1a9b1b [ARM] msm: fix mipi_dsi_off
029b43e msm_fb: unlock semaphore on error
1810726 mako: msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on
c45f10a mako: msm: 8064: Remove cpu dcvs governor from device list
1d175ba msm8974: Update PPID to APID SPMI mapping in device tree
ecfd56a Revert "msm: board-8974: Switch from stub to krait regulator for 8841 S5-S8"
32a5ef4 arm/dt: 8974: Fix IOMMU context bank interrupts
07d1f38 mmc: core: reinitalize the eMMC card always on resume
34e216d msm_fb: display: Correct LVDS bitmap setting
8f0326e msm_fb: display: add dmap waiting before turn off timing generator
0a78a0e msm: clock-debug.c: Display clock vdd fmax values
ebe63c5 msm: clock-8960.c: Correct max frequency for 8930 gfx3d_clk
00c9a91 msm_fb: display: add stage commit before kickoff to WFD
c7769c0 input: mpu3050: make sample rate configurable, and use interrupt
ca0b72b msm: 8660: Add config setting for enabling content protection
c0d4ea4 media: dvb: mpq: Fine-tune TSIF and TSPP buffers sizes
eb530d1 Bluetooth: hci_ath: Support BT Power Save mode on AR3002
8c2246d msm: pil-q6v5: Update clock calls to fix MSS PIL with full bootchain
31926eb msm: clock-8974: Add clock to allow MSS to access memory
d1e22f0 msm: msm_bus: Enable clocks before accessing registers
b2c78be msm: pil-q6v5-lpass: Enable lpass_q6_axi_clk
3454e9e msm: clock-8974: Add lpass_q6_axi_clk for PIL
94d531c msm: clock-8974: Switch slimbus core clock frequency to 24.576 MHz.
2517372 msm: platsmp: Support the full boot chain for 8974
faa45d7 Revert "msm: clock-8974: Set GCC_BOOT_CLOCK_* registers to not force-on clocks"
c77e4a6 msm: watchdog: Get the base and irq from platform data
ac297ca defconfig: 8974: Enable OCMEM power debug mode
f3af59d usb: gadget: Fixed QMI packets error handling
97ad00d msm: Fix names used in the crypto driver.
9a9b6f0 msm: clock-8974: Route measured clocks to test pin
ce52ef2 msm: Add support for thermal monitor on msm8974
ecc836b spi_qsd: set bus number based on the cell-index property
085af6f Revert "msm: copper: Switch on bus scaling for copper"
2c09b76 coresight: fix whitespace in coresight drivers
77b9063 coresight: krait pass3 support for etm driver
0012058 coresight: implement stm hardware event and port enable sysfs nodes
8e1e6b6 coresight: enable stm logging for ftrace events and printk
cf7d045 coresight: implement coresight abort
2291149 coresight: coresight tmc driver
f20bacb coresight: add coresight devices to msm8974 device tree
e6440cf arm/dt: pm8941: Add additional VADC channel nodes
ab7aafa drivers: qpnp-pin: Update subtype values to match hardware
7308114 msm: clock-8974: Allow set_rate on oxili_gfx3d_clk to go through to RPM
e2300de msm: clock-rpm: Have RPM handoff account for the RPM-SMD driver
6c0f1a7 msm: clock-8974: Enable the audio_core_ixfabric_clk in post_init
fc3c55c msm: clock-8974: Set GCC_BOOT_CLOCK_* registers to not force-on clocks
9353701 msm: clock-8974: Correct LPASS measure mux settings
27da8de msm: clock-8974: Correct an N value in a freq table for PCM clocks
5bbcb0c ASoC: wcd9310: fix TRRS override
c1c67a9 ASoC: wcd9310: make CFILT adjust time as a module parameter
14ee37d msm: clock-8974: Temporarily enable the LPASS Audio Core GDSC
e8bf5d5 msm: 8974: Add Taiko codec to device tree
2a811f2 msm_fb: Display: Fix Dithering issue for rgb565 format
7962624 msm: pil-venus: Fix iommu programming order in reset and shutdown
3c5ae1f msm_fb: display: Update mdp clock counter for unsuccessful probes
1988726 msm: pil-mba: Print MBA error codes upon failures
5f6d1af coresight: device tree support for coresight drivers
82465b5 arm/dt: 8974: Support additional CDP platform IDs
2465c68 msm: 8974: Switch regulators from rpm to local control
424b698 usb: msm_otg: Disable LPM on targets using device tree
7960a76 defconfig: 8974: Enable DCC console
c15dac0 msm: clock-8974: Make mmss_s0_axi_clk depend on mmssnoc_axi_clk
5269b60 msm: 8974: Add serial console support
f97dede7 msm: 8974: Remove clock auxdata for serial devices
e18bf88 arm/dt: msm8974: Force the proper types for some regulators
9328e49 regulator: qpnp: Add property to override type registers
16bc5cc msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Clear modem subsystem IO clamps prior to resetting Q6
0868998 genirq: Provide an accessor for IRQ_PER_CPU flag
723b2b7 msm: pil-q6v5: Enable subsystem's bus_clk before calling clk_reset()
56865f0 msm: pil-q6v5: Enable q6ss_ahbm_clk for LPASS Q6
b5b311e msm: clock-8974: Add the q6ss_ahbm_clk required by LPASS PIL
336810b defconfig: msm8974: Disable appended DT option
4a1b252 coresight: use devm apis in driver probe
80515b5 coresight: clock support for coresight drivers for 8974
450287e coresight: coresight replicator driver
b1cc493 gpio: msm: Make msmgpio a platform device
4c889b7 msm: kgsl: Hold pm_qos vote for active rendering
652b344 msm: board-8930: Add control for PM8038 regulators LDO 13 and LDO 25
18a5442 msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for PM8038 LDO 13 and LDO 25
c2a557c msm: vidc: Fix scratch buffer allocation.
f799996 Bluetooth: Block SCO disconnect operation on BT_CLOSED state.
a28d1bb msm_fb: display: Add BLT support to dsi command mode panel
1c15029 msm_fb: display: retrieve correct base layer pipe
2e02b861 Bluetooth: fix shutdown on SCO sockets
3a2945e msm: vidc: Correct calculation of yuv buffer size
842f3fb msm: camera: Add state for sensor power up
077943c msm: vidc: Reduce the priority of incorrect PAR value message
27e77d2 Bluetooth: hidp: use dest address from session info
df5e327 msm_fb: display: free dtv iommu buffer
797bdb7 msm: rotator: Add pseudo-planar 422 H1V2 dst format for MDP4
1e76f61 msm: kgsl: Detect and avoid malformed ioctl codes
11c07e2 msm: pil-q6v5: Update QDSP6SS RESET and PWR_CTL registers
b76f190 msm: pil-q6v5: Disable Q6 core_clk and core_rclk gating
16145bc vidc: 1080p: Reset meta data offset to zero
1bb4edf video: msm_fb: Increase display timeout to 2 seconds
4b1d939 msm: ocmem: Add support for disabling OCMEM power management
2e17097 msm: ocmem: Enable local power control by default
c5c0f57 usb: otg: Fix USB LPM for cable disconnect
8b7d6a2 arm/dt: msm8974: Remove PM8841 S5-S8 qpnp-regulator device nodes
2bf9c52 tty: n_smux: Add support for ldisc removal during SSR
bda7427 msm: pm-8x60: Unconditionally support WFI hotplug
3b0ca88 coresight: switch to use coresight core layer code
d3253c7 arm/dt: msm8974: Fix invalid address for PMIC regulator 8941_s3
047be78 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Add support for VOLTE
62be07f ARM: SMP: send IPI in backtrace only for SMP
ae1da73 hwmon: qpnp-adc: Fix register read/writes
978f18d msm: clock-8974: Correct pcm clock lookup name
23e4849 msm: pil-riva: Shutdown RIVA via toplevel reset
77c2274 msm: ssr: Panic on concurrent subsystem_restart()
45b86ac regulator: qpnp-regulator: Update FTSMPS voltage ranges to match hardware
8067fa2 Linux 3.4.8
b3f9576 futex: Forbid uaddr == uaddr2 in futex_wait_requeue_pi()
47b6ff7 futex: Fix bug in WARN_ON for NULL q.pi_state
d48c1ba futex: Test for pi_mutex on fault in futex_wait_requeue_pi()
ef2e080 m68k: Correct the Atari ALLOWINT definition
727cda3 m68k: Make sys_atomic_cmpxchg_32 work on classic m68k
8f32469 ASoC: wm8994: Ensure there are enough BCLKs for four channels
9966af8 ASoC: wm8962: Allow VMID time to fully ramp
7dcb3c5 ALSA: hda - Support dock on Lenovo Thinkpad T530 with ALC269VC
2a69bac ALSA: hda - Fix mute-LED GPIO initialization for IDT codecs
22e0422 ALSA: hda - Fix polarity of mute LED on HP Mini 210
09f7d3b ALSA: hda - Fix mute-LED GPIO setup for HP Mini 210
ac1d1b4 ALSA: hda - Fix invalid D3 of headphone DAC on VT202x codecs
e25824f ALSA: mpu401: Fix missing initialization of irq field
6fc6d9a ALSA: snd-usb: fix clock source validity index
6091e5b USB: echi-dbgp: increase the controller wait time to come out of halt.
143d996 net/tun: fix ioctl() based info leaks
2ce42ec tcp: perform DMA to userspace only if there is a task waiting for it
202a366 net: fix rtnetlink IFF_PROMISC and IFF_ALLMULTI handling
e548165 USB: kaweth.c: use GFP_ATOMIC under spin_lock
ac6b310 tcp: Add TCP_USER_TIMEOUT negative value check
1a86341 wanmain: comparing array with NULL
2138ded caif: fix NULL pointer check
f63b1d9 r8169: revert "add byte queue limit support".
4deb65e net: Fix references to out-of-scope variables in put_cmsg_compat()
a080e65 cipso: don't follow a NULL pointer when setsockopt() is called
60d2aa5 caif: Fix access to freed pernet memory
2936d35 sctp: Fix list corruption resulting from freeing an association on a list
d5eeca5f sch_sfb: Fix missing NULL check
af8ca6d bnx2: Fix bug in bnx2_free_tx_skbs().
a5b4b62 net: Fix memory leak - vlan_info struct
d680c04 gianfar: fix potential sk_wmem_alloc imbalance
f7a47ee netem: add limitation to reordered packets
aa505bb atl1c: fix issue of transmit queue 0 timed out
c0ce1fd ext4: undo ext4_calc_metadata_amount if we fail to claim space
2dd7172 ext4: don't let i_reserved_meta_blocks go negative
6918ff0 ext4: fix hole punch failure when depth is greater than 0
2547139 ext4: fix overhead calculation used by ext4_statfs()
2a271d6 ext4: pass a char * to ext4_count_free() instead of a buffer_head ptr
66b68d2 nouveau: Fix alignment requirements on src and dst addresses
4d71d5a NFS: Fix a number of bugs in the idmapper
032da6a nfs: skip commit in releasepage if we're freeing memory for fs-related reasons
f0f5dcc nfsd4: our filesystems are normally case sensitive
a647f0d pnfs-obj: Fix __r4w_get_page when offset is beyond i_size
e73b09d dm thin: fix memory leak in process_prepared_mapping error paths
b4ce163 dm thin: reduce endio_hook pool size
27cd8f5 posix_types.h: Cleanup stale __NFDBITS and related definitions
b6e9ffc drm/radeon: fix dpms on/off on trinity/aruba v2
de5b1c0 drm/radeon: on hotplug force link training to happen (v2)
b7ea4b8 drm/radeon: fix hotplug of DP to DVI|HDMI passive adapters (v2)
108c49a drm/radeon: fix non revealent error message
bec6d04 drm/radeon: Try harder to avoid HW cursor ending on a multiple of 128 columns.
47be757 drm/radeon: fix bo creation retry path
5d11fb2 drm/radeon: fix fence related segfault in CS
cbb9e89 tg3: Fix race condition in tg3_get_stats64()
4593e51 tg3: Fix Read DMA workaround for 5719 A0.
e49e6d0 tg3: add device id of Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet device
bfc41a8 qeth: repair crash in qeth_l3_vlan_rx_kill_vid()
7e7a57b spi/pl022: disable port when unused
da49dbd cifs: reinstate sec=ntlmv2 mount option
d458a00 Btrfs: call the ordered free operation without any locks held
c154210 ACPI/AC: prevent OOPS on some boxes due to missing check power_supply_register() return value check
8ebdf76 ACPI, APEI: Fixup common access width firmware bug
d3b4254 workqueue: perform cpu down operations from low priority cpu_notifier()
c781540 staging: zsmalloc: Finish conversion to a separate module
02f5c5d stable: update references to older 2.6 versions for 3.x
664634f udf: Improve table length check to avoid possible overflow
06e619c iommu/amd: Fix hotplug with iommu=pt
e6c1b59 iommu/amd: Add missing spin_lock initialization
351bb0e s390/mm: fix fault handling for page table walk case
cd1af8b s390/mm: downgrade page table after fork of a 31 bit process
554c9a0 s390/idle: fix sequence handling vs cpu hotplug
2c3fea5 mwifiex: correction in mcs index check
ae9bc43 rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix phy-based version calculation
74ec52a rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Change buffer allocation for synchronous reads
a75b612 iwlwifi: fix debug print in iwl_sta_calc_ht_flags
7974648 mac80211: fail authentication when AP denied authentication
20855fe tun: fix a crash bug and a memory leak
ecbd55f TPM: chip disabled state erronously being reported as error
46dbb0f PM / Sleep: call early resume handlers when suspend_noirq fails
d3dd392 ftrace: Disable function tracing during suspend/resume and hibernation, again
fd3cca0 locks: fix checking of fcntl_setlease argument
7b689c5 x86/mce: Fix siginfo_t->si_addr value for non-recoverable memory faults
2830f9a ALSA: hda - add dock support for Thinkpad X230 Tablet
22dacbd Revert "usb/uas: make sure data urb is gone if we receive status before that"
11ca5d1 USB: option: add ZTE MF821D
2cfe89c usb: gadget: Fix g_ether interface link status
2af3ad3 usbdevfs: Correct amount of data copied to user in processcompl_compat
761f186 ALSA: hda - Turn on PIN_OUT from hdmi playback prepare.
4e613aa ALSA: hda - Add support for Realtek ALC282
8f1b438 ASoC: wm8962: Redo early init of the part on resume
a731853 ASoC: dapm: Fix _PRE and _POST events for DAPM performance improvements
0706b27 ARM: OMAP2+: OPP: Fix to ensure check of right oppdef after bad one
c4c3d44 rt2800usb: 2001:3c17 is an RT3370 device
84ecccf SCSI: Avoid dangling pointer in scsi_requeue_command()
bb0f467 SCSI: Fix device removal NULL pointer dereference
f07d3f5 SCSI: fix hot unplug vs async scan race
bb12049 SCSI: fix eh wakeup (scsi_schedule_eh vs scsi_restart_operations)
1c06102 SCSI: libsas: fix sas_discover_devices return code handling
de0449f SCSI: libsas: continue revalidation
753e14e powerpc/85xx: use the BRx registers to enable indirect mode on the P1022DS
f18e286 powerpc/eeh: Check handle_eeh_events() return value
a461394 powerpc: Add "memory" attribute for mfmsr()
2cdb31f powerpc/ftrace: Fix assembly trampoline register usage
94c73bb mmc: sdhci: fix incorrect command used in tuning
c5b5af9 mmc: sdhci-pci: CaFe has broken card detection
f1377fd iscsi-target: Drop bogus struct file usage for iSCSI/SCTP
480692b target: Add generation of LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS OUT OF RANGE
d803b28 Perf: Extend named-pmu grammar
e89accf Bluetooth: hci_ldisc: watchdog timeout while BT file transfer
5d7e5b3 msm_fb: Allow MDP hardware init for continuous splashscreen
1fbcbfe defconfig: Enable Mercury decoder.
05d31ae msm_serial_hs_lite: Unconditionally control UART AHB clock
43f1158 arm/dt: msm8974: Disable simulation UARTs by default
0f6737c persistent_ram: fix wrong error code
5b46df3 msm: clock-8974: Remove support for mmss_mmssnoc_ahb_clk
e750237 msm: clock-8974: Enable GPLL0's AUX2 output for acpuclock
60bfbb0 msm: clock-8974: Don't program an N value of zero
5cb07af msm_fb: display: clean pipe free or unlock calls
b50f747 msm_fb: display: fix fake iommu buffer drop
12d8eef msm: vidc: Set proper height and width.
8644fb3 ASoC: wcd9310: Reset channel actual flag only if active
cb89d7d mfd: Reorder slimbus disconnect port and channel
61cf6ef msm: Kconfig: 9625 to support GPIO_MSM_V3
a2cba0d msm: mpq8064: Use ION to alloc driver buffers
e4b89ee msm: krait-regulator: disable phase control of the ganged regulator
34f263e msm: board-8974: Switch from stub to krait regulator for 8841 S5-S8
9b45368 msm: sps: add verification of IOVECs for sps_transfer
723843b msm: footswitch: Remove HDMI clocks from MDP footswitch data on 8627
725f849 msm: wcd9xxx: add device tree support for codec slimbus component
9dd3592 Bluetooth: Adding HCI Dev lock for set_active and set_sniff routines.
6d78371 USB: msm_otg: Fix device detection issue in Host mode during system suspend
490d20c msm: 9625: Add support for the external L2 controller
ba3a626 arm/dt: msm8974: Add ocmem power control
edf2fad msm: clock-8974: Add measurement-only clocks for CPUs and L2
9624b74 board-msm7x30: correct the voltage range request for ldo20
87f202f usb: msm_otg: Enable VBUS MPM interrupt
96458e2 msm: add new image modes to support stats buffer
a812be8 msm: hotplug/platsmp: Fix cpu invaldation pointer arithmetic
7567bf4 msm: irqs-9625: Fix the TLMM summary irq number.
f6a364e tty: n_smux: Add/remove platform devices for SSR
d1dabbd msm: 8974: Add qcom,msm-id entry to MSM8974-sim/rumi device trees
03fd16d drivers: staging: android: Fix ashmem vm range comparison to stop roll-over
715fb83 msm: kgsl: Add postmortem dump for 2D (z180) cores
bbc92bc msm: board-8064: Enable NLDO TCXO workaround for APQ8064
a7d2353 msm: clock: Add clock mapping for rpm-regulator device
62ae8d9 msm: rpm-regulator: Mark NLDO regulators which depend upon CXO
109a8e6 msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for TCXO workaround
4802d0c ARM: ftrace: Remove mismerged code from 3.4 upgrade
2551ed0 mako: change headset mic bias to PMIC LDO(L29)
76aa18b usb: gadget: qdss: Add support for CI 2.0 gadget
bd53fba msm8974: Prevent USB h/w reset on every cable disconnect
a00d732 usb: gadget: Introduce qdss function driver
14a4739 msm: acpuclock-krait: Don't change HFPLL rates unnecessarily
b07dedd msm: video: wfd: Move WFD related files out of camera directory
b77b0c4 thermal: msm_thermal: Define and implement device tree bindings
f19f4d2 vidc: 1080p: Handle flush for interlaced clips.
4a65200 msm_fb: display: clear correct pending isr
45301d3 msm_fb: display: fix iommu leaking
d41dd80 msm: kgsl: change GPU clock freq to 320MHz by default
8e2b559 msm_fb: hdmi: Give proper buffer size
8c21648 msm: add new FOURCCs for support YUV and Bayer stats buffers
e16e1fa arm/dt: Enable DSI panel for simulator platform
19203fa msm: clock-8974: Update lookup table entry for DSI clocks
de63dec arm/dt: Add DSI controller and DSI panel devices
e155ece msm: mdm: GPIO changes for I2S devices
705d215 [media] videobuf2-core: Use current->mm_active when locking USERPTR
b17f8aa msm: vidc: Specify the number of planes in buffer to client
11aeb7b power: pm8921-charger: enable battery alarm
dd5ad79 usb: ehci-msm-hsic: replace wakelock with wakeup source
0eead89 msm: sps: add debugging API for client drivers
ddc4844 mako: power: pm8921-charger: enable battery alarm
404fb8f msm: Kconfig: Enable Run Queue Statistics for msm8974.
a563990 msm: acpuclock-7627: Add 8625 v2.0 1GHz tables.
bca1871 mako: display: add 'DSV load switch' gpio-regulator control
6940044 display: removed the code exhausts file descriptor in mdp overlay and rotator.
152a708 msm: krait-regulator: add control for ldo/hs for krait
00269e5 msm: krait-regulator: add regulator control for kraits
cfd0f77 ASoC: msm: update SRS Tru media control structure with rreg initialization
99cef21 usb: msm_otg: add charger notify API
6a0e96b arm/dt: msm8974: Add device tree for MSM8974 CDP
da77bde thermal: tsens8974: Fix NULL pointer dereference
57ae149 msm: 8974: Add qdss support
01144db ci13xxx_msm_hsic: Migrate to the new clock APIs
d4b1fb5 pm: pm8921_charger: add dc uevent for off mode charger
af1a4ec Revert "msm: modem-8960: Check if the modem is alive after restarting it"
4be6908 msm: clock-local2: Modify halt check to account for NOC FSM handshake
1f6cbba slim_msm: don't call completion after timeout
bf7faa7 mako: storage: enable packed write on eMMC 4.5
bf86c79 mako: mm: memblock_reserve for persistent ram is moved
20ed113 mako: debug: check signature before writing
2fd65f3 persistent_ram: check PERSISTENT_RAM_SIG before writing
a043c6f mako: fix compile error without ANDROID_RAM_CONSOLE & LGE_CRASH_HANDLER
73ec1d0 mako: debug: reset the ssr_magic_number
a424eb4 slimport: support ANX7808BA hardware
b11538e dt: msm-pm8941: Add IADC node
c4a6af1 hwmon: qpnp-adc: Add PMIC QPNP IADC driver
a4100a4 msm-rng: Fix PRNG_LFSR_CFG setup
872ecd8 msm: ipc: Update the work item in the read path
609bb5e board: 8064: set correct ts_sleep gpio based on target
f3b0c23 msm_fb: Add support for Vsync driven composition on MDP 3.03 targets
2655b11 msm: board-7627a: Reduce mdp memory size
22d1abd msm: vidc: Add support for ION memory on 8x55 target
a7c3d7e Bluetooth: Disable sniff when the subrate values doesnt match.
1893c24 defconfig: msm8960: Enable HCIUART for AR3002 support
ce14bd8 msm: 8960: Add AR3002 Bluetooth Support
c0d6cf5 8974:slim: Use direct access registers instead of RX message queues
ae4e988 Bluetooth: hci_ath: Remove un-used variable
92312d3 msm: defconfig: Disable DCC TTY from all the defconfigs for msm.
bbf633d msm: board-8064: Remove RIVA device for MPQ targets
30cae29 msm: board-8064: Remove dsps init for MPQ targets
625ee65 diag: Add support for sockets
96c96dc msm: mdm: make vddmin gpio toggling debugfs controlled
7474f3d ASoC: msm8974: Add clock support for AUXPCM CPU DAI
c58fcce msm_fb: MDSS: Add DSI driver support for MDSS
99b0756 msm: ocmem: Add support for ocmem power control
eec9dd5 msm: acpuclock-7627: Correct the clock disable usage
266a150 msm: acpuclock-7627: Add 8x25 1.2GHz tables for rev 2.0
3f33ffc msm: acpuclock-7627: Select dynamic reprogramming based on pll_config
1b15860 ARM: 7480/1: only call smp_send_stop() on SMP
2a65e7c usb: gadget: Add support for more than one configuration in android gadget
4917344 msm: 8974: Add ION to device tree
17182d6 msm_fb: display: vsync support for HDMI as primary
378fed1 msm_fb: display: enable sending uevent as default
7050943 msm: camera: Fix couple of potential race conditions.
68446e5 msm_fb: display: add iommu mapping for mdp cursor buffer address
4fa1369 USB: EHCI: Add remote wakeup support for HSUSB 3rd instance
7479183 msm: camera: Initialize the vb2 queue during buffer registration.
8f51651 msm: socinfo: Add new MSM Raw IDs for 8x25
2479247 defconfig: Enable build kgsl on msm8974
7dfa2a3 msm: kgsl: Add support for OCMEM
fd42e62 msm: kgsl: Support A330 GPU
1205378 msm: kgsl: Change vdd_dig to vddcx
805e1e1 msm: kgsl: Add support for device tree in kgsl
dc5cfef msm_fb: display: set pipe src and dst size same in solid fill mode
14680cb net: rmnet_usb: Enable remote wakeup for root hub
44131df msm: pil-pronto: Add delay after de-assertion of CLK_CTL_WCNSS_RESTART_BIT
c33c1ed msm: footswitch-8x60: Reset DSI domain along with MDP collapse/restore
735e41b msm: clock-8960: Move DSI resets functionality to their own clocks
efb6c14 msm_fb: display: no early suspend for writeback panel
98b3a61 msm_fb: display: remove mdp_lut_enable call to avoid hang issue
853d2c8 msm: camera: Fix gestures start issue
4538be4 msm: camera: Fix RAW snapshot pipeline for YUV camera
3e8a1d1 msm: camera: Move ping pong buffer and bus scale logic from vfe to axi
6e728bd slimbus: Fix channel concurrent usage during reconfiguration sequence
219fcfc platform: msm: qpnp-pwm: Define PWM devicetree bindings
7ffaba6 msm: kgsl: Fix conditional GPU interrupts to fire only for waiting context
f15aa8b msm_fb: Increase the pixel clock range for DSI panels
b2c31d4 Perf: Re-enable counters after power collapse
9cd8f0f msm: clock-8974: Update GCC debug measurement indices
350b693 arm/dt: msm8974-camera: Add camera device tree support
9943057 msm: camera: Initial commit for VFE 4.0
9bbe48a defconfig: 8974: Disable early debugging functions
94e31bb defconfig: 8974: Enable cache error reporting
729cb2a msm: acpuclock-8064: Update L2 frequency table
13f70c1 gpio: msm: Clear the interrupt status before unmasking
ea45a49 msm: gpio: Re-arrange the write to RAW_STATUS_EN
9f70b9b msm: msm_xo: Migrate to new clock APIs
269aa60 msm: mdm: change the gpio pull value of mdm2ap_status after bootup
09e57b4 msm: 8625: Enable SMEM boot interface
1beb220 slim:msm: Change to register access for RX path if required
5d929a8 msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Drop modem supply voltage from 1.15V to 1.05V
01a5ff0 power: power_supply_core: add power_supply_set_supply_type API
d588e7c radio: iris: Set band limits as passed from upper layer
5479c9c msm: kgsl: disable gpummu pagefault interrupts when iommu is enabled
d5d263c mmc: core: power-cycle sd card on error
e50fd27 camera: Pass the isp notification to correct mctl/config.
196a27c camera: vfe32: Add RDI reg update ack notification.
109c211 vfe32: Separate AXI reset with VFE reset.
42eedc9 msm: camera: Add api for axi halt and axi stop
d34791b msm: camera: calculate sof_count in ISPIF instead of VFE
173f613 gpu: ion: Don't call ion_buffer_put on error path
1335e87 arm/dt: msm8974: Add GPU device
08eb78e usb: u_ether: Add workqueue as bottom half handler for rx data path
743a11e diag: Fix problem with stopping of logging data
b0ad9f3 msm: clock-8974: Add some clock voters for the Peripheral NOC
9286291 gpu: ion: Add support for device tree.
15784c8 msm: Add support to dump cpu registers.
753ab93 msm: clock-debug: Print clock name and rate on failure
7f02c87 slimport : change i2c slave address
8892892 mako: power: Change bms_change_end value in disconnect WLC
2ab04b0 mako: power: userspace communications for full charging battery status
fb53f0e msm_fb: check null pointer before reading backlight on status
ef9fb46 defconfig: msm8974: Enable TSENS
205bce6 thermal: tsens8974: Support calibrationless sensors
ebd7d09 mmc: msm_sdcc: Added hardware reset functionality for SD cards
b7e0cab hdmi: audio: fix up typo on hdmi audio
bfec415 msm: kgsl: Add MPDCVS trace events
8873e20 msm: scm-pas: Update bandwidth voting to support msm8974
51feb4e msm: kgsl: No need to write registers on _stop
0f7e564 msm: clock: Fix hardware clock gating detection for mdp_axi_clk
3de11cc msm: kgsl: fix idle reporting for the msm pwrscale policy
255b534 msm: usb_bam : Add QDSS support for usb bam mode
e9ed94d msm: clock-8960: Add 256 KHz pcm clock rate
58a677b tty: smux_ctl: Add support for poll method.
aaeabf3 mako: debug: add pet_watchdog in the beginning of panic handler
e764006 mako: debug: lge crash handler detect ssr panic
a802872 mako: fix compile error without PM_RUNTIME
1233483 ASoC: wcd9310: enhance mbhc button press detection performance
dd9d296 ASoC: wcd9310: enhance mbhc button release detection performance
39bbf56 msm: add hsic_tty driver
86ff924 mako: clean up mako specific codes
d482c99 ASoC: msm: Fix issues in proxy port driver due to early afe port enable.
003ba6e msm: vidc: Add PAR value extradata support for H264 and Mpeg2
397a453 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Convert ATDTW loop into finite one
7a5d18c msm: kgsl: Increase REG_RBBM_CNTL value to 0xFFFF for A203
94bc0ab media: dvb: dvb-core: Expose API for section filtering
053417f Revert "msm: 8660-defconfig: Enable IOMMU"
2ba1804 mako: msm: pm-8x60: Remove msm_pm_wait_cpu_shutdown()/verify_cpu_pc() APIs
216a3b4 mako: msm: acpuclock-8064: Move 8064 support to use acpuclock-krait
c510338 mako: msm_fb: Remove control of HDMI PLL regulator
3e0b5b9 mako: msm: kgsl: Move SOC based chip ID to the board files
f54026c mako: msm: kgsl: Move the pdata structure from the public API header
e3be5ca drivers: power: fix suspend/resume lockup issue
e22e8ae mako: msm: camera: Add live snapshot entry to bus vector table.
96ff788 mako: defconfig: enable MSM_CSI20_HEADER
22d990a android: lowmemorykiller: add lmk parameters tunning code.
05fb865 Revert "Revert "msm: camera: Fix crash in camera on 8660""
4576fe6 Revert "Revert "msm: camera: Initialize the vfe stats structures.""
6d86949 Revert "Revert "msm: camera: Add free status buffer queue""
33c2ec7 msm: pil: Delay after deasserting subsystem restart bits on 8974
c2641f7 gpu: ion: Don't call ion_buffer_put on error path
a717211 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Add wcd9320 codec slimbus slave support
5b94eec defconfig: enable LI3DH accelerometer and MPU3050 gyro
472c7dd msm: camera: Add camera hardware DT bindings documentations
5bed4f1 power: pm8921-charger: add dc_unplug_check option
f2285db usb: serial: Add a check for current autosuspend-delay expiration
19245e0 msm: clock-8974: Add SDCC clock support for RUMI
2007865 msm: clock-8974: Correct 320MHz source for the axi_clk_src
cd3d81e msm: Decouple VFE component from AXI
1dfac2c mmc: msm_sdcc: Use platform_get_resource_byname APIs
e0c3f70 spmi: pmic-arb: Fix multibyte transfer bug and enforce buffer len
96ab781 hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: Remove wakelocks
3696ee8 arm/dt: msm8974: Add VADC node
6682b38 tsif: use new clock preparation functions
f06e357 msm: acpuclock-8974: Update performance level data for hardware bringup
ccb29c6 ASoC: wcd9310/9304: Pull down Mic Bias output by default.
aef90b7 usb: gadget: RNDIS function driver for QCOM chipsets
95578cf u_ctrl_hsuart: Fix control port structure name
4fd1c16 USB: gadget: Mark ep driver_data as NULL after ep disable
1756d8c slimbus: Initiialize device tree node of slimbus slave devices
88821fb slimbus: Export clock pause function
459a27d msm: pcie: mpq8064: Add system wakeup support to PCIe controller
059f5ba bluetooth: Check for hcon during during sock_close
ab2e45f defconfig: msm8974: Enable memory dump on msm8974
52c886e camera: vfe: Refactor axi configuration for concurrent case
5e2541c msm: Enable memory dumps.
1fd1378 arm: Don't disable interrupts during WFE fixup
9b992f8 ASoC: msm: Don't use spinlock to protect the code which can block
55efc7f Bluetooth: Add Sleep Support using GPIO for ATH3K driver.
1121b64 msm: camera: Add DT support in msm sensor for 8974
b31fefd msm: vidc: Add turbo support for 8930.
fd8e0b3 ASoC: msm: update BTSCO rate put function.
cc3df57 Revert "msm_fb: display: Register MDP fault handler with IOMMU driver."
1569816 msm: 8960: Add gpio configuration for Haptics on 8960 SGLTE
50137fb msm: 8960: Do not register ethernet device for SGLTE
5f3807b msm_fb: Add "Continuous Splash Screen" support for LCDC panel
0a3699b msm_fb: Add support for "Continuous Splash Screen" on 8x25 EVB
2d7b1a0 defconfig:8974: Enable RTC and PON device support
7b15542 usb: gadget: Standard ECM function driver for QCOM chipsets
b43e94b crypto: Add support for crypto engine 5.0
6b9a7bc 8064: tsif: Add TSIF devices to device list
dfb793b 8064: tsif: Update the source clock names
87f6813 msm: kgsl: Use the gpuaddr to decide whether to map memstore
b6b0b65 Add heap_mask to ion_allocation_data
14baef8 msm: mdss: Use YCrCb 420 as the output format for writeback
dbb6355 msm: mdss: Return proper msmfb_data back to client
3d36e64 msm_fb: display: Add pre-multiplied alpha support for MDP4.
0286875 mmc: msm_sdcc: Poll for TX/RX active bits after data transfer
920b8e0 msm: camera: Live snap shot changes for VFE 2x
08413fc video: msm: wfd: Delay fill_buffer until START_DONE
5bfc578 video: msm: wfd: Send signal HDMI observer to mirror on FB2.
5a19b70 msm_fb: display: Map framebuffer region in Display Write Domain
5c190ad camera: vfe32: Create synchronous version of VFE reset cmd.
ca0aaac msm: pil-riva: Rename riva pas id to generic wcnss pas id
c842b61 msm: camera: CCI driver for 8974
823a9f6 mako: clean up the unused nfc codes
a1cc890 msm: copper: Switch on bus scaling for copper
f138da5 wcnss: wake lock APIs for host drivers
114c015 msm: 8930: add native support to lis3dh accelerometer
80b7ab5 msm: clock-8974: Add XO buffer voting support
a2d272e mako: nfc: add new nfc broadcom driver
2efbc35 msm: mpm: Configure wakeup time via virtual MPM on RPM.
11dad77 msm: rpm-smd: call SMD API to mask/unmask SMD interrupt.
deace15 msm: smd: Add receive interrupt masking support
c5f5d54 msm: 8064: Remove pre-silicon support
e5de00e 8064: tsif: platform changes for adding tsif driver
047e883 msm: adsp: qdsp5: Restrict jpeg and video concurrency
1a89714 mmc: block: do not query the sd card if a fault is injected
20957ca ASoC: msm: Fix for voice call recording
672dff3 Bluetooth: Handle ACL buffers sharing between multiple connections.
47c6ca8 msm: restart: write restart reason for oem-xx
ec5b2ff msm: display: use the fb reserved fields same as kernel 3.0
281dfeb mako: display: fixed lcd blink in the first boot.
d812321 msm: camera: ISPIF changes for 8974.
e4a6f8e msm: 8x60: Remove pre-silicon support
520ad59 ASoC: msm8974: register backend DAI link of Taiko codec
0712807 mdss: display: expose panel parameters through framebuffer API
34c2b52 mdss: display: allocate buffer from ion when debug writeback enabled
686c70a mdss: display: fix incorrect rotator programming
38506ba mdss: display: remove check for odd dst offsets
0d0eef5 Linux 3.4.7
5d0c7b4 cifs: when CONFIG_HIGHMEM is set, serialize the read/write kmaps
a22ad13 ARM: SAMSUNG: Update default rate for xusbxti clock
5a4db9e dm raid1: set discard_zeroes_data_unsupported
91aafba dm raid1: fix crash with mirror recovery and discard
5b8bbc3 dm thin: do not send discards to shared blocks
08603bd pnfs-obj: don't leak objio_state if ore_write/read fails
f6ecbea ore: Remove support of partial IO request (NFS crash)
0234af6 ore: Fix NFS crash by supporting any unaligned RAID IO
863c806 UBIFS: fix a bug in empty space fix-up
ec83489 MIPS: Properly align the .data..init_task section.
60d091a HID: multitouch: Add support for Baanto touchscreen
eb6cf92 HID: add Sennheiser BTD500USB device support
e58cd46 HID: add battery quirk for Apple Wireless ANSI
07aa701 mm: fix lost kswapd wakeup in kswapd_stop()
2dbbb55 ext4: fix duplicated mnt_drop_write call in EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT
8db5153 tcm_fc: Fix crash seen with aborts and large reads
fd25080 ntp: Fix STA_INS/DEL clearing bug
5c8c9e5 target: Fix range calculation in WRITE SAME emulation when num blocks == 0
815faab target: Clean up returning errors in PR handling code
c82cd13 cifs: on CONFIG_HIGHMEM machines, limit the rsize/wsize to the kmap space
f952e13 cifs: always update the inode cache with the results from a FIND_*
d8ae4bb md/raid1: close some possible races on write errors during resync
2ac8a0f md: avoid crash when stopping md array races with closing other open fds.
eb75d1c media: dvb: dvb-core: Fix wrong check of continuity-counter
7680b9f ASoC: wcd9320: Enable RX7 speaker drive path
8b3a1bb kernel/msm: 8974: Add audio OCMEM driver support
6129f41 mako: display: update lcd initial code
6267cb6 msm: camera: Remove VFE version specific enum
4698a5b camera: Reorganize vfe files into vfe folder.
2ee4a5d msm: Add frequency backoff to thermal monitor
bff7356 msm_fb: display: free writeback buffer at correct time
f97d299 mmc: msm_sdcc: do sampling clock tuning only if card clock is >100MHz
b7c231b msm: acpuclock-krait: Remove use of QSB as a CPU or L2 clock source
bd1b404 msm: acpuclock-krait: Replace remaining pr_* prints with dev_* prints
87465f5 msm: acpuclock-krait: Update HFPLL vdd_dig requirements for all SoCs
72a3800 msm: acpuclock-krait: Enforce CPU HFPLL vdd_dig requirements
9515bc2 msm: acpuclock-krait: Add voltage boost mode
a77b7f3 msm: acpuclock-8974: Update HFPLL configuration
6d9c416 msm: acpuclock-krait: Support scaling CPU current requests
9c8cb6e msm: acpuclock-krait: Detect and preserve CPU and L2 clock rates at boot
12370f1 msm: acpuclock-8930aa: Add support for MSM8930AA
e66e4bb ASoC: WCD9304: Make sure slimbus port disconnected before opening port
ff724cc Bluetooth: Validate session before rfcomm_session_del
54396e5 msm: kgsl: After timeout check if timestamp has retired
8649fa5 msm: kgsl: Remove the use of asid
586fd16 msm_fb: display: vsync driven screen update
f11928a msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Add memory barrier after RMB_MBA_IMAGE write
e3508bb msm: clock-local: Make branch ctl_reg optional
c89a2d0 virtio: Decouple virtqueues and vrings
fa8a1ea msm_fb: display: add CONFIG_FB_MSM_NO_MDP_PIPE_CTRL
50ec337 msm: kgsl: Fix a logical error in the gpu hang detection code
cf645e8 msm: 8960: Remove pre-silicon support
eef72ab platform: msm: Remove warning messages from QPNP-PWM driver
38b06686 mako: touch: PLG137 firmware E004 udpate
f4838da1 Revert "msm8974: Enable watchdog on msm8974"
6572ac5 msm: q6dspv2: Add slimbus data path support
62360c6 msm: mpm: Configure MPM interrupt as wakeup
6a08cbb Camera: Enable AE bracketing on VFE 2.0
08aae61 msm: clock-8974: Set the 'warned' flag on the mmpll3 clock source
d16a8f1 msm: clock-8974: Apply 8974 frequency updates
274b2d9 msm: clock-8974: Add additional locally controlled MMSS clocks
b7a1a74 msm: clock-8974: Use the RPM regulator API to set FMAX corners.
1fe8e81 msm_fb: display: Set LVDS Chimei panel frequency to run at 60 fps
cc88c12 msm: mpq8064: Avoid NPL clock overflow
dfe5751 video: msm: Add CSC and QSEED support to Overlay API
3118cb0 video: msm: Remove old post processing overlay integration
382b00b video: msm: Add QSEED Table2 Support
fbf4672 video: msm: Add QSEED Table reading support
f7e4404 msm: rtb: Add support for device tree
b245304 msm: vidc: Increase video driver clients count.
43da18d msm_fb: display: switch blt mode on/off without turning off TG
fccacdf msm_fb: hdmi: Proper switching of switch device
8ce738d msm: board-7627a: Make ION heaps use outer cache
194fe12 usb: gadget: Updating mach/msm_hsusb.h
5dbcc89 defconfig: 9625: Enable NAND driver, MTD and YAFFS2 configs
f57ae88 mtd: msm_qpic_nand: Initial driver for QPIC based NAND controller
cd1d023 msm: restart_7k: Move restart code out of pm2.c
2584add defconfig: msm8974: Enable wcd9320 Taiko codec driver
b26b8ca arm/dt: msm: Add alternate IOMMU clocks on msm8974
17ae71e msm: iommu: Support alternate core clocks
a1424c7 arm/dt: msm: Refactor IOMMU device tree entries
ce78fc2 msm: iommu: Use the generic label property
f8b32b2 msm: iommu: Fix MDP context bank interrupts
22d32c6 iommu/msm: Add TLB sync operations
372cfb4 msm: iommu: Add VFE IOMMU device
e14ca5c iommu/msm: Print context name instead of device name
c79a738 arm/dt: msm8974: Add cache ERP devices
9ba4b28 msm: 9625: Add device tree information for NAND
aac11d9 msm: defconfig: Enable RPM RBCPR stats
a2cd6ea trace: Modify timer_start and irq_handler_entry trace events.
86473f0 msm: acpuclock-7627: Add support of 1.4GHz for 8625
b84c147 backlight: lm3530: add level setting to bl_set_intensity()
cca30bb ASoC: apq8064: Add unsupported headset detection support
13f4518 wcnss: cancel any pending APPS votes from coldboot before SSR
58d759e msm_fb: Display: Modify DSI controller PHY settings.
9a20687 mm: add HAVE_MEMBLOCK_NODE_MAP support
5985172 msm: devices-8064: Update mpm bypass list
02c4d0c msm: socinfo: Add a cpu_is macro for msm8974
bc9f60a msm: vidc: Uses on-chip memory for video codecs
7e942b5 usb: gadget: add u_qc_ether - QC Ethernet-over-USB link layer utilities.
e6f596d mako: display: change color value to displayed in case of underflow
f4a533d Perf: Add PMU names to perf output
f17e1e3 mako: display: enable lcd color temperature calibration
2c79a49 mobicore: Create branch that uses interrupt 280
a692ceb board: copper: Increase QSECOM heap to 6MB
211a7ca proc: show present cpu instead of online cpu in /proc/stat
3aaf03e input: msm_ts: Set input property bit to indicate direct input device
be85d1e msm: qdsp5: Increase buffersize of hostPCM interface.
c496b66 coresight: disable tpiu at init to support older targets
0a7edd3 coresight: sink switching support for coresight core layer code
4853931 power: smb349: add spin_lock initializer
9e68493 spinlock_debug: Print offset in addition to symbol name
cbd522c ASoC: wcd9xxx: Update platform data pointer for I2C probe.
5b94471 usb: misc: Add kickstart bridge driver
c49f80d mako: defconfig: enable TUN/TAP device driver
7b20eab diag: Move registration cleanup function to work queue
e8e40df usb: serial: Check for received data upon unlinking the urb
fdf9aa3 msm: pil-q6v4: Update regulator stepping
ecfe4c0 defconfig: automatic update
cb722d6 msm: vidc: Adds bus scaling for video codecs
6a8d04c msm: vidc: Change configuration flag for video.
40680aa msm: 8974: Adds load-freq table for video
94b221b msm: vidc: Adds clock scaling
3a57b95 arm/dt: msm8974: Update PM8941 regulator voltage constraint ranges
bd39669 msm: kgsl: In recovery switch IOMMU clocks on/off
08f1cc1 tsc2007: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
7d17165 arm: Fix compilation error with gcc 4.5.2
6ee7f09 msm_serial: Fix UIM driver configuration
1df2e25 msm: camera: Correct the usage of return free buffer API.
3dff4ef msm: mpq8064: Enable separate ioctl call for noise reduction (nr)
b949858 msm: Bug fixes in lpm_resources and mpm
898c56d msm: Driver module to read RPM RBCPR stats
5025ff1 USB: msm_otg: Add asynchronous block reset support for USB core
680bfc0 msm: 8960sg: Add topology data for 8960 SG Target
76db141 tty: smux_ctl: add device attribute for open timeout
a448aeb msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on
476bbd7 msm: reduce verbose messages from runtime suspend/resume
7c3c45b USB: msm72k_udc: Check if the ep is not disabled before queuing it
4c2dcd4 radio-tavarua: Validate whether the current station is good or bad
b315a20 msm: buspm: Fix the check for buffer-size
1aa4476 Revert "Bluetooth: Voting UART clocks in non atomic context."
7b116e1 hwmon: qpnp-adc: Add PMIC QPNP VADC Driver
ddb270e mako: power: enable wirelesscharger(WLC)
4181239 usb: msm_otg: Fix error handling bug in driver probe
1a99532 msm: board-8974: Call of_mpm_init function
01df14d arm/dt: 8974: Add MPM device into the device tree.
102e596 msm: mpm: MPM driver support for devicetree/irqdomain
39eaba3 Bluetooth: Avoid putting LE Conn into sniff/active
d7d2b06 msm: bam_dmux: add missing parameter to bam_dmux_log() call
e22e21d msm: kgsl: Do bounds checking on user supplied GPU addresses
834c859 msm: kgsl: Limit the number of indirect buffers per submission
f61d2e7 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add support for card detect, write protect gpios
bc315ea msm: camera: Add support for Bayer stats
53156f5 msm_fb: display: add out of range check for display sizes
92b3603 msm: 8064: Remove cpu dcvs governor from device list
58243db msm: camera: Fix memory leak with stats buffers
32b44a2 msm: ultrasound: support new devices, conflicting with the USF.
a42b502 bluetooth: Add support for LE conn param
1ff608a power: add wirelesscharger(WLC) bq51051b driver
03af1ef ASoC: msm: Update the AFE-PCM RX and TX dai link for mpq8064
1ebbfad msm: ocmem: Initialize the ocmem graphics mPU
cc4ec15 msm: ocmem: Add support for low power clients
6957fa0 msm-fb: display: Tearing issue during video playback
5d260e3 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix register sequence for analog mic recording
fed770b msm: clock-8974: Correct some audio interface clock structures.
4bd3894 ASoC: wcd9310: Clear the status only for active slimbus ports
d526d1e msm: kgsl: Allow non-default timeout values in adreno_idle
fbfcd6f mm: cma: don't replace lowmem pages with highmem
72977ed msm: cache_erp: Add device tree support
a3453a7 ASOC: msm: Add device tree specific changes in compressed driver
eb78cbf msm: pcie: Disable secondary bus reset functionality
cae9ee906 msm: mpq8064: Correct the PCIE interrupt mapping
ad3c784 drivers: leds-pm8xxx: enable low power mode for RGB LED
d8d0f77 msm: 8974: Add function to reserve memory from device tree
777c3ce msm: clock-8974: Add block reset support for the USB cores
f5a8e38 msm_fb: display: Brightness change observed when switching HDMI on
54d3a6d msm: mpq8064: Dummy read to prevent false interrupt from triggering
b8e8369 mmc: msm_sdcc: Enable AUTO_PROG_DONE for CMD25
040e70a msm: fix typo for sdcc packed write
9554fa3 msm: rpm: remove the sanity check in rpm log
97e2e61 msm: camera: Add some minor code fixes.
93b8513 msm: Always compile acpuclock-krait when CONFIG_ARCH_MSM_KRAIT is set
5375aa7 msm: pm-8x60: Remove msm_pm_wait_cpu_shutdown()/verify_cpu_pc() APIs
51eaeb2 msm: acpuclock-8974: Consolidate CPU and L2 HFPLL data
f5cc389 msm: acpuclock-8064: Move 8064 support to use acpuclock-krait
d1fd566 msm: acpuclock-8960: Apply alternate 8064 workaround for Krait errata
1f3762d msm: acpuclock-krait: Discard unused SoC-specific data by using __initdata
600ea50 msm: acpuclock-krait: Make ACPU levels reference L2 levels by index
6115d78 msm: acpuclock-8960: Migrate 8960 support to use acpuclock-krait
f128727 Merge prima driver releases and from codeaurora.org
56e7f9e ARM: gic: Remove parameters from msm_gic_save
af1709a ARM: gic: Add flag to select 8625 QGIC2 back to back read/write workaround
8f6ca4f USB: android: Add support for USB Target Function (UASP)
adcc6a2 USB: gadget: Fix memory leak in UASP function
62d4a8c msm: HDMI: Re-initialize the scan details for every HPD
1f02d95 msm: Add configuration required to use GSBI8 into UARTDM Mode
c853010 media: dvb: dvb-core: Pass ring-buffers info to kernel-demux
3845915 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add TLMM/GPIO support for SDC slots
df67a26 msm_fb: display: Remove unnecessary dtv_pipe checks
30befc2 msm_fb: display: suspend-resume on HDMI
3a46ff3 ASoC: msm: Fix crash during FM recording.
0ebb19b msm: vidc: Add controls specific to H263
67b8a923 msm: clock-8960: Disable clk_prepare() warnings for CSI clocks
68398a4 msm: vidc: Download firmware using PIL.
318134d msm: camera: Remove duplicate video device list initialization.
9078590 msm: camera: Add support for instance handle based buffer lookup.
e2601ae ASoC: 8930: add multi channel support for hdmi
6b82d2b msm_fb: hdmi: Boot param support for resolution change
9c4d959 msm: vidc: Adds support for high bit rate and frame rate
2568be7 msm_fb: display: Configure MDP clock table based on DSI Video pixel clk
4b3443f msm: camera: resource manager related changes.
951c02d msm: vidc: Adds support for dynamic I frame request.
1d1d307 msm: camera: Add live snapshot entry to bus vector table.
12a56bd ASoC: msm: Apply cached volume and mute at call start.
ab730bd msm: acpuclock-8627: Move 8627 support to use acpuclock-krait
6dcfa92 msm: acpuclock-8930: Move 8930 support to use acpuclock-krait
c5041da msm: vidc: Adds support for high bit rate decode
a46f06b msm: vidc: Adds support for VP8 Encoder.
694b7d9 ASoC: msm: Add support for meta data in compressed TX
37294ba radio: iris: Validate whether the current station is good or bad
7225d64 mfd: pm8xxx-spk: Fix the disable logic for pmic speaker driver
a16a8c2 spinlock_debug: Fix mismerge
835e8e8 net: sched: Schedule PRIO qdisc when flow control released
13d9967 qseecom: Support multiple clients.
06cce7f defconfig: Enable qseecom on msm8974.
931d70f mfd: Update mpm to monitor pm8821 gpio line
6b88265 msm: ocmem: Change the return type of the notifier api.
8ad6360 msm: ocmem: Add Device Tree Support
94455a4 arm/dt: msm8974: Add On-chip memory device
2aec9f3 USB: OTG: msm: Add support for MHL arbitration
31ed027 msm: camera: CSI changes for 8974
c689c96 defconfig: msm8960: Add CSI config macros
353d7b3 msm-camera: Add Double Padding support in Gemini.
40c3ae8 msm: vidc: Fixes back-to-back video decode/encode.
e6f48904 msm: clock-8960: Add support for msm8960ab clocks
86e0382 msm: clock-8960: Support alternate PLL4 clock plan
8c55d7e msm: clock-8974: Fix GPLL0 configuration issue for acpuclock
48da149 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: set correct SET_PARAM payload size
6438e53 gpu: ion: Add dummy msm_ion header file
2276397 mako: backlight: sync backlight on/off with lcd on/off
2c04345 mako: display: enable CABC function
02f056f Revert "ASoC: msm: Add back-end enablement for CPU DAIs."
a432457 msm: board-msm7627a: De-feature FMEM suport
93ad970 arm/dt: msm8974: Add devices for PMIC PM8941 RTC
1e8ddae msm: vidc: Adds support for VP8 Decoder.
16c8ae2 msm_fb: MHL: Adding MHL api's for USB interaction.
43248fd msm: mdm: Add support for remote MDM image upgrade
e80fb9b msm: camera: Add proper axi channel width in kernel header
c5b0193 Revert "msm: camera: Add free status buffer queue"
26e07aa Revert "msm: camera: Initialize the vfe stats structures."
748ff23 Revert "msm: camera: Fix crash in camera on 8660"
6f6ecb3 msm: kgsl: In recovery search for command stream after global eop
32240ef msm: kgsl: Try to replay commands from bad context in recovery
5f085f4 msm: kgsl: Expire timestamps after recovery
b9f1e83 msm: kgsl: Mark the hung context in recovery before extraction
29ed38e msm: kgsl: Write a separate function to set the reset status
1caba1c msm: kgsl: Do not restore per context timestamp states
2a85f1f msm: kgsl: Turn on preamble to enable replay of commands
bb7b32a msm: kgsl: Separate function to detect last command in recovery
1d577fe msm: kgsl: Create a separate function to extract valid commands
adb1602 msm: kgsl: Use recovery data structure to extract valid commands
ba6c70b msm: kgsl: Introduce recovery data structure for hang recovery
c3ad580 msm: kgsl: Always add a start identifier to a command sequence
8f6e0a9 msm: kgsl: During postmortem check for IOMMU table change
df60930 msm: kgsl: Start the sleep timer after recovery has completed
df7532d msm: vidc: Migration to new firmware version.
90e6438 msm: camera: handle simultaneous SOF and stat interrupts.
dcb0758 [media] v4l2: Add controls for setting H263 attributes
a9964a5 msm: lpm: lpm resources bug fixes
c8430bd msm_fb: Add histogram support for MPQ 8064
12b8b43 msm: socinfo: Add support for detecting Krait and Krait Pass 2
dc6023b base: genlock: handle error while creating lock/handle inode
ad33c51 msm: mpq8064: VCAP corner case bug fixes
1c8f63c Linux 3.4.6
4bcc4e5 msm: Add support for memory dump table
b8a873f ASoC: msm: Add volume support for Multimedia5
923e3e6 Bluetooth: Prevents update of Low Energy connection parameters
457a445 cpufreq: Fix panic when setting sampling rate
2030c1b msm: Check for iommu with map_contiguous APIs
23dc77c usb: gadget: Add support for multiple android gadgets
223fd45 msm: smd_pkt: expose module parameter for the loopback edge
016e7d8 NFC: Export nfc.h to userland
3cdeda1 timekeeping: Add missing update call in timekeeping_resume()
6321a0a hrtimer: Update hrtimer base offsets each hrtimer_interrupt
765bdc4 timekeeping: Provide hrtimer update function
dd3cded hrtimers: Move lock held region in hrtimer_interrupt()
7d1f071 timekeeping: Maintain ktime_t based offsets for hrtimers
2e947d4 timekeeping: Fix leapsecond triggered load spike issue
5e5006e hrtimer: Provide clock_was_set_delayed()
738c88c cfg80211: check iface combinations only when iface is running
871d4f5 clk: Check parent for NULL in clk_change_rate
c5e42b8 HID: add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina
256cf27 Input: xpad - add Andamiro Pump It Up pad
07793cd Input: xpad - add signature for Razer Onza Tournament Edition
abee143 Input: xpad - handle all variations of Mad Catz Beat Pad
edb5132 Input: bcm5974 - Add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina
d418f99 bonding: Manage /proc/net/bonding/ entries from the netdev events
f4e2229 bonding: debugfs and network namespaces are incompatible
b98522a stmmac: Fix for nfs hang on multiple reboot
3cf16f7 mac80211: destroy assoc_data correctly if assoc fails
c8ed7cf rpmsg: fix dependency on initialization order
1214b78 iwlegacy: don't mess up the SCD when removing a key
57cff81 iwlegacy: always monitor for stuck queues
3cc4e0e e1000e: Correct link check logic for 82571 serdes
a3c021d rt2x00usb: fix indexes ordering on RX queue kick
b931127 fifo: Do not restart open() if it already found a partner
665c7a8 intel_ips: blacklist HP ProBook laptops
7490d0a sched/nohz: Rewrite and fix load-avg computation -- again
667fb55 cpufreq / ACPI: Fix not loading acpi-cpufreq driver regression
af3a239 ACPICA: Fix possible fault in return package object repair code
5c77ea8 ARM: SAMSUNG: fix race in s3c_adc_start for ADC
e301f7b md/raid1: fix use-after-free bug in RAID1 data-check code.
a3a13c9 mtd: nandsim: don't open code a do_div helper
a3fa551 media: dvb-core: Release semaphore on error path dvb_register_device()
e2ea6a3 block: fix infinite loop in __getblk_slow
175063b hwmon: (it87) Preserve configuration register bits on init
9ab2f39 media: cx231xx: don't DMA to random addresses
dfd45e8 Remove easily user-triggerable BUG from generic_setlease
35d46ab usb: ehci_msm2: Resume root hub on receiving ASYNC interrupt
2ed59cf msm:vidc: force constrained baseline profile for H264 BP encoding
1b03554 msm: vidc: Adds support to send individual controls.
f3b1a19 msm: smem: Add support to read app data from SMEM.
51676a1 msm: smsm: Use interrupt mask for local SMSM notifications
13d1d03 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add sysfs attribute to update idle timeout value
3c48a68 msm_fb: Adjust the delay values for easy-scale approach of backlight IC
bc49e83 msm_fb: hdmi: Turn on switch dev when connect to HDMI
6f8781b defconfig: Enable support for tricolor leds for 8x25
0e9625d board-msm7627a-io: Add support for red and green leds
281a7e8 leds: msm-tricolor: Add support for tricolor leds
541ce12 defconfig: Enable HID support for 8974
dcc2e22 msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock for msm8930 HW varients.
b506727 usb: dwc3-msm: Add support for LPM on cable disconnect
2043e30 USB: android: check for platform data presence before accessing it
19cf498 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add PON device for PM8941
963b512 msm: qpnp-power-on: Add QPNP PMIC power-on(PON) driver
780f6db msm: camera: Fix flicker issue for S5K3L1 camera sensor
1d25218 msm: clock-8974: Add support for the PCMOE clock
04e3943 mako: debug: disable lge_crash_handler
f0a3914 msm_fb: Remove control of HDMI PLL regulator
82feaa1 msm: clock-8960: Enable necessary regulators for hdmi_pll
f6c39a1 msm: clock-8960: Store current HDMI PLL rate in clk->rate
3417d07 msm: board-8974: correct modem to apps interrupt definitions
69292db crypto: Fix HMAC failure
e523144 dt/flattree: Add stub defintions for flat device tree function
60bd965 ASoc: msm: Remove incorrect headset mic gpios
85b7199 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Add support for LDO bypass mode disable
f3d8232 arm/dt: msm8974: Update the max corner limit for VDD_CX voltage regulator
71c1899 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Update voltage corner mapping to match RPM
3593b3b msm: 8974: Add bindings for register trace buffer
bc08c32 msm: Add bindings for memory reservations
b7626dc msm: kgsl: Don't let thermal control use invalid GPU frequencies
497ef40 msm: SSR: Pull struct restart_wq_data into struct subsys_device
a82ee08 msm: SSR: Drop use_restart_order
0daae15 msm: SSR: Consolidate loops during restart
1f4d017 msm: pil: Remove late initcall to shut down processors
c68ee64 msm: SSR: Cleanup style and remove useless code
b9fab14 msm: ramdump: Add destroy_ramdump_device() function
0ebf721 msm: SSR: Make a registration/unregistration API
196f86e arm: Support the safe WFE sequence for Krait CPUs
68e1d74 arm: Convert spinlocks to new inline assembly style
470d134 arm: Make the WFE macro unconditional
22f7abf mmc: card: Add Sanitize unit test
ac1671b ASoc: msm: qdsp6v2: Native drivers to use different pool id.
ac98f99 defconfig: msm9615: Enable configs to support multicast
cb79866 msm: audio: Use adsp as a string param for pil_get function for 8974
eebdb24 msm: camera: Camera IRQ router changes
c26c652 msm: rpm-smd: Add debugging option to log all RPM requests
fd37d4f media: dvb: mpq: Use cached buffer for video-data in common plug-in
b377811 board: qrd7627a: Correct the operating voltage range.
77f83c2 msm: 8960: Add GSBI9 UARTDM device for Fusion 2.2 platform only
939c0d4 msm: kgsl: Remove additional idle commands
85da21e msm: camera: Add support for LED flash for ov8825 cam sensor
b040a01 msm: vidc: Adds support for Intra Refresh
f0fd8e7 video: msm: Add user-defined backlight scaling
28988f2 msm: qdsp5: Modify check in voice memo process rpc request
0a18888 board: 8974: Add TSENS during early init
05a6e38 thermal: tsens: Add 8974 TSENS driver
717b9e3 msm-camera: Fix the Mask Parameter
0668d106 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Fixed the issue unmap command is sent incorrectly
9feb87d tick-sched: recalculate sleep length each time it is requested
b91c407 msm: msm_bus: Add Bus-RPM interface using RPM-SMD APIs
f82ef51 cpufreq: Fix sysfs deadlock with concurrent hotplug/frequency switch
f62029d msm: bam_dmux: update SSR handling to reflect disconnect ack on by default
c02367a msm: pm-stats: fix the bug in pm stats refactor
b74caaa ASoC: wcd9310: vote off runtime PM after disable SLIMBUS ports
57808a6 arm: arch_timer: export function to read physical counter
db31980 mako: hdmi: fix hdmi_pll_enable failure
2168e1b msm: clock-8960: fix the merge error
9b67ee0 msm: set the packed write feature in platform data for eMMC
9ccbff5 arm/dt: msm8974: add support for SD/eMMC bus speed modes
45f39a7 mako: defconfig: auto-updates
39835c3 mmc: check the emmc version for the write packing
78e0719 mako: tethering gadget(CDC-ECM) is replaced with RNDIS
4815e9f msm: kgsl: Move SOC based chip ID to the board files
c9cb205 USB: android: Add a new LUN as CD-ROM in mass-storage
18dda79 USB: msm72k_udc: Add proprietary charger detection support
1137258 mako: msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains
914de9b msm: kgsl: Move the pdata structure from the public API header
4b8f795 RTC: Add QPNP rtc driver
8c0f169 mako: touch: support new touch panel (PLG137/0.9T)
79f975f Kbuild: Include epm files
fd2f705 msm: Add krait scm driver to configure cpu
00cf869 msm: bam_dmux: Extend locking around SPS transfer call
176d24f msm: clock.h: Fix compile with CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=n
005ae63 msm: sps: update clocks for 8974 in SPS driver
d8c98c3 msm: vidc: Fixes polling on video driver.
2bf4fb1 msm: vidc: Amend buffer size calculation
34ddee5 msm: display: Set MDP revision as 4.4 for MSM8960AB
649ca22 msm_fb: display: Configure DMA before Layer Mixer for writeback mode switch
8f362fe msm: socinfo: Support additional SoC IDs for 8930AA
9c74926 msm: Add preliminary support for MSM8960AB
763c71b Linux 3.4.5
7b741b2 board-8960: Add power configuration for touch
031c24e msm7x27a: Enable SLUB allocator on 7627a and 8x25.
f40e12f checkpatch: strlen and strcmp should not be banned
bb2b649 ocfs2: fix NULL pointer dereference in __ocfs2_change_file_space()
7ad71f9 memblock: free allocated memblock_reserved_regions later
0fa627b fs: ramfs: file-nommu: add SetPageUptodate()
7a08b44 mm, thp: abort compaction if migration page cannot be charged to memcg
ae555e1 drivers/rtc/rtc-mxc.c: fix irq enabled interrupts warning
a610466 drivers/rtc/rtc-ab8500.c: use IRQF_ONESHOT when requesting a threaded IRQ
0bf51a8 drivers/rtc/rtc-spear.c: fix use-after-free in spear_rtc_remove()
0e343db memory hotplug: fix invalid memory access caused by stale kswapd pointer
a2db97f staging:iio:ad7606: Re-add missing scale attribute
d3f9402 md/raid5: Do not add data_offset before call to is_badblock
0c4ad5c mm: Hold a file reference in madvise_remove
c9bb51f drm/i915: rip out the PM_IIR WARN
a08fae6 drm/i915: Refactor the deferred PM_IIR handling into a single function
2c07f25 splice: fix racy pipe->buffers uses
5318ede net/wireless: ipw2x00: add supported cipher suites to wiphy initialization
6d0535e macvtap: zerocopy: validate vectors before building skb
21359ac rtl8187: ->brightness_set can not sleep
acf8fbd thp: avoid atomic64_read in pmd_read_atomic for 32bit PAE
ff99851 mm: pmd_read_atomic: fix 32bit PAE pmd walk vs pmd_populate SMP race condition
e598292 ath9k: fix panic caused by returning a descriptor we have queued for reuse
5250def tg3: Apply short DMA frag workaround to 5906
5bbbd74 raid5: delayed stripe fix
c412589 gspca-core: Fix buffers staying in queued state after a stream_off
445006d mwifiex: fix wrong return values in add_virtual_intf() error cases
4943d9c tracing: change CPU ring buffer state from tracing_cpumask
dbb3e10 iwlwifi: remove log_event debugfs file debugging is disabled
bf2370f mac80211: fix queues stuck issue with HT bandwidth change
f183282 NFS: hard-code init_net for NFS callback transports
ee92389 SUNRPC: move per-net operations from svc_destroy()
1076241 SUNRPC: new svc_bind() routine introduced
0bbc9d1 Lockd: pass network namespace to creation and destruction routines
0e924ae ipheth: add support for iPad
0659cf9d PCI: EHCI: fix crash during suspend on ASUS computers
b62d32b xhci: Fix hang on back-to-back Set TR Deq Ptr commands.
e171ce5 usb: Add support for root hub port status CAS
9da79f9 USB: option: Add MEDIATEK product ids
62e4449 USB: option: add ZTE MF60
b80f6db USB: cdc-wdm: fix lockup on error in wdm_read
b46b5ba USB: metro-usb: fix tty_flip_buffer_push use
d63d398 ACPI / PM: Leave Bus Master Arbitration enabled for suspend/resume
76c6b95 SCSI: libsas: fix taskfile corruption in sas_ata_qc_fill_rtf
5a89aae SCSI: Fix NULL dereferences in scsi_cmd_to_driver
7c2c026 ACPI / PM: Make acpi_pm_device_sleep_state() follow the specification
099fdda HID: hid-multitouch: fix wrong protocol detection
e831cf2 e1000e: test for valid check_reset_block function pointer
f33f0ea OMAPDSS: use DSI_FIFO_BUG workaround only for manual update displays
757fcf2 mm/memblock: fix overlapping allocation when doubling reserved array
6595865 mm/memblock: fix memory leak on extending regions
40e0484 mm/memblock: cleanup on duplicate VA/PA conversion
b6855f6 eCryptfs: Properly check for O_RDONLY flag before doing privileged open
b6d7c70 eCryptfs: Fix lockdep warning in miscdev operations
6dfa530 eCryptfs: Gracefully refuse miscdev file ops on inherited/passed files
6d442d8 dm persistent data: fix allocation failure in space map checker init
7723bfa dm persistent data: handle space map checker creation failure
672c657 dm persistent data: fix shadow_info_leak on dm_tm_destroy
a712c80 dm: verity fix documentation
8d93698 md/raid5: In ops_run_io, inc nr_pending before calling md_wait_for_blocked_rdev
65c3f18 md/raid10: fix failure when trying to repair a read error.
04e0f69 md/raid10: Don't try to recovery unmatched (and unused) chunks.
10ff23a hwspinlock/core: use global ID to register hwspinlocks on multiple devices
0ea4ad3 remoteproc: fix missing CONFIG_FW_LOADER configurations
4f160c7 remoteproc/omap: fix randconfig unmet direct dependencies
e10e76d e1000e: remove use of IP payload checksum
1ee0932 tcm_fc: Resolve suspicious RCU usage warnings
c86f7d6 iwlwifi: fix activating inactive stations
47e38c5 ocfs2: clear unaligned io flag when dio fails
f632881 aio: make kiocb->private NUll in init_sync_kiocb()
f838956 mtd: cafe_nand: fix an & vs | mistake
881aa80 vfs: make O_PATH file descriptors usable for 'fchdir()'
30716ee mwifiex: fix WPS eapol handshake failure
c482c42 mwifiex: fix 11n rx packet drop issue
cec8fda mac80211: correct behaviour on unrecognised action frames
576f080 mac80211: clear ifmgd->bssid only after building DELBA
8359e05 rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: New USB IDs
002aea3 igbvf: fix divide by zero
3f61601 x86, cpufeature: Rename X86_FEATURE_DTS to X86_FEATURE_DTHERM
174d585 x86, compat: Use test_thread_flag(TIF_IA32) in compat signal delivery
a92fdd5 oprofile: perf: use NR_CPUS instead or nr_cpumask_bits for static array
a71e15c net: qmi_wwan: fix Oops while disconnecting
4dd2078 net: qmi_wwan: fix Gobi device probing
6052c2a USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3520-Z
eb2e99b USB: qmi_wwan: Make forced int 4 whitelist generic
70f6c28 can: flexcan: use be32_to_cpup to handle the value of dt entry
8010204 can: c_can: precedence error in c_can_chip_config()
7cc0ab1 ixgbe: Do not pad FCoE frames as this can cause issues with FCoE DDP
0c290a3 batman-adv: only drop packets of known wifi clients
a7faba5 batman-adv: fix skb->data assignment
0d84f6e cfg80211: fix potential deadlock in regulatory
5a851e1 usb-storage: revert commit afff07e61a52 (Add 090c:1000 to unusal-devs)
b18504e SCSI & usb-storage: add try_rc_10_first flag
35733ef USB: CP210x Add 10 Device IDs
2ce4171 USB: option: Add USB ID for Novatel Ovation MC551
96445ed USB: option: add id for Cellient MEN-200
96e1ece gpiolib: wm8994: Pay attention to the value set when enabling as output
8bd6035 clk: fix parent validation in __clk_set_parent()
c10f882 clk: Allow late cache allocation for clk->parents
d5b8efa NFS: Force the legacy idmapper to be single threaded
2f0d209 dmaengine: pl330: dont complete descriptor for cyclic dma
3d90eea PM / Sleep: Prevent waiting forever on asynchronous suspend after abort
21017fa mm: correctly synchronize rss-counters at exit/exec
a7c6013 stable: Allow merging of backports for serious user-visible performance issues
31b1da2 umem: fix up unplugging
8c890e3 xen/blkback: Copy id field when doing BLKIF_DISCARD.
0341705 ARM: Orion: Fix WDT compile for Dove and MV78xx0
cb739ad ARM: Orion: Fix Virtual/Physical mixup with watchdog
0bd3d94 ACPI sysfs.c strlen fix
b429b0c ACPI, x86: fix Dell M6600 ACPI reboot regression via DMI
b939c2a ACPI: Add a quirk for "AMILO PRO V2030" to ignore the timer overriding
5752cdb ACPI: Remove one board specific WARN when ignoring timer overriding
371122f ACPI: Make acpi_skip_timer_override cover all source_irq==0 cases
890b3d0 ACPI, APEI, Avoid too much error reporting in runtime
d54520f acpi_pad: fix power_saving thread deadlock
4849c07 ACPI video: Still use ACPI backlight control if _DOS doesn't exist
a00d69e drm/radeon: fix VM page table setup on SI
6ad566e drm/i915: Fix eDP blank screen after S3 resume on HP desktops
eb858e2 drm/nouveau/fbcon: using nv_two_heads is not a good idea
dec7e3a drm/edid: don't return stack garbage from supports_rb
dbc9043 Btrfs: run delayed directory updates during log replay
becbf4e ASoC: tlv320aic3x: Fix codec pll configure bug
78713dd ASoC: wm2200: Add missing BCLK rate
72c06c7 ath9k: enable serialize_regmode for non-PCIE AR9287
aeb0da0 ath9k: fix dynamic WEP related regression
301fef5 ath9k_htc: configure bssid on ASSOC/IBSS change
084f507 ath9k_hw: avoid possible infinite loop in ar9003_get_pll_sqsum_dvc
d8a7bed ath9k: fix invalid pointer access in the tx path
7664af6 ath9k: fix a tx rate duration calculation bug
e0d1c1d ath9k: Fix softlockup in AR9485
ad95174 ath9k: Fix a WARNING on suspend/resume with IBSS
f4367f2 cifs: when server doesn't set CAP_LARGE_READ_X, cap default rsize at MaxBufferSize
9471356 cifs: fix parsing of password mount option
0f9c37b rpmsg: make sure inflight messages don't invoke just-removed callbacks
735129c rpmsg: avoid premature deallocation of endpoints
4ce1626 iommu/tegra: smmu: Fix unsleepable memory allocation
b9e619e iommu/amd: Initialize dma_ops for hotplug and sriov devices
7b9f477 iommu/amd: Fix missing iommu_shutdown initialization in passthrough mode
4836ee5 udf: Fortify loading of sparing table
b3b9f9c udf: Avoid run away loop when partition table length is corrupted
132a45d udf: Use 'ret' instead of abusing 'i' in udf_load_logicalvol()
615fb8b nilfs2: ensure proper cache clearing for gc-inodes
a4ab3b0 staging: r8712u: Add new USB IDs
684f49c hwmon: (applesmc) Limit key length in warning messages
6ee6b4d NFC: Prevent multiple buffer overflows in NCI
ee0b2dd NFC: Return from rawsock_release when sk is NULL
dd3ce2f powerpc: Fix build of some debug irq code
6ef0d09 powerpc: More fixes for lazy IRQ vs. idle
d3ae4a8 mm: fix slab->page _count corruption when using slub
3cc270f xen/netfront: teardown the device before unregistering it.
f7153a4 bridge: Assign rtnl_link_ops to bridge devices created via ioctl (v2)
993772c net: remove skb_orphan_try()
8f530e3 bnx2x: fix panic when TX ring is full
9bfb210 bnx2x: fix checksum validation
da7de70 netpoll: fix netpoll_send_udp() bugs
c51c618 bonding: Fix corrupted queue_mapping
09838df dummy: fix rcu_sched self-detected stalls
a459fdd be2net: fix a race in be_xmit()
43d950a Revert "niu: Add support for byte queue limits."
019984b sky2: fix checksum bit management on some chips
f9909f7 ipv6: Move ipv6 proc file registration to end of init order
8ec2c82 ipv6: fib: Restore NTF_ROUTER exception in fib6_age()
217fc83 net: neighbour: fix neigh_dump_info()
3d5f5b0 lpc_eth: fix tx completion
1a36f94 lpc_eth: add missing ndo_change_mtu()
4ffa79b l2tp: fix a race in l2tp_ip_sendmsg()
b133be6 net: l2tp_eth: fix kernel panic on rmmod l2tp_eth
89a5feb inetpeer: fix a race in inetpeer_gc_worker()
f375a27 drop_monitor: dont sleep in atomic context
0440cf6 r8169: call netif_napi_del at errpaths and at driver unload
6fc5186 cipso: handle CIPSO options correctly when NetLabel is disabled
31fab24 net: sock: validate data_len before allocating skb in sock_alloc_send_pskb()
4f4bdae bql: Avoid possible inconsistent calculation.
1414a53 bql: Avoid unneeded limit decrement.
19d07e8 bql: Fix POSDIFF() to integer overflow aware.
8f5b330 media: smsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:f5a0
7e9356e powerpc/xmon: Use cpumask iterator to avoid warning
9b38537 powerpc/kvm: sldi should be sld
937bff7 ARM: 7438/1: fill possible PMD empty section gaps
45500e5 ARM: SAMSUNG: Should check for IS_ERR(clk) instead of NULL
7abbc8e ARM: SAMSUNG: Fix for S3C2412 EBI memory mapping
ee1602f powerpc: check_and_cede_processor() never cedes
8057f6c powerpc/pseries: Fix software invalidate TCE
3fb55c2 powerpc: Fix uninitialised error in numa.c
3f8d575 powerpc/ftrace: Do not trace restore_interrupts()
9fe9217 ALSA: hda - Fix power-map regression for HP dv6 & co
354e550 ALSA: hda - Fix memory leaks at module unload
e4508b4 ALSA: hda - Add Realtek ALC280 codec support
c1389ce ARM: tegra: make tegra_cpu_reset_handler_enable() __init
c84299b Tools: hv: verify origin of netlink connector message
6d494b3 defconfig: Enable crypto drivers
bb02176 msm: Kconfig: Select ENABLE_HOLES_IN_ZONE for 7x30
99da86e u_data_hsuart: Use correct name for the debug entry
5acb4ba USB: dwc3: Add workaround for incorrect GUSB3PIPECTL default value
c6e15aa USB: dwc3: Add workaround for incorrect GUCTL register's default value
f398f30 bdi: use deferable timer for sync_supers task
3bb47a0 msm_fb: HDMI: Fix for high HDMI sleep current
ae39d6d msm: 7x27a: audio: set LPA mode for LPA session
863b96d msm: dma: Update the clk gating timeout to 100msec from 1sec.
becf41c msm: camera: Fix crash in camera on 8660
5322391 msm_fb: HDMI: Fix handling of HDMI PLL software reset
4f87794 media: dvb: Add events API for demux
db8cbfe block: test-iosched error handling fixes
2f7f94c msm_fb: hdmi: Do not turn on HPD at boot
10bbb7d msm_fb: display: use spin_lock_bh() when turns on/off dsi_clk
1e8ddb5 net: usb: Using workqueue as bottom half handler
2e6de3f msm: 7630_defconfig: Enable ION
03b698a msm: board-7630: Add ION board support
98dfb65 msm: vidc: Adds support to parse SEQ_CHANGED cmd payload
03cffcb slimbus: Disconnect source port if source end is removed by client
e112999 Revert "[ARM] msm: mako: enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on"
32e3205 Revert "mako: temoprarily blocked mdp error message"
4a88cab mako: slimport: enable slimport for mako
ae920e7 msm: idle-v7: Write Krait-specific bits before WFI
0df5994 gpu: ion: Add missing arg to WARN call
9b3c4f5 slimport: add slimport anx7808 driver
a623da8 msm: bam_dmux: Add locking around platform device calls
c13372e msm: camera: Initialize the vfe stats structures.
a6d9f9a mmc: core: Attribute the IO wait time properly in mmc_wait_for_req_done()
6d353ee Bluetooth: Avoid race condition between hci registration/un-registration
ec6a803 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8960AB
c216734 msm: acpuclock-8974: Allow SVS voltage when L2 is running at its slowest
92c2ef9 crypto: Add device tree support for crypto drivers
84e7b7b STMicroelectronics LIS3DH device driver version 1.1.0
f8edabb msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Add enum value for NONE voltage corner
6d5a42f arm/dt: msm8974: Disable Q6 MSS PIL device node for RUMI
279196e msm: clock-8x60: Fix clock mapping for mmfpb_a_clk
29e8997 prima: HACK: compilation fixes for gcc 4.6
5337a4e power: compilation fixes for gcc 4.6
0f63e00 msm: clock-8974: Add support for QDSS RPM clocks.
4aba6c0 msm: clock-rpm: Store the RPM clock resource keys in the rpm_clk struct
0078a83 mako: update defconfig
a3ae1fa camera: don't enable lm3559 as default
7693cac mako: camera: add header for lm3559 platform data
7c049f2 camera: add header file for lm3559 platform data
475a1a3 mako: vibrator: use ns_to_ktime
09e2081 msm: clock-8974: Add support for the MMSSNOC_AHB RPM clock
a0bc410 msm: board-8960: Update touch config to improve latency
7e3941b msm: kgsl: Set the default 8930 graphics power level to nominal
05d6851 msm: pm-8x60: Check for SPM status in msm_pm_verify_cpu_pc
1088bdb msm: kgsl: Idle the GPU after recovery in recovery routine
204b6f7 msm: board-8930: Add pdata for touch controller
78fe53c input: atmel_mxt_ts: Add firmware upgrade support for MXT224E
c743b3b msm8960_defconfig: Enable USB Video Class(UVC) Driver
c7f9899 ASoC: Don't set command state value for session time
c938898 media: dvb: mpq: Fix stream-buffer read operation
202befb mmc: card: Add eMMC4.5 packing control unit-tests
e630a59 mako: add earsense gpio to MPM irq wakeup source
18481ea msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock to 400MHz
0c1b8b2 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Flush ep0IN and ep0OUT endpoint from ep_dequeue
3a32380 msm: vidc: Add input buffer flushing support
1eca352 msm: rotator: Add secure session flag to rotator start data
97c332d msm_fb: display: Add DMA and Overlay blt mode address to MDP driver
20ca6b7 mako: display: update lcd initial code
d2526c7 mako: display: clean up the mako display code
5f15534 mako: display: remove unused config from Kconfig
5a040b04c camera: add flash driver(lm3559)
15dbeaa ASoC: WCD9xxx: Add Micbias capless mode to platform data
3d29736 video: msm: Fix corner cases of "read twice" error
061a2ee camera: fix to detect csid in sensor driver
18e97cd msm_fb: MHL: Driver changes for Integrated MHL
9194824d net: usb: Add support for poll system call
6ccbf13 power: pm8921-charger: add reverse boost fix for dc_in
0789fc6 power: pm8921-charger: add UVD threshold API
c7bba2f power: pm8921-charger: fix decrease_usb_value for PM8917
b157ff7 power: pm8921-charger: change BOOT_DONE configuration
9ae3efb hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: Update pa_therm mapping table
c46499f msm:kgsl: Adjust the GMEM restore Procedure as per A3XX GPU spec
06a2c72 msm:kgsl: Adjust the GMEM save Procedure as per A3XX GPU spec
be39728 msm: kgsl: Add idle after writing SMMU ASID register
c2b0179 usb: gadget: Fix RmNET control to always clear RTS bit
5941a33 msm: acpuclock: Fix error path in multicore targets
ceb4269 msm: iommu: Update DTS documentation
518ca10 msm: iommu: Specify SMT sizes in device tree
4575bdd iommu/msm: Refactor device tree parsing
ff639f2 msm: iomap: Remove duplicate UART mapping
d1582ff ASoC: msm: Add back-end enablement for CPU DAIs.
c6d904c msm_fb: MHL: Board file changes for Integrated MHL
3542599 msm: clock-9615: Prevent USB-HS clocks from voting on CXO
128986a msm: clock-9615: Rename pll*_acpu_clk to pll*_activeonly_clk
44b79b7 diag: Add missing SSID range
a6c9648 msm: mpq8064: Separate q/dq buffer for VCAP de-interlacing mode
67deb3c 8064: tsif: Add DMA definitions for TSIF on 8064
6cbe66a msm: clock-8960: Add device names for tsif clocks on 8064
6544f3e tspp: use new clock preparation functions
cf21e44 Revert "msm: kgsl: Remove additional idle commands"
621c1bf Revert "msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on"
728b466 msm7627a: Enable Memory Compaction on 7x27a/8x25
9b54d88 mmc: card: Add eMMC4.5 write packed commands unit-tests
990c8ed board: 8064: storage: increase active drive strength for SDC3 slot
68d55cf USB: msm_otg: Add debouncing logic for PMIC id line status handling
e83c2bb ASoC: msm: Fix CVS variable with VoLTE string.
5af8f97 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add callback for BAM global error irq
27e7b94 gpio: msm-common: Set irq attributes on irqdomain map call
d2059c3 msm: pm-8x60: Initialize attributes with sysfs_attr_init()
0df9bb2 msm: Add support for MSM8930AA
8b38bb3 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8930AA
9d7db4f msm_fb: display: Wait for overlay done after DSI Video writeback switch
e3b0306 msm: clock-8974: Add kgsl and kgsl IOMMU clock support.
63770c1 mako: keys: changes keymap.
68210ff msm: mpq8064: pcie: Correct the PCIE device address space allocation
66bd39d ASoc: msm: Add fix for Unsupported Proxy backend sample rates.
b45037c [ARM] msm: remove a noisy pr_info
39f8a6f Revert "mako: msm: board: enable HS200 bus speed mode support"
6611850 Revert "arm/dt: msm8974: add support for SD/eMMC bus speed modes"
bc363fe msm: rpm-smd: Fix spinlock bad magic for msm_rpm_sleep_notifier
18057ed arm/dt: msm8974: Add labels spmi_bus and rpm_bus
9386739 usb: serial: Stop pushing rx data when tty node is removed
304d9f5 touchscreen: cyttsp-i2c-qc: Add low power mode functionality
2837828 cy8c_ts: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
89bd323 msm: kgsl: Optimize page_alloc allocations
12cc1dd platform: msm: Add qpnp-pwm driver
2db0c0e msm8974: Enable watchdog on msm8974
84bc89a wcnss: fix incomplete ramdump for wcnss
0601132 tty: n_smux: Fix workqueue flush deadlock and local mode reset
3bfe6a2 prima: WLAN Driver Release
6f4ceb1 Bluetooth : Ignore incomming events when the hci device is down
a50b51d ASoC: msm: Support for non-DTS Q6 image
ef95ae3 msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains
6084636 vidc: Adjust core timeout based on input frame size
371b67a msm: 8660-defconfig: Enable IOMMU
ce27e56 msm: iommu-domains: Check IOMMU capability of device
a735489 ASoC: wcd9304: Fix IIR filter controls
6d7d16c msm: clock-8960: Add device names for TSIF clocks on 8064/8960
78f3492 msm: defconfig: 9615: Compile both HSUSB and HSIC
d9bbef3 usb: gadget: conversion of controllers choice to menu
479f2eb msm: board-9615: Configure devices for HSIC/HSUSB concurrent mode.
3987b8d usb: gadget: android: Set usb_core_id if exists
9cea7ca msm: watchdog: Flush caches before calling panic
b0884a9 ARM: 7438/1: fill possible PMD empty section gaps
316620f msm: qdsp5: Add ION framework support for 7x27A & 8x25 targets
50f0f86 msm_fb: display: Add ion support for PPP
172c98b msm: QDSP5: audio: Migrate to ION
1fb4165 defconfig: Enable ion for 7627a/8625
4d67f1a msm: iommu: Add KGSL IOMMU device
6d2dba9 mako: touch: firmware upgrade and resolution change
82e5e42 mako: display: remove lm3533 device
82153ca backlight: lm3530: cleanup codes
baf31f4 USB: OTG: Ignore PMIC BSV interrupt while mode is A Host Mode or above
45376de msm: dma: Use clk_prepare and clk_unprepare
dca0239 mako: input: excluding unused drivers
46e51b5 msm: pil-vidc: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
50d623e defconfig: Enable Venus PIL driver for 8974
828798d msm: pil-venus: Add Venus PIL driver for 8974
cee3d06 msm: board-8930: Update the PM8038 MPP init data
32ed5a3 mako: defconfig: disable hw crypto drivers
b5fe20a mako: defconfig: disable unnecessary features
ddccdfa mako: remove board-8960 codes from mako
e9966f6 mako: msm: board: enable HS200 bus speed mode support
1fc82a2 msm: vidc: Adds Profile and Level support
501307f ASoC: msm: fall back to have AFE port started at prepare
e29238b msm: vidc: Adds support for VC-1 decoder
e266a89 ARM: 7363/1: DEBUG_LL: limit early mapping to the minimum
4c3250d ARM: 7438/1: fill possible PMD empty section gaps
48b8586 ARM: smp: Fix suspicious RCU originating from cpu_die()
fb71ba6 msm: pil-mba: Unregister from pil upon driver exit
b399a4f msm: smd_pkt: Fix wakelock concurrency issue
d92be42 msm: devices-8660: Add iommu domain device
aba208d msm: Change semantics of cpu_is_msm8930()
ea9c918 msm: qdsp5: Fix MVS driver for EVRC codec
b361d77 msm: vidc: Adds new event type
f411769 Bluetooth : hidp: Get the valid hci_conn while unlink
2db3384 msm: camera: Add free status buffer queue
0976074 Bluetooth: Update the scan state with Inquiry commands in non-LE case
bf97895 ASoC: msm: fall back to have AFE port started at prepare
a479507 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: ION upgradation
d4a62ab20 msm_serial_hs_lite: Check SR[TXEMT] in wait_for_xmitr
57fc896 msm: board-8064: Fix MHL USB high speed switch regulator name
9ec21d3 USB: OTG: msm: Add support for proprietary charger detection
12481fd msm: kgsl: Remove last_expired_ctxt_id
54bf3ab msm: camera: Send camif error notification to user.
388d5cf pm8xxx-adc: Fix lockdep warnings with key's not in .data
d0b6022 pm8xxx-adc: Remove dead debugfs code
0a56314 msm: pil: Unlock wakelock on proxy vote error path
be4e6fc ion: replace some vmalloc with kmalloc
191a48e [ARM] msm: iommu_domains: replace vmalloc with kmalloc
a1a8c2a [ARM] msm: kgsl: replace vmalloc with kmalloc
d1f0102 msm: Add Watchdog V2 to Kconfig
bd453a9 gpu: ion: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL to various functions
e9cb4b8 msm: 8930: sd card's regulator can be turned off on new hardware
18f6816 camera: add mako camera driver imx111, imx119
0fc258f msm: copper: Convert tzlog to Device Tree.
b6ff86b msm: msm_bus: Update clock APIs to support rounded rate
6dd4cb5 mfd: wcd9xxx: use codec device id to register the device.
95a1c54 msm: pil-gss: Force into low power mode explicitly
373145c modem-8660: Don't restart non-modem processors in debug mode
fa18a03 msm: camera: Pass device pointer to regulator_get()
d032f5b tty: n_smux: Trigger TX worker after wakeup
a9b0647 tty: n_smux: Remove Sleep Request ACK when powering down
0562017 tty: n_smux: Increase inactivity timeout
647b004 Bluetooth: Store the MTU if configuration of other params fail
4314d1e usb: gadget: ci13xxx_udc: Set usb_core_id if exists
0fbae69 defconfig: remove CONFIG_MMC_MSM_CARD_HW_DETECTION
39306c2 gpio: msm: Add TLMM pad support for SDC2
fe0dd3a msm: kgsl: Add GDSC support for dedicated power rail for GPU
0024205 msm: camera: fix build breakage
dd18ebf msm: 8660: Register pil vidc with platform bus & enable clock entries
cb6f9ce msm: board: enable HS200 bus speed mode support
ddd4510 ASoC: WCD9304: Apply digital gain after digital path is turned ON
4b27093 msm: board: remove CONFIG_MMC_MSM_CARD_HW_DETECTION featurization
a89ffc7 msm: board: Set the correct 2D core clock frequency in 7x30
05b7f34 defconfig: msm8974: Enable mass storage for host mode
d83cc69 defconfig: msm8974: Enable XHCI host mode
ba26ebf usb: msm8974: Select USB_ARCH_HAS_XHCI by default
01bc871 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add new soft reset mechanism for SDCCv4
33caa5d msm: clock-8960: Enable hardware clock gating on 8930
87c4e8e msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock to 400MHz for msm8627
c00dfe2 msm: Use immediate operations instead of PC-relative loads
a43f44b msm_fb: Handle multiple histogram reader errors during suspend/resume
c45b820 Revert "Revert "video: msm: Always queue histogram work""
3220087 msm_fb: clean fb to prevent displaying old fb
fa42fc8 mako: defconfig: enable camera
0cad897 msm: camera: fix build breakage about CONFIG_MSM_CAMERA_DEBUG
a44ff69 msm: board-8960: fix the build breakage
f7d9641 mako: remove sx150x gpio expender and epm sensor
1a94a65 msm: camera: fix the build breakage
9fee6ef msm: board-8960-camera: fix the build breakage
105d07f EHCI: HSIC: Add debug support for HSIC system error
302d9a3 msm: acpuclock-krait: Clean up error paths in initialization code
754ee27 msm: acpuclock-krait: Support booting with fewer CPUs
17206c2 usb: dwc3-msm: Request for otg_interrupt irq
80af30d msm: kgsl: Check whether the ops pointer is valid.
5462907 msm: kgsl: Remove additional idle commands
0c81126 msm: kgsl: For IOMMU only decide to flush when memory is unmapped
671ee19 msm: rq_stats: Fix lockdep warnings with key's not in .data
aeaf2ad epm-adc: Fix lockdep warnings with key's not in .data
30f30f7 power: pm8921-bms: fine tune the uuc scaling algorithm
5adb253 power: pm8921-bms: remove support for pm8921 v1.0 and v1.1
3335f14 msm: kgsl: Faster GPU hang detection
b2abc45 msm: kgsl: Check if GPU is hung when reserving space in rb
e898424 Power:apply Battery characteristic Tpy. 2100mAh capacity, Li-Ion Polymer 3.8V
a4bfdcd [ARM] msm: do not crash when subsystem not initialized
4dd6e1a tty: n_smux: Add packet-level logging of power commands
2d4f9e8 tty: n_smux: Allow TX work to run while waiting for wakeup
2e0906f tty: n_smux: Add retry queue size flow control
a0899ce [ARM] msm: do not panic on subsystem_restart errors
527b66f tty: n_smux: Make unit test macros safe for side-effects
8837364 tty: n_smux: Clarify test messages
bb72c6c tty: n_smux: Update logging to handle broadcast ID
92a67df tty: n_smux: Prevent TTY Line Discipline unload during flush
553fb9e ASoC: msm8930: Correct microphone bias setting for Headset Mic
8d575ac msm: clock-debug: Print rate and vdd class level in the debug_suspend dump
bf42e60 net: rmnet_usb: Enable autosuspend
31e30e6 msm: acpuclock-8960: Support booting with fewer CPUs
647d1c1 msm: clock: Remove the "auto_off" feature
be79f5a msm: mdm: Ignore error interrupts from MDM during SSR
e66c12a mako: defconfig: auto-updates
4c3c6ed mako: mdm: Add support for PBLRDY gpio
6206133 mako: msm: kgsl: Fix the graphics bandwidth requests on 8064
c8d4482 [ARM] msm: mako: enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on
6c7dc95 ASoC: msm: Use spin lock to protect the shared data
b14ed96 gpu: ion: Pull in patches for 3.4
87841c8 msm: Add device tree support for audio drivers
56dc742 USB: msm_otg: Rename MHL USB high speed switch regulator name
cb06807 msm: kgsl: Disable the IOMMU clocks on a timestamp
5b165cb RNDIS: Add Data aggregation (multi packet) support
84f8c68 vidc: Add required variables in platform data for content protection
24502cb msm_fb: display: Enable MDP clock's overlay block during panel on
ac0bddf ASoC: WCD9310: Perform microphone polling to correct plug type
824b752 arm/dt: msm8974: add support for SD/eMMC bus speed modes
b9ff7f0 arm/dt: msm8974: Add regulator support for SDC controllers
4b66b37 SSR: Make smem ramdump devices unique
207a040 mako: camera: cleanup codes
85110f4 msm: camera: Fix the build breakage in camirq_router
a7026b8 mako: msm: display: Add MDP footswitch regulator control for HDMI PLL
37ad882 Revert "USB: android: Avoid re-enabling the same configuration"
5e96aaa power: pm8921-charger: support dc charging while in usb host mode
66a84b5 msm: msm_bus: Fix a warning by correcting mem-clock usage
f8634bb msm: clock-8974: Hold an active set vote for CXO in post_init
81797d9 regulator: Fix recursive mutex lockdep warning
89dd8eb msm_fb: HDMI: Fix lockdep warning
49a1e88 msm: smd_tty: Don't call del_timer() on uninitialized timers
0798671 tty: smux_ctl: Remove unused ports
4d26d42 tty: smux_ctl: Disable debug logging
d6704e3 tty: smux_ctl: Support removing line discipline gracefully
fcfe534 mako: msm: mdm: Target specific dump collection timeout
734bdce mako: msm: mdm: setup vddmin gpios for external modem
119c37c Revert "[ARM] msm: remove redundant #define"
fac0b62 Revert "[ARM] msm: fix the build breakage when unselected HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT"
896d253 msm: spm: Allow setting of voltages across cpus
3fee974 camera: Add missing mutex initialization.
0b9517b msm_fb: Pass correct device pointer to regulator_get() API
c1edd40 msm: mpq8064: Check PCIE efuse status before adding PCIE device
995fd27 msm_vidc: Fix decoder output order.
36d82a4 ASoC: WCD9304: Expose all possible Gain Settings for Earpiece PA
743d0e3 ASoC: wcd9310: Fix audiable click noise with active ANC headset
c5492fc msm: clock-8960/8660/9615: Fix pcm clock initial rate
b5e69d8 mako: touch: added tool type and touch minor option
a7a7b9a msm: mdm: use mdelay instead of usleep when resetting modem
1ee4ac8 qseecom: Add new ioctl call.
dc0beb9 msm: socinfo: Add new MSM IDs for 7127AA and 7125AB.
336c78d msm: board-qrd7627a: Add gpio regulator devices for 7x27A/8x25.
c82b9b8 msm: qdsp5v2: Upgrade qdsp5v2 audio driver code to use new clock API
a51de95 USB: gadget: Split Target based USB-Gadget driver (tcm_usb_gadget.c)
112bd75 mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix deadlock while resuming sdcc from userspace
2e4f2a3 msm: defconfig: Disable section mismatch=y
9dac549 msm: dsps: Revise handling of PPSS_PAUSE register.
dbbca9b msm_fb: display: Attach IOMMU for DSI cmd mode in kickoff call
20b1ec0 mako: debug: enabling subsystem ramdumps
d0fb08d msm: usb_bam: Change the usb bam pipe threshold to 16 bytes
337cdb7 msm: acpuclock-8974: Vote on the PM8941_S2 regulator for HFPLLs
d591bf2 msm: acpuclock-8974: Update vdd_dig votes to use new voltage corners
1c91ea7 arm/dt: msm8974: Switch from native to RPM control of most regulators
2c0d2f2 msm: subsystem_restart: Restart order for SGLTE
5ee6b06 ARM: dma-mapping: remove unconditional dependency on CMA
d4398df ARM: integrate CMA with DMA-mapping subsystem
a9f1156 X86: integrate CMA with DMA-mapping subsystem
f1f6388 mm: trigger page reclaim in alloc_contig_range() to stabilise watermarks
55bb033 drivers: add Contiguous Memory Allocator
1ed3651 mm: extract reclaim code from __alloc_pages_direct_reclaim()
e12aade mm: Serialize access to min_free_kbytes
c80cd92 mm: page_isolation: MIGRATE_CMA isolation functions added
a530a7b msm: dma: Convert spinlocks to mutexes for new clock apis
5dd5442 msm: camera: Add support for concurrent Ispif interface streaming
0787612 msm_fb: display: Set HDMI PLL footswitch regulator to 1.8V after get()
71b536f tzlog: Add Device Tree support
db684cb msm: pcie: Fix the Root Port class code early during device configuration
1546b49 defconfig: Enable pil-vidc driver
0bd7217 msm: Add platform driver support for qseecom.
90ced6e msm: 8974: rename copper to 8974
a98bde5 msm: mdm: Set flag to not power down QSC after dump collection.
9bf4824 Revert "have ARCH_MSM8960 select HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT"
ba9f6df [ARM] msm: fix the build breakage when unselected HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT
d2f89b8 mako: debug: use persistent ram for ram_console and crash handler
bcdb7e7 Bluetooth: Fix ATT Indicate/Confirm handling
d51d5e8 msm: clock-local: Initialize cdiv rates to non-rate value
305c529 power: pm8xxx-ccadc: remove support for pm8921 v1.0 and v1.1
22a06d1 msm: kgsl: Add TLB flush for each submit in case of 8x25/7x2xa
0679a81 USB: gadget: Fix scheduling while atomic bug in ci13xxx_udc
5fd16f4 Revert "msm: vidc: Avoid reconfig if EoS is received after SPS/PPS"
3850105 ARM: gic: Remove ARCH_MSM8625 around the gic_save APIs
3c4142d mmc: msm_sdcc: reset sd card at boot time
fb92e57 fs: yaffs2: Add null pointer check before dereferencing inode
8477d22 ASoC: msm: Add 8-channel Multi-PCM TX support
1c61063 ASoC: msm: Add BE enablement for AUX PCM CPU DAI
dd9bb79 msm: copper: Board specific changes to enable bus scaling on copper
4ce6ebb backlight: lm3530: fix the abnormal backlght control
b939c2f msm_fb: HACK: wait until completing backlight control
adc9330 mako: display: change power off sequence of display system
7d549cb msm: ramdump: fix duplicated sysfs ramdump
bd78381 mako: touch: removed ghost codes and added touch point trace
a6a8af2 mako: touch: enable REDUCED REPORT MODE with TH 5
52a79fa msm: add PICE clock table when enabled PCIE
420825a mako: touch: disable ghost finger correction
b0a55c8 mako: seperate mako codes from qcom codes
098aa9d mako: touch: use MT protocol type B
b849941 mako: debug: porting lge crash handler
3c47077 mako: msm: board-8960: Initialize msm_thermal() during board init
ec142a2 mako: msm: acpuclock: Convert acpuclock drivers into platform drivers
9c53b32 mako: board: Add EBI error reporting devices on 8064
938911c mako: msm_sdcc: Rename write protect switch polarity variable
30dbc1b mako: Disable pull-down in requests for S7 and L27 regulators
e51bfd5 mako: clean up codes
b817603 audio: fsa8008: simplify the codes related to request gpios
d10f03c mako: msm_otg: doesn't control regulator vbus_otg
17e98e4 mako: clean up display codes
90c6ab1 mako: set the mako own machine number
a56f27e mako: power: bms/ccadc: move ccadc calibration to ccadc driver
6e58327 mako: camera: Decouple the ISPIF component from sensor
7d470ce mako : regulator: add LDO6 consumer and set contraints
14e28fa mako : support earjack debugger cable
139c376 mako: support Kernel low-level debug via UART
5297b72 mako: touch: upgrade firmware from E032 to E052
5106c61 mako: touch: disable S/W accuracy and jitter filter
4a8eb5a mako: regulator name correction
3a6d63d mako: cleanup mako display codes
6dcc8ff mako: defconfig: enable msm_fb HDMI
bc889d2 mako: msm_sdcc: Rename dfab_clk to generic name
770fb43 mako: msm_fb: HDMI: Update HPD logic to address HDMI PLL related issues
9627b3d cradle: add hall ic driver
ba0e945 vibrator: add immersion touchsense vibrator
7b0f1db net: remove the unused files
17d9112 mako: defconfig: enable ppp and slip for vpn
b8e843e net: replace PPP_MTU with PPP_MRU
43309cf mako: defconfig: disable ethernet micrel KS8851
f9d90f5 mako: add LCD calibration codes and enble
1befd72 mako: add lge qfprom access driver
3803bfd mako: touch: resolved touch problem after resume
421a58e usb: gadget: correct CONFIG_USB_ANDROID_CDC_ECM feature
17eae0d msm: pil: Fix loadable segment type check
2aa4c04 ASoC: Handle slimbus port disconnection before opening another
079007e mm-video:vidc: Set max performance level for high framerate content
89443dc Revert "usb: gadget: remove the new line character from end of string"
c9a7a84 msm: mdm: Target specific dump collection timeout
2661534 msm: kgsl: Fix the graphics bandwidth requests on 8064/8930
28f14ee USB: gadget: Fix crash in ci13xxx_udc.c
18792a3 msm: bam_dmux: add power management only mode
3ac0c17 msm_fb: display: Fix Toshiba WSVGA panel porch and timing settings
dd58afe panic: Fix a possible deadlock in panic()
4208ce3 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Add support for voltage corner resource parameter
42b01a9 msm: Remove pmem_kalloc APIs
4362c74 Perf: Detect number of L2 counters from L2PMCR
ed2d87e power: pm8921-bms: remember soc between restarts
6fb3834 coresight: rename variables and functions from cs to coresight
a9c0e06 cs: use device attributes instead of kobj attributes
b84ef9d cs: add coresight core layer code
1746b8f coresight: rename directory and files from cs to coresight
f17b147 cs: let each driver manage the clk for its device
16aefdb cs: rename driver state data to drvdata and dynamically allocate it
5827c83 msm: jtag: move jtag related definitions to new jtag header
33454d2 cs: rename qdss files to coresight
0549093 cs: rename and move stm header file
43e47bd cs: move shared data to external header
2963de4 cs: move qdss code under drivers
27086d9 msm: qdss: migrate to use standard clk apis for qdss clk
4fbf4c4 ASOC: msm: Add voip/voice driver support for copper
1bc7b22 msm: camera: Allow user to abort live snapshot.
d513179 ASoc: soc-pcm: Don't shutdown codec dai if it's used by other stream
61df193 msm: smd_pkt: Register platform driver with the SMD channel name
254d674 msm_fb: display: Flush pipe registers before staging for Mixer 0 or 1
6e250f0 msm: clock-dss-8960: Update HDMI PLL settings
aec69fb arm: common: Use label to identify cpaccess dummy instruction
da31824 Bluetooth: Use transmit window from config response for ack timing
66f781a ASoC: msm: DTS playback support
8f84689 ASoC: msm: Add compressed TX support
a2e0c10e msm: camera: Add per instance lock in to serialize
f317304 msm: devices-8930: Add cache dumping device
733377c msm: mdm: cleanup the way the external modem is shutdown and reset
c7fc3b1 msm: clock-8960: Add support for QDSS RPM clocks
f29aefd msm: board: share the same ADM channel between NAND and eMMC
9efd5c9 radio-tavarua: Add new IOCTL to set the soft mute
37320fb mdss: display: Correct regulator API usage
1307989 net: usb: Continue submitting rx URBs upon QMI channel close
b5085c5 msm_fb: display: Increase wait for VSYNC
ef37a64 msm: camera: Add support for autofocus driver for ov8825
0eafbe9 fsm: Enable UIM interface
333b672 msm: acpuclock-8960: Fix max CPU frequency limit for 8930.
7e30c8d msm: clock-copper: Initialize ocmemnoc clock rate in post_init
9aff26c msm: board-8064: Enable pull-up for SD card detect
8eb05b3 msm: 9615: WLAN PMIC GPIO 6 configuration.
4715adf defconfig: msm-copper: Enable CONFIG_MMC_CLKGATE
70bbcbc msm: sdio_ctl: Update the driver to support poll operation
4a4f2d5 msm: display: Add MDP footswitch regulator control for HDMI PLL
812a885 regulator: Replace error prints in regulator_check_drms() with debug prints
73ec728 msm: camera: CPP driver Framework
4235d77 Perf: Upgrade perf periodic
567f22b ASoC: msm: Fix the issue that freed data structure is accessed
e404049 EHCI: HSIC: Set RUN/STOP bit after PORT_RESUME gets cleared
fcd66aa Perf: Add L2 slave port filtering
0de1b3f msm: clock-local: Rename __branch_clk_*_reg() to __branch_*_reg()
f82f294 msm: clock-local: Adopt a more consistent variable name convention
64df133 msm: gdsc: Delay 1us after enabling rails while clocks are re-enabled
03602a9 msm: cpuidle: Move msm_cpuidle_get_deep_idle_latency out of ifdef
e8f1674 spi_qsd: chip select doesn't assert for every 4k bytes
ed4b2af vidc:720p: Fix first buffer with EOS flag in video decoder
a1e3b8c msm: smd: update subsystem name for SMD_APPS_Q6 edge on Copper
fb77f15 msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on
c6dcd5e mdm: Add support for PBLRDY gpio
795bf7b Perf: Add named PMU support for Scorpion and Krait
d2337c3 Perf: Add constraint check for L2CC PMU's
89cadb8 Perf: Add constraint checks for 8660 L1cc
9f30c18 Perf: Make event constraint checks generic for MSM
ff5c9a6 msm: camera: Actuator i2c interface changes
b339a16 msm: camera: Change OV2720 exposure setting
4018a9b msm: kgsl: Align busy times with the end times of samples
72aec70 msm: Add support for watchdog on msm8974
f992565 ASoC: msm: Update the encode option and sample rate.
6018155 block: Add test-iosched scheduler
9c4743f Revert "msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains"
fd23309 Revert "msm_fb: display: Add DMA and Overlay blt mode address to MDP driver"
ca4d9bc Revert "msm: rotator: Add secure session flag to rotator start data"
ddd20e2 vidc:vdec: Clean extradata portion and invalidate whole buffer
f0fb300 usb: gadget: Match gadget and gadget_driver according to usb_core_id
4a466c3 net: rmnet_usb_ctrl: Fix bug in handling interface disconnect
89cfcd7 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add error handling while setting up clocks
a0d56b5 radio: tavarua: Add IOCTL to enable the FM TX Tone generator
5a10c6f usb: misc: Send zero-length packets on bulk OUT
ef39084 msm: mdm: setup vddmin gpios for external modem
d861011 qseecom: Support concurrency between QSEE apps.
6ddff4e msm: clock-copper: Add CXO voting support
d1c2bf6 msm: clock-rpm: Add support for the 'Enab' RPM key
4eba8b9 msm: copper: Add bus topology data for copper
59d890f power_supply: add change the scope property
f59ce4e msm8930: add native support of mpu3050 gyroscope
ad2a155 msm: kgsl: Remove redundant calls
8e6edcb usb: ehci: Avoid phy lockup due to SOFs during port reset
64b4861 ehci: hsic: Disable hsic system clock during reset sequence
5fa8825 msm: smd_pkt: Verify edge during probe operation
a903a7b ASoC: msm: Support for configuring buffer size in multichannel PCM TX
708d577 mmc: host: Give a unique number to each CAPS2 capability
e851959 msm: gss-8064: Invoke SSR from within the watchdog IRQ handler
a66023d msm: gss-8064: Remove legacy restart-via-SMSM code
21c7c86 msm: gss-8064: Fix nested IRQ disables
6f806b8 usb: serial: Add flow control between wwan and tty drivers
ef5b150 msm_fb: HDMI: Removing unnecessary HPD detection code.
69e621d usb: msm_otg: Fix host mode suspend
7f17796 msm: kgsl: Enable Clock Gating for A3XX GPU
fecae38 ALSA: core: Add support to handle compressed audio IOCTLs for capture
5bd795f defconfig: msm-copper: Enable CONFIG_GPIO_QPNP_PIN
5085a05 dt/msmcopper: Add devices for pm8x41 mpps
6b90157 gpio: qpnp-pin: Add support for MPP devices
58d0780 gpio: qpnp-pin: Don't fail pin config for no hardware support
6ea2cd2 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Issue lookups based on device name
978d335 spmi: Add spmi_resource for non spmi-dev-container cases
a05f455 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Rename driver to qpnp-pin
8d6aae3 of: spmi: Add support for device naming and lookups
a6a354d of: spmi: Support resource naming
0e5534d spmi: qpnp: Change APIs to take a spmi_resource pointer instead of index
08e1e90 spmi: Rename qpnp library to be part of the spmi framework
7c06410 defconfig: msm-copper: Enable CONFIG_QPNP_INT
69701d3 spmi: qpnp-int: Fix bug in setting interrupt type
519e420 Revert "arm: irq: Allow for specification of no preallocated irqs"
bb6b30f irqdomain: Port system to new API
d4158d2 mm: mmzone: MIGRATE_CMA migration type added
c6114bf mm: page_alloc: change fallbacks array handling
4c1ff37 mm: page_alloc: introduce alloc_contig_range()
02ff1de mm: compaction: export some of the functions
61ee2fc mm: compaction: introduce isolate_freepages_range()
2770ccf mm: compaction: introduce map_pages()
a196a6c mm: compaction: introduce isolate_migratepages_range()
adc95fd mm: page_alloc: remove trailing whitespace
7c2b9cb msm: board8660: Allocate proper size to MM_FW heap
43d0a34 msm: msm7627a: Support ION on 7627a/8625
2423ba8 Revert "video: msm: Always queue histogram work"
fd075dd usb: gadget: Add remote wakeup support to ci13xxx_udc
f17772e USB: msm72k_udc: Add counter to reduce delay required for qTD status update
32f20a7 isa1200: Add support for pwm clk
804ca59 msm: clock-8960: Add cxo for ISA1200 driver to the 8064 lookup table
b856ab9 msm: Kconfig: Select MIGHT_HAVE_CACHE_L2X0 for 7x27(A) and 8x25
15ad5ac msm: display: disable ldo11 regulator in suspend state
9e6f2ec arm: cache-l2x0: Add event monitor bit shift
318763f staging: ashmem: Fix the build failure when OUTER_CACHE is enabled
9d1679c mmc: msm_sdcc: Clear the data control register
f950e32 radio-iris: Add ioctl commands to configure spur table
1a9fdee mpm: 8625: Remove unused arguments in the msm_gic_irq_extn_init
40abbe1 msm: copper: Low Power Resource manager driver
f4ab0df ASoc: msm: Add support for audio recording with EC.
537e445 radio-tavarua: compilation fix for gcc 4.6
6dff957 msm: compilation fixes for gcc 4.6
06e4a1f msm: acpuclock-krait: Port additional functionality from acpuclock-8960
75473eb msm: acpuclock-krait: Migrate to rpm_regulator_*() APIs
bf9eb2c msm: acpuclock-copper: Update use of regulator_get() for Krait core rails
557f5c4 ASoC: msm8960: Enable mbhc micbias when ANC headset is enabled
a4bdf84 msm: kgsl: Remove A3XX soft reset
1cda0f5 mfd: pm8038: add ccadc cell
9392390 ASoC: wcd9310: set rate only for required RX and TX paths.
fab6ff3 defconfig: msm8960-perf: Enable ERP event logging
735067f defconfig: msm8960: Enable ERP event logging
aa15fd1 msm: cache_erp: Use dedicated location for ERP event logging
51fc4e6 msm_serial_hs_lite: Fix compilation with console disabled
f8f1ed4 camera: To fix compilation error in Mercury.
c123862 msm: footswitch-pcom: Set rail modes only for probed footswitches
90a06cc slimbus: Modify check for empty slots
fe72c45 vidc_hal: update driver to new hal interface.
132d62b msm: qdss: limit platform data access to probe function
9eae482 msm: qdss: add device tree matching
4bd0b1c msm: msm_bus: Fix adding AHBs to topology
7e2ed9a msm: qdsp5v2: remove pmem_kfree
2029ca3 msm: kgsl: Remove dangling reference to PMEM_MEMTYPE
a8cc047 clkdev: Remove __init marking from clkdev_add_table()
5e7befd msm: iommu: Use iommu_map_range for 4K mappings
14c5e7a mdss: display: Add writeback support for WFD
20684ab mdss: display: implement common irq handler for different mdss blocks
2dca5a0 mdss: display: add video display interface support
4e584a3 mdss: display: implement csc matrix programming
96a1e9e mdss: display: add clock and bus scaling logic
1857f06 mdss: display: add rotator interface to mdss driver
5ef3ac0 msm: copper: add device nodes and clock information for mdss
400fa57 defconfig: copper: enable mdss in kernel configuration
d05f40b msm: camera: provide NULL pointer error checks.
19ca4a6 msm: kgsl: Create a separate pagetable for priv bank of IOMMU
877d7a4 msm: board-8960: Initialize msm_thermal() during board init
9181436 msm: thermal: Simplify kernel thermal safeguard mechanism
3220030 msm: rotator: Add secure session flag to rotator start data
5f97925 msm_fb: display: Add DMA and Overlay blt mode address to MDP driver
9ae9bea msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains
dcf81a6 usb: gadget: Fix of Android next_string_id.
e55f0ea msm-camera: Fix for the Preview Blinking for YUV sensor
58562d8 Bluetooth: Update Local COD to bluez userspace on write complete.
9b6e58b usb: otg: Fix USB remote-wakeup with LPM
f8687a5 usb: dwc3-msm: Fix redeclaration error of 'enum usb_vdd_value'
ef2d34e msm_fb: hdmi: Break infinite loop
3fed2bc msm: socinfo: Add new MSM IDs for 7127A and 7125A.
d176079 ASoC: msm: Add support for afe disconnect command
e7db268 ASoC: msm: Update front end dai links of mpq8064 machine driver
28feb3d msm: camera: Add support for RDI in VFE
2fe1aec board-8930: Add HSUSB PHY Init Sequence
5024749 msm: clock-copper: Add support for sdcc voting for pnoc clocks
8f912ea mmc: msm_sdcc: Rename write protect switch polarity variable
33fe6f1 USB: dwc: Add a warning message about Vendor Device LMP event
d393e17 USB: dwc3: Increase event buffer size from 4K to 8K
fe2c063 USB: dwc3: Add workaround for possible bug related to PHY CDR
bd348b6 USB: xhci: Add PORTSC register write delay quirk for DWC3 controller
1742db2 usb: dwc3_msm: Add master clock (or core clock) voting
8c64281 usb: dwc3-msm: Add support for charger detection
b546ed7 usb: xhci: Fix forbidden warning for unused function.
c9e92e9 usb: dwc3: Set dma mask for USB3.0 dwc3 driver
4a18733 usb: dwc3: core: split host address space
cdeef4c usb: dwc3: Introduce OTG driver for dwc3
2b709d4 ASoC: wcd9304: add I2C\I2S support for sitar codec
af7e514 msm: camera: Fix for suspend resume issue due to shared GPIOs
d57db91 defconfig: Enable 4th instance of USB Host Mode
5a6178b usb: msm_hsusb: Add include to linux/hrtimer
464cafd usb-gadget: Initial merge of target module for UASP + BOT
d5b72ad target: Rename target_allocate_tasks to target_setup_cmd_from_cdb
7da88b1 target: add unknown size flag to target_submit_cmd()
699a58f ASoC: msm: Fix SRS key not being sent to DSP sometimes problem
56a123b video: msm: Always queue histogram work & lock histogram calls
bf430eb msm: acpuclock: Convert acpuclock drivers into platform drivers
c00dd9b diag: Add new SSID
b4a278e msm: camera: Add IRQ Router subdev implementation.
5ecf6a1 msm: qdss: add STM driver
5d2945d msm:vidc: provide support to raise video clks to turbo mode.
2431227 ASOC: msm: Enable audio for copper target.
c519b72 msm: acpuclock-8960: Update PVS table for 8064
215de5d msm: clock-rpm: Fix branch clocks so that they can be enabled
c9759db [ARM] mako_defconfig: enable prima wlan driver
db8a597 staging: include the prima wlan driver
a58b9a2 ASoC: apq8064: Add run-time PM support for voice over Bluetooth.
cf7e27f msm: vidc: Video driver update to kernel 3.4.
ba69f30 prima: WLAN Driver Release
c3695de power: pm8921-charger: force 19.2Mhz clock before accessing registers
bb475ec msm: clock-copper: Allow the bus driver to control mmssnoc_axi_clk
5c3252d msm: clock-local2: Add support to return a rounded rate for branch clocks
b1e7c58 msm: bam_dmux: enable disconnect ack feature support by default
41de286 ASoC: qdsp6: Fix device crash issue in LPA seek.
f8644f7 msm: camera: Update camera code to use clk_prepare api
fb3012f msm: kgsl: Restore default clock control during A3XX GMEM restore
33f7430 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix OCP register default value
ff74ae5 Linux 3.4.4
f5f062e target: Return error to initiator if SET TARGET PORT GROUPS emulation fails
7586296 iwlwifi: fix TX power antenna access
adf2643 iwlwifi: use correct supported firmware for 6035 and 6000g2
77bcff9 iwlwifi: fix the Transmit Frame Descriptor rings
c17f648b6 ntp: Correct TAI offset during leap second
e60a87b e1000e: Remove special case for 82573/82574 ASPM L1 disablement
8d87325 e1000e: Disable ASPM L1 on 82574
6582db3 remoteproc: fix missing fault indication in error-path
d186a40 remoteproc: fix print format warnings
efe7938 remoteproc/omap: fix dev_err typo
eef458c 9p: BUG before corrupting memory
9f138fc edac: fix the error about memory type detection on SandyBridge
40ca92a edac: avoid mce decoding crash after edac driver unloaded
bb1b9f8 hwrng: atmel-rng - fix data valid check
064cd01 ASoC: wm8904: Fix GPIO and MICBIAS initialisation for regmap conversion
bc9b784 USB: fix gathering of interface associations
3561c24 USB: serial: Enforce USB driver and USB serial driver match
7eec718 USB: serial: sierra: Add support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U modem
9cc2d46 usb: cdc-acm: fix devices not unthrottled on open
9b81405 USB: cdc-wdm: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
12ad741 USB: add NO_D3_DURING_SLEEP flag and revert 151b61284776be2
9a12826 USB: ftdi-sio: Add support for RT Systems USB-RTS01 serial adapter
74351aa USB: serial: cp210x: add Optris MS Pro usb id
5c551ea USB: fix PS3 EHCI systems
d6fe7df usb: musb_gadget: fix crash caused by dangling pointer
b85ecf1 usb: musb: davinci: Fix build breakage
8951420 USB: mct_u232: Fix incorrect TIOCMSET return
c1cbfb9 USB: qcserial: Add Sierra Wireless device IDs
0fd47a3 USB: mos7840: Fix compilation of usb serial driver
bd1031c usb-storage: Add 090c:1000 to unusal-devs
5dc6fed xHCI: Increase the timeout for controller save/restore state operation
708053a xhci: Don't free endpoints in xhci_mem_cleanup()
b063a62 xhci: Fix invalid loop check in xhci_free_tt_info()
d6bc383 Make hard_irq_disable() actually hard-disable interrupts
231afb7 hfsplus: fix bless ioctl when used with hardlinks
152a4f4 hfsplus: fix overflow in sector calculations in hfsplus_submit_bio
d64cbbc kdump: Execute kmsg_dump(KMSG_DUMP_PANIC) after smp_send_stop()
a0ae72b USB: option: fix port-data abuse
d2002eb USB: option: fix memory leak
c496287 USB: option: add more YUGA device ids
18246bf USB: option: Updated Huawei K4605 has better id
781259d USB: option: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
78ac34a swap: fix shmem swapping when more than 8 areas
696615b SCSI: mpt2sas: Fix unsafe using smp_processor_id() in preemptible
b7013d0 rpc_pipefs: allow rpc_purge_list to take a NULL waitq pointer
3993b24 tracing: Have tracing_off() actually turn tracing off
d946d96 nfsd4: BUG_ON(!is_spin_locked()) no good on UP kernels
5e74cfe NFSv4: Fix unnecessary delegation returns in nfs4_do_open
5f1d81e NFSv4.1: Fix a request leak on the back channel
c7aa88d xen/setup: filter APERFMPERF cpuid feature out
2da19ff xen/hvc: Check HVM_PARAM_CONSOLE_[EVTCHN|PFN] for correctness.
85fc3e3 xen/hvc: Fix error cases around HVM_PARAM_CONSOLE_PFN
6a07cbc xen/hvc: Collapse error logic.
ebbd13c drm sis: initialize object_idr
8d96bcc drm/udl: only bind to the video devices on the hub.
eda8cc4 drm via: initialize object_idr
789ed2a drm/radeon: add some additional 6xx/7xx/EG register init
2a82d9e Revert "drm/i915/dp: Use auxch precharge value of 5 everywhere"
688b04f ARM i.MX imx21ads: Fix overlapping static i/o mappings
9ffa519 ARM: imx6: exit coherency when shutting down a cpu
8bca818 ARM i.MX53: Fix PLL4 base address
2aaa3c1 ASoC: wcd9310: Add check to prevent the wrap around of channel active value
2df27e6 msm: camera: Use image mode to get buffer
d1a53c4 [ARM] msm: remove redundant #define
f55d7b5 [ARM] hw_breakpoint.c: fix unused variable warning
71f1d2e rename {mako-perf --> mako}_defconfig
9d1abbe have ARCH_MSM8960 select HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT
21ed2b1 usb: gadget: allocate device-global string IDs when binding
d5bfef0 usb: gadget: fix the disconnection problem in serial
e81d618 usb: gadget: fix the mtp failure in win7
192986b usb: gadget: support hsic in f_acm
2bdc71b usb: gadget: increase the notification packet max size
aefc132 mako: defconfig: enable usb cdc ecm
00046e0 audio: fsa8008: fix typo in header file
d3a799c mako: cleanup codes from mako board files
b6a31f3 audio: enable fsa8008 for earjack detection
ad248c2 usb: gadget: remove the new line character from end of string
0c5b9ce usb: gadget: Support CDC ECM for android usb
9ed2a93 mako: touch: disable button and clean up
2067662 mako: hdmi: featuring hdmi pll related functions
94dc200 power: add battery type selection and check lge battery
5546885 mako: vibrator: add android_vibrator driver and enable it
a224432 audio: enable tpa2028d and dual amic only for mako
efd4633 mako: hdmi: temporarily disable hdmi feature
b8b0d13 Revert "ASoC: msm: Add support for voice over HDMI"
71af7c5 audio: enable ultrasound devices for alsa
253e022 audio : enable tpa2028d
c89a680 audio: enable dual analog mic
1a749b7 power: support LGE battery 2100mAh
1c06832 hdmi: able to build kernel without hdmi feature
94bad08 mako: remove unused mhl codes
64a745c msm: kgsl Fix stack exception occurring during axi error
b33e825 Perf: Add legacy support for userspace tools
66a8a86 Perf: Add API to check for PMU constraints
7530b45 Perf: Upgrade 8660 L2CC PMU perf support
7cd836e Perf: Upgrade L1CC PMU perf support for 8660
f53fe44 Perf: Update power collapse support for perf
4a81cb8 Perf: Upgrade 8960 L2CC PMU support
a7d4414 msm_fb: HDMI: Add proper config check for HDMI on 7x30
efa6b01 msm: kgsl: Modify kgsl_core_exit to release resources carefully.
9276a02 msm: camera: Update gesture control commands
951b283 tsif: workaround for stuck dma
d71cfd6 msm: kgsl: Issue packet to set shader bases on A20x/220 GPU
013c731 msm: kgsl: Dump A3XX shader memory in the snapshot
6c214ba6 msm: kgsl: Properly handle an empty ringbuffer
70829d3 msm: kgsl: Move to snapshot header version 2
d653588 msm: kgsl: Return the raw chipid in kgsl_gpuid
7c32570 msm: kgsl: Clean up snapshot GPU object output
f7be403 msm: kgsl: Make the snapshot better at detecting packet boundaries
2012c8d msm: kgsl: Improve detection of a type3 CP packet
361cc3d msm: kgsl: snapshot: Support loading more indirect buffers
dac9e60 input: change mpu3050 driver to request regulator, add poll support
40ea09e msm: qdsp5v2: Add support for variable rate in MVS driver
20d7ad1 msm: 8x25: Increase the PMEM_ADSP size
8ba21cf media: rc: Add Samsung remote keymaps for source, tv, media, info keys
38f6778 media: rc: Add UE RF4CE remote keymaps for PC & numeric keys
1796e86 media: rc: Add support to decode Samsung remote IR protocol
507b962 media: rc: Fix Kernel bug message from gpio_ir_recv driver
a27992b msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Resolve panic for voip call scenario
9cc3adf ASoC: mdm9615: Fix spare register variable initialization.
c665169 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add audio devices support
6751acc iommu/msm: Add GDSC regulator control
ac5b357 msm: iommu: Add GDSC regulators to DTS entries
0bab748 iommu/msm: Use more fine-grained clock control
cf045e6 iommu/msm: Program global address space on first attach
e6a71cf usb: gadget: u_sdio: Fix compilation when DEBUG is defined
da85bc6 cyttsp-i2c-qc: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
eaf59b4 ASoc: msm: Add support for AAC and WMA decoders.
9d0faa0 atmel_mxt_ts: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
83302a7 power: Fix compiler warning.
992faf6 msm: Enable bus scaling for h/w crypto driver.
eff4bd5 mfd: pm8038-core: Add support for PMIC thermal alarm
8cbbb80 msm: copper: Add BIMC and NOC register interface
1c72b39 msm: video: Fix compiler warnings
552905e Revert "msm: kgsl: Fix conditional GPU interrupts to fire only for waiting context"
41c2dcc msm: UIM driver msm_uim
5b0982b msm: ocmem: Enable all memory regions
7e44648 gpu: ion: Add support for content protection 2.0 in CP heap
2759134 msm: camera: Fix compilation for 7630
493b3ac msm: mdm: add a timer to check that mdm2ap_status gpio goes high
5749b09 ASoc: soc-pcm: Open/close share channel once if it is used by two streams
e27cdcd gpu: ion: Check return code of msm_allocate_iova_address
01dbb61 ARM: gic: rename gic_is_spi_pending and other API to generic name
1bf3f2d ARM: gic: Remove unnecessary irq spinlocks from gic_resume path
41cdae6 Revert "msm_fb: display: Fix for HDMI bootup issue"
0e05f02 msm: msm_sdcc: Set default clock gating timeout to 200msecs
c39472e V4L2: msm: Add events for video codecs.
0238274 msm: camera: actuator: Fix the I2C write data.
9505c3c msm: clock-rpm: Return cached rate when the RPM doesn't support querying
94ee5bb msm: clock-copper: Switch max_div values from 16 to 15.
8b3d2fa msm: clock-copper: Fixup lpass clocks to reflect updated documentation
d60ac32 video: msm: Resolve post processing memory leaks
b2157c9 msm: camera: Decouple the ISPIF component from sensor
e5ddfe3 ASoc: msm: Refactor some codec functionality into separate files
2a700f3 net: usb: Fix premature auto suspend on Rx control path
152c3c7 msm:vidc: provide support to raise afab and ebi1 clks to turbo mode.
5520db2 atmel_maxtouch: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
dd2703d ft5x06: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
a643ca1 msm: board-copper: Initialize modem_notifier driver during early board init
be9954b msm: ipc: Fix race condition between route & close_port operations
efac125 USB: EHCI: Fix bug in updating root hub state during suspend
75645ce ASoC: msm: Add support for SGLTE feature
cc91399 msm_fb: Add backlight support using both GPIO 96 and PWM
691524c msm_fb: HDMI: Do not add HPD state timer during probe
df69456 msm_fb: display: Fix compilation error for non-HDMI builds
43a72fb msm_fb: hdmi: Guard HDMI related functions
e02a51a USB: android: Avoid typecasting sysfs buffer
5310349 mm: Fix a compiler warning.
9bc736e net: rmnet_usb: Decrease autosuspend delay to 1.2s
3cb97ba msm: sps: Add SPS support for MDM 9x25
1ffb039 usb: serial: Fix handling of urbs during suspend and resume
8723968 msm: kgsl: Check that the adreno drawctxt is valid before destroying it
c301ca1 ASoC: msm: Update front end dai links with proper trigger command
71db70c msm_serial_hs_lite: Increase TX path timeout
1b1ba47 usb: misc: fix memory leaks
af1c813 msm: hsic_sysmon: Add stub release function
3db0ca7 mdss: display: add overlay ioctl apis to mdss driver
d6d2863 mdss: display: implement writeback interface for mdss
e55fa12 mdss: display: Add Mobile Display SubSystem driver
e643f16 msm: 8960: Make connector resistance value consistent
3c37882 power: bms/ccadc: move ccadc calibration to ccadc driver
e2c9c0b msm: camera: add ion dev fd field to frame structure.
0f5e7ab msm: ocmem: Add support for OCMEM APIs
fd487fd msm: board-8064: Disable pull-down in requests for S7 and L27 regulators
b9da0578 msm: ocmem: Add ocmem scheduler
64307be msm: acpuclock-8960: Add PVS support for 8930
50d6290 wcnss: invoke subsystem restart from interrupt context
6094670 msm: kgsl: Fix conditional GPU interrupts to fire only for waiting context
11a9f4d ASoC: msm: Add Enablement for stubbed CPU DAI
19e7881 msm: board-8930: Increase LDO 20 voltage request from 1.2 V to 1.25 V
f43ab43 mmc: core: Ignore errors if eMMC sleep command fails
50256ee usb: gadget: Fix USB wake IRQ to be edge triggered
7569278 msm: display: reduce pwm frquency to fix the broswer blank issue
b6acab4 input: atmel_mxt_ts: Add support for T42 object
90a3309 mako: display: set the uninitialized variable
d553924 mako: input: check the regulator instances
458ab8c mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix clocks not being turned off during suspend
a754e6a arm: VFP: Report bounce statistics using procfs
831a0b1 ASOC: msm: Fix pcm playback issues for latest kernel.
aca4f5b ASoC: WCD9304: Enable charge pump for lineout
df97797 mako: enable volume keys and rgb leds
e50680c gpio: gpio-msm-v2/v3: Fix spurious interrupts when gpio-irq is unmasked
e02d056 power: smb349: fix possible bug in start/stop_charging
29ba028 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Correct error handling in rpm_regulator_get()
22248dd defconfig: msm-copper: Enable kernel options for Android
6777033 ARM: arch_timer: Distinguish between CP15 and memory mapped interface
6785eb1 defconfig: msm8960-perf: Enable EBI error reporting
5c66e95 defconfig: msm8960: Enable EBI error reporting
0f3de11 msm: board: Add EBI error reporting devices on 8064
c055725 msm: board: Add EBI error reporting devices on 8960
af4a0ef msm: vidc: Fixes bug in handling duplicate frames.
2ad5e9d msm: kgsl: Fix size for device memstore allocation
14db6b4 msm_fb: HDMI: Start HDCP authentication only on device open
56672d2 msm_fb: display: HPD rework for cleaner approach
7d11c27 msm_fb: HDMI: Update HPD logic to address HDMI PLL related issues
522d036 usb: gadget: Fix HW enqueue of SPS transfer
66c3c2d msm_fb: display: Add support for command mode on 8x25 SKU5
f68983e gpu: ion: Reference count protect/unprotect calls
d0c83de gpu: ion: Add scm calls for content protection 2.0
4853ae4 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Update of_get_regulator_init_data() call
c3b2440 ASoC: wcd9320: Add intial driver for WCD9320 codec
1c2bee0 msm_fb: display: detect if timing generator is on when do dma waiting
2fe9369 mako: enable lgit lcd driver
07bd2bb mako: enable lm3530 backlight driver
6a5a4f1 ASoC: wcd9310: Don't overwrite detected unsupported headset
871b1a8 board: storage: enable eMMC DDR capability for non-CDP platforms
b725862 mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix race in disabling sdcc core irq
9e2cc3e arm/dt: msmcopper: Change LDO13 constraints to support 1.8V
55f5f6b msm: smp: Remove WFE/SEV from secondary core bootup
b349469 board: msm7x27a: Fix the battery capacity calculation logic.
e2ecb58 mmc: card: Fix packing control enabling algorithm
a694d36 Linux 3.4.3
0d48d35d ata_piix: defer disks to the Hyper-V drivers by default
54a40b2 libata: add a host flag to ignore detected ATA devices
9abcb75 fuse: fix stat call on 32 bit platforms
d5b9a38 drm/i915: Mark the ringbuffers as being in the GTT domain
c1e23cb drm/radeon: fix tiling and command stream checking on evergreen v3
8997b22 sched: Fix the relax_domain_level boot parameter
3e2b0c7 acpi_video: fix leaking PCI references
5f68127 gma500: don't register the ACPI video bus
d8bf1e7 can: c_can: fix race condition in c_can_open()
8414ac8 can: c_can: fix an interrupt thrash issue with c_can driver
f939c6c can: c_can: fix "BUG! echo_skb is occupied!" during transmit
a06d0d2 net: sierra_net: device IDs for Aircard 320U++
1a4ea49 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb more devices were identified
fb8e114 wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb add more devices ids
5ab37d7 rt2x00: use atomic variable for seqno
6fa9c34 cfg80211: fix interface combinations check
a6382a8 ALSA: HDA: Pin fixup for Zotac Z68 motherboard
508cb55 bcma: add ext PA workaround for BCM4331 and BCM43431
38a3c37 ASoC: wm8994: Apply volume updates with clocks enabled
2d539f9 ASoC: wm8994: Ensure all AIFnCLK events are run from the _late variants
073e100 mac80211: fix non RCU-safe sta_list manipulation
d4bb7f4 mac80211: clean up remain-on-channel on interface stop
721632c mac80211: fix error in station state transitions during reconfig
f4c3d44 iwlwifi: disable the buggy chain extension feature in HW
5ca732f iwlwifi: don't mess up the SCD when removing a key
5a4c9cb iwlwifi: unregister LEDs if mac80211 registration fails
20528f7 iwlwifi: disable WoWLAN if !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
4e050df Btrfs: fall back to non-inline if we don't have enough space
e82c95f drm/ttm: Fix buffer object metadata accounting regression v2
cc62e8b crypto: aesni-intel - fix unaligned cbc decrypt for x86-32
25ffc87 hwrng: atmel-rng - fix race condition leading to repeated bits
cc3aeac x86, MCE, AMD: Make APIC LVT thresholding interrupt optional
8d9fe5b x86/uv: Fix UV2 BAU legacy mode
c573b37 ext4: fix the free blocks calculation for ext3 file systems w/ uninit_bg
d913c02 timekeeping: Fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC inconsistency during leapsecond
3410afe module_param: stop double-calling parameters.
e6e70e4 powerpc: Fix kernel panic during kernel module load
e6a6c7d powerpc/time: Sanity check of decrementer expiration is necessary
5a32293 btree: fix tree corruption in btree_get_prev()
6d6a101 char/agp: add another Ironlake host bridge
cd977c8 drm/i915: Reset last_retired_head when resetting ring
666b7a8 drm/nouveau/disp: fix dithering not being enabled on some eDP macbooks
fa65a58 usb: dwc3-msm: convert TRBs into bitshifts
91bd4ea usb: dwc3-msm: use generic map/unmap routines
ca2691e usb: dwc3: Fix dwc3 device name for MSM platfrom
23873a3 usb: dwc3: Fix merge conflict for not auto select USB_GADGET_SUPERSPEED
0c680e5 usb: dwc3: Fix merge conflict for USB_DWC3_MSM
8e46596 ASoC: msm: Add routing control to route voice to HDMI
89ad121 usb: gadget: mbim: Remove duplicate unlock
8d08c14 msm: msm_sdcc: Rename dfab_clk to generic name
9865826 msm: Asoc: LPA: Fix pause and next clip play issue
4a07fcb msm: display: use frc fhd panel as primary in 8064 dtv platform
4d01b2c msm: board-qrd7627a: Add gpio regulator for ov8825 sensor
4461a11 board-msm7627a: Display: Add support for shared GPIO
f46f088 defconfig: msm7627a: Enable GPIO regulator driver
ae680ab mako: touch driver merge
478b9f6 mako: acpuclock-8960: Add PVS support on 8064
91192b4 mako: disable RTB for booting
a19be7b Revert "mfd: slimslave: Audio recording doesn't work sometimes"
dfd2ad8 mako: Increase LDO 25 voltage request from 1.225 V to 1.25 V
be51723 msm: 8960: pmic: Update Lookup table entry for LPG
7be2943 mako: Remove 5V FRC gpio external regulator
36181fc mako: restart: use new restart infrastructure
248d162 mako: Overlap secure and non secure video firmware heaps.
250ecbb mako: Add cache dumping device for 8064
5788484 msm: Add support for EBI error reporting
e067b23 ASoC: wcd9310: Route MBHC override to micbias 2 during calibration
c0d815c video: msm: Always queue histogram work
e874150 usb: misc: improve dev_printk output
cca0332 usb: diag_bridge: Fix error handling during disconnect
76e61dd usb: diag_bridge: Avoid NULL pointer references
516a2d8 mako: temporarily enable fake display (for booting)
d69aeb3 msm: camera: Fix blank preview issue for 8660.
48abc40 tzcom: Remove tzcom driver components.
9aa96f2 msm8660-defconfig: Disable IOMMU on 8660
d7b1aba msm: kgsl: Clean up a3xx irq handler to keep consistent
47e38a8 msm: 8930: Update the MPM interrupt mapping
41a3870 msm: camera: Add v4l2 private ioctls
ad4a575 msm: pm-stats: Fix bug in computing size of a string
9db5fb7a ASoC: apq8064: properly protect external mclk control function
1137332 msm: spm: Update spm device tree for L2 command sequences
2fed6b6 Bluetooth: Voting UART clocks in non atomic context.
d269790 tty: n_smux: Reset Power Collapse Enabled Flag
6c9f2a5 tty: n_smux: Change external modem name for SSR
6b19f7f tty: n_smux: Delete power command from list
fb1f01e qseecom: Add device tree entry for copper.
82f3a7a msm: 9615: regulators: Move USB VDDCX to corner voting
d6ea610 usb: gadget: hsic: Add support for VDDCX corner voting
8c648eb msm: clock-9615: Vote for VDD_DIG via the new voltage corner regulator
5ebc9aa msm: acpuclock-9615: Vote for VDD_DIG via the new voltage corner regulator
018bb54 msm: board-9615: Add new VDD_dig voltage corner regulator
36c5558 msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for 9615 voltage corner regulator
66768b9 msm: 9615: Support for corner volages during sleep.
36f361b msm: rpm-9615: Update RPM enums for corner voltages
779dc76 msm: mpq8064: Allow power up and down to be more dynamic
ba2fa10 video: msm: Don't make the framebuffer cached
98d1180 msm: mpq8064: Enable v4l2 event handle in VCAP
4c22c10 USB: android: strim serial number buffer
5e9a92b diag: Add notification for DCI
26ba77b msm: Remove VFE global variable
a512956 msm: 9625: Configure the arch_timer for device tree
05b6644 ARM: local timers: add timer support using IO mapped register
dba530e msm: io: Change the static iomappings to be shared
085180b defconfig: 9625: disable CONFIG_ARM_PATCH_PHYS
8645322 Add make_defconfig script
0fca8a4 mako: temoprarily blocked mdp error message
a308542 mako: initial bring up the mako hardware
aadc14e msm_fb: display: change ion memory map for mdp mixer2 writeback
21c6b91 msm: clock-local2: Correct the check for a null BCR_REG
3ad46d3 defconfig: fsm: Enable UBI, UBIFS and IPC_ROUTER support
1fe3345 ubifs: Fix compiler warning
88e74ec copper: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME
0b24fb1 drivers: qpnp-gpio: Port driver to Linux 3.4
9e28e13 defconfig: Enable TUN driver support
2143332 msm: smsm: change bit name to SMSM_SUBSYS2AP_STATUS
07e2c89 msm: kgsl: Cleanup a3xx ftrace timestamps
7667d1a msm: camera: Use utility function for i2c write
20a8721 defconfig: Enable CPU_IDLE on Copper
8715437 msm: Asoc: audio: Migrate to ION from DMA alloc
2b7d467 ASoC: msm: Add 4 front ends to support Multiple playback use case
6354036 mmc: msm_sdcc: add warning if data timeout is zero
0126ae2 mmc: block: fix data timeout issue with ACMD22
2403681 msm: media: Adds error check in memory alloc function
f962266 tty: n_smux: Add support for broadcast logical channel ID
2d47d8e diag: Fix pointer for correct parsing
40f0c3c checkpatch: add new message type string
ff0b011 tty: n_smux: Update power logging
b82a0f7 tty: n_smux: Remove redundant variable set
21aeae8 msm: board-8930: Enable GPU Turbo frequency to 450MHz
dfde01b msm: ipc: Update server lookup operation to return complete information
696a561 msm: cpufreq: Add API to allow limiting of min and max cpu frequencies
26fb71c msm: camera: Fix for post power-down actuator IOCTLs
bf5fc96 vidc: Move prediction scratch buffer to FW Heap.
8d4f159 ASoC: msm9615: Add the amix control to configure AUX PCM rate
4624b55 msm: kgsl: Add draw workaround commands after every 50 context switches
2a59b21 msm: clock: Print clock rates for handoff in one place as pr_debug's
b1b2ea1 defconfig: automatic update
64bd23c msm: Allow VPE driver to be configured directly.
e13766d msm: kgsl: Add A305 GPU identification for msm8930 V1.2
507a9d3 base: genlock: add magic to protect attach from non-genlock file
d6f534f base: genlock: protect kref counting with spinlock
e7c4232 USB: u_ether: Configure the endpoints before enabling them in eth_stop()
3a799e8 msm: camera: Ignore STOP command in snapshot mode
93eb176 radio-tavarua: Add IOCTL commands to configure the SPUR Table
eb602fc msm: board-msm7627a-wlan: fix the gpio_set_value_cansleep crash issue
190553a msm: kgsl: Print the correct pid during iommu pagefault
9acbfb0 msm_fb: display: add support for frc
f30fceb msm: clock: Support recursive handoffs
158f73b msm: clock: Rewrite clock handoff support
60e0135 usb: dwc3-msm: Add regulators voting for SS and HS PHYs
d08a152 msm: clock-copper: Add support for RPM clocks and bus/memory scaling
a085dc8 msm: clock-rpm: Add support for the new RPM SMD API.
0f44f92 msm: clock-rpm: Abstract out calls to RPM APIs.
be97fbe msm: rpm: Stub out RPM APIs when CONFIG_MSM_RPM[_SMD] is undefined
aa6f36c msm: board-copper: Move clock init into msm_copper_add_drivers
39c94ef msm: clock-rpm: Add clock handoff support
ecff1ce regulator: msm-gpio-regulator: Correct gpio_request error handling
0ce0a90 msm: modem_notifier: export modem_notifier initialization function
94fea06 msm_fb: display: Fix D2L register I2C driver more than once
bd5021e ASoC: msm: correct direction of couple CPU DAIs
52d1c47 vidc:1080p: fix for wrong frame tags in slice delivery mode
7138b3e arm/dt: msmcopper-sim: Add support for SDC2 slot
4fefefc msm: clock: Return early if same rate used in clk_set_rate()
0346d21 msm: rpm-8930: Fix incorrect RPM enumeration and DMM
93476a3 msm: smd_pkt: fix wake lock locking race condition
86487e5 msm: spm: Remove __initdata from platform driver struct
3631cfb msm: 9615: Add I2S CODEC pdata only if TABLA CONFIG is enabled
97fe19d ASoC: msm: add dai link for SLIM_2_Rx and tabla_rx3.
9f84f79 msm: camera: Change S5K3L1YX sensor setting
32cd2e9 scripts: gcc-wrapper: Add an allowed warning for alignment.c
937c750 mmc: msm_sdcc: merge VCCQ and VDDP regulator as VDD_IO regulator
3aabaa6 i2c: msm: modify I2C msm driver code to use new clock APIs
e543cfc msm: Select page protection for IOMMU
af9e5b7 msm-camera : Support for OV8825 sensor in configration files.
16746f6 msm-camera : Support for OV8825 sensor in Camera Board file
b0565b3 msm-camera : Support for OV8825 sensor
a3e04d8 msm: cpufreq: Fix the race between dbs_refresh and hotplug.
51be971 msm: clock-copper: Add device names for USB clocks
212d972 msm: camera: Add effects for front camera.
af2f008 msm_serial_hs: Add flush state machine for UART Tx Transfer
08a7e57 Revert "msm: kgsl: Add VBIF error detection"
266a264 tspp: 8960: adding TSPP driver for 8960
b9662ca tspp: use device name when getting clock
3582552 board-8960: Merge secure and non secure firmware heaps.
232c3f0 msm: msm_dsps: Move to the new clk_prepare/unprepare API.
aeaab62 diag: Protect SMD channel from getting NULL value
465d1e1 camera: Mercury hardware JPEG decoder driver support.
1f5547c Linux 3.4.2
6ab997e ext4: don't set i_flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS
dadce2e IA64: Add cmpxchg.h to exported userspace headers
9b660f3 drm/i915: enable vdd when switching off the eDP panel
546230d drm/i915/dp: Flush any outstanding work to turn the VDD off
b522dbf drm/i915: always use RPNSWREQ for turbo change requests
ee9c8a0 wl1251: fix oops on early interrupt
584b886 md: raid1/raid10: fix problem with merge_bvec_fn
cf9ab4c vfs: Fix /proc//fdinfo/ file handling
cd08f77 ACPI battery: only refresh the sysfs files when pertinent information changes
3e74387 iommu/amd: Fix deadlock in ppr-handling error path
98e6956 iommu/amd: Cache pdev pointer to root-bridge
fab83a0 drm/radeon/kms: add new SI PCI ids
b184052 drm/radeon/kms: add new BTC PCI ids
36fbcdf drm/radeon/kms: add new Palm, Sumo PCI ids
d16ba20 drm/radeon/kms: add new Trinity PCI ids
ce58755 drm/radeon: fix vm deadlocks on cayman
3463276 drm/radeon/audio: don't hardcode CRTC id
b642cb6 radix-tree: fix contiguous iterator
f940c53 ext4: remove mb_groups before tearing down the buddy_cache
d2e9267 ext4: add ext4_mb_unload_buddy in the error path
5720f8d ext4: don't trash state flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS
d7286a5 ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
c40a4bd ext4: disallow hard-linked directory in ext4_lookup
a9ea448 ext4: fix potential integer overflow in alloc_flex_gd()
3c7f096 ext4: force ro mount if ext4_setup_super() fails
2c693b1 ext4: fix potential NULL dereference in ext4_free_inodes_counts()
978041f xfrm: take net hdr len into account for esp payload size calculation
010589e skb: avoid unnecessary reallocations in __skb_cow
ea1ae37 l2tp: fix oops in L2TP IP sockets for connect() AF_UNSPEC case
be078c8 ipv6: fix incorrect ipsec fragment
86a2569 ipv4: fix the rcu race between free_fib_info and ip_route_output_slow
630ec14 asix: allow full size 8021Q frames to be received
7e9f6a5 drm/vmwgfx: Fix nasty write past alloced memory area
71a47b9 drm/ttm: Fix spinlock imbalance
888e4b9 drm/radeon: fix HD6790, HD6570 backend programming
fe3777a drm/radeon: properly program gart on rv740, juniper, cypress, barts, hemlock
d8d09be drm/radeon: fix bank information in tiling config
44920b1 drm/radeon: fix regression in UMS CS ioctl
1e98ce8 mtd: mxc_nand: move ecc strengh setup before nand_scan_tail
29924c0 mtd: block2mtd: fix recursive call of mtd_writev
bdcefb1 mtd: of_parts: fix breakage in Kconfig
a5b57cd mtd: nand: fix scan_read_raw_oob
d961b4e x86: Reset the debug_stack update counter
cdd5479 x86, x32, ptrace: Remove PTRACE_ARCH_PRCTL for x32
fd62fa9 fec_mpc52xx: fix timestamp filtering
c8c0b91 vfs: increment iversion when a file is truncated
15de0ea vfs: umount_tree() might be called on subtree that had never made it
75df3ae slub: fix a memory leak in get_partial_node()
22aca50 ALSA: usb-audio: fix rate_list memory leak
58f9c97 mm: fix vma_resv_map() NULL pointer
08c372d kbuild: install kernel-page-flags.h
e552a3b drm/i915: no lvds quirk for HP t5740e Thin Client
4679098 drm/i915: wait for a vblank to pass after tv detect
3baa320 drm/i915: Adding TV Out Missing modes.
ae6bfcc drm/i915: properly handle interlaced bit for sdvo dtd conversion
772605e drm/radeon: fix typo in trinity tiling setup
70838c4 drm/radeon: fix XFX quirk
c2fcf3a iommu/amd: Add workaround for event log erratum
f9a07f3 iommu/amd: Check for the right TLP prefix bit
c7faf5b sunrpc: fix loss of task->tk_status after rpc_delay call in xprt_alloc_slot
7a0786d hugetlb: fix resv_map leak in error path
27b0a53 NFSv4: Map NFS4ERR_SHARE_DENIED into an EACCES error instead of EIO
c780682 NFS: kmalloc() doesn't return an ERR_PTR()
2b06dfb x86, amd, xen: Avoid NULL pointer paravirt references
c163f56 ath9k: fix a use-after-free-bug when ath_tx_setup_buffer() fails
27e73d9 ixp4xx: fix compilation by adding gpiolib support
74b31d2 mac80211: fix ADDBA declined after suspend with wowlan
6ea90b3 MIPS: BCM63XX: Add missing include for bcm63xx_gpio.h
c6fb8b4 solos-pci: Fix DMA support
dab0a04 PARISC: fix TLB fault path on PA2.0 narrow systems
e01b7f8 PARISC: fix boot failure on 32-bit systems caused by branch stubs placed before .text
27ab30e cifs: fix oops while traversing open file list (try #4)
444b7bc cifs: Include backup intent search flags during searches {try #2)
784c970 iwlwifi: do not use shadow registers by default
75713d3 iwlwifi: update BT traffic load states correctly
e42adb3 mm: fix faulty initialization in vmalloc_init()
319b564 mm: consider all swapped back pages in used-once logic
3634d6f mm: fix NULL ptr deref when walking hugepages
3876c72 mm/fork: fix overflow in vma length when copying mmap on clone
798a1aa SCSI: Fix dm-multipath starvation when scsi host is busy
e6157b9 SCSI: fix scsi_wait_scan
c185775 microblaze: Do not select GENERIC_GPIO by default
edb302b exofs: Fix CRASH on very early IO errors.
6d64bd7 msm: 8064-regulator: Remove 5V FRC gpio external regulator
3fd986f diag: Respond to Get Subsystem Mask request
913cf20 Revert "msm_fb: display: Attach and detach MDP IOMMU on suspend/resume"
f6ef081 Revert "msm_fb: display: Add MDP IOMMU detach support for DTV"
d414bbc msm: rpm-8930: Fix incorrect RPM enumeration and DMM
651add9 msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock to 400MHz
ee438e2 gpio: msm: Assign device node to the gpio chip
4149e84 gpio: msm: Add v3 gpio support for copper
705e689 msm: subsystem_restart: Convert subsystem_list_lock to a spinlock.
d2ad0fa gpio: msm: Separate out gpio register operations
93387bd usb: mdm_bridge: Fix bug in handling error condition
999a4d9 msm: vidc: Invalidate the cache before processing metadata.
837ae36 video: msm: wfd: Add turbo mode support
ffddd4c tty: n_smux: Add Dedicated Power Control Queue
b080ec9 defconfig: msm-copper: Enable SPI ethernet support
dff5106 msm: acpuclock-8960: Add PVS support on 8064
a23ea70 ASoC: mdm9615: Set correct GPIOs for AUX PCM
7f4dec5 msm: 9615: Add auxpcm support over secondary audio interface
a416ee2 ASoC: msm: Add Secondary AUXPCM CPU driver
e04f0f7 msm: clock-9615: Add secondary pcm clock
773c1b3 msm: modem-8960: Invoke SSR from within the watchdog IRQ handler
b9f3e42 msm: modem-8960: Remove legacy restart-via-SMSM code
879935d msm: modem-8960: Fix nested IRQ disables
1505bfa Bluetooth: AMP support enabled by module param, default disabled
df82121 mfd: PM8821: Update IRQ configuration data
9e3cbf7 mfd: PM8821: Add support for PM8821 IRQ controller
5a63263 mfd: pm8xxx: Update voltage levels of PM8821 MPPs
9830bf0 board-8930 : Merge secure and non secure firmware heaps.
bdf4dfe msm: ocmem: Add support for notifications
f6e8386 mtd: msm_nand: Support for partial page read and multi page write
b780e1c arm/dt: msm-pm8841: Correct PM8841 SMPS 7 subnode addresses
1ce7e4c msm_fb: display: Add support for 4 layer MDP composition
0ed9c4a msm: board-qrd7627a: Add gpio regulator support
fe201cd mmc: core: fix the decision of HS200/DDR card-type
6db8c51 msm: 8064: adding MDP GDHS control support for 8064
4d63b1d mmc: block: replace __blk_end_request() with blk_end_request()
cbe0305 msm: camera: Fix for preview exposure gain for ov5647
0c2a770 ASoC: msm: Fix mute issue in LPA
7035f65 msm: cache_erp: Support logging ERP events to system memory
62debe8 msm: board-8064: Increase LDO 25 voltage request from 1.225 V to 1.25 V
33bac7e msm: clock: Add fabric and memory voter clocks for acpuclock
d75f131 msm: clock: Add missing RPM clocks to the lookup tables
1710839 msm: board-8064: Initialize SD card detect GPIO with correct pull up
f525c11 msm_serial_hs_lite: Write NCF when initializing the console
e363cc4 mmc: msm_sdcc: clean up sysfs attributes
ed1f00c tty: n_smux: Add support for SMUX subsystem restart
c6e4288 wcnss: add subsystem failure reason for wcnss
06172ca camera: Use suspend wakelock and pm_qos functions.
8c01363 msm: DSPS: Remove work queue from watchdog ISR
d4ee29f EHCI: HSIC: Set Run/Stop bit before driving resume on to the bus
f86e3f2 msm: kgsl: Disable AHB register timeout interrupt for A3XX GPU
302441a vidc:1080p: Add check for supported video resolution
38c3c96 ASoC: msm: Add support for voice over HDMI
623b593 msm: qdsp6v2: Reduce the step size of soft volume and soft pause.
a9d7855 defconfig: Enable Modem PIL drivers for msm-copper
e6e00d5 msm: pil-mba: Add the PIL Modem Boot Authenticator driver
4e2599e msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Add PIL support for copper's MSS subsystem
15110db V4L2 : Adds VP8 CODEC support in V4L2 framework.
6565d3d msm: qdsp5: Fix kernel panic in voice recording
6ebf890 msm: qdsp5: Fix logging adsp messages for 32-bit address
96caeb8 msm: camera: use IOMMU mapped IMEM addresses
1a1c6b0 MSM: DSPS: Add support for independent DSPS restart
fda5bc4 msm: board-8660: Adjust SMI heaps for CP-2.0
12d6b1f msm_fb: Correct the chroma offset calculations for Yamato format
a1980a1 msm: vidc: Add support for DIVX 4/5/6
d5d59dc mmc: msm_sdcc: allow auto prog done detection
41b6ab0 msm: 8930: Correct the sd card detect line configuration
3d784f5 msm: kgsl: Check whether setstate memory address is used as IB
97828ae msm: kgsl: Only return tlb flush flag if bit is set for given device
bbdd608 USB: msm_otg: Don't allow TCXO shutdown in host bus suspend
b8435c8 tty: n_smux: Add exponential backoff for RX buffer failures
8b9a640 tty: n_smux: Update power-collapse-enabled debug message
0560f7a tty: n_smux: Add RX workqueue to reduce locking
a382195 msm_fb: display: Set the minimal sleep time for DSI PHY Initialisation
18314d5 ASoC: msm8930: Fix incorrect configuration for analog mic
fa00262 mm: fix faulty initialization in vmalloc_init()
e847911 compress: change header include path
d599fda msm: timer: do not always clear msm_active_clock
711a714 msm: timer: don't hardcode clocksource shift
dd0dd9b msm: restart: use new restart infrastructure
f04955c msm: audio: Replace more idle wakelocks with pm_qos
8299cd2 wakelock: remove idle wakelock type
6d817e2 msm: pm: Remove idle wakelock checking
2fcabf9 msm: Replace idle wakelocks with pm_qos
3f4bac2 msm: pm: Add API to get deep idle latency
5a586c1 msm: kgsl: Remove wakelocks for 3.4 kernel
dc0eed4 freezer: comment out might_sleep()
da8ba55 ARM: Prevent KALLSYM size mismatch on ARM.
0550daf ALSA: export compress headers
d9b1897 USB: android: Avoid re-enabling the same configuration
3c9a1d5 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Mark request dma address as invalid in ep_nuke
2331394 mmc: core: fix improper clock frequency being passed to set_ios
0de33d0 mmc: core: merge resolution
76058d7 MMC-4.5 Power OFF Notify Rework
160c64a ASoC: WCD9304: Add support for Active Noise Cancellation
ff31a97 board: 8930: add debounce interval for gpio-keys
4475476 regulator: Extend of_get_regulator_init_data to support non-DT consumers
d161f5a regulator: pm8xxx-regulator: Add slew_rate platform data parameter
da92ace crypto: Fix initialization of array variable.
f759542 arm: free all .init memory when CONFIG_STRICT_MEMORY_RWX is set
1165e3a msm: clock-copper: Remove block reset ability from most clocks
27784c0 msm: clock-local2: Fix local_vote_clk_reset to use right to_*_clk macro
45d211b EHCI: HSIC: Add support for suspend, resume and URB logging
32f825f arm/dt: msm-pm8941: Change boost regulator register address to 0xA000
29f838b msm: camera: Move server code into seperate file.
f10b6c9 msm: camera: Close camera gracefully in case of userspace crash
ed8cbb5 msm: kgsl: Fix a compiler warning.
006b458 spmi: Fix compilation error when CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is defined
073aea0 msm: pm-boot: Fix section mismatch
9527ec0 defconfig: enable writeback for 7x30
33a7d72 msm_fb: display: add writeback mode for mddi on 7x30
b86f10b media: dvb: mpq: Support getting decoder's buffer status
741c2c7 Revert "msm: iommu: Enable IO-MMU support for 8660"
2a39b80 Bluetooth: Wait for wcnss to be ready after SSR
2a66303 msm: msm_sdcc: Add device tree support for SDCC controllers
ef9ccdb msm: display: Change DSI escape clock to byte clock
482459c msm: clock-8960: Change source of DSI escape clock to byte clock
1d62e68 ASOC: msm: Enable mpq8064 machine driver.
933e040 EHCI: HSIC: Set the interrupt threshold control value to 8ms
3371d37 tty: n_smux: Remove unused power bit
723970d msm: Correctly lookup iommu domains.
a46d032 msm: 8064: Enable SDC2 and SDC4 slots
f31ff24 tz: Add apq_device_tz_log device on 8064.
7c81518 msm: Seperate VFE/AXI register programming from start and stop func.
a76271d msm: camera: Fix for exposure gain in ov5647
3db6f22 vidc: Modify shift value for extended PAR width.
cf5a4d1 msm: ultrasound: multi input devices support.
9a265e1 board: msm7x27a: Correct the operating voltage range.
64237a3 msm: Makefile: Compile lpm_levels.c on CONFIG_MSM_RPM_SMD
1944dc3 msm: qdsp6v2: Upgrade qdsp6v2 audio driver code to use new clock API
aed3b4b board-msm7x30: display: Add writeback memory
de991f0 PRNG: Device tree entry for qrng device.
99ad817 defconfig: msm-copper: Enable MSM IOMMU support
62e08ad mfd: slimslave: Audio recording doesn't work sometimes
6452959 msm: iommu: Fix error handling for uninitialized contexts
740d5ad vidc:1080p: Set video core timeout value for Thumbnail mode
6822e1c msm: camera: Store buffer info in vb2 buffer
bd1a5ee msm: sps: improve the debugging support in SPS driver
eadb750 board-8064 msm: Overlap secure and non secure video firmware heaps.
c4388bf msm: clock: Add handoff ops for 7x30 and copper XO clocks
f98c498 msm_fb: display: Wait for external vsync before DTV IOMMU unmap
fabca1b msm: Fix ciruclar dependency in debug UART settings
8c880ff power: main: Add conditional compilation for touch nodes
c29692c msm: ipc: Add support to load and unload the subsystems
fc72721 msm: gdsc: Add GDSC regulator driver for msm-copper
f1b35d5 defconfig: Enable Mobicore Driver.
1f9732e mobicore: Add mobicore driver.
3be22be mobicore: rename variable to lower case.
e534d02 mobicore: rename folder.
fc412b4 mobicore: add makefiles
8fd2cdd mobicore: initial import of kernel driver
2e0893e ASoC: msm8930: Add support for AUX PCM Interface
fd30c89 ASoC: msm: Add SLIMBUS_2_RX CPU DAI
3d015f2 msm: msm-batt: Add the fail-safe voltage.
52015a5 board-8064-gpio: Update FUNC for EPM SPI CS
c0399fc msm_fb: display: Remove chicken bit config during video playback
1ea84a9 media: dvb: dvb-core: Support getting decoder's buffer status
1409855 mmc: msm_sdcc: enable the sanitize capability
b411a25 msm-fb: display: lm2 writeback support on mpq platfroms
140748f msm_fb: display: Disable LVDS phy & pll during panel off
e544d700 mmc: block: Add MMC write packing statistics
8afe8d2 mmc: msm_sdcc: enable the write packing control
63ce833 msm: 8960: add flag to invert soft reset gpio
25e2261 mmc: msm_sdcc: Enable write packing capability
7f37463 EHCI: HSIC: Do not suspend contoller if port is not enabled
37d0b02 cpufreq: Make the "scaling_governor" sysfs node pollable
20d393f msm: gestures: Fix invalid error check
a4f0a06 msm: pil: Include peripheral name in error prints
93a4a35 msm: Add cache dumping device for 8064
a9fffe9 ASoC: wcd9310: Add playback3 codec DAI
95717b3 mobicore: create readme for mobicore driver.
fd5aba1 marimba-tsadc: Move to new clk_prepare/unprepare API.
30ccb70 msm: clock-pcom: Add handoff support for pcom clocks
d1b89ed msm: iommu: Add support for SMMU v2
9e5a477 ASoC: WCD9304: Enable Quad MIC support
b2e41d0 msm: acpuclock-8960: Increase L2 speed to 1.35GHz
31dc5a2 msm: camera: Remove msm_sensor undefined functions
0ba468f ASoC: wcd9310: Turn off DMIC clk when both DMICs in the pair are off.
8f2a196 msm: board-8960: Increase LDO 25 voltage request from 1.225 V to 1.25 V
ff42a9a msm_fb: Check for Histogram NULL while queuing work
ec33ff2 msm: camera: use correct instance of local queue pointer.
6d06e3a msm: pm-8x60: Refactor to remove dependencies on rpm_resources.c
38ce5d8 EHCI: HSIC: Halt controller before driving suspend on to the bus
6fd6503 EHCI: HSIC: Handle remote wake using GPIO
8d32858 msm: 9625: add serial console support
690e335 msm: board-9625: add support for gpiomux
e201936 defconfig: 9625: Add initial defconfig
d285daa msm: Makefile: Add support for MSM9625
adf8fef video: msm: Migrate away from subsystem map APIs
a872b71 fs: fat: rate limit the kernel messages
dad9df5 msm: kgsl: Follow reverse sequence of init procedure during exit
9db69fc mmc: msm_sdcc: Add eMMCv4.5 BKOPS feature support
943fcec board: 8064: Disable unnecessary reporting in Atmel touch objects
2d4fb63 usb: gadget: Fix f_rmnet to maintain notifications after set_alt
90111f2 msm: 8064: reducing the mdp clock for static screen case
f18a511 Linux 3.4.1
3e5f29b i2c: tegra: notify transfer-complete after clearing status.
16d815f i2c: davinci: Free requested IRQ in remove
07e2c71 MCE: Fix vm86 handling for 32bit mce handler
91aecc8 ARM: dt: tegra cardhu: fix typo in SDHCI node name
8209f1c ARM: 7409/1: Do not call flush_cache_user_range with mmap_sem held
6019ae7 ARM: 7365/1: drop unused parameter from flush_cache_user_range
dcff6a4 iommu: Fix off by one in dmar_get_fault_reason()
e568e5e intel-iommu: Add device info into list before doing context mapping
c90791c tile: fix bug where fls(0) was not returning 0
e5bdf9b mmc: omap_hsmmc: pass IRQF_ONESHOT to request_threaded_irq
6cd4efb mmc: cd-gpio: protect against NULL context in mmc_cd_gpio_free()
11c8c73 mmc: sdio: avoid spurious calls to interrupt handlers
e6b2a25 x86/mce: Fix check for processor context when machine check was taken.
c51ac8a x86, relocs: Add jiffies and jiffies_64 to the relative whitelist
3c47c68 x86-32, relocs: Whitelist more symbols for ld bug workaround
46592a6 x86, relocs: Build clean fix
70a4571 media: uvcvideo: Fix ENUMINPUT handling
1c2cc4a smsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:c0a0
ed14f88 nouveau: nouveau_set_bo_placement takes TTM flags
474d1f4 xen: do not map the same GSI twice in PVHVM guests.
284e7be hvc_xen: NULL dereference on allocation failure
4e799d5 spi/spi-fsl-spi: reference correct pdata in fsl_spi_cs_control
dc9f671 gpio: mpc8xxx: Prevent NULL pointer deref in demux handler
d8a0b3e drm/i915: don't clobber the pipe param in sanitize_modesetting
629bdbb drm/i915: [GEN7] Use HW scheduler for fixed function shaders
b019d4b drm/i915: Avoid a double-read of PCH_IIR during interrupt handling
46f736c b43legacy: Fix error due to MMIO access with SSB unpowered
10c4a0d gma500: Fix Poulsbo suspend/resume crash on devices with SDVO ports
edad219 usbcore: enable USB2 LPM if port suspend fails
61fb50b USB: fix resource leak in xhci power loss path
587c53c xhci: Add new short TX quirk for Fresco Logic host.
c9022f1 xhci: Reset reserved command ring TRBs on cleanup.
a3cb26c usb-xhci: Handle COMP_TX_ERR for isoc tds
e684228 xhci: Avoid dead ports when CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD=n
296b8ce xHCI: keep track of ports being resumed and indicate in hub_status_data
ce58333 xhci: Add Lynx Point to list of Intel switchable hosts.
be89311 usb: add USB_QUIRK_RESET_RESUME for M-Audio 88es
66595c7 usb: gadget: fsl_udc_core: dTD's next dtd pointer need to be updated once written
3c8e06d USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: Add support for the FRI2 serial console
c84ac3a USB: Remove races in devio.c
33c3504 USB: ohci-at91: add a reset function to fix race condition
658b069 USB: gpio_vbus: provide an appropriate debounce interval
ada3a3d USB: EHCI: OMAP: Finish ehci omap phy reset cycle before adding hcd.
54c6b53 USB: ehci-platform: remove update_device
0053c7e usb: usbtest: two super speed fixes for usbtest
faf7fee USB: ffs-test: fix length argument of out function call
f5872d7 usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Yarvik PMP400 MP4 player
2aa5c35 usb-serial: ftdi_sio: fix oops during autosuspend
27234ce USB: ftdi-sio: add support for Physik Instrumente E-861
d0afed6 tty: Allow uart_register/unregister/register
0b3539a 8250_pci: fix pch uart matching
b4bc018 8250.c: less than 2400 baud fix.
2fa8ba3 Add missing call to uart_update_timeout()
51c75d3 md: using GFP_NOIO to allocate bio for flush request
ab9094f mm: mempolicy: Let vma_merge and vma_split handle vma->vm_policy linkages
24312d3 workqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter_idle() if trustee is active
9ed2cb7 USB: cdc-wdm: remove from device list on disconnect
577bd3e USB: cdc-wdm: cannot use dev_printk when device is gone
d0765ea USB: cdc-wdm: poll must return POLLHUP if device is gone
fccfda6 USB: cdc-wdm: fix memory leak
eae6861 USB: cdc-wdm: sanitize error returns
a1542bf docs: update HOWTO for 2.6.x -> 3.x versioning
bbe784b persistent_ram: Fix buffer size clamping during writes
f09f8da um: Implement a custom pte_same() function
3d7a75d um: Fix __swp_type()
5f7bac8 HID: logitech: read all 32 bits of report type bitfield
774a93a usbhid: prevent deadlock during timeout
5978403 HID: wiimote: Fix IR data parser
8f830c4 perf/x86: Update event scheduling constraints for AMD family 15h models
d026b71 drivers/staging/comedi/comedi_fops.c: add missing vfree
b10dfc7 IB/core: Fix mismatch between locked and pinned pages
7716183 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Don't confuse line size with pitch
c3083d9 SELinux: if sel_make_bools errors don't leave inconsistent state
305d212 KEYS: Use the compat keyctl() syscall wrapper on Sparc64 for Sparc32 compat
ae5b51f powerpc: Fix broken cpu_idle_wait() implementation
ece17ce RDMA/cxgb4: Drop peer_abort when no endpoint found
466dab4 RDMA/cxgb4: Use dst parameter in import_ep()
b7a1a20 RDMA/cxgb4: Always wake up waiters in c4iw_peer_abort_intr()
694450c isci: fix oem parameter validation on single controller skus
3102e70 SCSI: mpt2sas: Fix for panic happening because of improper memory allocation
afde0da s390/pfault: fix task state race
ae77ce9 Fix blocking allocations called very early during bootup
538926e regulator: core: Release regulator-regulator supplies on error
4c68b0f cfg80211: warn if db.txt is empty with CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB
64126fa vfs: make AIO use the proper rw_verify_area() area helpers
4e1468e isdn/gigaset: improve error handling querying firmware version
cdbf0ff isdn/gigaset: fix CAPI disconnect B3 handling
83c7de2 isdn/gigaset: ratelimit CAPI message dumps
cd35c5d msm: copper: update address to match new memory map
763f477 board: 8960: Disable unnecessary reporting in Atmel touch objects
f56c6a9 msm: board-msm7627a-bt: Do Proper Clean up when regulator call failed.
7708ee3 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix MBHC 8 button detection
05c437c USB: msm_otg: Don't call power_supply_get_by_name in IRQ context
931bc4e Bluetooth: Fix mgmt response when adapter goes down or is removed
a2afa0d msm_fb: Display: Add additional settings to improve DSI signal strength.
f3095ea msm: clock-8960: Enable hardware clock gating on 8064
3fc6034 msm: 9625: Add the board and dt files
65b3c7f power: pm8921-bms: enable Battery Current Limit
22bee8b ASoC: msm: Add support to enable SRS feature on DSP
458ea45 defconfig: Enable Pronto PIL driver for msm-copper
4307d6c msm: clock-copper: Add cxo clock lookup entry for PIL Pronto
c249b75 msm: vidc: Add DIVX311 support
a04caaa msm: copper: enable i2c(BLSP11) on RUMI
493c386 msm-fb: display: Perf changes for mdp composition
b3f986c staging: android: lowmemorykiller: sysfs node and notifications
b9d67c6 usb: mdm_bridge: always read interrupt notifications
9bf7156 msm: Update cpuidle state latencies and power
4d99b50 ASOC: msm: Enable sound soc drivers for audio.
e6a30f7 ASoC: WCD9304: Enable Slimbus TX port 5 as secondary tx port
beeca59 msm: Explicitly give the address of L1 and L2 buffers
0a103cf msm: Make cache dumping sizes board specific
63c61d6 mmc: block: Add write packing control
3183e08 msm: core: Define synchronous BKOPS timeout
ec9b325 mtd: msm_nand: Fix wrong uncorrectable error bit check
c35fa07d ASoc: msm: Refactor some codec functionality into separate files
4ad59e9 msm: kgsl: Pass correct datatype to kgsl_mmu_ptpool_destroy()
c34f8ad vidc: 1080p : Add support for skip frame in slice delivery mode
155ab6f msm: Only use platform data for cache dumping size
3a57e77 msm: 8064: allocate memory regions for MPQ_HRD and MPQ_DTV
968c774 mmc: core: Support packed write command for eMMC4.5 device
5a6d7d6 tz: Change the names of the APIs used for tz in copper
4a36a7e msm: clock: Add handoff functions for most PLL clock types
23016de PM / Suspend: Print wall time at suspend entry and exit
45df0f9 Bluetooth: Initiate dedicated bonding if pin/key missing on remote device
4ed4ad8 msm: board-8x60: Add RTB support
e2ebe3c msm: smsm: Add new SMSM bit definition
85c9540 gpu: ion: Use standard cache routines
6411d57 android: persistent_ram: Allow specifying ecc parameters in platform data
6ce7d7a android: persistent_ram: Include ecc_size when calculating ecc_block
2e3168f ASOC: msm: Add native audio driver support.
3b492ab msm: acpuclock-8x60: Optimize CPU voltages on 1.7GHz parts
749260c msm: Disable Dynamic memory management
c3e15bd power: pm8921-charger: do not open OVP FETs in CHG_GONE ISR
49795fb sw_sync: export sw_sync API
4fb837a sync: export sync API symbols
c80114f sync: allow async waits to be canceled
e653c2b msm: ocmem: Fix a possible uninitialized variable warning.
29bb4d5 msm: memory: Use standard cache routines
20b7db9 msm: clock-copper: Correct the prng clock lookup entry
e65fa41 ASoC: msm: Add supplementary service for VoLTE and voice call.
0cbf5d8 msm: mdm: add board support for the sglte modem
14fe7fa msm: mdm: make the mdm driver common between sglte and mdm
379b4b7 msm: rpm-regulator: Support rpm_regulator_* API in rpm-regulator driver
94d07c3 msm: camera: Fix for ZSL issue
86f80c9 usb: gadget: Remove dependency between HSIC and MSM_OTG.
e3a95f7 USB: msm72k_udc: Fix NULL pointer dereference crash in msm72k_enable()
7fc4a6a mmc: card: adding specific timeout to the sanitize request
d853d13 media: dvb: Add MPQ documentation
eb8d239 USB: gadget: Add HSUART transport for RMNET & DUN
0ac3175 msm: acpuclock-8x60: Drop "slowest" frequency table
824db17 msm: 8064: Support earlyprintk support
745e16e msm: 8930: Support for corner voltage votes in rpm_resources
974fd9e msm: gss-8064: Print GSS error fatal string in the kernel log
e92eb87 msm: mdm: add mdm driver support for the sglte modem
7a77c7c msm_fb : Disable power collapse before VSync to negate wake up latencies.
dcefb2e usb: gadget: android: Fix product name
6f40725 msm: sdio: Initialize timer before creating thread
5c2f7ec msm: msm_bus: Add Copper specific Master/Slave IDs
136fbcf msm: copper: Temporarily stub out bus arbitration for copper
47a999a msm: msm_bus: Abstract RPM layer for copper
b8ddfe4 msm: board-9615: Configure PM8018 LDO 3 to be always-on
ca00c34 msm:camera: Fix for msm_sensor_set_fps function
a3be3a3 msm: sps: add input checking for SPS APIs
6ed700b PRNG: defconfig: Enable PRNG
902c51e tty: n_smux: Fix scheduling while atomic issue for ldisc open/close
f7228dc diag: Add DIAG support for SGLTE
9f36ce3 msm_fb: display: Register MDP fault handler with IOMMU driver.
6728a9a n_smux: smux_ctl: Disable local loopback
b32d7ca n_smux: Enable SMUX driver for 8960 Fusion 4
c25f097 msm: rmnet_smux: Add RMNET over SMUX
6bba008 Bluetooth: Check for NULL pointer dereference
4863172 acpuclock: Add support for 1152MHz cpu freq. from PLL4.
bba863b media: dvb: mpq: Support get-capabilities API
a3cf198 u_ctrl_hsuart: Add HSUART control module
2b27625 u_data_hsuart.c : Add HSUART data module
ceaa8bc n_smux: Fix compilation when CONFIG_N_SMUX is undefined
8ac659e msm: core: eMMC v4.5 BKOPS fixes
1c96bc4 msm_fb: display: Free staged foreground pipes during suspend
687841e msm: camera: Fix memory leaks in vfe2x driver
84f72513 board-8930: Update touch configuration parameters
2e1d752 ASoC: wcd9304: Fix wrong sample rate issue in RX2/RX3 channels
1305bab ASoC: wcd9310: Don't request irq until MBHC is fully configured
fa853b9 msm_fb: display: Add MDP IOMMU detach support for DTV
5b1e6f1 msm: camera: Remove subsystem_map header
772e453 msm: camera: add check for null queue pointer
c1e6a95 radio: iris: Add calibration mode
f886c80 mmc: support BKOPS feature for eMMC v4.5
b7bf609 defconfig: Enable support for MSM PCIE controller driver
d2c325e media: dvb: dvb-core: Extend get-capabilities API
30492cf media: dvb: mpq: Add support for video framing
26ae27c usb: gadget: mbim: Set wMaxSegmentSize to 4064
463bb95 mmc: card: Adding support for sanitize in eMMC 4.5
b20f636 arm/dt: Add RPM regulator devices for MSM Copper
8f4cebc msm: board-copper: Call rpm-regulator-smd init function
c764232 msm: Add rpm-regulator-smd driver to support RPM regulators over SMD
2cc13f0 ASoC: wcd9310: Add MIC and GND swapped headset dectection support
cb66871 msm: Kconfig: Enable RPM_SMD for COPPER
3f0d0c7 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add RPM device support
a8ff992 msm: rpm-smd: Implementation of the RPM protocol layer that use SMD
8290964 defconfig: Add changes to build cfg80211 as module
6e6b8cd arm/dt: msmcopper: Rename PIL firmware name for LPASS Q6 to 'adsp'
b822fa3 msm: mpq8064: Enable 2nd instance of usb HOST mode
352955d msm: clock-8960: Add remaining SATA clocks for 8064
3bd477a PRNG: Add PRNG device for Copper.
d01221b msm: Add api to register virtual domain space
6877b7f msm_fb: display: Flush background pipe after solid fill configuration
2475e31 msm: pil: Warn if proxy_timeout is set to 0 ms
4d89c2e msm: pil-q6v5-lpass: Add missing proxy timeout value
353b6ff msm: camera: camera lens placed at mechanical infinity
ed36d82 msm: pil-q6v4: Ramp up Q6 core voltage in two steps
10a9758 msm_fb: display: Fix invalid x offset programming for YUV444 fmt
1c2c832 msm: camera: Change OV2720 sensor register setting
9b03368 usb: gadget: Add RESUME from XO workaround
9fff887 n_smux: smux_ctl: Userspace character device interface for SMUX
8ed30f2 tty: n_smux: Add SMUX TTY Line Discipline Driver
aaf74ca msm_fb: display: Attach and detach MDP IOMMU on suspend/resume
d380330 msm: pcie: regiser driver using platform_driver_probe()
040eeff msm: board-8064: Add support for RF4CE device
0671b9a gpu: ion: Add dump of memory map
e4900b5 gpu: ion: Add lock around debug routine
9b250b7 ASoC: wcd9304: enable charge pump for headphones
9ef7085 video: msm_fb: Wait for dma to finish before terminating
dcb8b80 defconfig: Enable TZ log on Copper.
b607a10 msm: camera: Adjust exposure under low light for Snapshot
8706ced mmc: msm_sdcc: use the command timeout value
55f35cf msm: sps: add flexible memory allocation for desc cache
95b6847 msm: kgsl: Add IOMMU fault handler
494e4dc board: 8030: Increase QSECOM ION heap to 7.5MB.
4a3756c msm: kgsl: improve context and timestamp trace
731dac5 msm: kgsl: add a kgsl_readtimestamp() wrapper
5935b7a msm: kgsl: add a trace event for MMU pagefaults
c35fdc7 rpc_pmmap: Add support for 255 levels of backlight control using PWM
fef8e2b msm: platsmp-8625: Fix latency during cpu_up path
7ef2468 board: 8930: Increase QSECOM heap to 6MB.
20c1b58 msm_fb: HDMI: Video Quantization Ranges changed
5a44350 thermal: msm8960_tsens: Disable Remote sensor
703e572 arm/dt: Correct the max SPI clock rate in MSM Copper
03d28d0 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix LDO_H enable for WCD9304 version 1.1
83c81f6 ASoC: MSM: Add Support for WCD9304 codec version 1.1
39477bb board: 8064: Increase QSECOM ION heap to 7.5MB
6ce8067 board: 8064: Increase QSECOM heap size to 6MB
ae05322 msm: clock: Rename measure_clk_ops and clk_pll_ops
b774799 msm: pil-q6v5: Move bus port halting into pil-q6v5 library
db02c4e vidc: Adjust core timeout based on current core frequency.
ab2c587 ASoC: wcd9310: make HPH status registers as volatile
aeb793e msm: mpq8064: Add Video processing driver block for VCAP
e86ba5c msm: kgsl: Report error if regulator enable fails
77f82ae msm_fb: display: Flush MDP registers before staging up any pipe
2699870 ASoC: apq8064: Add module MBHC module parameters
c9fa699 msm-fb: display: Reducing the display wake up time
9b1d938 ALSA: Add jack type SND_JACK_UNSUPPORTED
00a13be arm: vfp: Bounce undefined instructions in vectored mode
73937f5 block: ioctl support for sanitize in eMMC 4.5
516994e mmc: core: Add packed command feature of eMMC4.5
ca1516f ASoC: apq8064: Add mechanical switch headset detection support
bbbafb5 msm: camera: Configure sensor exposure setting
b7e7273 msm: smd_pkt: Add new SMD channel to communicate with WCNSS
3ddf27b msm: 8930: update RPM ID with support for DMM.
30cf3eb msm: rotator: Call S/W reset on AXI bus error interrupts
6fa647a usb: gadget: Add support for USB going into LPM on bus suspend
aa356f6 msm_fb: display: Keep fb1 for MDP version < 4.0.2
9767679 ASoC: msm8930: Add mixer control to configure PMIC speaker Gain
56eb707 usb: gadget: add check of existing swfi_latency before updating request
b44f9e2 Bluetooth: Hold wakelock until BT idle timer kicks in.
f42732a kernel/msm: tz: Add msm_device_tz_log device
a236290 msm: camera: Not allocate memory for the buffer done event.
bcc8b03 defconfig: enabled flash driver support with TPS61310
85099fe msm: camera: enabled flash driver support with TPS61310
35e58e3 vidc: Pass the correct parameter for cache flush
f79f92b ASoC: msm: Reorder the dais for voice and add compress audio.
054e183 ASoC: msm8960: Add the amix control to configure AUX PCM rate
0124d87 Asoc: msm: Configure sampling rate to 48KHz for quad-mic topology
a112bbc wcnss : Add more arguments to Thermal Mitigation APIs
2615986 arm/dt msmcopper: Configure modem supply regulator as always-on
547a998 ASoC: msm: Add the support for 16kHz AUX PCM
903f6c7 gpu: ion: Get an sg_table from an ion handle
7d3139b msm: kgsl: Map a guard page on the back of GPU MMU regions
3c86ca8 msm: kgsl: Calculate size of the MMU map region from the scatterlist
45543eb msm: kgsl: Remove deprecated CP_SET_DRAW_INIT_FLAGS function for A22X
e9658eb msm_fb: display: Rename MDP IOMMU context bank names
e6a37af msm: vidc: Removes extradata allocation.
dc93230 msm: kgsl: Add VBIF error detection
73712ed msm: acpuclock-8960: Add hfpll_vdd_tbl for 8627
2d87760 msm: board-8064: Add clock enable callback for isa1200
7d5bfbc msm: mpq8064: Client passes timing information to VCAP
d4cc3b0 media: dvb: dvb-core: Add video indexing support for MPQ usecase
d41ce77 msm: pil-q6v5: Migrate to clock APIs
c64b639 board-8930: Use (Max RPM SWFI+1 ) as SWFI latency when HSUSB is connected
f3ac575 mmc: host: remove mmcq performance numbers statistics
1384a6a msm: kgsl: don't cancel events too soon during release
ad04670 msm: ion: Increase MM heap size
135cd67 msm: ocmem: Add support for tail growth.
d995a89 msm_fb: display: Move mipi dsi clock enable before dsi soft reset
8862d7d ARM: gic: Disable all interrupts before Power collapse
06f8933 msm: mpq8064: board support package for MSM PCIe controller driver
c6e2101 msm: kgsl: Switch pagetables in stream for IOMMU
e408b84 ASOC: Avoid kernel panic due to data abort
af120e1 cpufreq: interactive: fixup trace of string params
5a5aa70 cpufreq: interactive: restart above_hispeed_delay at each hispeed load
959d37f msm: ocmem: Add allocator support
ad053e8 msm: camera: Disable MIPI_PWR_CTRL reg and csi_pclk clock
349fed6 ASOC: Fix mutex unlock issues for error cases
a2dd735 diag: Add message support for max packet size cmd/rsp messages
46d7133 gpu: ion: Allocate the sg_table at creation time rather than dynamically
be4a1ee gpu: ion: support begin/end and kmap/kunmap dma_buf ops
0d1259b gpu: ion: Use alloc_pages instead of vmalloc from the system heap
043a614 ion: Switch ion to use dma-buf
d4e8b71 dma-buf: mmap support
9ae7e01 gpu: ion: several bugfixes and enhancements of ION
6f9e569 ion: Add reserve function to ion
7191e9b ion: Switch map/unmap dma api to sg_tables
be69452 usb: gadget: composite: Fix corruption when changing configuration
9ad8692 msm: kgsl: reference count struct kgsl_context
2755650 msm: 9615: Add WLAN GPIO configurations.
5e7eab6 msm: camera: Fix buffer corruption issue
7f32d2a msm_serial_hs: Enable clocks for register writes in probe
d515ac1 USB: msm72k_otg: Fix USB LPM issue during system suspend
ace9fa9 misc: isa1200: Add support for clock enable
73c1333 msm: idle-v7.S: Change the cache flush sequence operations for 8x25
d15fa23 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix possible corruption of MASK0 register
6bac272 diag: Fix data corruption.
bcbb1a7 usb: gadget: pm_qos_update call was moved after releasing the spin lock
6607e67 msm: board-8930: Enable GPU Turbo frequency to 450MHz
6278db0 ARM: gic: protect some of 8625 GIC functionality with irq spinlocks
4920386 ASOC: msm: Add error check for I2S changes.
4f126a9 msm: camera: Fix for 8x25 camera stability issue
bff3d10 media: msm_vidc: change encoder output size
cb00cab media: msm_vidc: extradata buffer cleanup.
215f7be msm: board-9615: Add PM8018 GPIO/MPP initialization routines
f2acb85 msm: vidc: Adds support for port reconfiguration.
5b79a32 msm: vidc: Adds support for conveying events.
41af8ab qseecom: Load external elf on Core 0.
f79af53 msm: pil: Correctly check for overwriting memory
1aa4e5a memblock: Add memblock_overlaps_memory()
b229638 msm: timer: move get_sclk_time prototype into ifdef
56913f5 leds: leds-pm8xxx: disable boost when wled is off
3895bde msm: pm-stats: refactor pm-stats into its own file
bb5ad2a msm: kgsl: Enable GPUMMU protection for IOMMU registers on older chips
eb6b854 msm: kgsl: Expose some of the internal IOMMU functions
e9541a3 msm: kgsl: Set a nop command in setstate global memory
cfdfa0e msm: camera: Rename OV7692 config macro
d2b30d2 msm: kgsl: Add GPU identification for A320 V1.1
64cf649 msm: vidc: Do not duplicate sequence header for secure sessions
0097223 USB: f_mtp: Fix corner cases in MTP driver while syncing
54eb06e spi_qsd: Ensure the DMA callback is called before completion.
5f87d26 defconfig: Enable support for user space RC input driver
3a9722a msm: camera: Reset CSI clocks before csi configuration
c4ee3b0 ASoC: msm: Support WMA Pro playback
76e10d1 Linux 3.4
30fdd66 msm: mdm: add support for logging the mdm SSR failure reason
8e0bf67 msm: 8064: fix socinfo id assignment for 9625
66d2cbe4 video: msm: wfd: Allow client to specify number of buffers
bd9f260 Revert "msm: dma: Convert spinlocks to mutexes for new clock apis"
4584b5f msm: camera: Add support for gesture driver
0884053 Revert "msm: dma: Use clk_prepare and clk_unprepare"
62ade86 memcg,thp: fix res_counter:96 regression
f527775 mmc: msm_sdcc: use DATA_PEND bit for write operation
85fc52c arm/dt: msmcopper: Update base address mapping for SDC slots
b87e88c msm: pm2: Do not program the register which are not needed for 8x25
0443ce2 defconfig: enable video driver.
24ab82b x86, relocs: When printing an error, say relative or absolute
a3e854d x86, relocs: Workaround for binutils section bug
6520fe5 x86, realmode: 16-bit real-mode code support for relocs tool
a6b8db6 msm: msm_vidc: enable msm_vidc driver compilation on 8x74.
5459bf8 debug: add parameters to prevent entering debug mode on errors
2eec7c9 sched/rt: fix SCHED_RR across cgroups
f402693 dm thin: fix table output when pool target disables discard passdown internally
36f2359 msm: pm: Remove power management support for 7201a and 7x25
b0d634d md/raid10: fix transcription error in calc_sectors conversion.
13f6beb [media] v4l2: add VIDIOC_(TRY_)DECODER_CMD
854c9e1 gpu: ion: Add more debug info to client debugfs IF
d911dd1 msm: acpuclock-8960: Update Krait voltage data for 8930
299edc9 board-msm7627a-io: Add keymap for 8625 EVT
30a08bf proc: move fd symlink i_mode calculations into tid_fd_revalidate()
db7aa2b ASoC: msm: Add I2S support for mdm9x15 machine driver.
5efc491 ASoC: msm: Add I2S support for MDM9x15.
bbb86ea gpu: ion: Leave fmem in c-state until unsecured
d4b1133 pktgen: fix module unload for good
e6d9668 tilegx: enable SYSCALL_WRAPPERS support
ca61dbb msm_fb: display: disable pan display and memory access to fb1 and fb2
523800f msm: kgsl: Enable the shared path for PTE fetch
6b963bd Revert "Revert "msm: ipc: Trigger loading only the default subsystem""
34fc95b msm: camera: Flush event queue during close.
279a2ae5 input: atmel-mxt-ts: Report the correct pressure value
720c5c3 msm: board-qrd7627a: Add fmem support for QRD
bcd435f mmc: msm_sdcc: vote for msm bus bandwidth
19d33a2 msm: pm2: Avoid calling "ioremap_nocache" in atomic context for 8x25
94b8ecb msm: platsmp-8625: Don't unmap core1 reset address
c7fbcda ASoC: mpq8064: Update the dai link order
ce5c5c2 msm: camera: Fix for setting gpio states used by ov7692
d4b129a ASoC: msm: Add Kcontrol to enable compressed playback on HDMI
d4c39f9 msm: Kconfig: Do not map memory bank hole for 8625
6d94121 otg: msm_otg: fix otg boost ordering
8a6bccc ASoC: wcd9310: Turn off mclk during clock transition
be05fbb USB: EHCI: HSIC: Guard against late remote wakeup during suspend
9c8bab9 media: msm_vidc: fix compilation issue.
57ada0f msm: ocmem: Enable OCMEM for Copper
6d2877c media: v4l2: add video controls in v4l2 framework.
d2ab0e3 media: msm_vidc: add v4l2 controls for video encoder
93c2d65 frv: delete incorrect task prototypes causing compile fail
02e1a9c slub: missing test for partial pages flush work in flush_all()
eb94cd9 fs, proc: fix ABBA deadlock in case of execution attempt of map_files/ entries
c0a5f4a drivers/rtc/rtc-pl031.c: configure correct wday for 2000-01-01
1ccbc91 media: msm_vidc: add set property support in video driver
62c6a4b power: pm8921-charger: Do not reset USB input current limit
6ab782b media: msm_vidc: Add hardware interface for video core.
4b73ec8 msm: copper: Add device tree support for video driver
2ad8a7d msm: board-copper: increase MM_FW_SIZE to 10MB
5c7dd71 ACPI / PCI / PM: Fix device PM regression related to D3hot/D3cold
1dd2d69 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix division by 0 if dhd_watchdog_ms is 0
8ce6909 e1000: Prevent reset task killing itself.
bad115c tcp: do_tcp_sendpages() must try to push data out on oom conditions
1b9b1f14 msm: kgsl: simplify multiple gen_pool support
c589ccb msm: kgsl: stop using gen_pool_alloc_aligned
3328712 board-msm7627a-io: Upgrade touch config version to 16.1
0dc81db video: msm: Avoid waking readers on failed histogram copy
71cf95b video: msm: Check for multiple readers of histogram
19e4b71 video: msm: Clear previous histogram data on next startup
a5b1db4 msm: kgsl: Add function to get the register map information
fce2736 msm: kgsl: Implement function pointer to get the lsb of IOMMU pagetable
5a610b5 msm: kgsl: Add MMU function pointer to return base address of pagetable
d714781 msm: 9615: Set irq as GPIO interrupt in tabla platform data
cd9323f target: Fix bug in handling of FILEIO + block_device resize ops
6243625 msm: board: Add alignment to fmem platform data
e8a3197 gpu: ion: Check for null name argument
ff69720 msm: camera: Fix for LED GPIO
c812705 msm: 8960: Set last sleep mode variable for WFI
0f3bd61 msm: Support both forms of cache dumping
56cb248 ARM: 7419/1: vfp: fix VFP flushing regression on sigreturn path
1a3abcf ARM: 7418/1: LPAE: fix access flag setup in mem_type_table
e1eacdc msm: camera: Enable ZSL for 5MP sensor (ov5647)
9a4d5bb board-msm7x27a-storage: Do not use HW DETECTION for SKU5
ec13ee8 virtio_net: invoke softirqs after __napi_schedule
b8ae0eb virtio: balloon: let host know of updated balloon size before module removal
fa8b66c virtio: console: tell host of open ports after resume from s3/s4
d81d7a5 msm: scm-boot: Add stub for scm_set_boot_addr
95d659d msm: 8960: Configure GPIO 23 as External VFR for SGLTE platforms
51f5e8b msm: ocmem: Support for On-Chip Memory
1c90301 msm: board-8064: Add user space RC input loopback driver support
d4cb56c media: rc: Add remote control event report from user space input
ad3b8a8 ARM: PRIMA2: fix irq domain size and IRQ mask of internal interrupt controller
502b1c8 USB: f_rmnet: Check for ep desc rather than driver data
5ca279b usb: msm_otg: system resume only resumes hardware when needed
0d9f4f1 MD: Add del_timer_sync to mddev_suspend (fix nasty panic)
98a28cd ASoC: msm8930: Enable speaker boost for MTP and FLUID
6508fdb md/raid10: set dev_sectors properly when resizing devices in array.
43fd26a crypto: Fix AES CCM failure
752a79a defconfig: 9615: Enable MMC_CLK_GATE
70dddc9 msm: iommu: Refactor cache cleaning functionality
561b50d msm: iommu: Clean newly-allocated page tables
a1eeaca sync: add poll support
484101e sw_sync: add fill_driver_data support
3913bff sync: add ioctl to get fence data
2c959d7 sw_sync: add debug support
981c8a9 sync: add debugfs support
ad433ba sync: add timestamps to sync_pts
560b546 sw_sync: add cpu based sync driver
010accf sync: Add synchronization framework
c0ac7d8 msm: 8930: Add GPIO configuration for Speaker Boost
c71827a ASoC: msm8930: Enable external speaker power amps
a729f7d defconfig: msm8960: Enable pm8xxx driver for speaker power amplifier.
a435fc6 msm: camera: Add some error checks
a134d22 arch/tile: apply commit 74fca9da0 to the compat signal handling as well
fc327e2 arch/tile: fix up some issues in calling do_work_pending()
26a5d3c netfilter: ipset: fix hash size checking in kernel
3766b1e media: msm_vidc: Add video driver for video core.
769b0da ptp_pch: Add missing #include
d8cbcd1 msm: kgsl: Implement pagetable switching for IOMMU
0f41543 ASoC: dapm: enable debug of DAPM widgets power up and down.
531c8ff cifs: fix misspelling of "forcedirectio"
fafe249 msm: Kconfig: Add an entry for MSM9625
ca0797d msm: irqs: Specify the irqs for MSM9625
520cdce msm: Use defined IMEM address for writing cache dumping address
4204d0f msm: kgsl: use devres for register memory and irq
4f5f0de msm: kgsl: restructure common probe and remove
84d75d0 msm: kgsl: use more static initializers for struct kgsl_device
9b61a4d ARM: prevent VM_GROWSDOWN mmaps extending below FIRST_USER_ADDRESS
ea3e7b6 msm: qdsp6v2: Move away from the subsystem map apis
51bfd29 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix bug leading to deadlock in guest HPT updates
ffe3649 powerpc/kvm: Fix VSID usage in 64-bit "PR" KVM
32c7dbf KVM: PPC: Book3S: PR: Fix hsrr code
56e13db KVM: PPC: Fix PR KVM on POWER7 bare metal
7ef4e98 KVM: PPC: Book3S: PR: Handle EMUL_ASSIST
b3cb867 [PARISC] fix panic on prefetch(NULL) on PA7300LC
207f583 [PARISC] fix crash in flush_icache_page_asm on PA1.1
e09ddcf msm: camera: Fix for msm_open_config kref_get warning
5e18558 [PARISC] fix PA1.1 oops on boot
71f7dec msm: qdsp5v2: Update MVS driver for evrc codec
c898b7d USB: gadget: Prevent hardware register access before getting OTG handle
4ffc8ec power: pm8921-charger: Fix liquid 8960 charging LEDs report
221f799 msm: audio: qdsp5: Acquire and release spinlock in async flush
fb2b198 msm: 8930: Enable sd card write protect for supported hardware
8097f78 devices-8930: Enable Content protection for 8930.
fed14d9 mmc: sdio: avoid spurious calls to interrupt handlers
f4fe119 USB: msm72k_udc: Don't disable pullup with USB wall charger
568b445 mn10300/CPU hotplug: Add missing call to notify_cpu_starting()
ec2e0f9 parisc/CPU hotplug: Add missing call to notify_cpu_starting()
d77287b msm: camera: Make memory allocation atomic in vfe irq handler
66981be net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to version 1.27
c71e1a8 msm: camera: Update gpio numbers for SKU7
ee888e3 msm_fb: display: add blt mode enable and disable for lvds panel
e5c79d7 mmc: core: Remove BROKEN_CLK_GATING quirk for AR6003 cards
8e52b12 usb: serial: Fix race between write after suspend and resume
edfb046 board: 8930: Reduce ION carveout heaps
c2d2cf5 gpu: ion: IOCTL return success when error occurs
d7baec0 gpu: ion: Ensure ioctl return correct error codes
d3f937c msm: kgsl: Add ASID to iommu pagetable for IOMMU
9ec2484 msm_serial_hs_lite: Refactor wait_for_xmitr
3c8349f gpu: ion: Add check for overlapping heaps
2ad48f9 msm: devices-8960: Add L1 cache size
a967db4 msm: clock-copper: Add LPASS and MSS clocks required by PIL
4f1025f msm_serial_hs_lite: Read back the NCF register after writing
e4b0d79 msm_serial_hs_lite: Ignore break/error characters in RX queue
21b95f8 msm: modem-8960: Check if the modem is alive after restarting it
82dd166 msm: dma: Use clk_prepare and clk_unprepare
c650174 msm: dma: Convert spinlocks to mutexes for new clock apis
c00383d msm: dma: unify flush and stop_cmd interfaces
a12c839 msm: vidc: Driver changes for output buffer
3ab77bf pch_gbe: fix transmit races
4e6304b cdc_ether: add Novatel USB551L device IDs for FLAG_WWAN
5b6e9bc usbnet: fix skb traversing races during unlink(v2)
48d9730 msm: kgsl: Fix the pagetable comparison function for IOMMU
ee940eb msm: audio: qdsp5: Fix for logical errors in qdsp5
98ee1d5 msm: ipc: Security update to IPC Router
c7f5f23 ASoC: wm8994: Fix AIF2ADC power down
49a0ba2 ASoC: msm: add platform routing for voice call via MI2S use case
eda295a devices-8064: Enable Content Protection for 8064.
5f57ec9 msm: bam_dmux: fix duplicate dfab vote
af29671 msm: vidc: Metadata memory release issue.
58fc0c6 msm: iomap: Add the io mappings for MSM9625
47ee9e9 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM9625
36b7072 msm: mpq8064: Enable VCAP by default, allow board to enable
3911ff3 genirq: export handle_edge_irq() and irq_to_desc()
94eeeaa msm: camera: Fix Greenish Edges in corners for CW & Horizon images
26cf265 msm: 8960: Configure SDIO on SDC4 slot
57c808e msm: 8960: Configure SDIO on SDC2 slot
90b64d8 msm: camera: Fix for high power issue in s5k4e1 actuator
8f7c96d msm_fb: display: Add support for MIPI NT35510 client on SKU5
abd2dc4 msm: camera: Update vfe clock rate specific to sensor
05c69d2 block: fix buffer overflow when printing partition UUIDs
b0791dd ALSA: hda/idt - Fix power-map for speaker-pins with some HP laptops
4947d8c msm: vidc: Use pre-computed frame delta values in WFD use case
f1427ac msm: pcie: MSM PCIe controller driver
d411605 dmaengine: fix cyclic dma usage
10dde28 msm: clock-pll: Use bit name macros in copper_pll_clk_enable
1ebfefc crypto: mv_cesa requires on CRYPTO_HASH to build
818a3f6 msm: board-8x60: Migrate to new clock APIs
d0ce26d msm: board-8930: DMX feature is disabled in the core.
a238a98 msm: restart: initialize reboot code at early initcall time
6be78d1 msm: kgsl: add a225-specific registers to dumps
22784c2 msm: kgsl: fix format of the rbbm read error message
edc318d target: Fix SPC-2 RELEASE bug for multi-session iSCSI client setups
dad1743 x86/mce: Only restart instruction after machine check recovery if it is safe
7354494 msm: defconfig: 9615: Disable the HVC_DCC and DCC consoles
6613de5 msm: clock-8960: Add remaining PCIE clocks for 8064
ebf1919 msm: rotator: add YUV444 interleave format support
cbeef6a cpufreq: Add cpu utilization statistics to aid decisions made by userspace.
90728b4 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add device nodes for krait-regulators
589c7fe msm: kgsl: Map the iommu registers to the default pagetable
064d598 msm: kgsl: Update clock API
56186f8 msm: board-copper: Initialize SMD driver during early board init
d9041b0 msm: smd: Export SMD initialization function
f692074 msm: kgsl: Change the base virtual address of MMU
9012564 hsic: diag_bridge: Fix null pointer crash in read callback
e4861c0 msm: pil: Handle reference counts correctly on boot failure
2b8716b msm: kgsl: Return the correct value of pagetable base address for IOMMU
9f1453e msm_fb: Increase PWM granularity to 255 levels for 8960 fluid
60b6870 msm: timer: don't log timer reads in the rtb
3450cae gpu: ion: Fix incorrect argument to map call
eea6256 msm: Add support for FMEM and MM heap at fixed location on 8930
0ff034f msm: kgsl: Allocate setstate memory for all MMU's
671267b Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix device_connected sending order
e9eefd7 msm: kgsl: Map iommu registers in kernel
a7d7723 Bluetooth: notify userspace of security level change
574e02a rtlwifi: fix for race condition when firmware is cached
c3709e6 x86, kvm: KVM paravirt kernels don't check for CPUID being unavailable
eea41ae tty: Fix LED error return
4a023d8 msm: camera: Change OV2720 exposure setting
97e7abc ARM: tegra: Fix flow controller accesses
8ea8f83 board-msm7627a-io: Add touch support for EVT device
fbd057d usb: msm7k_udc: Add delay upon request dequeue failure
accacd4 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add mmc-async-req support
fcd8763 msm: vidc: Avoid reconfig if EoS is received after SPS/PPS
44b756c defconfig: msm7627a: Disable DCC_TTY in msm7627a defconfig.
74131ac ASoC: msm: Add support for external EC reference from APQ.
85fd0bc Fix blkdev.h build errors when BLOCK=n
c9d86c3 msm: 8064: Add support for Slimbus3 Rx CPU DAI.
93e6ed0 msm: pm2: Differentiate between APPS PC & modem early exit for 8625
e5cae8e ASoC: msm: Add support for external EC reference from codec.
5a32624 msm: board-msm7x27a: Add support for MSM8625 EVT
042feec msm: camera: Add proper error handling during camera open.
ba4ea6e mfd: pm8xxx-misc: Add API to control HSED BIAS lines
e644f8e msm: pm2: update GDFS_CNT val to 0x2
6fd98c1 remoteproc: fix off-by-one bug in __rproc_free_vrings
8aa51d6 openvswitch: checking wrong variable in queue_userspace_packet()
b99215c bonding: Fix LACPDU rx_dropped commit.
734476b msm: camera: eeprom subdevice support for camera sensor
f983925 defconfig: enabled eeprom support for camera sensors
8726caf gpu: ion: Map everything into IOMMU with 64K pages.
5f5fd05 modpost: fix ALL_INIT_DATA_SECTIONS
ce71e71 ARM: 7324/1: modpost: Fix section warnings for ARM for many compilers
904152f defconfig: msm9615: Enable android logger to build in kernel image
6329bf0 ipsec: be careful of non existing mac headers
ecaa117 msm: copper: Call regulator_has_full_constraints() at boot
cf71887 arm/dt: msmcopper: Mark several PM8841 and PM8941 regulators as always-on
36be505 Linux 3.4-rc7
6139969 msm: qdsp5v2: Move away from the subsystem map apis
28b874a ARM: EXYNOS: fix ctrlbit for exynos5_clk_pdma1
fd717cd ARM: EXYNOS: use s5p-timer for UniversalC210 board
861985f FMEM: allocate non-fixed FMEM from memory pool
e046b24 msm: copper: Add SPI ethernet device tree data
38a8c6e ARM: cache-l2x0: Save L2CC registers using pl310 save/resume
a951050 msm: qdss: fix section mismatches
e994d5e ARM / mach-shmobile: Invalidate caches when booting secondary cores
d672000 ARM / mach-shmobile: sh73a0 SMP TWD boot regression fix
b759bd1 ARM / mach-shmobile: r8a7779 SMP TWD boot regression fix
173e2fe ARM: mach-shmobile: convert ag5evm to use the generic MMC GPIO hotplug helper
2b3e38c ARM: mach-shmobile: convert mackerel to use the generic MMC GPIO hotplug helper
a6c072c MAINTAINERS: Add myself as the cpufreq maintainer
3dbc5b3 USB: EHCI: Fix suspend and resume handling
9719a99 msm: camera: OV7692 v4l2 sensor driver
18ef38e msm: camera: Autofocus driver support for S5K3L1 camera sensor
21be254 msm: camera: OV2720 HFR support
998de4a ARM: 7417/1: vfp: ensure preemption is disabled when enabling VFP access
04baee94 ASoC: msm: enhance MI2S CPU driver for bi-directional support
67b921d msm: support FMEM on 8064
4ecbe65 mmc: msm_sdcc: Update the request timeout for certain SanDisk eMMC cards
850055c msm: watchdog: remove broken msm_watchdog_remove function
b1e211e msm: watchdog: always manage interrupt on core 0
a5062da ASoC: wcd9304: check right micbias setting during MBHC initilization
510193a dm mpath: check if scsi_dh module already loaded before trying to load
7cab8bf dm thin: correct module description
c3a0ce2 dm thin: fix unprotected use of prepared_discards list
03aaae7 dm thin: reinstate missing mempool_free in cell_release_singleton
2760f7a gpio/exynos: Fix compiler warnings when non-exynos machines are selected
df9541a gpio: pch9: Use proper flow type handlers
709f6df arm/dt: msm-pm8841: Change PMIC PM8841 second slave ID to 5
7c0482e powerpc/irq: Fix another case of lazy IRQ state getting out of sync
3fb1b80 ASoC: wcd9310: Add Tx codec digital audio interface.
fcddf6f platform-drivers: msm: sps: add callback for BAM global IRQ
062e55e ks8851: Update link status during link change interrupt
cd06bf3 spi_qsd: Add support to get gpios from device tree
d00f9c7 of/gpio: Add new method for getting gpios under different property names
f09e224 macvtap: restore vlan header on user read
c53cff5 vhost-net: fix handle_rx buffer size
cfebf8f target: Drop incorrect se_lun_acl release for dynamic -> explict ACL conversion
5807c3b ASoC: cs42l73: Sync digital mixer kcontrols to allow for 0dB
0d469ce msm: 8064: Enable card detect for MPQ8064
d027fdb msm: Add simple APIs to map contiguous buffer
121a3c2 msm: modem-8960: Print modem error fatal string in the kernel log
ebbd1e2 ASoC: msm: change clk_get() to clk_get_sys() for Audiodrivers in 8660
51f8df1 msm: camera: Change mount angle of IMX091 sensor
f6b4ce3 msm: kgsl: Add SVS frequency for 8064
1b76b02 mm: raise MemFree by reverting percpu_pagelist_fraction to 0
f908ee9 bio allocation failure due to bio_get_nr_vecs()
080399a block: don't mark buffers beyond end of disk as mapped
a09ba13 mtip32xx: release the semaphore on an error path
d88a440 dac960: Remove unused variables from DAC960_CreateProcEntries()
fee56a8 msm: Add support for 7x25AB MSM
c8946d4 msm: display: remove framebuffer memory associated with fb1 and fb2
35111d3 msm: qdsp5: Move away from the subsystem map apis
3a6de24 msm: idle-v7.S: Add NOPs to avoid ungraceful exit of GDFS on 8x25
72ab89b msm: board-7x27a: Use AUDPLAY0 task for tunnel and nontunnel mode
60151a3 msm: camera: Fix msm_camera_i2c_poll function call
eab2158 dmaengine: pl330: dont complete descriptor for cyclic dma
b3280be video: msm: wfd: Make logs clearer
5c822ec msm: camera: Add proper csid irq release
92d9fc5 ASoC: msm: Fix crash during FM recording.
13a8e0c bonding: don't increase rx_dropped after processing LACPDUs
38bf195 connector/userns: replace netlink uses of cap_raised() with capable()
e026886 sctp: check cached dst before using it
c57b546 pktgen: fix crash at module unload
59b9997 Revert "net: maintain namespace isolation between vlan and real device"
380ec96 ehea: fix losing of NEQ events when one event occurred early
cfb8c3a igb: fix rtnl race in PM resume path
dccd9ec ipv4: Do not use dead fib_info entries.
b4a0b9f msm: camera: Correct typos in VPE driver.
630c5a4 ASoC: FM Playback and CS Voice call stops after power collapse
7bb8b65 usb: otg: otg-wakelock: Fix build for 3.4
88c6928 gpu: ion: Remove extra iova free call
56afe26 trace: power: add trace_clock_set_parent
4a8a078 parisc: move definition of PAGE0 to asm/page.h
9b05b1e parisc: add missing include of asm/page.h to asm/pgtable.h
6eb608f parisc: drop include of asm/pdc.h from asm/hardware.h
25fe853 parisc: add missing forward declarations in asm/hardware.h
1cab420 parisc: add missing includes in asm/spinlock.h
bdd3281 regulator: qpnp-regulator: Update voltage ranges to match hardware spec
17ff3c1 MAINTAINERS: add maintainer for LED subsystem
6bc2e85 mm: nobootmem: fix sign extend problem in __free_pages_memory()
b8cd742 drivers/leds: correct __devexit annotations
8c75776 memcg: free spare array to avoid memory leak
5e2bf01 namespaces, pid_ns: fix leakage on fork() failure
4998a6c hugetlb: prevent BUG_ON in hugetlb_fault() -> hugetlb_cow()
9327881 mm: fix division by 0 in percpu_pagelist_fraction()
16fbdce proc/pid/pagemap: correctly report non-present ptes and holes between vmas
2ae8f36 msm: Pull cache dumping out of the board file
9b63776 tracing: Do not enable function event with enable
a65161a iopoll: Tweak min sleep time used with usleep_range()
423c05d msm: board-8064: Tweak regulator configurations for S4, L1, and L4
a5a737e sparc64: Do not clobber %g2 in xcall_fetch_glob_regs().
bdd6e90 msm: clock-voter: Assign voter_clk_handoff() in clk_ops_voter
c685e05 msm: camera: Validate and adjust exposure setting
b7dafa0 compat: Fix RT signal mask corruption via sigprocmask
6edd94d gpio/omap: fix incorrect initialization of omap_gpio_mod_init
f99cd0c usb: gadget: mbim: Set NtbMaxDatagrams to 0
9d229f8 media: rc: Add support for Samsung remote in gpio ir receiver
e4594bb [SCSI] virtio_scsi: fix TMF use-after-free
3c8d9a9 [SCSI] fix oops in all legacy host adapters caused by 6f381fa
6abd7f1 [SCSI] qla2xxx: Update version number to
aaf4d3e [SCSI] qla2xxx: Properly check for current state after the fabric-login request.
4aee576 [SCSI] qla2xxx: Proper completion to scsi-ml for scsi status task_set_full and busy.
a49393f [SCSI] qla2xxx: Block flash access from application when device is initialized for ISP82xx.
f4e1648 [SCSI] qla2xxx: Fix reset time out as qla2xxx not ack to reset request.
218f80b msm: board-8930-pmic: Add platform data for Speaker driver
a393182 msm: qdsp5: Fix scheduling while atomic bug in adsp probe
0504913 mmc: msm_sdcc: Set DAT_CMD bit for all ADTC commands
2c2be14 media: dvb: Support dvb devices for MPQ
32cb982 media: dvb: dvb-core: Add new features for MPQ use-cases
6dadd87 board: msm: Proper configuration of GPIO 96 during sleep
1b92af6 msm_fb: display: Update video format on fps change
9fb38ac msm: kgsl: Add MMU clock enable and disable functions
6f53088 ASoc: msm: Multi channel AAC clips don't play
6613171 ASoC: WCD9304: Remove DAC Switch for Headphone Left
db35411 msm: spm_devices: Fix section mismatch
466aafe ASoC: WCD9304: Enable GPIO based headset detection
71826a1 vidc: Update the secure firmware fixed address.
a06c6d7 diag: Protect shared resources while mask updates
323d710 ASoC: WCD9310: Rearrange port order for TX2 CODEC DAI.
48a5730 cifs: fix revalidation test in cifs_llseek()
de25116 msm: LPASS-8960: Retrieve LPASS failure reason
0977510 base: genlock: remove BIT macro usage
dd00a9b msm: 8930: Add GPIO configuration for headset detection
ff806df msm: kgsl: Fix "Resize CP ROQ for A320/A305"
e3154b4 msm: copper: Configure SPI ethernet on BLSP1 for RUMI
20d23aa perf stat: handle ENXIO error for perf_event_open
100d13c kmemleak: Fix the kmemleak tracking of the percpu areas with !SMP
42b6428 percpu: pcpu_embed_first_chunk() should free unused parts after all allocs are complete
514b1c6 msm_fb: hdmi: 3D configurations in HDMI
1a21932 ARM: OMAP: igep0020: fix smsc911x dummy regulator id
6560ffd regmap: fix possible memory corruption in regmap_bulk_read()
4e025d9 msm: pm-8x60: Don't restore ACPU frequency for hotplug cases.
77d0bb3 media: rc: Add support for Universal Electronics(UE) remote control keymap
c858719 ASoC: sh: fix migor.c compilation
6bf7b3a msm: dma: Add graceful argument to msm_dmov_flush
331b646 KVM: ia64: fix build due to typo
30b4e9e sched: Fix KVM and ia64 boot crash due to sched_groups circular linked list assumption
32cf402 ALSA: HDA: Lessen CPU usage when waiting for chip to respond
967d862 msm: camera: Add HFR support for ov5647 sensor
94bdf2f msm: kgsl: Jump to turbo on late resume without DCVS
b2a6724 msm: timer: add stub function for msm_timer_get_sclk_time
0397ad2 ks8851: Update link status during link change interrupt
4e5e774 defconfig: 9615: Enable android configs
ca15287 msm_fb: HDMI: Do not add HDCP reauth timer during probe
a3512b2 powerpc/irq: Make alignment & program interrupt behave the same
56dfa7f powerpc/irq: Fix bug with new lazy IRQ handling code
477206a r8169: fix unsigned int wraparound with TSO
590bd46 defconfig: 9615: Rename CONFIG_ATH6K_LEGACY to CONFIG_ATH6K_LEGACY_EXT
9b577d7 net: wireless: Rename CONFIG_ATH6K_LEGACY to CONFIG_ATH6K_LEGACY_EXT
b027274 mtd: ams-delta: fix request_mem_region() failure
e4454b8 msm: gemini: Pass device pointers to regulator_get()
d4aab1e msm_fb: Pass device pointers to regulator_get()
316f2fc msm: rotator: Pass device pointers to regulator_get()
3cd5b3d msm: vcap: Pass device pointers to regulator_get()
5e46aac msm: vidc: Pass device pointers to regulator_get()
d6fbf23 msm: kgsl: Pass device pointers to regulator_get()
5c92211 msm: footswitch: Allow assigning of consumer names to footswitches
4b6bd98 msm: kgsl: Fix enabling power counters during device start.
6d9076f base: genlock: allow synchronization with a single gralloc handle
420a95f netfilter: xt_qtaguid: start tracking iface rx/tx at low level
896976d netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: Add new netlink msg type
cf59197 msm: platsmp: Update release sequence for secondary cores
ddd099e msm: copper: Register non-secure timer interrupts
17c876f vidc: Flush the cached buffer only if the buffer is valid.
48d99f4 ARM: orion5x: Fix GPIO enable bits for MPP9
a7ac56d ARM: kirkwood: add missing kexec.h include
a40eb7e Bluetooth: Remove holding lock when sending A2MP message
981c82c msm: camera: Change MT9M114 clock setting
f310cf2 iommu: Fix flags passed to iommu map functions.
4d57d36 usb: gadget: HSIC wake from suspend workaround
ffcb5cc msm: usb_bam: Fix null pointer reference in connect_pipe
e5bb35e usb: gadget: Add remote wakeup support to f_rmnet BAM-BAM
3132d28 sfc: Fix division by zero when using one RX channel and no SR-IOV
93701d3 msm: camera: Enable MT9E013 for 8x60
788ab1b [media] gspca - sonixj: Fix a zero divide in isoc interrupt
d5e2800 percpu, x86: don't use PMD_SIZE as embedded atom_size on 32bit
f4ea082 msm: kgsl: expand axi error logging
de6c0b0 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix refcounting of hugepages
b2a3477 x86: Fix section annotation of acpi_map_cpu2node()
619a341 Revert "ALSA: hda - Set codec to D3 forcibly even if not used"
192979f msm: pm-8x60: Use Qtimer for copper
7d4167b msm: pm-boot: Add devicetree support for pm-boot
85b7b28 msm: copper: Add Low Power Management drivers for CPUIdle
da9501d msm: board-copper: Initialize SPM device driver ahead of Device Tree
f36c7d9 [media] media: videobuf2-dma-contig: include header for exported symbols
8106a39 [media] media: videobuf2-dma-contig: quiet sparse noise about plain integer as NULL pointer
43c2860 [media] media: vb2-memops: Export vb2_get_vma symbol
63746be [media] s5p-fimc: Correct memory allocation for VIDIOC_CREATE_BUFS
af741c1 ALSA: hda/realtek - Call alc_auto_parse_customize_define() always after fixup
e985dbf [media] s5p-fimc: Fix locking in subdev set_crop op
910a5f2 [media] dvb_frontend: fix a regression with DVB-S zig-zag
94dc614 USB: gadget: android: Add NULL check for platform data
42eb923 ALSA: hdsp - Provide ioctl_compat
c43396f msm: camera: Fix for ZSL and RAW snapshot issue
6ba1a65 msm:kgsl: Enable GPU DCVS for msm8930
5bd0660 msm: camera: Change timeout values for msm_server_proc_ctrl.
83ca600 m68knommu: enable qspi support when SPI_COLDFIRE_QSPI = m
e89b3ac msm: sysmon: Introduce sysmon_get_reason() for querying failure reasons
6ff6845 Revert Bluetooth: Use the stored LTK for restabilishing security
53013da Include if_pppolac.h and if_pppopns.h into header-y target
266328f alarmtimer: Fix conflicting definitions of alarmtimer_get_rtcdev
e9a85c7 security: Add proper checks for Android specific capability checks
072ae63 openvswitch: Validation of IPv6 set port action uses IPv4 header
275f94d msm_fb: display: add mdp version info for later mdp h/w
1c430a7 net: compare_ether_addr[_64bits]() has no ordering
cfd004f msm_fb: display: Flush pipe registers before staging the pipe
c269614 msm: bam_dmux: delay premature uplink wakeup votes
53d4dd0 msm: kgsl: fix cleanup code in kgsl_ioctl_map_user_mem()
6d06af4 msm-camera: update default mount-angle of 8x30 camera sensor.
a73bb99 diag: Disable all log masks when receive disable command
eee66c6 msm_fb: Increase backlight granularity from 15 to 255 levels
226bb7d jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in gc path
7a84477 mtd: fix oops in dataflash driver
9296711 cpufreq-interactive: Compile fixup
f15dbb7 msm: smsm: define new bit - SMSM_ERR_SRV_READY
1f65d9d msm: footswitch-8x60: Move SoC-specific data to device files
332472c Bluetooth: Correctly configure L2CAP streaming mode header type
53996cc ASoC: msm7x27a: Add mixer command to configure device volume.
cbca051 vidc: For CP2.0 do not program the iommu.
4776d96 ASoC: msm: Migrate audio drivers to new clock apis.
1fd1443 xen/Kconfig: fix Kconfig layout
76a8df7 xen/pci: don't use PCI BIOS service for configuration space accesses
9f000a7 msm: board-msm7x27a: Add support for 8625 FFA
b7e5ffe xen/pte: Fix crashes when trying to see non-existent PGD/PMD/PUD/PTEs
558daa2 xen/apic: Return the APIC ID (and version) for CPU 0.
57c0778 msm: acpuclock-7627: Prepare PLLs during init
7164b3f x86/microcode: Ensure that module is only loaded on supported Intel CPUs
968c2c1 regulator: Actually free the regulator in devm_regulator_put()
db57aa8 defconfig: Add support to select GPIO IR receiver
c23ebe4 media: rc: Fix device_init_wakeup function in GPIO IR receiver
c49bee5 Revert "Revert "mmc: sdio: optimized SDIO IRQ handling for single irq""
a7a97c6 drivers/video/xen-fbfront.c: add missing cleanup code
ec9b3a9 drm/nouveau/i2c: resume use of i2c-algo-bit, rather than custom stack
6075fff mmc: core: Clean up after mmc_pre_req if card was removed
21fb02e mmc: core: Check if card was removed before submitting a request
bca4013 ALSA: hda/realtek - Add missing CD-input pin for MSI-7350 mobo
2e7a448 drm/i915: Do no set Stencil Cache eviction LRA w/a on gen7+
768b107 drm/i915: disable sdvo hotplug on i945g/gm
f5c53d8 ALSA: hda/realtek - Add a fixup for Acer Aspire 5739G
09c0211 perf: Turn off compiler warnings for flex and bison generated files
6be5660 Revert "radio-tavarua: Configure search direction as passed by FM APP"
d7b5a77 Revert "radio-iris: Configure search direction as passed by FM APP"
febb72a IA32 emulation: Fix build problem for modular ia32 a.out support
d48b97b Linux 3.4-rc6
ce7e5d2 x86: fix broken TASK_SIZE for ia32_aout
6eddcb4 cdc_ether: Ignore bogus union descriptor for RNDIS devices
24f0671 bnx2x: bug fix when loading after SAN boot
62c49cc KVM: Do not take reference to mm during async #PF
a4fa163 KVM: ensure async PF event wakes up vcpu from halt
b9fab91 Btrfs: avoid sleeping in verify_parent_transid while atomic
c914f55 ALSA: echoaudio: Remove incorrect part of assertion
fde165b ARM: 7414/1: SMP: prevent use of the console when using idmap_pgd
94213a7 usb: gadget: Vote for SWFI when USB cable is connected
1af3c24 ASoC: msm: Remove support for apq8064 simulator
49a5f3c TTY: pdc_cons, fix regression in close
377485f init: don't try mounting device as nfs root unless type fully matches
7f5051c mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix compilation error
2f97836 ARM: 7412/1: audit: use only AUDIT_ARCH_ARM regardless of endianness
6a68b6f ARM: 7411/1: audit: fix treatment of saved ip register during syscall tracing
e787ec1 ARM: 7410/1: Add extra clobber registers for assembly in kernel_execve
532b2df msm: Pull RTB out of the board file
a08eeee ASoC: msm: Add support for configuring buffer size in multichannel driver
543c2af mpq8064: Add support for HDMI mono playback
1cc0c99 ACPI: Fix D3hot v D3cold confusion
f3adf03 msm: qdss: provide an api to force disable qdss sink
aa83fa7 msm: qdss: use spinlock instead of mutex for the etb driver
eb6df1d msm: kgsl: Change iommu structure to better represent the hardware
6f24f89 hfsplus: Fix potential buffer overflows
134786b msm_fb: display: add dtv wait for vsync when in blt mode
fe1e62c vidc: upgrade video core clock rate based on time taken to decode a frame
6f04341 msm_fb: display: Correct LVDS Phy mux settings
0e3d69e msm: display: Use socinfo_get_version for LVDS pixel remap on 8064 target
aa9d52b msm: spm: Update SPM driver to support SAW2 v2.0 hardware
75e9f72 msm: copper: Disable devices not supported on RUMI
a03a09b CPU frequency drivers MAINTAINERS update
f45cd36 msm: gemini: Rename ijpeg clocks to match MSM naming convention
73a50f6 msm: iommu: Support IOMMU page fault reporting
4f988f1 seqlock: add 'raw_seqcount_begin()' function
2f62427 Fix __read_seqcount_begin() to use ACCESS_ONCE for sequence value read
cf26486 msm: camera: Separate AXI from vfe
ab27a20 intel_mid_powerbtn: mark irq as IRQF_NO_SUSPEND
d1d0589 arch/x86/platform/geode/net5501.c: change active_low to 0 for LED driver
56f7efa msm: camera: Move VPE out of msm isp
de48faf ASoc: msm: Avoid memory allocation failure in proxy driver.
aeadb5f msm: board-copper: Select dummy clocks for the RUMI target
08ca744 ARM: OMAP: Revert "ARM: OMAP: ctrl: Fix CONTROL_DSIPHY register fields"
82da88d msm: clock-copper: Correctly assign BLSP core devices to their clocks
ea9947b Btrfs: fix crash in scrub repair code when device is missing
d04b1de btrfs: Fix mismatching struct members in ioctl.h
17de39a Btrfs: fix page leak when allocing extent buffers
e5846fc Btrfs: Add properly locking around add_root_to_dirty_list
48cad91 thermal: tsens8960: Add suspend/resume for TSENS
17ca368 vidc: Free shared memory when video core is in error.
b6392bd ARM: OMAP1: Amstrad Delta: Fix wrong IRQ base in FIQ handler
8046ae1 mmc: msm_sdcc: read all response registers only if required
2bd5c33 msm: kgsl: disable early suspend and late resume for 2d cores.
9d0c3c5 msm: devices-msm7x27a: Add panic notifier for 7627a/8625
c1e049f8 msm: pil-pronto: Add Pronto PIL driver to msm-copper
fad9365 ASoC: omap-pcm: Free dma buffers in case of error.
dd7f5c9 e1000: Silence sparse warnings by correcting type
dad8a3b igb, ixgbe: netdev_tx_reset_queue incorrectly called from tx init path
ed9dc91 msm: vidc: Set dpb count based on target for smooth streaming
c994ead drm/radeon: clarify and extend wb setup on APUs and NI+ asics
66698c1 ASoC: msm: Support WMA playback
892ee47 thermal: msm8960_tsens: Update characterized slope data
f181c29 mmc: msm_sdcc: skip the start request if SDCC is in bad state
245831e mmc: msm_sdcc: print sdcc device runtime PM information
b16b1b6 md/bitmap: fix calculation of 'chunks' - missing shift.
4db934c defconfig: 8064: Enable GPIO based matrix keypad driver
32ea625 msm: 8064: Add gpio-keypad support for MPQ8064 CDP
473bb18 input: matrix-keypad: Move to threaded irq handling
00c882d radio-tavarua: Fix corner cases in dqbuf
e292205 msm: defconfig: Enable Run Queue Statistics for msm8625
feff0ff msm: 7x27a: audio: Reduce LPA buffer size to 512kb.
d8f2799 fs/cifs: fix parsing of dfs referrals
8c0f2a8 USB: EHCI: Add support for TCXO vote/unvote
5f10b27 msm: vidc: Downloads firmware using pil_get.
4cb6e11 openvswitch: Release rtnl_lock if ovs_vport_cmd_build_info() failed.
09be5f3 iommu: Initialize domain->handler in iommu_domain_alloc()
48c02c9 iommu/core: let drivers know if an iommu fault handler isn't installed
a4d334f iommu/core: export iommu_set_fault_handler()
a1c6df3 iommu/core: Add fault reporting mechanism
2e739a0 cpufreq: interactive: add boost pulse interface
54b3a4d efivars: Improve variable validation
c924f3e ASoC: msm: Eliminate unnecessary invalid port id error message
aa3e011 msm: clock: Add support for MSM Copper GCC and MMSS clocks.
5b14672 msm: clock-pll: Move 8930, 8064 and 9615 pll config code to clock-pll.
4256483 mfd: pm8xxx: misc: add reset api for PM8038 and PM8917
1bf88da msm: board-8064: Add control for PM8921 regulators S8, L21, and L29
7944795 msm: kgsl: Declare some mmu functions as static inline
e419b4c vfs: make word-at-a-time accesses handle a non-existing page
b503871 msm: sdio: Fix section mismatch
4c89451 msm_charger: Fix section mismatch
a557b97 cifs: make sure we ignore the credentials= and cred= options
f966424 [CIFS] Update cifs version to 1.78
936ad90 cifs - check S_AUTOMOUNT in revalidate
686caf4 msm: dma: don't read from FLUSH2 register
9f1aaa7 msm: 8064: Add summary interrupt configuration for IO expander
48e7276 msm: kgsl: release the wakelock when going to suspend
5f098a3 ata: ahci_platform: Add synopsys ahci controller in DT's compatible list
fb9751d ata/pata_arasan_cf: Move arasan_cf_pm_ops out of #ifdef, #endif macros
a78f57a libata: init ata_print_id to 0
642d892 ahci: Detect Marvell 88SE9172 SATA controller
6868225 libata: skip old error history when counting probe trials
d0c077f msm: ultrasound: enable interrupting of long-time IOCTLs.
7bdf741 auth_gss: the list of pseudoflavors not being parsed correctly
fce9dbd ASoC: msm: Add 12000Hz and 24000Hz support to ALSA driver
b20c105 board: 8930: turn off haptics clock in suspend
5959732 msm: clock-8960: remove ce1 clocks from 8064
ed90542 iwlwifi: fix skb truesize underestimation
c1230df drm/i915: enable dip before writing data on gen4
f525c6d ixgbe: dcb: BIT_APP_UPCHG not set by ixgbe_copy_dcb_cfg()
ab6039a ixgbe: fix race condition with shutdown
b6dd587 msm: wfd: Flush encoder before stop.
addde4e nouveau: initialise has_optimus variable.
ca9ce42 ASoC: mpq8064: Add FE dai link for multi channel pcm audio.
cd681bf vidc: 1080p : Add support for slice delivery mode to encoder
5a8887d sungem: Fix WakeOnLan
1816eb4 msm: platsmp-8625: Mask mpcore_ipc1 irq before clear
bc9248a ARM: gic: Move GIC based code out from mpm-8625
b49960a tcp: change tcp_adv_win_scale and tcp_rmem[2]
55252f1 msm: pil-q6v5-lpass: Fix error checking in pil_lpass_driver_probe()
84768ed net: l2tp: unlock socket lock before returning from l2tp_ip_sendmsg
4fdcfa1 drop_monitor: prevent init path from scheduling on the wrong cpu
a472384 usbnet: fix failure handling in usbnet_probe
720f3d7 usbnet: fix leak of transfer buffer of dev->interrupt
70f8002 ucc_geth: Add 16 bytes to max TX frame for VLANs
5bbdc05 net: ucc_geth, increase no. of HW RX descriptors
86b9fa6 msm: clock-local2: Swap the branch clock halt status strings
6831525 USB: Avoid runtime suspend right after getting remote wake up interrupt
19b1881 msm: camera: Convert camera actuator devices to v4l2 subdev
c25ff9c msm: camera: Create v4l2 subdev for camera hardware blocks
047053e msm: camera: Clean up kernel structures
2f2be27 alpha: silence 'const' warning in sys_marvel.c
8fa1964 alpha: include module.h to fix modpost on Tsunami
f8eafb5 alpha: properly define get/set_rtc_time on Marvel/SMP
dd7f1fe alpha: VGA_HOSE depends on VGA_CONSOLE
6200497 fixing dmi match for hp t5745 and hp st5747 thin client
29c5fb0 msm_fb: display: Clear background solid fill on closing video pipe
cb3e8eb msm: kgsl: Remove GSL_RB_INIT_TIMESTAMP macro
d247d15 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Add missing call to spmi_driver_unregister
a19dced gpio: qpnp-gpio: Add debugfs support
9d1ceac Revert "ath9k_hw: Fix incorrect spur_freq_sd for AR9003"
cf04317 brcmfmac: fix a double spin_unlock_irqrestore issue in dpc
a94b612 Bluetooth: Add sockopts for LE Connection Params
4217b46 msm: idle_stats: Raise busy timer event for negative stats
24db643 msm: rpc_server_handset: Fix section mismatch
af0be7e mfd: marimba: Fix section mismatch
c99f586 power: pm8921-bms: add api to stop/start ocv updates
e88f246 power: pm8921-bms: enable/disable FCC learning feature
b40b96f power: pm8921-bms: fix shutting down early at cold temperature
842a1f6 msm: clock-8960/8660: Support 32/64MHz prng clock frequency plan
d71d6ac msm: smd: add packet checking API
b93525f msm: Give explicit name spaces to memory devices
6ff8fb1 msm: board-msm7627a: Disable GDFS power mode when the USB is connected
9acea6b mmc: msm_sdcc: Delay SDCC resume until needed
e90f3b6 drm/i915: Only enable IPS polling for gen5
074b5e1 drm/i915: Do not read non-existent DPLL registers on PCH hardware
84be2a9 defconfig: msm7627a: Enable PMIC LEDs driver
6fbeb99 board-msm7627a-io: Add platform device for touch backlight
19052de leds: leds-pmic-mpp: Add support for MPP connected LED
f02f9ef ASoC: msm: Send a write done for the last buffer
c96b04d msm: idle_stats: Overwrite samples if it surpasses maximum number
216744c msm: serial: Add check for c_cflag with NULL in set_termios
515a561 msm: camera: Fix for ov5647 exp gain function
58fa015 cifs: add missing initialization of server->req_lock
8f71465 cifs: don't cap ra_pages at the same level as default_backing_dev_info
156d179 CIFS: Fix indentation in cifs_show_options
76f08e0 msm: msm_watchdog: Don't pet the watchdog if it isn't enabled
3e36629 msm: smd: disable SSR handshake on copper
94e397b gpio: qpnp-gpio: switch all dt property calls to of_property_read_u32
fdcbed2 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Remove redundant ret variable on probe error
8b909b4 arm/dt: Add gpio devices for Qualcomm PMIC 8941
de3942a gpio: qpnp-gpio: Change Device Tree configuration specification
e25e15f gpio: qpnp-gpio: Update driver to match new hardware specification
915ab54 msm: sysmon: Send only strlen(tx_buf) instead of ARRAY_SIZE(tx_buf)
38bdd4f power: pm8921-charger: Improve AICL for PM8917
5af838b of/base: Take NULL string into account for property with multiple strings
e5ce772 video: msm: wfd: Expose CIR control to v4l2 clients
147c760 video: msm: wfd: Explicitly disable b-frames
fbf8d73 ASoC: msm: Add MI2S TX, HDMI RX and Secondary I2S TX hostless PCM support
3040c03 msm: camera: autofocus support for sensor imx091
4d9fdf3 msm: smd_pkt: close the smd channel if open process times out
40021f8 msm_fb: display: Call correct gpio API for backlight control
04c235c USB: ehci-tegra: remove redundant gpio_set_value
247d36e ASoc: msm: Fix the kernel panic issue in dapm
ebf20de EHCI: update PM methods in ehci-tegra.c
84f904e vt: Fix deadlock on scroll-lock
762e52a msm: smd_pkt: Poll/Write operations return error under SSR
96a14fb msm: smd_pkt: Avoid race condition between close and read/write operations
116a0fc netem: fix possible skb leak
e072b3f sky2: fix receive length error in mixed non-VLAN/VLAN traffic
3f42941 sky2: propogate rx hash when packet is copied
12f0aea ASoC: mpq8064: enable MI2S TX,HDMI RX and secondary I2S RX hostless PCM
5622c07 perf stat: Fix case where guest/host monitoring is not supported by kernel
9ddff20 ASoC: mpq8064: Add MI2S TX support to the machine driver
afda0f9 perf build-id: Fix filename size calculation
623b50f ASoC: msm: Add MI2S TX CPU driver
41462f5 arm/dt: msmcopper: Correct PM8941 SMPS voltage constraints
90e13fa defconfig: Enable CONFIG_MSM_PIL_LPASS_QDSP6V5 for msm-copper
1e28794 arm: show present cpu instead of online cpu in /proc/cpuinfo
bdc71c9 hwmon: (coretemp) Increase CPU core limit
b704871 hwmon: (coretemp) fix oops on cpu unplug
c569930 msm: kgsl: Prevent second time cache flush for the context
d96194966 net: fix two typos in skbuff.h
a88ddb9 Revert "msm: Enable fmem support on 7x27a"
152fe5b radio-iris: Add buffer overflow checks to Default Data Write ioctl
759a3cc ktest: Fix reboot on success stopping all reboots
5158ba3 ktest.pl: Fix combined usage of BISECT_REVERSE and BISECT_SKIP
3a18bbd mmc: quirks: Fix data timeout values for certain SanDisk eMMC cards
13176a8 mfd: Fix build breakage in omap-usb-host.c
a4e88c6 msm: kgsl: Fix incorrect parameter when calling calc_gmemsize.
f94df43 video: msm: wfd: Expose entropy control to v4l2 client
50440d4 msm: Add support for physical memory remove/add on 8064
aad2732 cpufreq: interactive: set floor for boosted speed
e4cf18b msm: footswitch-8x60: Correct fs_gfx3d bus port IDs for 8064
481d498 msm: Asoc: Add Voip vocoders for EVRC-A,EVRC-B,EVRC-WB
60158e6 cxgb3: Don't call cxgb_vlan_mode until q locks are initialized
2b9c21c msm: restart: respect download_mode boot parameter
441e171 ixgbe: fix calling skb_put on nonlinear skb assertion bug
2b1588c ixgbe: Fix a memory leak in IEEE DCB
9bd1be45 igbvf: fix the bug when initializing the igbvf
2f3a081 smsc75xx: enable mac to detect speed/duplex from phy
c0b92e4 smsc75xx: declare smsc75xx's MII as GMII capable
b140504 smsc75xx: fix phy interrupt acknowledge
8a1d59d smsc75xx: fix phy init reset loop
4f49add smsc75xx: add more information to register io failure warnings
cb8722d smsc75xx: fix mdio reads and writes
7bdd305 smsc75xx: mark link down on startup and let PHY interrupt deal with carrier changes
4102d70 video: msm: wfd: Don't signal HDMIDaemon to mirror on FB1
bccb806 USB: OTG: MSM: Enable VDD CX regulator voltage setting for all configs
1b0c174 msm: Kconfig: Update L1 ERP help text
b2bdae8 msm_fb: display: remove mixer1 waiting4vsync when staging down the pipe
cc0bea77 diag: Make sure kmemleak tool does not report incorrect memory leaks.
6482c43 msm: cache_erp: Print hardware info on cache errors
e534683 msm_fb: Correct mdp_iommu array size to avoid scribbling
61c5efa msm: camera: Change sensor power down sequence
d85a508 board-8960: Enable feature to configure HSUART RX GPIO as Wakeup Source
0641208 ASoC: s3c2412-i2s: Fix dai registration
30facd4 ASoC: wm8350: Don't use locally allocated codec struct
fec6c20 efi: Validate UEFI boot variables
41b3254 efi: Add new variable attributes
d22c43a msm: video: wfd: Disable multiple clients for wfd capture device
1c52826 msm: kgsl: Change the prototype of MMU function pointers
1d1172b msm: dma: update crypto engine channel mappings
9d6d432 ARM: vfp: only clear vfp state for current cpu in vfp_pm_suspend
67c2bbb arm: vfp: Fix memory corruption on PM suspend
7c77cda x86, relocs: Remove an unused variable
f5c2347 asm-generic: Use __BITS_PER_LONG in statfs.h
8a7dc4b nfsd: fix nfs4recover.c printk format warning
66f2c99 mac80211: fix AP mode EAP tx for VLAN stations
b29750d msm: headsmp: Fix section mismatch warning
1cebce3 tcp: fix infinite cwnd in tcp_complete_cwr()
05be182 bpf jit: Let the powerpc jit handle negative offsets
518fbf9 net: fix sk_sockets_allocated_read_positive
c2bbdc3 msm: pil-q6v5-lpass: Add PIL support for copper's LPASS subsystem
5ff6352 msm: iommu: Use ttbr1 for graphics 2d devices
3617e50 NFSv4.1: Use the correct hostname in the client identifier string
cbbb344 SUNRPC: RPC client must use the current utsname hostname string
0577d7b msm: Make iommu domains platform devices
6639886 ARM: gic: Add spinlocks for SGIR/AIR/EOI for 8625
41f09e2 msm: board-7x27a: Move LPA playback to AUDPLAY0 task
725cdeb usb: gadget: Add remote wakeup event to ci13xxx UDC
7147f8e ASOC: wcd9304: Move logs to proper debug level
e875c1e ASoC: tlv312aic23: unbreak resume
6cf5185 netfilter: xt_CT: fix wrong checking in the timeout assignment path
8537de8 ipvs: kernel oops - do_ip_vs_get_ctl
582b8e3 ipvs: take care of return value from protocol init_netns
4b984cd ipvs: null check of net->ipvs in lblc(r) shedulers
b99da31 drm/nv10/gpio: fix thinko in mask for gpio lines 2-9
ffc6a4e nvc0/fb: shut up PMFB interrupt after the first occurrence
0ed4bb9 drm/nouveau/hdmi: use correct hdmi regs for nvaa/nvac
5206b52 drm/nouveau/bios: fix regression on some nv4x board
c9a9332 vidc: Add extra cases for error handling in vidc init
561894c msm: camera: stop VPE cleanly when mediaserver crashes.
668d765 msm: boards: Fix section mismatches
409b8b4 msm: clock-local: Consolidate definitions of clk_ops
03171c7 USB: OTG: Fix PHY stuck issue in USB HOST mode
810b4de tty/serial/pmac_zilog: Fix "nobody cared" IRQ message
e49f7a9 powerpc/pseries: Rivet CONFIG_EEH for pSeries platform
4013369 powerpc/irqdomain: Fix broken NR_IRQ references
8751ed1 powerpc/8xx: Fix NR_IRQ bugs and refactor 8xx interrupt controller
69964ea Linux 3.4-rc5
59508db msm_fb: display: increase mdp upscaling range
94b4c83 msm: camera: Change camera server into a video node
64f371b autofs: make the autofsv5 packet file descriptor use a packetized pipe
26e0f90 PM / Freezer / Docs: Update documentation about freezing of tasks
9883035 pipes: add a "packetized pipe" mode for writing
5d63c4b msm: board-8930: Remove the pmem audio devices.
9ed880f msm: board-8930: Increase ion heap size for audio.
784b439 mmc: msm_sdcc: Set CPU_DMA latency for acceptable QOS
1c79c3b ASoC: msm: Add support for VoLTE feature on msm8960.
b848f44 msm: kgsl: Assign a valid context only after one has been restored
8904627 msm: smd: fix spelling mistake in copper platform data comment
df2745b ASoC: msm: Add support for VoLTE feature on mdm9x15
71dfc5f NFS: get module in idmap PipeFS notifier callback
f23f8c5 ASoC: mpq8064: Add the platform specific change to enable MI2S
cc1f41d media: rc: Add wakeup functionality from GPIO IR event
a764f53 media: rc: Fix the GPIO IR map to Philips TV remote
fcbf94b Revert "autofs: work around unhappy compat problem on x86-64"
f764e46 msm: kgsl: Make tlb flags common for all MMU types
4f4d131 msm: msm8960-clock: Add the clock mapping for MI2S TX device
5e7371d ARM: 7406/1: hotplug: copy the affinity mask when forcefully migrating IRQs
6fa99b7 ARM: 7405/1: kexec: call platform_cpu_kill on the killer rather than the victim
6a1c531 ARM: 7403/1: tls: remove covert channel via TPIDRURW
1490492 ARM: 7401/1: mm: Fix section mismatches
197dbf3 msm: camera: Update actuator info
92d99c0 msm: fix for HDR with vfe31
c216347 msm: 8064: Increase GSBI3 (I2C) bus speed to 384Khz
9ba3ffe msm: 8064: Do not configure attention line for Cypress TS
a6bde8d msm: video: wfd: Fix array out of bounds and stale pointer issue
3a69ddd drm/i915: Set the Stencil Cache eviction policy to non-LRA mode.
700698e drm/radeon/kms: need to set up ss on DP bridges as well
3885ca7 drop_monitor: Make updating data->skb smp safe
cde2e9a drop_monitor: fix sleeping in invalid context warning
974a96c vidc: Check for proper buffer handle before free.
29aebee diag: Add debugfs support to assist in debug analysis
8810e34 msm: clock-local2: Add new clock control library for the new HW interface.
2776af1 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix register defaults for clock select
505bb4f ASoC: msm: Add support for VoLTE feature
c09967e Revert "ASoc: msm: Improve error checking in code"
5a8fad6 msm: clock-9615: Prevent usb_hsic_sys_clk from voting on CXO
60c98d9 Revert "mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used"
a022290 Revert "ARM: cache-l2x0: Save L2CC registers using pl310 save/resume"
b368e9b msm: kgsl: Use a consolidated IRQ handler
7eb7ce4 xen: correctly check for pending events when restoring irq flags
4c1bcdb wl1251: fix crash on remove due to leftover work item
328c32f wl1251: fix crash on remove due to premature kfree
dbdedbd b43: only reload config after successful initialization
1ed2ec3 iwlwifi: use 6000G2B for 6030 device series
3708dc2 ath5k: add missing iounmap to AHB probe removal
b948a85 brcm80211: fmac: fix missing completion events issue
1cc2699 brcm80211: fmac: fix SDIO function 0 register r/w issue
b18c9e2 msm_fb: Provide support for ARGC and CSC for layer mixer 2
dc7fdde Btrfs: reduce lock contention during extent insertion
fede766 Btrfs: avoid deadlocks from GFP_KERNEL allocations during btrfs_real_readdir
2431a81 spi/spi-bfin5xx: Fix flush of last bit after each spi transfer
128465c spi/spi-bfin5xx: fix reversed if condition in interrupt mode
8d9d2a4 spi/spi_bfin_sport: drop bits_per_word from client data
7666fd8 spi/bfin_spi: drop bits_per_word from client data
488e1a9 spi/spi-bfin-sport: move word length setup to transfer handler
22ac3e8 spi/bfin5xx: rename config macro name for bfin5xx spi controller driver
e245d42 NFS: Remove unused function nfs_lookup_with_sec()
7e6eb68 NFS: Honor the authflavor set in the clone mount data
f05d147 NFS: Fix following referral mount points with different security
72de53e NFS: Do secinfo as part of lookup
db0a959 NFS: Handle exceptions coming out of nfs4_proc_fs_locations()
ea8cfa0 SUNRPC: traverse clients tree on PipeFS event
37629b5 SUNRPC: set per-net PipeFS superblock before notification
7aab449 SUNRPC: skip clients with program without PipeFS entries
a4dff1b SUNRPC: skip dead but not buried clients on PipeFS events
5794d21 Avoid beyond bounds copy while caching ACL
ea505bc spi/pl022: Allow request for higher frequency than maximum possible
93d0d19 input: touchscreen: Fix section mismatch
05931a2 msm: board-8064: Add platform device support for GPIO IR receiver
9abf949 msm: subsystem_restart: Remove support for RESET_SUBSYS_MIXED
922a4f1 msm: subsystem_restart: Cleanup subsystem restart handling.
4c983b2 msm: subsystem_restart: Use the dedicated subsystem restart workqueue
7654b72 Btrfs: Fix space checking during fs resize
1f699d3 Btrfs: fix block_rsv and space_info lock ordering
1daf354 Btrfs: Prevent root_list corruption
3e74317 Btrfs: fix repair code for RAID10
996d282 Btrfs: do not start delalloc inodes during sync
88a3a25 spi/bcm63xx: set master driver mode_bits.
1e41dc0 spi/bcm63xx: don't use the stopping state
cde4384 spi/bcm63xx: convert to the pump message infrastructure
5a00689 Avoid reading past buffer when calling GETACL
d4b9b57 spi/spi-ep93xx.c: use dma_transfer_direction instead of dma_data_direction
dbabe0d spi: fix spi.h kernel-doc warning
5eb806a spi/pl022: Fix calculate_effective_freq()
954b178 msm: clock-8960: Map iommu clocks to vidc devices on 8064.
651913c tcp: clean up use of jiffies in tcp_rcv_rtt_measure()
b3ed9c1 iopoll: Introduce memory-mapped IO polling macros
dc5efaa MIPS: Remove get_current_pgd().
9a5dc6e msm: smd: enable RPM edge on copper
f7f286a x86/amd: Re-enable CPU topology extensions in case BIOS has disabled it
35a1ff0 msm: mpq8064: Increase VCAPs bus bandwidth request values
de14ca6 MIPS: ath79: fix AR933X WMAC reset code
1e4f0b8 i2c: mxs: disable QUEUE when sending is done
86ea7c9 usb: gadget: mbim: Synchronize reset_function handling
320cd1e usb: gadget: udc-core: fix incompatibility with dummy-hcd
83a787a usb: gadget: udc-core: fix wrong call order
37d4174 drm/radeon/kms: use frac fb div on APUs
df391c0 drm/radeon: add a missing entry to encoder_names
90b1a47 net: usb: rmnet: Fix bug in handling removal of debugfs files
ef7c7c6 ARM: PXA2xx: MFP: fix potential direction bug
a13b8787 ARM: PXA2xx: MFP: fix bug with MFP_LPM_KEEP_OUTPUT
9f9d27e arm/sa1100: fix sa1100-rtc memory resource
b95ace5 ARM: pxa: fix gpio wakeup setting
b930fe5 xen/acpi: Workaround broken BIOSes exporting non-existing C-states.
cf405ae xen/smp: Fix crash when booting with ACPI hotplug CPUs.
4dd4308 msm: vidc: Fixes memory protection in secure enc/dec concurrency
ec2ccd8 sh: Fix up tracepoint build fallout from static key introduction.
13d82f8 msm: vidc: Handles secure/non-secure concurrency.
ff9718f Bluetooth: Check for NULL pointer dereference
9fb1531 cpufreq: interactive: Add sysfs boost interface for hints from userspace
96aa0fc cpufreq: interactive: remove unused target_validate_time_in_idle
7820a65 cpufreq: interactive: Boost frequency on touchscreen input
bc699d8 cpufreq: interactive: Separate speed target revalidate time and initial set time
730910b cpufreq: interactive: base hispeed bump on target freq, not actual
5c22837 USB: cdc-wdm: fix race leading leading to memory corruption
607f61b msm: 8064: Add IRQ related platform data for SX1509 Expander
05c8be0 MIPS: JZ4740: Fix the JZ4740_IRQ_DMA macro
8598f3c MIPS: Use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
c579020 mfd: PM8018: Add GPIO digital voltage level definitions
8e12a03 xtensa: fix build fail on undefined ack_bad_irq
13cbc59 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Remove config param inv_int_pol
7f0cc9d gpio: qpnp-gpio: Remove MODULE_AUTHOR line
d2ef2d7 msm: copper: Enable CONFIG_GPIO_QPNP
721a114 ASoC: msm8930: Disable headset detection
521394e xen: use the pirq number to check the pirq_eoi_map
f9383d5 hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: Add BATT_ID_THERM configuration
df88b2d xen/enlighten: Disable MWAIT_LEAF so that acpi-pad won't be loaded.
e8d3586 msm: kgsl: Resize CP ROQ for A320/A305
48d0e2e msm: kgsl: Add adreno_is checks for A320 and A305
3cee486 msm: kgsl: Remove extra readtimestamp
8b6efb7 MAINTAINERS: update sctp maintainer address
362a17c ASoc: msm: Modify debug messages with correct levels
f79b66f diag: Add On-Device logging support for Fusion3
89f21cc staging: ozwpan: Fix bug where kfree is called twice.
3e1fd47 [media] fintek-cir: change || to &&
fa83af7 blackfin: fix ifdef fustercluck in mach-bf538/boards/ezkit.c
bc856a6 blackfin: fix compile error in bfin-lq035q1-fb.c
cd0a2bfb pci: frv architecture needs generic setup-bus infrastructure
13d7cb5 msm: fix mount angle for preview in external sensor
5694e02 [media] V4L: Schedule V4L2_CID_HCENTER, V4L2_CID_VCENTER controls for removal
43cc6d0 msm: fix vfe stop sequence.
9ef449c [media] rc: Postpone ISR registration
9967232 [media] marvell-cam: fix an ARM build error
7b97805 msm: footswitch-8x60: Correct 8064 bus port IDs for video encoder/decoder
7a435d3 msm: board-msm7627a-wlan: fix the gpio free crash issue
6651819 drm/i915: handle input/output sdvo timings separately in mode_set
10bd295 fix page number calculation bug for block layout decode buffer
e5265a0 NFSv4.1 fix page number calculation bug for filelayout decode buffers
921649d msm: camera: Move gemini clk to gemini driver
9526b2b pnfs-obj: Remove unused variable from objlayout_get_deviceinfo()
1aba156 nfs4: fix referrals on mounts that use IPv6 addrs
c3e40a9 hwmon: (fam15h_power) Fix pci_device_id array
b3fe899 msm: pil-q6v5: Add pil-q6v5 function library for QDSP6v5
2f9a0c8 [media] V4L: soc-camera: protect hosts during probing from overzealous user-space
9ac7af6 msm: Move subsystem map specific code to the subsystem map file
d08c9a3 hpwdt: Only BYTE reads/writes to WD Timer port 0x72
724b6da perf: Fix perf_event_for_each() to use sibling
fb2cf2c sched: Fix OOPS when build_sched_domains() percpu allocation fails
eb95308 sched: Fix more load-balancing fallout
af51bb1 board-msm7627a-io: vote for correct regulator on maxtouch controller
647e9ea ASoC: msm: Add support for 4 channel recording
07d69d4 smsc95xx: mark link down on startup and let PHY interrupt deal with carrier changes
1bb57e9 dl2k: Clean up rio_ioctl
768f7c7 6lowpan: add missing spin_lock_init()
8deff4a 6lowpan: clean up fragments list if module unloaded
0848e40 6lowpan: fix segmentation fault caused by mlme request
e48b5e8 rtc: Fix possible null pointer dereference in rtc-mpc5121.c
47d59d0 ehea: fix promiscuous mode
5d38457 ehea: fix allmulticast support
602d629 vidc: send flush done if flush is issued in EoS while encoding
39f618b ipvs: reset ipvs pointer in netns
8d08d71 ipvs: add check in ftp for initialized core
c563995 msm: rotator: update user session parameters for all rotator start calls
f519d2c msm: kgsl: Cancel events of a context when destroying it
f371a5f Bluetooth: Disconnect ACL after 8sec when no service level connection.
6e8b09e mm: fix NULL ptr dereference in move_pages
f2a9ef8 mm: fix NULL ptr dereference in migrate_pages
63f61a6 revert "proc: clear_refs: do not clear reserved pages"
3f5ec5e drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1307.c: fix BUG shown with lock debugging enabled
db7b122 arch/arm/mach-ux500/mbox-db5500.c: world-writable sysfs fifo file
65ed760 hugetlbfs: lockdep annotate root inode properly
351963b acerhdf: lowered default temp fanon/fanoff values
43ae1e3 acerhdf: add support for new hardware
e39a9ba acerhdf: add support for Aspire 1410 BIOS v1.3314
61065a3 fs/buffer.c: remove BUG() in possible but rare condition
904249a mm: fix up the vmscan stat in vmstat
13d5180 epoll: clear the tfile_check_list on -ELOOP
b1c12cb mm/hugetlb: fix warning in alloc_huge_page/dequeue_huge_page_vma
ce587e6 mm: memcg: move pc lookup point to commit_charge()
4e1c2b2 mm: nobootmem: Correct alloc_bootmem semantics.
1d6f8cc Revert "msm: ipc: Trigger loading only the default subsystem"
10bc0fd power: pm8921-bms: adjust soc
62ad6fc udp_diag: implement idiag_get_info for udp/udplite to get queue information
7a2621b msm: kgsl: Fix powerscale idle logic
37a02d3 msm: kgsl: Wake the GPU at nominal voltage
d3e99df Bluetooth: Better locking when tearing down an HCI connection.
4d19be4 msm: 8064: Add sleep status data for 8064 and 8930
bddae7c msm: cache_erp: Do not panic on TLB multi-hits
ee55c19 msm: camera: Add SOF timestamps
0ae152b msm_fb: display: update dtv panel info clk rate
e01bb5a video: msm: Add QSEED API to MDP_PP IOCTL
c95eeae i2c: mxs: handle spurious interrupt
994f462 msm: camera: Change OV2720 to mclk1 for 8930
801c392 prng: Replace clk_enable and clk_disable APIs.
0ec0a63 Revert "WLAN: msm9615: Add gpio configurations"
2d082fa crypto: Replace clk_enable and clk_disable APIs.
23bfaa2 msm: kgsl: convert timestamp_cmp logic to use unsigned logic
7853128 usb: gadget: Fix section mismatch
7bce097 msm_serial_hs: Fix section mismatch
5d03ce3 camera: sn12m0pz: Fix section mismatch
0d57869 input: atmel_mxt_ts: Fix section mismatch
58701e8 hwmon: epm: Fix section mismatch
32180d2 ARM: mm: Fix section mismatches
22ab934 ARM: cache-l2x0: Fix section mismatch
986c963 devices-7k: Fix section mismatches
f891ea1 tg3: Avoid panic from reserved statblk field access
da3a9e9 tlan: add cast needed for proper 64 bit operation
b3a45d3 msm: rmnet_sdio: Handle Network TX Queue Race Condition
28ffb9c msm_fb: display: add dtv_pipe null check before dereferenc it
3249a22 msm: smd: Fix race condition while processing SMSM callback
90812c8 msm: kgsl: call sysfs_notify when a hang snapshot is made
a05a483 keys: update the documentation with info about "logon" keys
05ef1b7 arch/tile: fix a couple of functions that should be __init
27a795c Bluetooth: Specify underlying ACL security for connected sockets
a99cd11 init: fix bug where environment vars can't be passed via boot args
313c9f6 msm: iommu: Enable IO-MMU support for 8660
c264eed vidc: Send port reconfiguration for interlaced clips
26c36f3 msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock to 400MHz
ea0dcf9 x86/apic: Use x2apic physical mode based on FADT setting
d0d3bc6 x86/mrst: Quiet sparse noise about plain integer as NULL pointer
af2eafc radio-tavarua: Update the low power mode flag during FM off operation
a3a53fe ASoC: bf5xx-ssm2602: Set DAI format
88c08a3 dmaengine/amba-pl08x : reset phychan_hold on terminate all
c847382 dma: pl330: fix a couple of compilation warnings
8f9b9a2 ipvs: fix crash in ip_vs_control_net_cleanup on unload
7118c07 ipvs: Verify that IP_VS protocol has been registered
8ce4d2c mmc: msm_sdcc: print DML registers during SDCC errors
93f90e5 [SCSI] libfc: update mfs boundry checking
197e20b power: smb349: Fix section mismatch
8744b04 diag: Silence section mismatches
727c356 e1000e: Fix default interrupt throttle rate not set in NIC HW
569a3af e1000e: MSI interrupt test failed, using legacy interrupt
a29d731 msm: rtb: Disable RTB on panic
9b4d1cbb ARM: SAMSUNG: add missing MMC_CAP2_BROKEN_VOLTAGE capability
248698c msm_hsusb: Vote for corner of VDD CX instead of voltage of VDD CX
bf6b47d IB/mlx4: Fix memory leaks in ib_link_query_port()
a9e7432 IB/mad: Don't send response for failed MADs
840777d IB/mad: Set 'D' bit in response for unhandled MADs
630f325 msm: clock-8960/8660/9615: Allow PCM to source from external input
2dd21d7 msm: mpq8064: Change in how vcap req_buf calcs num buf
f8262d4 PM / Hibernate: fix the number of pages used for hibernate/thaw buffering
1464874 msm_fb: MHL Driver for SI-8334 Transmitter
151b612 USB: EHCI: fix crash during suspend on ASUS computers
6f6543f usb gadget: uvc: uvc_request_data::length field must be signed
6fff5a1 ARM: EXYNOS: Fix compilation error when CONFIG_OF is not defined
ffabec4 ARM: EXYNOS: Fix resource on dev-dwmci.c
7518dde ARM: S3C24XX: Fix build warning for S3C2410_PM
18ea1fc ARM: mini2440_defconfig: Fix build error
8f92550 Asoc: msm: 8064: Add support for in-call features
d3d844d msm: pm-8x60: Add retention mode for processor cores
eeb06c7 msm: rotator: add YUV444 interleave format support
2b41048 msm_fb: display: add YUV444 interleave format support to mdp
384ec67 Bluetooth: Stability fix: dev locking
956df1f net: wireless: bcmdhd: HACK - force active power mode
dc890df staging: octeon-ethernet: fix build errors by including interrupt.h
349ae79 staging: zcache: fix Kconfig crypto dependency
a2cd62e staging: tidspbridge: remove usage of OMAP2_L4_IO_ADDRESS
1dc9f8a msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix ADM RTAC
bac6062 ASoc: msm: Serialize soc dsp trigger commands.
afa762f mac80211: call ieee80211_mgd_stop() on interface stop
78cbcf2 iwlwifi: use correct released ucode version
5ef4acd iwlwifi: fix hardware queue programming
72ee044 msm: camera: Assign Null to unmapped addresses
6ede567 gpu: ion: Add missing argument to WARN call
28f8881 Use correct conversion specifiers in cifs_show_options
3c7c87f CIFS: Show backupuid/gid in /proc/mounts
e91e001 msm: kgsl: Cancel events before context is freed
9851403 Add Foxconn / Hon Hai IDs for btusb module
16cde99 Bluetooth: Fix missing break in hci_cmd_complete_evt
39f704e msm: camera: Fix for HFR issue on 8MP sensor
4c569a7 GFS2: Instruct DLM to avoid queue convert slowdown
c34ce32 ASoC: core: check of_property_count_strings failure
ddb6706 ASoC: dt: sgtl5000.txt: Add description for 'reg' field
2a58094 asix: Fix tx transfer padding for full-speed USB
c51e560 msm: clock: Delete obsolete dummy clock tables for 8960 and 8064
55e188e board: storage: enable SDIO wakeup from msm pin
1ab8be4 net/davinci_emac: fix failing PHY connect attempts
c2f1244 ehea: only register irq after setting up ports
e6e056b qeth: Use blkt defaults for OSA Express 4
7e665af qeth: allow change of blkt default values
9bbf566 net: usb: smsc95xx: fix mtu
a881e96 set fake_rtable's dst to NULL to avoid kernel Oops
4852302 arm/dt: msmcopper: Change acpuclock node address to match convention
db7e5c6 super.c: unused variable warning without CONFIG_QUOTA
99aa784 jbd2: use GFP_NOFS for blkdev_issue_flush
aca50bd mm: fix s390 BUG by __set_page_dirty_no_writeback on swap
89b8835 x32, siginfo: Provide proper overrides for x32 siginfo_t
5bb16ca msm: clock-8x60: Map ppss_p_clk to the msm_dsps device
6098eee msm_fb: display: Unstage video from primary mixer H/W on unset
665140f msm: copper: Rename SDCC device names to msm_sdcc.[slot] format
30b8aa9 md: fix possible corruption of array metadata on shutdown.
ed20958 md: don't call ->add_disk unless there is good reason.
a9ad852 DM RAID: Use safe version of rdev_for_each
5ff2cb6 msm_fb: display: switch mdp mode without turning off timing generator
d643bdc asm-generic: Allow overriding clock_t and add attributes to siginfo_t
2b7b9a7 ARM: msm: Fix gic irqdomain support
d94b7d4 msm_fb: display: remove mdp writeback2 overlay kickoff waiting
431771e USB: OTG: msm: Fix inconsistent lockdep state warning
1ba115d mfd: PM8018/PM8921: Update PMIC board revision information
a7f75a6 board-msm-8960: Add GSBI9 pdata for SGLTE device
8b253bf msm: kgsl: use correct 2d ringbuffer offset in resume
98e5272 x32: Check __ILP32__ instead of __LP64__ for x32
62878d3 spinlock_debug: Print kallsyms name for lock
364da7c vsprintf: Fix %ps on non symbols when using kallsyms
bdc734d msm: smd: add support for non-default shared memory areas
b4aeeb9 msm: ipc: Update the wakelock name to include client info
44afb3a drm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_do_execbuffer()
ed8cd3b drm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_execbuffer2()
cd74257 x86, acpi: Call acpi_enter_sleep_state via an asmlinkage C function from assembler
2a14e54 ACPI: Convert wake_sleep_flags to a value instead of function
df04532 msm: camera: Change CSID configuration
fee1743 ASoC: msm8960: Fix mbhc multi button detection
de050ac ASoC: wm_hubs: Make sure we don't disable differential line outputs
6ead629 brcmsmac: "INTERMEDIATE but not AMPDU" only when tracing
44eb65cf rtlwifi: Fix oops on unload
dd44731 ipw2200: Fix race condition in the command completion acknowledge
8db4c7e iwlwifi: do not nulify ctx->vif on reset
83722bd ath9k: fix tx power settings for AR9287
64ea57d ath9k: add an extra boolean parameter to ath9k_hw_apply_txpower
21b7dfb power: pm8921-charger: Bound lower AICL limit at 500 mA
94e3a8e WLAN: msm9615: Add gpio configurations
e00574b hexagon: add missing cpu.h include
57f27cc hexagon/CPU hotplug: Add missing call to notify_cpu_starting()
e8e42a5 hexagon: use renamed tick_nohz_idle_* functions
6bbbc30 Hexagon: misc compile warning/error cleanup due to missing headers
c0dbec5 board: 8930: update touch config data version to 15.2.0
2e1705f msm: mpq8064: Boardfile configuration to enable vcap
53ad1c9 dlm: fix QUECVT when convert queue is empty
9f3045e irq: hide debug macros so they don't collide with others.
bfae8ee xtensa: fix build error in xtensa/include/asm/io.h
9112a6b xtensa: fix build failure in xtensa/kernel/signal.c
0424710 msm: ipc: Trigger loading only the default subsystem
093938a spi_qsd: Reset the FORCE_CS bit
3545358 ARM: OMAP: fix DMA vs memory ordering
2b99071 nl80211: Add probe response offload attribute
a86a02f nl80211: advertise device AP SME
754aba4 ARM: 7390/1: dts: versatile-pb/ab fix MMC IRQs
ff9a184 ARM: 7400/1: vfp: clear fpscr length and stride bits on entry to sig handler
2498814 ARM: 7399/1: vfp: move user vfp state save/restore code out of signal.c
ab4d536 ARM: 7398/1: l2x0: only write to debug registers on PL310
f154fe9 ARM: 7397/1: l2x0: only apply workaround for erratum #753970 on PL310
f0c4b8d ARM: 7396/1: errata: only handle ARM erratum #326103 on affected cores
7e426da dma/ste_dma40: fix erroneous comparison
15e4b78 dma/ste_dma40: explicitly include regulator consumer header
1bdae6f dma40: Improve the logic of stopping logical chan
1a38336 ASoC: wm8994: Improve sequencing of AIF channel enables
6f09ac9 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix noise in Tunnel mode Mp3/AAC audio playback
818c4ea drm/exynos: added missed vm area region mapping type.
f6ead8d drm/exynos: fixed exynos_drm_gem_map_pages bug.
887ea3d drm/exynos: fixed duplicatd memory allocation bug.
24b7099 HSI: Add HSI ABI documentation
fdadb6e HSI: hsi_char: Remove max_data_size from sysfs
ec1c56f HSI: hsi: Rework hsi_event interface
6f02b9e HSI: hsi: Remove controllers and ports from the bus
90e41f9 HSI: hsi: Fix error path cleanup on client registration
5a218ce HSI: hsi: Rework hsi_controller release
b4698d88 [SCSI] Revert "[SCSI] libsas: fix sas port naming"
7d1d865 [SCSI] libsas: fix false positive 'device attached' conditions
b202445 [SCSI] libsas, libata: fix start of life for a sas ata_port
0f3fce5 [SCSI] libsas: fix ata_eh clobbering ex_phys via smp_ata_check_ready
9487669 [SCSI] libsas: unify domain_device sas_rphy lifetimes
ec236e5 [SCSI] libsas: fix sas_get_port_device regression
1699490 [SCSI] libsas: fix sas_find_bcast_phy() in the presence of 'vacant' phys
22b9153 [SCSI] libsas: introduce sas_work to fix sas_drain_work vs sas_queue_work
012a8e7 msm_fb: display: Fix color swap issues in MDP4 and Rotator drivers
76dca31 msm: board-copper: Remove USB alt_core_clk
923262e USB: OTG: msm: Handle alt_core_clk missing case
bc54133 USB: OTG: msm: Fix error handling in probe
eae1415 hwmon: (ad7314) Fix build warning
446f6d0 powerpc/mpic: Properly set default triggers
3fca40c irq: Add IRQ_TYPE_DEFAULT for use by PIC drivers
3a2b4f7 powerpc/mpic: Fix confusion between hw_irq and virq
3027691 powerpc/pmac: Don't add_timer() twice
2ef822c powerpc/eeh: Fix crash caused by null eeh_dev
d135c52 tcp: fix TCP_MAXSEG for established IPv6 passive sockets
0964071 i2c-eg20t: Modify MODULE_AUTHOR's email address
8a52f9f i2c-eg20t: change timeout value 50msec to 1000msec
f70893d i2c: tegra: Add delay before resetting the controller after NACK
6c557cf i2c: pnx: Disable clk in suspend
f8fc75d [SCSI] libata: Pass correct DMA device to scsi host
6f381fa [SCSI] scsi_lib: use correct DMA device in __scsi_alloc_queue
e95c843 drm/i915: fixup load-detect on enabled, but not active pipe
fa40cd3 ASoC: msm: Add VSS_IVOCPROC_CMD_SET_MUTE case in cvp callback
a26cce7 qseecom: Vote for SFPB clock only during app loading.
a00f61f slimbus: Scheduling algorithm should ensure non-zero channel-offset
66f75a5 Linux 3.4-rc4
163faf3 drivers/net: Do not free an IRQ if its request failed
e9a5ea1 sparc32,leon: add notify_cpu_starting()
bbe362b drop_monitor: allow more events per second
e8195b2 ks8851: Fix request_irq/free_irq mismatch
792df87 net/hyperv: Adding cancellation to ensure rndis filter is closed
c5a9993 ks8851: Fix mutex deadlock in ks8851_net_stop()
f7370f8 msm: kgsl: Control power savings features from userspace
7bf97bc NFSv4: Keep dropped state owners on the LRU list for a while
c77365c NFSv4: Ensure that we don't drop a state owner more than once
bfce281 kill mm argument of vm_munmap()
9f3a4af perfmon: kill some helpers and arguments
936af15 aio: don't bother with unmapping when aio_free_ring() is coming from exit_aio()
899c612 Input: synaptics - fix regression with "image sensor" trackpads
95b72eb NFSv4: Ensure we do not reuse open owner names
6d93ebc ASoC: msm: Add support for fm playback on proxy rx port
7c57091 mmc: core: Do not pre-claim host in suspend
e1631f9 mmc: dw_mmc: prevent NULL dereference for dma_ops
330a9e9 msm: footswitch-8x60: Reset GFX3D AXI clock domain on 8064 and 8930
5699b0c ARM: EXYNOS: Fix incorrect initialization of GIC
b891528 mmc: unbreak sdhci-esdhc-imx on i.MX25
5ca6518 mmc: cd-gpio: Include header to pickup exported symbol prototypes
87b87a3 mmc: sdhci: refine non-removable card checking for card detection
1c99e4c diag: Add DCI support
a99aa9b mmc: dw_mmc: Fix switch from DMA to PIO
32d317c mmc: remove MMC bus legacy suspend/resume method
6be5ceb VM: add "vm_mmap()" helper function
a46ef99 VM: add "vm_munmap()" helper function
4d048f9 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Get rid of of_have_populated_dt() usage
b6d085f mmc: omap_hsmmc: build fix for CONFIG_OF=y and CONFIG_MMC_OMAP_HS=m
2830281 mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 sanitize operation
7194efb mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 discard operation
e4eb1ff VM: add "vm_brk()" helper function
8482c81 ARM: EXYNOS: use 'exynos4-sdhci' as device name for sdhci controllers
55e8f99 msm: clock: Enhance sanity checks
918b2dc msm: smd: add support for RPM based edges
98a2139 nfs: Enclose hostname in brackets when needed in nfs_do_root_mount
7b953b1 msm: clock-pll: Use a timeout when enabling voteable PLLs
6b30c9f msm: kgsl: Call the function to setup global mappings
f5526a1 msm: kgsl: Allocate setstate memory when no MMU is used
4d6af2b msm: kgsl: Properly assign the physical address
9115ade Revert "Merge "Revert "ASoC: msm8960: Add module MBHC..."" into msm-3.0"
4195672 Revert "Merge "Revert "ASoC: wcd9310: Fix headset detect..."" into msm-3.0"
d9d4dae5 mtd: msmnand: Support for 2K page size devices with 128 spare bytes
8ccd271 NFS: put open context on error in nfs_flush_multi
73fb7bc NFS: put open context on error in nfs_pagein_multi
19244ad Revert "ACPI: ignore FADT reset-reg-sup flag"
b3dc627 memblock: memblock should be able to handle zero length operations
b31de04 arm: remove unneeded debug pr_info
ba8e6e4 msm: defconfig: Enable mixer1 writeback for HDMI on 8660
a6914ca msm: mpq8064: Add VCAP v4l2 device for MPQ8064
ebf80eb msm: cpufreq: Fix store_powersave_bias to account for sync' CPUs.
4d4f448 msm: move fixed area start lower so that 768M systems work
2d8b42d ion: support creation of mm heap in a fixed place
33ff581 perf symbols: Read plt symbols from proper symtab_type binary
3d81acb Revert "xen/p2m: m2p_find_override: use list_for_each_entry_safe"
2d5733f USB: serial: cp210x: Fixed usb_control_msg timeout values
7501d45 msm: kgsl: Cleanup a superfluous structure in kgsl_device.h
cafb63a msm: kgsl: Record the queued context timestamp in the snapshot
17d6d8b msm: kgsl: Improve robustness of snapshot and map frozen GPU objects
c659f38 msm: kgsl: Read the queued timestamp from the device
1f4349f msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Implement tunnel mode support in mp3 driver
b49c2cb radio-tavarua: Enable the I2S lines only when FM is in digital path.
aee8f56 mach: increase camera heap size to 66 MB.
4858471 Bluetooth: If link is encrypted, do not send encrpt link request
dc097b2 msm: msm8660: compile v4l2 files for 8x60
51509f0 msm: msm8660: correct header inclusion order.
ed8b0d6 dmaengine: at_hdmac: remove clear-on-read in atc_dostart()
0ce73bc msm: camera: CSID core 2 configuration
d04525e dma: mxs-dma: enable channel in device_issue_pending call
60f2951 dmaengine: imx-dma: dont complete descriptor for cyclic dma
5ac5755 ALSA: HDA: Add external mic quirk for Asus Zenbook UX31E
1344500 ARM: u300: bump all IRQ numbers by one
a102962 ARM: ux300: Fix unimplementable regulation constraints
c3d9a2f msm: sysmon: Add USB HSIC transport support for external modems
5c5867b defconfig: 8960: Enable HSIC system monitor bridge
ccbbfab msm: hsic_sysmon: Add system monitor HSIC bridge
18fd713 USB: OTG: msm: Set charger type and state before notifying to PMIC
c9b8575 mmc: msm_sdcc: move SDIO wakeup pin configuration to driver file
6bb34a8 mmc: msm_sdcc: detect card removal on I/O error
67b4c53 msm: kgsl: Allow SLEEP/SLUMBER/SUSPEND states to wake to nominal voltage
3af9d8f cifs: fix offset handling in cifs_iovec_write
d08c276 net: usb: Block open call on QMI channels when device not connected
d3a7b83 drivers/tty/amiserial.c: add missing tty_unlock
4b7c7b3 msm: bam_dmux: fix smsm callback racecondition
7a62a68 msm_fb: HDMI: Compile error when HDMI is disbaled
52ca48e msm: usbaudio: Add support for USB headset detection
995dbf1 msm: kgsl: Improve the notification timing of idle events
80a3da8 msm: camera: Add camera standby pin for 8x30
6c56b61 msm: camera: Enable flash LED for IMX091 sensor
d710ed1 gpu: ion: Fix fragmentation message log condition
739e518 gpu: ion: Fix fragmentation debug message cond.
07f43dd PM / Driver core: leave runtime PM enabled during system shutdown
db4c75c tracing: Fix stacktrace of latency tracers (irqsoff and friends)
8614948 msm: kgsl: increase valid timestamp range
4351f30 powerpc/mpc85xx: add MPIC message dts node
f48af7f msm: kgsl: Create ion client in the probe function
dea58bd powerpc/mpic_msgr: fix offset error when setting mer register
e0a5a6c powerpc/mpic_msgr: add lock for MPIC message global variable
bdce27c powerpc/mpic_msgr: fix compile error when SMP disabled
eda713e powerpc: fix build when CONFIG_BOOKE_WDT is enabled
8a95bc8 powerpc/85xx: don't call of_platform_bus_probe() twice
3adadc0 net ax25: Reorder ax25_exit to remove races.
996f739 icplus: fix interrupt for IC+ 101A/G and 1001LF
a6371f8 tick: Fix the spurious broadcast timer ticks after resume
b9a6a23 tick: Ensure that the broadcast device is initialized
3bc17d1 net: qmi_wwan: support Sierra Wireless MC77xx devices in QMI mode
d9fa3d5 msm: kgsl: Use default hardcoded value for CP's ROQ queue size
7e5998a bnx2x: off by one in bnx2x_ets_e3b0_sp_pri_to_cos_set()
e631f57 [media] xc5000: support 32MHz & 31.875MHz xtal using the 41.024.5 firmware
186bab1 xen/resume: Fix compile warnings.
4d6caa8 msm: clock-pll: Support dynamically mapped register space
681d868 msm: clock: Move out pll code from clock-local.c to clock-pll.c
18311c5 [media] V4L: mt9m032: fix compilation breakage
3cd88f9 Revert "ARM: 7359/2: smp_twd: Only wait for reprogramming on active cpus"
b6eda0e diag: Initialize spinlock before use
716af4a ksz884x: don't copy too much in netdev_set_mac_address()
451146b NFSv4: Fix open(O_TRUNC) and ftruncate() error handling
5572551 NFSv4: Ensure that we check lock exclusive/shared type against open modes
05ffe24 NFSv4: Ensure that the LOCK code sets exception->inode
3066616 xen/xenbus: Add quirk to deal with misconfigured backends.
a720b2d x86, intel_cacheinfo: Fix error return code in amd_set_l3_disable_slot()
87dd72e msm: display: Clean DSI state on continuous splash disabled cases
273a50f nouveau: Set special lane map for the right chipset
233b209 msm: kgsl: Fix snapshot dump for hangs involving legacy context switch
d70f363 ALSA: hda/conexant - Set up the missing docking-station pins
a09d431 drm/radeon: fix load detect on rn50 with hardcoded EDIDs.
4e47e02 drm: Releasing FBs before releasing GEM objects during drm_release
5799d9e drm/nouveau/pm: don't read/write beyond end of stack buffer
5edaad8 drivers: gpu: drm: gma500: mdfld_dsi_output.h: Remove not unneeded include of version.h
dfc6ae5 radeon: fix r600/agp when vram is after AGP (v3)
aef6a7e drm: fix page_flip error handling
ca3649d ALSA: hda/conexant - Don't set HP pin-control bit unconditionally
e363250 drm/radeon/kms: fix the regression of DVI connector check
2198edd HID: default HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH to no
3bc86c62 [media] V4L: DocBook: Fix typos in the multi-plane formats description
cd90491 [media] V4L: mt9m032: fix two dead-locks
7046d9c msm: camera: Fix for HFR option Issue on 8MP sensor
590b477 ALSA: workaround: change the timing of alsa_sound_last_init()
0769dbd msm_fb: display: Update clock prepare changes for MIPI DSI
3e84319 ALSA: hda/sigmatel - Fix inverted mute LED
15b120d usb: gadget: dummy: do not call pullup() on udc_stop()
ac71311 Bluetooth: Add support for AR3012 [0cf3:e004]
b10c6d4 drm/usb: fix module license on drm/usb layer.
e6e1b82 mmc: msm_sdcc: use BAM for smaller SDCC transfers as well
a30aad0 msm: platsmp-8625: Clear the IPC1 pending interrupt in the CORE1 context
8d9a784 sh: Fix error synchronising kernel page tables
c331348 mmc: core: Detect card removal on I/O error
fe608a2 mach: msm: remove msm_mpm_pin enum from mpm.h
9b7f43a memcg: fix Bad page state after replace_page_cache
1e6371d ASoC: MSM: add cpu and codec dais for Ultrasound
a0ec436 cpufreq: interactive: adjust code and documentation to match
596cf1f cpufreq: interactive: configurable delay before raising above hispeed
0a92d48 cpufreq: interactive: don't drop speed if recently at higher load
8dc352c cpufreq: interactive: set at least hispeed when above hispeed load
1f53ef2 cpufreq: interactive: apply intermediate load to max speed not current
a1e1951 cpufreq interactive governor: event tracing
118cb4a ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix regression on Quanta/Gericom KN1
60d51be msm_fb: display: Change panel init command for NT35510 for proper display
888073d ARM: bcmring: fix UART declarations
b17ec7e msm: copper: Configure UART on BLSP8 for RUMI
21a1416 KVM: lock slots_lock around device assignment
bce344d msm: gpio-v2: Fix lockdep warning
51b79be security: fix compile error in commoncap.c
2225fd5 KVM: VMX: Fix kvm_set_shared_msr() called in preemptible context
7bf9426 net: usb: Add debug support to the driver
3ee4681 msm: camera: Reorganize the camera io functions.
38ccf9b defconfig: msm7627a: Enable msm_adc interface
bc2103f msm: Enable msm_adc for 7x27a/8x25
fff43af9 msm: bam_dmux: pin rx workqueue to core 0
67726da msm_fb: Provide IOCTL to configure QSEED tables
af51571 power: pm8921-charger: Correct USB online reporting
081a3e2 Revert "USB: OTG: remove pm8921_set_usb_power_supply_type"
8603402 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: remove set_usb_power_supply_type"
21903c0 msm: clock-8x60: Add mappings for VPE and Rotator IOMMU core clocks
e009c92 msm: Add configuration required for GSBI9 into UARTDM Mode
af6d17c pch_uart: Fix dma channel unallocated issue
7a6fbc9 ARM: clps711x: serial driver hungs are a result of call disable_irq within ISR
1bc68a9 powerpc: fix system.h fallout in sysdev/scom.c [chroma_defconfig]
f32d982 Bluetooth: Change locking function for process context code
8034761 USB: ehci-tegra: don't call set_irq_flags(IRQF_VALID)
28976a8 DMM: Fix for movable bytes near end of address space
532f17b USB: yurex: Fix missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP flag in urb
523fc5c USB: yurex: Remove allocation of coherent buffer for setup-packet buffer
f4a728d drivers/usb/misc/usbtest.c: add kfrees
f941f69 USB: ehci-fsl: Fix kernel crash on mpc5121e
22b4a4f tcp: fix retransmit of partially acked frames
5bd7b41 uwb: fix error handling
9426cd0 uwb: fix use of del_timer_sync() in interrupt
b8e586d netfilter: xt_qtaguid: fix ipv6 protocol lookup
e78f8cd netfilter: qtaguid: initialize a local var to keep compiler happy.
0db7bd8 xz: Enable BCJ filters on SPARC and 32-bit x86
2fbe2bf EHCI: always clear the STS_FLR status bit
a71e23d xen/blkback: Fix warning error.
e88aa7b Fix modpost failures in fedora 17
6e4771e diag: Respond to several mask change requests
f99c263 msm: kgsl: Change name of vmalloc allocator
8f97389 board: 8064: turn off haptics clock in suspend
0c8d32c libata: forbid port runtime pm by default, fixing regression
1196573 hwmon: (ads1015) Fix build warning
00250ec hwmon: fam15h_power: fix bogus values with current BIOSes
d16485d msm_fb: display: Add clk prepare changes to MDP and rotator
de9089c Perf: Dont reset PMU's if perf is not active
25cd999 Btrfs: fix that check_int_data mount option was ignored
5c84fc3 Btrfs: don't count CRC or header errors twice while scrubbing
99ba55a Btrfs: fix btrfs_ioctl_dev_info() crash on missing device
b9688bb btrfs: don't return EINTR
253beeb Btrfs: double unlock bug in error handling
5cf1ab5 Btrfs: always store the mirror we read the eb from
48d2823 fs/btrfs/volumes.c: add missing free_fs_devices
8a3db18 btrfs: fix early abort in 'remount'
37db63a Btrfs: fix max chunk size check in chunk allocator
b916a59 Btrfs: add missing read locks in backref.c
aefc1eb Btrfs: don't call free_extent_buffer twice in iterate_irefs
4735fb2 Btrfs: Make free_ipath() deal gracefully with NULL pointers
cdc6a39 Btrfs: avoid possible use-after-free in clear_extent_bit()
8e52acf Btrfs: retrurn void from clear_state_bit
871383b btrfs: add missing unlocks to transaction abort paths
8d082fb Btrfs: do not mount when we have a sectorsize unequal to PAGE_SIZE
9ecf8c0 Revert "ACPI: Make ACPI interrupt threaded"
207a232 btrfs: don't add both copies of DUP to reada extent tree
8c9c2bf btrfs: fix race in reada
848cce0 Btrfs: avoid setting ->d_op twice
6627b36 msm: camera: 8960: Unify Autofocus actuator
cbf2829 x86, apic: APIC code touches invalid MSR on P5 class machines
d8aa4be msm: kgsl: Add a helper function for getting device platform data
ca138f3 NFS: check for req==NULL in nfs_try_to_update_request cleanup
adae0fe SUNRPC: register PipeFS file system after pernet sybsystem
2dfcaca usb: gadget: mbim: Send zero-length packets
d9b7869 [media] rc-core: set mode for winbond-cir
e4459e1 [media] drxk: Does not unlock mutex if sanity check failed in scu_command()
3626479 [media] dvb_frontend: Fix a regression when switching back to DVB-S
b435092 tick: Fix oneshot broadcast setup really
c67dd31 usb: musb: davinci.c: add missing unregister
fc87e08 usb: musb: drop __deprecated flag
4659b7f ARM: imx: Fix imx5 idle logic bug
de1de15 ARM: imx27-dt: Fix build due to removal of irq_domain_add_simple()
9fd4a50 ARM: imx_v4_v5_defconfig: Add support for CONFIG_REGULATOR_FIXED_VOLTAGE
99d9acd drm/i915: Do not set "Enable Panel Fitter" on SNB pageflips
cdf27f3 ASoC: fsi: update for dmaengine prep_slave_sg fallout.
0f0000a msm: display: Backlight control on 8x25 EVB for qHD panel
5b7e57b msm: kgsl: Make use of the new clock APIs.
f2ec52d ALSA: fix core/vmaster.c kernel-doc warning
b922934 netns: do not leak net_generic data on failed init
d52fc5d fcaps: clear the same personality flags as suid when fcaps are used
d3d4f0a net/sock.h: fix sk_peek_off kernel-doc warning
4d846f0 tcp: fix tcp_grow_window() for large incoming frames
48159f0 drivers/net/wan/farsync.c: add missing iounmap
5b76d06 davinci_mdio: Fix MDIO timeout check
cda31e1 ipv6: clean up rt6_clean_expires
edfb5d4 ipv6: fix rt6_update_expires
b95465c arcnet: rimi: Fix device name in debug output
09c79b6 mpi: Avoid using freed pointer in mpi_lshift_limbs()
86812bb Smack: move label list initialization
dfe0f57 mfd: pm8038-core: Add support for speaker power amps on pmic 8038
656b7a2 mfd: pm8xxx-spk: Add support for class D speaker amplifier driver
6e7a3e8 msm: mdm: use msleep instead of mdelay
eb798c6 spi/pl022: Fix range checking for bits per word
37f4ab7 ASoC: WCD9304: Enable Digital MIC recording
174f7c3 Revert "defconfig: 9615: enable display support"
5be9f4c defconfig: msm8960: Enable reporting L2 master port errors
d094b6f Revert "ASoC: msm8960: Add module MBHC module parameters"
f23abaa Revert "ASoC: wcd9310: Fix headset detection with mechanical switch"
aa5e37c6 Revert "msm: usb_bam: Fix null pointer reference in connect_pipe"
dc75ce9 EHCI: fix criterion for resuming the root hub
749541d USB: sierra: avoid QMI/wwan interface on MC77xx
8bde9a6 usb: usbtest: avoid integer overflow in alloc_sglist()
e65cdfa usb: usbtest: avoid integer overflow in test_ctrl_queue()
8963c48 USB: fix deadlock in bConfigurationValue attribute method
b2db497 ixgbe: Identify FCoE rings earlier to resolve memory corruption w/ FCoE
5479cc1 msm_fb: HDMI: Enhance EDID Parser to read supported 3D formats
34948a9 ixgbe: add missing rtnl_lock in PM resume path
6aaec67 ARM: OMAP1: DMTIMER: fix broken timer clock source selection
09dc65f ASoc: msm: Improve error checking in code
ae4c7bc msm: kgsl: Remove duplicate soptimestamp memory write call
5ab9d77 qseecom: Add support for loading elf images
a7dbb60 ASoC: core: Fix card RTD count for deferred probe.
5ae256d ARM: OMAP: serial: Fix the ocp smart idlemode handling bug
6137465 wcnss: add driver API to support Thermal Mitigation
b452a84 arm/dt: msmcopper: Update SDCC clock rates
fd09c85 ath9k: Fix TX fragmentation
6741e7f mac80211: fix logic error in ibss channel type check
15fae50 MAINTAINERS: Add maintainer for iwlwifi
973ef21 mac80211: fix truncated packets in cooked monitor rx
bce492c0 ARM: OMAP2+: UART: Fix incorrect population of default uart pads
42da9d2 msm: pm-8x60: Move target independent data into the driver
b960d6c xen/p2m: m2p_find_override: use list_for_each_entry_safe
e8e937b xen/gntdev: do not set VM_PFNMAP
63878ac ARM: OMAP: sram: fix BUG in dpll code for !PM case
8eb5789 msm: clock-8960: Remove impossible 384MHz row from gp clocks
ed4e601 msm: Added DFAB clock definitions for msm8x60.
92c3870 rcu: Permit call_rcu() from CPU_DYING notifiers
f898fed dmaengine: Kconfig: fix Atmel at_hdmac entry
7075602 USB: gadget/at91_udc: add gpio_to_irq() function to vbus interrupt
b548a27 USB: ohci-at91: change annotations for probe/remove functions
5509fea leds-atmel-pwm.c: Make pwmled_probe() __devinit
e7c72d8 perf tools: Add 'G' and 'H' modifiers to event parsing
f55205f regulator: Fix the logic to ensure new voltage setting in valid range
e6ffdf4 msm: qdsp6v2: Fix for ANC issue after second time insert
d62d421 dell-laptop: Terminate quirks list properly
fc1a93b intel_ips: Hush the i915 symbols message
43d5e02 msm: camera: Sensor power down sequence
9e5bd6f usb: dwc3: Fix compilation (forbidden warning)
9fb8345 usb: gadget: dwc3: Add support for DBM (MSM specific) endpoints.
d1cb16c usb: gadget: Move udc_priv bit fields to MSM central header file.
889bf23 net: usb: Increase buffer size for debugfs entry
798b235 ASoC: msm7x27a: Add volume control support with MMAP mode
d0b59d6 msm: board-qrd7x27a: Increase pmem mdp size for qrd7x27a
e396ce6 msm: rpm: Move RPM to CPU0 IRQ handling into RPM driver
873ffd1 power: pm8921-bms: fix approach fcc
938ed25 m68knommu: make sure 2nd FEC eth interface pins are enabled on 5275 ColdFire
bfdd769 m68knommu: fix id number for second eth device on 5275 ColdFire
d292ce7 PM: Limit race conditions between runtime PM and system sleep (v2)
de86e64 USB: ensure parent device is resumed for child's system-resume
d44455a usb: otg: Do not call runtime suspend from system suspend callback
361da68 USB: EHCI: Add registers support for SMSC hsic hub
f7d1b2d defconfig: msm8960: enable I2C support for smsc hsic hub
1760b62 ASoC: msm: Provide linear DSP volume
6b5e7d9 xen/grant-table: add error-handling code on failure of gnttab_resume
6050cef5 msm: camera: Fix camera switch issue
890fdf2 dummy: Add ndo_uninit().
a99ff7d net: usb: smsc75xx: fix mtu
4362aaf net_sched: red: Make minor corrections to comments
244b65d net_sched: gred: Fix oops in gred_dump() in WRED mode
fdf788b msm: cpufreq: Release cpumask_var_t on all cases
a6cb9ee PCI: Retry BARs restoration for Type 0 headers only
5191d56 Documentation: maintainer change
c76f39b ia64: fix futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic()
8b25b2a msm_fb: HDMI: Fix EDID parsing logic for multiple data blocks
22ae96c msm: clock-8960: update gfx3d freq plan for 8930
9a14097 msm: kgsl: Search setstate memory descriptor
d0f7fe5 [media] DocBook: Add rules to auto-generate some media docbook
45ce501 msm_fb: display: add mixer1 writeback buf init call
089f9fb i387: ptrace breaks the lazy-fpu-restore logic
95c1e67 ASoC: core: avoid scheduling delay work
57f73c2 ext4: fix handling of journalled quota options
4f9397b power: pm8921-charger: fix state of charge reporting
bfdd6ca ASoC: wcd9310: Add the second mixer support to audio RX path
7b8b640 video: msm: Add Histogram collection framework for MDP blocks
20582a5 video: msm: Remove an ifndef from mdp_isr
5737db1 msm_rotator: add rotator ref count to cleanup code
5fda4f8 wcnss: add sysfs entry to support Thermal Mitigation
9e307cd mdm: Assert wakeup gpio to indicate mdm hsic to start connecting
b727b09 ASoC: msm8960: Add module MBHC module parameters
8d2ff3b msm: kgsl: Ensure glitch free changing of the GPU frequency
81d4757 Bluetooth: Send a configuration request after security confirmation
605f3cd ASoC: wcd9310: Fix headset detection with mechanical switch
c06a9eb checkpatch: revert --strict test for net/ and drivers/net block comment style
348f0fc tracing: Fix regression with tracing_on
a49bcab can: usb: PCAN-USB Pro: fix mem leaks in pcan_usb_pro_init() on error paths
82ea267 mfd: Fix modular builds of rc5t583 regulator support
d22053c nfsd: include cld.h in the headers_install target
f868a1f ASoC: wcd9304: Pull in pending fixes for sitar.
6ffd7bd perf tools: Drop CROSS_COMPILE from flex and bison calls
afbbb8f USB: EHCI: Add I2C support for SMSC hsic hub
6889463 x86/platform: Remove incorrect error message in x86_default_fixup_cpu_id()
b199430 x86, efi: Add dedicated EFI stub entry point
c291be9 drm/i915: Hold mode_config lock whilst changing mode for lastclose()
65fe6e7 video: msm: PCC/GC config register protection
44d8b26 vidc: Add support for sequence header generation
df5ee32 msm: smd_pkt: add new channel for userspace access
e175776 net: usb: Handle Zero length packet
ccc4726 msm: ipc: Add SMD link to interface with Q6
32998cc bcma: use fallback sprom if no on chip sprom is available
02269ab mfd: Fix asic3_gpio_to_irq
1fcb57d ARM: OMAP3: USB: Fix the EHCI ULPI PHY reset issue
97e2fcf msm_fb: hdmi: Disable 1.1_FEATURE
9cd70b3 ext4: address scalability issue by removing extent cache statistics
b769c91 msm: kgsl: Add ftrace for A3XX interrupts
8eaeb93 mfd: Convert twl6040 to i2c driver, and separate it from twl core
4accdff mfd : Fix dbx500 compilation error
e1f4f73 msm: ipc_logging: Add IPC event logger module
9e75575 perf report: Fix crash showing warning related to kernel maps
5273db7 drm/radeon/si: add missing radeon_bo_unreserve in si_rlc_init() v2
16a5e32 drm/radeon: disable MSI on RV515
7c11526 usb: gadget: revert change in f_rmnet - dropping DTR on host suspend
6d622e6 msm: usb_bam: Fix null pointer reference in connect_pipe
6ec5bca Bluetooth: Temporary keys should be retained during connection
745c0ce Bluetooth: hci_persistent_key should return bool
ee9dd76 ARM: at91: fix at91sam9261ek Ethernet dm9000 irq
bf66b0d ARM: at91: fix rm9200ek flash size
926de6d ARM: at91: remove empty at91_init_serial function
67f3af4 ARM: at91: fix typo in at91_pmc_base assembly declaration
ac8c411 ARM: at91: Export at91_matrix_base
f19b797 ARM: at91: Export at91_pmc_base
9268c6c ARM: at91: Export at91_ramc_base
9fce85c ARM: at91: Export at91_st_base
6be675f USB: OTG: msm: Fix bug in wall charger disconnect detection
350290f mach: msm: fix stub definition of msm_mpm_* APIs
909e04f mach: msm: move mpm.h under proper include path
f9bef08 drm/i915: don't clobber the special upscaling lvds timings
f27962a ARM: ux500: update defconfig
97b3b7a ARM: ux500: Fix unmet direct dependency
6c7b8e8 x86: Handle failures of parsing immediate operands in the instruction decoder
d7de864 x86/amd: Remove broken links from comment and kernel message
89d7860 m68knommu: move and fix the 68VZ328 platform bootlogo.h
acb0c7a m68knommu: remove the unused bootlogo.h processing for 68EZ328 and 68VZ328
f5298c3 mmc: msm_sdcc: adapt sdcc driver to new clock apis
59a96b1 ASoC: WCD9310: remove dependency between DMIC's and Decimators.
39dbe3f msm: 8064: Enable IRQF_ONESHOT for atmel touch driver
e816b57 Linux 3.4-rc3
12e993b x86-32: fix up strncpy_from_user() sign error
708e5978 ARM: 7386/1: jump_label: fixup for rename to static_key
078c045 ARM: 7384/1: ThumbEE: Disable userspace TEEHBR access for !CONFIG_ARM_THUMBEE
e5ab858 ARM: 7382/1: mm: truncate memory banks to fit in 4GB space for classic MMU
9f85550 ARM: 7359/2: smp_twd: Only wait for reprogramming on active cpus
ebfc5b8 PCI: Fix regression in pci_restore_state(), v3
919f797 SCSI: Fix error handling when no ULD is attached
695be0d msm: mpq8064: Add support to enable 100KHz level shifter
e27ed78 ASoC: msm: Add support for AC3 pass through playback
2332120 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Add APIs for compressed audio playback/capture
603fbb9 ASoC: mpq8064: Add Machine Driver for MPQ8064 target
911b27fd ASoC: msm: Update APQ machine driver to check for MPQ target
ef72ddd usb: dwc3: Add MSM dwc3 wrapper
3ccc937 virtio_balloon: fix handling of PAGE_SIZE != 4k
1a87228 virtio_balloon: Fix endian bug
eff9a74 msm: mpq8064: Add platform specific changes to enable cs8427.
1cb0c5d ASoC: CS8427: Add initial driver for cs8427 chip
47d9e44 ARM: OMAP: clock: cleanup CPUfreq leftovers, fix build errors
eb03f28 ARM: dts: remove blank interrupt-parent properties
670f18e defconfig: 8660: Enable TZ log device
fbbf05b board: 8960: Increase QSECOM ION heap to 7.5MB
129992c board: 8064: Reduce ION carveout heaps
8a9a0ea net/ethernet: ks8851_mll fix rx frame buffer overflow
bb0bca1 qseecom: Fix error log and add error checks
e3b6193 perf archive: Correct cutting of symbolic link
77394ad perf tools: Ignore auto-generated bison/flex files
2a5204f perf tools: Fix parsers' rules to dependencies
5ad1430 ARM: EXYNOS: Fix Kconfig dependencies for device tree enabled machine files
2084c24 do not export kernel's NULL #define to userspace
5262c54 ARM: EXYNOS: Remove broken config values for touchscren for NURI board
3d3231b ARM: EXYNOS: set fix xusbxti clock for NURI and Universal210 boards
f441f8a ARM: EXYNOS: fix regulator name for NURI board
c57a61e gpu: ion: Add check for addr out of bounds
c509e75 ixgbe: fix WoL issue with fiber
92fe173 e1000e: issues in Sx on 82577/8/9
6a2ca7c diag: Edit mask update algorithm
ef4aa9b msm: board-8064: Add pdata for new firmware of Atmel touch controller
aeaeed5 msm: 8960: Add pdata for new firmware of Atmel touch controller
e9c8a22 ASoC: wcd9310: Update the sequence to apply the digital gain
6e48b55 tracing: Fix build breakage without CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS (again)
7e08da1 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to version 1.26
2d59dcf cpufreq: OMAP: fix build errors: depends on ARCH_OMAP2PLUS
ceca615 tz: Add msm_device_tz_log device
b52a251 msm_fb: display: Fix HDMI as primary issue with continuous splash support
4562a85 msm: sysmon: Correct smd_close() call in sysmon_remove()
31c01e8 msm: clock-debug: Don't fail if measure clock is not found
f2c2fdf msm: acpuclock: Rename acpuclock-7201.c to acpuclock-7627.c
d40857a msm: clock-local: Fold unused reset-only amp_clk into amp_p_clk
42cd12a msm: clock: Assert default ebi1_msmbus_clk rate vote during boot
35e78fc msm: clock-voter: Support default rate votes using the handoff feature
875d1ec ASoC: msm: Add the kcontrol support different I2S audio format
a36f288 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Add new AFE API supported by q6
cb79802 msm: bam_dmux: add notification registration API
76af983 msm_dcvs: Update interface to get updated timer on IDLE_EXIT
3d3eeb2 sparc64: Eliminate obsolete __handle_softirq() function
d98bc43 board: 8064: Make HDMI as primary by default for MPQ
9e0daff sparc64: Fix bootup crash on sun4v.
6b7005c msm_fb: display: Allocate writeback buffers of panel resolution sizes
86b1f65 msm: devices-msm7x27a: Enable L2 No write allocate and Double line fill
3c5e979 net: smsc911x: fix skb handling in receive path
428ca8a mwifiex: update pcie8766 scratch register addresses
75600ab ath9k: wake up the hardware from full sleep when idle is turned off
2db0d2b ath5k: unmap io memory on probe failure
32b92f4 ath5k: fix undefined 'THIS_MODULE'
e55a404 cfg80211: fix interface combinations check.
badc4f0 brcm80211: smac: resume transmit fifo upon receiving frames
effcc62 libertas: fix signedness bug in lbs_auth_to_authtype()
51c61a2 ks8851: Fix missing mutex_lock/unlock
59a54f3 drivers/net/ethernet/xilinx/axi ethernet: Correct Copyright
e847469 lockd: fix the endianness bug
a8c9cb1 8139cp: set intr mask after its handler is registered
03662e4 atl1: fix kernel panic in case of DMA errors
af33ead ARM: msm: Fix section mismatches in proc_comm.c
e89c0e43 video: msm: Fix section mismatches in mddi.c
204241c2 arm: msm: trout: fix compile failure
1c07ae4 arm: msm: halibut: remove unneeded fixup
ef1f098 irq_work: fix compile failure on tile from missing include
85f8f77 ia64: populate the cmpxchg header with appropriate code
5ba840f alpha: fix build failures from system.h dismemberment
ca8f4fb skbuff: struct ubuf_info callback type safety
20b5c8b ASoC: msm8960/mdm9615/apq8064: Fix codec clock disabling sequence
cf473b4 ASoC: wcd9310: Add support for MIC BIAS other than 1.8 volts
179b9ec ASoC: wcd9310: Expose MBHC calibration data via debugfs
9a5d2bd ppp: Fix race condition with queue start/stop
1716a96 ipv6: fix problem with expired dst cache
72094e4 ocfs2: ->e_leaf_clusters endianness breakage
28748b3 ocfs2: ->rl_count endianness breakage
e1bf4cc ocfs: ->rl_used breakage on big-endian
3a251f0 ocfs2: ->l_next_free_req breakage on big-endian
6ed3cf2 btrfs: btrfs_root_readonly() broken on big-endian
db81758 msm: kgsl: Add functions for enabling / disabling a powerscale policy
1bb9292 msm: kgsl: Fix A3XX_INT_CP_DMA macro typo
bfa890a Fix number parsing in cifs_parse_mount_options
d62f8db caif_hsi: use dev_dbg not dev_err for reporting
5f614e6 caif-hsi: Free flip_buffer at shutdown
5c699fb caif: Fix memory leakage in the chnl_net.c.
c9be48d l2tp: don't overwrite source address in l2tp_ip_bind()
d1f224a l2tp: fix refcount leak in l2tp_ip sockets
3130416 net: Fix misplaced parenthesis in virtio_net.c
89eb06f net/key/af_key.c: add missing kfree_skb
0347875 phonet: Sort out initiailziation and cleanup code.
7d3d43d net: In unregister_netdevice_notifier unregister the netdevices.
21cc965 ASOC: msm: Cache sample rate and channels when backend active.
1b7eaa9 msm: board-8064: Add GPIO controlled external regulators
e7d8d4f msm: 8064: Configure SX1509 gpio expander chip
7e7f02e msm: kgsl: Add per context timestamp
af1584f ext4: fix endianness breakage in ext4_split_extent_at()
efe3965 nfsd: fix compose_entry_fh() failure exits
afcf679 nfsd: fix error value on allocation failure in nfsd4_decode_test_stateid()
02f5fde nfsd: fix endianness breakage in TEST_STATEID handling
04da6e9 nfsd: fix error values returned by nfsd4_lockt() when nfsd_open() fails
96f6f98 nfsd: fix b0rken error value for setattr on read-only mount
8c23e07 msm_fb: display: Enable 32bpp framebuffer format.
6b8e5c9 ARM: 7383/1: nommu: populate vectors page from paging_init
9b7333a ARM: 7381/1: nommu: fix typo in mm/Kconfig
a106b21 ARM: 7380/1: DT: do not add a zero-sized memory property
9c5fd9e ARM: 7379/1: DT: fix atags_to_fdt() second call site
1e45860 ARM: 7366/3: amba: Remove AMBA level regulator support
2e93112 msm: display: Reset BG_alpha register while alpha blending
8f839b9 msm: mpq_8064: add support for GSBI5 I2C configuration
4098529 USB: u_serial: Don't allow UDC to append and send a zero length packet
5d3fc39 USB: android: Create android_usb sysfs in android_probe() rather in init()
1f5e624 ARM: OMAP2/3: VENC hwmods: Remove OCPIF_SWSUP_IDLE flag from VENC slave interface
3c55c1b ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Revert "ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Make omap_hwmod_softreset wait for reset status"
d99de7f ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: add softreset delay field and OMAP4 data
1cb2e16 input: atmel_mxt_ts: Do not disable multi-touch object in suspend
87522a4 Bluetooth: Add support for Atheros [13d3:3362]
283c1f2 x86, microcode: Ensure that module is only loaded on supported AMD CPUs
a956bd6 x86, microcode: Fix sysfs warning during module unload on unsupported CPUs
79cd760 Bluetooth: btusb: Add vendor specific ID (0489 e042) for BCM20702A0
86fc499 ASoC: cs42l73: don't use negative array index
ded189b power: pm8921-bms: account for capacitive drop
baffba4 power: pm8921-bms: Add connector resistance
12a891c power: pm8921-bms: fix the units of batt_temp for rbatt
e9a5dc1 msm: Optionally report L2 master port errors to kernel log
7d7eb9e ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix mem leak (and rid us of trailing whitespace).
1c51f0e Revert "mmc: msm_sdcc: Free slot resources on shutdown"
1b064f5 msm: display: Add device pointer with clk_get for retrieving clocks
4374e33 msm: board-8064: Add platform device for pcm and compressed audio
f51e94e ARM: cache-l2x0: Save L2CC registers using pl310 save/resume
e4757ca kconfig: delete last traces of __enabled_ from autoconf.h
a959613 Revert "kconfig: fix __enabled_ macros definition for invisible and un-selected symbols"
69349c2 kconfig: fix IS_ENABLED to not require all options to be defined
47ef81f video: msm: wfd: Reduce first frame latency in CFR mode
d53ba47 Btrfs: use commit root when loading free space cache
93528ea msm: pil-riva: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
b089569 msm: pil-modem: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
22b0447 msm: pil-gss: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
a073c2f clk: Add devm_clk_get()
f11bfb5 msm: pil-q6v3: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
4dde31b msm: pil-q6v4: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
4a3b942 msm: camera: v4l2 updates
66deac3 msm: camera: sensor changes for 7x30 v4l2
75cbaea ARM: etm: Add sysfs entry to enable return stack if supported
434032a ARM: etm: Add sysfs entry to disable branch_output flag
c6b1c35 ARM: etm: Add sysfs entry to set context-id-size
cfb8dc5 ARM: etm: Add sysfs entry to enable timestamps if supported
d263bc7 ARM: etm: Check arch version and disable data tracing for ptm
eff62a8 ARM: etm: Wait for etm/ptm(s) to stop before requesting PowerDown
305c53b msm: camera: prepare msm8x55 camera for V4L2 architecture.
5269a9a irq_domain: fix type mismatch in debugfs output format
bfd6bf0 android: ram_console: use platform_device_register
2277fbf defconfig: enable usbmon module
474a898 staging: android: fix mem leaks in __persistent_ram_init()
17b7e1b staging: vt6656: Don't leak memory in drivers/staging/vt6656/ioctl.c::private_ioctl()
62d2feb staging: iio: hmc5843: Fix crash in probe function.
cbc0753 thermal: Don't limit CPU frequency after msm_thermal is disabled
9dace16 msm: 8064-regulator: Disable always_on feature of LVS7 regulator
026ee1f panic: fix stack dump print on direct call to panic()
2f39721 drivers/rtc/rtc-pl031.c: enable clock on all ST variants
41c9308 Revert "mm: vmscan: fix misused nr_reclaimed in shrink_mem_cgroup_zone()"
66aebce hugetlb: fix race condition in hugetlb_fault()
f3ec434 drivers/rtc/rtc-twl.c: use static register while reading time
c3cba92 drivers/rtc/rtc-s3c.c: add placeholder for driver private data
cd1e6f9 drivers/rtc/rtc-s3c.c: fix compilation error
3971dae MAINTAINERS: add PCDP console maintainer
569530f memcg: do not open code accesses to res_counter members
3205001 drivers/rtc/rtc-efi.c: fix section mismatch warning
bb58da0 drivers/rtc/rtc-r9701.c: reset registers if invalid values are detected
44e4360 drivers/char/random.c: fix boot id uniqueness race
d833049 memcg: fix broken boolen expression
6252efc memcg: fix up documentation on global LRU
4edc2ca Btrfs: fix use-after-free in __btrfs_end_transaction
e627ee7 Btrfs: check return value of bio_alloc() properly
c6664b4 Btrfs: remove lock assert from get_restripe_target()
b89203f Btrfs: fix eof while discarding extents
85d6725 libata: make ata_print_id atomic
99b80e9 sata_mv: silence an uninitialized variable warning
96d5d96 ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel DH89xxCC DeviceIDs
d95603b Btrfs: fix uninit variable in repair_eb_io_failure
700f5c2 msm: vidc: Adds API to request performance level.
f755397 perf tools: fix NO_GTK2 Makefile config error
7e1f7c8 ASoC: dapm: Ensure power gets managed for line widgets
29ebe40 ALSA: hda/realtek - Add quirk for Mac Pro 5,1 machines
4a3a0fa net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to Version (1.23)
fe97da1 ALSA: hda/realtek - Add a fixup entry for Acer Aspire 8940G
8e62c2d Revert "Btrfs: increase the global block reserve estimates"
0962b92 msm: display: add 8064 clock scaling
ec549da msm: kgsl: Fix when GMEM is saved for A2xx
e627597 msm: 8064: hsic: Add msm_bus vote for hsic controller driver
9de2922 USB: update usbtmc api documentation
9a81d6c msm: board-8960: Change PM8921 SMPS 8 constraint voltages to allow 2.05 V
6782206 perf session: Skip event correctly for unknown id/machine
5dc6751 msm: kgsl: Improve the idle_timeout
6f36033 IB/srpt: Set srq_type to IB_SRQT_BASIC
085dd20 msm: Select ENABLE_HOLES_IN_ZONE
224d00c arm: Add HOLES_IN_ZONE option
3be1161 msm: camera: prepare msm8x60 camera for V4L2 architecture.
c85dcda USB: gadget: storage gadgets send wrong error code for unknown commands
662c738 usb: otg: gpio_vbus: Add otg transceiver events and notifiers
c628ee6 fuse: use flexible array in fuse.h
2c96878 USB: msm72k_udc: Clear ep descriptors upon ep disable
490aa60e drm/exynos: fixed exynos broken ioctl
c0aa3e0 virtio_blk: helper function to format disk names
5e7045b tools/virtio: fix up vhost/test module build
451d844 msm: audio: board-qrd7x27a: Correct audio decoder concurrency table.
15a13bb drm/i915: clear fencing tracking state when retiring requests
6363480 block: mtip32xx: remove HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE dependancy
6fa6c8e2 irq_domain: Move irq_virq_count into NOMAP revmap
554881c msm: audio: board-msm7x27a: Increase PMEM for Low Power Audio.
afbaa90 md/bitmap: prevent bitmap_daemon_work running while initialising bitmap
f4380a9 md/raid1,raid10: Fix calculation of 'vcnt' when processing error recovery.
038d4fe ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix GPIO1 setup for Acer Aspire 4930 & co
9e41dd3 MD: Bitmap version cleanup.
677e84c drm/exynos: fix to pointer manager member of struct exynos_drm_subdrv
578b606 drm/exynos: fix struct for operation callback functions to driver name
a2ee151 drm/exynos: use define instead of default_win member in struct mixer_context
a634dd5 drm/exynos: rename s/HDMI_OVERLAY_NUMBER/MIXER_WIN_NR
46da222 drm/exynos: remove unused codes in hdmi and mixer
f9309d1 drm/exynos: remove unnecessary type conversion of hdmi and mixer
68dba7b msm: kgsl: Write the retired timestamp on resume
0e3d0f3 Input: da9052 - fix memory leak in da9052_onkey_probe()
4fe9e96 Cleanup handling of NULL value passed for a mount option
acea102 qseecom: Fix failure to go into suspend
32f6daa KVM: unmap pages from the iommu when slots are removed
f5285a2 pm8xxx-adc: fix missing interrupts
2668fb0 msm: copper-regulator: Remove PMIC based regulators
61a9264 Revert "msm: board-copper: Add regulator defs for USB peripheral mode"
e66a3a9 msm: copper: Add regulator supplies for USB OTG devices
a2721bd defconfig: msm-copper: Enable qpnp-regulator support
d1ac2f1 regulator: Add qpnp-regulator driver
153d45a arm/dt: msmcopper: Add PMIC PM8941 and PM8841 regulator devices
3bd641e msm: kgsl: enable DCVS on 8064
31a949b msm: improve handling of DONT_MAP_HOLE_AFTER_MEMBANK0
d48fc63 Revert "clocksource: Load the ACPI PM clocksource asynchronously"
48c0228 Revert "msm: dma: Convert spinlocks to mutexes for new clock apis"
9dc4e6c nfsd: don't fail unchecked creates of non-special files
2eafd74 platform-drivers: msm: sps: add stubs for SPS APIs
59e7b0e video: msm: Allow PCC/GC to be disabled/select bins
f57f9c1 drm/i915: make rc6 module parameter read-only
6f25eb9 msm: camera: Change mount angle of MT9M114 sensor
b4838d1 NFC: Fix the LLCP Tx fragmentation loop
b08560d ASoC: msm8960: Decrease period and buffer size for LPA driver
673f778 rtlwifi: Add missing DMA buffer unmapping for PCI drivers
a7959c1 rtlwifi: Preallocate USB read buffers and eliminate kalloc in read routine
46da36c defconfig: Enable pil-vidc driver
7b973de msm: pil: Add pil driver for video core
e4a7c1a msm: kgsl: Resolve conflicts in state changes
e8f11c8 defconfig: 9615: enable display support
cb589d8 msm_serial_hs: Use new clock framework apis
e72d5c7 arch/tile: avoid unused variable warning in proc.c for tilegx
92ae03f x86: merge 32/64-bit versions of 'strncpy_from_user()' and speed it up
2469632 msm: board-msm7x27a: Increase GPU frequency in 8x25
7018a21 msm: kgsl: flush outer cache for alloc_page() pages
95018a5 xHCI: Correct the #define XHCI_LEGACY_DISABLE_SMI
3fc8206 xHCI: use gfp flags from caller instead of GFP_ATOMIC
457a4f6 xHCI: add XHCI_RESET_ON_RESUME quirk for VIA xHCI host
d8aec3d USB: fix bug of device descriptor got from superspeed device
c7713e7 xhci: Fix register save/restore order.
fb3d85b xhci: Restore event ring dequeue pointer on resume.
159e1fc xhci: Don't write zeroed pointers to xHC registers.
5af98bb xhci: Warn when hosts don't halt.
4e833c0 xhci: don't re-enable IE constantly
79549c6 cred: copy_process() should clear child->replacement_session_keyring
b2679c0 msm: kgsl: Don't call through pwrscale functions when entering SLUMBER
7fb0a5e perf kvm: Finding struct machine fails for PERF_RECORD_MMAP
07b0402 msm: pm2: Handle modem early exit properly in PC for 8625
a21d457 tcp: avoid order-1 allocations on wifi and tx path
87151b8 net: allow pskb_expand_head() to get maximum tailroom
d66a919 msm: acpuclock-7201: Add delay for apps cpu clock switch
996304b bridge: Do not send queries on multicast group leaves
4f1ddc9 msm: board-qrd7x27a: Enable Low Power Audio
1add908 ARM: cache-l2x0.c: consistently use u32
c9c0cda ARM: 7162/1: errata: tidy up Kconfig options for PL310 errata workarounds
a9dd8f9 ARM: 7114/1: cache-l2x0: add resume entry for l2 in secure mode
20c335a ARM: 7080/1: l2x0: make sure I&D are not locked down on init
affbb42 [S390] Fix compile error in swab.h
37e37c2 [S390] Fix stfle() lowcore protection problem
af0ee94 [S390] cpum_cf: get rid of compile warnings
7968ca8 [S390] irq: simple coding style change
ac2ac6e [S390] update default configuration
cd94154 [S390] fix tlb flushing for page table pages
b785e0d [S390] kernel: Use local_irq_save() for memcpy_real()
dae1df4 [S390] s390/char/vmur.c: fix memory leak
cd10502 [S390] drivers/s390/block/dasd_eckd.c: add missing dasd_sfree_request
912093b ALSA: hda/realtek - Add a few ALC882 model strings back
40c550c usb: gadget: mbim: Support packets fragmentation
80e829f drm/i915: implement ColorBlt w/a
27c1cbd drm/i915/ringbuffer: Exclude last 2 cachlines of ring on 845g
6a562e3 Revert "drm/i915: reenable gmbus on gen3+ again"
0a2da9b fuse: allow nanosecond granularity
7d28e3e ARM: ux500: wake secondary cpu via resched
c2aa082 mmc: msm_sdcc: remove CONFIG_MMC_MSM_SDIO_SUPPORT completely
6bba0a5 mmc: msm_sdcc: remove CONFIG_MMC_MSM_SDIO_SUPPORT featurization
4678315 drm/radeon: only add the mm i2c bus if the hw_i2c module param is set
6069a4c vgaarb.h: fix build warnings
f84cc34 pinctrl: implement pinctrl_check_ops
6f11f6f pinctrl: include to prevent compile errors
89e004e7 pinctrl: fix compile error if not select PINMUX support
8002a79 msm: camera: Enable S5K3L1YX sensor on 8064
77ffaef media: rc: Add support for RC6 philips IR remote control keymap
15e06bf irqdomain: Fix debugfs formatting
0b69ca2 msm: board-qrd7627a: Add nand device to 7x27A EVB
1b0a5df msm: board-msm7x27a: Add NT35516 DSI support to EVB
ac5830a irq_domain: correct the debugfs file name
a699e4e irq: Kill pointless irqd_to_hw export
5b7526e irq/irq_domain: Quit ignoring error returns from irq_alloc_desc_from().
39ec0d3 spi/imx: prevent NULL pointer dereference in spi_imx_probe()
9a5c7d6 gpio/exynos: Fix compiler warning in gpio-samsung.c file
a30c804 defconfig: Enable CPUFreq for msm-copper
e8a3932 msm: smsm: Add support for SMSM interrupt mask
09d208e MAINTAINERS: Mark NATSEMI driver as orphan'd.
fae2e0f powerpc: Fix typo in runlatch code
fff7a7d msm_fb: HDMI: Enable SPD InfoFrame transmission
dd63ac3 msm: clock-voter: Remove 'rate' field from struct clk_voter
3c8cdf8 msm: iommu: Support mapping attributes
2b4b1cd msm: 8960: Add serial console support on the 8960 SGLTE target
923e9a1 Smack: build when CONFIG_AUDIT not defined
a268882 msm: camera: Acutuator and flash control
30c273a dm-crypt: remove per-cpu structure
a46c46a usb: xhci: fix section mismatch in linux-next
bb334e9 xHCI: correct to print the true HSEE of USBCMD
679436e msm_serial_hs: Release wakelock in case of failure case
fbd06f9 dm-crypt: move static cipher data out of per-cpu structure
815bc97 dm-crypt: Rename pending
8bfc015 dm-crypt: add missing error handling
71b41c3 dm-crypt: fix possible mempool deadlock
282029c kobject: provide more diagnostic info for kobject_add_internal() failures
3a19888 sysfs: handle 'parent deleted before child added'
5631f2c sysfs: Prevent crash on unset sysfs group attributes
4b9c797 ASoC: msm: Remove the condition check before sending FENS command
23685fb msm: 8660: Remove the PMEM audio devices
5bf9843 spmi: pmic-arb: Don't disable arbiter interrupt when no clients use it
68ccb08 fmem: add missing zcache_put after zcache_get
a65a6f1 USB: serial: fix race between probe and open
dfb9c9a msm: smd_tty: add new channels for userspace access
6270d83 gpio: Fix range check in of_gpio_simple_xlate()
078dc65 gpio: Fix uninitialized variable bit in adp5588_irq_handler
3ffc9ce gpio/sodaville: Convert sodaville driver to new irqdomain API
ed3ca0a msm: rmnet_bam: Handle Network TX Queue Race Condition
1f8704c usb: 8064: Add phy initialization sequence
4e24908 msm: rtb: Add rtb timestamps using sched_clock()
18a223e tcp: fix tcp_rcv_rtt_update() use of an unscaled RTT sample
5fb84b1 tcp: restore correct limit
c4c2349 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Use IS_ERR instead of NULL ptr check
011afa1 Revert "ath9k: fix going to full-sleep on PS idle"
e2bc7c5 rt2x00: Fix rfkill_polling register function.
58f743e bcma: fix build error on MIPS; implicit pcibios_enable_device
c486793 drm/i915: properly compute dp dithering for user-created modes
6490311 staging/xgifb: fix display on XGI Volari Z11m cards
5d92f71 Staging: android: timed_gpio: Fix resource leak in timed_gpio_probe error paths
099f5d0 android: make persistent_ram based drivers depend on HAVE_MEMBLOCK
40f32d9 staging: iio: ak8975: Remove i2c client data corruption
be0775a staging: drm/omap: move where DMM driver is registered
f4477e9 staging: zsmalloc: fix memory leak
3fd654c Staging: rts_pstor: off by one in for loop
678b7c1 staging: ozwpan: Added new maintainer for ozwpan
b5bd70a staging:rts_pstor:Avoid "Bad target number" message when probing driver
0d05568 staging:rts_pstor:Fix possible panic by NULL pointer dereference
4ca5218 Staging: vt6655-6: check keysize before memcpy()
401c90e staging/media/as102: Don't call release_firmware() on uninitialized variable
218f4d4 staging:iio:core add missing increment of loop index in iio_map_array_unregister()
50637f0 staging: ramster: unbreak my heart
eaa004a staging/vme: Fix module parameters
fcff311 staging: sep: Fix sign of error
92b0abf usb: gadget: eliminate NULL pointer dereference (bugfix)
6190c79 usb: gadget: uvc: Remove non-required locking from 'uvc_queue_next_buffer' routine
f135617 usb: gadget: rndis: fix Missing req->context assignment
ad57969 usb: musb: omap: fix the error check for pm_runtime_get_sync
8ae8090 usb: gadget: udc-core: fix asymmetric calls in remove_driver
3006dc8 usb: musb: omap: fix crash when musb glue (omap) gets initialized
bf070bc usb: musb: wake the device before ulpi transfers
692933b usb: musb: fix bug in musb_cleanup_urb
8545e60 usb: gadget: FunctionFS: make module init & exit __init & __exit
e2190a9 usb: gadget: FunctionFS: clear FFS_FL_BOUND flag on unbind (bugfix)
64b6c8a usb: dwc3: Free event buffers array
db1d8ba usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix big buffers transfer in DMA mode
70fa030 usb: s3c-hsotg: Avoid TxFIFO corruption in DMA mode
659ad60 usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix maximum patcket size setting for EP0
f7a83fe usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix TX FIFOs allocation
f79a60b usb: fsl_udc_core: prime status stage once data stage has primed
c04352a usb: musb: fix some runtime_pm issues
afb76df usb: musb: fix oops on omap2430 module unload
ecb0779 usb: dwc3: ep0: add a default case for SetFeature command
55158c8 Input: gpio_mouse - use linux/gpio.h rather than asm/gpio.h
6080622 ARM: EXYNOS: Add PDMA and MDMA physical base address defines
6e7beb7 ARM: S5PV210: Fix compiler warning in dma.c file
3a48d1c i2c: prevent spurious interrupt on Designware controllers
694c9dc msm: Makefile: add support for 8064 post silicon targets
a8c991d usb: gadget: MBIM function driver for QCOM chipsets
fae3d88 ALSA: hda - hide HDMI/ELD printks unless snd.debug=2
ca9248d GFS2: Allow caching of rindex glock
f19a0c2 KVM: PMU emulation: GLOBAL_CTRL MSR should be enabled on reset
e655cd7 msm: clock-local: Move GFX3D core reset from reg_init() to post_init()
8b9589f msm: smsm: Cache Flush on SMSM_RESET
6ba9006 netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix incorrect logic in nf_conntrack_init_net
07153c6 netfilter: nf_ct_ipv4: packets with wrong ihl are invalid
afface8 Bluetooth: Grace period to re-enable encryption
fa4da36 clockevents: tTack broadcast device mode change in tick_broadcast_switch_to_oneshot()
bf3faff msm: camera: Add flash source support for ov5647
afceb93 drm/radeon/kms: fix DVO setup on some r4xx chips
6587eb8 drm/savage: fix integer overflows in savage_bci_cmdbuf()
cd423dd usb: dwc3: ep0: increment "actual" on bounced ep0 case
566ccdd usb: dwc3: ep0: Handle requests greater than wMaxPacketSize
501e14e msm: acpuclock-7201: Change AXI frequency for 7627a/8625
6d258a4 usb: gadget: udc-core: stop UDC on device-initiated disconnect
4de833c drm/radeon: replace udelay with mdelay for long timeouts
9886f44 itimer: Use printk_once instead of WARN_ONCE
b4d77dd msm: display: Increase SF memory for HDMI primary case
34af6579 ARM: 7377/1: vic: re-read status register before dispatching each IRQ handler
dff2aa7 ARM: 7368/1: fault.c: correct how the tsk->[maj|min]_flt gets incremented
fb16395 Input: trackpoint - use psmouse_fmt() for messages
e3dde4f Input: elantech - v4 is a clickpad, with only one button
a67ada7 Input: elantech - reset touchpad before configuring it
08f1ec8 powerpc: Fix page fault with lockdep regression
38be95d ALSA: sound/isa/sscape.c: add missing resource-release code
156d14d sound: sound/oss/msnd_pinnacle.c: add vfrees
b64b8de msm_fb: display: Unstage mixer staging on next commit for video use case
258f742 modpost: Fix modpost license checking of vmlinux.o
83dbbdb android, lowmemorykiller: remove task handoff notifier
cb12daa msm: dma: Convert spinlocks to mutexes for new clock apis
eb38081 power: pm8xxx-ccadc: fix return value in conversion
d8cf521 ASoC: wcd9310: Address pop noise at Tx path startup.
bc5f81d msm: msm_bus: Add Daytona Fabric clock to bus driver
94b8fc3 msm: camera: Fixed memory leak and added NULL check
24e887c drivercore: Add driver probe deferral mechanism
fe4bede msm: kgsl: Stop the device during sleep
b446b96 UHCI: hub_status_data should indicate if ports are resuming
a448e4d EHCI: keep track of ports being resumed and indicate in hub_status_data
879d38e USB: fix race between root-hub suspend and remote wakeup
c5d703d USB: sierra: add support for Sierra Wireless MC7710
876ae50 USB: ftdi_sio: fix race condition in TIOCMIWAIT, and abort of TIOCMIWAIT when the device is removed
fca5430 USB: ftdi_sio: fix status line change handling for TIOCMIWAIT and TIOCGICOUNT
8430eac netfilter: nf_ct_ipv4: handle invalid IPv4 and IPv6 packets consistently
cd4376e USB: don't ignore suspend errors for root hubs
891a3b1 USB: fix bug in serial driver unregistration
3a45085 USB: serial: metro-usb: Fix idProduct for Uni-Directional mode.
9ac2feb USB: option: re-add NOVATELWIRELESS_PRODUCT_HSPA_HIGHSPEED to option_id array
ce5c985 USB: pl2303: fix DTR/RTS being raised on baud rate change
70fa4a6 sysfs: Update the name hash for an entry after changing the namespace
657b12d um: uml_setup_stubs': warning: unused variable 'pages'
76b278e um: Use asm-generic/switch_to.h
a3a85a7 um: Disintegrate asm/system.h
d824d06 um: switch cow_user.h to htobe{32,64}/betoh{32,64}
405abc9 defconfig: automatic update
3a4ffe9 drivers/base: fix compiler warning in SoC export driver - idr should be ida
33cb4f3 drivers/base: Remove unneeded spin_lock_init call for soc_lock
a652a07 msm: kgsl: Use kzalloc to allocate scatterlists of 1 page or less
d27b09f msm: kgsl: fix 2d IB processing
8cb835b msm: kgsl: Allocate physical pages instead of using vmalloc
d0ab6ad msm: kgsl: rework ib checking
e2aa764 video: msm: wfd: Add debugfs support
b8a3bf3 HACK: bcmdhd: fix compile for 3.4
9a82640 gpu: ion: ion_carveout_heap: fix for 3.4
a3a0f31 android: persistent_ram: move persistent_ram.h back to include/linux
8543065 android: persistent_ram: fix printk size_t warning
80ba14d usb: gadget: adb: Only enable the gadget when adbd is ready
1c8beb6 android: logger: Allow a UID to read it's own log entries
bc26ba2 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Daemonize wl_event_handler
c2d35ac ARM: fiq_debugger: fix multiple consoles and make it a preferred console
8325232 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to version
e657952 kdb: support new lines without carriage returns
688a901 ARM: fiq_debugger: add support for kgdb
d72d89e ARM: fiq_debugger: add debug_putc
e460225 ARM: fiq_debugger: add support for reboot commands
b9b3a06 ARM: fiq_debugger: fix compiling for v3.3
09cc1c8 mmc: sdhci: remove too large timeout warning
74b370e android: persistent_trace: fix section mismatch warning
4a2212f android: persistent_ram: fix section mismatch in clients
8492aa1 usb: gadget: adb: do not set error flag when dequeuing req
42582f2 usb: gadget: adb: allow freezing in adb_read
3982cc1 android: persistent_trace: ftrace into persistent_ram
19b72c9 Revert "HACK: android-alarm: wakelock workaround"
a107c9d android-alarm: Remove unused android alarm in-kernel interfaces
3c0b359 android-alarm: Rework alarm-dev.c to use upstreamed alarmtimers
bec4ab4 alarmtimer: Provide accessor to alarmtimer rtc device
1b16062 android-alarm: Convert ALARM_ELAPSED_REALTIME to use CLOCK_BOOTTIME
cf3fc06 usb: gadget: accessory: Add Android Accessory function
2b6862d usb: gadget: adb: Add ADB function
f0fbc48 usb: gadget: mtp: Add MTP/PTP function
1e8ce15 usb: gadget: Add Android Composite Gadget driver
da8a44a usb: gadget: f_rndis: Set rndis vendor parameters
7f141c5 usb: gadget: rndis: Fix re-binding f_rndis
735d20e usb: gadget: Add variant of gether_setup to customize the device name
a035fb5 usb: gadget: u_serial: Allow calling gserial_setup after init
9c507c7 usb: gadget: composite: Initialize config->interface
894eecb usb: gadget: composite: Add usb_remove_config
ea93b9c usb: otg: otg-wakelock: fix build for 3.3
6c8568c usb: otg: Temporarily grab wakelock on charger and disconnect events
5c58017 HID: Add null check for hidinput.
4203596 HID: magicmouse: Add input_register callback.
5ba755e HID: Add input_register callback.
d893d66 fuse: Freeze client on suspend when request sent to userspace
73f1329 hid-multitouch: Filter collections by application usage.
eadc1fb net: Only NET_ADMIN is allowed to fully control TUN interfaces.
21ab850 bridge: Have tx_bytes count headers like rx_bytes.
02435b1 netfilter: ipv6: fix crash caused by ipv6_find_hdr()
18913bc netfilter: fixup the quota2, and enable.
7f4e01a4 netfilter: adding the original quota2 from xtables-addons
4727216 USB: OTG: Take wakelock when VBUS present
0c38bfd gpu: ion: Add ION Memory Manager
bc7b88a netfilter: have ip*t REJECT set the sock err when an icmp is to be sent
8024cef netfilter: add xt_qtaguid matching module
0735f54 nf: xt_socket: export the fancy sock finder code
bd0ac3f net: wireless: Skip connect warning for CONFIG_CFG80211_ALLOW_RECONNECT
e7c926f net: wireless: Fix CFG80211_ALLOW_RECONNECT option for disconnect
c6a6a52 net: wireless: Add CFG80211_ALLOW_RECONNECT option
998ba94 net: wireless: change the expire time about each entry of scan results
6baacf1 net: wireless: Add CONFIG_WIFI_CONTROL_FUNC option
4504f83 wireless: bcmdhd: fix build for 3.3
8ce1727 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Initial version based on
372a8cf net: wireless: Add get_country_code functionality to platform
003d891 network: wireless: Add get_mac_addr functionality to platform
4246983 ARM: etm: Power down etm(s) when tracing is not enabled
992cd59 ARM: etm: Support multiple ETMs/PTMs.
3a91f3e ARM: etm: Return the entire trace buffer if it is empty after reset
fe05bda ARM: etm: Add some missing locks and error checks
0c3da53 ARM: etm: Configure data tracing
d71c695 ARM: etm: Allow range selection
f13ae47 ARM: etm: Don't try to clear the buffer full status after reading the buffer
8511b5b ARM: etm: Don't limit tracing to only non-secure code.
d387659 ARM: etm: Don't require clock control
463ebc1 net: Reorder incoming packets in PPPoLAC and PPPoPNS.
1aaf1b5 cpufreq: Prevent memory leak in cpufreq_stats on hotplug
9d49b70 cpufreq: interactive: New 'interactive' governor
1feb42e ARM: Move leds idle start/stop calls to idle notifiers
82a3b9c ARM: Call idle notifiers
a12d591 Move x86_64 idle notifiers to generic
72d2ba1 staging: remove Greg's TODO, now obsolete.
09688d1 ARM: Add generic fiq serial debugger
997e655 ARM: Add fiq_glue
0f01bb1 Allow CONFIG_STACKTRACE to be enabled by itself.
0dcd840 net: Fix CONFIG_RPS option to be turned off
6659a74 misc: add akm8975 compass driver
e24fb0b net: activity_stats: Add statistics for network transmission activity
b75f955 staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Fix task_struct leak
897672e sched: Add a generic notifier when a task struct is about to be freed
ff3ab81 wlan: Extract generic wlan platform data from tiwlan specific header
38c6302 block: genhd: Add disk/partition specific uevent callbacks for partition info
2d39f68 proc: smaps: Allow smaps access for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE
6dd16a7 Bluetooth: Keep master role when SCO or eSCO is active
b7d6cd7 Bluetooth: Use the stored LTK for restabilishing security
07021e2 Bluetooth: Allow SCO/eSCO packet type selection for outgoing SCO connections.
e3bac0c Bluetooth: Add ACL MTU, available buffers and total buffers to hci_conn_info.
6bbc2b2 Bluetooth: Fallback to SCO on error code 0x10 (Connection Accept Timeout).
f855a2c Bluetooth: Increase timeout for legacy pairing from 10 seconds to 40 seconds.
64f9be0 Bluetooth: Do not attempt to send dlci disconnect when in BT_CONFIG.
5188eee serial_core: Add wake_peer uart operation
e7ba60c rfkill: Introduce CONFIG_RFKILL_PM and use instead of CONFIG_PM to power down
5dfd8cd wl127x-rfkill: Add power control driver for TI WL127X Bluetooth chips
609a71d printk: update log_buf_copy for 3.3
da8de7a kernel: printk: Add non exported function for clearing the log ring buffer
ee51cfa printk: Fix log_buf_copy termination.
572b262 Revert "printk: remove unused code from kernel/printk.c"
c543f11 net: Replace AID_NET_RAW checks with capable(CAP_NET_RAW).
0432013 security: Add AID_NET_RAW and AID_NET_ADMIN capability check in cap_capable().
c54f674 net: PPPoPNS and PPPoLAC fixes.
803341c net: add PPP on PPTP Network Server (PPPoPNS) driver.
49c48cb net: add PPP on L2TP Access Concentrator (PPPoLAC) driver.
c00b456 fs: yaffs: don't force YAFFS_TRACE_ALWAYS for all trace levels
3de69a7 fs: yaffs: Import yaffs from Thu Dec 23 13:31:37 2010 +1300
c57ca7e fs: block_dump: Don't display inode changes if block_dump < 2
1412013 tiwlan: Add abstract wifi control functions support
2f4735e mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used
15ce829 mmc: block: Improve logging of handling emmc timeouts
26d2321 mmc: core: host: only use wakelock for detect work
aa3b5f7 ARM: Add 'card_present' state to mmc_platfrom_data
5ab47ee Recreate asm/mach/mmc.h include file
0eb9a8f mmc: Fix pm_notifier obeying deferred resume
73ae60c mmc: Add "ignore mmc pm notify" functionality
fe6271e mmc: sdio: Fix enable_hs and enable_wide in sdio_reset_comm()
676751d mmc: sdio: Add high speed support to sdio_reset_comm()
4c5391f mmc: sdio: Claim host in sdio_reset_comm()
148c57a mmc: mmcblk: Add support for deferred SD bus resume
41d9d91e mmc: core: Add deferred bus resume policy.
28c9758 mmc: core: Hold a wake lock accross delayed work + mmc rescan
8ed5a66 mmc: sd: Add retries in re-detection
05063bf mmc: sd: When resuming, try a little harder to init the card
35fe42e mmc: Add new API call 'sdio_reset_comm' for resetting communication with an SDIO device
4748cba trout: Add functions for WiFi
e01587a mmc: Add concept of an 'embedded' SDIO device.
c80f546 mmc: sd: Add new CONFIG_MMC_PARANOID_SD_INIT for enabling retries during SD detection
4714774 mmc: Add status IRQ and status callback function to mmc platform data
46b612b Input: synaptics_i2c_rmi: Driver for Synaptics Touchscreens using RMI over I2C.
9cc8899 input: keychord: Add keychord driver
42e58cb input: Add keyreset driver.
f654100 input: misc: gpio_event: remove early suspend
c3fffcb Input: Generic GPIO Input device.
f371edd Grants system server access to /proc//oom_adj for Android applications.
b1042b9 FAT: Add new ioctl VFAT_IOCTL_GET_VOLUME_ID for reading the volume ID.
5a0b354 misc: uidstat: Adding uid stat driver to collect network statistics.
4364dda sysfs_net_ipv4: Add sysfs-based knobs for controlling TCP window size
2365d05 net: socket ioctl to reset connections matching local address
2038692 Paranoid network.
d92aa58 ashmem: Add shmem_set_file to mm/shmem.c
8d9e6ac Add android_aid.h
80d38ea switch: switch class and GPIO drivers.
836ad48 power_supply: Hold a wake_lock while power supply change notifications are pending
783820b Input: evdev - Add ioctl to block suspend while event queue is not empty.
d3bf8ae ledtrig-sleep: Add led trigger for sleep debugging.
025ff0a PM: Add user-space wake lock api.
e9911f4 PM / Sleep: Add wake lock api wrapper on top of wakeup sources
6bb1a6f [docs] android: Add android config documentation to boot framework.
4f65be1 [ARM] Optionally flush entire dcache from v6_dma_flush_range
cde8949 mm: Add min_free_order_shift tunable.
ed275aa [ARM] avoid mis-detecting some V7 cores in the decompressor
8b6990f [ARM] armv6 dcc tty driver
109a3af ARM: Make low-level printk work
befae2f cgroup: Remove call to synchronize_rcu in cgroup_attach_task
4a12178 cgroup: Add generic cgroup subsystem permission checks
c0f6fa8 cgroup: Set CGRP_RELEASABLE when adding to a cgroup
e5e483d ARM: allow the kernel text section to be made read-only
b64f7cc ARM: smp: implement arch_trigger_all_cpus_backtrace using IPI
74b6cdd ARM: cache-l2x0: update workaround for PL310 errata 727915
bd7f903 cpuidle: governor: menu: don't use loadavg
2d1fe03 ARM: add option to flush console before reboot
847bb6f power: Add option to log time spent in suspend
b7d739c panic: Add board ID to panic output
c8ffd5b PM: Print pending wakeup IRQ preventing suspend to dmesg
2ccc409 printk: do not handle non-sleepable notification in console_cpu_notify
6fb6e04 ARM: vfp: Always save VFP state in vfp_pm_suspend
0dbef5c ARM: vfp: Move exception address fixup into vfphw.S
7227fb4 [ARM] process: Add display of memory around registers when displaying regs.
9109a22 drivers: power: Add watchdog timer to catch drivers which lockup during suspend.
71b54d4 mmc_block: Allow more than 8 partitions per card
ba04afb mtd: nand: Allow NAND chip ids to be included standalone.
1fcada3 Make /dev/mem configurable, as we don't want it.
141e799 Add build option to to set the default panic timeout.
07f174e sched: Enable might_sleep before initializing drivers.
96714b5 [ARM] Do not call flush_cache_user_range with mmap_sem held
a51f259 diag: Edit event mask responses
7ab2485b net/wireless/wext-core.c: add missing kfree
e89f769 rtlwifi: Fix oops on rate-control failure
aa331df mac80211: Convert WARN_ON to WARN_ON_ONCE
0298dc9 rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix firmware initialization
2b5f8b0 nl80211: ensure interface is up in various APIs
3f9768a mac80211: fix association beacon wait timeout
14667a4 drm/i915: Finish any pending operations on the framebuffer before disabling
b2a7164 drm/i915: Removed IVB forced enable of sprite dest key.
05142ff msm: smd_pkt: Logging update
5f868a4 video: msm: wfd: Delete from free_queue before freeing memory
d7ee111 hwmon: (pmbus_core) Fix compiler warning
1d0045e hwmon: (smsc47m1) Fix compiler warning
776cdc1 hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) Fix compiler warning seen in some configurations
8528e07 hwmon: (smsc47b397) Fix compiler warning
d164013 tile/CPU hotplug: Add missing call to notify_cpu_starting()
f21a7c1 um: several x86 hw-dependent crypto modules won't build on uml
3cb4209 um: fix linker script generation
11bbd5b pch_uart: Add Kontron COMe-mTT10 uart clock quirk
9a637e1 ARM: OMAP1: mux: add missing include
867c902 pch_uart: Fix MSI setting issue
bc02d15 serial/8250_pci: add a "force background timer" flag and use it for the "kt" serial port
49b532f Revert "serial/8250_pci: setup-quirk workaround for the kt serial controller"
3579812 Revert "serial/8250_pci: init-quirk msi support for kt serial controller"
d8c4019 tty/serial/omap: console can only be built-in
7b246a1 serial: samsung: fix omission initialize ulcon in reset port fn()
5da527a printk(): add KERN_CONT where needed in hpet and vt code
57c3686 tty/serial: atmel_serial: fix RS485 half-duplex problem
acede70 tty: serial: altera_uart: Check for NULL platform_data in probe.
ef37ea3 isdn/gigaset: use gig_dbg() for debugging output
388bc26 omap-serial: Fix the error handling in the omap_serial probe
0c779a9 msm: kgsl: Match GPU frequencies to updated clock plan
2545426 ARM: msm: Fix const/__initdata conflict
ce596c1 platform-drivers: msm: sps: return number of unused descriptors
b78f29c video:uvesafb: Fix oops that uvesafb try to execute NX-protected page
a1d43ff msm: kgsl: Tune some clock control values
75b90b2 radio-tavarua: Configure the search direction value as passed by FM APP
95ad2f8 netfilter: ip6_tables: ip6t_ext_hdr is now static inline
6ee0b69 netfilter: nf_ct_tcp: don't scale the size of the window up twice
76a8355 Bluetooth: Enforce MEDIUM_SECURITY for 2.0 pairing.
ed0ee0c [media] uvcvideo: Fix race-related crash in uvc_video_clock_update()
d3a92d6 [media] Drivers/media/radio: Fix build error
c065f5b [media] dvb_frontend: fix compiler warning
4da2876 [media] it913x: fix firmware loading errors
bc169e3 [media] ivtv: Fix AUDIO_(BILINGUAL_)CHANNEL_SELECT regression
556a044 [media] dvb_frontend: regression fix: userspace ABI broken for xine
b941079 Revert "msm: board-msm7627a-audio: create separate board file for audio"
070817d ASoC: msm7x27a: Add boundary check for ear/mic mute
93f2999 msm: idle-v7: SMP and AMP mode programming for 8x25 target
511d63c crypto: talitos - properly lock access to global talitos registers
bea9c06 Revert "Revert "msm: display: Backlight control on 8x25 EVB""
95fea2f mtip32xx: dump tagmap on failure
c74b0f5 mtip32xx: fix handling of commands in various scenarios
8a857a8 mtip32xx: Shorten macro names
8182b49 mtip32xx: misc changes
f658721 mtip32xx: Add new sysfs entry 'status'
dad40f1 mtip32xx: make setting comp_time as common
4503836 mtip32xx: Add new bitwise flag 'dd_flag'
b1349f2 typo fix in Documentation/filesystems/vfs.txt
640946f dentry leak in simple_fill_super() failure exit
c65390f fix breakage in mtdchar_open(), sanitize failure exits
319a83c msm: rotator: Add Rotator device & bus scale data for 8064/8960/8930
fda36c4 msm: display: Use local HDMI as primary flags for 8960/8064 targets
39a1dc4 msm: copper: Update PHYS_OFFSET and image load address
32db797 ARM: EXYNOS: Fix compile error in exynos5250-cpufreq.c
0d92349 ARM: EXYNOS: Add missing definition for IRQ_I2S0
7049932 ARM: S5PV210: fix unused LDO supply field from wm8994_pdata
9301973 fbdev: fix au1*fb builds
ef798d0 kyrofb: fix on x86_64
92f9a72 msm: display: Add boot param support for 7x27A/8x25
1221b85 msm: ultrasound: control events from devices, conflicting with the USF.
867f848 msm: pm-boot: Compile "msm_pm_write_boot_vector" always
730ad7a msm: pm: clean msm_pm_pc_pgd in the cache after writing
c25a936 msm: pm: clean boot vector in outer cache after writing
fcece05 msm: pm: save registers to noncached area before pc
e6a0acd msm: 9615: Add support for ION
ce72d04 ARM: 7090/1: CACHE-L2X0: filter start address can be 0 and is often 0
7f5910a ARM: 7089/1: L2X0: add explicit cpu_relax() for busy wait loop
0034102 Linux 3.4-rc2
c55856c msm_fb: display: MSM V4l2 video overlay driver
78ae8b1 ARM: 7009/1: l2x0: Add OF based initialization
250f327 ALSA: hda - clean up CX20549 test mixer setup
51969d6 ALSA: hda - CX20549 doesn't need pin_amp_workaround.
e6e03da ALSA: hda - Remove CD control from model=benq for CX20549
cbf2d28 ALSA: hda - fix record volume controls of CX20459 ("Venice")
3edbbb9 ALSA: hda - Rename capture sources of CX20549 to match common conventions
4f32456 ALSA: hda - Fix proc output for ADC amp values of CX20549
aabbf2b msm_fb: hdmi: CEC re-transmission improvements.
ed7dd7f msm: kgsl: Add KGSL_IOCTL_SETPROPERTY
4a3fa91 msm: Remove the pmem audio devices.
b3568cf ASoC: msm: Remove hardcoded frame size dependency on sample rate.
06383f1 tcm_fc: Do not free tpg structure during wq allocation failure
e1c4038 tcm_fc: Add abort flag for gracefully handling exchange timeout
aaef292 MAINTAINERS: Update git url for ACPI
acb8d02 msm: clock-local: Make .is_local assignments optional
e9b715a msm: acpuclock-krait: Initial commit with msm-copper support
17e0e1a msm_serial_hs: Fix the issue with device unregister/register
d59ee0a qup_i2c: Set the clock rate before enabling the clock.
0a8ba37 [media] V4L: add two new ioctl()s for multi-size videobuffer management
c3d8b76 serial: PL011: move interrupt clearing
f68e556 Make the "word-at-a-time" helper functions more commonly usable
a2457ee USB: remove compile warning on gadget/inode.c
da8bfb0 USB documentation: explain lifetime rules for unlinking URBs
bcf3985 USB: don't clear urb->dev in scatter-gather library
c825bab usb: storage: fix lockdep warning inside usb_stor_pre_reset(v2)
2e8dc2f usb/usbmon: correct the data interpretation of usbmon's output
1ff24fd ASoC: WCD9304: Add 15ms delay during slimbus port shutdown
a8edc42 usb: Put USB Kconfig items back under USB.
ee01e66 cpuidle: Fix panic in CPU off-lining with no idle driver
1b2e19f block: make auto block plug flush threshold per-disk based
234d27b ASoC: wcd9310: Fix suspend failure after headset insertion
7f24c71 msm: kgsl: Fix type0 packet parsing
e6b7762 msm: kgsl: Dump the entire ringbuffer to the snapshot
d23ff4b msm: kgsl: Add markers to identify IB sequence start and end
c9559e4 msm: kgsl: Store process mem entries in a rbtree
beb23f5 msm: acpuclock-7x30: Prepare PLLs during init
8c91c53 x86: Use correct byte-sized register constraint in __add()
2ca052a x86: Use correct byte-sized register constraint in __xchg_op()
f09d843 xen/pcifront: avoid pci_frontend_enable_msix() falsely returning success
0ee46ec xen/pciback: fix XEN_PCI_OP_enable_msix result
e8c9e78 xen/smp: Remove unnecessary call to smp_processor_id()
b137163 defconfig: msm8960: Enable dumping the caches on panic
7b63736 msm: Add support to dump the caches on panic
2531d64 xen/x86: Workaround 'x86/ioapic: Add register level checks to detect bogus io-apic entries'
e95ae5a xen: only check xen_platform_pci_unplug if hvm
8abe05c ASoC: tegra: fix i2s compilation when !CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
6f10392 nohz: Fix stale jiffies update in tick_nohz_restart()
46ed99d x86: vsyscall: Use NULL instead 0 for a pointer argument
110c433 net: fix a race in sock_queue_err_skb()
c504cbb defconfig: 9615: allow both hsic and usb to compile as modules.
4a7e7c2 netlink: fix races after skb queueing
e34fac1 doc, net: Update ndo_start_xmit return type and values
de7aca1 doc, net: Remove instruction to set net_device::trans_start
b3cf654 doc, net: Update netdev operation names
04fd3d3 doc, net: Update documentation of synchronisation for TX multiqueue
93b6a3a doc, net: Remove obsolete reference to dev->poll
b4f79e5 ethtool: Remove exception to the requirement of holding RTNL lock
b37fea4 msm: clock: Make sure clock parents are set before handoff
e1482bf msm: Consolidate set-up of 'children' lists in msm_clock_init()
8c9dc38 msm: clock: Move lateinit clock handoff code out of SKIP_AUTO_OFF check
a15833b msm: clock: Clean up handoff function return values
b64888f msm: clock: Split up struct clock_init_data's init() functions
27d7b30 ASoC: msm: Add volume support for compressed and pcm driver
35fe2e7 blackfin: update defconfig for bf527-ezkit
e8c5c6d blackfin: gpio: fix compile error if !CONFIG_GPIOLIB
95fc2d8 blackfin: fix L1 data A overflow link issue
6fdf4be msm_fb: display: Create hdmi_as_primary node for boot parameter case
fd8655c power: pm8921-bms: adjust the pon ocv
3bdc9ba mmc: use really long write timeout to deal with crappy cards
8c2fc8e mmc: sdhci-dove: Fix compile error by including module.h
4188bba mmc: Prevent 1.8V switch for SD hosts that don't support UHS modes.
79263f3 Revert "mmc: sdhci-pci: Add MSI support"
84e41d2 Revert "mmc: sdhci-pci: add quirks for broken MSI on O2Micro controllers"
93fc5a4 mmc: core: fix power class selection
fc307df mmc: omap_hsmmc: fix module re-insertion
b796450 mmc: omap_hsmmc: convert to module_platform_driver
efa25fd mmc: omap_hsmmc: make it behave well as a module
927ce94 mmc: omap_hsmmc: trivial cleanups
92a3aeb mmc: omap_hsmmc: context save after enabling runtime pm
d59d77e mmc: omap_hsmmc: use runtime put sync in probe error patch
e841a7c mmc: sdio: Use empty system suspend/resume callbacks at the bus level
6500c8e mmc: bus: print bus speed mode of UHS-I card
210b7d2 mmc: sdhci-pci: add quirks for broken MSI on O2Micro controllers
eb91b91 mmc: sh_mmcif: Simplify calculation of mmc->f_min
930f152 mmc: sh_mmcif: mmc->f_max should be half of the bus clock
f938825 mmc: sh_mmcif: double clock speed
5865f28 mmc: block: Remove use of mmc_blk_set_blksize
faf8180 mmc: atmel-mci: add support for odd clock dividers
33ab4bb mmc: atmel-mci: r/w proof capability only available since v2xx
66292ad mmc: atmel-mci: correct data timeout computation
9f4e815 mmc: sdhci-s3c: Enable runtime power management
d5e9c02 mmc: sdhci-s3c: Use CONFIG_PM_SLEEP to ifdef system suspend
9bda6da mmc: sdhci-s3c: use devm_ functions
1d4dc33 mmc: sdhci-s3c: Keep a copy of platform data and use it
0d22c77 mmc: sdhci-s3c: derive transfer width host cap from max_width in platdata
3119936a mmc: sdhci-s3c: Remove usage of clk_type member in platform data
064bbf8 msm: mpq8064: Add machine type and 8064 board support for mpq cdp
84fdb11 msm: kgsl: Create a separate pool for mapping kgsl allocations
935e6a5 msm: iommu: Enable use of TTBR1 register of IOMMU
44c14c1 MAINTAINERS: update for Marvell Ethernet drivers
5a43097 bonding: properly unset current_arp_slave on slave link up
bcf1b70 phonet: Check input from user before allocating
35f9c09 tcp: tcp_sendpages() should call tcp_push() once
31d68e7 perf annotate: Validate addr in symbol__inc_addr_samples
a2bd114 netdma: adding alignment check for NETDMA ops
dac23b0 memcg swap: use mem_cgroup_uncharge_swap fix
6ede3d8 backlight: add driver for DA9052/53 PMIC v1
6e61ee3 C6X: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
389325b MAINTAINERS: add entry for sparse checker
2561b06 alpha: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
234e340 simple_open: automatically convert to simple_open()
9b3ae64 scripts/coccinelle/api/simple_open.cocci: semantic patch for simple_open()
20955e8 libfs: add simple_open()
7563ec4 hugetlbfs: remove unregister_filesystem() when initializing module
fd835d1 drivers/rtc/rtc-88pm860x.c: fix rtc irq enable callback
44c8249 fs/xattr.c:setxattr(): improve handling of allocation failures
0d08d7b fs/xattr.c:listxattr(): fall back to vmalloc() if kmalloc() failed
703bf2d fs/xattr.c: suppress page allocation failure warnings from sys_listxattr()
b82c328 sysrq: use SEND_SIG_FORCED instead of force_sig()
99663be proc: fix mount -t proc -o AAA
f26df1a ioatdma: DMA copy alignment needed to address IOAT DMA silicon errata
21b764e ioat: ring size variables need to be 32bit to avoid overflow
f0bd4cd msm_fb: display: Epson ebi2 panel support
8493fe1 perf hists browser: Fix NULL deref in hists browsing code
63fa471 perf hists: Catch and handle out-of-date hist entry maps.
8b84a56 perf annotate: Fix hist decay
4bea8b5 perf top: Add intel_idle to the skip list
3fec6b6 ASoC: set idle_bias_off=1 for all platform DAPM contexts
38ad6e1 msm: board-msm7x27a: Increase Idle timeout
528aa46 msm: kgsl: Do not dereference pointer before checking against NULL
a48794b msm: 9615: Add display support to board file
c2f2bcc msm: 9615: Add ebi2 lcd device support to device file
226b429 msm_fb: HDMI: Enhance EDID parser to read physical address
1ac02d7 ARM: fix __io macro for PCMCIA
2bec977 msm: bam_dmux: send ack to A2 for 9615 fallback
135f3e0 mfd: pm8xxx-misc: Make pm8xxx_preload_dVdd a no-op for PM8901 rev 2.3
e41d1db mfd: pmic8901: Add revision ID values for PM8901 rev 2.2 and 2.3
78a85d3 defconfig: copper: Enable slimbus support for copper board
66f3b91 Bluetooth: Fix userspace compatibility issue with mgmt interface
54f7007 ACPI processor: Use safe_halt() rather than halt() in acpi_idle_play_dead()
4eb6b3c msm: rpm_resources.c: Compare sleep time with idle state overhead time
630bd14 msm:board: Remove HSIC related configuration for 8930
6e36241 msm: kgsl: Add a pwrscale policy to interact with msm_dcvs
e087592 KVM: Resolve RCU vs. async page fault problem
b72233f usb: mdm_bridge: Fix premature auto suspend on Rx data path
7a4f5ad KVM: VMX: vmx_set_cr0 expects kvm->srcu locked
fea5295 KVM: PMU: Fix integer constant is too large warning in kvm_pmu_set_msr()
f011fd1 ARM: EXYNOS: Fix compiler warning in dma.c file
e1b1994 ARM: EXYNOS: fix ISO C90 warning
66bb2a7 ASoC: imx-audmux: Check for NULL pointer
00792ac ASoC: imx-audmux: Fix ssi port numbers in sysfs
6d27f09 mtip32xx: fix error handling in mtip_init()
a8417e6 Bluetooth: Ensure socket pointer is set during callback
7525872 crypto: ixp4xx - include fix
25c3d30 crypto: sha512 - Fix byte counter overflow in SHA-512
6b1c762 drm/exynos: add format list of plane
1f99e44 ASoC: ak4642: fixup: mute needs +1 step
5e2f7d6 GFS2: Make sure rindex is uptodate before starting transactions
5a16aef msm: kgsl: Use highest perf level on wake-up from sleep
4ce107cc ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Fix wrong SYSC_TYPE1_XXX_MASK bit definitions
f9a2f9c ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Make omap_hwmod_softreset wait for reset status
2800852 ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Restore sysc after a reset
2a1cc14 ARM: OMAP2+: omap_hwmod: Allow io_ring wakeup configuration for all modules
be1a739 msm: clock-8960: Add xo mapping for msm_xo driver
093e7fd msm: board-msm7627a-wlan: Enable QRD3 and QRD7 wifi
e25bde4 [media] rc: Add support for GPIO based IR Receiver driver
620f6e8 sysctl: fix write access to dmesg_restrict/kptr_restrict
78d5021 ipv6: fix array index in ip6_mc_add_src()
71731d5 radio: iris: Implement new radio IOCTLs.
1c20e3f usb: diag: Avoid NULL pointer dereference in debugfs
117980c mlx4: allocate just enough pages instead of always 4 pages
212ab36 msm: qdss: enable qdss support for 8064
e10a77c msm: qdss: switch to using qdss apis in the etm driver
f6fe918 msm: qdss: separate initialization of different drivers
1403f2a msm: qdss: add support for qdss_get/put and qdss_enable/disable
af0c7ca msm: camera: Add proper error handling during msm_open
ead426f msm: watchdog: Add support for in-kernel bark FIQ for MSM9615
4a771c5 arm: gic: Add empty stub for gic_set_irq_secure function
d657784 sparc32,leon: fix leon build
c29554f sparc/mm/fault_32.c: Port OOM changes to do_sparc_fault
7358e51 sparc/mm/fault_64.c: Port OOM changes to do_sparc64_fault
03f2eec stmmac: re-add IFF_UNICAST_FLT for dwmac1000
ca7b91b bnx2x: Clear MDC/MDIO warning message
f93fb01 bnx2x: Fix BCM57711+BCM84823 link issue
99bf7f3 bnx2x: Clear BCM84833 LED after fan failure
8267bbb bnx2x: Fix BCM84833 PHY FW version presentation
59a2e53 bnx2x: Fix link issue for BCM8727 boards.
9379c9b bnx2x: Restore 1G LED on BCM57712+BCM8727 designs.
25182fc bnx2x: Fix BCM578x0-SFI pre-emphasis settings
6a51c0d bnx2x: Fix BCM57810-KR AN speed transition
ca05f29 bnx2x: Fix BCM57810-KR FC
27d9129 bnx2x: PFC fix
d89c0e7 video: msm: Load correct default values to QSEED at init
c04c1b9 regmap: prevent division by zero in rbtree_show
857504d sky2: copy received packets on inefficient unaligned architecture
234bcf8 net/bonding: correctly proxy slave neigh param setup ndo function
2af73d4 net/bonding: emit address change event also in bond_release
acdd598 sctp: Allow struct sctp_event_subscribe to grow without breaking binaries
c8357a9 msm: msm_xo: Fix scheduling while atomic bug
69177e1 msm: subsystem_restart: Make subsystem_restart interrupt context safe
5897a39 ARM: OMAP3: clock data: fill in some missing clockdomains
6c4a057 ARM: OMAP4: clock data: Force a DPLL clkdm/pwrdm ON before a relock
91a290c ARM: OMAP4: clock data: fix mult and div mask for USB_DPLL
8b8c3c7 ARM: OMAP2+: powerdomain: Wait for powerdomain transition in pwrdm_state_switch()
5066a5f msm_fb: HDMI: Support VCDB parsing of EDID data
f6349ae msm: subsystem_restart: Prevent suspend from occuring during a restart
4a3398e gpio: tegra: Iterate over the correct number of banks
5c1e2c9 gpio: tegra: fix register address calculations for Tegra30
6e73f0a msm: Display: Add support for backlight control on 8930 chipset.
194a4b5 msm: board-8930: Add LED trigger for Backlight control.
da6fa7a ASoC: WCD9310: Add 5ms delay during slimbus port shutdown
9d69ac3 msm: copper: Add target specific dts files
aae56f9 pm8xxx: misc: correct typo for aux clock division
677dbbd of: spmi: Verify that nodes are available before creating devices
2d1f631 EXYNOS: fix dependency for EXYNOS_CPUFREQ
dcce6ce ARM: at91: dt: remove unit-address part for memory nodes
0c2c1f6 ARM: at91: fix check of valid GPIO for SPI and USB
9475375 USB: ehci-atmel: add needed of.h header file
c16524e ARM: at91/NAND DT bindings: add comments
4352808 ARM: at91/at91sam9x5.dtsi: fix NAND ale/cle in DT file
1887ab2b USB: ohci-at91: trivial return code name change
0ee6d1e USB: ohci-at91: change maximum number of ports
aaf9f5f USB: ohci-at91: rework and fix initialization
74adcb2 ARM: at91/dts: USB host vbus is active low
cca0355 ARM: at91/USB host: specify and handle properly vbus_pin_active_low
1e7caf8 USB: ohci-at91: fix vbus_pin_active_low handling
6aa5106 ARM: EXYNOS: use chip_id reg in uncompress to select uart base phys
59269b9 ARM: OMAP AM3517/3505: clock data: change EMAC clocks aliases
5cae431 msm: board-msm7627a-bt: Enable BT for QRD3 devices.
167d821 avr32: fix nop compile fails from system.h split up
0eb4fd9 ARM: OMAP: clock: fix race in disable all clocks
f3718a8 Revert "nouveau/bios: Fix tracking of BIOS image data"
503d0ea ARM: OMAP4: hwmod data: Add aliases for McBSP fclk clocks
a052d2c sh: fix clock-sh7757 for the latest sh_mobile_sdhi driver
b7c45f4 msm_fb: display: Enable pre-multiplied alpha for MDP303
ac38733 ARM: OMAP3xxx: clock data: fix DPLL4 CLKSEL masks
26c547f ARM: OMAP3xxx: HSMMC: avoid erratum workaround when transceiver is attached
7a82ebd ARM: OMAP44xx: clockdomain data: correct the emu_sys_clkdm CLKTRCTRL data
ec3e82d MCE, AMD: Drop too granulary family model checks
21f960c msm: 7x27a: audio: Increase PMEM AUDIO size.
fef9516 MAINTAINERS: Don't list everyone working on Wolfson drivers
6d969eb msm: board-qrd7x27a: Enable PM for QRD7 devices
ef7c394 msm: cpufreq: Move cpufreq table checking earlier
7b78f13 perf tools: Fix getrusage() related build failure on glibc trunk
98e604c msm: camera: Sensor sequence change in Makefile
719aaa9 board-msm7627a-io: Add keypad support for SKU3/SKU7 devices
ca6f327 serial/sunzilog: fix keyboard on SUN SPARCstation
1844c7c msm: 8660: Increase ION heap size for audio
839a1ad msm: camera: Fix for ZSL vfe configuration
8d8c2d1 board-8x60: Reserve memory for QSECOM ION heap
18e249a msm_fb: lvds: Fix uninitialized variable warnings
50ca18e msm: memory: Fix section mismatch warning
92452fe mmc: mmc_test: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
1475c93 radio-tavarua: Queue only the FM Shutdown work during FM Off
607fbf2 video: msm: wfd: Allow client to specify multiple slices per frame
cb7d4e7 msm: board-8064-display: Add v4l2 capture and writeback device for WFD.
e4b41fb Fix UNC parsing on mount
279188a net: usb: Fix premature auto suspend on Rx data path
a74acd6 msm: pil-riva: Simplify and fix CXO voting
96b55f6 msm: smsm: Fix race condition in SMSM notification
e21a723 msm: pm-boot: Remove write boot vector function for 8625
798fe55 msm_serial_hs_lite: Decouple line number from device ID
87436bd of: spmi: Remove excessive loop in dev-container traversal
e16de91 hwmon: (ad7314) Adds missing spi_dev initialization
d96fc65 netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix count leak in error path of __nf_conntrack_alloc
ee14186 netfilter: xt_CT: fix missing put timeout object in error path
a609f1d Bluetooth: Allow AMP move to wait for Cfm Rsp before LL complete
ca53e44 netfilter: xt_CT: allocation has to be GFP_ATOMIC under rcu_read_lock section
cff4c16 r8169: enable napi on resume.
1023807 Remove unnecessary check for NULL in password parser
f2ed5ee bnx2x: correction to firmware interface
b330014 phy:icplus:fix Auto Power Saving in ip101a_config_init.
1707d4a msm: 8064: Modify tabla interrupt base address
bf03085 e1000e: Guarantee descriptor writeback flush success.
bb9e44d e1000e: prevent oops when adapter is being closed and reset simultaneously
aacc1be ixgbe: driver fix for link flap
e640e84 qseecom: Enable DFAB clock during bus scaling.
a998d43 bpf jit: Let the x86 jit handle negative offsets
f03fb3f bpf jit: Make the filter.c::__load_pointer helper non-static for the jits
5d6bd86 TCP: update ip_local_port_range documentation
4d05561 msm: krait-l2-accessor: Add missing barriers
2f53384 tcp: allow splice() to build full TSO packets
e675f0c ppp: Don't stop and restart queue on every TX packet
2def16a net: fix /proc/net/dev regression
e72c45d msm: rpm: Replace mutex_lock_interruptible with mutex_lock
06ebad5 video: msm: wfd: Remove the need for scratch buffer by VSG
198a06c msm: vidc: Remove vcd restriction of duplicate input buffer queue
8eb9111 board: 8930: enable touchscreen for all form factors
1512f0d ARM: OMAP: fix section mismatches in usb-host.c
b7782d3 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix omap2+ build error
ba093a2 include: msm_mdp: Add new histogram IOCTL parameters
5b3689f ARM: OMAP2+: smsc911x: Add fixed board regulators
bdacbce ARM: OMAP2+: smsc911x: Remove regulator support from gmpc-smsc911x
a297068 ARM: OMAP2+: smsc911x: Remove unused rate calculation
a0dbf2a ARM: OMAP2+ smsc911x: Fix possible stale smsc911x flags
54da078 ARM: OMAP2+: smsc911x: Remove odd gpmc_cfg/board_data redirection
d626dad Input: sentelic - filter taps in absolute mode
79026ff Input: tps6507x-ts - fix MODULE_ALIAS to match driver name
b61c37f lsm_audit: don't specify the audit pre/post callbacks in 'struct common_audit_data'
3f0882c SELinux: do not allocate stack space for AVC data unless needed
f8294f1 SELinux: remove avd from slow_avc_audit()
7f6a47c SELinux: remove avd from selinux_audit_data
48c62af LSM: shrink the common_audit_data data union
3b3b0e4 LSM: shrink sizeof LSM specific portion of common_audit_data
faa07c5 defconfig: msm8960: Enable cache dumping support
306bcc2 msm: Add support for cache dumping
61db75d drm/exynos: fixed duplicated page allocation bug.
dcf9af8 drm/exynos: fixed page align and code clean.
80c9bcf board-msm7x27a-storage: Do not add SDC3 and SDC4 for QRD3/7 devices
e466de0 regmap: Export regcache_sync_region()
a2b5414 USB: android: Fix missing USB DISCONNECT uevent
6c28490 MAINTAINERS: Add missing ASoC OMAP co-maintainer
62fb376 drm: Validate requested virtual size against allocated fb size
b4db1e3 drm/i915: treat src w & h as fixed point in sprite handling code
a0352b5 msm: board-8930-pmic: Add data to control RGB leds
c17c373 leds: pm8xxx: Add support for RGB leds
97effad drm/i915: no-lvds quirk on MSI DC500
927a2f1 drm/i915: Add lock on drm_helper_resume_force_mode
e02f14c drm/i915: don't leak struct_mutex lock on ppgtt init failures
44b52bc netfilter: xt_CT: remove a compile warning
12ec56a msm: board-msm7627a-audio: create separate board file for audio
4e5964b board-msm7627a-io: Add touch support for SKU7
592f5d8 KVM: PPC: Book3S: PR: Fix preemption
e1f8acf KVM: PPC: Save/Restore CR over vcpu_run
a5ddea0 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Save and restore CR in __kvmppc_vcore_entry
b4e5122 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix kvm_alloc_linear in case where no linears exist
b8e6f8a KVM: PPC: Book3S: Compile fix for ppc32 in HIOR access code
7b8e6da perf/x86/p4: Add format attributes
4ddc453f ARM: mm: add dmb in l2xo_resume
5020ad7 md/raid1,raid10: don't compare excess byte during consistency check.
c6d2e08 md/raid5: Fix a bug about judging if the operation is syncing or replacing
a42f9d8 md/raid1:Remove unnecessary rcu_dereference(conf->mirrors[i].rdev).
24b961f md: Avoid OOPS when reshaping raid1 to raid0
18b9837 md/raid5: fix handling of bad blocks during recovery.
beca98c9 ARM: fix lcd power build failure in collie_defconfig
ee5324e ARM: versatile: fix build failure in pci.c
489a27c USB: OTG: Reduce ACA ID polling timer period
f283d22 APM: fix deadlock in APM_IOC_SUSPEND ioctl
3259455 board: 8960: Reduce ION carveout heaps
2d19103 msm: Enable all IOMMU's
70b866b msm_fb: HDMI: Disable HDCP interrupts when starting deauthentication
92e58bb msm_fb: display: flush base layer pipe when solid fill is enabled
c0852b7 msm_fb: display: perform data flush for each data path separately
82e516f slim_msm: Add support for new version of slimbus controller core
e797f9d msm: timer: add stubs for idle entry and exit functions
2240eb4 sky2: dont overwrite settings for PHY Quick link
9b6110b msm:kgsl: set state as requested state when in NAP
c0d78c2 regulator: anatop: fix 'anatop_regulator' name collision
daebac2 msm: kgsl: Revert changes done for 8930 Phase2 bringup
77e6607 msm: kgsl: Properly enable the A3XX GPU busy power counter
e7c2b47 msm: board-copper: Add the ability to probe devices in order
83b0065 regulator: stub: Export init function for early probe
e95cee0 ASoC: pxa: pxa2xx-i2s: add io.h for IOMEM macro
cd15067 ASoC: tegra: ensure clocks are enabled when touching registers
f0cdcf3 ASoC: sgtl5000: Enable VAG when DAC/ADC up
994ff12 msm: 8064: Add regulator supply for DDR3 memory
f3f2b3e msm: spm: Update PMIC_DATA1 when changing voltage
b1a2283 defconfig: remove msm7627
085f1af tg3: Fix 5717 serdes powerdown problem
80da6a4 asm-generic: add linux/types.h to cmpxchg.h
f68c56b firewire: restore the device.h include in linux/firewire.h
9a78da1 frv: fix warnings in mb93090-mb00/pci-dma.c about implicit EXPORT_SYMBOL
9e5228c parisc: fix missing cmpxchg file error from system.h split
1512cdc blackfin: fix cmpxchg build fails from system.h fallout
3d92e05 avr32: fix build failures from mis-naming of atmel_nand.h
b443caf ARM: mach-msm: fix compile fail from system.h fallout
bf32fec openvswitch: Add length check when retrieving TCP flags.
712782e power: pm8921-charger: restore USB debounce time
2ecbec2 msm: acpuclock-8x60: Add support for 1.7 GHz devices
bae95c2 defconfig: fsm: Enable watchdog in fsm9xxx targets
0d45319 msm: board-msm7627a-io: Create separate board file for io devices
dbaeff8 msm: 9615: Fix USB PHY settings for eye-diagram test
0559d8d IB/core: Don't return EINVAL from sysfs rate attribute for invalid speeds
2e5d1d0 fmem: protect qcache statistics with lock
8a9472d input: atmel_mxt_ts: Zero out config version after firmware upgrade
412aedc input: atmel_mxt_ts: Move the logic to save objects locally to a function
8fadad7 Input: atmel_mxt_ts: Update config to newer version only
d2ef406 IB/mlx4: Don't return an invalid speed when a port is down
d46e8d0 msm_fb: display: remove #if 0
4d33c9c msm: clock-8960: Update gfx3d clk frequency plan for 8930
fec9cb4 defconfig: msm8960: enable fair group scheduler
00a62d4 drivers/net/ethernet/tile: fix netdev_alloc_skb() bombing
a9eb7cb msm: kgsl: Add KGSL_DEV_ERR_ONCE helper macro for logging
1540f31 arm: oprofile: Add OProfile support for 7x27a or Cortex A5 cpu type
91445c7 MAINTAINERS: update EDAC information
9279567 tilepro ethernet driver: fix a few minor issues
16418bb tile-srom.c driver: minor code cleanup
e2e110d edac: say "TILEGx" not "TILEPro" for the tilegx edac driver
e1d5c019 arch/tile: avoid accidentally unmasking NMI-type interrupt accidentally
b1760c8 arch/tile: remove bogus performance optimization
cdd8e16 arch/tile: return SIGBUS for addresses that are unaligned AND invalid
54229ff arch/tile: fix finv_buffer_remote() for tilegx
ab306ca arch/tile: use atomic exchange in arch_write_unlock()
b14f219 arch/tile: stop mentioning the "kvm" subdirectory
e81510e arch/tile: export the page_home() function.
918cbd3 arch/tile: fix pointer cast in cacheflush.c
2858f85 arch/tile: fix single-stepping over swint1 instructions on tilegx
cb210ee arch/tile: implement panic_smp_self_stop()
8c92ba6 arch/tile: add "nop" after "nap" to help GX idle power draw
bfffe79 arch/tile: use proper memparse() for "maxmem" options
719ea79 arch/tile: fix up locking in pgtable.c slightly
5f22070 arch/tile: don't leak kernel memory when we unload modules
444eef1 arch/tile: fix bug in delay_backoff()
7a7039e arch/tile: fix bug in loading kernels larger than 16 MB
b230ff2 arch/tile: don't enable irqs unconditionally in page fault handler
12400f1 arch/tile: don't set the homecache of a PTE unless appropriate
4829273 arch/tile: don't wait for migrating PTEs in an NMI handler
6731aa9 arch/tile/Makefile: use KCFLAGS when figuring out the libgcc path.
51bcdf8 arch/tile: fix a couple of comments that needed updating
a714fff arch/tile: fix up some minor trap handling issues
e172353 arch/tile: work around a hardware issue with the return-address stack
5f639fd arch/tile: various bugs in stack backtracer
efb734d arch/tile: make sure to build memcpy_user_64 without frame pointer
b287f69 arch/tile: avoid false corrupt frame warning in early boot
cbe2247 arch/tile: use 0 for IRQ_RESCHEDULE instead of 1
664c100 arch/tile: fix gcc 4.6 warnings in
07feea8 arch/tile: revert comment for atomic64_add_unless().
327e8b6 arch/tile: fix typo in
884197f arch/tile/Kconfig: don't specify CONFIG_PAGE_OFFSET for 64-bit builds
3d1e8a8 arch/tile/Kconfig: rename tile_defconfig to tilepro_defconfig
8d69514 arch/tile/Kconfig: remove pointless "!M386" test.
34f2c0a tile: fix multiple build failures from system.h dismantle
83e3fa6 irq_work: fix compile failure on MIPS from system.h split
7f989ac usb: dwc3: USB_DWC3_MSM not auto select USB_GADGET_SUPERSPEED
b01e3c7 usb: dwc3: add USB_DWC3_MSM peripheral controller choice.
7a4302a ARM: armadillo5x0: Fix smsc911x driver probe
ccdf327 ARM: kzm_arm11_01: Fix smsc911x driver probe
954c59a ARM: mx31lilly: Fix smsc911x driver probe
da21d4d ARM: mx31lite: Fix smsc911x driver probe
fd36dfb ARM: mx53ard: Fix smsc911x driver probe
650dc07 drm/i915: disable ppgtt on snb when dmar is enabled
cc22a93 drm/i915: add Ivy Bridge GT2 Server entries
3d2c24c leds-pm8xxx: Add check for PMIC version
b86f370 msm: pm2: Use PER CPU variable to log the idle stats
558c0ce msm: pm2: Change the initialization sequence of "msm_pm_init_done"
8fda449 msm: pm2: Use a different kernel API to get the sleep length
feedeae msm: pm-boot: Use different memory API to allocate block of memory
dba69d1 x86, kvm: Call restore_sched_clock_state() only after %gs is initialized
0dd90aa microblaze: Fix ret_from_fork declaration
0fc7374 microblaze: Do not use tlb_skip in early_printk
e199fd4 drm/radeon: Don't dereference possibly-NULL pointer.
fa9e855 mm, drm/udl: fixup vma flags on mmap
402976f drm/radeon/kms: fix fans after resume
d06221c nouveau/bios: Fix tracking of BIOS image data
ea71f98 nouveau: Fix crash when pci_ram_rom() returns a size of 0
aabb74c msm_fb: display: Enable mixer1 writeback for video downscale use cases
7bd9523 ARM: at91/at91sam9x5: add clkdev entries for DMA controllers
c22ace3 board-msm8x60: display: Fix writeback memory size
40c6104 drm/nouveau: select POWER_SUPPLY
0eb043d Subject: [PATCH] tags.sh: Add missing quotes
bfb5f55 ARM: mx35: Fix registration of camera clock
f0df875 ARM: 3ds_debugboard: Fix smsc911x driver probe
31e1a4e MX2: Fix mx2_camera clock regression.
eb26e87 ARM: mach-mx35_3ds: Fix build warning due to the lack of 'const' annotation
d9863eb usb: Vote against power collapse when USB cable is connected
e8de95d board: 8930: Add support for isa1200 haptic chip
a5e1928 usb: gadget: Increase usb buffers to boost dun performance
3f4b302 msm: camera: Fix for camera crash
94656c1 Revert "fmem: reinitialize some qcache data upon returning to T-state"
07c82d6 msm_fb: display: Assign proper destination rectangles to mdp blit
9b218f6 powerpc/eeh: Fix use of set_current_state() in eeh event handling set_current_state() wart
37ef9bd powerpc/eeh: Remove eeh_event_handler()->daemonize()
95327d0 powerpc/kvm: Fallout from system.h disintegration
cad3c83 powerpc: Fix fallout from system.h split up
059378e powerpc: Mark const init data with __initconst instead of __initdata
c681622 msm: pm2: fix the bug in standalone idle statistics
78fb72f net: usb: cdc_eem: fix mtu
10b9194 net: sh_eth: fix endian check for architecture independent
6bafd64 usb/rtl8150 : Remove duplicated definitions
acc6563 rionet: fix page allocation order of rionet_active
3f8c91a via-rhine: fix wait-bit inversion.
cbf3efe defconfig: 9615: Enable CONFIG_THERMAL_PM8XXX for PMIC thermal alarm
5220ea1 md/raid1: If md_integrity_register() failed,run() must free the mem
0366ef8 md/raid0: If md_integrity_register() fails, raid0_run() must free the mem.
98d5561 md/linear: If md_integrity_register() fails, linear_run() must free the mem.
8551f3f ARM: S3C24XX: fix missing common.h in mach-s3c24xx/
407ac95 Documentation: Add sysfs ABI change for cfq's target latency.
5bf14c0 block: Make cfq_target_latency tunable through sysfs.
72331bc ipv6: Fix RTM_GETROUTE's interpretation of RTA_IIF to be consistent with ipv4
e897f84 msm: Add watchdog support in fsm9xxx targets
2533e82 sparc: pgtable_64: change include order
450aed7 m68k/q40: Add missing platform check before registering platform devices
6cfeba5 m68k/mac: Add missing platform check before registering platform devices
7224c0d m68k: include asm/cmpxchg.h in our m68k atomic.h
cdaf0b8 net: lpc_eth: Fix rename of dev_hw_addr_random
6523cf9 net/netfilter/nfnetlink_acct.c: use linux/atomic.h
81213b5 rose_dev: fix memcpy-bug in rose_set_mac_address
464b57d Fix non TBI PHY access; a bad merge undid bug fix in a previous commit.
6737856 net/garp: avoid infinite loop if attribute already exists
52d7fa6 msm: msm_common: Add timeouts for boot and ramdump
3da02a9 msm: mdm: do not reset the external modem on second power up
66189be CIFS: Fix VFS lock usage for oplocked files
9ebb389 Revert "CIFS: Fix VFS lock usage for oplocked files"
fbc729a hwmon: (k10temp) Add support for AMD Trinity CPUs
6f7805a hwmon: (w83627ehf) mark const init data with __initconst instead of __initdata
31e354e hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) fix lockdep spew due to non-static lock class
ce15a81 hwmon: (adm1031) Fix compiler warning
6394011 hwmon: (f75375s) Fix warning message seen in some configurations
52f30f7 hwmon: (max6639) Convert to dev_pm_ops
be45d42 hwmon: (sht15) Fix Kconfig dependencies
c1a1260 hwmon: (gpio-fan) Fix Kconfig dependencies
4b4e9e4 regmap: rbtree: Fix register default look-up in sync
e77166b drm/i915: properly clear SSC1 bit in the pch refclock init code
1c7eaac drm/i915: apply CS reg readback trick against missed IRQ on snb
25e341c drm/i915: quirk away broken OpRegion VBT
aa46419 drm/i915: enable plain RC6 on Sandy Bridge by default
83b7f9a drm/i915: allow to select rc6 modes via kernel parameter
7dd4906 drm/i915: Mark untiled BLT commands as fenced on gen2/3
55a254a drm/i915: properly restore the ppgtt page directory on resume
f47166d drm/i915: Sanitize BIOS debugging bits from PIPECONF
a91fab5 usb: gadget: change HSIC voting to xo.
25c4a0b msm: pil: Break off DSPS support into separate driver
a316a96 msm: copper: Add support for SLIMBUS controller
d041f98 msm: clock-8960: Add device names for 8064 VPE clocks
ff2d15d defconfig: apq8064: Enable EPM driver
b9df494 msm: Add EPM board changes for APQ8064
dd775ae Linux 3.4-rc1
2545e07 cifs: writing past end of struct in cifs_convert_address()
b2a3ad9 cifs: silence compiler warnings showing up with gcc-4.7.0
b5efb97 CIFS: Fix VFS lock usage for oplocked files
0873d0f power: pm8921-charger: do not open OVP on USB suspend
fd0df3c msm_fb:display: add display support for mdm platform
c0d0259 vfs: fix out-of-date dentry_unhash() comment
bad6118 vfs: split __lookup_hash
81e6f52 untangling do_lookup() - take __lookup_hash()-calling case out of line.
a325554 untangling do_lookup() - switch to calling __lookup_hash()
a6ecdfc untangling do_lookup() - merge d_alloc_and_lookup() callers
ec335e9 untangling do_lookup() - merge failure exits in !dentry case
d774a05 untangling do_lookup() - massage !dentry case towards __lookup_hash()
08b0ab7 untangling do_lookup() - get rid of need_reval in !dentry case
acc9cb3 untangling do_lookup() - eliminate a loop.
37c17e1 untangling do_lookup() - expand the area under ->i_mutex
3f6c7c7 untangling do_lookup() - isolate !dentry stuff from the rest of it.
cda309d vfs: move MAY_EXEC check from __lookup_hash()
3637c05 vfs: don't revalidate just looked up dentry
fa4ee15 vfs: fix d_need_lookup/d_revalidate order in do_lookup
4613ad1 ext3: move headers to fs/ext3/
f7699f2 migrate ext2_fs.h guts to fs/ext2/ext2.h
39429c5 new helper: ext2_image_size()
2f99c36 get rid of pointless includes of ext2_fs.h
4a165d2 ext2: No longer export ext2_fs.h to user space
00292bb mtdchar: kill persistently held vfsmount
22a71c3 pstore: trim pstore_get_inode()
a2e1859 aio: take final put_ioctx() into callers of io_destroy()
06af121 aio: merge aio_cancel_all() with wait_for_all_aios()
a1c2aa1 selinuxfs: merge dentry allocation into sel_make_dir()
c9651e7 ASPM: Fix pcie devices with non-pcie children
30ad10b Revert "usb: msm_otg: Migrate to clock apis for XO voting"
d49fe3c regulator: Remove non-existent parameter from fixed-helper.c kernel doc
cdb0f9a selinux: inline avc_audit() and avc_has_perm_noaudit() into caller
a554bea selinux: don't inline slow-path code into avc_has_perm_noaudit()
3872c48 tick: Document TICK_ONESHOT config option
546e784 regulator: Fix setting new voltage in s5m8767_set_voltage
5f12760 regulator: fix sysfs name collision between dummy and fixed dummy regulator
687b109 msm_fb : display : Add 60fps support for NT35516 qHD panel
6308191 tracing, sched, vfs: Fix 'old_pid' usage in trace_sched_process_exec()
1f2377c msm: pm2: Program the top csr to put core1 into GDFS.
f117601 Revert "USB: gadget: Enable streaming mode support in hardware"
e3831ed sched: Fix incorrect usage of for_each_cpu_mask() in select_fallback_rq()
6d00889 ARM: fix more fallout from 9f97da78bf (Disintegrate asm/system.h for ARM)
b57db9e power: pm8921-charger: avoid schedule while atomic bug
30edcea mmc: core: fix power class selection
f878d0b virtio-pci: switch to PM ops macro to initialise PM functions
04c2322 virtio-pci: S3 support
0517fdd virtio-pci: drop restore_common()
f38f838 virtio: drop thaw PM operation
e47d854 virtio: balloon: Allow stats update after restore from S4
bde4d8b sparc32: fix fallout from system.h removal
5f0c641 msm: display: Set max MDP bandwidths for larger primary resolutions
5d332a4 Bluetooth: Fix Low energy Proximity path loss threshold alert
34c2d96 msm: acpuclock-8960: Confirm power-collapse before disabling CPU clocks
a5f1aab qseecom: Add error checks and logs
b7092f1 power: pm8921-bms: calibrate ocv only when it changes
fe36d23 power: pm8921-bms: approach fcc if outside the scope
f6fdcaa0 power: pm8921-bms: scale rbatt with temperature and soc
c480138 Documentation: fix typo in ABI/stable/sysfs-driver-usb-usbtmc
78286cd Documentation: replace install commands with softdeps
970e248 Documentation: remove references to /etc/modprobe.conf
0960152 Documentation: input.txt: clarify mousedev 'cat' command syntax
9a7c48b Documentation: CodingStyle: add inline assembly guidelines
21106b0 Documentation: sysrq: Crutcher Dunnavant is unavailable
673d29f Documentation: mention scripts/diffconfig tool
f52a759 Documentation: remove 'mach' from dontdiff file
cc4d22a spi/imx: mark base member in spi_imx_data as __iomem
5039a86 spi/mpc83xx: fix NULL pdata dereference bug
9232b9b spi/davinci: Fix DMA API usage in davinci
327ef2e spi/pL022: include types.h to remove compilation warnings
d3c7de5 ARM: clps711x: fix missing include file
86dfe44 ARM: fix builds due to missing includes
1728313 Asoc: msm: Configure sampling rate to 48KHz for quad-mic topology
ff6bfa8 msm: display: Attach MDP IOMMU during first update after boot
f5cb92a genirq: Adjust irq thread affinity on IRQ_SET_MASK_OK_NOCOPY return value
072a51f Bluetooth: Hold ref on hci_conn when setting up A2MP fixed channel
f879bb0 platform-drivers: msm: sps: add new features on NDP-BAM/BAM-Lite
2fd017a msm: board 8960 and 8064: Increase ion heap size for audio.
344e222 ACPI throttling: fix endian bug in acpi_read_throttling_status()
c264c65 Disable MCP limit exceeded messages from Intel IPS driver
3eb8d70 ARM: fix bios32.c build warning
b60e7f6 ACPI video: Don't start video device until its associated input device has been allocated
ea9f885 ACPI video: Harden video bus adding.
40380f1 ia64: Fixup asm/cmpxchg.h
50f02e2 msm:vidc: update default output buffer requirement
b9bfe29 msm: smem_log: Use sched_clock() for SMEM Log Timestamp
3ef84a5 msm: Display: Fix reference count for DSI clocks for DSI command mode.
f8f603b slim_msm: Add Device Tree support for Qualcomm SLIMBUS controller
7e42e7f slimbus: Add Device Tree support for SLIMBUS
c0e9afc x86: Use -mno-avx when available
ef9d75e msm: board-msm8930: Configure GPU power levels
ffc9e3f defconfig: copper: Turn on SPI functionality
1665335 msm: smem_log: Handle uninitialized logs
65f3e56 perf tools: Remove auto-generated bison/flex files
4594296 msm: v4l2: use new IOMMU mapping API.
0a80147 ARM: 7068/1: process: change from __backtrace to dump_stack in show_regs
92fd918 ALSA: asihpi - fix return value of hpios_locked_mem_alloc()
cb85a6e proc: stats: Use arch_idle_time for idle and iowait times if available
aa2bf9b itimer: Schedule silent NULL pointer fixup in setitimer() for removal
2cee571 HID: tivo: fix support for bluetooth version of tivo Slide
354fa22 scripts/patch-kernel: digest kernel.org hosted .xz patches
9875c42 merge_config.sh: Add option to display redundant configs
55cae30 merge_config.sh: Set execute bit
186cfc7 msm_camera: Handle setEffect while configuring 0v7692 sensor.
6159c62 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix buffer overflow conditions
d77f8b7 msm: 7x27a: audio: Reduce LPA buffer size.
1416711 msm: board-msm7627a-bt: Add support to enable BT on QRD7
5a4f5da5 ARM: 7337/1: ptrace: fix ptrace_read_user for !CONFIG_MMU platforms
3248877 drm: base prime/dma-buf support (v5)
fa0d1db ARM: fix missing bug.h include in arch/arm/kernel/insn.c
b12bb29 serial: sh-sci: use serial_port_in/out vs sci_in/out.
d9d5454 ARM: sa11x0: fix build errors from DMA engine API updates
cd34e20 sh: vsyscall: Fix up .eh_frame generation.
87c34ed sh: dma: Fix up device attribute mismatch from sysdev fallout.
8bcb6c7 block: use lockdep_assert_held for queue locking
da47f4a sh: dwarf unwinder depends on SHcompact.
f03c486 sh: fix up fallout from system.h disintegration.
90c0d80 microblaze: Add missing headers caused by disintegration asm/system.h
ac64a9c microblaze: Fix stack usage in PAGE_SIZE copy_tofrom_user
75cf6b8 Revert "msm: display: Backlight control on 8x25 EVB"
ff7f5a5 Revert "usb: msm7k_udc: Add delay upon request dequeue failure"
c2ee83a WLAN: WCN1314: Add shutdown handler support.
d1ff4b1 ACPI: Add support for exposing BGRT data
f2d4753 ACPI: export acpi_kobj
8cdde12 ACPI: Fix logic for removing mappings in 'acpi_unmap'
37d2a36 CPER failed to handle generic error records with multiple sections
3723997 ACPI: Clean redundant codes in scan.c
9505626 ACPI: Fix unprotected smp_processor_id() in acpi_processor_cst_has_changed()
e252675 ACPI: consistently use should_use_kmap()
41dd397 board-qrd7627a: Add ft5x06 device for QRD7
56a1a5d input: atmel_mxt_ts: Fix to reject coordinates outside active touch area
1e3cab2 [S390] Fix build errors (fallout from system.h disintegration)
89e96ad PNPACPI: Fix device ref leaking in acpi_pnp_match
ac909ec ACPI: Fix use-after-free in acpi_map_lsapic
c80f5b3 ACPI: processor_driver: add missing kfree
15afae6 ACPI, APEI: Fix incorrect APEI register bit width check and usage
6ef19ab Update documentation for parameter *notrigger* in einj.txt
ee49089 ACPI, APEI, EINJ, new parameter to control trigger action
185210c ACPI, APEI, EINJ, limit the range of einj_param
7ed28f2 ACPI, APEI, Fix ERST header length check
02401c0 cpuidle: power_usage should be declared signed integer
1a022e3 idle, x86: Allow off-lined CPU to enter deeper C states
9f324bd ACPI: Add CPU hotplug support for processor device objects
f636520 x86: Remove the ancient and deprecated disable_hlt() and enable_hlt() facility
c6436f5a ACPI / PM: print physical addresses consistently with other parts of kernel
9bcb811 ACPI: Evaluate thermal trip points before reading temperature
d85b554 msm_fb: HDMI: Fix bug in mutex handling
b24e509 ACPI, PCI: Move acpi_dev_run_wake() to ACPI core
6e611f2 Revert "mmc: sdio: optimized SDIO IRQ handling for single irq"
e075105 cpuidle: remove unused 'governor_data' field
db70b04 cpuidle: remove useless array definition in cpuidle_structure
fc850f3 cpuidle: use the driver's state_count as default
3a53396 cpuidle: add a sysfs entry to disable specific C state for debug purpose.
0090def ACPI: Add interface to register/unregister device to/from power resources
3ebc81b ACPI: Introduce ACPI D3_COLD state support
5aa3c16 ACPICA: Update to version 20120320
6a99b1c ACPICA: Object repair code: Support to add Package wrappers
f182394 Input: wacom - check for allocation failure in probe()
6fe0d06 ACPI: Make ACPI interrupt threaded
d6795fe ACPI: ec: Do request_region outside WARN()
8befc9f sparc: Fix even more fallout from system.h split.
7f55ba9 sparc: fix fallout from system.h split
393ff61 msm: pm2: Define a variable to update the power collapse status
4ac2376 msm: spm-v2: Support to reinitalize SPM registers
8f12191 cgroup: cgroup_attach_task() could return -errno after success
5b5f218 msm_fb: display: Unstage pipe from Mixer0 H/W on each unset call for 8660
7147801 msm: 8064: Increase pull-up strength for pmic gpio-keys
da31d04 msm: smd: Do not use wakelock for local DEM notifications
15aaa34 tools turbostat: harden against cpu online/offline
88c3281 tools turbostat: reduce measurement overhead due to IPIs
31134ef dt: Linux DT usage model documentation
5616131 ARM: pxa: fix build issue on stargate2
e947858 ARM: pxa: fix build issue on cm-x300
3e7503f msm: gss: Correct the ramdump segment addresses
804d231 ARM: pxa: fix build failure for regulator consumer in em-x270.c
16cdb41 gpu: ion: Map a range into the IOMMU
6268b32 Revert "ext4: don't release page refs in ext4_end_bio()"
9e9a2ac USB: OTG: Migrate to devm_regulator_get()
3751d3e x86,kgdb: Fix DEBUG_RODATA limitation using text_poke()
98b54aa kgdb,debug_core: pass the breakpoint struct instead of address and memory
23bbd8e kgdbts: (2 of 2) fix single step awareness to work correctly with SMP
486c598 kgdbts: (1 of 2) fix single step awareness to work correctly with SMP
456ca7f kgdbts: Fix kernel oops with CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA
78724b8 kdb: Fix smatch warning on dbg_io_ops->is_console
1d24fb3 x86 bpf_jit: fix a bug in emitting the 16-bit immediate operand of AND
7d26bb1 bonding: emit event when bonding changes MAC
e032b37 regulator: Fix deadlock on removal of regulators with supplies
93f3788 Fix ia64 build errors (fallout from system.h disintegration)
10bdfb5 pagemap: remove remaining unneeded spin_lock()
bc3f116 Btrfs: update the checks for mixed block groups with big metadata blocks
bd3480f msm: 8930: Fix sd card write-protect gpio polarity
d4886bc irqdomain/powerpc: updated defconfigs for VIRQ_DEBUG rename
092b2fb irqdomain: Remove powerpc dependency from debugfs file
65c536a msm: clock-8960: program PLL15 on 8930
64c17be perf annotate: Fix off by one symbol hist size allocation and hit accounting
5c2d5dc video: msm: wfd: Add support for multiple wfd device nodes
5bc44d5 msm: clock: Hook into clock tracepoints
714daf7 ARM: LPC32xx: clock.c: Fix lpc-eth clock reference
e23da03 tools turbostat: add summary option
6bc448a msm_fb: display: Add IOMMU support to MDP and rotator driver
87260cd msm_fb: display: Wait for external vsync before turning off DTV
4a9d338 msm_fb: display: Enable timing generator during first update
335aece ARM: OMAP: pm: fix compilation break
cb12982 percpu: use KERN_CONT in pcpu_dump_alloc_info()
867a929 msm: smem_log: Initialize SMEM_LOG SMEM entries independent of modem
7069c48 msm: smd: Add notifier chain to generate SMSM driver state notifications
6988cef msm: board-8064: Place the movable zone
c578ae0 ALSA: fix isa/opti9xx module param type
ec99aaf sound: fix oss/msnd_pinnacle module param type
ad50c15 cgroup: update MAINTAINERS entry
21235bd ARM: OMAP: Remove OMAP_GPIO_IRQ macro definition
e6801af drivers: input: Fix OMAP_GPIO_IRQ with gpio_to_irq() in ams_delta_serio_exit()
46a0a54 ARM: OMAP: boards: Fix OMAP_GPIO_IRQ usage with gpio_to_irq()
cc96aa7 perf tools: Add missing ref-cycles event back to event parser
e1f041e Btrfs: update to the right index of defragment
66c2689 Btrfs: do not bother to defrag an extent if it is a big real extent
17ce6ef Btrfs: add a check to decide if we should defrag the range
4cb13e5 Btrfs: fix recursive defragment with autodefrag option
1f12bd0 Btrfs: fix the mismatch of page->mapping
ecb8bea Btrfs: fix race between direct io and autodefrag
15d1ff8 Btrfs: fix deadlock during allocating chunks
2bcc032 Btrfs: show useful info in space reservation tracepoint
99dd549 x86: Preserve lazy irq disable semantics in fixup_irqs()
02bfc28 drm/nouveau: inform userspace of relaxed kernel subchannel requirements
acde2d8 Revert "drm/nouveau: inform userspace of new kernel subchannel requirements"
4a206ff drm/nouveau: oops, create m2mf for nvd9 too
fa1b42b powerpc/qe: Update the SNUM table for MPC8569 Rev2.0
8a57d73 powerpc/dts: Removed fsl,msi property from dts.
3b588c7 powerpc/epapr: add "memory" as a clobber to all hypercalls
2a78aeb powerpc/85xx: Enable I2C_CHARDEV and I2C_MPC options in defconfigs
2fc1fc0 powerpc/85xx: add the P1020UTM-PC DTS support
72ea4d4 powerpc/85xx: add the P1020MBG-PC DTS support
9cb6abc powerpc/8xxx: remove 85xx/86xx restrictions from fsl_guts.h
5f32d7a USB: Set AHB HPROT Mode to allow posted data writes
797a9d7 nfsd: only register cld pipe notifier when CONFIG_NFSD_V4 is enabled
5219a53 crypto: user - Fix size of netlink dump message
1e12299 crypto: user - Fix lookup of algorithms with IV generator
fbf0ca1 crypto: pcrypt - Use the online cpumask as the default
9612090 padata: Fix cpu hotplug
13614e0 padata: Use the online cpumask as the default
107f8bd padata: Add a reference to the api documentation
15c08f6 regulator: Fix comments in include/linux/regulator/machine.h
cee1a79 regulator: Only update [LDOx|DCx]_HIB_MODE bits in wm8350_[ldo|dcdc]_set_suspend_disable
e841a36 regulator: Fix setting low power mode for wm831x aldo
2e8b506 Bluetooth: btusb: typo in Broadcom SoftSailing id
ec0c427 futex: Mark get_robust_list as deprecated
bdbb776 futex: Do not leak robust list to unprivileged process
241fc64 genirq: Respect NUMA node affinity in setup_irq_irq affinity()
f3f79e3 genirq: Get rid of unneeded force parameter in irq_finalize_oneshot()
69592db genirq: Minor readablity improvement in irq_wake_thread()
2962012 diag: Add additional buffer for RIVA-APPS diag traffic.
8c44738 msm: copper: Add Android USB platform device
2aa111c msm_fb: display: Initialize work queue for MIPI command mode panels
960fec4 msm: mpm-8625: Disable interrupts for Idle PC
e9986f3 virtio-blk: Call revalidate_disk() upon online disk resize
0fc137a usb: gadget: fix USBCV - Chapter 9 test failure
b7e68d6 sh: Support I/O space swapping where needed.
3fa016a drm/i915: suspend fbdev device around suspend/hibernate
6135fc1 sched: Fix __schedule_bug() output when called from an interrupt
224d5fa msm: display: Backlight control on 8x25 EVB
615399c cpumask: remove old cpu_*_map.
5f054e3 documentation: remove references to cpu_*_map.
88d8cd5 drivers/cpufreq/db8500-cpufreq: remove references to cpu_*_map.
0b5f9c0 remove references to cpu_*_map in arch/
a3f23f9 Revert "msm: Disable PM2 for 8625 bringup"
1bc1d7c msm: pm2: Convert architecture define macros to 'cpu_is_xxx' calls.
eb90c92 hwmon: epm: Add file interface support
42d5920 msm: timer: Remove timer jumpback workaround on 8x30
6a72f52 vidc: memset only for non secure sesion
7ca4be4 Btrfs: don't use crc items bigger than 4KB
3c4bb26 Btrfs: flush out and clean up any block device pages during mount
65139ed btrfs: disallow unequal data/metadata blocksize for mixed block groups
fcd1f06 Btrfs: enhance superblock sanity checks
19e86e2 msm: 9615: Have same platform data for AUX PCM RX & TX devices
8da00ed backlight: fix typo in tosa_lcd.c
82edb4b crc32: add help text for the algorithm select option
f0f57b2 mm: move hugepage test examples to tools/testing/selftests/vm
63e3155 mm: move slabinfo.c to tools/vm
c6dd897 mm: move page-types.c from Documentation to tools/vm
cab6b05 selftests/Makefile: make `run_tests' depend on `all'
f467f71 selftests: launch individual selftests from the main Makefile
0fc9d10 radix-tree: use iterators in find_get_pages* functions
cebbd29 radix-tree: rewrite gang lookup using iterator
78c1d78 radix-tree: introduce bit-optimized iterator
4c619aa fs/proc/namespaces.c: prevent crash when ns_entries[] is empty
f450716 nbd: rename the nbd_device variable from lo to nbd
cf3f892 pidns: add reboot_pid_ns() to handle the reboot syscall
5a04cca sysctl: use bitmap library functions
423a5bb ipmi: use locks on watchdog timeout set on reboot
f60adf4 ipmi: simplify locking
895dcfd ipmi: fix message handling during panics
7adf579 ipmi: use a tasklet for handling received messages
828dc9d ipmi: increase KCS timeouts
b88e769 ipmi: decrease the IPMI message transaction time in interrupt mode
09c71bf kdump x86: fix total mem size calculation for reservation
eaa3be6 kexec: add further check to crashkernel
d034cfa kexec: crash: don't save swapper_pg_dir for !CONFIG_MMU configurations
7d7f984 arch/ia64: remove references to cpu_*_map
38b9378 lib/cpumask.c: remove __any_online_cpu()
7404649 mm: only IPI CPUs to drain local pages if they exist
42be35d fs: only send IPI to invalidate LRU BH when needed
a8364d5 slub: only IPI CPUs that have per cpu obj to flush
b3a7e98 smp: add func to IPI cpus based on parameter func
3fc498f smp: introduce a generic on_each_cpu_mask() function
d15cab9 swapon: check validity of swap_flags
29fd66d mm, coredump: fail allocations when coredumping instead of oom killing
45f83ce mm: thp: fix up pmd_trans_unstable() locations
623e3db mm for fs: add truncate_pagecache_range()
3748b2f procfs: fix /proc/statm
2a10706 sched: Fix __schedule_bug() output when called from an interrupt
5e047fa sh: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
8368b0e sh: no need to reset handler if SA_ONESHOT
4ca1f87 nfsd4: use auth_unix unconditionally on backchannel
83619ea mtd: Move fdt partition documentation to a seperate file
9aa9626 msm: msm_bus: Avoid exceeding allocated buffer space in debugfs
d9090e5 msm: 9x15: Don't build PIL (Peripheral Image Loader) driver
1942f21 locking, kprobes: Annotate the hash locks and kretprobe.lock as raw
e8771be power: bms: split battery data for different battery
c4772d1 PM / QoS: add pm_qos_update_request_timeout() API
a36cf84 firmware_class: Move request_firmware_nowait() to workqueues
dddb554 firmware_class: Reorganize fw_create_instance()
247bc03 PM / Sleep: Mitigate race between the freezer and request_firmware()
1e73203 PM / Sleep: Move disabling of usermode helpers to the freezer
7b5179a PM / Hibernate: Disable usermode helpers right before freezing tasks
9b78c1d firmware_class: Do not warn that system is not ready from async loads
811fa40 firmware_class: Split _request_firmware() into three functions, v2
fe2e39d firmware_class: Rework usermodehelper check
358abd3 msm: kgsl: flush cache otherwise memory will be uninitialized
65c6cbe qup_i2c: Reset QUP before registering for interrupts.
a503d1d defconfig: msm8960: Enable cache error reporting
28662c5 msm: board: Add cache error reporting devices
b30c982 mmc: msm_sdcc: data CRC errors are expected during HS200 tuning
1de2dfd mmc: core: capture performance numbers only when asked
de312db mac80211: fix oper channel timestamp updation
a4d6367 ath9k: Use HW HT capabilites properly
ca907a9 MAINTAINERS: adding maintainer for ipw2x00
e90c7e7 net: orinoco: add error handling for failed kmalloc().
75836b8 net/wireless: ipw2x00: fix a typo in wiphy struct initilization
c732a2a Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix timeout type
76ec9de Bluetooth: mgmt: Add missing endian conversion
5315638 Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix corruption of device_connected pkt
b8875fa fmem: hotplug notifier should do nothing if fmem is inactive
8abc312 x86/apic/amd: Be more verbose about LVT offset assignments
a4ffc15 dm: add verity target
a66cc28 dm bufio: prefetch
67e2e2b dm thin: add pool target flags to control discard
104655f dm thin: support discards
eb2aa48 dm thin: prepare to support discard
6efd6e8 dm thin: use dm_target_offset
2dd9c25 dm thin: support read only external snapshot origins
c4a69ec dm thin: relax hard limit on the maximum size of a metadata device
71fd5ae dm persistent data: remove space map ref_count entries if redundant
905e51b dm thin: commit outstanding data every second
31998ef dm: reject trailing characters in sccanf input
0447568 dm raid: handle failed devices during start up
fef838c dm thin metadata: pass correct space map to dm_sm_root_size
a3aefb3 dm persistent data: remove redundant value_size arg from value_ptr
466891f dm mpath: detect invalid map_context
4d7b38b dm: clear bi_end_io on remapping failure
574ce07 dm table: simplify call to free_devices
fe878f3 dm thin: correct comments
035220b dm raid: no longer experimental
e0b215d dm uevent: no longer experimental
854ecaa dm: add persistent data to MAINTAINERS
1d330ec dm: document sysfs entries
b098890 dm persistent data: fix btree rebalancing after remove
6f94a4c dm thin: fix stacked bi_next usage
72c6e7a dm crypt: add missing error handling
aeb2dea dm crypt: fix mempool deadlock
aadbe26 dm exception store: fix init error path
949ebbe regulator: map consumer regulator based on device tree
11eafc6 regulator: pass additional of_node to regulator_register()
1dc5240 regulator: adapt fixed regulator driver to dt
67b54c2 regulator: helper routine to extract regulator_init_data
5d028cd regulator: Constify constraints name
a6e2790 regulator: Properly register dummy regulator driver
2f81201 dt: add empty dt helpers for non-dt build
518a7d3 copper: regulator-stub: Add devices for Krait Power Control
141124c Delete all instances of asm/system.h
9ffc93f Remove all #inclusions of asm/system.h
96f951e Add #includes needed to permit the removal of asm/system.h
49a7f04 Move all declarations of free_initmem() to linux/mm.h
705f450 Disintegrate asm/system.h for OpenRISC
5d12506 Split arch_align_stack() out from asm-generic/system.h
158bc50 Split the switch_to() wrapper out of asm-generic/system.h
b4816af Move the asm-generic/system.h xchg() implementation to asm-generic/cmpxchg.h
885df91 Create asm-generic/barrier.h
3448427 Make asm-generic/cmpxchg.h #include asm-generic/cmpxchg-local.h
f9aa7e1 Disintegrate asm/system.h for Xtensa
8978bfd Disintegrate asm/system.h for Unicore32 [based on ver #3, changed by gxt]
bd119c6 Disintegrate asm/system.h for Tile
d550bbd Disintegrate asm/system.h for Sparc
e839ca5 Disintegrate asm/system.h for SH
4eb14db Disintegrate asm/system.h for Score
a0616cd Disintegrate asm/system.h for S390
ae3a197 Disintegrate asm/system.h for PowerPC
527dcdc Disintegrate asm/system.h for PA-RISC
1c80f22 Disintegrate asm/system.h for MN10300
b81947c Disintegrate asm/system.h for MIPS
c40d04d Disintegrate asm/system.h for Microblaze
803f691 Disintegrate asm/system.h for M68K
2501cf7 m68k: Fix xchg/cmpxchg to fail to link if given an inappropriate pointer
c9034c3 Disintegrate asm/system.h for M32R
c140d87 Disintegrate asm/system.h for IA64
8335896 Disintegrate asm/system.h for Hexagon
a5401ee Disintegrate asm/system.h for H8300
40ab331 Disintegrate asm/system.h for FRV
b1a154d Disintegrate asm/system.h for CRIS
6a846f3 Disintegrate asm/system.h for C6X
ae47394 Disintegrate asm/system.h for AVR32
9f97da7 Disintegrate asm/system.h for ARM
15d07dc ARM: move CP15 definitions to separate header file
14e8c40 msm: Display: Fix the reference count for MDP and DSI clocks
042cd63 msm: Display: Add support for "Continuous Splash Screen" feature.
ec22120 Disintegrate asm/system.h for Alpha
f05e798 Disintegrate asm/system.h for X86
b18dafc vfs: fix d_ancestor() case in d_materialize_unique
a938fb1 ALSA: asihpi - fix return type of hpios_locked_mem_alloc()
8f0750f x86, tls: Off by one limit check
045cdc7 board-msm7627a: display: Add support for 8x25 QRD device
c680226 vidc: Move metadata shared input mem to firmware heap.
b448d6a sh: intc: Fix up section mismatch for intc_ack_data
f40a063 perf annotate: addr2line wants addresses in same format as objdump
55ed7d4 Bluetooth: Add support for Atheros [04ca:3005]
6c0c331 Bluetooth: Check for minimum data length in eir_has_data_type()
84d9d07 Bluetooth: Don't increment twice in eir_has_data_type()
8d7e1c7 Bluetooth: Fix memory leaks due to chan refcnt
9432496 Bluetooth: hci_core: fix NULL-pointer dereference at unregister
33b69bf Bluetooth: hci_ldisc: fix NULL-pointer dereference on tty_close
07c0ea8 Bluetooth: Add Atheros maryann PIDVID support
6dfc326 Bluetooth: btusb: Add USB device ID "0a5c 21e8"
6e4aff1 Bluetooth: Fix Endian Bug.
3f17790 Bluetooth: Use correct flags for checking HCI_SSP_ENABLED bit
ba28c59 perf probe: Finder fails to resolve function name to address
64d70fe common: DMA-mapping: add NON-CONSISTENT attribute
8a41343 common: DMA-mapping: add WRITE_COMBINE attribute
9adc537 common: dma-mapping: introduce mmap method
645ae3b common: dma-mapping: remove old alloc_coherent and free_coherent methods
7734552 Hexagon: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
ffc4a3f Unicore32: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
988624e Microblaze: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
552c0d3 SH: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
4ce9a91 Alpha: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
c416258 SPARC: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
bfbf7d6 PowerPC: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
e8d51e5 MIPS: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
baa676f X86 & IA64: adapt for dma_map_ops changes
613c457 common: dma-mapping: introduce generic alloc() and free() methods
21f72c9 nfsd: fix NULL pointer dereference in cld_pipe_downcall
3af7061 nfsd4: memory corruption in numeric_name_to_id()
6993169 [SCSI] ipr: Driver version 2.5.3
1bfff2f [SCSI] ipr: Increase alignment boundary of command blocks
89aad42 [SCSI] ipr: Increase max concurrent oustanding commands
a5fb407 [SCSI] ipr: Remove unnecessary memory barriers
7dd2130 [SCSI] ipr: Remove unnecessary interrupt clearing on new adapters
0ee1d71 [SCSI] ipr: Fix target id allocation re-use problem
3a56913 ARM: pxa: fix regulator related build fail in magician_defconfig
7d7311c [SCSI] atp870u, mpt2sas, qla4xxx use pci_dev->revision
d936622 drm/radeon: Only warn if the intra-domain offset actually exceeds the limit.
f9a1154 USB: OTG: msm: Add debugfs entry to read otg_state
033ee13 msm_fb: display: Report correct fps to user space
fa5a97b regulator: Return microamps in wm8350_isink_get_current
3a74403 regulator: wm8350: Fix the logic to choose best current limit setting
ed3be9a regulator: wm831x-isink: Fix the logic to choose best current limit setting
a171e78 regulator: wm831x-dcdc: Fix the logic to choose best current limit setting
160594e cpusets: Remove an unused variable
6b52ece msm: audio: qdsp6v2: PCM Encoder is configured to native channel count
2f2cc27 regulator: anatop: patching to device-tree property "reg".
7f563ff msm: 8625: Disable Run Queue Statistics while running on single core.
7295730 msm: usb_bam: choose dynamically between usb and hsic bam
a66eddf msm: board-9615: compile hsic bam info together with usb bam
a7a0520 usb: gadget: ci13xxx_udc: init ep_list head for each ep at probe
2280512 [SCSI] fcoe: Drop the rtnl_mutex before calling fcoe_ctlr_link_up
a165de8 [SCSI] bfa: Update the driver version to
bd5a026 [SCSI] bfa: BSG and User interface fixes.
ff179e0 [SCSI] bfa: Fix to avoid vport delete hang on request queue full scenario.
f0cdfce [SCSI] bfa: Move service parameter programming logic into firmware.
db9d8a7 [SCSI] bfa: Revised Fabric Assigned Address(FAA) feature implementation.
a6b963d [SCSI] bfa: Flash controller IOC pll init fixes.
8919678 [SCSI] bfa: Serialize the IOC hw semaphore unlock logic.
1f67096 [SCSI] bfa: Modify ISR to process pending completions
acea241 [SCSI] bfa: Add fc host issue lip support
714be35 [SCSI] mpt2sas: remove extraneous sas_log_info messages
3d9ea9e iop-adma: Corrected array overflow in RAID6 Xscale(R) test.
3b9785c net/core: dev_forward_skb() should clear skb_iif
4e7b2f1 net/ipv4: fix IPv4 multicast over network namespaces
2e57b79 virtio_net: do not rate limit counter increments
011a900 [SCSI] libfc: fcoe_transport_create fails in single-CPU environment
20dc381 [SCSI] fcoe: reduce contention for fcoe_rx_list lock [v2]
a28d73c microblaze: Fix tlb_skip variable on noMMU system
adaf7fd sh: select ARCH_DISCARD_MEMBLOCK.
3005cdd msm: kgsl: make pm_qos vote to default when in slumber
dd060e7 [SCSI] fcoe: remove frame dropping code from fcoe_percpu_clean
fc05ab7 [SCSI] bnx2fc: Remove bh disable in softirq context
8bf6e1b sh: Consolidate duplicate _32/_64 unistd definitions.
94aa29f [SCSI] foce: remove bh disable from fcoe sw transport rcv function
81c11dd [SCSI] libfcoe: Support extra MAC descriptor to be used as FCoE MAC
73d67aa [SCSI] libfc: update fc_host mfs along with updating lport->mfs
14619ea [SCSI] libfcoe: Do not sends FDISCs before FLOGI during CVL
5e70c4c [SCSI] fcoe: Ensure fcoe_recv_frame is always called in process context
b08c185 [SCSI] pm8001: Use spin_lock_irqsave() for task_state.
136d249 x86/ioapic: Add io_apic_ops driver layer to allow interception
dd43295 mmc: msm_sdcc: don't call udelay() from msmsdcc_delay()
1870221 msm: msm_sdcc: defer device resume until next transfer request comes
4eb8014 sh: ecovec: switch SDHI controllers to card polling
9b2ffa8 sh: Avoid exporting unimplemented syscalls.
8e4f325 ixgbe: update version number
2a0bbda msm: pm2: Call appropriate irq functions for 7k and 8625 targets
70e5576 ixgbe: fix typo in enumeration name
b3f4d59 intel: make wired ethernet driver message level consistent (rev2)
8cf662e microblaze: Fix __futex_atomic_op macro register usage
c63f0e5 mmc: block: claim host in mmc_blk_set_blksize() only if required
10a068f sh: add platform_device for RSPI in setup-sh7757
bfc906d SH: pci-sh7780: enable big-endian operation.
49d4bca serial: sh-sci: fix a race of DMA submit_tx on transfer
ffe0e19 sh: dma: Collect up CHCR of SH7763, SH7764, SH7780 and SH7785
9cdb81c sh: dma: Collect up CHCR of SH7723 and SH7730
a3b168b msm: display: Add proper flags for secure/non-secure writeback buffers
344dd2f sh/next: Fix build fail by asm/system.h in asm/bitops.h
8bd703a defconfig: copper: Enable I2C support for copper board
094b585 cdc-phonet: fix skb truesize underestimation
21dcda6 f_phonet: fix skb truesize underestimation
09e79d6 eql: dont rely on HZ=100
819a100 mISDN: array underflow in open_bchannel()
c54e9bd bnx2x: fix vector traveling while looking for an empty entry
452427b bnx2x: previous driver unload revised
a2daf26 USB: Add Motorola Rokr E6 Id to the USBNet driver "zaurus"
f0e81fe net: sh_eth: Add support SH7734
b744089 wimax: i2400m-usb - use a private struct ethtool_ops
4eee6a3 wimax: i2400m - prevent a possible kernel bug due to missing fw_name string
1497748 NFSv4: Minor cleanups for nfs4_handle_exception and nfs4_async_handle_error
e59d27e NFSv4.1: Fix layoutcommit error handling
05e9cfb NFSv4: Fix two infinite loops in the mount code
52f5509 e1000: fix vlan processing regression
28f49c8 ASoC: msm8960: properly protect external mclk control function
d7cf2e9 ASoC: wcd9310: Add plug detection through mechanical switch
1ce447b powerpc/perf: Fix instruction address sampling on 970 and Power4
cb52d89 powerpc+sparc/vio: Modernize driver registration
1d9a473 powerpc: Random little legacy iSeries removal tidy ups
7ba3e4f powerpc: Remove NO_IRQ_IGNORE
9012899 powerpc/pseries: Cut down on enthusiastic use of defines in RAS code
cc8b526 powerpc/pseries: Clean up ras_error_interrupt code
6f43747 powerpc/pseries: Remove RTAS_POWERMGM_EVENTS
587f83e powerpc/pseries: Use rtas_get_sensor in RAS code
55fc0c5 powerpc/pseries: Parse and handle EPOW interrupts
6431f20 powerpc: Make function that parses RTAS error logs global
1a5c2e6 powerpc/eeh: Retrieve PHB from global list
39baadb powerpc/eeh: Remove eeh information from pci_dn
2a0352f powerpc/eeh: Remove eeh device from OF node
54154c6 msm: kgsl: Return the correct A3XX GPU ID based on SoC type
94f826b net: fix a potential rcu_read_lock() imbalance in rt6_fill_node()
5a5881c xfs: add lots of attribute trace points
d97d32e xfs: Fix oops on IO error during xlog_recover_process_iunlinks()
a66d636 xfs: fix fstrim offset calculations
864cf9b SUNRPC: Use the already looked-up xprt in rpcb_getport_async()
189ac05 usb: hsic_hcd: Migrate to devm_regulator_get()
867646f [CIFS] Update CIFS version number to 1.77
a3c8121 x86/olpc: Add debugfs interface for EC commands
bd09654 msm: board-qrd7627a: Add support for QRD7
b5d67f6 Btrfs: change scrub to support big blocks
1623ede Btrfs: minor cleanup in scrub
94598ba Btrfs: introduce common define for max number of mirrors
b92c803 watchdog: txx9wdt: fix timeout
d624584 watchdog: Convert txx9wdt driver to watchdog framework
dddbc6a watchdog: coh901327_wdt.c: fix timeout
15b2570 watchdog: coh901327: convert to use watchdog core
fd7b673 watchdog: Add support for WDIOC_GETTIMELEFT IOCTL in watchdog core
2ca1606 watchdog: ep93xx_wdt: timeout is an unsigned int value.
59dcf1e watchdog: ep93xx_wdt: Fix timeout after conversion to watchdog core
e12a679 watchdog: Convert ep93xx driver to watchdog core
fb35a5a watchdog: sp805: Use devm routines
d2e8919 watchdog: sp805: replace readl/writel with lighter _relaxed variants
bfae14b watchdog: sp805: Fix documentation style comment
60a1aa5 watchdog: mpcore_wdt: Allow platform_get_irq() to fail
75f5a53 watchdog: mpcore_wdt: Use devm routines
aa06577 watchdog: mpcore_wdt: Rename dev to pdev for pointing to struct platform_device
38c484f watchdog: xen: don't clear is_active when xen_wdt_stop() failed
83448bf watchdog: xen: don't unconditionally enable the watchdog during resume
ccd4144 watchdog: fix compiler error for missing parenthesis
697b41e watchdog: ep93xx_wdt.c: fix platform probe
3e0113a watchdog: ep93xx: Convert the watchdog driver into a platform device.
0197c1c watchdog: fix set_timeout operations
b10f7c1 watchdog: watchdog_dev: Let the driver update the timeout field on set_timeout success
a5132ca watchdog: softdog: convert to watchdog core
a0f3683 watchdog: Convert max63xx_wdt driver to watchdog framework
6b1e838 watchdog: pnx4008: convert driver to use the watchdog framework
2e51d90 watchdog: Convert wm8350_wdt driver to watchdog core
85f6df1 watchdog: Convert jz4740_wdt driver to watchdog core
86a1e18 watchdog: nowayout is bool
27c766a watchdog: Use pr_ and pr_
7cbc353 watchdog: pnx4008: don't use __raw_-accessors
19f505f watchdog: pnx4008: cleanup resource handling using managed devices
16ac4ab watchdog: sp805_wdt: add pm callbacks to support standby/S2R/hibernation
474ef12 watchdog: make imx2_wdt report boot status correctly
6e64dba ASOC: msm: Allocate separate memory for VoIP calibration
5ba927e watchdog: documentation: remove index-file
1631fce compat: use sys_sendfile64() implementation for sendfile syscall
5cfdddc CIFS: Add missed forcemand mount option
e3d4f54 msm: clock-8960: add clock support for 8930
22e7a42 MAINTAINERS: update Bluetooth tree locations
135111c mmc: sh_mmcif: simplify bitmask macros
7f52421 mmc: sh_mobile_sdhi: support modular mmc-core with non-standard hotplug
e82b4ac mmc: sh_mobile_sdhi: add a callback for board specific init code
4932bd6 mmc: tmio: cosmetic: prettify the tmio_mmc_set_ios() function
996bc8a mmc: sh_mobile_sdhi: do not manage PM clocks manually
5bd99c3 mmc: tmio_mmc: remove unused sdio_irq_enabled flag
c391e1b mmc: tmio_mmc: power status flag doesn't have to be exposed in platform data
58126c8 mmc: sh_mobile_sdhi: pass card hotplug GPIO number to TMIO MMC
c8be24c mmc: tmio_mmc: support the generic MMC GPIO card hotplug helper
2b1ac5c mmc: tmio: calculate the native hotplug condition only once
c9b0546 mmc: simplify mmc_cd_gpio_request() by removing two parameters
296e0b0 mmc: sdhci-pci: allow 8-bit bus width for Intel PCH
6379b23 mmc: sdhci: check interrupt flags in ISR again
e603983 mmc: sdhci-pci: Add MSI support
2378975 mmc: core: warn when card doesn't support HPI
ee698f5 mmc: davinci: Poll status for small size transfers
be7b562 mmc: davinci: Eliminate spurious interrupts
1f84b71 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Avoid a regulator voltage change with dt
46856a6 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Convert hsmmc driver to use device tree
f3c55a7 mmc: sdhci-pci: add SDHCI_QUIRK2_HOST_OFF_CARD_ON for Medfield SDIO
6308d29 mmc: sdhci: add quirk for keeping card power during suspend
da721cf mmc: sdhci-pci: select HC erase size for Medfield eMMC
83bb24a mmc: core: add high-capacity erase size capability flag
2cecdf0 mmc: omap_hsmmc: convert all pr_* to dev_*
183f796 mmc: sh_mmcif: fix MMC_GEN_CMD setting
52d0974 mmc: core: hs200 fixes
37f6190 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Fix "Unbalanced pm_runtime_enable!" warning
956d9fd mmc: core: Clean up after mmc_pre_req if card was removed
907d2e7 mmc: start removing enable / disable API
4b1a617 mmc: sdhci-spear: add pm callbacks to support hibernation
e23cd53 mmc: tmio_mmc: do not enable card hotplug interrupts, if unused
e3f1adb mmc: omap_hsmmc: Don't expect MMC1 to always have vmmc supply
1cb9af4 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Get rid of omap_hsmmc_4_set_power function
69b07ec mmc: omap_hsmmc: Get rid of omap_hsmmc_1_set_power function
c2200ef mmc: omap_hsmmc: Use OMAP_HSMMC_SUPPORTS_DUAL_VOLT flag to remove host->id based hardcoding
80d17f3 mmc: omap_hsmmc: remove unused .set_sleep function
b7bf773 mmc: omap_hsmmc: use platform_get_resource_byname for tx/rx DMA channels
f0cc9cf mmc: core: Detect card removal on I/O error
885c3e8 mmc: dw_mmc: Regression fix for non-IDMAC DMA
9beee91 mmc: dw_mmc: fix compile error when CONFIG_MMC_DW_IDMAC is disabled
d418ed8 ARM: OMAP: hsmmc: add max_freq field
b81cfc4 mmc: atmel-mci: fix typo
5b2e02e dmaengine: imx: fix the build failure on x86_64
12b5da3 tracing: Fix ent_size in trace output
e350d9b msm_fb: display: fix dsi_irq race condition
6d76c4d msm: kgsl: Increase the virtual GPU range for the IOMMU
213e64d Btrfs: fix infinite loop in btrfs_shrink_device()
5eb56d2 Btrfs: fix memory leak in resolver code
e4837f8 Btrfs: allow dup for data chunks in mixed mode
6728b19 Btrfs: validate target profiles only if we are going to use them
4a5e98f Btrfs: improve the logic in btrfs_can_relocate()
7738a53 Btrfs: add __get_block_group_index() helper
fc67c45 Btrfs: add get_restripe_target() helper
0c460c0 Btrfs: move alloc_profile_is_valid() to volumes.c
e8920a6 Btrfs: make profile_is_valid() check more strict
899c81e Btrfs: add wrappers for working with alloc profiles
e3176ca Btrfs: stop silently switching single chunks to raid0 on balance
1e2dd2f perf symbols: Handle NULL dso in dso__name_len
0421ea9 apparmor: Fix change_onexec when called from a confined task
3738d40 perf symbols: Do not include libgen.h
646783a ia64: vsyscall: Add missing paranthesis
1b028ab sched/rt: Improve pick_next_highest_task_rt()
7a3ae2f Btrfs: fix regression in scrub path resolving
103e976 Btrfs: check return value of btrfs_cow_block()
e565d4b Btrfs: actually call btrfs_init_lockdep
2baab4e sched: Fix select_fallback_rq() vs cpu_active/cpu_online
bc75813 sched/x86/smp: Do not enable IRQs over calibrate_delay()
31754cb msm: kgsl: Make idlestats pwrscale policy default for 7x27A
fada8dc ARM: fix Kconfig warning for HAVE_BPF_JIT
99fe33c msm: board-8960-pmic: Set liquid speakers to off by default
a931073 [SCSI] vmw_pvscsi: Try setting host->max_id as suggested by the device.
3f0bc3b [SCSI] scsi_debug: Fix incorrect page length in logical block provisioning VPD
be1dd78 [SCSI] scsi_debug: add LBPRZ support
49d0e64 [SCSI] iscsi class: fix gfp use in ping compl and host event
76c8ae4 [SCSI] bfa: Fix endian bug in bfad_iocmd_debug_fw_core().
6d76222 [SCSI] qla4xxx: Update driver version to 5.02.00-k16
5a5a15f [SCSI] qla4xxx: Removed packed attr from struct iscsi_chap_rec
1a590ca [SCSI] iscsi_transport: Added error status code for ping comp event
e16d166 [SCSI] qla4xxx: assign correct address for iscsi_cls_host
c743e44 [SCSI] st: expand ability to write immediate filemarks
3194eef [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Update lpfc to version 8.3.30
8a0cee4 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Revert fix for Link Pull Causes I/O Failures
4ac9b22 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Added more T10 DIF debugfs error injection
d85296c [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Update copyright date for files modified in 2012
f5eca9b [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix handling of REG_VFI and cable pull.
9a6b09c [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Enhancements for T10 DIF debugfs error injection
cf97124 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Change default DA_ID support from disabled to enabled
2b81f94 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Flush reset register write
d4379ac [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Update copyright date for files modified in 2012
25090d3 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fixed panic with extents and small blocks
d438bd3 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Add -Werror compilation flag
d7069f0 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fixed the system panic during EEH recovery
0a8a86f [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix resource leak when acc fails for received plogi
8fcb8ac [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix SLI4 driver module load and unload
80c1784 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fixed missing CVL event causing FCF failover
401ee0c [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix deadlock during adapter offline request
97f2ecf [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix RPI registered multiple times after HBA reset
5c1db2a [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix driver handling of XRI Aborted CQE response
41899be [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix port and system failure in SLI4 FC function reset
bdcd2b9 [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Fix lack of LOGO with vport delete.
f09c3ac [SCSI] lpfc 8.3.30: Make BA_ACC work on a fully qualified exchange
2db93ce [SCSI] sd: make comment and printk string match code
7a3e97b [SCSI] ufshcd: UFS Host controller driver
0bd7f84 [SCSI] qla4xxx: Add missing spaces to error messages
131c713 Input: tegra-kbc - allocate pdata before using it
b9c1a1a defconfig: 7627a: Enable Focaltech driver
5afe985 board-qrd7627a: Add platform device for focaltech controller
a259507 input: ft5x06_ts: Add driver for ft5x06 series
0a0c627 mmc: msm_sdcc: advertise MMC_CAP2_BOOTPART_NOACC
48ec4d1 mmc: block: support no access to boot partitions
327f4be mmc: msm_sdcc: minimum card clock selection
fda41f0 defconfig: msm8960: enable smb349 charger by default on 8064
2f613d9 msm: board-8064: add smb349 charger device
48f64be USB: gadget: Kconfig: Change Max VBUS power usage default value
f4c3d64 msm: board-8930: Move camera Vio regulator supply from LDO 18 to LVS 1
3144aa2 msm: 7x27a: audio: Enable SRS Post processing.
ea46679 Btrfs: deal with read errors on extent buffers differently
a2ef5c4 ACPI: Move module parameter gts and bfs to sleep.c
8a73b17 ACPICA: Sleep/Wake interfaces: optionally execute _GTS and _BFS
1236375 msm: scm-pas: Migrate to clk_prepare/unprepare() APIs
1ad4982 platform-drivers: msm: sps: fix an error in pipe assignment
7b0e67f mtd: docg3 add protection against concurrency
1b15a5f mtd: docg3 refactor cascade floors structure
a2b3d28 mtd: docg3 increase write/erase timeout
a7baef1 mtd: docg3 fix inbound calculations
a78da28 mtd: nand: gpmi: fix function annotations
b11ec57 mtd: phram: fix section mismatch for phram_setup
3b27dac mtd: unify initialization of erase_info->fail_addr
6379575 mtd: support ONFI multi lun NAND
452380e mtd: sm_ftl: fix typo in major number.
6551ab5 mtd: add device-tree support to spear_smi
f7e3dd8 mtd: spear_smi: Remove default partition information from driver
eea6281 mtd: Add device-tree support to fsmc_nand
30053b8 mtd: fix section mismatch for doc_probe_device
2a5dbead mtd: nand/fsmc: Remove sparse warnings and errors
4774fb0 mtd: nand/fsmc: Add DMA support
604e754 mtd: nand/fsmc: Access the NAND device word by word whenever possible
712c4ad mtd: nand/fsmc: Use dev_err to report error scenario
82b9dbe mtd: nand/fsmc: Use devm routines
e2f6bce mtd: nand/fsmc: Modify fsmc driver to accept nand timing parameters via platform
f63acb7 mtd: fsmc_nand: add pm callbacks to support hibernation
467e6e7 mtd: nand/fsmc: Initialize the badblockbits to 7
b533f8d mtd: nand/fsmc: Flip the bit only if the error index is < 4096
aea686b mtd: nand/fsmc: Read only 512 + 13 bytes for 8bit NAND devices
4cbe1bf mtd: nand/fsmc: Correct the multiline comment format
04f1685 mtd: nand/fsmc: Remove default partition information from driver
7147032 mtd: nand/fsmc: Pass partition information through platform data
b2a2a84 mtd: phram: dot not crash when built-in and passing boot param
09ef90d mtd: gpmi: fix the wrong DMA command.
6a918ba mtd: flash drivers set ecc strength
1d0b95b mtd: add ecc_strength fields to mtd structs
d107bc3 mtd: docg3 reduce read alignment burden
cfe7819 mtd: sh_flctl: Add power management with QoS request
42d7fbe mtd: do not use plain 0 as NULL
ee478af mtd: maps: sa1100-flash: Add reference counter to set_vpp()
7c8d206 mtd: maps: pcmciamtd: Add reference counter to set_vpp()
5fbabf3 mtd: maps: l440gx: Add reference counter to set_vpp()
876fe76 mtd: maps: physmap: Add reference counter to set_vpp()
e7d9377 mtd: chips: cfi_cmdset_0002: Match ENABLE_VPP()/DISABLE_VPP() calls
85e5b2f mtd: chips: cfi_cmdset_0001: Match ENABLE_VPP()/DISABLE_VPP() calls
0c78e93 mtd: fsmc: Support of 224-bytes OOB area length
753e013 mtd: fsmc: Improve the fsmc_correct_data() routine
a612c2a mtd: fsmc: fixed data abort inside change_bit()
02bfc4e mtd: fsmc: Move ALE, CLE defines to their respective platform
b2acc92 mtd: fsmc: use ALE and CLE offsets from platform data
e29ee57 mtd: fsmc_nand: ECC1 & ECC4 layout separated for different page sizes
519300c mtd: fsmc: Newly erased page read algorithm implemented
d5a0297 msm: vidc: Extract PAR info for MPEG4/DIVX.
994c840 mtd: fix partition wrapper functions
31716a5 mtd: docg3 trivial renaming
2aab52e ARM: mach-shmobile: mackerel: Add the flash controller flctl
3f2e924 mtd: sh_flctl: Add FLHOLDCR register
0b3f0d1 mtd: sh_flctl: Use cached register value for FLCMNCR
dd5ab24 mtd: sh_flctl: Implement NAND_CMD_RNDOUT command
7b6b230 mtd: sh_flctl: Expand the READID command to 8 bytes
abb59ef mtd: sh_flctl: Reorder empty_fifo() calls
b6a5588 mtd: sh_flctl: Expand FLCMNCR register bit field
9bbf29e jffs2: Standardize JFFS_ uses
5a52895 jffs2: Use pr_fmt and remove jffs: from formats
da320f0 jffs2: Convert printks to pr_
9c261b3 jffs2: Convert most D1/D2 macros to jffs2_dbg
bf011f2 mtd: mips: lantiq: reintroduce support for cmdline partitions
d42b5de mtd: change the location of the ONFI detected log
921de86 mxs-dma : rewrite the last parameter of mxs_dma_prep_slave_sg()
3946860 mxs-dma : move the mxs dma.h to a more common place
273a65a jffs2: make jffs2_initxattrs() static
342d3a9 mtd: fix 'Flash device refused suspend due to active operation' message
492b8bd mtd: gpmi: fix compiler warning
3410a71 mtd: simplify return logic in do_map_probe()
88dfda5 sfc: mtd: Use MTD_FAIL_ADDR_UNKNOWN instead of 0xffffffff
4de0347 jffs2: Fix typo in compr.c
a3c1e3b mtd: ixp4xx: oops in ixp4xx_flash_probe
de3cac9 mtd: check for zero length in OTP functions
bcb1d23 mtd: move zero length verification to MTD API functions
0dd5235 mtd: harmonize mtd_point interface implementation
c3faac4 mtd: remove junk pmc551.h
834247e mtd: remove retlen zeroing duplication
664addc mtd: remove R/O checking duplication
5def489 mtd: do not duplicate length and offset checks in drivers
8273a0c mtd: add offset and length checks to the API function
5e4e6e3 mtd: return error code from mtd_unpoint
e2414f4 mtd: nand: write BBM to OOB even with flash-based BBT
050c0c1 mtd: redboot: remove useless code
b256757 mtd: nftlcore: remove out-of-date and now irrelevant piece of code
bb4a098 mtdoops: clean-up new MTD API usage
7918687 mtd: mtdconcat: return -EOPNOTSUPP if block_markbad is undefined
c4cc625 mtd: sst25l: initialize writebufsize
81fefdf mtd: spear_smi: initialize writebufsize
fcc44a0 mtd: lart: initialize writebufsize
82c4c58 mtd: docg3: initialize writebufsize
71f60fb mtd: doc2001plus: initialize writebufsize
cca84b5 mtd: doc2001: initialize writebufsize
cd1986a mtd: doc2000: initialize writebufsize
b604387 mtd: block2mtd: initialize writebufsize
045ead3 jffs2: Remove unnecessary OOM messages
2c4ae27 mtd: docg4: fix printk() warnings
5289966 mtd: nand: gpmi: use correct member for checking NAND_BBT_USE_FLASH
b54f47c mtd: m25p80: set writebufsize
3ee5014 mtd: mtdcore: remove unnecessary mtd->resume check
3e34174 jffs2: fix typo in scan.c
3c3c10b mtd: add leading underscore to all mtd functions
a6c2285 jffs2: update to new MTD interface
c382fb4 romfs: switch to new MTD API
f026545 jffs2: remove direct mtd->point reference
570469f mtd: nand: add support for diskonchip G4 nand flash device
58edc90 mtd: minor coding style cleanup in mtdpart.c
c9d1b75 mtd: convert drivers/mtd/* to use module_spi_driver()
df69862 mtd: nand: move SCANLASTPAGE handling to the correct code block
f0e0c09 mtd: mtdoops: kill Kconfig usage instructions
4aa3179 mtd: sa11x0: remove definitions and code left for documentation purposes
41515ca mtd: sa11x0: Remove shutdown handler
495c47d mtd: spear_smi: release memory region during remove
f18dbbb mtd: ST SPEAr: Add SMI driver for serial NOR flash
661a083 mtd: nand: correct comment on nand_chip badblockbits
8544331 mtd: nand: differentiate 1- vs. 2-byte writes when marking bad blocks
cdbec05 mtd: nand: fix SCAN2NDPAGE check for BBM
0091842 mtd: nand: erase block before marking bad
152b861 mtd: onenand: samsung: add missing iounmap
335a5f4 mtd: mtdcore: Fix build warning when CONFIG_MTD_CHAR is not defined
70d5098 mtd: mtdblock: call mtd_sync() only if opened for write
2ff5e15 mtd: pmc551: fix signedness bug in init_pmc551()
30ec5a2 mtd: cfi: AMD/Fujitsu compatibles: add panic write support
21e602b video: msm: wfd: Switch to high-res timers
5f4ab69 ASOC: msm: close AUX PCM when both RX and TX are closed.
3948659 xfs: Account log unmount transaction correctly
5132ba8 xfs: don't cache inodes read through bulkstat
f3f266a Btrfs: don't use threaded IO completion helpers for metadata writes
f7c79f3 Btrfs: adjust the write_lock_level as we unlock
a098d8e Btrfs: loop waiting on writeback
cfed81a Btrfs: add the ability to cache a pointer into the eb
0b32f4b Btrfs: ensure an entire eb is written at once
c010fa5 gpio: pm8xxx-gpio: pm8xxx-mpp: set can_sleep=0 for GPIO and MPP drivers
7f3bd6c setlocalversion: Use "grep -q" instead of piping output to "read dummy"
468db96 scripts/coccinelle/api/ptr_ret.cocci: semantic patch for ptr_err
5df4235 Btrfs: introduce mark_extent_buffer_accessed
3083ee2 Btrfs: introduce free_extent_buffer_stale
115391d Btrfs: only use the existing eb if it's count isn't 0
4f2de97a Btrfs: set page->private to the eb
727011e Btrfs: allow metadata blocks larger than the page size
f2791d7 PM / Runtime: don't forget to wake up waitqueue on failure
9aaf440 modpost: fix ALL_INIT_DATA_SECTIONS
28338ae msm_fb: display: Call footswitch control from overlay dtv on/off
6697922 scripts: refactor remove structure forward declarations
5ded52c Revert "misc: remove android pmem driver, it's obsolete."
86924de acer-wmi: add quirk table for video backlight vendor mode
41101a3 i2c-algo-bit: Don't resched on clock stretching
5694f8a i2c: Update the FSF address
de05497 i2c: Convert drivers/i2c/muxes/* to use module_i2c_driver()
84c1af4 i2c-i801: Use usleep_range to wait for command completion
062737f i2c-i801: Add device IDs for Intel Lynx Point
b3240e6 i2c-isch: Decrease delay in command completion check loop
c54c355 i2c-gpio: Use linux/gpio.h rather than asm/gpio.h
41603e9 drivers/platform/x86/amilo-rfkill.c::amilo_rfkill_probe() avoid NULL deref
a979e2e samsung-laptop: unregister ACPI video module for some well known laptops
5719b81 acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Sony machines
643c61e rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: rtl8192cu: rtl8192de: Fix low-gain setting when scanning
46470e5 ath5k: drop self from MAINTAINERS
d72308b mac80211: fix possible tid_rx->reorder_timer use after free
4e808a3 rt2x00: rt2800usb: fix status register reread logic
b9fc106 rt2x00: rt2800usb: schedule txdone work on timeout
b603c03 mac80211: remove outdated comment
b5447ff ath9k: fix a memory leak in ath_rx_tasklet()
195ca3b ath9k: reduce listen time period
66266b3 cfg80211: allow CFG80211_SIGNAL_TYPE_UNSPEC in station_info
e92109b iwlegacy: fix BSSID setting
2ee0a07 ath9k: fix max noise floor threshold
883a649 iwlegacy: do not nulify il->vif on reset
5276e16 netfilter: ipset: avoid use of kernel-only types
23b0531 thinkpad-acpi: recognize Lenovo as version string in newer V-series BIOS
ade28ab asus-wmi: don't update power and brightness when using scalar
7a61d02 eeepc-wmi: split et2012 specific hacks
c55d995 eeepc-wmi: refine quirks handling
fb05b9f asus-nb-wmi: set panel_power correctly
6a2bccc asus-wmi: move WAPF variable into quirks_entry
6e0044b asus-wmi: store backlight power status for AIO machine
c87992d asus-wmi: add scalar board brightness adj. support
bde9e50 samsung-laptop: cleanup return type: mode_t vs umode_t
82c333a drivers, samsung-laptop: fix usage of isalnum
8522944 drivers, samsung-laptop: fix initialization of sabi_data in sabi_set_commandb
c09b223 asus-wmi: on/off bit is not set when reading the value
eb649a8 eeepc-wmi: add extra keymaps for EP121
9b05ea2 asus-nb-wmi: ignore useless keys
c08f208 acer-wmi: support Lenovo ideapad S205 Brazos wifi switch
996d23b acer-wmi: fix out of input parameter size when set
34b6cfa acer-wmi: Detect communication hot key number
917ee75 platform/x86: Add driver for Apple gmux device
f616137 xfs: trace xfs_name strings correctly
81c9ad2 Btrfs: remove search_start and search_end from find_free_extent and callers
285ff5a Btrfs: remove the ideal caching code
fa30c96 perf tools: Fix bug in raw sample parsing
d08e59a msm: smd_pkt: Add a new smd_pkt device to be used by QMUXD
74730c7 msm: board-8930-pmic: Add default configuration for LED anode power source
d674a51 power: pm8921-charger: Add feature to use charger LED
83e8f9f mfd: pm8921-core: Add support for a newly defined PMIC PM8917 regulator
6d4818c perf tools: Fix display of first level of callchains
7d6f6c5 msm: 9615: Enable support for 9615 audio module
c1421e3 msm: idle-v7: do not clean and invalidate after warm boot
52402af msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Exclude decoders not required for 9615
8d3b0fc msm_fb: display: fix underrun when conecting wifi display
9ec55e9 msm: 9615: Add support for 9615 audio module
9300928 regulator: Do proper shift to set correct bit for DC[2|5]_HIB_MODE setting
eb41681 regulator: Fix restoring pmic.dcdcx_hib_mode settings in wm8350_dcdc_set_suspend_enable
5777d9b regulator: Fix unbalanced lock/unlock in mc13892_regulator_probe error path
09bf14b regulator: Fix set and get current limit for wm831x_buckv
41ba6b7 ASoC: dmaengine_pcm: use dmaengine cyclic wrapper
59a9f94 msm: smsm: Add SMSM notifier wakelock
5cdd4d7 max17042_battery: Clean up interrupt handling
d6f0b00 Revert "max8998_charger: Include linux/module.h just once"
5ae2b82 ab8500_fg: Fix some build warnings on x86_64
6e0e60c max17042_battery: Fix CHARGE_FULL representation.
3124c4a max8998_charger: Include linux/module.h just once
5ff92e7 power_supply: Convert i2c drivers to module_i2c_driver
e2c5f7d lp8727_charger: Add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
df58c04 charger-manager: Simplify charger_get_property(), get rid of a warning
bb2a95c charger-manager: Clean up for better readability
534f530 da9052-battery: Convert to use module_platform_driver
61bb5a7 da9052-battery: Fix a memory leak when unload the module
e1be832 da9052-battery: Add missing platform_set_drvdata
64eb9b0 ab8500: Turn unneeded global symbols into local ones
0fff22e ab8500_fg: Fix copy-paste error
c34a61b ab8500_fg: Get rid of 'struct battery_type'
450ceb2 ab8500_fg: Get rid of 'struct v_to_cap'
d329129 ab8500_btemp: Get rid of 'enum adc_therm'
efd71c8 ab8500_charger: Convert to the new USB OTG calls
1f85582 ab8500-btemp: AB8500 battery temperature driver
1315163 ab8500-fg: A8500 fuel gauge driver
84edbee ab8500-charger: AB8500 charger driver
1668f81 abx500-chargalg: Add abx500 charging algorithm
ed1a230 Add I2C driver for Summit Microelectronics SMB347 Battery Charger.
d2c0077 isp1704_charger: Fix probe error path
f7bae49 lp8727_charger: Correct typos on the comment
9b11adc7 lp8727_charger: Add description of platform data
7336880 lp8727_charger: Fix wrong code style
27aefa3 lp8727_charger: Change i2c functions
7da6334 lp8727_charger: Add error check routine on probe()
e39b828 lp8727_charger: Add company name and description
3832246 max17042_battery: Make it possible to instantiate driver from DT
2f3b434 max17042_battery: Use devm_kzalloc() where applicable
13e0aa4 max17042: Change capacity property to use reported SOC register
e5f3872 max17042: Add support for signalling change in SOC
f3a71a6 max17042: Add POR init procedure from Maxim appnote
7175f80 ARM: tegra: Include assembler.h in sleep.S to fix build break
9276910 sunrpc: skip portmap calls on sessions backchannel
e9541ce nfsd4: allow numeric idmapping
cc27e0d nfsd: don't allow legacy client tracker init for anything but init_net
813fd32 nfsd: add notifier to handle mount/unmount of rpc_pipefs sb
f3f8014 nfsd: add the infrastructure to handle the cld upcall
0ab628d nfsd: add a header describing upcall to nfsdcld
7ea34ac nfsd: add a per-net-namespace struct for nfsd
b3537c3 sunrpc: create nfsd dir in rpc_pipefs
2a4317c nfsd: add nfsd4_client_tracking_ops struct and a way to set it
a52d726 nfsd: convert nfs4_client->cl_cb_flags to a generic flags field
778aae8 SELinux: selinux/xfrm.h needs net/flow.h
2c86bf1 perf tools: Switch module.h into export.h
de2b53e msm: defconfig: Enable MSM DCVS for 8960 based targets
e339364 Kbuild: centralize MKIMAGE and cmd_uimage definitions
98bd462 kbuild: incremental tags update for GNU Global
f75a8df headers_check: recursively search for linux/types.h inclusion
9f08bfd Bluetooth: Modify security level at remote_features event for BT2.0 devices
88ad8a7 msm_fb: display: HDMI power reduction at suspend
f3d229c netfilter: xt_LOG: don't use xchg() for simple assignment
b241bd8 ARM: gic: Add support to access GIC in secure mode
e30a6b2 msm: platsmp-8625: Support core1 boot after power collapse.
5157913 regulator: tps6586x: Fix list minimal voltage setting for LDO0
d958549 defconfig: Add support for LCDC Truly IPS3P2335 Panel
a1f9df1 msm_fb: display: Add panel driver for Truly IPS3P2335 client
901a15f msm_fb: display: Add board support for LCDC Truly panel
56dfb68 msm_fb: hdmi: HDMI high sleep current
88f50c8 drm/radeon/kms: add htile support to the cs checker v3
017d213 drm/radeon/kms/atom: force bpc to 8 for now
5936567 drm/nouveau/i2c: fix thinko/regression on really old chipsets
c843536 drm/nouveau: default to 8bpc for non-LVDS panels if EDID isn't useful
c61205b drm/nouveau: fix thinko causing init to fail on cards without accel
a1978f7 gma500: medfield: fix build without CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_CLASS_DEVICE
97cc008 GFS2: use depends instead of select in kconfig
c1ac539 GFS2: put glock reference in error patch of read_rindex_entry
c43e687 msm: acpuclock-7201: Add support for updating lpj in acpuclock
0b3aec8 ARM: 7100/1: smp_scu: remove __init annotation from scu_enable()
249e675 msm: camera: Fix for csi and vfe driver issues
3183968 Input: amijoy - add missing platform check
a1d552c Input: wacom - wireless battery status
16bf288 Input: wacom - create inputs when wireless connect
d3825d5 Input: wacom - wireless monitor framework
3aac0ef Input: wacom - isolate input registration
3e0b2a1 dma-buf: correct dummy function declarations.
fbb231e dma-buf: document fd flags and O_CLOEXEC requirement
b0b40f2 dma_buf: Add documentation for the new cpu access support
fc13020 dma-buf: add support for kernel cpu access
6b607e3 dma-buf: don't hold the mutex around map/unmap calls
f9a24d1 dma-buf: add get_dma_buf()
55c1c4c dma-buf: pass flags into dma_buf_fd.
33ea2dc dma-buf: add dma_data_direction to unmap dma_buf_op
660cd0d dmaengine: i.MX: Fix merge of cookie branch.
f606ab8 dmaengine: i.MX: Add support for interleaved transfers.
f9b283a dmaengine: imx-dma: use 'dev_dbg' and 'dev_warn' for messages.
cd5cf9d dmaengine: imx-dma: remove 'imx_dmav1_baseaddr' and 'dma_clk'.
a6cbb2d dmaengine: imx-dma: remove unused arg of imxdma_sg_next.
2d9c2fc dmaengine: imx-dma: remove internal structure.
6b0e2f5 dmaengine: imx-dma: remove 'resbytes' field of 'internal' structure.
e4756b5 dmaengine: imx-dma: remove 'in_use' field of 'internal' structure.
833bc03 dmaengine: imx-dma: remove sg member from internal structure.
359291a dmaengine: imx-dma: remove 'imxdma_setup_sg_hw' function.
bdc0c75 dmaengine: imx-dma: remove 'imxdma_config_channel_hw' function.
3b4b6df dmaengine: imx-dma: remove 'imxdma_setup_mem2mem_hw' function.
2efc344 dmaengine: imx-dma: remove dma_mode member of internal structure.
232e3c2 dmaengine: imx-dma: remove data member from internal structure.
6bd0812 dmaengine: imx-dma: merge old dma-v1.c with imx-dma.c
c77c8a6 gpio/ep93xx: Remove unused inline function and useless pr_err message
783408a msm: qdss: introduce mutex locking for funnel_enable/disable
bf3e7744 msm: qdss: make qdss_clk_enable/disable external functions
b27a935 msm: qdss: rename qdss private header file to qdss-priv.h
dbe9abc msm: jtag: query for TZ dbg-etm register save and restore support
606fb50 msm: qdss: move external jtag declarations to external qdss header file
c35426a msm: qdss: add new external qdss header file
c085f9b msm: scm: Add a feat version query API
2f27a17 msm: board-dt: ARM generic timer DT support
f2caa51 ARM: architected timers: add DT support
df590cc ARM: local timers: Add A15 architected timer support
f946eeb module: Remove module size limit
d53799b module: move __module_get and try_module_get() out of line.
026cee0 params: _initcall-like kernel parameters
8b82528 module_param: remove support for bool parameters which are really int.
02608be module: add kernel param to force disable module load
90e2401 x86: Merge the x86_32 and x86_64 cpu_idle() functions
727f9b4 Input: sentelic - improve packet debugging information
7b85f73 Input: sentelic - minor code cleanup
a4c8507 Input: sentelic - enabling absolute coordinates output for newer hardware
3ac1780 Input: sentelic - refactor code for upcoming new hardware support
e3891dc mmc: dw_mmc: shift with slot-id for CLKENA register
f060bc9 mmc: esdhc: Workaround for data crc error on p1010rdb
7b2fd4f mmc: core: add a debug message for SET_BLOCK_COUNT
9aa5140 mmc: dw_mmc: Add support for pre_req and post_req
3e44a1a mmc: sdhci-tegra: Explicitly support Tegra30
192b537 mmc: esdhc: Implement power management for ESDHC
a1b13b4 mmc: sdhci: Add platform suspend/resume hooks.
a39e574 mmc: dw_mmc: Override blk_settings with platdata on IDMAC
62ca803 mmc: Support of PCI mode in the dw_mmc driver
356ac2c mmc: dw_mmc: add support for eMMC Power Off Notify feature
4265900 mmc: MMC-4.5 Data Tag Support
375dec9 ARM: 7343/1: sa11x0: convert to sparse IRQ
f314f33 ARM: 7342/2: sa1100: prepare for sparse irq conversion
3638dd2 ARM: 7341/1: input: prepare jornada720 keyboard and ts for sa11x0 sparse irq
905cdc8 ARM: 7340/1: rtc: sa1100: include mach/irqs.h instead of asm/irq.h
c213201 ARM: sa11x0: remove unused DMA controller definitions
9903405 ARM: sa11x0: remove old SoC private DMA driver
5746bde msm: kgsl: Configure VBIF settings for GPU with dual SMMU
8b5c8ed msm: board-8930: Create a dedicated board file for the GPU
aabf263 msm: board-8930: Add video device instance
d01042d gpu: ion: set dma_address for contiguous heaps in ion_map_dma()
582fe31 msm: kgsl: set the dma_address field of scatterlists
74e57d4 msm: iommu: use sg_dma_address() in iommu_map_range()
2d2c7059 msm: rpm-8930: Update RPM IDs as supported by the RPM driver
cd5b327 msm: 8930: Add fabric devices to enable bus scaling on 8930
23019a7 ARM: pxa: use common IOMEM definition
58af4a2 ARM: dma-mapping: convert ARCH_HAS_DMA_SET_COHERENT_MASK to kconfig symbol
50269e1 net: add a truesize parameter to skb_add_rx_frag()
0015e55 gianfar: Fix possible overrun and simplify interrupt name field creation
dbb6d09 USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3570-Z and K3571-Z net interfaces
f264dde USB: option: Ignore ZTE (Vodafone) K3570/71 net interfaces
1aa35a2 USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3565-Z and K4505-Z net interfaces
5c8adf2 msm: dcvs: Add 'msm-dcvs' cpufreq governor
bc5acd9 USB: ci13xxx_msm: add module license
8ea3dcd msm: dcvs_idle: Provide CPU core idle information to msm_dcvs
d092f2d usb: gadget: allow android gadget to bind/unbind several times
2098475 usb: gadget: ci13xxx_msm: allow to be loaded/unloaded as module
badaeda msm: kgsl: Do not take spinlock when mapping to IOMMU
c8c0163 Revert "msm: kgsl: Add per context timestamp"
3463ff4 um: Update defconfig
12783aa um: Switch to large mcmodel on x86_64
9310da0 MTD: Relax dependencies
194a64c um: Wire CONFIG_GENERIC_IO up
4d94d6d um: Serve io_remap_pfn_range()
087fafd Introduce CONFIG_GENERIC_IO
4c3ff74 um: allow SUBARCH=x86
dc5be20 um: most of the SUBARCH uses can be killed
199eebb um: deadlock in line_write_interrupt()
6440536 um: don't bother trying to rebuild CHECKFLAGS for USER_OBJS
c6b17bb um: use the right ifdef around exports in user_syms.c
d3985d9 um: a bunch of headers can be killed by using generic-y
69a3b4b um: ptrace-generic.h doesn't need user.h
c2220b2 um: kill HOST_TASK_PID
28a12cb um: remove pointless include of asm/fixmap.h from asm/pgtable.h
2ffd2e2 um: asm-offsets.h might as well come from underlying arch...
c56334d um: merge processor_{32,64}.h a bit...
10c890c um: switch close_chan() to struct line
0fcd719 um: race fix: initialize delayed_work *before* registering IRQ
5eaa341 um: line->have_irq is never checked...
1f42369 um: chan_init_pri is dead now
bed5e39 um: switch users of ->chan_list to ->chan_{in,out} (easy cases)
ee48507 um: sorting out the chan mess, part 1
c8e2876 um: finally kill ->init_str leaks
04292b2 um: get rid of lines_init()
cfe6b7c um: switch line.c tty drivers to dynamic device creation
31efceb um: fix races between line_open() and line_config()
d8c215a um: convert count_lock to mutex, fix a race in line_open()
43574c1 um: get rid of the init_prio mess
fe9a6b0 um: switch line_config() to setup_one_line()
da645f3 um: switch line_remove() to setup_one_line()
8998af2 um: auxvec.h is never used
8ea3c06 um: clean up the includes in ubd
3ee6bd8 uml/hostfs: Propagate dirent.d_type to filldir()
c0b79a9 um: irq: Remove IRQF_DISABLED
875de98 scripts/Kbuild.include: Fix portability problem of "echo -e"
0928061 merge_config.sh: Use the first file as the initial config
db7f4e3 scripts: dtc: fix compile warnings
0e8f7c8 msm: mdm: do not pull AP2MDM_STATUS gpio low during normal shutdown
141ce7d defconfig: 8064: Enable GSS sub-system restart
d0fb418 msm: gss-8064: Add support for GSS sub-system restart
496b919 Fix potential endless loop in kswapd when compaction is not enabled
b52f007 ASoC: msm: Reset pcm irq position in WRITE_DONE event
d44fc38 NFS4.1: remove duplicate variable declaration in filelayout_clear_request_commit
20e0fa9 Fix length of buffer copied in __nfs4_get_acl_uncached
9fdb719 msm: timer: set_delay_fn not used for 8625
bb0b6db Revert "msm: timer: Enable ARCH_HAS_READ_CURRENT_TIMER for all MSMs"
beafcbc board-qrd7627a: Add nand device in the 8625 EVB device list
3389bb8 xen/blkback: Make optional features be really optional.
4dae767 xen/blkback: Squash the discard support for 'file' and 'phy' type.
4667d9d radio-iris: Configure the search direction value as passed by FM APP
df7a3ee xen/acpi: Fix Kconfig dependency on CPU_FREQ
c5e14e7 alarmtimer: Don't call rtc_timer_init() when CONFIG_RTC_CLASS=n
81e6ca3 USB: sa1111: add hcd .reset method
846a704 USB: sa1111: add OHCI shutdown methods
132db99 USB: sa1111: reorganize ohci-sa1111.c
3f878db USB: sa1111: get rid of nasty printk(KERN_DEBUG "%s: ...", __FILE__)
9cb0f81 USB: sa1111: sparse and checkpatch cleanups
876c1f2 ARM: sa11x0: don't static map sa1111
22eeaff ARM: sa1111: use dev_err() rather than printk()
924e1d4 ARM: sa1111: cleanup sub-device registration and unregistration
21d1c77 ARM: sa1111: only setup DMA for DMA capable devices
09a2ba2 ARM: sa1111: register sa1111 devices with dmabounce in bus notifier
2213536 ARM: sa1111: move USB interface register definitions to ohci-sa1111.c
ea8c00a ARM: sa1111: move PCMCIA interface register definitions to sa1111_generic.c
4f8d9ca ARM: sa1111: move PS/2 interface register definitions to sa1111p2.c
6995f5b ARM: sa1111: delete unused physical GPIO register definitions
07be45f ARM: sa1111: provide a generic way to prevent devices from registering
38b4205 ARM: 7361/1: provide XIP_VIRT_ADDR for no-MMU builds
695436e ARM: 7349/1: integrator: convert to sparse irqs
ddecdfc ARM: 7259/3: net: JIT compiler for packet filters
09f05d8 ARM: 7334/1: add jump label support
a9468f3 ARM: 7333/2: jump label: detect %c support for ARM
9b5a146 ARM: 7338/1: add support for early console output via semihosting
101d9b0 ARM: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
e88443c ARM: exec: remove redundant set_fs(USER_DS)
b21d55e ARM: 7332/1: extract out code patch function from kprobes
d82227c ARM: 7331/1: extract out insn generation code from ftrace
4394e28 ARM: 7330/1: ftrace: use canonical Thumb-2 wide instruction format
dc283d70 ARM: 7351/1: ftrace: remove useless memory checks
9141a00 ARM: 7316/1: kexec: EOI active and mask all interrupts in kexec crash path
ba81f50 ARM: Versatile Express: add NO_IOPORT
5936d11 ARM: get rid of asm/irq.h in asm/prom.h
f5274c2 ARM: 7319/1: Print debug info for SIGBUS in user faults
e0b823e ARM: 7318/1: gic: refactor irq_start assignment
342d00a ARM: 7317/1: irq: avoid NULL check in for_each_irq_desc loop
d33c88c ARM: 7315/1: perf: add support for the Cortex-A7 PMU
f153d01 ARM: sync sched_clock() state on suspend
8211ca6 ARM: Add compiled ISA to oops dumps
87067a9 ARM: Optimize multi-CPU tlb flushing a little more
d9277d5 ARM: 7312/1: only show modules in the memory layout for MODULES=y
a7f464f ARM: 7001/2: Wire up support for the XZ decompressor
f5f5195 ARM: 7311/1: Add generic instruction opcode manipulation helpers
a9d6d15 ARM: 7310/1: integrator: implement sched_clock across all boards
f9d4861 ARM: 7294/1: vectors: use gate_vma for vectors user mapping
195864c ARM: move CP15 definitions to separate header file
149c241 ARM: SMP: use a timing out completion for cpu hotplug
41569e3 ARM: ecard: get rid of NO_IRQ madness
2b7da08 ARM: riscpc: use DEFINE_RES_xxx()
530c2ea ARM: riscpc: remove expansion card irq mask register
b4ac084 ARM: riscpc: convert ecard to use irq_alloc_descs()
c402c11 ARM: riscpc: use irq chip data in ecard.c
6e747b4 ARM: riscpc: move ecard.c to arch/arm/mach-rpc
927b6c4 ARM: riscpc: remove IRQ_TIMER
18a66d5 ARM: riscpc: use definition for serial port interrupt
8c6d9d0 ARM: riscpc: pass IRQ resources into keyboard driver
a1be5d6 ARM: riscpc: move time-acorn.c to mach-rpc
68fe7b2 x86: vdso: Put declaration before code
b01c3a0 perf: Move mmap page data_head offset assertion out of header
f5243d6 x86/kconfig: Remove CONFIG_TR=y from the defconfigs
65c0ff4 x86: Stop recursive fault in print_context_stack after stack overflow
16f27dc video: msm: writeback: Stop providing buffers to mdp in stopping state
83e5eae msm: pil-riva: Migrate to devm_regulator_get()
4f52424 msm: pil-q6v4: Migrate to devm_regulator_get()
06aba62 msm: pil-modem: Move to common proxy voting
32f7f2e msm: pil-q6v3: Move to common proxy voting
ab2b907 msm: pil-gss: Move to common proxy voting
0280ff2 msm: pil-q6v4: Move to common proxy voting
86f4a09 msm: pil-riva: Move to common proxy voting
36974ec msm: pil: Consolidate proxy voting into core
fe441ea usb: hsic_hcd: fix failure to re-suspend after remote wakeup
dc4159b msm: copper: Enable CONFIG_MSM_QPNP_INT
f057e20 msm: qpnp: Make MSM_QPNP_INT depend on MSM_QPNP
2124648 msm: modem-8960: Don't set SMSM_RESET when the modem crashes
2f416c2 USB: EHCI: Migrate to devm_regulator_get()
e075f59 seq_file: add seq_set_overflow(), seq_overflow()
1b26c9b proc-ns: use d_set_d_op() API to set dentry ops in proc_ns_instantiate().
bda7bad procfs: speed up /proc/pid/stat, statm
1ac101a procfs: add num_to_str() to speed up /proc/stat
59a32e2 proc: speed up /proc/stat handling
b908243 fs/proc/kcore.c: make get_sparsemem_vmemmap_info() static
909af76 coredump: remove VM_ALWAYSDUMP flag
1cc684a kmod: make __request_module() killable
3e63a93 kmod: introduce call_modprobe() helper
5b9bd47 usermodehelper: ____call_usermodehelper() doesn't need do_exit()
9d944ef usermodehelper: kill umh_wait, renumber UMH_* constants
d0bd587 usermodehelper: implement UMH_KILLABLE
b344992 usermodehelper: introduce umh_complete(sub_info)
70834d3 usermodehelper: use UMH_WAIT_PROC consistently
a02d6fd signal: zap_pid_ns_processes: s/SEND_SIG_NOINFO/SEND_SIG_FORCED/
d2d3930 signal: oom_kill_task: use SEND_SIG_FORCED instead of force_sig()
def8cf7 signal: cosmetic, s/from_ancestor_ns/force/ in prepare_signal() paths
629d362 signal: give SEND_SIG_FORCED more power to beat SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE
43aca32 Hexagon: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
ee00560 ptrace: remove PTRACE_SEIZE_DEVEL bit
5cdf389 ptrace: renumber PTRACE_EVENT_STOP so that future new options and events can match
aa9147c ptrace: make PTRACE_SEIZE set ptrace options specified in 'data' parameter
86b6c1f ptrace: simplify PTRACE_foo constants and PTRACE_SETOPTIONS code
8c5cf9e ptrace: don't modify flags on PTRACE_SETOPTIONS failure
b1845ff ptrace: don't send SIGTRAP on exec if SEIZED
15cab95 ptrace: the killed tracee should not enter the syscall
d533df0 fat: fix bug in enforcing Long File Name length
41f0c02 fat: clean up xlate_to_uni()
9eab0a7 rtc: ds1307: generalise ram size and offset
40ce972 rtc: ds1307: comment and format cleanup
b24a726 rtc: ds1307: simplify irq setup code
32d322b rtc: ds1307: refactor chip_desc table
fef931f rtc: driver for DA9052/53 PMIC v1
fad0738 drivers/rtc/rtc-max8925.c: fix alarm->enabled mistake in max8925_rtc_read_alarm/max8925_rtc_set_alarm
0cf30bd drivers/rtc/rtc-max8925.c: fix max8925_rtc_read_alarm() return value error
aa19689 drivers/rtc/rtc-pm8xxx.c: make pm8xxx_rtc_pm_ops static
2f6e5f9 drivers/rtc: remove IRQF_DISABLED
2778ebc drivers/rtc/rtc-twl.c: return correct RTC event from ISR
94a339d drivers/rtc/rtc-twl.c: simplify RTC interrupt clearing
f7439bc drivers/rtc/rtc-twl.c: enable RTC irrespective of its prior state
ce9f650 drivers/rtc/rtc-twl.c: optimize IRQ bit access
b4f0b88 MIPS: add RTC support for loongson1B
0abc920 rtc: convert rtc i2c drivers to module_i2c_driver
109e941 rtc: convert rtc spi drivers to module_spi_driver
ee6c54c rtc/rtc-spear: call platform_set_drvdata() before registering rtc device
131f8b7 rtc/spear: fix for RTC_AIE_ON and RTC_AIE_OFF ioctl errors
cd0e08a rtc-spear: fix for balancing the enable_irq_wake in Power Mgmt
0e0cb89 init/do_mounts.c: print error code on mount failure
8595c53 init: check printed flag to skip printing message
da0503a epoll: remove unneeded variable in reverse_path_check()
02edc6f epoll: comment the funky #ifdef
626cf23 poll: add poll_requested_events() and poll_does_not_wait() functions
5cde765 crc32: select an algorithm via Kconfig
577eba9 crc32: add self-test code for crc32c
6a0962b crypto: crc32c should use library implementation
46c5801 crc32: bolt on crc32c
78dff41 crc32: add note about this patchset to crc32.c
0292c49 crc32: optimize loop counter for x86
324eb0f crc32: add slice-by-8 algorithm to existing code
9a1dbf6 crc32: make CRC_*_BITS definition correspond to actual bit counts
ce4320d crc32: fix mixing of endian-specific types
60e58d5 crc32: miscellaneous cleanups
3863ef3 crc32: simplify unit test code
fbedceb crc32: move long comment about crc32 fundamentals to Documentation/
e30c7a8 crc32: remove two instances of trailing whitespaces
ca56dc0 checkpatch: check for quoted strings broken across lines
6712d85 checkpatch: whitespace - add/remove blank lines
2c92488 checkpatch: warn on use of yield()
aad4f61 checkpatch: add --strict tests for braces, comments and casts
b337d8b checkpatch: add [] to type extensions
fd1b57a checkpatch: high precedence operators do not require additional parentheses in #defines
e45bab8 checkpatch: handle string concatenation in simple #defines
b9df76a checkpatch: allow simple character constants in #defines
daebc53 checkpatch: catch [ ... ] usage when not at the beginning of definition
1123268 checkpatch.pl: be silent when -q and --ignore is given
d1fe9c0 checkpatch: add some --strict coding style checks
6061d94 include/ and checkpatch: prefer __scanf to __attribute__((format(scanf,...)
97e834c prio_tree: introduce prio_set_parent()
742245d prio_tree: simplify prio_tree_expand()
f35368d prio_tree: cleanup prio_tree_left()/prio_tree_right()
f42240d prio_tree: remove unnecessary code in prio_tree_replace
f43804b string: memchr_inv() speed improvements
a403d93 led-class: change back LEDS_CLASS to tristate instead of bool
cea694c drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: move the code setting gen_config to one place
1a1278d drivers/leds/leds-pca9633.c: remove unused 'adapter' variable
99ad98d leds-lm3530: replace pltfm with pdata
8544d0e leds-lm3530: remove LM3530_ALS_ZONE_REG code
bb98200 leds-lm3530: support pwm input mode
e13d978 leds-lm3530: replace i2c_client with led_classdev
bbe6453 leds-lm3530: set the max_brightness to 127
16db7f9 drivers/leds/leds-gpio.c: use linux/gpio.h rather than asm/gpio.h
75cb2e1 drivers/leds: add driver for PCA9633 I2C chip
d06cb46 drivers/leds/leds-lp5523.c: constify some data
42960b7 drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: ret may be uninitialized
32a2f74 drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: redefinition of register bits
011af7b drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: support led pattern data
3b49aac drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: add 'update_config' in the lp5521_platform_data
5ae4e8a drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: add 'name' in the lp5521_led_config
c5bd2a7 drivers/leds/leds-tca6507.c: remove obsolete cleanup for clientdata
920c4f4 drivers/leds/leds-tca6507.c: cleanup error handling in tca6507_probe()
3a2fd4a drivers/leds/leds-lp5521.c: fix typo
0b2f4d4 x86: use for_each_clear_bit_from()
1a07cbb uwb: use for_each_clear_bit()
fc89db4 s390/char: use for_each_clear_bit()
c527b41 mtd: use for_each_clear_bit()
03f4a82 bitops: introduce for_each_clear_bit()
0a329d2 bitops: remove for_each_set_bit_cont()
307b1cd bitops: rename for_each_set_bit_cont() in favor of analogous list.h function
2df5e12 backlight: fix ot200_bl build
67a6727 backlight: convert platform_lcd to dev_pm_ops
35c1682 backlight: add support for Pandora backlight
c8df742 backlight: add driver for Bachmann's ot200
7be865a backlight: new backlight driver for LP855x devices
050ea48 drivers/video/backlight/adp5520_bl.c: use devm_ functions
ce96922 drivers/video/backlight: use devm_ functions
1107d40 drivers/video/backlight/wm831x_bl.c: use devm_ functions
462dd83 backlight: convert backlight spi drivers to module_spi_driver
81ce686 backlight: convert backlight i2c drivers to module_i2c_driver
7d1ae8a MAINTAINERS: update maintainership of LTP
3741704 MAINTAINERS: add "S: Maintained" to clkdev and clk sections
c89f4f9 MAINTAINERS: add status to ALPHA architecture
08deed1 MAINTAINERS: update git urls for 2.6 deletions
8631d86 MAINTAINERS: update MCA section
728f5a9 get_maintainer.pl: add support for moderated lists
0ede274 get_maintainer: use a default "unknown" S: status/role
b60f796 kernel/watchdog.c: add comment to watchdog() exit path
4501980 kernel/watchdog.c: convert to pr_foo()
7a05c0f watchdog: make sure the watchdog thread gets CPU on loaded system
397a21f kernel/exit.c: if init dies, log a signal which killed it, if any
ebec18a prctl: add PR_{SET,GET}_CHILD_SUBREAPER to allow simple process supervision
953326c drivers/staging/telephony/ixj.c: fix warning about sequence points
9710a78 fs/notify/notification.c: make subsys_initcall function static
03ff3ef Remove remaining bits of io_remap_page_range()
7ccaba5 consolidate WARN_...ONCE() static variables
10db4e1 headers: include linux/types.h where appropriate
d314d74 nmi watchdog: do not use cpp symbol in Kconfig
b502bd1 magic.h: move some FS magic numbers into magic.h
d982d59 um: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
f6adb9a um: don't restore current->blocked on error
6629326 mm: hugetlb: cleanup duplicated code in unmapping vm range
5f29347 x86-64: Inline vdso clock_gettime helpers
91ec87d x86-64: Simplify and optimize vdso clock_gettime monotonic variants
88b28ad kernel-time: fix s/then/than/ spelling errors
335dd85 time: remove no_sync_cmos_clock
e919cfd time: Avoid scary backtraces when warning of > 11% adj
ad30dfa alarmtimer: Make sure we initialize the rtctimer
5a190a8 msm_xo: Work around RPM treating CXO_CLK and D0 as the same
8ac7f41 board: 8064: Add boot parameter support for HDMI primary display
04f7d05 msm: iommu: Reorganize per-target device initialization
39f5b2c msm: 9615: storage: vote against IDLE power collapse
2a81125 msm: kgsl: Add per context timestamp
c7ad42b [CIFS] Fix trivial sparse warning with asyn i/o patch
2750293 ioat: fix size of 'completion' for Xen
1e77096 msm: 8064: Enable DDR mode for eMMC
fa4ee7f msm: msm_iomap: Fix DEBUG_UART for 7x27a/7x30
7faf9ec msm: kgsl: don't clear gpuaddr when unmapping global mappings
424ff49 msm: ion: Increase QSECOM heap to 6MB
1d5c88e qlcnic: Bug fix for LRO
2e99bff video: msm: wfd: IOMMU migration
d816255 cifs: handle "sloppy" option appropriately
8830d7e cifs: use standard token parser for mount options
27ac575 cifs: remove /proc/fs/cifs/OplockEnabled
da82f7e cifs: convert cifs_iovec_write to use async writes
597b027 cifs: call cifs_update_eof with i_lock held
e949287 cifs: abstract out function to marshal up the iovec array for async writes
a7103b9 cifs: fix up get_numpages
35ebb41 cifs: make cifsFileInfo_get return the cifsFileInfo pointer
e94f7ba cifs: fix allocation in cifs_write_allocate_pages
c2e8764 cifs: allow caller to specify completion op when allocating writedata
fe5f5d2 cifs: add pid field to cifs_writedata
da472fc cifs: add new cifsiod_wq workqueue
7c9421e CIFS: Change mid_q_entry structure fields
243d04b CIFS: Expand CurrentMid field
5ffef7b CIFS: Separate protocol-specific code from cifs_readv_receive code
d4e4854 CIFS: Separate protocol-specific code from demultiplex code
792af7b CIFS: Separate protocol-specific code from transport routines
7afeb9e msm: acpuclock-8960: Remove need for first_set_call flag
53c16f9 msm: hwmon: Add EPM ADC driver
0750f60 Bluetooth: Allow for Pending status when moving back to BR-EDR
aded643 msm: acpuclock-8960: Clean up krait rail voltage calculation
15e9b9b ARM: Fix missing linux/types.h #inclusion in asm/hardware/iop3xx.h
643ac9f mm: fix testorder interaction between two kswapd patches
1b236d1 usb: smd: Fix crash during reset when RmNet is connected
4da7072 x86/io_apic: Move and reenable irq only when CONFIG_GENERIC_PENDING_IRQ=y
b7157ac x86/apic: Add separate apic_id_valid() functions for selected apic drivers
e335e3e locking/kconfig: Simplify INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK usage
280fb01 x86/kconfig: Update defconfigs
22be2e6 mtip32xx: fix incorrect value set for drv_cleanup_done, and re-initialize and start port in mtip_restart_port()
31a45ce mmc: msm_sdcc: Advertise erase capability
5d3b56f [S390] register cpu devices for SMP=n
212188a [S390] perf: add support for s390x CPU counters
b03d541 [S390] oprofile: Allow multiple users of the measurement alert interrupt
61d8497 [S390] qdio: log all adapter characteristics
8ea7fdd [S390] Remove unncessary export of arch_pick_mmap_layout
6c16a6d sched: Fix compiler warning about declared inline after use
5510e62 hwmon: Add MCP3021 ADC driver
0c27321 hwmon: (mc13783-adc) Add support for the MC13892 PMIC
cb88200 hwmon: (mc13783-adc) Remove space before tab
af2ef4f hwmon: (lm63) Let the user adjust the lookup table
817c6cc hwmon: (lm63) Make fan speed control strategy changeable
dac27dc hwmon: (lm63) Reorganize the code
f7001bb hwmon: (lm90) Restore original configuration if probe function fails
ae544f6 hwmon: (lm90) Add support for GMT G781
f36ffea hwmon: (lm90) Fix multi-line comments
c10b3ee hwmon: (w83795) Fix multi-line comments
72fea69 hwmon: (w83795) Unconditionally support manual fan speed control
941a956 hwmon: (fam15h_power) Increase output resolution
fc0900c hwmon: (fam15h_power) Correct sign extension of running_avg_capture
00380a4 block: blk_alloc_queue_node(): use caller's GFP flags instead of GFP_KERNEL
8194c7c gpio/sodaville: Mark broken due to core irqdomain migration
0b8b807 x86: Fix excessive MSR print out when show_msr is not specified
c720620 perf: Fix mmap_page capabilities and docs
dd9b238 MAINTAINERS: Update email address for SCHEDULER and PERF EVENTS
e02db0a microblaze: Handle TLB skip size dynamically
1451d1d microblaze: Introduce TLB skip size
95b0f9e microblaze: Improve TLB calculation for small systems
3a1d267 microblaze: Extend space for compiled-in FDT to 32kB
173701d microblaze: Clear all MSR flags on the first kernel instruction
cc5647a microblaze: Use node name instead of compatible string
7c0d261 microblaze: Fix mapin_ram function
2f2f371 microblaze: Highmem support
baab8a8 microblaze: Use active regions
8329979 microblaze: Show more detailed information about memory
4193876 microblaze: Introduce fixmap
83a9252 microblaze: mm: Fix lowmem max memory size limits
4e2e412 microblaze: mm: Use ZONE_DMA instead of ZONE_NORMAL
d36edeb defconfig: msm8960: Add IMX091 sensor config
3381da7 msm: camera: IMX091 sensor kernel driver
218edb9 msm: copper: i2c: Add i2c adapter for BLSP-QUP core 9 (I2C10)
7e25dc1 mdm9615: Add calibration data for TSENS
cb6d300 hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: Fix Buffer overflow
d71fbed Bluetooth: Wait for smd open before registering with hci
8a78335 usbnet: consider device busy at each recieved packet
6b43ae8 ntp: Fix leap-second hrtimer livelock
eaddcd7 bonding: remove entries for master_ip and vlan_ip and query devices instead
523f610 netfilter: remove forward module param confusion.
27d3f53 wcnss: fix enable wcnss bite IRQ warning
48aab2f security: optimize avc_audit() common path
60b5f8f netfilter: nf_conntrack: permanently attach timeout policy to conntrack
eeb4cb9 netfilter: xt_CT: fix assignation of the generic protocol tracker
1ac0bf9 netfilter: xt_CT: missing rcu_read_lock section in timeout assignment
c1ebd7d netfilter: cttimeout: fix dependency with l4protocol conntrack module
c9fdd44 msm: watchdog: Add support for VIC based devices
5d5440a usbnet: don't clear urb->dev in tx_complete
0956a8c usbnet: increase URB reference count before usb_unlink_urb
1265fd6 xfrm: Access the replay notify functions via the registered callbacks
26b2072 xfrm: Remove unused xfrm_state from xfrm_state_check_space
f0229ea RDS: use gfp flags from caller in conn_alloc()
64b5fad netlabel: use GFP flags from caller instead of GFP_ATOMIC
4ba7c3c ARM: OMAP3+: fix oops triggered in omap_prcm_register_chain_handler(v1)
9fa2df6 ARM: OMAP2+: OPP: allow OPP enumeration to continue if device is not present
9817985 arm: omap3: pm34xx.c: Replace printk() with appropriate pr_*()
ce229c5 arm: omap3: pm34xx.c: Fix omap3_pm_init() error out paths
68523f4 ARM: OMAP4: Workaround the OCP synchronisation issue with 32K synctimer.
f7493e5 vfs: tidy up sparse warnings in fs/namei.c
b86c478 Documentation/kernel-parameters: remove inttest parameter
989412b vfs: tidy up fs/namei.c byte-repeat word constants
1f1e6e5 fs: fix kernel-doc warnings in dcache.c
f132c5b Fix full_name_hash() behaviour when length is a multiple of 8
4e474a0 sysctl: protect poll() in entries that may go away
fa53030 msm_fb: display: Remove base layer for DSI command mode during suspend
c999a22 xfs: introduce an allocation workqueue
1a1d772 xfs: Fix open flag handling in open_by_handle code
29a2e28 x86-32: Fix endless loop when processing signals for kernel tasks
bc67f63 cciss: Fix scsi tape io with more than 255 scatter gather elements
395d287 cciss: Initialize scsi host max_sectors for tape drive support
5575acc xfs: fix deadlock in xfs_rtfree_extent
1ba0c17 kdb: Add message about CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA on failure to install breakpoint
b8adde8 kdb: Avoid using dbg_io_ops until it is initialized
bec4d62 kgdb,debug_core: add the ability to control the reboot notifier
8f30d41 KDB: Fix usability issues relating to the 'enter' key.
2366e04 kgdb,debug-core,gdbstub: Hook the reboot notifier for debugger detach
9fbe465 kgdb: Respect that flush op is optional
639077f kgdb: x86: Return all segment registers also in 64-bit mode
a304915 msm: board-8064: Fixed 8064 192mhz GPU clk freq request.
446e1c8 x86, boot: Correct CFLAGS for hostprogs
13354dc x86-32: Fix typo for mq_getsetattr in syscall table
1c2ccc6 fs: xfs: fix section mismatch in linux-next
ae29514 iommu/amd: Fix section mismatch
4bf9ce1 perf diff: Fix to work with new hists design
5d7be90 perf tools: Fix modifier to be applied on correct events
9fafd98 perf tools: Fix various casting issues for 32 bits
842f07f perf tools: Simplify event_read_id exit path
b54fe5e7 msm: pil-gss: Remove GSS QGIC bus workaround from pil_gss_reset_trusted()
01c02c1 msm: pil: Print error messages when pil_force_{boot,shutdown} fails
f61255e msm: rpm: panic() on an rpm error interrupt
01de982 tracing: Fix ftrace stack trace entries
09c8f73 msm: board-8960: Configure PM8921 SMPS 4 to use auto mode
226f251 msm: board-8930: Allow SMPS 4 to be set to 1.95 V
3d2b945 msm: board: Specify force_mode and sleep_set_force_mode per regulator
c4208cc msm: board-8930: Configure PM8038 SMPS regulators to use auto mode and LPM
1578904 msm: board: Initialize sleep_set_force_mode parameters
d1b7aea msm: rpm-regulator: Add sleep-set force mode parameter
c666601 rbd: move snap_rwsem to the device, rename to header_rwsem
3489b42 ceph: fix three bugs, two in ceph_vxattrcb_file_layout()
8d63e31 libceph: isolate kmap() call in write_partial_msg_pages()
9bd1966 libceph: rename "page_shift" variable to something sensible
0cdf9e6 libceph: get rid of zero_page_address
e36b13c libceph: only call kernel_sendpage() via helper
3173913 libceph: use kernel_sendpage() for sending zeroes
37675b0 libceph: fix inverted crc option logic
84495f4 libceph: some simple changes
f42299e libceph: small refactor in write_partial_kvec()
fe3ad59 libceph: do crc calculations outside loop
a9a0c51 libceph: separate CRC calculation from byte swapping
bca064d libceph: use "do" in CRC-related Boolean variables
cffaba1 ceph: ensure Boolean options support both senses
d3002b9 libceph: a few small changes
41617d0 libceph: make ceph_tcp_connect() return int
6173d1f libceph: encapsulate some messenger cleanup code
e0f43c9 libceph: make ceph_msgr_wq private
859eb79 libceph: encapsulate connection kvec operations
963be4d libceph: move prepare_write_banner()
32eec68 rbd: don't drop the rbd_id too early
593a9e7 rbd: small changes
00f1f36 rbd: do some refactoring
fed4c14 rbd: fix module sysfs setup/teardown code
7ef3214 rbd: don't allocate mon_addrs buffer in rbd_add()
5214ecc rbd: have rbd_parse_args() report found mon_addrs size
81a8979 rbd: do a few checks at build time
e28fff26 rbd: don't use sscanf() in rbd_add_parse_args()
a725f65e rbd: encapsulate argument parsing for rbd_add()
27cc259 rbd: simplify error handling in rbd_add()
60571c7 rbd: reduce memory used for rbd_dev fields
d720bcb rbd: have rbd_get_client() return a rbd_client
f0f8cef rbd: a few simple changes
432b858 rbd: rename "node_lock"
bc534d8 rbd: move ctl_mutex lock inside rbd_client_create()
d97081b rbd: move ctl_mutex lock inside rbd_get_client()
e6994d3 rbd: release client list lock sooner
d184f6b rbd: restore previous rbd id sequence behavior
499afd5 rbd: tie rbd_dev_list changes to rbd_id operations
e124a82 rbd: protect the rbd_dev_list with a spinlock
1ddbe94 rbd: rework calculation of new rbd id's
b7f23c3 rbd: encapsulate new rbd id selection
cc9d734 rbd: use a single value of snap_name to mean no snap
1dbb439 rbd: do not duplicate ceph_client pointer in rbd_device
ee57741 rbd: make ceph_parse_options() return a pointer
2107978 rbd: a few small cleanups
18fa8b3 ceph: make ceph_setxattr() and ceph_removexattr() more alike
3ce6cd1 ceph: avoid repeatedly computing the size of constant vxattr names
aa4066e ceph: encode type in vxattr callback routines
881a5fa ceph: drop "_cb" from name of struct ceph_vxattr_cb
eb78808 ceph: use macros to normalize vxattr table definitions
2289190 ceph: use a symbolic name for "ceph." extended attribute namespace
06476a6 ceph: pass inode rather than table to ceph_match_vxattr()
b829c19 ceph: don't null-terminate xattr values
99f0f3b ceph: eliminate some abusive casts
bd40614 ceph: eliminate some needless casts
f64a931 ceph: kill addr_str_lock spinlock; use atomic instead
a5bc312 ceph: make use of "else" where appropriate
5766651 ceph: use a shared zero page rather than one per messenger
8083431 ceph: fix overflow check in build_snap_context()
6448669 libceph: fix overflow check in crush_decode()
810339ec ceph: avoid panic with mismatched symlink sizes in fill_inode()
a661fc5 ceph: use 2 instead of 1 as fallback for 32-bit inode number
1ce208a ceph: don't reset s_cap_ttl to zero
182fac2 net/ceph: Only clear SOCK_NOSPACE when there is sufficient space in the socket buffer
4a163c8 ASoC: Add extra parameter to device_prep_dma_cyclic
b9136d2 xen: initialize platform-pci even if xen_emul_unplug=never
106b443 xen/smp: Fix bringup bug in AP code.
6544599 drm/nouveau/dp: support version 4.0 of DP table
e592c73 drm/nve0/disp: nvidia randomly decided to move the dithering method
68455a4 drm/nve0: initial modesetting support for kepler chipsets
26acaf0 ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix ADC assignment with a shared HP/Mic pin
83e72dd apple_bl: Add register/unregister functions
f11f999 toshiba_acpi: Refuse to load on machines with buggy INFO implementations
af50283 toshiba_acpi: Support additional hotkey scancodes
29cd293 toshiba_acpi: Support alternate hotkey interfaces
a24bb1d msm: camera: Enable V4l2 support for camera
b8589e2 gpio/twl: Add DT support to gpio-twl4030 driver
2d9dd99 gpio/twl: Allocate irq_desc dynamically for SPARSE_IRQ support
364cedb mfd: Detach twl6040 from the pmic mfd driver
ec1a07b mfd: Replace twl-* pr_ macros by the dev_ equivalent and do various cleanups
5a90309 mfd: Micro-optimization on twl4030 IRQ handler
f01b1f9 mfd: Make twl4030 SIH SPARSE_IRQ capable
78518ff mfd: Move twl-core IRQ allocation into twl[4030|6030]-irq files
1b8f333 mfd: Remove references already defineid in header file from twl-core
5fd32d6 mfd: Remove unneeded header from twl-core
9e17862 mfd: Make twl-core not depend on pdata->irq_base/end
9d4a419 ARM: OMAP2+: board-omap4-*: Do not use anymore TWL6030_IRQ_BASE in board files
bdd61bc mfd: Return twl6030_mmc_card_detect IRQ for board setup
914b200 btrfs: Fix busyloop in transaction_kthread()
79787ea btrfs: replace many BUG_ONs with proper error handling
a0f65a2 netfilter: xt_LOG: use CONFIG_IP6_NF_IPTABLES instead of CONFIG_IPV6
fa2c113 drm/nouveau: add bios connector type for dms59
f3c93cb drm/nouveau: move out of staging drivers
f887c42 drm/nouveau: bump version to 1.0.0
dd62608 drm/nvd0/disp: ignore clock set if no pclk
27100ac drm/nouveau: oops, increase channel dispc_vma to 4
664695a drm/nouveau: inform userspace of new kernel subchannel requirements
48aca13 drm/nouveau: remove m2mf creation on userspace channels
d5316e2 drm/nvc0-/disp: reimplement flip completion method as fifo method
b08abd4 drm/nouveau: move fence sequence check to start of loop
b5b2e59 drm/nouveau: remove subchannel names from places where it doesn't matter
accf949 drm/nouveau/ttm: always do buffer moves on kernel channel
e334aeb msm: clock: Migrate to prepare()/unprepare() APIs
2815ab9 ACPI: Do cpufreq clamping for throttling per package v2
0fa1984 radio-tavarua: Send disable event
4acb688 ACPICA: Debugger: Add missing object info to namespace dump
a1acd22 ACPICA: Change exception code for invalid pathname in acpi_evaluate_object
4efeeec ACPICA: Clarify METHOD_NAME* defines for full-pathname cases
dd0228e ACPICA: Update to version 20120215
72a8887 ACPICA: Add table-driven dispatch for sleep/wake functions
7095857 ACPICA: Split sleep/wake functions into two files
f99648b ACPICA: Distill multiple sleep method functions to a single function
f7b004a ACPICA: Add acpi_os_physical_table_override interface
ea14360 ACPICA: ACPI 5: Update debug output for new notify values
653f4b5 ACPICA: Expand OSL memory read/write interfaces to 64 bits
33620c5 ACPICA: Support for custom ACPICA build for ACPI 5 reduced hardware
d08310f ACPICA: Move ACPI timer prototypes to public acpixf file
2feec47 ACPICA: ACPI 5: Support for new FADT SleepStatus, SleepControl registers
384fe87 ACPICA: Update _REV return value to 5
6a6ea0a ARM: davinci: Fix for cpuidle consolidation changes
f1f0e2a thermal: Fix for setting the thermal zone mode to enable/disable
03ee62f thermal: spear13xx: checking for NULL instead of IS_ERR()
de716e3 thermal/spear_thermal: replace readl/writel with lighter _relaxed variants
6a92c36 thermal: add support for thermal sensor present on SPEAr13xx machines
c5a01dd thermal_sys: convert printks to pr_
caca8b8 thermal_sys: kernel style cleanups
ec79768 thermal_sys: remove obfuscating used-once macros
886ee54 thermal_sys: remove unnecessary line continuations
b11de07 drivers/thermal/thermal_sys.c: fix build warning
9d547c3 vfs: remove unused superblock helpers
0332483 ASoC: wcd9310: Add high impedance headphone detection support
91913a2 mm: export dirty_writeback_interval
182f514 ext4: remove useless s_dirt assignment
a8e25a8 ext4: write superblock only once on unmount
1b8b975 ext4: do not mark superblock as dirty unnecessarily
7335519 ext4: correct ext4_punch_hole return codes
9395a09 l2tp: enable automatic module loading for l2tp_ppp
efbff97 mdm: Ignore mdm status interrupt if mdm is not ready
8ec3e70 cnic: Fix parity error code conflict
7ae5289 tg3: Fix RSS ring refill race condition
afcff5d ext4: remove restrictive checks for EOFBLOCKS_FL
d3b6425 msm: board-copper: Add regulator defs for USB peripheral mode
a7967f0 ext4: always set then trimmed blocks count into len
21e7fd2 ext4: fix trimmed block count accunting
913eed8 ext4: fix start and len arguments handling in ext4_trim_fs()
ff0a70f crypto: twofish-x86_64-3way - module init/exit functions should be static
676a380 crypto: camellia-x86_64 - module init/exit functions should be static
5c1fa46 msm_fb: Handle flags for updating AR GC lookup table (LUT)
1272485 memcg: avoid THP split in task migration
d8c37c4 thp: add HPAGE_PMD_* definitions for !CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE
8d32ff8 memcg: clean up existing move charge code
a488428 mm/memcontrol.c: remove unnecessary 'break' in mem_cgroup_read()
45f3e38 mm/memcontrol.c: remove redundant BUG_ON() in mem_cgroup_usage_unregister_event()
13fd1dd mm/memcontrol.c: s/stealed/stolen/
4331f7d memcg: fix performance of mem_cgroup_begin_update_page_stat()
2ff76f1 memcg: remove PCG_FILE_MAPPED
89c06bd memcg: use new logic for page stat accounting
312734c0 memcg: remove PCG_MOVE_LOCK flag from page_cgroup
619d094 memcg: simplify move_account() check
9e33579 memcg: remove EXPORT_SYMBOL(mem_cgroup_update_page_stat)
a710920 memcg: kill dead prev_priority stubs
b240285 memcg: remove PCG_CACHE page_cgroup flag
ca464d6 memcg: let css_get_next() rely upon rcu_read_lock()
42aee6c cgroup: revert ss_id_lock to spinlock
9f7de82 idr: make idr_get_next() good for rcu_read_lock()
0e79ded memcg: remove unnecessary thp check in page stat accounting
1f2b71f memcg: remove redundant returns
f156ab9 memcg: enum lru_list lru
1eb4927 memcg: lru_size instead of MEM_CGROUP_ZSTAT
d79154b memcg: replace mem and mem_cont stragglers
31a7923 memcg: replace MEM_CONT by MEM_RES_CTLR
052b198 swap: don't do discard if no discard option added
1480de0 mm: forbid lumpy-reclaim in shrink_active_list()
88f6b4c mmap.c: fix comment for __insert_vm_struct()
d71b5a7 numa_emulation: fix cpumask_of_node()
b224ef8 page_alloc: remove unused find_zone_movable_pfns_for_nodes() argument
8d13bdd page_alloc.c: remove add_from_early_node_map()
d1d5e05 hugetlbfs: return error code when initializing module
b69add2 hugetlb: remove prev_vma from hugetlb_get_unmapped_area_topdown()
40716e2 hugetlbfs: fix alignment of huge page requests
21a3c27 mm, hugetlb: add thread name and pid to SHM_HUGETLB mlock rlimit warning
ea48cf7 mm, counters: fold __sync_task_rss_stat() into sync_mm_rss()
05af2e1 mm, counters: remove task argument to sync_mm_rss() and __sync_task_rss_stat()
9048162 hugepages: fix use after free bug in "quota" handling
a1d776e hugetlb: cleanup hugetlb.h
ef69422 ksm: cleanup: introduce find_mergeable_vma()
cc9a6c8 cpuset: mm: reduce large amounts of memory barrier related damage v3
e845e19 mm, memcg: pass charge order to oom killer
c7cfa37 mm/vmscan.c: fix spelling error
9a3c531 mm: update stale lock ordering comment for memory-failure.c
47a1333 mm: use global_dirty_limit in throttle_vm_writeout()
1010bb1 mm: don't set __GFP_WRITE on ramfs/sysfs writes
a05b085 hugetlbfs: avoid taking i_mutex from hugetlbfs_read()
f5bf18f bootmem/sparsemem: remove limit constraint in alloc_bootmem_section
f0cb3c7 mm: drain percpu lru add/rotate page-vectors on cpu hot-unplug
3268c63 mm: fix move/migrate_pages() race on task struct
385de35 thp: allow a hwpoisoned head page to be put back to LRU
6d9d88d tmpfs: security xattr setting on inode creation
08ab9b1 mm, oom: force oom kill on sysrq+f
b764375 procfs: mark thread stack correctly in proc//maps
9e81130 mm: hugetlb: bail out unmapping after serving reference page
fcf4d82 thp: documentation: 'transparent_hugepage=' can also be specified on cmdline
d563c05 vmscan: handle isolated pages with lru lock released
978ea78 rmap: remove __anon_vma_link() declaration
6583a84 rmap: anon_vma_prepare: Reduce code duplication by calling anon_vma_chain_link
28073b0 mm: hugetlb: defer freeing pages when gathering surplus pages
cc715d9 mm: vmscan: forcibly scan highmem if there are too many buffer_heads pinning highmem
092b50b pagemap: introduce data structure for pagemap entry
807f0cc pagemap: document KPF_THP and make page-types aware of it
e873c49 pagemap: export KPF_THP
025c5b2 thp: optimize away unnecessary page table locking
5aaabe8 pagemap: avoid splitting thp when reading /proc/pid/pagemap
b716ad9 mm: search from free_area_cache for the bigger size
f44d219 mm: do not reset cached_hole_size when vma is unmapped
cbde83e hugetlb: try to search again if it is really needed
4bfc130 hugetlbfs: fix hugetlb_get_unmapped_area()
aad6ec3 mm: compaction: make compact_control order signed
8575ec2 compact_pgdat: workaround lockdep warning in kswapd
aff6224 vmscan: only defer compaction for failed order and higher
7be62de vmscan: kswapd carefully call compaction
fe2c2a1 vmscan: reclaim at order 0 when compaction is enabled
67f96aa mm: make swapin readahead skip over holes
c38446c mm: vmscan: fix misused nr_reclaimed in shrink_mem_cgroup_zone()
69c9782 mm: make get_mm_counter static-inline
6131728 mm/vmscan.c: cleanup with s/reclaim_mode/isolate_mode/
c3f0327 mm: add rss counters consistency check
dc3f21e mm, oom: introduce independent oom killer ratelimit state
8447d95 mm, oom: do not emit oom killer warning if chosen thread is already exiting
647f2bd mm, oom: fold oom_kill_task() into oom_kill_process()
2a1c9b1 mm, oom: avoid looping when chosen thread detaches its mm
ce24d8a sparc: use block_sigmask()
d12f7c4 xtensa: use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
3785006 xtensa: don't mask signals if we fail to setup signal stack
ff6d21e xtensa: no need to reset handler if SA_ONESHOT
fa47ac5 xtensa: don't reimplement force_sigsegv()
7904ac8 seq_file: fix mishandling of consecutive pread() invocations.
dc716e9 drivers/idle/intel_idle.c: fix confusing code identation
1de5b41 fs/namei.c: fix warnings on 32-bit
1a5a990 mm: thp: fix pmd_bad() triggering in code paths holding mmap_sem read mode
49b25e0 btrfs: enhance transaction abort infrastructure
4da3511 btrfs: add varargs to btrfs_error
3acd395 btrfs: Remove BUG_ON from __finish_chunk_alloc()
1dd4602 btrfs: Remove BUG_ON from __btrfs_alloc_chunk()
2cdcecb btrfs: Don't BUG_ON insert errors in btrfs_alloc_dev_extent()
305a26a btrfs: Go readonly on tree errors in balance_level
b68dc2a btrfs: Don't BUG_ON errors from update_ref_for_cow()
e5df957 btrfs: Go readonly on bad extent refs in update_ref_for_cow()
4ed1d16 btrfs: Don't BUG_ON errors in __finish_chunk_alloc()
0678b61 btrfs: Don't BUG_ON kzalloc error in btrfs_lookup_csums_range()
be1a556 btrfs: Don't BUG_ON() errors in update_ref_for_cow()
ce59897 btrfs: Don't BUG_ON errors from btrfs_create_subvol_root()
2c53679 btrfs: btrfs_drop_snapshot should return int
3fbe5c0 btrfs: split extent_state ops
d008237 btrfs: drop gfp_t from lock_extent
143bede btrfs: return void in functions without error conditions
ffd7b33 btrfs: __add_reloc_root error push-up
355808c btrfs: ->submit_bio_hook error push-up
3444a97 btrfs: Factor out tree->ops->merge_bio_hook call
0417341 btrfs: Simplify btrfs_submit_bio_hook
b45a9d8 btrfs: btrfs_update_root error push-up
200a5c1 btrfs: find_and_setup_root error push-up
6763af8 btrfs: Remove set bits return from clear_extent_bit
5380428 btrfs: avoid NULL deref in btrfs_reserve_extent with DEBUG_ENOSPC
d5c13f9 btrfs: clean_tree_block should panic on observed memory corruption and return void
d16cb05 btrfs: Simplify btrfs_insert_root
cddcd80 btrfs: Fix kfree of member instead of structure
43c04fb btrfs: Panic on bad rbtree operations
c2d904e btrfs: Catch locking failures in {set,clear,convert}_extent_bit
8c34293 btrfs: Add btrfs_panic()
acf57c8 power: pm8921-charger: add adaptive current limiting
2251524 msm_fb: Restructure PCC and AR-GC code for clean implementation
2679f09 msm: Display: Remove backlight/Panel-reset control from PMIC init function.
97d68a8 kernel/main: fix calling sysfs_notify from atomic context
5676cc7 sky2: override for PCI legacy power management
2a2a459 net: fix napi_reuse_skb() skb reserve
fd7cddd Revert "mfd: Add platform data for MAX8997 haptic driver"
350c836 msm: board-8064: Add RTB support
b0f1f80 msm: pil: Allow verify_blob() to be optional
20ad810 msm: pil: Add name and state sysfs nodes
f53ef1b msm: msm_dcvs: Add msm_dcvs manager
57d167e usb: gadget: allow multiple gadgets to be built
a4b4be3 edac: rename channel_info to rank_info
0142877 i5400_edac: Avoid calling pci_put_device() twice
df95e42 edac: i5100 ack error detection register after each read
b6378cb edac: i5100 fix erroneous define for M1Err
ef091c9 vidc: Migrate to new ION cache ops API.
7fae0db edac: sb_edac: Fix a wrong value setting for the previous value
ad9c40b edac: sb_edac: Fix a INTERLEAVE_MODE() misuse
22a5c27 edac: sb_edac: Let the driver depend on PCI_MMCONFIG
01a6e28 edac: Improve the comments to better describe the memory concepts
b877763 edac/ppc4xx_edac: Fix compilation
5b889e3 Fix sb_edac compilation with 32 bits kernels
4c5bef3 i2c: qup: Add Device tree support for Qualcomm I2C controller
8c3ec84 ARM: tegra: Fix device tree AUXDATA for USB/EHCI
d03f462 msm: acpuclock-8960: Increase bus bandwidth for 8930
3dd9330 cifs: clean up ordering in exit_cifs
815465c cifs: clean up call to cifs_dfs_release_automount_timer()
6dae51a CIFS: Delete echo_retries module parm
bc205ed CIFS: Prepare credits code for a slot reservation
5bc5949 CIFS: Make wait_for_free_request killable
2d86dbc CIFS: Introduce credit-based flow control
6b5b94a msm: kgsl: Remove unused debugfs files
fc40f9c CIFS: Simplify inFlight logic
1daaae8 cifs: fix issue mounting of DFS ROOT when redirecting from one domain controller to the next
27257fc xen/acpi: Remove the WARN's as they just create noise.
1488d51 PCI: Bjorn gets PCI hotplug too
5a7c9ee NFS: fix sb->s_id in nfs debug prints
beeaa10 dmaengine: at_hdmac: add slave config operation
c526ddb power: smb349: add support for smb349 charger chip
648a182 ktest: Allow a test to override REBOOT_ON_SUCCESS
d56429b msm: camera: Fix for enabling vfe_clk
1b189b8 dlm: last element of dlm_local_addr[] never used
185ecb5 dmaengine: add context parameter to prep_slave_sg and prep_dma_cyclic
1605282 dmaengine/dma_slave: introduce inline wrappers
e166058 ASoC: wm8994: Update WM8994 DCS calibration
9b78145 xprtrdma: Remove assumption that each segment is <= PAGE_SIZE
4a6862b xprtrdma: The transport should not bug-check when a dup reply is received
18d98f6 pnfs-obj: autologin: Add support for protocol autologin
c6bfa1a NFS: Remove nfs4_setup_sequence from generic rename code
34e137c NFS: Remove nfs4_setup_sequence from generic unlink code
ea7c330 NFS: Remove nfs4_setup_sequence from generic read code
c6cb80d NFS: Remove nfs4_setup_sequence from generic write code
6f00866 NFS: Fix more NFS debug related build warnings
ffa94db SUNRPC/LOCKD: Fix build warnings when CONFIG_SUNRPC_DEBUG is undefined
9304a81 nfs: non void functions must return a value
b3b536a SUNRPC: Kill compiler warning when RPC_DEBUG is unset
6bff98b Revert "video:uvesafb: Fix oops that uvesafb try to execute NX-protected page"
dc7e57f OMAPDSS: register dss drivers in module init
89f18c3 WLAN: WCN1314: Add card removal notification functionality.
769df64 ktest: Fix SWITCH_TO_GOOD to also reboot the machine
02ad261 ktest: Add SCP_TO_TARGET_INSTALL option
298de8c msm: msm_iomap: Unify iomap for 7x30 with 7K & 8K
6ca996c ktest: Add warning when bugs are ignored
627977d ktest: Add INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 when installing modules
b622f1b video: pxafb: add clk_prepare/clk_unprepare calls
cfc4bcf fbdev: bfin_adv7393fb: Drop needless include
5466c7b drm/i915: use DDC_ADDR instead of hard-coding it
370a53f drm/radeon: use DDC_ADDR instead of hard-coding it
ef61d3d drm: remove unneeded redefinition of DDC_ADDR
b73d123 drm/exynos: added virtual display driver.
c054d35 msm: 7x27A: Increase pmem size to allow H.264 720P decoding
ad1122e dma: imx-sdma: Treat firmware messages as warnings instead of erros
c066e04 msm: 8930: Increase pull-up strength for pmic gpio-keys
d9b4611 mmc: core: Remove BROKEN_CLK_GATING quirk for WCN1314 cards
f4a999c mmc: msm_sdcc: fixup for enabling MMC_CLKGATE feature for SDIO cards
30df049 ASoC: msm: Fix NULL pointer dereference issue.
f0410bc mmc: core: Export mmc_set_ios so that host drivers can use it
d9db342 msm: audio: qdsp5v2: Fix LPA no audio heard issue
e448b24 msm: qdsp5: Convert to new clk_prepare/unprepare API
697e6fe writeback: Remove outdated comment
f469ec9 fs: Remove bogus wait in write_inode_now()
8f9c60f fbdev: sh_mipi_dsi: add extra phyctrl for sh_mipi_dsi_info
f363afc fbdev: remove dependency of FB_SH_MOBILE_MERAM from FB_SH_MOBILE_LCDC
1b2681b drm/radeon/kms: update duallink checks for DCE6
d09b38d drm/radeon/kms: add trinity pci ids
be63fe8 drm/radeon/kms: add radeon_asic struct for trinity
c420c74 drm/radeon/kms: add support for ucode loading on trinity (v2)
e71270f drm/radeon/kms/vm: set vram base offset properly for TN
05b3ef6 drm/radeon/kms: Update evergreen functions for trinity
7b76e47 drm/radeon/kms: cayman gpu init updates for trinity
1d3949c drm/radeon/kms: Add checks for TN in the DP bridge code
0671bdd7 drm/radeon/kms/DCE6.1: ss is not supported on the internal pplls
6419987 drm/radeon/kms: disable PPLL0 on DCE6.1 when not in use
24e1f79 drm/radeon/kms: Adjust pll picker for DCE6.1
729b95e drm/radeon/kms: DCE6.1 disp eng pll updates
ca7db22 drm/radeon/kms: DCE6.1 watermark updates for TN
5d7486c drm/radeon/kms: no support for internal thermal sensor on TN yet
8848f75 drm/radeon/kms: add trinity (TN) chip family
fc7dbcc drm/radeon/kms: Add SI pci ids
c1b2f69 drm/radeon: Update radeon_info_ioctl for SI. (v2)
02779c0 drm/radeon/kms: add radeon_asic struct for SI
8d5ef7b drm/radeon/kms: add support for compute rings in CS ioctl on SI
9b136d5 drm/radeon/kms: fill in startup/shutdown callbacks for SI
25a857f drm/radeon/kms: add support for interrupts on SI
347e759 drm/radeon/kms: Add support for RLC init on SI
2ece2e8 drm/radeon/kms: add IB and fence dispatch functions for SI
48c0c90 drm/radeon/kms: add support for CP setup on SI
8b074dd drm/radeon/kms: add support for MC ucode loading on SI
0f0de06 drm/radeon/kms: add ucode loading for SI
1b5475d drm/radeon/kms: Only VM CS ioctl is supported on SI (v2)
498dd8b drm/radeon/kms: add VM CS checker for SI
dfcf5f3 drm/radeon/kms: add support for the CONST IB to the CS ioctl
d2800ee drm/radeon/kms: add support for MC/VM setup on SI
c476dde drm/radeon/kms: Add support for SI GPU reset
0a96d72 drm/radeon/kms: add gpu init support for SI
1bd47d2 drm/radeon/kms: add support for internal thermal sensor on SI
14607d0 drm/radeon/kms: update power table parsing for SI
e83753b drm/radeon/kms/atom: add support for SI SetVoltage table
2d41586 drm/radeon/kms: update comments about dig encoders/transmitters
97412a7 drm/radeon/kms: DP aux updates for DCE6
47aef7a drm/radeon/kms/atom: add support for DCE6.x dig transmitters
f3f1f03 drm/radeon/kms: DCE6 disp eng pll updates
fef9f91 drm/radeon/kms/atom: add support for crtc power gating
79f17c6 drm/radeon/kms/atom: DCE6 no longer has crtcmemreq bits
82d118e drm/radeon/kms: fix up atom HPD gpio parsing for DCE6
43b3cd9 drm/radeon/kms: add initial DCE6 display watermark support
cb28bb3 drm/radeon/kms: add SI chip families
f734688 drm/radeon/kms: upstream power table updates
bf68adb drm/radeon/kms: upstream atombios.h updates
c67d850 drm/radeon/kms: Upstream ObjectID.h updates
609c1e1 drm/radeon/kms: add info query for max pipes
5c48c87 SH: shmobile: Consolidate time keeping and irq enable
ee807dd ARM: shmobile: Consolidate time keeping and irq enable
d13e926 ARM: omap: Consolidate OMAP4 time keeping and irq enable
6da45dc ARM: omap: Consolidate OMAP3 time keeping and irq enable
19976c2 ARM: davinci: Consolidate time keeping and irq enable
b334648 ARM: kirkwood: Consolidate time keeping and irq enable
7e348b9 ARM: at91: Consolidate time keeping and irq enable
e168979 cpuidle: Add common time keeping and irq enabling
fa63186 msm_camera: Skip the frame when ping-pong register status is not proper.
7fcca71 gpio/omap: fix redundant decoding of gpio offset
2a900eb gpio/omap: fix incorrect update to context.irqenable1
3e80acd ACPICA: Fix regression in FADT revision checks
cf45013 ACPI: ignore FADT reset-reg-sup flag
576a697 msm: platsmp: Release secondary cores out of reset for copper
fe6ff416 msm: 8930: Add I2C QUP Support for I2C EEPROM
1762275 blackfin: clean up string bfin_dma_5xx after rename.
5ddebe5 blackfin:dma: rename bfin_dma_5xx.c to bfin_dma.c
eeec0a1 bf548: ssm2602: Add ssm2602 platform data into bf548 ezkit board file.
ce6da7c Blackfin: s/#if CONFIG/#ifdef CONFIG/
0e233fb Blackfin: pnav: delete duplicate linux/export.h include
1957b66 bf561: add ppi DLEN macro for 10bits to 16bits
45a9331 arch: blackfin: udpate defconfig
3bed8d6 Disintegrate asm/system.h for Blackfin [ver #2]
0eceb82 arch/blackfin: don't generate random mac in bfin_get_ether_addr()
dd47ba1 Blackfin: wire up new process_vm syscalls
0db07a9 blackfin: cleanup anomaly workarounds
ff4db3b blackfin: update default defconfig
563c76f blackfin: thread_info: add suspend flag
3268968 bfin: add bfin_ad73311_machine platform device
57084ed blackfin: bf537: stamp: update board file for 193x
a5b44ee blackfin: kgdb: skip hardware watchpoint test
4e937ac bf548: add ppi interrupt mask and blanking clocks
a5e0d86 blackfin: bf561: forgot CSYNC in get_core_lock_noflush
5d002cc spi/bfin_spi: drop bits_per_word from client data
4936afc blackfin: cplb-mpu: fix page mask table overflow
edd8a97 blackfin: restore L1 base address and length
f7899f7 blackfin: timer: refine bfin simple timer driver
c72df80 BF561 MDMA : fixed BF561 DMA MMRs definition mismatch
7160fc1 bfin_sport: add support for ADC/DAC.
07c0c5d ext4: initialization of ext4_li_mtx needs to be done earlier
f5cc4ee VM: make zap_page_range() callers that act on a single VMA use separate helper
6e8bb01 VM: make unmap_vmas() return void
853f5e2 VM: don't bother with feeding upper limit to tlb_finish_mmu() in exit_mmap()
14f5ff5 VM: make zap_page_range() return void
8b2a123 VM: can't go through the inner loop in unmap_vmas() more than once...
038c7aa VM: unmap_page_range() can return void
8818739 debugfs-related mode_t whack-a-mole
a051f71 hfsplus: add an ioctl to bless files
0347b6e hfsplus: change finder_info to u32
f392238 hfsplus: initialise userflags
7cd916f qnx4: new helper - try_extent()
8f82eca qnx4: get rid of qnx4_bread/qnx4_getblk
19e5109 take removal of PF_FORKNOEXEC to flush_old_exec()
e59cc47 trim includes in inode.c
ac2aca2 um: uml_dup_mmap() relies on ->mmap_sem being held, but activate_mm() doesn't hold it
ea6fb41 um: embed ->stub_pages[] into mmu_context
104bb37 gadgetfs: list_for_each_safe() misuse
342827d ocfs2: fix leaks on failure exits in module_init
0794f56 ecryptfs: make register_filesystem() the last potential failure exit
f4c5499 ntfs: forgets to unregister sysctls on register_filesystem() failure
03e897a logfs: missing cleanup on register_filesystem() failure
76bf09f jfs: mising cleanup on register_filesystem() failure
2a152ad make configfs_pin_fs() return root dentry on success
0dd6c08 configfs: configfs_create_dir() has parent dentry in dentry->d_parent
16d13b5 configfs: sanitize configfs_create()
b7c177f configfs: kill configfs_sb
81d44ed1 configfs: don't bother with checks for mkdir/rmdir/unlink/symlink in root
8fc3dc5 __register_binfmt() made void
54bf586 autofs: set things up *before* registering fs type
ca7068c anon_inodes: move allocation of anon_inode into ->mount()
2226a28 9p: make register_filesystem() the last failure exit
01e0fe0 usbfs: kill racy detection of simple_pin_fs()
2452992 make simple_pin_fs() pass MS_KERNMOUNT - it's a kernel-internal one
ea23b45 ibmasmfs: make register_filesystem the last failure exit
640045a spufs: make register_filesystem the last potential failure exit
765fd6b kill reiserfs_fs_{i,sb}.h
f466c6f move private bits of reiserfs_fs.h to fs/reiserfs/reiserfs.h
a8a4b79 kill pointless includes of reiserfs_fs_{i,sb}.h
a3063ab move reiserfs_acl.h to fs/reiserfs/acl.h
c45ac88 take private bits of reiserfs_xattr.h to fs/reiserfs/xattr.h
82234e6 vfs: take path_get_longterm() out of write_seqcount scope
3ee05ed no need to play with fs->seq in exit_fs()
68ac123 switch touch_atime to struct path
40ffe67 switch unix_sock to struct path
38eff28 constify path argument of trace_seq_path()
66b3fad constify path argument of audit_log_d_path()
9fcf03d aio: fix the comment in aio_kick_handler()
cd1ea26 aio: don't bother with cancel_delayed_work() in exit_aio()
bf50722 aio: use cancel_delayed_work_sync()
9fa1cb3 aio: aio_nr_lock is taken only synchronously now
2dd542b aio: aio_nr decrements don't need to be delayed
e23754f aio: don't bother with async freeing on failure in ioctx_alloc()
5d026c7 fs: initial qnx6fs addition
516cdb6 qnx4fs: small cleanup
32991ab vfs: d_alloc_root() gone
318ceed tidy up after d_make_root() conversion
ca85c07 minixfs: switch to d_make_root()
68acb8e hfsplus: switch to d_make_root()
1688f86 fat: switch to d_make_root()
ea29c69 ntfs: switch to d_make_root()
48fde70 switch open-coded instances of d_make_root() to new helper
6b4231e procfs: clean proc_fill_super() up
be0d93f ... and the same failure exits cleanup for ocfs2
f56b0fb coda: clean failure exits in coda_fill_super()
064326c clean up the failure exits in cifs_read_super()
9bcb4b7 vfs: turn generic_drop_inode() into static inline
e28e832 ecryptfs: don't bother with ->drop_inode()
b57ce96 vfs: drop_file_write_access() made static
8de5277 vfs: check i_nlink limits in vfs_{mkdir,rename_dir,link}
dfbc2d7 powerpc/ps3: Do not adjust the wrapper load address
a6626ff powerpc: Remove the rest of the legacy iSeries include files
1b04188 powerpc: Remove the remaining CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES pieces
bc58450 init: Remove CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES
f533927 powerpc: Remove FW_FEATURE ISERIES from arch code
ec86b45 tty/hvc_vio: FW_FEATURE_ISERIES is no longer selectable
fb700d3 powerpc/spufs: Fix double unlocks
dcfeee2 Bluetooth: Only clear AMP/L2CAP connection after all channels deleted
4277842 Bluetooth: Fix channel disconnect when logical link already exists
ff65151 powerpc/5200: convert mpc5200 to use of_platform_populate()
70a3e5a powerpc/mpc5200: add options to mpc5200_defconfig
7eb64c0 powerpc/mpc52xx: add a4m072 board support
80bde03 msm: pil: Synchronize request_firmware() with suspend
9c65898 msm: Add EPM I2C GPIO expander
be669bc base: genlock: Use a signed long for the result from wait_timeout
980636f video: msm: wfd: Set SPS/PPS per IDR frame as default
701085b exec: move de_thread()->setmax_mm_hiwater_rss() into exec_mmap()
b6e238d exit_signal: fix the "parent has changed security domain" logic
e636825 exit_signal: simplify the "we have changed execution domain" logic
5f8aadd CLONE_PARENT shouldn't allow to set ->exit_signal
8cd67fa vidc: Increase size of h264 encoder's mv buffer
7985383 msm: kgsl: Add GMEM size configuration in gpu list
bbdb32c Fix pppol2tp getsockname()
a6506e1 Remove printk from rds_sendmsg
636d7e2 ext4: update s_free_{inodes,blocks}_count during online resize
ab4684d NFSD: Fix nfs4_verifier memory alignment
8f199b8 NFSD: Fix warnings when NFSD_DEBUG is not defined
8e6f7c2 xen/tmem: cleanup
9846ff1 xen: support pirq_eoi_map
102b208 xen/acpi-processor: Do not depend on CPU frequency scaling drivers.
48cdd82 xen/cpufreq: Disable the cpu frequency scaling drivers from loading.
448c8b1 provide disable_cpufreq() function to disable the API.
5434bd7 msm: msm_bus: Update Clock APIs
1d45ee3 Revert "MAINTAINERS: add entry for exynos mipi display drivers"
b99ce12 msm: pm-boot: Modify PM warmboot sequence instructions
e509155 msm: fix circular dependency warning when ENABLE_DMM is set
5ac3a6d PCI: hand PCI maintenance over to Bjorn Helgaas
ad2a8e6 AFS: checking wrong bit in afs_readpages()
bc4d799 unicore32/PCI: move include to asm/pci.h
a031589 sparc/PCI: convert devtree and arch-probed bus addresses to resource
c0f2094 powerpc/PCI: allow reallocation on PA Semi
39aa146 powerpc/PCI: convert devtree bus addresses to resource
38973ba powerpc/PCI: compute I/O space bus-to-resource offset consistently
d85c6d9 arm/PCI: don't export pci_flags
cf48fb6 PCI: fix bridge I/O window bus-to-resource conversion
70f6cdc2 power: pm8921-charger: remove set_usb_power_supply_type
19f1865 regulator: stub: Initialize voltage to min_uV constraint
34b8745 USB: OTG: remove pm8921_set_usb_power_supply_type
f94fba3 ASOC: msm: Add machine driver for mdm9615
e0879b1 msm: kgsl: Capture more interesting GPU buffers from a hang
e27d359 SUNRPC/NFS: Add Kbuild dependencies for NFS_DEBUG/RPC_DEBUG
3b3be88 NFS: Use cond_resched_lock() to reduce latencies in the commit scans
5ae67c4 NFSv4: It is not safe to dereference lsp->ls_state in release_lockowner
39914be2 mfd: pm8018-core: Add PMIC thermal alarm device
c4f1b62 NFS: ncommit count is being double decremented
93d68e5 tracing: Move the tracing_on/off() declarations into CONFIG_TRACING
3e2abc5 ACPI: EC: Add ec_get_handle()
7714567 intel_mid_powerbtn: use MSIC read/write instead of ipc_scu
f39eaa6 platform, x86: Kill off Moorestown
a938406 hdaps: trivial fix for -Wuninitialized
ca1469f acer-wmi: ignore missing Aspire 5741G keys (checkpatched)
67e1d34 acer-wmi: support for P key on TM8372
2d5de9e dell-laptop: touchpad LED should persist its status after S3
3197059 geos: Platform driver for Geos and Geos2 single-board computers.
592b746 toshiba_acpi: make one-bit bitfields unsigned
38db157 acer-wmi: remove useless input argument for internal wmi
984165a x86, mrst: add msic_thermal platform support
0266e49 platform-x86: intel_mid_thermal: turn off thermistor voltage by default
420138a platform-x86: intel_mid_thermal: convert to use Intel MSIC API
3fca3d3 platform-x86: intel_mid_thermal: add msic_thermal alias
20db88e samsung-laptop: fix seclinux rfkill and us it as fallback
a2d5dd2 asus-laptop: add some keys found on Lenovo SL500
7ec48ce platform/x86: drop deprecated asus_acpi driver
26594dd asus-laptop: check WLED and BLED presence before adding rfkill
3c8671f asus-laptop: add rfkill interfaces for wlan and wwan
774b067 asus-laptop: control how BLED and WLED should be exposed
40969c7 asus-laptop: cleanup rfkill code
ce6c468 eeepc-laptop: log unknown keys
e0ac913 asus-laptop: log unknown keys
eecc5bb acerhdf: Message logging neatening
6e71f38 acer-wmi: Message logging neatening
92304a4 samsung-laptop: promote myself as maintainer of samsung-laptop
2e77718 samsung-laptop: tweak traces
6f6ae06 samsung-laptop: dump model and version informations
3be324a samsung-laptop: make the dmi check less strict
84d482f samsung-laptop: add true rfkill support for swsmi
f674ebf samsung-laptop: add keyboard backlight support
1c02f2d samsung-laptop: cleanup KConfig
3a75d37 samsung-laptop: add usb charge support
cb5b5c9 samsung-laptop: add battery life extender support
49dd773 samsung-laptop: remove selftest
5b80fc4 samsung-laptop: add a small debugfs interface
7e96071 samsung-laptop: ehance SABI support
a66c166 samsung-laptop: use a sysfs group
f34cd9c samsung-laptop: don't handle backlight if handled by acpi/video
5dea7a2 samsung-laptop: move code into init/exit functions
a6df489 samsung-laptop: put all local variables in a single structure
73d99a2 platform-drivers-x86: convert drivers/platform/x86/* to use module_platform_driver()
b94e88b hdaps: Shut up gcc uninitialized variable warnings
2a74885 dell-laptop: add 3 machines that has touchpad LED
747a562 to fix scancodes returned by sony-laptop driver
4d64466 intel_scu_ipc: Remove Moorestown support
dc2cbb3 intel-oaktrail: switch to using use MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
4585aba compal-laptop: switch to using use MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
35ae64f dell-laptop: switch to using use MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
fbd93bf drivers/platform/x86/dell-laptop.c: Remove some unneeded break statements
6fe6ae5 sony-laptop: Enable keyboard backlight by default
3c33be0 mfd: Add support for TPS65090
bcc2d6d mfd: Add some da9052-i2c section annotations
5070568 msm: acpuclock-8960: Use VDD dig corner regulator for 8930 and 8627
ebaa3ac msm: clock-8960: Use VDD dig corner regulator for 8930.
0490731 msm: board-8930: Add new VDD_dig voltage corner regulator
10b9b98 CIFS: Respect negotiated MaxMpxCount
bfb1aa3 msm: camera: Change mount angle of IMX074 sensor
317b6e1 feature-removal-schedule.txt: schedule the deprecated form of kmap_atomic() for removal
a24401b highmem: kill all __kmap_atomic() [swarren@nvidia.com: highmem: Fix ARM build break due to __kmap_atomic rename]
589973a drbd: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
97d5dd1 zcache: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
f0c5b59 gma500: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
c2e022c dm: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
c58e037 tomoyo: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
b854178 sunrpc: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
6114eab rds: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
0352bc5 net: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
9b04c5f mm: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
c3eede8 lib: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
0de9a1e power: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
d762a50 kdb: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
7c0fb22 udf: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
a1c7c13 ubifs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
53b55e5 squashfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
883da60 reiserfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
c4bc8dc ocfs2: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
a3ac141 ntfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
7b9c097 nilfs2: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
2b86ce2 nfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
27a6d5c minix: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
50bc9b6 logfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
303a8f2 jbd2: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
8fb53c4 jbd: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
d934928 gfs2: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
2408f6e fuse: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
d4a23ae ext2: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
bf7014b exofs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
da4aa36 afs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
7ac687d btrfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
e8e3c3d fs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
c6daa7f vhost: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
ca747d6 target: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
ba82fe2 zram: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
e3debd2 rtl8192u: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
86cbce4 hv: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
77dfce0 scsi: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
4679026 net: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
eb3f062 memstick: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
b0b38c7 media: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
b2f46e6 md: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
2a156d0 infiniband: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
45b408d ide: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
1c9c20f drm: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
4e5df7c edac: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
237f259 crypto: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
cfd8005 block: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
496cda8 ata: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
f0dfc0b crypto: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
8fd75e1 x86: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
91f2359 um: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
bc3e11b sh: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
2480b20 powerpc: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
9c02048 mips: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
5472e86 arm: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
1ec9c5d include/linux/highmem.h: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
980c19e highmem: mark k[un]map_atomic() with two arguments as deprecated
312869e hwmon: (sch56xx) Add support for the integrated watchdog (v2)
5364d0b8 mfd: Build rtc5t583 only if I2C config is selected to y.
4d5df5d HID: multitouch: add PID for Fructel product
3467811 xen-blkfront: make blkif_io_lock spinlock per-device
dad5cf6 xen/blkfront: don't put bdev right after getting it
34ae2e4 xen-blkfront: use bitmap_set() and bitmap_clear()
b2167ba xen/blkback: Enable blkback on HVM guests
4f14faa xen/blkback: use grant-table.c hypercall wrappers
f1f996b kcore: fix spelling in read_kcore() comment
220cca2 GFS2: Change truncate page allocation to be GFP_NOFS
cf9eeac KVM: Convert intx_mask_lock to spin lock
02626b6 KVM: x86: fix kvm_write_tsc() TSC matching thinko
b74f05d x86: kvmclock: abstract save/restore sched_clock_state
da0df92 drm: allow loading an EDID as firmware to override broken monitor
960edff gpio/omap: fix incorrect context restore logic in omap_gpio_runtime_*
2c836f7 gpio/omap: fix missing dataout context save in _set_gpio_dataout_reg
8276536 gpio/omap: fix _set_gpio_irqenable implementation
00ece7e gpio/omap: fix trigger type to unsigned
381a752 gpio/omap: fix wakeup_en register update in _set_gpio_wakeup()
3e148ba drm/exynos: enable hdmi audio feature
ba3849d drm/exynos: add default pixel format for plane
590f418 drm/exynos: cleanup exynos_hdmi.h
a31f6ec drm/exynos: add is_local member in exynos_drm_subdrv struct
9084f7b drm/exynos: add subdrv open/close functions
132a5b9 drm/exynos: remove module of exynos drm subdrv
3ab09435 drm/exynos: release pending pageflip events when closed
f0b1bda drm/exynos: added new funtion to get/put dma address.
2b35892 drm/exynos: update gem and buffer framework.
1de425b drm/exynos: added mode_fixup feature and code clean.
3ecd70b drm/exynos: add HDMI version 1.4 support
1f85851 ipv6: fix incorrent ipv6 ipsec packet fragment
22b21ae drm/exynos: remove exynos_mixer.h
1278f7d gma500: Fix mmap frambuffer
89cd431 spi_qsd: Fix compilation warning
c6e541e power: ccadc: Initialize voltage_uv to fix compilation warning
71730cc msm: cpuidle: Fix pm.h include path.
4219745 msm: dsps: Refer the local "timer.h" and not from standard search path
654c59c drm/radeon: Drop radeon_gem_object_(un)pin.
0349af7 drm/radeon: Restrict offset for legacy display engine.
c435301 drm/radeon: Restrict offset for legacy hardware cursor.
11fe126 drm/radeon/kms: reduce probe latency on digital connectors
4c1b2d2 drm/radeon/kms: add connector quirk for Fujitsu D3003-S2 board
e00e8b5 drm/radeon/kms: fix analog load detection on DVI-I connectors
25d0479 drm/ttm: Use pr_fmt and pr_
f104876 drivers/gpu/drm/savage/savage_state.c: add missing kfree
f48bb04 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_cs.c: eliminate possible double free
abc8113 drm/radeon: dp only enable enhanced framing if sink supports.
3c12513 drm/radeon/kms: skip db/cb/streamout checking when possible on r600
6333003 drm/radeon/kms: compute GPU addresses correctly on r600
747e42a drm/radeon/kms: remove some unused variables in evergreen_cs_track
3083857 drm/radeon/kms: skip db/cb/streamout checking when possible on evergreen
7e9fa5f drm/radeon/kms: optimize streamout checking for evergreen
7885713 drm/radeon/kms: compute GPU addresses correctly on evergreen
7df7c54 drm/radeon/kms: make some DRM errors more informative
779923b drm/radeon/kms: skip cb/db checking if SX_MISC is 1 on r600+
9c1dfc5 drm/usb: move usb support into a separate module
cea3151 msm: camera: Fix for lcd power on issue
5c473ed cpsw: Hook up default ndo_change_mtu.
26a752b Bluetooth: Poll for RSSI updates from the remote device
92b9781 ext4: change some printk() calls to use ext4_msg() instead
d9ee81d ext4: avoid output message interleaving in ext4_error_()
1084f25 ext4: remove trailing newlines from ext4_msg() and ext4_error() messages
ace36ad ext4: add no_printk argument validation, fix fallout
7f6a11e ext4: remove redundant "EXT4-fs: " from uses of ext4_msg
dc1841d ext4: give more helpful error message in ext4_ext_rm_leaf()
7877191 ext4: remove unused code from ext4_ext_map_blocks()
5f95d21 ext4: rewrite punch hole to use ext4_ext_remove_space()
e8a30b2 ARM: OMAP2+: Remove __init from DSI mux functions
a909e12 ASoC: jack: Add API report sock jack without DAPM sync
f92c97c [media] update CARDLIST.em28xx
795cb41 [media] partially reverts changeset fa5527c
0e37781 [media] stb0899: fix the limits for signal strength values
fa5527c [media] em28xx: support for 2304:0242 PCTV QuatroStick (510e)
c247d7b [media] em28xx: support for 2013:0251 PCTV QuatroStick nano (520e)
02bbb81 [media] -EINVAL -> -ENOTTY
ff38d58 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Cleanup source
ccbaba4 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Simplify register write for capture start/stop
92dcffc [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Add automatic JPEG compression mechanism
e71389b [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Greater delay in case of sensor no response
d4689b7 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Optimize the code of write sequences
4c632e4 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Add the JPEG compression quality control
92884f8 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Add a delay after Omnivision sensor reset
fe86ec7 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Propagate USB errors to higher level
c5224d8 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Use the new video control mechanism
1f42df0 [media] gspca - sn9c20x: Fix loss of frame start
a2816ed [media] gspca - zc3xx: Lack of register 08 value for sensor cs2102k
d9ef28a [media] gspca - ov534_9: Add brightness to OmniVision 5621 sensor
cd7f98f [media] gspca - zc3xx: Add V4L2_CID_JPEG_COMPRESSION_QUALITY control support
9ab2393 [media] pvrusb2: fix 7MHz & 8MHz DVB-T tuner support for HVR1900 rev D1F5
3be5bb7 [media] mxl111sf: fix error on stream stop in mxl111sf_ep6_streaming_ctrl()
3553085 [media] em28xx: support for 1b80:e425 MaxMedia UB425-TC
7e57014 AppArmor: Fix location of const qualifier on generated string tables
67de331 [media] marvell-cam: Demote the "release" print to debug level
4a0abfa [media] mmp-camera: Don't power up the sensor on resume
f2354dd [media] marvell-cam: Don't signal multiple frame completions in scatter/gather mode
121bbe2 [media] marvell-cam: fix the green screen of death
482d35c [media] marvell-cam: Increase the DMA shutdown timeout
0770d07 [media] marvell-cam: Remove broken "owner" logic
49df19e [media] marvell-cam: ensure that the camera stops when requested
7e4964f [media] em28xx: Unused macro cleanup
91acd96 [media] V4L: pxa_camera: add clk_prepare/clk_unprepare calls
48e971c [media] V4L: sh_mobile_ceu_camera: maximum image size depends on the hardware version
7705b6d [media] V4L: soc-camera: call soc_camera_power_on() after adding the client to the host
5da6e98 [media] rc: Pospone ir raw decoders loading until really needed
7d7473d TOMOYO: Return error if fails to delete a domain
48fc326 msm: 8064: Disable write-protect for MTP/LIQUID
d8ee4a1 Input: gpio_keys - add support for interrupt only keys
a16ca23 Input: gpio_keys - consolidate key destructor code
6709c9a Input: revert "gpio_keys - switch to using threaded IRQs"
d908092 Input: gpio_keys - constify platform data
598d3b7 Input: spear-keyboard - remove kbd_set_plat_data()
8244073 init: apply SCHED_FIFO to kthreadd
099aa69 kernel: reduce sleep duration in wait_task_inactive
5f2d1f7 defconfig: msm-copper: Enable diag
bf362f7 constify struct pci_dev * in obvious cases
a391a8b of/irq: Add interrupts-names property to name an irq resource
9de9454 of/address: Add reg-names property to name an iomem resource
d89cc02 of: Add helpers to get one string in multiple strings property
6d7d1a0 vfs: get rid of batshit-insane pointless dentry hash calculations
f413070 fbdev: da8xx: add support for SP10Q010 display
084e104 fbdev: da8xx:: fix reporting of the display timing info
593a2ce [media] m88rs2000 ver 1.13 Correct deseqc and tuner gain functions
6d535bd [media] af9015: fix i2c failures for dual-tuner devices - part 2
be4a5e7 [media] af9015: fix i2c failures for dual-tuner devices
d3db22e [media] dib0700: Fix memory leak during initialization
3ef7675 [media] dib0700: Drop useless check when remote key is pressed
74cba4a net: qmi_wwan: fix build error due to cdc-wdm dependecy
9503da6 defconfig: msm8960: enable thermal monitoring
401a582 [media] media: em28xx: Paranoic stack save
ef3d2dc [media] au8522: bug-fix: enable modulation AFTER tune (instead of before tuning)
22f1732 [media] mceusb: add Formosa device ID 0xe042
ff732d2 [media] media: Initialize the media core with subsys_initcall()
df82859 netdev: driver: ethernet: Add TI CPSW driver
db82173 netdev: driver: ethernet: add cpsw address lookup engine support
4909912 phy: add am79c874 PHY support
58a3de0 mlx4_core: fix race on comm channel
1c3ac42 bonding: send igmp report for its master
ba56833 fs_enet: Add MPC5125 FEC support and PHY interface selection
ee981c6 [media] V4L/v4l2-dev: Make 'videodev_init' as a subsys initcall
111ea32 fmem: reinitialize some qcache data upon returning to T-state
251cb88 [media] v4l: Add driver for Micron MT9M032 camera sensor
08cd43c [media] mt9p031: Use generic PLL setup code
0b27c81 [media] v4l: Aptina-style sensor PLL support
c0f9976 [media] mt9p031: Remove unused xskip and yskip fields in struct mt9p031
b0092f2 gpio: tegra: tegra_gpio_config shouldn't be __init
dc72d99 net: bpf_jit: fix BPF_S_LDX_B_MSH compilation
3af7930 net: update the usage of CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY
cf64bc8 fcoe: use CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY instead of CHECKSUM_PARTIAL on tx
cdbee74 net: do not do gso for CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY in netif_needs_gso
8f4a0a3 ixgbe: Fix issues with SR-IOV loopback when flow control is disabled
f3ae369 msm: camera: handle mediaserver crash elegantly.
073e0ca msm: camera: add fields to msm_stats_buf for cache operations.
8c5f7b7 video: msm: wfd: Enable logs useful for debugging
da24e90 net/hyperv: Fix the code handling tx busy
fd117cd ARM: tegra: update main repo and add patchwork
8af3c33 ixgbe: fix namespace issues when FCoE/DCB is not enabled
fb04121 rtlwifi: Remove unused ETH_ADDR_LEN defines
449e39d igbvf: Use ETH_ALEN
c81f212 atlx: Use ETH_ALEN
a3f671b if_vlan: Remove VLAN_ETH_ALEN define and the 1 use of it
c862815 tcp: reduce out_of_order memory use
e86b291 tcp: introduce tcp_data_queue_ofo
de12880 bnx2x: validate FW trace prior to its printing
cb4dca2 bnx2x: consistent statistics for old FW
9e62e91 bnx2x: changed iscsi/fcoe mac init and macros
910b220 bnx2x: added TLV_NOT_FOUND flags to the dcb
9d4884f bnx2x: changed initial dcb configuration
c315a4e bnx2x: removed dcb unused code
3b60306 bnx2x: reduced sparse warnings
51c1a58 bnx2x: revised driver prints
d8290ae bnx2x: added 'likely' to fast-path skb existence
f1f3ee1 be2net: fix programming of VLAN tags for VF
456d9c9 be2net: Fix number of vlan slots in flex mode
fbc13f0 be2net: Program secondary UC MAC address into MAC filter
4762f6c be2net: enable WOL by default if h/w supports it
567d2de ixgbe: Correct flag values set by ixgbe_fix_features
72749a2 exofs: Cap on the memcpy() size
3e57638 exofs: (trivial) Fix typo in super.c
b6d1f2d exofs: fix endian conversion in exofs_sync_fs()
e891ca3 msm: clock-local: Set rate when handing off
0b13a35 msm: bam_dmux: send powerdown ack to A2
22f8d05 ASoC: wm8994: Provide VMID mode control and fix default sequence
6f8270c ASoC: wm8994: Add missing break in resume
5472bbc ASoC: wm_hubs: Don't actively manage LINEOUT_VMID_BUF
cd7334d [media] dvb: earth-pt1: remove unsupported net subdevices
7ff0476 [media] dvb: earth-pt1: decrease the too large DMA buffer size
6988111 [media] dvb: earth-pt1: add an error check/report on the incoming data
e6acbfc msm: kgsl: Cleanup header file macros
847e876 [media] dvb: earth-pt1: stop polling data when no one accesses the device
2321acf [media] media: em28xx: Remove unused urb arrays from device struct
955b443 [media] gpio-ir-recv: a couple signedness bugs
23bfb5b [media] Staging: media: solo6x10: core.c Fix some coding style issue
68a6bb5 [media] s5p-csis: Fix compilation with PM_SLEEP disabled
c9e7252 [media] /w9966: Fix a build warning
0c22aff [media] video: Kconfig: Select VIDEOBUF2_DMA_CONTIG for VIDEO_MX2
9080d5d [media] V4L: Improve the selection API documentation
1d53160 [media] lmedm04 - support for m88rs2000 missing kconfig option
540a0f7 SUNRPC: We must not use list_for_each_entry_safe() in rpc_wake_up()
c31a945 perf report: Add a simple GTK2-based 'perf report' browser
63b1a90 [media] add blackfin capture bridge driver
f877ed9 [media] vs6624: add vs6624 sensor driver
202ea1f [media] adv7183: add adv7183 decoder driver
aa2e682 [media] lmedm04 RS2000 Firmware details
4f3b7fe [media] lmedm04 ver 1.99 support for m88rs2000 v2
40841e7 [media] m88rs2000: Don't fill info.type
b015f0c usb: gadget: Fix minor issues in usb function drivers
ae8dc8e [media] m88rs2000 1.12 v2 DVB-S frontend and tuner module
b6cebfe msm: kgsl: Remove IOCTL_KGSL_DEVICE_REGREAD from msm_kgsl.h
77c2402 [media] lmedm04 v1.98 Remove clear halt
cf76837 setlocalversion: Fix version when built/synced on a tag
3caaa20 [media] dvb: negative value assigned to unsigned int in CDRXD()
f3033ae [media] dib9000: implement error handling for DibAcquireLock
9bb24a7 [media] dib9000: fix explicit lock mismatches
b47acf2 [media] staging: Fix comments and some typos in staging/media/*
abfac0b [media] as102: set optimal eLNA config values for each device
abf9d00 [media] as102: add __packed attribute to structs defined inside packed structs
962f8f6 [media] Add CI support to az6007 driver
266e8ae [media] media, cx231xx: Fix double free on close
1a611d8 [media] lmedm04 ver 1.97 Remove delays required for STV0288
77768e4 [media] STV0288 increase delay between carrier search
66ede03 [media] uvcvideo: uvc_driver.c: use linux/atomic.h
3efe2f1 [media] uvcvideo: Add support for Dell XPS m1530 integrated webcam
ab86e9e [media] uvcvideo: Allow userptr IO mode
1a5e4c8 [media] uvcvideo: Implement compat_ioctl32 for custom ioctls
a3ec69b [media] uvcvideo: Return -ENOTTY in case of unknown ioctl
b9d0aa6 [media] v4l: Add custom compat_ioctl32 operation
f769c26 [media] Two small string fixes in v4l2-ctrls.c
f99f5a66 msm: kgsl: Put only critical IBs in the snapshot section
ea2c638 msm: kgsl: Add indirect shader buffers to the snapshot
9610b6b msm: kgsl: Freeze GPU memory objects to be dumped with the snapshot
0fdf3a0 msm: kgsl: Find a mem_entry by way of a GPU address and a pagetable base
0071401 msm: kgsl: Detach memory objects from a process ahead of destroy time
b409257 msm: kgsl: Remove some uneeded debug output
a400d8d msm: kgsl: Do not BUG in GPU recovery if a valid context can't be found
8e6dfcc msm: kgsl: Enable ME split timeout reporting
f074ff9 [media] radio-sf16fmr2: fix session mismatches
94574d9 MAINTAINERS: Adding cleancache API to the list.
ce85852 CIFS: Fix a spurious error in cifs_push_posix_locks
fde0eea perf report: Document --symbol-filter option
f7e5410 perf ui browser: Clean lines inside of the input window
9d17217 [media] V4L2 Spec: return -EINVAL on unsupported wrap_around value
cfb19b0 [media] radio-maxiradio: use the tea575x framework
bc2b395 [media] tea575x: fix HW seek
d4ecc83 [media] tea575x-tuner: update to latest V4L2 framework requirements
9f1dfcc [media] Add missing slab.h to fix linux-next compile errors
ef3d23d [media] stb0899: fixed reading of IF_AGC_GAIN register
91caad3 [media] stb0899: set FE_HAS_SIGNAL flag in read_status
2b49fad [media] tda10071: fix the delivery system
273b72c ASoC: pxa-ssp: atomically set stream active masks
c363b1a msm:Bluetooth: Enabled Microsoft and Apple Bluetooth HID drivers
4e2247b [SCSI] sd: Add runtime pm in the sd_check_events()
ebe2aea MCE, AMD: Constify error tables
ae615b4 MCE, AMD: Correct bank 5 error signatures
6878267 MCE, AMD: Rework NB MCE signatures
b64a99c MCE, AMD: Correct VB data error description
6c1173a MCE, AMD: Correct ucode patch buffer description
344f0a0 MCE, AMD: Correct some MC0 error types
36c46f3 EDAC: Make pci_device_id tables __devinitconst.
5e8e19b EDAC: Correct scrub rate API
11b0a31 amd64_edac: Fix K8 revD and later chip select sizes
943bc7e x86: Fix section warnings
f92cae4 amd64_edac: Fix missing csrows sysfs nodes
b518407 defconfig: Add changes to build cfg80211 as module.
917ed68 msm_fb: display: disable mdp flip when enabling mdp solid fill
2ed9201 dma-buf: Move code out of mutex-protected section in dma_buf_attach()
a9fbc3b dma-buf: Return error instead of using a goto statement when possible
d1aa06a dma-buf: Remove unneeded sanity checks
5375764 dma-buf: Constify ops argument to dma_buf_export()
18dd2ec PM / Domains: Check domain status during hibernation restore of devices
8fb61e3 clk: make CONFIG_COMMON_CLK invisible
ef6afc0 ixgbe: Add support for enabling UDP RSS via the ethtool rx-flow-hash command
581330b ixgbe: Whitespace cleanups
6ca4350 ixgbe: Two minor fixes for RSS and FDIR set queues functions
35937c0 ixgbe: drop err_eeprom tag which is at same location as err_sw_init
eb01b97 ixgbe: Move poll routine in order to improve readability
6bb78cf ixgbe: cleanup logic for the service timer and VF hang detection
d3ee429 ixgbe: Update layout of ixgbe_ring structure to improve cache performance
aac158b usb: gadget: chips: remove ifdef trickery
244e27a ixgbe: Store Tx flags and protocol information to tx_buffer sooner
2250a27 msm: devices-msm7x27a: Modify SPM command sequence for 8625
b7c26e6 msm: board-8064: Enable IRIS-FM device
f7f4786 microblaze: trivial: Fix typo fault in timer.c
ee19b42 microblaze: Use vsprintf extention %pf with builtin_return_address
2e7ff47 microblaze: Add PVR version string for MB 8.20.b and 8.30.a
00708d4 microblaze: Fix makefile to work with latest toolchain
9bc974b microblaze: Fix typo in early_printk.c
2bd101d msm_fb: Clean up the fix for error in y-offset check in FB driver
0a69021 msm: 7x27a: audio: Driver for supporting Low Power Audio.
f68d3e6 mmc: msm_sdcc: Free slot resources on shutdown
06effdb nfsd: vfs_llseek() with 32 or 64 bit offsets (hashes)
999448a nfsd: rename 'int access' to 'int may_flags' in nfsd_open()
d1f5273 ext4: return 32/64-bit dir name hash according to usage type
bf410a3 msm: camera: add reset csid and csiphy
9ba65cf msm: camera: Add csi_lane_mask and csi_lane_assign
ecb178b md: Add judgement bb->unacked_exist in function md_ack_all_badblocks().
d096293 md: fix clearing of the 'changed' flags for the bad blocks list.
61a0d80 md/bitmap: discard CHUNK_BLOCK_SHIFT macro
792a1d4 md/bitmap: remove unnecessary indirection when allocating.
5a6c824 md/bitmap: remove some pointless locking.
278c1ca md/bitmap: change a 'goto' to a normal 'if' construct.
5714896 md/bitmap: move printing of bitmap status to bitmap.c
4ba97df md/bitmap: remove some unused noise from bitmap.h
006a09a md/raid10 - support resizing some RAID10 arrays.
6b740b8 md/raid1: handle merge_bvec_fn in member devices.
050b661 md/raid10: handle merge_bvec_fn in member devices.
ba13da4 md: add proper merge_bvec handling to RAID0 and Linear.
dafb20f md: tidy up rdev_for_each usage.
d6b42dc md/raid1,raid10: avoid deadlock during resync/recovery.
4474ca4 md/bitmap: ensure to load bitmap when creating via sysfs.
c744a65 md: don't set md arrays to readonly on shutdown.
dc10c64 md: allow re-add to failed arrays.
2d0c7b6 msm: qdss: disable cycle accurate trace for Krait pass2 by default
d30deda msm: qdss: only trace kernel code by default
6a32d26 msm: qdss: perform manual flush when disabling ETB
6630ebe msm: qdss: sysfs interface for the qdss driver
9dc7022 msm: qdss: initialize mutex earlier in etb_probe
61de730 msm: qdss: miscellaneous code reorganization and cleanup
492b301 msm: qdss: rename ptm to etm
840e191 hwmon: (w83627ehf) Add support for temperature offset registers
86dda17 hwmon: (jc42) Remove unnecessary device IDs
3360a10 hwmon: (zl6100) Add support for ZL9101M and ZL9117M
9271126 hwmon: (adm1275) Add support for ADM1075
590defe hwmon: (max34440) Add support for MAX34446
60b873e hwmon: (pmbus) Add more virtual registers
2163340 hwmon: (pmbus) Add support for Lineage Power MDT040
c5f35c9 hwmon: (pmbus) Add support for TI TPS40400 and TPS40422
56aad5d hwmon: (max34440) Add support for 'lowest' output voltage attribute
f15df57 hwmon: (jc42) Convert to use devm_kzalloc
918ddef hwmon: (max16065) Convert to use devm_kzalloc
b8a5a7c hwmon: (smm665) Convert to use devm_kzalloc
3683928 hwmon: (ltc4261) Convert to use devm_kzalloc
dd285ad hwmon: (pmbus) Simplify remove functions
8b313ca hwmon: (pmbus) Convert pmbus drivers to use devm_kzalloc
07404aa hwmon: (lineage-pem) Convert to use devm_kzalloc
f352df6 hwmon: (hwmon-vid) Fix checkpatch issues
3230f70 hwmon: (hwmon-vid) Add new entries to VRM model table
9908ad4 hwmon: (lm80) Add detection of NatSemi/TI LM96080
0e190b7 hwmon: (lm87) Get rid of macro-generated functions
8652a26 hwmon: (lm87) Reorganize the code
0fc86ec hwmon: (applesmc) Silence uninitialized warnings
7599d32 hwmon: (lm70) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
e200c14 hwmon: (lm70) Register hwmon device after creating attribute files, and remove it first
01d9def hwmon: (w83l786ng) Fix multi-line comments
130067d hwmon: (w83l785ts) Fix multi-line comments
7950133 hwmon: (w83781d) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
aff6e00 hwmon: (w83781d) Fix multi-line comments
2a52dd6 hwmon: (smsc47b397) Fix multi-line comments
36564ef hwmon: (pc87427) Fix multi-line comments
b6707b7 hwmon: (max1668) Fix multi-line comments
1160631 hwmon: (lm80) Fix multi-line comments
bf0f3a0 hwmon: (emc2103) Fix multi-line comments
fbb6670 hwmon: (adm1031) Fix multi-line comments
94b991d hwmon: (adm1029) Fix multi-line comments
27b9de3 hwmon: (w83627hf) Fix checkpatch issues
ca3ccad hwmon: (w83l786ng) Fix checkpatch issues
47efe87 hwmon: (w83793) Fix checkpatch issues
d174368 hwmon: (w83792d) Fix checkpatch issues
2185696 hwmon: (vt1211) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
b162c03 hwmon: (vt1211) Fix checkpatch issues
9004ac8 hwmon: (via686a) Fix checkpatch issues
bce2778 hwmon: (pc87360) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
449a7a0 hwmon: (pc87360) Fix checkpatch issues
8958dfb hwmon: (max1619): Fix checkpatch issues
09770b2 hwmon: (lm85) Fix checkpatch issues
9b03079 hwmon: (lm78) Fix checkpatch issues
02fe2fd hwmon: (lm77) Fix checkpatch issues
f445a9a hwmon: (gl520sm) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
43da3d1 hwmon: (gl520sm) Fix checkpatch issues
228f8e0 hwmon: (gl518sm) Fix checkpatch issues
c8de836 hwmon: (dme1737) Fix checkpatch issues
8c10369 hwmon: (asb100): Fix checkpatch issues
c387e4e hwmon: (adm9240) Fix checkpatch issues
86aa3e2 hwmon: (adm1026) Fix checkpatch issues
21d2a8f hwmon: (adm1021) Fix checkpatch issues
1bd385d hwmon: (abituguru) Fix checkpatch issues
8969e84 hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix multi-line comments
51683ee hwmon: (max1111) Fix multi-line comments
1b05d22 hwmon: (ltc4151) Fix multi-line comments
1b9c491 hwmon: (g760a) Fix multi-line comments
20eaf72 hwmon: (f71882fg) Fix multi-line comments
4bebced hwmon: (emc1403) Fix multi-line comments
ca3c7b6 hwmon: (amc6821) Fix multi-line comments
10775d1 hwmon: (ads7871) Fix multi-line comments
d13d623 hwmon: (ads7828) Fix multi-line comments
562fca2 hwmon: (abituguru3) Fix multi-line comments
ec1c319 hwmon: (w83791d) Fix checkpatch issues
a80b10c hwmon: (ultra45_env) Fix checkpatch issues
4d387df hwmon: (thmc50) Fix checkpatch issues
85a0c0d hwmon: (smsc47m1) Fix checkpatch issues
7e61268 hwmon: (smsc47m1) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
7cc3cb6 hwmon: (smsc47m192) Fix checkpatch issues
8fda79e hwmon: (sis5595) Fix checkpatch issues
5725608 hwmon: (pcf8591) Fix checkpatch issues
2804a4c hwmon: (lm93) Fix checkpatch issues
a318afd hwmon: (lm92) Fix checkpatch issues
073f1e6c hwmon: (lm87) Fix: do not use assignment in if condition
c6370db hwmon: (lm87) Fix checkpatch issues
525ad37 hwmon: (fschmd) Fix checkpatch issues
f24d548 hwmon: (atxp1) Fix checkpatch issues
724cc33 hwmon: (adt7462) Fix checkpatch issues
790fa38 hwmon: (ltc4215) Fix multi-line comments
430b4fc hwmon: (ltc4245) Fix multi-line comments
a68abd3 hwmon: (wm8350-hwmon) Constify fixed string array
85ebfd3 hwmon: (applesmc) Fix multi-line comments
75bdc93 hwmon: (asus_atk0110) Fix multi-line comments
3c4c497 hwmon: (it87) Constify fixed string arrays
8deeac8 hwmon: (ad7414) Fix multi-line comments
5d577db hwmon: (jc42) Fix multi-line comments
780affe hwmon: (coretemp) Fix checkpatch error
3af2861 hwmon: (pc87360) Fix multi-line comments
07de3df hwmon: (wm831x-hwmon) Fix multi-line comments
3c22e23 hwmon: (smm665) Fix checkpatch error
3c56b06 hwmon: (asc7621) Fix multi-line comments
4a0d71c hwmon: (it87) Fix multi-line comments
86d566e hwmon: (hwmon-vid) Fix multi-line comments
5ed0488 hwmon: (hwmon) Fix multi-line comments
19f2c05 hwmon: (ds1621) Fix checkpatch issues
91efffe hwmon: convert drivers/hwmon/* to use module_spi_driver()
f0967ee hwmon: convert drivers/hwmon/* to use module_i2c_driver()
61ba031 hwmon: (vt8231) Fix multi-line comments
9ed5bc2 hwmon: (adt7475) Fix multi-line comments
2fff084 hwmon: (f71805f) Fix checkpatch issues
703af96 hwmon: (max6650) Fix multi-line comments
c531eb3 hwmon: (w83781d) Fix checkpatch issues
2b22de5 hwmon: (adm1025) Fix checkpatch issues
7973841 hwmon: (abituguru3) Fix checkpatch issues
65fe5c7 hwmon: (vt8231) Fix checkpatch issues
bafda5d hwmon: (max6650) Fix checkpatch issues
0117c3f hwmon: (pmbus) Replace strict_strtol with kstrtol
b3789a0 hwmon: (lm83) fix checkpatch issues
93092a6 hwmon: (k8temp) fix checkpatch issues
96585f1 hwmon: (lm80) reset device if error occurred
6a9e7c4c hwmon: (lm80) fix checkpatch warnings
6b904b6 hwmon: (adt7470) fix checkpatch issues
e6a83db hwmon: (adt7411) fix checkpatch issues
56c24af hwmon: (lm70) fix checkpatch issues
1dc3708 hwmon: (f71882fg) fix checkpatch issues
c6e8ac0 hwmon: (asus_atk0110) fix checkpatch issues
99b8c83 hwmon: (adt7475) fix checkpatch issues
b2ae8f8 hwmon: (smm665) fix checkpatch issues
c9e1498 hwmon: (sht15) fix checkpatch issues
0910b28 hwmon: (ibmaem) fix checkpatch issues
dcb7cb9 hwmon: (ad7414) fix checkpatch issues
e91aef2 hwmon: (ad7418) fix checkpatch issues
5996542 hwmon: (w83l785ts) fix checkpatch issues
a6100f6 hwmon: (wm831x-hwmon) fix checkpatch issues
839a9ee hwmon: fix checkpatch issues
08f5090 hwmon: (adm1029) fix checkpatch issues
4d7c5d4 hwmon: (g760a) fix checkpatch issues
7b102ed hwmon: (i5k_amb) fix checkpatch issues
600151b hwmon: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE
7fe83ad hwmon: remove () used with return
a6bee4a hwmon: (amc6821) fix initialisation
2faaa93 hwmon: (lm80) add error handling
3e85fc1 [media] tda10071: fix the delivery system
c16fa4f Linux 3.3
dd83191 powerpc/mpc5200: update mpc5200_defconfig to fit for charon board
976af68 Documentation/powerpc/mpc52xx.txt: Checkpatch cleanup
d1bbd20 firewire: allow explicit flushing of iso packet completions
18d6271 firewire: prevent dropping of completed iso packet header data
910e76c firewire: ohci: factor out iso completion flushing code
7386401 firewire: ohci: simplify iso header pointer arithmetic
90fcc89 firewire: ohci: optimize control bit checks
b9b5bbf firewire: ohci: remove unused excess_bytes field
32c507f firewire: ohci: copy_iso_headers(): make comment match the code
5407b14 gianfar: use netif_tx_queue_stopped instead of __netif_subqueue_stopped
93dc610 Don't limit non-nested epoll paths
279b658 ARM: tegra: select USB_ULPI if USB is selected
2f926ee arm/tegra: pcie: fix return value of function
b8d6102 arm: Add support for CONFIG_ENABLE_DMM
187e70a ib_srpt: Fix srpt_handle_cmd send_ioctx->ioctx_kref leak on exception
ee9b866 loopback: Fix transport_generic_allocate_tasks error handling
f760903 iscsi-target: remove improper externs
70ac07b ASoC: fsl: p1022ds: tell the WM8776 codec driver that it's the master
ab5f299 PM / devfreq: add relation of recommended frequency.
5c6a7a6 Input: ili210x - add support for Ilitek ILI210x based touchscreens
e49a29b Try using machine credentials for RENEW calls
9390f42 NFSv4.1: Fix a few issues in filelayout_commit_pagelist
8dd3775 NFSv4.1: Clean ups and bugfixes for the pNFS read/writeback/commit code
b5594a7 powerpc/44x: Add additional device support for APM821xx SoC and Bluestone board
b6bb23b powerpc/44x: Add support PCI-E for APM821xx SoC and Bluestone board
645609c MAINTAINERS: Update PowerPC 4xx tree
7c80116 powerpc/44x: The bug fixed support for APM821xx SoC and Bluestone board
a7611e8 firewire: cdev: fix IR multichannel event documentation
0c0efba firewire: ohci: fix too-early completion of IR multichannel buffers
c98291e fcoe: use CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY instead of CHECKSUM_PARTIAL on tx
3c9d286 ASoC: msm: Add support for voice over Bluetooth
0646819 net: do not do gso for CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY in netif_needs_gso
c29f40c ixgbe: Fix issues with SR-IOV loopback when flow control is disabled
a16a164 netfilter: ctnetlink: fix race between delete and timeout expiration
729739b ixgbe: always write DMA for single_mapped value with skb
c2ec3ff phc: Update author's email address.
091a624 ixgbe: Write gso_segs and bytcount to the ring sooner
fd0db0e ixgbe: Place skb on first buffer_info structure to avoid using stack space
7d7ce68 ixgbe: Use packets to track Tx completions instead of a seperate value
93f5b3c ixgbe: Modify setup of descriptor flags to avoid conditional jumps
a50c29d ixgbe: Make certain that all frames fit minimum size requirements
655309e ixgbe: cleanup logic in ixgbe_change_mtu
f800326 ixgbe: Replace standard receive path with a page based receive
3f2d1c0 ixgbe: Support RX-ALL feature flag.
f43f313 ixgbe: Support sending custom Ethernet FCS.
89eaefb igb: Support RX-ALL feature flag.
6b8f092 igb: Support sending custom Ethernet FCS.
14b5842 Input: altera_ps2 - use of_match_ptr()
126a3fd eni: fix driver remove function and driver probe error path.
4823cd3 net/irda: add clk_prepare/clk_unprepare to pxaficp_ir
4a53383 Input: synaptics_usb - switch to module_usb_driver()
1b92c1c Input: convert I2C drivers to use module_i2c_driver()
ca83922 Input: convert SPI drivers to use module_spi_driver()
124d37e arp: allow arp processing to honor per interface arp_accept sysctl
1aa9bc5 usbnet: use netif_tx_wake_queue instead of netif_start_queue
0f1142a Input: omap4-keypad - move platform_data to
0439166 Input: kxtj9 - who_am_i check value and initial data rate fixes
104594b Input: add driver support for MAX8997-haptic
6a22845 stmmac: Add device-tree support
06d6c10 netxen: qlogic ethernet : Fix endian bug.
c577923 ipv6: Don't dev_hold(dev) in ip6_mc_find_dev_rcu.
50cdc8f pxa168: remove unused stats member.
fbf3bdc diag: Fix incorrect parsing of log codes
ee6fb2b diag: Remove memory leak
ad5584d msm: camera: Fix the stretch issue in Camera Preview
d7178c7 nilfs2: fix NULL pointer dereference in nilfs_load_super_block()
3d777a6 nilfs2: clamp ns_r_segments_percentage to [1, 99]
c017386 afs: Remote abort can cause BUG in rxrpc code
2c724fb afs: Read of file returns EBADMSG
9e5ed09 ARM: 7362/1: AMBA: Add module_amba_driver() helper macro for amba_driver
a5e5b08 Bluetooth: Fix l2cap conn failures for ssp devices
edc44dd Bluetooth: Fix L2CAP connection establishment
381b872 pstore: Introduce get_reason_str() to pstore
3e265ce msm: socinfo: Prepend target name to dummy socinfo
bc01caf staging/zmem: Use lockdep_assert_held instead of spin_is_locked
c84975c video: msm: wfd: Add support for in-band sps/pps
e96dde2 powerpc: document the FSL MPIC message register binding
8626816 powerpc: add support for MPIC message register API
da3b6c0 powerpc/fsl: Added aliased MSIIR register address to MSI node in dts
a2279e3 powerpc/85xx: mpc8548cds - add 36-bit dts
0d4fdd3 powerpc/85xx: Refactor mpc8548cds device tree
992608f powerpc/85xx: mpc8548cds - Add FPGA node to dts
96939e7 powerpc/85xx: mpc8548cds - fix alias in mpc8548si-pre.dtsi
8232a4d powerpc/85xx: mpc8548cds - Add RapidIO node to dts
bcf3302 powerpc/85xx: mpc8548cds - Add NOR flash node to dts
ad68ee0 powerpc/85xx: mpc85xxcds - Fix PCI I/O space resource of PCI bridge
57d1337 PM / shmobile: Make MTU2 driver use pm_genpd_dev_always_on()
615a445 PM / shmobile: Make CMT driver use pm_genpd_dev_always_on()
2ee619f PM / shmobile: Make TMU driver use pm_genpd_dev_always_on()
1e78a0c PM / Domains: Introduce "always on" device flag
65533bb PM / Domains: Fix hibernation restore of devices, v2
cc85b20 PM / Domains: Fix handling of wakeup devices during system resume
11207b6 net: qmi_wwan: add support for ZTE MF820D
adc80ae Tools: hv: Support enumeration from all the pools
db42533 Tools: hv: Fully support the new KVP verbs in the user level daemon
fa3d5b8 Drivers: hv: Support the newly introduced KVP messages in the driver
9d9f78e clk: basic clock hardware types
b247649 clk: introduce the common clock framework
69fe8a8 Documentation: common clk API
5889d3d USB: option: add ZTE MF820D
647d558 usb: gadget: f_fs: Remove lock is held before freeing checks
963940c USB: option: make interface blacklist work again
7396bd9 usb/ub: deprecate & schedule for removal the "Low Performance USB Block" driver
9652e8b ARM: SPEAr600: Add device-tree support to SPEAr600 boards
75060a1 mfd: Add anatop mfd driver
c7b7383 x86, efi: Fix pointer math issue in handle_ramdisks()
095e7f7 mfd: Fix compilation error in tps65910.h
04e358d powerpc/85xx: Add Quicc Engine support for p1025rdb
c141b38 powerpc/85xx: Abstract common define of signal multiplex control for qe
1927ddf mfd: Add 8420 variant to db8500-prcmu
5f96a1a mfd: Add 8520 PRCMU variant to db8500-prcmu
d902d0d mfd: Remove obsolete hwacc implementation for db8500-prmcu
0c350a9 powerpc/85xx: allow CONFIG_PHYS_64BIT to be selectable
401a376 powerpc/85xx: l2sram - Add compatible entry for mpc8548 L2 controller
5d40433 powerpc/dts: fix the compatible string of sec 4.0
f7bba2a powerpc/85xx: Add missing config option for CACHE SRAM code
e439946 powerpc/85xx: Fix compiler error with THIS_MODULE and related
71de5c4 ARM: ux500: Provide local timer support for Device Tree
15daf69 ARM: ux500: Enable PL022 SSP Controller in Device Tree
f1949ea ARM: ux500: Enable PL310 Level 2 Cache Controller in Device Tree
4905af0 ARM: ux500: Enable PL011 AMBA UART Controller for Device Tree
dab6487 ARM: ux500: Enable Cortex-A9 GIC (Generic Interrupt Controller) in Device Tree
7e0ce27 ARM: ux500: db8500: list most devices in the snowball device tree
5d0769f ARM: ux500: split dts file for snowball into generic part
7734fed ARM: ux500: combine the board init functions for DT boot
2d33429 ARM: ux500: Initial Device Tree support for Snowball
e27fc6c ARM: ux500: CONFIG: Enable Device Tree support for future endeavours
6db6127 perf report: Treat an argument as a symbol filter
b14ffac perf report: Add --symbol-filter option
829ecbc mfd: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST for sm501 clock
1ee4af8 powerpc/83xx: mpc836x - fix failed phy detection for ucc ethernet on MDS
938a23a perf ui browser: Add 's' key to filter by symbol name
aa49f6e perf ui browser: Introduce ui_browser__input_window
e94d53e perf hists: Add hists__filter_by_symbol
5090c6a perf tools: Do not disable members of group event
16fbcc3 regulator: Fix up a confusing dev_warn when DT lookup fails
4c19ea4 perf stat: Fix event grouping on forked task
1b1247d mfd: Add support for RICOH PMIC RC5T583
588fb70 ASoC: Samsung: Added to support mono recording
bc628fd mfd: Make use of the ab8500 firmware read-modify-write service
3c3e489 mfd: Add a prcmu_abb_write_masked routine to db8500-prcmu
a982362 mfd: Support for the AB8500 AB8505 variant
392cbd1 mfd: Don't use mutex_lock_interruptible in ab8500-core
bd155d2 ARM: S3C64XX: Hook up supply for WM8994 LDOs on Littlemill
719a424 mfd: Remove unused LDO supply field from WM8994 pdata
39ecb03 mfd: Use correct variable name for tps65910 regmap config
02b0970 mfd: Add platform data for MAX8997 haptic driver
5f537a2 perf tools: Add support to specify pmu style event
cd82a32 perf tools: Add perf pmu object to access pmu format definition
8f707d8 perf tools: Add config options support for event parsing
89812fc perf tools: Add parser generator for events parsing
ae86f14 net/wireless: Check for number of sub bands
641cc93 perf: Adding sysfs group format attribute for pmu device
618dd15 mfd: wm8994: Fix register default for WM1811 AntiPOP2
9f9efcd mfd: wm8994: Remove defaults for volatile registers
0c6c29f defconfig: msm7627a: Enable media controller config
210061f msm: camera: Add media device node
a7046bb [media] v4l: Add new mode for in-band video header in all I-frames
6597c71 powerpc/85xx: p1022ds: enable monitor switching via pixis indirect mode
e041013 powerpc/85xx: Board support for GE IMP3A
44b24b7 powerpc: Move GE PIC drivers
6518bb6 gpio: Move GE GPIO driver to reside within GPIO subsystem
330bbf4 powerpc: Add GE FPGA config option
9507400 powerpc/85xx: Add dts for p1020rdb-pc board
7e6af14 powerpc/85xx: Add p1020rdb-pc platform support
1a244b8 powerpc/85xx: add P1020UTM-PC platform support
d1fb106 powerpc/85xx: add P1020MBG-PC platform support
8277188 NAND Machine support for Integrated Flash Controller
9df8f73 powerpc/85xx: Clean up partition nodes in dts for MPC8572DS
4951896 powerpc/85xx: p1022ds: disable the NOR flash node if video is enabled
4a170d0 powerpc/85xx: create 32-bit DTS for the P1022DS
54a1e76 powerpc/85xx: Add magic-packet properties for etsec
955abac powerpc/85xx: Add some DTS nodes and attributes for mpc8536ds
b53804c powerpc/fsl_msi: return proper error value when ioremap failed.
e131fbd powerpc/85xx: fix typo in p1010rdb.dtsi
564ee46 powerpc/85xx: p2020rdb & p1010rdb - lower spi flash freq to 40Mhz
0c00f65 powerpc/85xx: p2020rdb - move the NAND address.
2a2383d powerpc/srio: Fix the compile errors when building with 64bit
b6c46dc powerpc/srio: Fix the relocation errors when building with 64bit
79ad574 powerpc/85xx: Add dts for p1025rdb board
6886780 powerpc/85xx: Add p1025rdb platform support
465aceb powerpc/85xx: Add usb controller version info
05413245 powerpc/85xx: Add p2020rdb-pc dts support
35ce1b5 powerpc/85xx: Adds Support for P2020RDB-PC board
49177a7 msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for MSM8930 voltage corner regulator
0ac31fe msm: rpm-regulator: Add support for new voltage corner RPM regulator type
350eba4 ALSA: hda - Fix build with CONFIG_PM=n
4bc25af xen kconfig: relax INPUT_XEN_KBDDEV_FRONTEND deps
b73bdf4 powerpc/85xx: Added P1021RDB-PC Platform support
490bdb7 powerpc/85xx: Added dts for P1021RDB-PC board
313162d device.h: audit and cleanup users in main include dir
6e780cf C6X: remove dead code from entry.S
dca06cb usb: gadget: Add HSIC Power Management
7cdbfaf qseecom: Load and unload app on open/close
7e503a3 HID: wacom: Add reporting of wheel for Intuos4 WL
9a911da HID: wacom: Replace __set_bit with input_set_capability
adfe39c Revert "char: Fix typo in viotape.c"
e04268b genirq: Remove paranoid warnons and bogus fixups
56daa2d msm_fb: display: Change perf level for VGA video
2de6d4a drm: fix build with UDL if USB is a module
d5ddb4a cdc_ncm: avoid discarding datagrams in rx path
3f658cd cdc_ncm: fix MTU and max_datagram_size handling
c84ff1d cdc_ncm: reduce driver latency in the data path
b8fbaef wimax/i2400m: fix erroneous NETDEV_TX_BUSY use
bb6d5e7 net/hyperv: fix erroneous NETDEV_TX_BUSY use
7bdd402 net/usbnet: reserve headroom on rx skbs
c0ea452 bnx2x: fix memory leak in bnx2x_init_firmware()
127d0a1 bnx2x: fix a crash on corrupt firmware file
cc34eb6 sch_sfq: revert dont put new flow at the end of flows
c6b76d1 ALSA: au88x0 - Avoid possible Oops at unbinding
122bdf6 ipv6: fix icmp6_dst_alloc()
a9e0aca asix: asix_rx_fixup surgery to reduce skb truesizes
0951b8c msm: iommu: Don't register the JPEGD IOMMU on 8930
6ca487f msm: iommu: Clean up IOMMU initialization code
8eea941 msm: iommu: Clean up IOMMU platform data
fa4586d board: 8930: Remove extraneous GPIOMUX entries
be0725e msm: irqs: Removed unused IRQs on 8930
e871b87 ARM: kirkwood: use devicetree for rtc-mv
ea983ede ARM: kirkwood: rtc-mv devicetree bindings
163f2ce ARM: kirkwood: fdt: define uart[01] as disabled, enable uart0
6fa6b87 ARM: kirkwood: fdt: facilitate new boards during fdt migration
2b45e05 ARM: kirkwood: fdt: absorb kirkwood_init()
b77816d ARM: kirkwood: fdt: use mrvl ticker symbol
a855a7c ARM: orion: wdt: use resource vice direct access
73995320 ARM: Kirkwood: Remove tclk from kirkwood_asoc_platform_data.
d34b7d4 ARM: orion: spi: remove enable_clock_fix which is not used
4dd5c44 mmc: sd: fix the issue with paranoid SD card init retry
ed6b0e4 mmc: msm_sdcc: reset wait_for_auto_prog_done flag in case of an error
56e0eaa mmc: msm_sdcc: add support for eMMC 4.5 HS200 mode
fe04d4f Revert "msm: 8625: Remove static mapping for second core"
5582601 defconfig: msm8960: Enable media controller config
9e52ce4 msm: rpm-8930: Update RPM enum to support RB-CPR corner voltage
a227fb3 iscsi-target: Remove unused variables in iscsi_target_parameters.c
2816890 target: remove obvious warnings
f208324 target: Use array_zalloc for device_list
4a5a75f target: Use array_zalloc for tpg_lun_list
b168fe8 target: Fix sense code for unsupported SERVICE ACTION IN
1f6fa8f target: Remove hack to make READ CAPACITY(10) lie if thin provisioning is enabled
3f06a1b msm: camera: Change mount angle for IMX074 sensor
787ac48 msm: 8064: Add write-protect support.
57779dc x86, tsc: Skip refined tsc calibration on systems with reliable TSC
4a64990 rtc: Provide flag for rtc devices that don't support UIE
74a622b ia64: vsyscall: Use seqcount instead of seqlock
2ab5165 x86: vdso: Use seqcount instead of seqlock
6c260d5 x86: vdso: Remove bogus locking in update_vsyscall_tz()
a4ca129 time: Remove bogus comments
f695cf9 time: Fix change_clocksource locking
a939e81 time: x86: Fix race switching from vsyscall to non-vsyscall clock
95d16c7 MAINTAINERS: Add Serge as maintainer of capabilities
cf2b94d drivers/video/backlight/s6e63m0.c: fix corruption storing gamma mode
5eb1eb4 MAINTAINERS: add entry for exynos mipi display drivers
4c57c7e MAINTAINERS: fix link to Gustavo Padovans tree
eb491ec MAINTAINERS: add Johan to Bluetooth maintainers
960d4d1 MAINTAINERS: Gustavo has moved
79f0713 prctl: use CAP_SYS_RESOURCE for PR_SET_MM option
9bbad7d rapidio/tsi721: fix bug in register offset definitions
fbfa074 MAINTAINERS: update ST's Mailing list for SPEAr
59927fb memcg: free mem_cgroup by RCU to fix oops
40ec6c5 Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_wx.c: Cleaned up comments
e7e298e Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_wx.c: Removed old comments
3e837dc Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_dm.c: Removed old comments
2967365 Staging: android: ram_console.c:
6921cbe usb: hsic_hcd: add remote wakeup support
01e8ec4 powerpc: Fix power4/970 idle code regression with lockdep
7d3d897 powerpc/hvc_udbg: Don't crash when udbg_putc is NULL
ba7a482 powerpc: Remove some of the legacy iSeries specific device drivers
ad96fa3 msm: board-8930: Remove always_on=1 for PMIC PM8038 SMPS 1 and LDO 24
a670b76 msm: bam_dmux: remove delay to msm9615 bam initialization
87bf5ab spi/fsl-espi: Make sure pm is within 2..32
35faa55 spi/fsl-espi: make the clock computation easier to read
da45e3f Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_dm.c: Fix comments
536d190 Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_dm.c: Fix spacing issues
1748d2d Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_dm.c Fixed indentation issues
aada7fd Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_dm.c: Fix brackets
004c7ac Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_dm.c: Removed spaces before tab stop
bf3a85b staging: vme: fix section mismatches in linux-next 20120314
7638f52 msm: audio: qdsp6v2 Fix error handling in memory registration
4bf34b8 USB: ohci-pxa27x: add clk_prepare/clk_unprepare calls
fb8ebec serial: pxa: add clk_prepare/clk_unprepare calls
483e483 ARM: local timers: introduce a new registration interface
a078c6d ntp: Fix integer overflow when setting time
f910381 math: Introduce div64_long
4a4c61b TTY: Wrong unicode value copied in con_set_unimap()
f074211 xfs: fallback to vmalloc for large buffers in xfs_getbmap
5d98cd4 USB: use generic platform driver on ath79
7a7a4a59 USB: EHCI: Add a generic platform device driver
fa3364b USB: OHCI: Add a generic platform device driver
1571df8 gianfar: delete orphaned version strings and dead macros
30f7e31 gianfar: constify giant block of status descriptor strings
d8a0f1b gianfar: Add support for byte queue limits.
57e596f USB: ftdi_sio: new PID: LUMEL PD12
ad650f5 xfs: fallback to vmalloc for large buffers in xfs_attrmulti_attr_get
6eb2466 xfs: remove remaining scraps of struct xfs_iomap
f30d500 xfs: fix inode lookup race
3775265 libertas: remove dump_survey implementation
783b732 ath9k_hw: remove unused initvals
c7effd3 ath9k: inline AR9271 1.0 INI overrides
aa0e578 ath9k_hw: remove iniModes_*_tx_gain_9271
c7d36f9 ath9k_hw: clean up iniModesAdditional
9951c4d ath9k_hw: fix AR9380 register settings for channel 14
c8664d1 ath9k_hw: fold ar9002_hw_cck_chan14_spread into mode regs initialization
bbf2b30 ath9k_hw: remove iniCommon_*_cck_fir_coeff_9271
aebc0a8 ath9k_hw: clean up ath9k_hw_setuprxdesc
239c795 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_gettxintrtxqs
f3eef64 ath9k: optimize register access functions
99ac8cd ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_getdefantenna
8efa7a8 ath9k_hw: remove ath9k_hw_htc_resetinit
ce8fdf6 ath9k_hw: clean up tx completion interrupt handling
7e03072 ath9k_hw: simplify tx queue interrupt mask handling
dc41e4d mac80211: make uapsd_* keys per-vif
ada577c mac80211: add NULL terminator to debugfs_netdev write buf
ba6fa29 mac80211: Don't sample max throughput rate in minstrel_ht
0d9be8a rt2x00: rt2800usb: limit tx queues length
5f8f718 rt2x00: rt2800usb: do not check packedid for aggregated frames
f421111 rt2x00: rt2800usb: rework txstatus code
ed61e2b rt2x00: rt2800usb: rework txdone code
627fdaf rt2x00: rt2800usb: move additional txdone into new function
d47a61a ath9k: Fix multi-VIF BSS handling
3d4e20f ath9k: Remove aggregation flags
caed657 ath9k_hw: Cleanup FastChannelChange
bcf6f96 ath9k: Remove 'other' VIF count
62450b8 ath9k: Remove unused variables
bf106e1 ath9k: Remove unnecessary initialization
9d4f09b rt2x00: Set IEEE80211_HW_REPORTS_TX_ACK_STATUS in rt2800
4a3d2d9 perf tools: Adjust make rules
48b25c4 [PATCH v3] ipc: provide generic compat versions of IPC syscalls
1024184 powerpc: Add initial e6500 cpu support
f0b8b34 powerpc/fsl-booke: Fixup calc_cam_sz to support MMU v2
cb41fa0 powerpc/85xx: fix Kconfig warning about missing 8250 dependency
8ee161c i2c-algo-bit: Fix spurious SCL timeouts under heavy load
834aa6f i2c-core: Comment says "transmitted" but means "received"
eb6e934 msm: tzcom: Vote for DFAB clock.
0f5c4b9 ARM: at91: sam9g20 udc add dt support
d1494a3 USB: at91: Device udc add dt support
62c5553 ARM: at91: dt: enable usb ehci for sam9g45 and sam9x5
9d84300 ARM: at91: usb ehci add dt support
6a06245 ARM: at91: dt: enable usb ohci for sam9g20, sam9g45 amd sam9x5
2419730 ARM: at91: usb ohci add dt support
3d9761e iommu/amd: Move interrupt setup code into seperate function
82015c4 ARM: at91: add Shutdown Controller (SHDWC) DT support
a7776ec ARM: at91: add ram controller DT support
c8082d3 ARM: at91: add RSTC (Reset Controller) dt support
21ea52a ARM: at91: always enable sam9 restart
eb5e76f ARM: at91: add pmc DT support
9ddd592 iommu/amd: Make sure IOMMU interrupts are re-enabled on resume
2b11ea5 ARM: at91/dt: add specific DT soc init
8bf7ec6 ARM: at91/dt: add Calao DAB-MMX daugther board support for USB-A9G20
10f71c2 ARM: at91: sam9x5 add i2c DT support
8f24bda ARM: at91: sam9g45 add i2c DT support
b71e1b7 ARM: at91: usb_a9g20 add DT i2c support
3b3f828 ARM: at91: sam9g20 add i2c DT support
8ffaa0f i2c/gpio: add DT support
86a89f4 ARM: at91: sam9x5 add nand support
d6a0166 atmel/nand: add DT support
770d7c3 of/mtd/nand: add generic bindings and helpers
fa4d34c of: introduce helper to manage boolean
98619dc ARM: at91: enable on flash bbt for Atmel Reference and DT boards
3dcb7ea mtd/atmel_nand: add on_flash_bbt to enable the use of On Flash BBT
bf4289c ATMEL: fix nand ecc support
0717d0f ALSA: usb-audio - Fix build error by consitification of rate list
7fa87ce init: fix wording error in mm_init comment
cebd5fa iommu/amd: Fix section warning for prealloc_protection_domains
181a689 ASoC: core: Fix obscure leak of runtime array
5320918 drm/udl: initial UDL driver (v4)
2c07a21 drm: add core support for unplugging a device (v2)
cbc7e22 drm/modeset: add helper to unplug all connectors from sysfs
1828fe6 drm/sysfs: protect sysfs removal code against being run twice.
ce880cb udlfb: remove sysfs framebuffer device with USB .disconnect()
600e145 printk: Make it compile with !CONFIG_PRINTK
474d567 iommu/amd: Don't initialize IOMMUv2 resources when not required
218a280 ARM: ux500: fix compilation after local timer rework
50c705c msm: acpuclock-7201: Add support for PLL4@1209Mhz for 8625
525b233 iommu/amd: Update git-tree in MAINTAINERS
2b34501 msm: camera: Fix to choose proper CSI device for 8625 target
cc40097 msm: camera: Add support to OV5645,OV7692 sensors,AD5046 actuator
c3c50e8 drm: Add drm_mode_copy()
d63f5e6 drm: Use a flexible array member for blob property data
6bfc56a drm: Handle drm_object_get() failures
93bbf6d drm: Make drm_crtc_convert_{umode, to_umode} static and constify their params
ac235da drm: Fix drm_mode_attachmode_crtc()
5f61bb4 drm: Check CRTC viewport against framebuffer size
90367bf drm: Check user mode against overflows
ee34ab5 drm: Fix memory leak in drm_mode_setcrtc()
1dd6c8b drm: Make drm_mode_attachmode() void
1d97e91 drm: Check crtc x and y coordinates
e36fae3 drm: Warn if mode to umode conversion overflows the destination types
2fcfc75 drm: Change drm_display_mode::type to unsigned
6653cc8 drm: Reject mode set with current fb if no current fb is bound
09016a1 gma500: suspend/resume support for Cedartrail
50d44a5 gma500: Fix resume paths
bb9c568 spi: sh-hspi: modify write/read method
49e599b8 spi: sh-hspi: control spi clock more correctly
ec139b6 spi: sh-hspi: convert to using core message queue
f137799 drm/nouveau: add userspace fallback hints.
6ea41a2 spi: s3c64xx: Fix build
1afb708 spi: s3c64xx: remove unnecessary callback msg->complete
a66590d spi: remove redundant variable assignment
679671e msm: vreg: Fix the vreg list for dangling node
60b2606 msm_fb: hdmi: CEC Message queue flush
4bb389d mmc: bus: print bus speed mode of UHS-I card
1662591 ALSA: pcm - Avoid GFP_ATOMIC in snd_pcm_link()
4af87a9 ALSA: pcm: Constify the list in snd_pcm_hw_constraint_list
691c01c arch/sh/drivers/dma/{dma-g2,dmabrg}.c: ensure arguments to request_irq and free_irq are compatible
e9dd7ed ARM: mach-shmobile: ap4evb: Reserve DMA memory for the frame buffer
efd5af0 ARM: EXYNOS: Fix compilation error with mach-exynos4-dt board
b074abb ARM: dts: add initial dts file for EXYNOS5250, SMDK5250
b3e68fb ARM: EXYNOS: add support device tree enabled board file for EXYNOS5
3dad651 radio: iris: Send proper event to FM frameworks
34418c2 drm exynos: use drm_fb_helper_set_par directly
f7d8607 drm/exynos: Fix fb_videomode <-> drm_mode_modeinfo conversion
0d8ce3a drm/exynos: fix runtime_pm fimd device state on probe
9866b6c drm/exynos: use correct 'exynos-drm' name for platform device
2d4cee7 AppArmor: add const qualifiers to string arrays
ad5ff3d AppArmor: Add ability to load extended policy
95a13f7 NFS: Fix a compile error when !defined NFS_DEBUG
6041e83 TOMOYO: Return appropriate value to poll().
9313714 vidc: Move shared memory to firmware heap
f4ab51c vidc: Migrate to ion_map_iommu() API.
dec3a00 Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_core.c: Fix some long line issues
24a39f7 Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_core.c: Fix some spacing issues
cd68680 Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_core.c: Removed trailing spaces
2fb555e msm: bam_dmux: fix downlink data race condition
dc0827c USB: ftdi_sio: add support for FT-X series devices
a950365 msm_fb: display: check dtv_pipe before unset it
31796ac x32: Fix alignment fail in struct compat_siginfo
0ba63b8 msm: qpnp: Add gpiolib support for PMIC GPIOs
86622b3 of: of_spmi: Add support for spmi-dev-container binding
b0f1513 ASoC: WCD9310: Enable AUX PGA loopback support
0c5aa04 msm: copper: Enable stub regulator driver
037a0f5 msm: copper: Add regulator devices for stub-regulator driver
9b7ac51 regulator: Add stub regulator support
4eb98f4 ASoC: wm8996: Add 44.1kHz support
0577bb6 [IA64] Fix ISA IRQ trigger model and polarity setting
d07226e msm: kgsl: Remove DRM specific gpu cache flush
61c0aac defconfig: mmc: Enable CONFIG_MMC_TEST for all MSM targets
9b96fba serial: PL011: clear pending interrupts
093ea2d USB: serial: mos7840: Fixed MCS7820 device attach problem
66bfd64 staging: mei: remove driver internal versioning
25af2d9 i.MX35-PDK: Add Camera support
7c26d76 Staging: rtl8187se: r8180_core.c: Cleaned up if statement
9948bc7 staging: ozwpan depends on NET
94cfdd1 staging: ozwpan: added maintainer for ozwpan driver
1ccb7b6 staging/mei: propagate error codes up in the write flow
881e09f ARM : mx35: 3ds-board: add framebuffer device
a7b422c provide disable_cpufreq() function to disable the API.
562a6cb EXYNOS5250: Add support cpufreq for EXYNOS5250
a35c505 EXYNOS4X12: Add support cpufreq for EXYNOS4X12
b093863 mwifiex: correction in structure name passed to sizeof()
c65a30f mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 9
500f747 mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 8
9c05fd7 mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 7
5dbd326 mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 6
cff23ce mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 5
f57c1ed mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 4
931f158 mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 3
aea0701 mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 2
8426684 mwifiex: fix checkpatch --strict warnings/errors Part 1
ce06b0f arch/tile/configs: convert to minimal configs via "make savedefconfig"
8d2a5e6 xfs: clean up minor sparse warnings
1a7561a power: pm8921-bms: calculate rbatt only at resume
a164883 power: pm8921-charger: remove obsolete wakelock
c9ba271 power: pm8921-charger: calibrate hkadc upon insertion/removal
40491ce power: pm8921-charger: implement ir compensation
b60f386 msm: xo: Add debugfs support to turn on and off buffers
a05931c xfs: remove the global xfs_Gqm structure
b84a3a9 xfs: remove the per-filesystem list of dquots
59a5680 xen/acpi-processor: C and P-state driver that uploads said data to hypervisor.
ead1d01 xen: constify all instances of "struct attribute_group"
fecfb64 hwmon: (zl6100) Enable interval between chip accesses for all chips
9f920f1 xfs: use per-filesystem radix trees for dquot lookup
f8739c3 xfs: per-filesystem dquot LRU lists
48776fd xfs: use common code for quota statistics
d463d7b msm: dsps: Fix include path for timer.h
eae7a75 perf tools, x86: Build perf on older user-space as well
e7f01d1 perf tools: Use scnprintf where applicable
b832796 perf tools: Incorrect use of snprintf results in SEGV
2bb6ccd msm: smd: Add SMSM Reset Handshaking disable config
ff8c147 block: fix ioc leak in put_io_context
ca61a7b regulator: Convert tps6507x to set_voltage_sel
f2933d3 regulator: Refactor tps6507x to use one tps6507x_pmic_ops for all LDOs and DCDCs
0a41685 regulator: Make s5m8767_get_voltage_register always return correct register
6c4efe2 regulator: s5m8767: Check pdata->buck[2|3|4]_gpiodvs earlier
d39c815 gpio/samsung: use ioremap() for EXYNOS4 GPIOlib
a9696d8 gpio/samsung: add support GPIOlib for EXYNOS5250
bcdc87b ARM: EXYNOS: add support GPIO for EXYNOS5250
96dcadc NFSv4: Rate limit the state manager for lock reclaim warning messages
57fa1e1 AppArmor: Move path failure information into aa_get_name and rename
0fe1212 AppArmor: Update dfa matching routines.
3372b68 AppArmor: Minor cleanup of d_namespace_path to consolidate error handling
fbba8d8 AppArmor: Retrieve the dentry_path for error reporting when path lookup fails
33e521a AppArmor: Add const qualifiers to generated string tables
b1b4bc2 AppArmor: Fix oops in policy unpack auditing
ef9a762 AppArmor: Fix error returned when a path lookup is disconnected
37d7399 perf: Add ifdef to remove unused enum switch warnings
18039e0 regulator: tps65910: Provide settling time for DCDC voltage change
e3e5aff regulator: Add Anatop regulator driver
c567556 regulator: Simplify implementation of tps65912_get_voltage_dcdc
831c986 regulator: Use tps65912_set_voltage_sel for both DCDCx and LDOx
20298e0 USB: f_mtp: Handle corner cases on reception of Cancel request from Host
263467d msm: Change the permission for pwrnap, policy, modem_wait sys entries
7140ea1 genirq: Flush the irq thread on synchronization
453651c Bluetooth: Set security level based on remote device features.
a323f66 MAINTAINERS: update MAINTAINERS email entry
12a93f3 MAINTAINERS: update maintainer entry for pxa/hx4700
23f16c7 ARM: EXYNOS: add support ARCH_EXYNOS5 for EXYNOS5 SoCs
e9bba61 ARM: EXYNOS: add support get_core_count() for EXYNOS5250
330c90a ARM: EXYNOS: support EINT for EXYNOS4 and EXYNOS5
bb19a75 ARM: EXYNOS: add interrupt definitions for EXYNOS5250
2dc9b5d padata: Fix race on sequence number wrap
3047817 padata: Fix race in the serialization path
0b95ec5 crypto: camellia - add assembler implementation for x86_64
617ae7c crypto: camellia - rename camellia.c to camellia_generic.c
e2861a7 crypto: camellia - fix checkpatch warnings
075e39d crypto: camellia - rename camellia module to camellia_generic
4de5933 crypto: tcrypt - add more camellia tests
0840605 crypto: testmgr - add more camellia test vectors
c9b56d3 crypto: camellia - simplify key setup and CAMELLIA_ROUNDSM macro
94c7ca7 ARM: EXYNOS: add support for EXYNOS5250 SoC
171c067 ARM: EXYNOS: add support uart for EXYNOS4 and EXYNOS5
b67545f ARM: EXYNOS: add initial setup-i2c0 for EXYNOS5
87b3c6e ARM: EXYNOS: add clock part for EXYNOS5250 SoC
920f488 ARM: EXYNOS: use exynos_init_uarts() instead of exynos4_init_uarts()
906c789 ARM: EXYNOS: to declare static for mach-exynos/common.c
7902546 ARM: EXYNOS: Add clkdev lookup entry for lcd clock
eecd520 msm: kgsl: Make sure kmemleak tool does not report incorrect mem leak.
63ecf0a pxa/hx4700: Remove pcmcia platform_device structure
08166fc net/wireless: Support to disable CCK rate for management frame
fa63030 x86/platform: Move APIC ID validity check into platform APIC code
cd419cf ARM: pxa/hx4700: Reduce sleep mode battery discharge by 35%
95a50ca ARM: pxa/hx4700: Remove unwanted request for GPIO105
cdf485b ixgbe: dcb: use DCB config values for FCoE traffic class on open
d2f5e7f ixgbe: Fix race condition where RX buffer could become corrupted.
3ed69d7 ixgbe: use typed min/max functions where possible
9cdcf09 ixgbe: fix obvious return value bug.
9742512 msm8930: Update TSENS to use APQ8064 configuration
621bd70 ixgbe: Replace eitr_low and eitr_high with static values in ixgbe_update_itr
bdda1a6 ixgbe: Do not disable read relaxed ordering when DCA is enabled
5edc446 ixgb: Remove unnecessary defines, use pr_debug
7907ae3 ALSA: hda - Fix build of patch_sigmatel.c without CONFIG_SND_HDA_POWER_SAVE
bb6fa8b x32: Fix stupid ia32/x32 inversion in the siginfo format
20b627e USB: gadget: u_ether: Fix data stall issue in RNDIS tethering mode
00fdc6b iscsi-target: Fix reservation conflict -EBUSY response handling bug
087a03b target: Fix compatible reservation handling (CRH=1) with legacy RESERVE/RELEASE
145e973 Input: tegra-kbc - revise device tree support
2cd3687 Input: of_keymap - add device tree bindings for simple key matrices
5318a29 pnfs-obj: Uglify objio_segment allocation for the sake of the principle :-(
4c996be msm: board-qrd7627a: Add PM platform data for 8625 EVB
6a8a13e fs: add new FMODE flags: FMODE_32bithash and FMODE_64bithash
3339578 jbd2: cleanup journal tail after transaction commit
932bb30 jbd2: remove bh_state lock from checkpointing code
c254c9e jbd2: remove always true condition in __journal_try_to_free_buffer()
a2a47ca ARM: __io abuse cleanup
5bebccf jbd2: declare __jbd2_journal_temp_unlink_buffer() static
96c8667 jbd2: fix BH_JWrite setting in checkpointing code
79feb52 jbd2: issue cache flush after checkpointing even with internal journal
6f6f6a7 ARM: create a common IOMEM definition
e0adb99 sparc32: Add -Av8 to assembler command line.
47239d5 msm: msm_xo: Remove PXO/CXO control from buffer voting
a70c543 msm: xo: Initialize debugfs from initcall
3bbf346 msm: clock: Support clk_prepare/unprepare()
72a8035 msm: clock: Move XO voting to RPM clock driver
4bc7c9b msm: clock-9615: Remove dummy clock entries for ebi1
a6de3df ep93xx: Remove unnecessary includes of ep93xx-regs.h
9aeec63 ep93xx: Move EP93XX_SYSCON defines to SoC private header
c444dc0 ep93xx: Move crunch code to mach-ep93xx directory
999c53f ep93xx: Make syscon access functions private to SoC
08932d8 ep93xx: Configure GPIO ports in core code
a05baf3 ep93xx: Move peripheral defines to local SoC header
73303d1 ep93xx: Convert the watchdog driver into a platform device.
0fd1958 ep93xx: Use ioremap for backlight driver
2ae18b4 ep93xx: Move GPIO defines to gpio-ep93xx.h
f15855b ep93xx: Don't use system controller defines in audio drivers
258249e ep93xx: Move PHYS_BASE defines to local SoC header file
a6e2401 ARM: shmobile: remove additional __io() macro use
42346cf net: rmnet_usb: Enable wakeup from system suspend
9da392d power: pm8921-charger: do not report usb present while in otg
e451f34 power: pm8921-charger: reset chg failed bit regularly
acca418 power: pm8921-bms: add delta param to bms
42c46e6 xen/xenbus: ignore console/0
cf8e019 hvc_xen: introduce HVC_XEN_FRONTEND
02e19f9 hvc_xen: implement multiconsole support
eb5ef07 hvc_xen: support PV on HVM consoles
0651eed regulator: tps65910: Provide settling time for enabling rails
5db6d09 regulator: max8925: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro
42b5efe regulator: tps65912: Use simple equations to get register address
53c6bc2 usb: Don't make USB_ARCH_HAS_{XHCI,OHCI,EHCI} depend on USB_SUPPORT.
5859939 regulator: Fix the logic of tps65910_get_mode
afb0499 drivers/video/pvr2fb.c: ensure arguments to request_irq and free_irq are compatible
5ec65ee ASoC: mx27vis-aic32x4: Convert it to platform driver
5f9092f drivers:staging:mei Fix some typos in staging/mei
7411f9c staging: drm/omap: use current time for page-flip event
72d0c33 staging: drm/omap: send page-flip event after endwin
b66848e staging: drm/omap: avoid multiple planes having same z-order
fa73dc9 tracing: Fix build breakage without CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS
4ea7f1a0 apq8064: MBHC single button detection not working
8f639dd xfs: reimplement fdatasync support
f5d8d5c xfs: split in-core and on-disk inode log item fields
339a5f5 xfs: make xfs_inode_item_size idempotent
8a9c998 xfs: log timestamp updates
efe6a8a sh_mmcif / PM: Use PM QoS latency constraint
c419e61 tmio_mmc / PM: Use PM QoS latency constraint
85dc0b8 PM / QoS: Make it possible to expose PM QoS latency constraints
35c8042 PM / Sleep: JBD and JBD2 missing set_freezable()
e485ceac Drivers: hv: Add new message types to enhance KVP
60f4b00 serial: bfin-uart: Don't access tty circular buffer in TX DMA interrupt after it is reset.
281627d xfs: log file size updates at I/O completion time
8d06984 usb gadget: fix a section mismatch when compiling g_ffs with CONFIG_USB_FUNCTIONFS_ETH
a6a3600 USB: ohci-nxp: Remove i2c_write(), use smbus
53dc25a USB: ohci-nxp: Support for LPC32xx
2864310 USB: ohci-nxp: Rename symbols from pnx4008 to nxp
32abd56 USB: OHCI-HCD: Rename ohci-pnx4008 to ohci-nxp
b55dd32 usb: gadget: Kconfig: fix typo for 'different'
28f1a0d usb: dwc3: pci: fix another failure path in dwc3_pci_probe()
8816230 USB: dynamically allocate usb_device children pointers instead of using a fix array
b8cec3c pata_cmd64x: implement sff_irq_check() method
419fd24 pata_cmd64x: implement sff_irq_clear() method
8a686bc pata_cmd64x: use interrupt status from MRDMODE register
ad09233 tile: Use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
8fcfa7b pata_cmd64x: turn string of *if* statements into *switch*
d01159d drivers/ata/pata_mpc52xx.c: clean up error handling code
d408e2b ahci_platform: add STRICT_AHCI platform type
55d5ec3 ahci: move AHCI_HFLAGS() macro to ahci.h
66583c9 ahci: add AHCI_HFLAG_DELAY_ENGINE host flag
c20b909 ARM: LPC32xx: Ethernet support
48a5ded ARM: LPC32xx: USB Support
b8409d6 defconfig: 8660: Enable qseecom driver
a78bb11 jbd2: protect all log tail updates with j_checkpoint_mutex
24bcc89 jbd2: split updating of journal superblock and marking journal empty
e138ead NFS: null dereference in dev_remove()
db6544e ftrace: Fix function_graph for archs that test ftrace_trace_function
3117bbdb mac80211: Don't let regulatory make us deaf
e9ac074 mac80211: rename bss_conf timestamp to last_tsf
7b8bcff cfg80211: clarify timestamp in cfg80211_inform_bss
8e6cffb brmc80211: dont use jiffies for BSS TSF
6d430c2 Documentation: make exists consistent
8c00228 mwifiex: rename fuctions and variables for better readability
bb7de2b mwifiex: rearrange if and else blocks to avoid extra indentation
e7891ba mwifiex: use usleep_range instead of udelay
6685d10 mwifiex: merge functions to derive cfp by chan & freq in one
985d68a mwifiex: rearrange switch statement
3e82263 mwifiex: rename long function names to shorter ones
a828691 mac80211: linearize SKBs as needed for crypto
617bbde mac80211: move RX WEP weak IV counting
6b6fa58 b43: Load firmware from a work queue and not from the probe routine
a3ea2c7 b43legacy: Load firmware from work queue instead of from probe routine
a1bc0e4 qseecom: Add new dfab clock definition to the driver.
bd0d5aa xenbus: don't free other end details too early
f42c2b4 max17042: Align register definitions with data sheet and init appnote
a1f37788 tboot: Add return values for tboot_sleep
09f98a8 x86, acpi, tboot: Have a ACPI os prepare sleep instead of calling tboot_sleep.
3429e91 usb: host: xhci: add platform driver support
25dc16f ALSA: hda - fix printing of high HDMI sample rates
6b4b8fc sata_fsl: add support for interrupt coalsecing feature
40679b3 ata/pata_arasan_cf: Add Hibernation support
9716387 pata_legacy: correctly mask recovery field for HT6560B
78140cf ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel Lynx Point DeviceIDs
ea4ace6 ahci: AHCI-mode SATA patch for Intel Lynx Point DeviceIDs
fdaf8b3 xHCI: update sg tablesize
085deb1 xHCI: check enqueue pointer advance into dequeue seg
2fdcd47 xHCI: Allocate 2 segments for transfer ring
8dfec61 xHCI: dynamic ring expansion
186a7ef xHCI: set cycle state when allocate rings
70d4360 xHCI: factor out segments allocation and free function
b008df6 xHCI: count free TRBs on transfer ring
3fe4fe0 xHCI: store ring's last segment and segment numbers
8aa8a7c perf record: Fix buffer overrun bug in tracepoint_id_to_path()
ef334a2 x86: Move is_ia32_task to asm/thread_info.h from asm/compat.h
9993bc6 sched/x86: Fix overflow in cyc2ns_offset
c6da39f [S390] kernel: Pass correct stack for smp_call_ipl_cpu()
e4b9eb1 msm: spm: Update PMIC DLY values in SPM
9ac855f radio: radio-tavarua: Re-org code for workqueue
df01d53 OMAPDSS: APPLY: fix clearing shadow dirty flag with manual update
d457859 ARM: local timers: make the runtime registration interface mandatory
5ca709c ARM: local timers: convert MSM to runtime registration interface
a8cb604 ARM: local timers: convert exynos to runtime registration interface
9248510 ARM: smp_twd: remove old local timer interface
58458e0 ARM: imx6q: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
7ac9b9e ARM: highbank: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
08efd6c ARM: ux500: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
4200b16 ARM: shmobile: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
1fcf3a6 ARM: tegra: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
7c380f2 ARM: plat-versatile: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
a45c983 ARM: OMAP4: convert to twd_local_timer_register() interface
d8e0364 ARM: smp_twd: add device tree support
81e46f7 ARM: smp_twd: add runtime registration support
0ef330e ARM: local timers: introduce a new registration interface
abde710 ARM: smp_twd: make local_timer_stop a symbol instead of a #define
1dde9f7 iomux-mx25.h slew rate adjusted for LCD __LD pins
9df2a0b ath6kl: fix debug.c file mode
b528387 ath6kl: use max_t() in ath6kl_cfg80211_connect()
7433a49 ath6kl: fix open parenthesis alignment in ath6kl_sdio_suspend()
06f33f1 ath6kl: replace strict_strtoul() with kstrtoul()
b0fc7c1 ath6kl: fix regression in ath6kl_upload_board_file()
80478d0 defconfig: msm7627a: Increase vmalloc reserve to 200M
2c74a13 msm: board-qrd7627a: Update power saving parameters for mxt device
c43524b hwmon: (w83627ehf) Describe undocumented pwm attributes
aacb6b0 hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix temp2 source for W83627UHG
09c3253 iommu/tegra-gart: fix spin_unlock in map failure path
01f23e1 sched/arch: Introduce the finish_arch_post_lock_switch() scheduler callback
c85b8ad msm-camera: enhance the camsenser query structure
740363f HID: tivo: add support for BT-version (0x1200)
2f5394c drm/nouveau: map first page of mmio early and determine chipset earlier
4cbb0f8 drm/nvd0/disp: disconnect encoders before reprogramming them
3488c57 drm/nvd0/disp: move syncs/magic setup to or mode_set
6860dc8 drm/nouveau/dp: account for channel coding overhead in link training
c674844 drm/nvd0/disp: fix dcb sor link matching in supervisor handler
6e83fda drm/nvd0/disp: initial implementation of displayport
f14d9a4 drm/nouveau/dp: make dp dpms function common, call from sor code instead
e436d1b drm/nv50/hwsq: some nv92 fixes
8663bc7 drm/nouveau/dp: move all nv50/sor-specific code out of nouveau_dp.c
8c1dcb6 drm/nouveau/dp: make functions for executing various bios tables
c11dd0d drm/nouveau/pm: fix oops if chipset has no pm support at all
4489b98 drm/nouveau/bios: rework vbios shadowing
05a7c15 drm/nouveau/bios: attempt acpi rom fetch before pcirom
7c5f6a8 drm/nvd0/disp: attempt to handle more than 2 crtcs if possible
29181d2 drm/nvc0/vram: get part count from PUNITS
8b83d67 drm/nv40/pm: fix fanspeed regression
e608425 drm/nouveau/pm: several fixes for nvc0 memory timings
1ae73f2 drm/nvc0/pm: restrict pll mode to clocks that can actually use it
44ab8cc drm/nouveau/dp: fix bad comparison in dp_link_train_commit()
84ddfda drm/nouveau/mxm: call mxmi to determine revision before calling mxms
7d3a766 drm/nouveau/pm: init only after display subsystem has been created
950c44b drm/nvc0/fb: detect presense of second rank
df26bc9 drm/nv50/display: expose color vibrance control
990449c drm/nv50-nvc0/vm: support unsnooped system memory
28aa165 ALSA: ymfpci - Fix legacy registers on S3/S4 resume
bd483d4 ALSA: control - Fixe a trailing white space error
4abb410 drm/nouveau: recognise DCB connector type for DP+DVI+VGA DMS-59
070be29 drm/nouveau/mem: handle dll_off for ddr2/ddr3
25c53c1 drm/nouveau/pm: extend profile interface for destroy/init/fini
8d7bb40 drm/nouveau/pm: rework to allow selecting separate profiles for ac/battery
b830973 drm/nouveau/pm: fix dll off -> dll on transitions
a9bc247 drm/nouveau/pm: detect when we need dll disabled for gddr3
0ce7141 drm/nv50: fix detection of second vram rank
1a7287e drm/nouveau/pm: track mr2 for gddr3
c57ebf5e drm/nv50/pm: wait for all fifo-connected engines to idle before reclocking
496a73b drm/nv50/pm: use hwsq for engine reclocking too
e495d0d drm/nv50/disp: more accurate function to determine active crtcs
6bdf68c drm/nv50/pm: initial work towards proper memory reclocking, with timings
2d85bc8 drm/nouveau/pm: introduce ram reclocking helper
085028c drm/nouveau/pm: embed timings into perflvl structs
fd99fd6 drm/nouveau/pm: calculate memory timings at perflvl creation time
68a64ca drm/nouveau/pm: readback boot perflvl *before* parsing vbios
c7c039f drm/nouveau/pm: implement DDR2/DDR3/GDDR3/GDDR5 MR generation and validation
03ddf04 drm/nouveau/pm: restructure bios table parsing
3d8a408 drm/nouveau/pm: avoid potential divide-by-zero
1a5f985 drm/nouveau: Fix module parameter description formats
bfb3146 drm/nouveau/pm: improve memory timing generation
b010374 drm/nouveau/pm: improve the reclocking logs' readability
b1aa553 drm/nouveau: move pwm_divisor to the nouveau_pm_fan struct
bc6389e drm/nouveau/pm: restore fan speed after suspend
ddb2005 drm/nouveau/pm: style fixes
668b6c0 drm/nouveau: rework the init/takedown ordering
f329853 drm/nvc0: add initial memory type detection
c70c41e drm/nv50: hopefully handle the DDR2/DDR3 memtype detection somewhat better
1072856 drm/nv50: add memory type detection
ff92a6c drm/nv20-nv40: add memory type detection
d81c19e drm/nv20: split PFB code out of nv10_fb.c
ddfd2da drm/nouveau: memory type detection for the really old chipsets
7ad2d31 drm/nouveau: move vram detection funcs to chipset-specific fb code
f29735c ALSA: hda - Add expose_enum_ctl flag to snd_hda_add_vmaster_hook()
d2f344b ALSA: hda - Add "Mute-LED Mode" enum control
65e7225 defconfig: msm7630: Add support for 1GB RAM
949ff5b dmaengine: fix for cookie changes and merge
8867bd5 dmaengine: pl330: fix the pl330 build after cookie cleanup
56e6052 USB: android: Add OTG descriptor to configuration
a315203 USB: OTG: msm: Add support for SRP and HNP
8ac6954 dmaengine: ensure all DMA engine drivers initialize their cookies
2a926e4 dmaengine: fix cookie handling in iop-adma.c and ppc4xx/adma.c
d3ee98cdc dmaengine: consolidate initialization of cookies
96a2af4 dmaengine: consolidate tx_status functions
f7fbce0 dmaengine: provide a common function for completing a dma descriptor
884485e dmaengine: consolidate assignment of DMA cookies
d2ebfb3 dmaengine: add private header file
4d4e58d dmaengine: move last completed cookie into generic dma_chan structure
a36dc2c USB: EHCI: use otg_start_hnp() to intiate HNP in ehci-hub.c
08714f6 dmaengine: mv_xor: remove write-only is_complete_cookie
d450cb0 USB: gadget: Add OTG support for ci13xxx_udc
51e7dc7 x86: Rename trap_no to trap_nr in thread_struct
24e3e5a Input: wacom - fix physical size calculation for 3rd-gen Bamboo
7a0a1df Input: twl4030-vibra - really switch from #if to #ifdef
b51425b Input: hp680_ts_input - ensure arguments to request_irq and free_irq are compatible
73d63d0 x86/ioapic: Add register level checks to detect bogus io-apic entries
4ea731c mmc: msm_sdcc: Power down slots after reboot
3832b26 ixgbe: Simplify logic for ethtool loopback frame creation and testing
a557928 ixgbe: Add iterator for cycling through rings on a q_vector
de88eee ixgbe: Allocate rings as part of the q_vector
b9f6ed2 ixgbe: Drop unnecessary napi_schedule_prep and spare blank line from ixgbe_intr
8f15486 ixgbe: Default to queue pairs when number of queues is less than CPUs
5d967eb ixgbe: Correct Adaptive Interrupt Moderation so that it will change values
e954b37 ixgbe: Address issues with Tx WHTRESH value not being set correctly
46646e6 ixgbe: Reorder adapter contents for better cache utilization
7f83a9e ixgbe: Do no clear Tx status bits since eop_desc provides enough info
b37c0fb net: Add memory barriers to prevent possible race in byte queue limits
5c49035 net: Fix issue with netdev_tx_reset_queue not resetting queue from XOFF state
b2d96e0 ixgbe: add support for byte queue limits
35551c4 ixgbe: remove tie between NAPI work limits and interrupt moderation
51a76c3 igb: fix ethtool offline test
1d4731e msm_serial_hs_lite: Save UART registers if stuck
7d6d273 thermal: Fix hotplug race condition leading to memory corruption.
ed3593c msm: display: Set DSI Video Chimei panel as default for 8064 v1.1 Liquid
41fe75f md/raid5: use atomic_dec_return() instead of atomic_dec() and atomic_read().
43437ec md: Use existed macros instead of numbers
9d4c7d8 md/raid5: removed unused 'added_devices' variable.
547414d md/raid10: remove unnecessary smp_mb() from end_sync_write
1e3fa9b md/raid5: make sure reshape_position is cleared on error path.
cd7c0ee setlocalversion: Prevent tags from overflowing version string
1ab5ecb tun: don't hold network namespace by tun sockets
f124488 bnx2x: code doesn't use stats for allocating Rx BDs
241fb5d bnx2x: ethtool returns req. AN even when AN fails
3829846 bnx2x: ethtool now returns unknown speed/duplex
9ce392d bnx2x: mark functions as loaded on shared memory
259afa1 bnx2x: use param's id instead of sp_obj's id
33ac338 bnx2x: set_one_mac_e1x uses raw's state as input
c121089 bnx2x: removed unused function bnx2x_queue_set_cos_cid
0a52fd0 bnx2x: move LLH_CAM to header, apply naming conventions
b737011 lpc32xx: Added ethernet driver
1f5f3a7 net/hyperv: Add support for vlan trunking from guests
ef31bef net/hyperv: Fix data corruption in rndis_filter_receive()
afd46503 net: ipv4: Standardize prefixes for message logging
de5c374 bnx2x: FCoE statistics id fixed
e695a2d bnx2x: dcb bit indices flags used as bits
ab4a713 bnx2x: added cpu_to_le16 when preparing ramrod's data
db0ea84 bnx2x: pfc statistics counts pfc events twice
3b72fca xHCI: store ring's type
db5a7a6 mlx4_core: Scale size of MTT table with system RAM
096335b mlx4_core: Allow dynamic MTU configuration for IB ports
a9c766b IB/mlx4: Fix info returned when querying IBoE ports
3616f9c IB/mlx4: Fix possible missed completion event
5984be9 mlx4_core: Report thermal error events
e10903b mlx4_core: Fix one more static exported function
1bd26c6 ASoC: msm: Fix a bug in the audio FE check
4093ccc mm_video: vidc: SPS PPS enable for IDR and zero stuff bytes
9a3ba43 NFSv4: Rate limit the state manager warning messages
51dddfe ARM: u300: configure some pins as an example
dc0b1aa pinctrl: support pinconfig on the U300
a050b3e pinctrl/coh901: use generic pinconf enums and parameters
394349f pinctrl: introduce generic pin config
70b3637 pinctrl: fix error path in pinconf_map_to_setting()
652162d pinctrl: allow concurrent gpio and mux function ownership of pins
af89956 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Implement system suspend/resume
cdf88b9 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Remove unneeded sanity checks
97d16fe fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Don't perform update in register operation
c241a0e arm: mach-shmobile: Constify sh_mobile_meram_cfg structures
b5ef967 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Don't store copy of platform data
d81d5fa fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Remove unused sh_mobile_meram_icb_cfg fields
b0a49d9 arm: mach-shmobile: Don't set MERAM ICB numbers in platform data
4811005 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Allocate ICBs automatically
974d250 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Use genalloc to manage MERAM allocation
7554340 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Divide the code into sections
762f7cc9 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Don't inline everything
2a618e0 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Add struct sh_mobile_meram_icb
eb4f230 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Make current_reg field store the current reg set
0543283 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Make variables unsigned where applicable
d272f42 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Add _cfg suffix to struct sh_mobile_meram_icb
e1d1144 fbdev: sh_mobile_meram: Request memory regions for memory resources
e71504d arm: mach-shmobile: Split MERAM resources into regs and meram
4976677 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Pass channel pointer to sh_mobile_wait_for_vsync
58f03d9 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Store configuration in channel structure
e836314 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Pass physical device pointer to DMA functions
a67f379 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Split fb init/cleanup from channel init/cleanup
fc9e78e fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Store the format in struct sh_mobile_lcdc_chan
105784b fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Add sh_mobile_format_info() function
740f802 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Reorganize the sh_mobile_lcdc_chan structure
93ff259 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Rename (lcd|num)_cfg (lcd|num)_modes
2d04559 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Store display mode in a struct fb_videomode
13f80ee fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Don't access LCDC fb_info
d30555d fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Don't set sh_hdmi::mode in the display on handler
e0c8601 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Pass a video mode to the notify callback
7295752 sh_mobile_hdmi: Use LCDC notification callback
ecd2994 sh_mobile_lcdc: Add display notify callback to sh_mobile_lcdc_chan
458981c fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Return display connection state in display_on
5864ace fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Remove fb_info parameter to display_on operation
bce95fe sh_mobile_hdmi: Use sh_mobile_lcdc_entity::channel to access fb_info
e34d0bb sh_mobile_lcdc: Add an lcdc channel pointer to sh_mobile_lcdc_entity
afaad83 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Merge board_cfg and lcd_size_cfg into panel_cfg
43059b0 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Move brightness ops to sh_mobile_lcdc_bl_info
018882a fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Remove board configuration board_data field
aa7b5b0 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Remove board configuration owner field
ca0a0cd fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Remove sh_mobile_hdmi_info lcd_chan field
e2543c5 arm: mach-shmobile: Don't initialize the hdmi_info lcd_chan field
db85905 fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Don't hook up into board_cfg display operations
d2c594a fbdev: sh_mipi_dsi: Don't hook up into board_cfg display operations
a1022ad arm: mach-shmobile: Add LCDC tx_dev field to platform data
9a2985e fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Handle HDMI/MIPI transmitter device directly
732bbcc fbdev: sh_mipi_dsi: Implement sh_mobile_lcdc_entity interface
8511ea4 fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Implement sh_mobile_lcdc_entity interface
d2ccdc8 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Add sh_mobile_lcdc_entity definition
134d22e sh_mobile_hdmi: Remove platform data lcd_dev field
12ee250 fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Don't access LCDC channel in notifier callback
37c5dcc fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Create functions to turn the display on/off
0a7f17a fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Don't pass struct device around
4774c12 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Move pm runtime enable to probe()
217e9c4 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Mark init-only symbols with __devinit(const)
f1f60b5 fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Reorder code into sections
2854903 ARM: mach-shmobile: default to no earlytimer
df27a2d ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7779 and Marzen timer rework
23e5bc0 ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7740 and Bonito timer rework
3be26fd ARM: mach-shmobile: sh73a0, AG5EVM and Kota2 timer rework
17254bf ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372, AP4EVB and Mackerel timer rework
03f7bee ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7377 and G4EVM timer rework
9e8de44 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7367 and G3EVM timer rework
08ad42f ARM: mach-shmobile: add shmobile_earlytimer_init()
e3b0161 ARM: mach-shmobile: Move sh7372 AP4EVB external clk setup
12bb16d ARM: mach-shmobile: Move sh7372 Mackerel external clk setup
6b6a4c0 ARM: mach-shmobile: rename clk_init() to shmobile_clk_init()
8bac13f ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7779 L2 cache support
3e353b8 ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7779 map_io and init_early update
d3ab722 ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7740 map_io and init_early update
50e15c3 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh73a0 map_io and init_early update
5d7220ec ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372 map_io and init_early update
bfc46f3 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7377 map_io and init_early update
237caf9 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7367 map_io and init_early update
84c36ff sh: remove clk_ops
c953efd sh: board sh_clk_ops rename
2e679b0 sh: sh5 sh_clk_ops rename
33cb61a sh: sh4a sh_clk_ops rename
3b87441 sh: sh4 sh_clk_ops rename
43ebacd sh: sh3 sh_clk_ops rename
4ad2c06 sh: sh2a sh_clk_ops rename
7198423 sh: sh2 sh_clk_ops rename
d6ef333 sh: sh header sh_clk_ops rename
ae8d194 ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7779 sh_clk_ops rename
d9f8670 ARM: mach-shmobile: r8a7740 sh_clk_ops rename
7bcda50 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh73a0 sh_clk_ops rename
628f456 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372 sh_clk_ops rename
9c8c7ab ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7377 sh_clk_ops rename
79ff312 ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7367 sh_clk_ops rename
a0ec360 sh: convert cpg code to sh_clk_ops
e348282 sh: introduce sh_clk_ops in parallel with clk_ops
30c766b ARM: davinci: DA850: move da850_register_pm to .init.text
07552e1 msm: Add support for cache error reporting
91e0ebd msm: smd: add RPM processor id and edges
d870df6 ARM: davinci: cpufreq: fix compiler warning
24bff2d perf report: Fix annotate double quit issue in branch view mode
8bcd65f perf report: Remove duplicate annotate choice in branch view mode
f9b4eeb perf/x86: Prettify pmu config literals
87e24f4 perf/x86: Fix local vs remote memory events for NHM/WSM
c308b56 sched: Fix nohz load accounting -- again!
8e3fabf sched: Update yield() docs
3ccf3e8 printk/sched: Introduce special printk_sched() for those awkward moments
554ceca sched/nohz: Correctly initialize 'next_balance' in 'nohz' idle balancer
5fbd036 sched: Cleanup cpu_active madness
5d6523e sched: Fix load-balance wreckage
32260d9 hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix memory leak in probe function
cf8c1da arch/tile: misplaced parens near likely
7ed725c arch/tile: sync up the defconfig files to the tip
688b4db arch/tile: Fix up from commit 8a25a2fd126c621f44f3aeaef80d51f00fc11639
51a43af msm: lpass-8960: Avoid write to lpass wakeup register
d7a42e1 ASoC: ep93xx-pcm: Use dmaengine PCM helper functions
7a08cf7 ASoC: dmaengine_pcm: Reset pointer position when starting a stream
e5c9f6e msm_fb: display: initialize is_flag variable
9e07aa9 msm: apq8064: Remove GPIO configurations related to audio auxpcm
5d6a1b0 mac80211: set basic rates earlier
a1cf775 mac80211: refactor common auth/assoc setup code
0775f9f mac80211: remove spurious BSSID change flag
76f0303 mac80211: simplify wmm check during association
4e74bfd mac80211: simplify HT checks
de5036a mac80211: move misplaced comment
4db2c9a iwlwifi: Add bool mvm_ucode to iwl_fw
6dfa8d0 iwlwifi: change struct iwl_fw
ed8c836 iwlwifi: Add TLVs and fields for 16.0 uCode
0cedacc iwlwifi: more modularity in fw images and sections
b5ea162 iwlwifi: explicitly track whether INIT uCode was run
8f7ffbe iwlwifi: avoid some operations if no uCode loaded
69a10b2 iwlwifi: move wait_command_queue from shared to trans
f0d120a iwlwifi: convert bad state message into warning
d663ee7 iwlwifi: abstract out missing SEQ_RX_FRAME workaround
10d8f31 iwlwifi: remove TX hex debug
c1afdaf ath9k: fix going to full-sleep on PS idle
ffb1c56 ath9k: Fix mactime from being clobbered in rx_status
9f61903 ath9k: configure bss info at assoc notification
3cd7920 mac80211: add auth/assoc/deauth flow diagram
290d608 rt2x00: Fix beacon skew in rt2800pci
e921977 mac80211: Disable MCS > 7 in minstrel_ht when STA uses static SMPS
3cc5240 mac80211: set channel back after disassociating
177958e mac80211: remove tx_sync
3789d59 ath9k_hw: Fix enabling of MCI and RTT
138f07e net/wireless: ipw2x00: remove unused definitions for regulatory domain
98b36a0 ath9k: Add wiphy name to log messages.
4e13f09 mac80211_hwsim: Fix set mactime on receiver hwsim radio
aa45458 mac80211: Limit TID buffering during BA session setup/teardown
4486ea9 cfg80211: Add background scan period attribute.
bff2ec2 ath9k: Fix BTCOEX shutdown
94ad7e2 ASOC: msm: Modify debug messages and conditional checks
c986564 ASoC: wm8994: Prevent ABBA deadlock with CODEC and accdet mutexes
3780d03 rt2x00: fix random stalls
210787e iwl3945: fix possible il->txq NULL pointer dereference in delayed works
81b279d gpio/davinci: fix enabling unbanked GPIO IRQs
ab2dde9 gpio/davinci: fix oops on unbanked gpio irq request
daf36d1 msm: smd_tty: Add check for platform device id
8805f41 gpio/omap: Fix section warning for omap_mpuio_alloc_gc()
691e06c ARM: tegra: export tegra_gpio_{en,dis}able
33fa9b6 hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix writing into fan_stop_time for NCT6775F/NCT6776F
04bf301 regulator: Support driver probe deferral
0097143 SUNRPC: Don't use variable length automatic arrays in kernel code
7535b8b gpio/gpio-stmpe: Fix the value returned by _get_value routine
0dc665d Documentation/gpio.txt: Explain expected pinctrl interaction
46158aa GPIO: LPC32xx: Add output reading to GPO P3
8e5fb37 GPIO: LPC32xx: Fix missing bit selection mask
8289621 vt: NULL dereference in vt_do_kdsk_ioctl()
9abac85 tty: serial: vt8500: fix annotations for probe/remove
11588f4 NFS: Check return value from rpc_queue_upcall()
4b7c8dd NFS: Only define some function when v4.1 is enabled
cb7c892 ASoC: wcd9310: Update hardware version dependent register address
8d3709f usb: host: xhci: use __ffs() instead of hardcoding shift
f99298b xHCI: BESL calculation based on USB2.0 LPM errata
e06ffa1 workqueue: use percpu allocator for cwq on UP
68942ed gpio/omap: fix wakeups on level-triggered GPIOs
1670f38 Bluetooth: Clear HCI_INQUIRY flags for successive inquiry scans to succeed
665be0d checkpatch: Check for unsafe string functions
693f45b HID: wacom: Reset stylus buttons - Intuos4 WL
8ebb228 msm: kgsl: Add graphics support for msm8930
e424fb8 panasonic-laptop: avoid overflow in acpi_pcc_hotkey_add()
461e743 acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Lenovo machines
2d24c49 Fujitsu tablet extras driver
c215ab9 x86: Add amilo-rfkill driver for some Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo laptops
527c73b ALSA: hda - Add EAPD control to Conexnat auto-parser
420b0fe ALSA: hda - Rewrite the mute-LED control with vmaster hook for ALC269
2faa3bf ALSA: hda - Rewrite the mute-LED hook with vmaster hook in patch_sigmatel.c
29e5853 ALSA: hda - Return the created kcontrol in __snd_hda_add_vmaster()
d0f47ff ASoC: OMAP: Build config cleanup for McBSP
3ead467 ARM: OMAP: Remove CONFIG_OMAP_MCBSP references
94a504c ASoC: omap-mcbsp: fix snd_pcm_hw_rule_add arguments
5788c62 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Correct clock muxing for CLKR/FSR signals
cd1f08c ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Single function CLKR/FSR source mux configuration
33cec39 ARM/ASoC: OMAP McBSP: Move remainig defines from arch to ASoC header
40c0764 ARM: OMAP2+: McBSP: Correct CLKR/FSR clock source mux configuration
73c9522 ASoC: omap McBSP: Clear rx_irq at probe time for OMAP4
e386615 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: When closing the port select PRCM source for CLKS signal
08905d8 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Configure wakeup in later phase
58db1dc ASoC: omap: mcbsp: Remove redundant checks for the st_data pointer
e2002ab ASoC: omap: mcbsp: Use uniform st_data pointer initialization
b8fb490 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Simplify DMA configuration
256d9c2 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Merge the omap_mcbsp_data into omap_mcbsp structure
2ee6595 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Cleanup of module probe/remove code
cb40b63 ASoC: OMAP McBSP: Remove redundant accessors
81da6a9 ASoC: OMAP: mcbsp.h: Clean up bit definitions
2045624 ARM: OMAP: Do not register omap-mcbsp-dai device
45656b4 ASoC: omap-mcbsp: Create a single driver for McBSP
219f431 ASoC: OMAP: McBSP: Consolidate plat/mcbsp.h content
71e822e OMAP: mcbsp: Move core driver under sound/soc/omap
0210dc4 ARM: OMAP: mcbsp: Convert core driver to proper platform driver
0324e02 OMAP4: panda: Correct cpu version check for 4430
2ad787e ALSA: Add a hook capability to vmaster controls
df6e62f Revert "msm: board-msm7x27a: Huge idle timeout for 3D device in msm8625"
9e87f22 HID: multitouch: detect serial protocol
8ee084e msm: board-msm7627a: Add PM platform data for 8625 SURF
fc56911 regulator: Merge tps65217_pmic_ldo234_ops and tps65217_pmic_dcdc_ops to tps65217_pmic_ops
dce7304 regulator: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST in wm8350_isink_get_current
80f4814 ASoC: Revert widget I/O locking for 3.4
553e322 ARM: OMAP4: prm: fix interrupt register offsets
387ca5b ARM: OMAP: hwmod: Use sysc_fields->srst_shift and get rid of hardcoded SYSC_TYPE2_SOFTRESET_MASK
8d179a9 HID: handle all multitouch devices through hid-multitouch
ed9d5c9 HID: multitouch: fix handling of buggy reports descriptors for Dell ST2220T
cd635af usb: gadget: Kconfig: fix typo for 'different'
17a7b16 ath6kl: Fix merge error in ath6kl_set_ies()
0473d05 msm_fb: Clean up of frame buffer 4KB alignment changes
e9c820f msm: board: Disable Vreg line LDO16 for Quiclogic MDDI Client
058bd4d net: Convert printks to pr_
599d355 board: msm: Handle VDD_PX2 leakage on EVB
f5a3142 board: 8064: storage: vote against IDLE power collapse
c6f7867 msm-camera: Add 8MP and 1MP sensor support
9d76704 msm_fb: display: clean dsi fifo during dsi_off
68532ec msm: qdsp5: Initialize event length during adsp fake event generation
31d4f3a ext4: check for zero length extent
930c514 dql: Fix undefined jiffies
43db362 net: get rid of some pointless casts to sockaddr
09acfea SUNRPC: Fix a few sparse warnings
8b2aaed ipv6: Fix Smatch warning.
dfd25ff tcp: fix syncookie regression
4e50391 usb: asix: Patch for Sitecom LN-031
7fbc415 MAINTAINERS: add an entry for the PHC code
5047fb5 r8169: enable transmit time stamping.
a997cbb drivers/net/irda/{ali-ircc, via-ircc, w83977af-ir}.c: ensure arguments to request_irq and free_irq are compatible
5eac5f6 drivers/atm/eni.c: ensure arguments to request_irq and free_irq are compatible
e3abcc2 caif: make zero a legal caif connetion id.
374458b caif: Fix for a race in socket transmit with flow control.
0507c8c msm_fb: HDMI: Add support for HDMI on APQ8064
6f71e92 ARM: iop13xx: fix missing declaration of iop13xx_init_early
8a2b625 ARM: fix ioremap/iounmap for !CONFIG_MMU
85c5d86 regulator: Use array to store dcdc_range settings for tps65912
5b5e977 regulator: Rename s5m8767_convert_voltage to s5m8767_convert_voltage_to_sel
4d984d1 regulator: tps6524x: Remove unneeded comment for N_REGULATORS
94732b9 regulator: Rename set_voltage_sel callback function name to *_sel
0f8b9c7 regulator: Fix s5m8767_set_voltage_time_sel calculation value
394ee3d regulator: tps6586x: fix typo in debug message
f30b071 regulator: tps65910: Sleep off rails when ext sleep configured
844775e regulator: Simplify the implementation of tps65912_get_voltage_dcdc
21c9e5f regulator: max8649: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
f08f5de regulator: Silence error message in max8998_pmic_probe
535bca2 regulator: Remove unused i2c variable in s5m8767_pmic_probe
2fe4e02 regulator: tps65217: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
ae76e83 regulator: da903x: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
e9a15c8 regulator: wm8400: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
1c37f8a regulator fixed: Do not report enumaratable voltages if there are none
ab353c2 regulator: max8660: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
7d530d3 regulator: max1586: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
8148ed6 regulator: ad5398: Use DIV_ROUND_UP macro to calculate selector
b21bcd1 regulator: Add a pointer to aat2870_data in struct aat2870_regulator
48ee116 regulator: Simplify the code to get selector in isl6271a_set_voltage
7b94791 regulator: Kill max8998_get_ldo function
b3e1348 regulator: Kill max8997_get_rid function
ba51c6c regulator: Fix n_voltage settings for pcf50633 regulator
89e0f0e regulator: Fix the logic of s5m8767_set_voltage_time_sel
0757b60 regulator: mc13783: bail out without platform data
3bf6e90 regulator: Convert ab8499 to use get_voltage_sel()
dfb9b8a regulator: Sort Kconfig and Makefile entries
ae0e654 regulator: Fix module desciption for tps65910 regulator
e882eae regulator: tps65910: Correct VIO voltage configuration
b9e0348 regulator: wm8994: Convert to devm_kzalloc()
46783a0 regulator: tps62360: Remove pointless test for unsigned less than zero
22cd2fe regulator: s5m8767: Fix unused variable warning in probe()
9365121 regulator: da9052: Ensure the selected voltage falls within the specified range
7b95765 regulator: Set n_voltages for da9052 regulators
f03570c regulator: Fix setting selector in tps6524x set_voltage function
46eda3e mfd: twl-core: regulator configuration for twl6030 V1V8, V2V1 SMPS
e9d47fa regulator: twl-regulator: Add fixed LDO for V1V8, V2V1 supply
2098e95 regulator: twl: adapt twl-regulator driver to dt
34a3844 regulator: twl6030: add support for vdd1, vdd2 and vdd3 regulators
63bfff4 regulator: twl4030: add support for external voltage get/set
a33b6e5 regulator: twl6030: Fix voltage selection logic
1728017 NFS: Fix a number of sparse warnings
69c8ebd msm: mach-types: fix file permissions of arch/arm/tools/mach-types
51990e8 device.h: cleanup users outside of linux/include (C files)
f5bfa15 [S390] Ensure that vmcore_info pointer is never accessed directly
25e2cf1 [S390] dasd: prevent validate server for offline devices
35424f6 [S390] Remove monolithic build option for zcrypt driver.
ddadfa8 [S390] stack dump: fix indentation in output
4857d4b [S390] kernel: Add OS info memory interface
ad252ff [S390] Use block_sigmask()
3ab121a [S390] kernel: Add z/VM LGR detection
fde15c3 [S390] irq: external interrupt code passing
2215011 [S390] irq: set __ARCH_IRQ_EXIT_IRQS_DISABLED
e3c652b [S390] zfcpdump: Implement async sdias event processing
b43445f [S390] Use copy_to_absolute_zero() instead of "stura/sturg"
4c1051e [S390] rework idle code
8b646bd [S390] rework smp code
7e180bd [S390] rename lowcore field
4fdf7f4 [S390] Fix gcc 4.6.0 compile warning
5ffaf85 NFS: replace global bl_wq with per-net one
cb9c1c4 NFS: replace global bl_mount_reply with per-net one
7052e13 msm: display: Align framebuffer resolution to 32 pixels.
f5d6eba regmap: Fix future missing prototype of devres_alloc() and friends
3f8f842 msm: 8064: Use PMIC GPIO 42 for rotation lock key
f1ed321 [media] [trivial] DiB0090: remove redundant '; ' from dib0090_fw_identify()
b83d2ff regmap: Rejig struct declarations for stubbed API
4ca2753 board: 8064: Add Rotator Device Driver
f5cca86 ARM: SAMSUNG: change the name from s3c-sdhci to exynos4-sdhci
c1c4b66 mmc: sdhci-s3c: add platform data for the second capability
2541901 ARM: SAMSUNG: support the second capability for samsung-soc
7eb05da msm: io: Add HDMI TX mapping for APQ8064
d5be5f5 ARM: davinci: dm644x evm: add support for VPBE display
af946f2 ARM: davinci: dm644x: add support for v4l2 video display
efd9960 ARM: EXYNOS: add support DMA for EXYNOS4X12 SoC
8f7b132 ARM: EXYNOS: Add apb_pclk clkdev entry for mdma1
9ed76e0 ARM: EXYNOS: Enable MDMA driver
bae82bd ARM: EXYNOS: support Exynos4210-bus Devfreq driver on Nuri board
72bce7b ARM: EXYNOS: Register JPEG on nuri
95e874c ARM: EXYNOS: Register JPEG on universal_c210
156d264 ARM: S5PV210: Enable JPEG on SMDKV210
89b9619 ARM: S5PV210: Add JPEG board definition
965a330 ARM: EXYNOS: Enable JPEG on Origen
9fbe8c7 ARM: EXYNOS: Enable JPEG on SMDKV310
6325fc4 ARM: EXYNOS: Add __init attribute to universal_camera_init()
fdaf130 ARM: EXYNOS: Add __init attribute to nuri_camera_init()
4106589 ARM: S5PV210: Enable FIMC on SMDKC110
859e10c ARM: S5PV210: Enable FIMC on SMDKV210
6ff5d25 ARM: S5PV210: Enable MFC on SMDKC110
c7bf01d ARM: S5PV210: Enable MFC on SMDKV210
b3421f9 ARM: EXYNOS: Enable G2D on SMDKV310
44b2cef ARM: EXYNOS: Add clock register addresses for EXYNOS4X12 bus devfreq driver
d074de8 ARM: EXYNOS: add clock registers for exynos4x12-cpufreq
a2b9676 PM / devfreq: update the name of EXYNOS clock registers that were omitted
5fcc929 PM / devfreq: update the name of EXYNOS clock register
a855039 ARM: EXYNOS: change the prefix S5P_ to EXYNOS4_ for clock
b1d6c5b ARM: EXYNOS: use static declaration on regarding clock
ce9c00e ARM: EXYNOS: replace clock.c for other new EXYNOS SoCs
9af4acc spi: release lock on error path in spi_pump_messages()
5bdad93 9p: statfs should not override server f_type
9765b1f target: Bump core version to v4.1.0-rc2-ml + fabric versions
3137c60 defconfig: msm7627a: Disable RC_CORE and DEBUG_LL
031ed4d tcm_fc: Fix fc_exch memory leak in ft_send_resp_status
c7ec05c target: Drop unused legacy target_core_fabric_ops API callers
99367f0 iscsi-target: Convert to use target_put_session + sess_kref
337c060 target: Convert se_node_acl->acl_group removal to use ->acl_kref
afb999f target: Add se_node_acl->acl_kref for ->acl_free_comp usage
0146834 target: Add se_node_acl->acl_free_comp for NodeACL release path
41ac82b target: Add se_sess->sess_kref + get/put helpers
40e0c4f batman-adv: Remove spaces after a cast
96741ad batman-adv: Use {} braces consistent on the arms of a statement
21a1236 batman-adv: Don't begin block comments with only a /* line
86ceb36 batman-adv: Ignore 80-chars per line limits for strings
d6d6dc7 NFS: remove nfs_inode radix tree
9994b62 NFS: remove NFS_PAGE_TAG_LOCKED
310fa7a restore smp_mb() in unlock_new_inode()
7f6c7e6 vfs: fix return value from do_last()
097b180 vfs: fix double put after complete_walk()
140854c target: Convert session_lock to irqsave
5e58b02 target: Fix typo in drivers/target
fde7d90 Linux 3.3-rc7
92a7c4e r8169: stop using net_device.{base_addr, irq}.
31fa8b1 r8169: move rtl_cfg_info closer to its caller.
dc1c00c r8169: move the netpoll handler after the irq handler.
df43ac7 r8169: move rtl8169_open after rtl_task it depends on.
e6b763e r8169: move rtl_set_rx_mode before its rtl_hw_start callers.
fa9c385 r8169: move net_device_ops beyond the methods it references.
3b6cf25 r8169: move the driver probe method to the end of the driver file.
e27566e r8169: move the driver removal method to the end of the driver file.
f6940fe udf: Fix deadlock in udf_release_file()
978d6d8 vfs: Correctly set the dir i_mutex lockdep class
5245ec8 msm_fb: display: change pixel sequence on lvds lanes
73c154c xen/enlighten: Expose MWAIT and MWAIT_LEAF if hypervisor OKs it.
cc7335b xen/setup/pm/acpi: Remove the call to boot_option_idle_override.
ad1e396 NFSv4.0: Re-establish the callback channel on NFS4ERR_CB_PATHDOWN
cfda62b firewire: ohci: move runtime debug facility out of #ifdef
98466cc firewire: tone down some diagnostic log messages
c13ccfc firewire: sbp2: replace a GFP_ATOMIC allocation
4d2e4d7 ARM: EXYNOS: fix cycle count for periodic mode of clock event timers
3dbe6d4 ARM: EXYNOS: add support JPEG
2bde0b0 ARM: EXYNOS: Add DMC1, allow PPMU access for DMC
75ac728 ARM: SAMSUNG: Correct MIPI-CSIS io memory resource definition
eff4c58 ARM: SAMSUNG: fix __init attribute on regarding s3c_set_platdata()
8e18db8 gma500: psb_irq: mark mid_{enable, disable}_pipe_event() as static
f42aaa6 gma500: mark psb_intel_sdvo_hdmi_sink_detect() as static
2e33d6b gma500: psb_intel_display: drop unused variables
3c1d08d gma500: mark psb_intel_pipe_set_base() as static
412a3df gma500: drop unused psb_intel_modeset_cleanup()
cc2e991 gma500: oaktrail_lvds_init() drop unused variable
1e30296 gma500: oaktrail_hdmi_i2c_access() drop unused variable
771f64d gma500: mark oaktrail_backlight_init() as static
6e7f457 gma500: oaktrail_hdmi: fix -Wmissing-field-initializers warning
e1bb07c gma500: oaktrail_hdmi: drop dead code
4398e58 gma500: oaktrail_crtc: drop unused variables
44332dd gma500: oaktrail_crtc: mark few functions as static
cbc5a18 gma500: mdfld_intel_display: drop unused variables
c7a5ae2 gma500: mdfld_dsi_pkg_sender: fix -Wtype-limits warning
e4b9ff7 gma500: mdfld_dsi_dpi: drop unused variables
1c6a626 gma500: mdfld_device: mark few functions as static
062d054 gma500: cdv_intel_lvds: #if 0 currently unused functions
bc11da7 gma500: cdv_intel_lvds: mark few functions as static
455b9e9 gma500: cdv_intel_hdmi: add missing include
657da16 gma500: cdv_intel_crt: mark few functions as static
0313c0d gma500: cdv_intel_crt: drop unused variables
a8ec622 gma500: cdv_intel_crt: drop dead code
2acdc9f gma500: cdv_intel_crt: add missing include
017350b gma500: fix cdv_intel_wait_for_vblank() prototype
aa53f53 gma500: fix two -Wmissing-field-initializers warnings
15308e2 gma500: mark psb_driver_device_is_agp() and psb_driver_preclose() as static
1fc9333 gma500: psb_driver_load(): drop unused variables
699f0b4 gma500: fix ioctl confict
670c044 gma500: use DRM_IOCTL_DEF_DRV instead of custom PSB_IOCTL_DEF
3afad3c gma500: mmu: mark psb_mmu_free_pt() and psb_mmu_pt_alloc_map_lock() as static
b2d57b3 gma500: mmu: drop unused psb_get_default_pd_addr()
ffe94d9 gma500: gtt: mark psb_gtt_entry() and psb_gtt_alloc() as static
bc7f2b0 gma500: mark psb_fbdev_destroy() and psb_fbdev_fini() as static
4796001 gma500: drop unused psbfb_suspend()/psbfb_resume()
a58df0a gma500: gem_glue: add missing include
89f58dc gma500: medfield: drop a bit of dead code
fda95c2 gma500: mdfld_dsi_output_init() drop unused parameter
6aa1ead gma500: psbfb_create(): move depth initialization out of loop
026abc3 gma500: initial medfield merge
c6265ff gma500: rework register stuff sanely
c715bc1 gma500: make init_pm callback in struct psb_op optional
4578240 gma500: re-order calling on the fix setup so we set up after the DRM layer
aa7c62a intel, gma500, lvds: Fix use after free and mem leak in psb_intel_lvds_init()
05442e5 gma500: Kconfig documentation tweak
648a8e3 gma500: now move the Oaktrail save state into its own structure
933315a gma500: clean up some of the struct fields we no longer use
3df546b gma500: plug in more of the gamma functionality
72aac4f board-8064: Increase PMEM allocation for SurfaceFlinger
7537147 ARM: EXYNOS: Hook up JPEG PD to generic PD infrastructure
8bdec19 mm: SLAB Out-of-memory diagnostics
1758bfe msm: clock-local: Remove rcg_clk_get_rate()
a320757 net: powerpc: remove the legacy iSeries ethernet driver
4168783 msm_fb : display : Add support for NT35516 qHD panel
31ac581 slim_msm: Provision to support RX using interrupts if BAM fails
054ebcc spi: Compatibility with direction which is used in samsung DMA operation
0f57e16 spi-topcliff-pch: add recovery processing in case wait-event timeout
f258b44 spi-topcliff-pch: supports a spi mode setup and bit order setup by IO control
7d05b3e spi-topcliff-pch: Fix issue for transmitting over 4KByte
4b0180a Squashfs: add mount time sanity check for block_size and block_log match
2158d3f Squashfs: fix f_pos check in get_dir_index_using_offset
47f4396 Squashfs: get rid of obsolete definitions in header file
bd3a518 Squashfs: remove redundant length initialisation in squashfs_lookup
68a8c39 Squashfs: remove redundant length initialisation in squashfs_readdir
ec9267b Squashfs: update comment removing reference to zlib only
4826d83 Squashfs: use define instead of constant
c7b2855 aio: fix the "too late munmap()" race
86b62a2 aio: fix io_setup/io_destroy race
c940826 x86: Use enum instead of literals for trap values
b790f5d USB: serial: use module_driver() macro
cd49461 driver-core: Allow additional parameters for module_driver
ec41e93 msm_serial_hs_lite: Fix hardware bug by using dummy read of UARTDM register
79952fe regulator: pm8xxx-regulator: Fix regulator type bound check
ee2ece5 spi-topcliff-pch: Modify pci-bus number dynamically to get DMA device info
be22aec memcg: revert fix to mapcount check for this release
00ffc13 spi/imx: simplify error handling to free gpios
f3471ef msm: pil-gss: Request the AXI port to halt before shutting down peripheral
d8d7894 ptp_pch: rename pch_pcidev to pci_driver to fix section mismatch warnings.
298ec39 msm: clock-8960: Clean up handling of SoC differences in VDD setting fns
4d29515 net: Use bool in netdevice.h helpers.
bdcc092 net: Use bool in skbuff.h helper functions.
6a91395 ipv4: Make ip_rcv_options() return bool.
ba57b4d ipv4: Make ip_call_ra_chain() return bool.
e290cf2 spi: Convert to DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE
8546ee5 nfsd4: make sure set CB_PATH_DOWN sequence flag set
b42dfed spi: add Broadcom BCM63xx SPI controller driver
1a0bdad net/pch_gbe: supports eg20t ptp clock
863d08e supports eg20t ptp clock
1cc2df9 SPI: add CSR SiRFprimaII SPI controller driver
336a3ae checkpatch: recognize only specific tags when ending commit text
de3bd7e spi-topcliff-pch: fix -Wuninitialized warning
690fb11 spi: Mark spi_register_board_info() __devinit
ad2a99a spi/s3c64xx: Convert to using core message queue
5e8afa3 spi: controller drivers don't need to depend on SPI_MASTER explicitly
eb4af0f spi/doc: spi_master_put must be followed up by kfree
4d3bfdd staging: tidspbridge: remove nldr_init() and nldr_exit()
81e8b88 staging: tidspbridge: remove ref counting in nldr.c
d111f6e staging: tidspbridge: remove gh_init() and gh_exit()
5204133 staging: tidspbridge: simplify mgr_init()
a05c5dc staging: tidspbridge: remove dev_init() and dev_exit()
d071c0e staging: tidspbridge: remove dmm_init() and dmm_exit()
a71aa39 staging: tidspbridge: remove cmm_init() and cmm_exit()
b4aac48 staging: tidspbridge: remove io_init() and io_exit()
1471d6c staging: tidspbridge: remove msg_mod_init() and msg_exit()
9658a54 staging: tidspbridge: remove chnl_init() and chnl_exit()
974f9cd staging: tidspbridge: remove rmm_init() and rmm_exit()
311abd9 staging: tidspbridge: remove strm_init() and strm_exit()
2f69a43 staging: tidspbridge: remove disp_init() and disp_exit()
18ff159 staging: tidspbridge: remove node_init() and node_exit()
02a63f9 staging: tidspbridge: remove proc_init() and proc_exit()
d4040fa staging: tidspbridge: remove cod_init() and cod_exit()
1f2cd52 staging: tidspbridge: remove drv_init() and drv_exit()
2a90957 Staging: android: binder: Fix use-after-free bug
06caa41 staging: ram_console: Fix section mismatches
3ee0206 staging/comedi/drivers fix spelling errors
b086cf0 net: qmi_wwan: add Gobi and Pantech UML290 device IDs
c3ecb08 net: qmi_wwan: support devices having a shared QMI/wwan interface
423ce8c net: usb: qmi_wwan: New driver for Huawei QMI based WWAN devices
55e4016 serial: remove back and forth conversions in serial_out_sync
4fd996a serial: use serial_port_in/out vs serial_in/out in 8250
927353a serial: introduce generic port in/out helpers
dfe4244 serial: reduce number of indirections in 8250 code
0d263a2 serial: delete useless void casts in 8250.c
3f0ab32 serial: make 8250's serial_in shareable to other drivers.
0acf519 serial: delete last unused traces of pausing I/O in 8250
a7f4255 x86: Derandom delay_tsc for 64 bit
a46f553 pch_uart: Add module parameter descriptions
7ce9251 pch_uart: Use existing default_baud in setup_console
2a44feb pch_uart: Add user_uartclk parameter
077175f pch_uart: Add Fish River Island II uart clock quirks
a8a3ec9 pch_uart: Use uartclk instead of base_baud
857c8ac msm: msmcopper: Fix wrong int format for spi device
47594d5 USB: ftdi_sio: new PID: Distortec JTAG-lock-pick
8cd5c86 MAINTAINERS: new git entry for arm/mach-msm
1745e44 iwlwifi: fix the delta for remove max_txq_num patch
5e3f9fc msm: pil-riva: Hold wakelock while proxy voting
9ba1947 iwlwifi: fix cmd_queue number merge
8f53602 spi: Trivial warning fix
ab77b1b msm: Define 4 domains for IOMMU
b367659 gpu: ion: Delay unmapping from IOMMU.
ab804b8 gpu: ion: Add map_dma support in IOMMU heap
ef01071 gpu: ion: Add cache operations to IOMMU heap
dbec7db gpu: ion: Allow smaller mappings
e8dedb6 defconfig: 7627a: enable timechart support
d58c760 defconfig: 7627a: turn on kprobes
6d2c747 net: usbnet: Do not align IP header for raw IP mode
18478e8 ALSA: hda - Initialize vmaster slave volumes
d1c8bbd spi: Add SuperH HSPI prototype driver
e7df2a3 ALSA: core - Refactor card id string creation code
3dc420b iwlwifi: restore PAN support
c6f600f iwlwifi: move command queue number out of the iwl_shared struct
e338067 msm: cpuide: Update cpuidle latencies and power numbers
5234ffb genirq: Get rid of unnecessary IRQTF_DIED flag
05d74ef genirq: No need to check IRQTF_DIED before stopping a thread handler
4bcdf1d genirq: Get rid of unnecessary irqaction field in task_struct
540b60e genirq: Fix incorrect check for forced IRQ thread handler
4db1721 ARM: SAMSUNG: Add __init attribute to samsung_bl_set()
7f471ee ARM: S5PV210: Add usb otg phy control
99f6e1f ARM: S3C64XX: Add usb otg phy control
58a7d5f GFS2: call gfs2_write_alloc_required for each chunk
d37b524 msm_fb: Fix error in y-offset check logic in FB driver
6cdeddc ARM: EXYNOS: Enable l2 configuration through device tree
d0341c6 ARM: EXYNOS: remove useless code to save/restore L2
b756a50 ARM: EXYNOS: save L2 settings during bootup
7c6035b ARM: S5P: add L2 early resume code
67173ca ARM: EXYNOS: Add support AFTR mode on EXYNOS4210
a9e87bd ARM: EXYNOS: Hook up G2D PD to generic PD infrastructure
02f981c msm: display: add board id detection for a lvds s/w fix
34cc178 GFS2: Clean up log flush header writing
6b1968d HID: make it possible to force hid-core claim the device
3a45399 msm: 8625: Enable ticket spinlocks
5ee9fb8 msm: board-qrd7627a: Add UARTDM1 device to 8625 EVB device list.
0c29cae msm: 8625: Remove static mapping for second core
fcb3500 msm: mpm-8625: GIC extension for 8625
e380a2d msm: footswitch-pcom: Enable Footswitch for 8625
253bafc msm: dma: Fix the error checking for DMA clocks.
6e930045 iommu/amd: Fix double free of mem-region in error-path
2ce09df HID: multitouch: add support for eGalax 0x722a
aeb8707 ASoC: da7210: Remove extra registers from defaults list
2b81ec6 ASoC: fsl: check property 'compatible' for the machine name
5170c05 Revert "drivers/dma: linux/module.h included twice"
ef18f6c msm: timer: Enable ARCH_HAS_READ_CURRENT_TIMER for all MSMs
001b7f3 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix compile error when FB_OMAP2 is not set
d95d8fc board-qrd7x27a: Add kgsl device for 8625 EVB
0ca39d7 UBI: rename peb_buf1 to peb_buf
43b043e UBI: reduce memory consumption
7eb3aa65 UBI: fix eraseblock picking criteria
add8287 UBI: fix documentation and improve readability
a68c2c5 perf report: Enable TUI in branch view mode
993ac88 perf report: Auto-detect branch stack sampling mode
330aa67 perf record: Add HEADER_BRANCH_STACK tag
a5aabda perf record: Provide default branch stack sampling mode option
114382a perf tools: Make perf able to read files from older ABIs
62db906 perf tools: Fix ABI compatibility bug in print_event_desc()
69996df perf tools: Enable reading of perf.data files from different ABI rev
cb5d769 perf: Add ABI reference sizes
b50311d perf report: Add support for taken branch sampling
bdfebd8 perf record: Add support for sampling taken branch
b538752 perf tools: Add code to support PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_STACK
f3caf88 bluetooth: Add support for remote_features
0249bed msm: acpuclock-7201: Fix table index for precomputing frequency jump
fff132d msm_fb: HDMI: Enable HDMI on 8930 target
048be43 sh-sci / PM: Avoid deadlocking runtime PM
4fc8796 NFSv4: Clean up nfs4_select_rw_stateid()
0032a7a NFS: Don't copy read delegation stateids in setattr
7230c56 powerpc: Rework lazy-interrupt handling
bfcfaa7 vfs: use 'unsigned long' accesses for dcache name comparison and hashing
89ff2a1 msm: 8064: Update platform data
3780444 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform config space access in EEH
e575f8d powerpc/eeh: Introduce struct eeh_stats for EEH
54793d0 powerpc/eeh: Replace pci_dn with eeh_dev for EEH on pSeries
40a7cd9 powerpc/eeh: Replace pci_dn with eeh_dev for EEH aux components
f631acd powerpc/eeh: Replace pci_dn with eeh_dev for EEH core
d50a7d4 powerpc/eeh: Replace pci_dn with eeh_dev for EEH address cache
44da8ed powerpc/eeh: Replace pci_dn with eeh_dev for EEH sysfs
eb740b5 powerpc/eeh: Introduce EEH device
def9d83 powerpc/eeh: Cleanup function names in EEH aux components
29f8bf1 powerpc/pseries: Cleanup comments in EEH aux components
1823fbf powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH configure bridge
8d63329 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH error log retrieval
2652481 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH reset PE
b0e5f74 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH wait PE state
eb594a4 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform PE state retrieval
c8c29b3 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH PE address retrieval
8fb8f70 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH operations
e2af155 powerpc/eeh: pseries platform EEH initialization
aa1e637 powerpc/eeh: Platform dependent EEH operations
cce4b2d powerpc/eeh: Cleanup function names in the EEH core
cb3bc9d powerpc/eeh: Cleanup comments in the EEH core
d9ada91 powerpc: Replace mfmsr instructions with load from PACA kernel_msr field
9424fab powerpc: Fix 64-bit BookE FP unavailable exceptions
990118c powerpc: Fix register clobbering when accumulating stolen time
7ac21cd powerpc/xmon: Add display of soft & hard irq states
9be7257 powerpc: Add support for page fault retry and fatal signals
9f2f79e powerpc: Disable interrupts in 64-bit kernel FP and vector faults
a546498 powerpc: Call do_page_fault() with interrupts off
1b70117 powerpc: Improve behaviour of irq tracing on 64-bit exception entry
1421ae0 powerpc: Improve 64-bit syscall entry/exit
fe1952f powerpc: Rework runlatch code
7450f6f powerpc: Use the same interrupt prolog for perfmon as other interrupts
4f8cf36 powerpc: Remove legacy iSeries bits from assembly files
b078766 powerpc: clean up vio.c
fcd6f76 driver-core: remove legacy iSeries hack
c17a9d4 tty: powerpc: remove SERIAL_ICOM dependency on PPC_ISERIES
b668089 tty: powerpc: remove hvc_iseries
7834799 powerpc: remove the legacy iSeries part of ibmvscsi
e92a665 net: powerpc: remove the legacy iSeries ethernet driver
8ee3e0d powerpc: Remove the main legacy iSerie platform code
5db51b5 USB: serial: metro-usb: move to use dev_dbg() instead of dbg()
8111e4e USB: serial: metro-usb: remove unneeded cast and function call
dd63b0b USB: serial: metro-usb: remove function header comments
9fbd164 USB: serial: metro-usb: remove function prototypes
d31b20f net/hyperv: Use the built-in macro KBUILD_MODNAME for this driver
2f2d76c dlm: Do not allocate a fd for peeloff
0343c55 sctp: Export sctp_do_peeloff
d4cbd6e USB: serial: metro-usb: fix up coding style errors
159d4d8 USB: serial: metro-usb: remove the .h file
1935e35 USB: serial: metro-usb: convert to use module_usb_serial_driver
fdac0f6 USB: serial: metro-usb: remove vendor and product module parameters
62f2a83 USB: serial: metro-usb: add to the build
11a4f40 USB: serial: metro-usb: fix up usb_serial_register calls
fd3a027 msm_fb: display: Add MIPI DSI 720P Orise panel driver support
43d186f USB: serial: add metro-usb driver to the tree
e0955ac mpc5200b/uart: select more tolerant uart prescaler on low baudrates
33d2832 USB: gadget: Make g_hid device class conform to spec.
3cc3615 usb: cdc-wdm: adding usb_cdc_wdm_register subdriver support
b0c1386 usb: cdc-wdm: adding list lookup indirection
0dffb48 usb: cdc-wdm: split out reusable parts of probe
c1cee1d USB: Microchip VID mislabeled as Hornby VID in ftdi_sio.
88555a6 USB: ehci-s5p: add DMA burst support
54d20f0 Revert "sysfs: Kill nlink counting."
7b60a18 uevent: send events in correct order according to seqnum (v3)
58112df tty: moxa: fix bit test in moxa_start()
48a7466 TTY: isdn/gigaset, use tty_port
fc258f8 TTY: isdn/gigaset, do not set tty->driver_data to NULL
5dd5bc4 TTY: pdc_cons, use tty_port
0b479d5 TTY: pdc_cons, fix open vs pdc_console_tty_driver race
52b762f TTY: pdc_cons, fix open vs timer race
e380a81 TTY: pdc_cons, fix racy tty test
9b93742 TTY: amiserial, use tty_port_close_start
b8edebe TTY: amiserial, use tty_port_close_end
6e1aeb0 TTY: amiserial, use tty_port_block_til_ready
f116660 TTY: amiserial, provide carrier helpers
6fe18d2 TTY: amiserial no longer needs serialP
ff169e5 TTY: amiserial, stop using serial_state->{irq,type,line}
7188dc2 TTY: amiserial, define local tty_port pointer
6e9ebcf TTY: simserial, final cleanup
f66279c TTY: simserial, reindent some code
8b91633 TTY: simserial, fix includes
adb636f TTY: simserial, remove useless comments
458cd31 TTY: simserial, use tty_port_hangup
9aead90 TTY: simserial, use tty_port_open
3a5c242 TTY: simserial, properly refcount tty_port->tty
78e74d7 TTY: simserial, use tty_port_close_start
3734303 TTY: simserial, use tty_port_close_end
2fcd5ca TTY: simserial, remove some tty ops
7f32f8d TTY: simserial, define local tty_port pointer
3c4782d TTY: simserial no longer needs serialP
98e3a9e TTY: simserial, stop using serial_state->{line,icount}
d88405d TTY: simserial, remove tmp_buf
fd2d7a6 TTY: simserial, remove static initialization
7210cb7 dlm: fix slow rsb search in dir recovery
d927d50 IB: Change CQE "csum_ok" field to a bit flag
01bd730 TTY: amiserial/simserial, use flags from tty_port
12c8035 TTY: amiserial/simserial, use count from tty_port
799be6f TTY: amiserial/simserial, use close delays from tty_port
8775879 TTY: amiserial/simserial, use tty_port
5e99d54 TTY: simserial, pass tty down to functions
588993d TTY: amiserial, pass tty down to functions
0f9b968 TTY: amiserial, simplify set_serial_info
916b765 TTY: serialP, merge serial_state and async_struct
b4618a4 diag: Add diag support for new 8625 and 8974 targets
13c9062 TTY: amiserial, remove IRQ_ports
2f8c521 TTY: simserial, remove IRQ_T
964105b TTY: simserial, remove support of shared interrupts
d852256 TTY: simserial/amiserial, use one instance of other members
979b6d8 TTY: simserial, use only one copy of async flags
9e12dd5 simserial, bail out when request_irq fails
6efb6b7 hpsim, initialize chip for assigned irqs
035cfe5 simserial, include some headers
0745d19 hpsim, fix SAL handling in fw-emu
8b0372a driver core: minor comment formatting cleanups
ef8a3fd driver core: move the deferred probe pointer into the private area
d062833 iscsi-target: Fix dynamic -> explict NodeACL pointer reference
7a05bd7 pm8xxx: Remove __exit marking on pm8xxx_irq_exit()
6e9be9d Perf: Enable CP10 and CP11 access in CPACR
d1c3414 drivercore: Add driver probe deferral mechanism
fef2107 TTY: amiserial, use only one copy of async flags
c5f0508 TTY: amiserial, remove tasklet for tty_wakeup
9c8efec TTY: serialP, remove unused material
3ee0017 TTY: speakup, do not use serialP
11ba889 TTY: remove serialP.h inclusion from some files
8bc87dc TTY: serial, include pci.h in m32r_sio
4da2405 TTY: serial, use atomic_inc_return in ioc4_serial
885f8b0 TTY: iss/console, use tty_port
c9ddb1d XTENSA: iss/console, fix potential deadlock
86e7e87 XTENSA: iss/console, use setup_timer
ac4e016 NET: pc300, show version info from module init
c2f128a NET: pc300, do not zero global variables
ecaa3bd TTY: ipwireless, fix tty->index handling
410235f TTY: remove unneeded tty->index checks
44a1bfd TTY: serialP, remove DECLARE_WAITQUEUE check
54089d4 TTY: srmcons, convert to use tty_port
ee024d4 ALPHA: srmcons, fix racy singleton structure
5e88e6c ALPHA: srmcons, use timer functions
26b2320 TTY: tty_driver, document tty->ops->shutdown limitation
91cedcd TTY: serial, simplify ASYNC_USR_MASK
ecd1665 TTY: remove tty driver re-set from tty_reopen
d483426 TTY: simplify tty_driver_lookup_tty a bit
2f16669 TTY: remove re-assignments to tty_driver members
87cab16 TTY: remove minor_num from tty_driver
1a54a76 TTY: let alloc_tty_driver deduce the owner automatically
a8fbc97 TTY: tty_io, remove buffer re-assignments
f8a8c10 USB: cdc-acm, use tty_standard_install
cd91c8f msm: spm: Update secondary cores bootup rail voltage.
fef37e9 DS2781 Maxim Stand-Alone Fuel Gauge battery and w1 slave drivers
5289475 vt: tackle the main part of the selection logic
99cceb4e vt: waitevent is self locked so drop the tty_lock
20f6257 vt: push down tioclinux cases
4001d7b vt: push down the tty lock so we can see what is left to tackle
edab558 vt: sort out locking for font handling
8763848 mwifiex: correction in number of bitrates
d11f0ca net/wireless: ipw2x00: remove WEXT_USECHANNELS define
f44d4eb mac80211: update ieee80211_tx_rate_control kerneldoc
1d06953 ASoC: wcd9304: Add run-time PM to codec startup and shutdown functions
dbca36e tty: cyclades: TIOCSERGETLSR should should store to a uint
1353a7b iwlwifi: correct status bit refactoring errors
9742051 iwlwifi: don't delete AP station directly
e6dd583 iwlwifi: make iwl_init_context static
bada991 iwlwifi: remove messages from queue wake/stop
8362640 iwlwifi: more status bit factoring
9bdfbfa iwlwifi: move setting up fw parameters
92d743a iwlwifi: configure transport layer from dvm op mode
3251715 iwlwifi: log stop / wake queues
354928dd iwlwifi: make tx_cmd_pool kmem cache global
9a71686 iwlwifi: separate status to priv and trans
18c57d3 iwlwifi: add option to test MFP
8e81f65 iwlwifi: fixed testmode notifications length
0aef8dd iwlwifi: add testmode command for rx forwarding
8722c89 iwlwifi: reintroduce iwl_enable_rfkill_int
c2945f3 iwlwifi: print DMA stop timeout error only if it happened
05f5b97 iwlwifi: use writeb,writel,readl directly
3a73a30 iwlwifi: cleanup/fix memory barriers
bfe4b80 iwlwifi: always check if got h/w access before write
aa5affb iwlwifi: dump stack when fail to gain access to the device
9441b85 iwlwifi: return error if loading uCode failed
9563fe1 iwlwifi: remove unused max_nrg_cck from sensitivity and constify
51dc51d iwlwifi: make EEPROM enhanced TX power a bool
a75a79a iwlwifi: move BT/HT params to shared
562f08e iwlwifi: remove BT handlers from lib_ops
b0b4619 iwlwifi: transport's tx_agg_disable must be atomic
e755f88 iwlwifi: redesign PASSIVE_NO_RX workaround
ea886a6 iwlwifi: remove unused argument from iwlagn_suspend
c1803c9 iwlwifi: remove two unused arguments in testmode
03dadf9 iwlwifi: remove unused argument from iwl_init_hw_rates
955570f iwlwifi: move iwl_sta_id_or_broadcast to user
9b6ca44 iwlwifi: remove unused argument from rs_initialize_lq
fdeff46 iwlwifi: remove unused arguments from iwlagn_gain_computation
a5f4313 tty: serial: OMAP: Fix oops due to NULL pdata in DT boot
079c953 vt:tackle kbd_table
4647ca5 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix build for omap4 only builds with missing include of linux/bug.h
0fb8379 tty: delete briq_panel.c driver
838ac78 viafb: avoid refresh and mode lookup in set_par
9864ca2 viafb: modetable conversion
5b59648 ASoC: wm8996: Remove separate output stage enable step
da7f910 ASoC: wm8996: Remove some volatile regisers from the defaults table
5e4ba56 ASoC: core: missing set_fmt should not be complaint
33593b5 ASoC: da7210: Update for using I2C regmap
8d8bf58 ASoC: add more sample rate for pxa-ssp
c2bc0a7 video:uvesafb: notice user when we failed to save hardware state
ec0d22e video:uvesafb: Fix oops that uvesafb try to execute NX-protected page
e71ff6f udlfb: Fix invalid return codes in edid sysfs entry store function
fb281c2 staging: crystalhd: Fix typo in crystalhd_hw.c
e2d015c msm: display: Add DSI orise panel device support to 8960 target
1d66e1c USB: EHCI: msm: Add platform device to support HSUSB core4 in Host Mode
441356be USB: EHCI: Vote for VDD min only when Liquid is undocked
5692535 USB: EHCI: Add support to detect docking station connection and removal
dd09979 staging: android: ram_console: honor dmesg_restrict
3a21138 staging: android: ram_console: fix crash in ram_console_late_init
a15d0b3 staging: android: persistent_ram: add notrace to persistent_ram_write
808d038 staging: android: persistent_ram: make persistent_ram_write atomic
404a604 staging: android: persistent_ram: handle reserving and mapping memory
9cc05ad staging: android: persistent_ram: refactor ecc support
c672528 staging: android: ram_console: split out persistent ram
a77941e msm: board-8960: Add bootloader ID's for the Atmel TS driver pdata
9acf7f4 slim_msm: Use new clock APIs
48546cc ARM: S3C2440: Fixed build error for s3c244x
2dc3175 NFSv4.1 cleanup DS stateid error handling
632fba4 [media] cx25821: Add a card definition for "No brand" cards that have: subvendor = 0x0000 subdevice = 0x0000
1b1301e [media] Fix small DocBook typo
0f67a03 [media] media: tvp5150: support g_mbus_fmt callback
963ddc6 [media] media: tvp5150: Add cropping support
8de5d6f ALSA: hdspm - Provide ioctl_compat
d994c46 [media] staging: easycap: Fix incorrect comment
2bc1e21 [media] staging: easycap: Clean comment style in easycap_usb_probe()
9d17600 [media] rtl28xxu: add another Freecom usb id
3907b01 [media] Driver: video: Use the macro DMA_BIT_MASK()
d138210 [media] smsdvb: fix get_frontend
ec9ee8e [media] media: ir-sony-decoder: 15bit function decode fix
fd0f685 [media] rc: Add support for GPIO based IR Receiver driver
c5f79f6 [media] [trivial] davinci: Fix typo in dm355_ccdvc.c
b3f5bad [media] cx18-driver: fix handling of 'radio' module parameter
0d47bf5 [media] ivtv: Fix build warning
eb2ba85 [media] ivtv: simplify how the decoder controls are set up
072e660 [media] v4l2-ctrls: v4l2_ctrl_add_handler should add all refs
9902593 [media] Documentation: Update some card lists
25fa207 [media] Add support for KWorld PC150-U ATSC hybrid tuner card
8d834b5 [media] media: gspca: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
d377cfc [media] media: ivtv: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
30fc78b [media] media: saa7164: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
f0d81f7 [media] media: saa7134: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
6797e7a [media] media: dvb: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
0b1876b [media] media: tuners: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
d94a2c0 [media] media: video: append $(srctree) to -I parameters
3b2a630 [media] s2255drv: fix some endian bugs
6c61ac63 [media] s2255drv: cleanup vidioc_enum_fmt_cap()
da0af47 [media] mt9p031.c included media/v4l2-subdev.h twice
cf51674 [media] adp1653: included linux/module.h twice
df1caa5 [media] rc/ir-raw: use kfifo_rec_ptr_1 instead of kfifo
750a6df [media] media: i.MX27 camera: Add resizing support
e9de616 [media] media: video: mx2_camera.c: Remove unneeded dev_dbg
d867be1c [media] media: video: mx2_camera.c: Provide error message if clk_get fails
560fab6 [media] media: i.MX27 camera: more efficient discard buffer handling
8886a88 [media] media: i.MX27 camera: fix compilation warning
665ad8a [media] media: i.MX27 camera: return IRQ_NONE if no IRQ status bit is set
8636ead [media] media: i.MX27 camera: Use spin_lock() inside the IRQ handler
a654ba1 [media] media: i.MX27 camera: Use list_first_entry() whenever possible
d84279e [media] media i.MX27 camera: handle overflows properly
cdc9d6f [media] media i.MX27 camera: improve discard buffer handling
fb51cbd [media] media i.MX27 camera: add start_stream and stop_stream callbacks
c6a41e3 [media] media i.MX27 camera: migrate driver to videobuf2
2c9ba37 [media] V4L: mx2_camera: remove unsupported i.MX27 DMA mode, make EMMA mandatory
3ecf51a DMA: PL330: Support MEMTOMEM transmit w/o RMB, WMB
b06db6e DMA: PL330: Removes useless function
b7d861d DMA: PL330: Merge PL330 driver into drivers/dma/
55df5af wl12xx: implement SW Tx watchdog
9587190 KVM: nVMX: Fix erroneous exception bitmap check
a223c31 KVM: Ignore the writes to MSR_K7_HWCR(3)
4d6931c KVM: MMU: make use of ->root_level in reset_rsvds_bits_mask
62079d8 KVM: PMU: add proper support for fixed counter 2
fac3368 KVM: PMU: Fix raw event check
a7b9d2c KVM: PMU: warn when pin control is set in eventsel msr
9ee7397 KVM: VMX: Fix delayed load of shared MSRs
bec87d6 KVM: use correct tlbs dirty type in cmpxchg
07700a9 KVM: Allow host IRQ sharing for assigned PCI 2.3 devices
3e51570 KVM: Ensure all vcpus are consistent with in-kernel irqchip settings
4cee479 KVM: x86 emulator: Allow PM/VM86 switch during task switch
ea5e97e KVM: SVM: Fix CPL updates
66b0ab8 KVM: x86 emulator: VM86 segments must have DPL 3
7f3d35f KVM: x86 emulator: Fix task switch privilege checks
9cc815e arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv.c: included linux/sched.h twice
270c6c7 KVM: x86 emulator: correctly mask pmc index bits in RDPMC instruction emulation
75ca61c GFS2: Remove a __GFP_NOFAIL allocation
565f3be KVM: mmu_notifier: Flush TLBs before releasing mmu_lock
db3fe4e KVM: Introduce kvm_memory_slot::arch and move lpage_info into it
189a2f7 KVM: Simplify ifndef conditional usage in __kvm_set_memory_region()
a64f273 KVM: Split lpage_info creation out from __kvm_set_memory_region()
fb03cb6 KVM: Introduce gfn_to_index() which returns the index for a given level
9eed0735 KVM: s390: provide control registers via kvm_run
9ec2d6d KVM: s390: add stop_on_stop flag when doing stop and store
24a1304 KVM: s390: ignore sigp stop overinitiative
151104a KVM: s390: make sigp restart return busy when stop pending
9e0d547 KVM: s390: do store status after handling STOP_ON_STOP bit
8517558 KVM: s390: Sanitize fpc registers for KVM_SET_FPU
6dbf79e KVM: Fix write protection race during dirty logging
1016674 KVM: VMX: remove yield_on_hlt
e26101b KVM: Track TSC synchronization in generations
0dd6a6e KVM: Dont mark TSC unstable due to S4 suspend
f1e2b26 KVM: Allow adjust_tsc_offset to be in host or guest cycles
6f526ec KVM: Add last_host_tsc tracking back to KVM
b183aa5 KVM: Fix last_guest_tsc / tsc_offset semantics
4dd7980 KVM: Leave TSC synchronization window open with each new sync
5d3cb0f6 KVM: Improve TSC offset matching
cc57828 KVM: Infrastructure for software and hardware based TSC rate scaling
3481717 [media] lgdt330x: fix signedness error in i2c_read_demod_bytes()
bdb2c41 [media] [trivial]: Fix typo in radio-sf16fmr2.c
f8f7be0 [media] as102: map URB DMA addresses in the driver
86d38d1 [media] em28xx: pre-allocate DVB isoc transfer buffers
0c07aec [media] staging: go7007: fix mismatch in mutex lock-unlock in [read|write]_reg_fp
06302ff [media] cx22702: Fix signal strength
6c5637e [media] it913x-fe ver 1.15 read signal strenght using reg VAR_P_INBAND
aaa589f [media] it913x ver 1.27 Allow PID 8192 to turn PID filter off
46f3da9 [media] it913x ver 1.26 change to remove interruptible mutex locks
c6e8d86 [media] convert drivers/media/* to use module_i2c_driver()
a2d2b25 [media] gspca - zc3xx: Set the exposure at start of hv7131r
6028c32 [media] gspca - zc3xx: Fix bad sensor values when changing autogain
0b74e2c [media] gspca - zc3xx: Cleanup source
1b3b212 [media] gspca - zc3xx: Remove the low level traces
f180190 [media] gspca - zc3xx: Do automatic transfer control for hv7131r and pas202b
30c73d4 [media] gspca - zc3xx: Adjust the JPEG decompression tables
a7705c0 [media] gspca - sonixj: Add exposure, gain and auto exposure for po2030n
323bdcf [media] gspca - sonixj: Remove the jpeg control
ac399cd [media] gspca - pac7302: Do autogain setting work
aa5b792 [media] gspca - pac7302: Use the new video control mechanism
7532e81 [media] gspca - pac7302: Simplify the function pkt_scan
ae251e6 [media] gspca - pac7302: Cleanup source
dd32f98 [media] gspca - pac7302: Add new webcam 06f8:301b
c5024a7 [media] m5mols: Make subdev name independent of the I2C slave address
2138d73 [media] noon010pc30: Make subdev name independent of the I2C slave address
14b702d [media] s5k6aa: Make subdev name independent of the I2C slave address
fb6f8c0 [media] s5p-jpeg: Adapt to new controls
27dda97 [media] s5p-g2d: Added locking for writing control values to registers
d0d2832 [media] s5p-g2d: Add HFLIP and VFLIP support
eb73251 [media] s5p-mfc: Added support for clk_prepare
11a37c7 [media] s5p-g2d: Added support for clk_prepare
570d2a4 [media] media: vb2: support userptr for PFN mappings
a121216 [media] s5p-csis: Convert to the device managed resources
f9331d1 [media] s5p-fimc: Replace the crop ioctls with VIDIOC_S/G_SELECTION
3b4c34a [media] s5p-fimc: Add support for VIDIOC_PREPARE_BUF/CREATE_BUFS ioctls
6d91a51 [media] s5p-fimc: Convert to the device managed resources
2def994 [media] s5p-csis: Add explicit dependency on REGULATOR
bd7d888 [media] s5p-fimc: convert to clk_prepare()/clk_unprepare()
6b7f000 x86/amd: iommu_set_device_table() must not be __init
479e349 [media] rtl2830: __udivdi3 undefined
a240ada x86: Include probe_roms.h in probe_roms.c
c7e2328 x86/32: Print control and debug registers for kerenel context
0d2bf48 x86: Tighten dependencies of CPU_SUP_*_32
38aa4a5 drm/radeon/kms: fix hdmi duallink checks
cf00790 drm/radeon/kms: set SX_MISC in the r6xx blit code (v2)
3e7c0fc board-msm7630: mmc: Vote against idle power collapse when SDCC is active
ced4728 msm: Disable PM2 for 8625 bringup
4231d47 net/usbnet: avoid recursive locking in usbnet_stop()
ac3f48d route: Remove redirect_genid
5faa5df inetpeer: Invalidate the inetpeer tree along with the routing cache
b8622cb enic: Fix addr valid check in enic_set_vf_mac
dcf353b mlx4_core: fix bug in modify_cq wrapper for resize flow.
7831545 atl1c: set ATL1C_WORK_EVENT_RESET bit correctly
5200959 bridge: fix state reporting when port is disabled
d9e179e bridge: br_log_state() s/entering/entered/
09c1d44 ehea: restore multicast and rx_errors fields
4ec2e10 msm: board-msm7x27a: Add kgsl device for 8625 SURF
b103129 msm: board-msm7x27a: Huge idle timeout for 3D device in msm8625
e427bab lcs: Return zero from ccwgroup devs set_offline function
e0a8114 qeth: meaningful return code for set_mac_address
205a8b6 ctcm: use correct idal word list for ctcmpc
ce1f893 ctcm: make ctcmpc debugging compilable
2022e00 qeth: synchronize discipline module loading
82492a3 af_iucv: add shutdown for HS transport
9fbd87d af_iucv: handle netdev events
9d3eeff mmc: core: hs200 fixes
a0be5ad mmc: core: Fix low speed mmc card detection failure
a3f4169 mmc: core: HS200 mode support for eMMC 4.5
1029789 Revert "msm: kgsl: Remove wakelock and pm_qos requirements"
fdde0a2 Bluetooth: Set security level on incoming pairing request
b3ff53f Bluetooth: Fix access to the STK generation methods matrix
e57d758 Bluetooth: Fix using uninitialized variable
9498ba7 Bluetooth: Adding USB device 13d3:3375 as an Atheros AR3012.
0412468 Bluetooth: fix conding style issues all over the tree
394dc96 ASoC: msm: Send a write done in paused state
4949be1 PCI: ignore pre-1.1 ASPM quirking when ASPM is disabled
6028505 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix section warnings for hsmmc_init_one
8a9e393 arm: Turn off generic lockbreak when using ticket spinlocks
d7a143a msm: clock-8960: Vote for sfab @ 54Mhz in active set
814d3d3 msm: 8064: add L2 PMU support
321c8b5 diag: Propagate mask info to slave processor
c5ee121 staging: android: ram_console: drop verbose ram_console support
8294e23 staging: android: ram_console: drop early buffer support
f6ccb80 staging: android: ram_console: move footer strings
74f6736 staging: android: ram_console: set CON_ANYTIME console flag
7620eed msm: 8064: usb: Allow msm_bus vote when cable is connected
ffbbdd2 spi: create a message queueing infrastructure
0b2182d spi: add support for Renesas RSPI
0eb8880 spi/spi-sh: add IORESOURCE_MEM_TYPE_MASK decoding for access size
a6f72ed msm_fb: Display: Change the VCO frequency range for 8960.
d9a5f4d ARM: OMAP2+: Fix build issues with missing include of linux/bug.h
0bb7fe9 msm_fb: display: Dynamic boot support for HDMI as primary display
8c79ead msm: display: Add boot parameter support for HDMI primary display
3b9239a Bluetooth: Lock sockets when closing HCI device
8cf285a usb: qcserial: Update copyright information.
e187c3d wcnss: remove LVS1 vote from APPS
3eae7c9 RDMA/iwcm: Reject connect requests if cmid is not in LISTEN state
db4106c RDMA/cxgb3: Don't pass irq flags to flush_qp()
6ca1d15 msm: kgsl: handle all indirect buffer types in postmortem
1ab5104 msm: kgsl: fix size checking in adreno_find_region
243d58e MAINTAINERS: ARM: tegra: update Stephen's email address
795d5fd arm/tegra: add timeout to PCIe PLL lock detection loop
448b980 arm/tegra: fix harmony pinmux for PCIe
0a25893 ARM: tegra: update defconfig
81e5d41 openvswitch: Fix checksum update for actions on UDP packets.
0a42803 arm: tegra: dts: Mark USB1 as an OTG port on Seaboard
ba202f1 arm: tegra: dts: Add legacy mode support to Tegra2x USB1 port
d5dfcc9 arm: tegra: dts: Support host/device selection and legacy mode
3114ea7 NFSv4: Return the delegation if the server returns NFS4ERR_OPENMODE
97d5cb0 staging/mei: don't use read buffer for writing
e559895 staging: drm/omap: mmap of tiled buffers with stride >4kb
5c13779 staging: drm/omap: Get DMM resources from hwmod
02646fb staging: drm/omap: Validate debugfs device
132390c staging: drm/omap: Disable DMM debugfs for OMAP3
f6b6036 staging: drm/omap: debugfs for object and fb tracking
b33f34d staging: drm/omap: defer unpin until scanout completes
9f18c95 staging: drm/omap: some minor fb cleanups
9b55b95 staging: drm/omap: call omap_gem_roll() in non-atomic ctx
5609f7f staging: drm/omap: add a workqueue
a890e66 staging: drm/omap: get supported color formats from ovl
dbf717f staging:iio:tsl2563 rewrite probe error handling
ee6aeff staging: r8712u: Fix Smatch warning
b76dee4 staging: zsmalloc: remove SPARSEMEM dep from Kconfig
b9ed4f6 staging: zsmalloc: change ZS_MIN_ALLOC_SIZE
6e00ec0 staging: zsmalloc: calculate MAX_PHYSMEM_BITS if not defined
84d4faa staging: zsmalloc: add ZS_MAX_PAGES_PER_ZSPAGE
aafefe9 staging: zsmalloc: move object/handle masking defines
bec25df staging: zcache: make zcache builtin only
4fee7e1 staging:iio: Fix compile error without CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
624b225 Staging: android: lowmemorykiller.c
1eda516 staging: android/lowmemorykiller: Don't unregister notifier from atomic context
2c52325 Staging:android: Change type for binder_debug_no_lock switch to bool
63a913c msm: smd_pkt: Register the platform driver while performing open operation
38bb363 ARM: mx35: Setup the AIPS registers
aa6a9fa ARM: mx5: Use common function for configuring AIPS
b4fb05e tcp: md5: correct a RCU lockdep splat
8bc3bcc lib: reduce the use of module.h wherever possible
99055d5 cpufreq: make the "scaling_cur_freq" sysfs entry pollable
6d67d25 msm: pil: Make register code into a bus
fb97624 ASoC: imx: imx-audmux: Fix section mismatch
c4632ae regulator: tps65910: Configure correct value for VDDCTRL vout reg
0ca93de dm raid: fix flush support
3aa3b2b dm raid: set MD_CHANGE_DEVS when rebuilding
af63bcb dm thin metadata: decrement counter after removing mapped block
4469a5f dm thin metadata: unlock superblock in init_pmd error path
1f3db25 dm thin metadata: remove incorrect close_device on creation error paths
1212268 dm flakey: fix crash on read when corrupt_bio_byte not set
0c535e0 dm io: fix discard support
902c6a9 dm ioctl: do not leak argv if target message only contains whitespace
c9f46a8 MAINTAINERS: add TI DaVinci git tree information
41b58f1 rtl8187: Add AD-HOC support
0d33cd7 bcma: silence PMU warning for BCM4331
f06c788 mac80211: fix smatch lock errors in mesh
b443d8d iwlwifi: make iwl_fill_probe_req static
e7a0d0c iwlwifi: clean up iwl-commands.h
eae63b8 iwlwifi: don't include iwl-prph.h everywhere
55bba9e iwlwifi: remove PA type configuration
ef0ef9c iwlwifi: remove priv from shared
ecdb975 iwlwifi: virtualize nic_config
f8d7c1a iwlwifi: move packet to transport
7559553 iwlwifi: move irq to PCIe
13df1aa iwlwifi: move all uCode load variables
947a940 iwlwifi: move ucode_owner to priv
4bd14dd iwlwifi: abstract out notification wait support
f472089 iwlwifi: fix notification wait bug
6794f3e iwlwifi: constify remaining config data
b9ad70d iwlwifi: put use_rts_for_aggregation into hw_params
e7a0943 iwlwifi: use watchdog timeout from hw_params
ab5c0f1 iwlwifi: keep plcp_delta_threshold in priv
3cc241a iwlwifi: remove max_txq_num from hw_params
b250da7 drm/i915: support 32 bit BGR formats in sprite planes
ae9625a iwlwifi: remove num_of_queues module parameter
1b29dc9 iwlwifi: clean up iwl-core.h inclusions
0e78184 iwlwifi: virtualize command queue full behaviour
6c1011e iwlwifi: make tracing use device as identifier
84abd2c iwlwifi: move status check functions out of shared
0dde86b iwlwifi: remove shadow_reg_enable from hw_params
496bab3 iwlwifi: remove AMT check from transport
3995dea iwlwifi: rename ucode.h to fw-file.h
c9eec95 iwlwifi: move rfkill status handling out of transport
b1eea29 iwlwifi: move mutex out of shared
2cc39c9 iwlwifi: move lockdep assertion into DVM
721c32f iwlwifi: move RF/CT kill check to command wrapper
e10a053 iwlwifi: add wrappers for command sending
965974a iwlwifi: remove iwl-wifi.h
0692fe4 iwlwifi: split out firmware store
e199188 iwlwifi: move ucode loading to op_mode
3d4f969 mac80211: Fix potential null pointer dereferencing
2ef1675 ath9k: fix signal strength reporting issues
3a2923e ath9k: get rid of double queueing of rx frames on EDMA
fc16fd8 ath9k: remove rssi/antenna information from recv debug stats
5baec74 ath9k: make MAC sample statistics optional
9c083af ath9k_hw: use cold instead of warm reset on AR9280
fcff4f1 mac80211: Filter duplicate IE ids
f296ed7 MAINTAINERS: mark TI DaVinci list as "moderated"
ab2f9df drm/i915: fix color order for BGR formats on SNB
cf470c3 NFSv4: Don't free the nfs4_lock_state until after the release_lockowner
d3b5c8e msm: qdss: file rename from qdss-ptm.c to qdss-etm.c
bbceeee i2c-eg20t: Remove write-only variables
c165a3a apq8064: Rename sound card to represent codec type
0836c80 i2c-eg20t: Rework pch_i2c_wait_for_bus_idle to reduce wait time
c62c3ca i2c-s3c2410: Add stub runtime power management
4ea1557 i2c-s3c2410: Convert to devm_kzalloc()
979b907 i2c: add CSR SiRFprimaII on-chip I2C controllers driver
bf6c2de i2c: tegra: Remove unnecessary write to INT_STATUS
b51f92e ath6kl: make ath6kl_bmi_[read|write]_hi32() endian safe
05aab17 ath6kl: fix too long lines
12eb944 ath6kl: document all spinlocks
8c9bb05 ath6kl: fix open paranthesis alignment in ath6kl_cfg80211_connect()
1ca4d0b ath6kl: fix error handling ath6kl_target_config_wlan_params()
80fb268 ath6kl: add ath6kl_bmi_read_hi32()
24fc32b ath6kl: add ath6kl_bmi_write_hi32()
d0d670a ath6kl: remove multiple assignments
ddc3d77 ath6kl: logical continuations should be on the previous line
96f1fad ath6kl: alignment should match open parenthesis
c650538 ath6kl: fix checkpatch error with EPSTAT() macro
51b56e2 ath6kl: fix pointer style
1bd612a hwmon: (jc42) Add support for AT30TS00, TS3000GB2, TSE2002GB2, and MCP9804
7ad6307 hwmon: (zl6100) Maintain delay parameter in driver instance data
7cb3c44 hwmon: (pmbus_core) Fix maximum number of POUT alarm attributes
4de8612 hwmon: (jc42) Add support for ST Microelectronics STTS2002 and STTS3000
e574890 defconfig: msm8960: enable IPv6 netfilter config
2b43e4e ARM: OMAP2+: Fix build error after merge
ace30d7 netfilter: xt_LOG: add __printf() to sb_add()
24de58f netfilter: xt_CT: allow to attach timeout policy + glue code
dd70507 netfilter: nf_ct_ext: add timeout extension
5097846 netfilter: add cttimeout infrastructure for fine timeout tuning
2c8503f netfilter: nf_conntrack: pass timeout array to l4->new and l4->packet
b888341 netfilter: nf_ct_gre: add unsigned int array to define timeouts
33ee446 netfilter: nf_ct_tcp: move retransmission and unacknowledged timeout to array
5a41db9 netfilter: nf_ct_udp[lite]: convert UDP[lite] timeouts to array
3b988ec netfilter: ctnetlink: fix lockep splats
417e02b netfilter: xt_LOG: fix bogus extra layer-4 logging information
5f1f815 netfilter: remove ipt_SAME.h and ipt_realm.h
58020f7 netfilter: nf_ct_ecache: refactor nf_ct_deliver_cached_events
93326ae netfilter: nf_ct_ecache: trailing whitespace removed
6939c33 netfilter: merge ipt_LOG and ip6_LOG into xt_LOG
544d5c7 netfilter: ctnetlink: allow to set expectfn for expectations
076a0ca netfilter: ctnetlink: add NAT support for expectations
b8c5e52 netfilter: ctnetlink: allow to set expectation class
660fdb2 netfilter: ctnetlink: allow to set helper for new expectations
7f81c95 netfilter: ipset: hash:net,iface timeout bug fixed
2a7cef2 netfilter: ipset: Exceptions support added to hash:*net* types
0927a1a netfilter: ipset: Log warning when a hash type of set gets full
ae8ded1 netfilter: ipset: expose userspace-relevant parts in ip_set.h
c15f1c8 netfilter: ipset: use NFPROTO_ constants
4cd7c0a C6X: fix KSTK_EIP and KSTK_ESP macros
4293f20 Revert "CPU hotplug, cpusets, suspend: Don't touch cpusets during suspend/resume"
70c2411 msm: board-msm7627a-bt: Reduce the IO pad(VDD_PX2) leakage on 8x25
9cb8196 NFSv4.1 handle DS stateid errors
4f1abd2 NFS: add fh_crc to debug output
d8e0539 NFS: add filehandle crc for debug display
5a1f36c UBIFS: improve error messages
4f3612b Revert "power, max8998: Include linux/module.h just once in drivers/power/max8998_charger.c"
c097b2c writeback: fix fn name in writeback_inodes_sb_nr_if_idle() comment header
95468fd writeback: fix typo in the writeback_control comment
40e4712 Documentation: Fix multiple typo in Documentation
1ccba21 can: peak_usb: PCAN-USB specific part: fix little endian usage
aaefcd4 drm/radeon: deal with errors from framebuffer init path.
0be7043 drm/radeon: fix a semaphore deadlock on pre cayman asics
b19c19a drm: cope with platformdev->id == -1
6f04247 ARM: S3C64XX: Supply platform data for SPI on Cragganmore
f73dc3d ARM: S3C64XX: Add some more Cragganmore module IDs to the table
66bf932 ASoC: dapm: Only lock CODEC for I/O if not using regmap
d138dac NET: sa11x0-ir: add DMA support for SIR transmit mode
bf95154 NET: sa11x0-ir: convert sa11x0-ir driver to use DMA engine API
7931d92 ARM: sa11x0: add SA-11x0 DMA device
6365bea DMA: sa11x0: add SA-11x0 DMA driver
1720db84 USB: core: Add support for OTG automated compliance tests
81bda9d USB: core: Fix misc OTG related bugs
95b650a USB: gadget: composite: Process GetDescriptor(OTG) request
785f857 ALSA: hda - Set codec to D3 forcibly even if not used
b11e3d7 x86, mce: Fix rcu splat in drain_mce_log_buffer()
35e478f GFS2: Flush pending glock work when evicting an inode
2e5ac94 ARM: S3C24XX: remove call to s3c24xx_setup_clocks
9edc12a ARM: S3C24XX: add get_rate for clk_p on S3C2416/2443
b681bfc ARM: S3C24XX: add get_rate for clk_h on S3C2416/2443
7d9811f ARM: S3C24XX: remove XXX_setup_clocks method from S3C2443
714cc3a ARM: S3C24XX: remove obsolete S3C2416_DMA option
46cdaba ARM: S3C24XX: Reuse S3C2443 dma for S3C2416
b099095 ARM: S3C24XX: Fix indentation of dma-s3c2443
2c5689a ARM: S3C24XX: Move device setup files to mach directory
ec2cc75 ARM: S3C24XX: Consolidate Simtec extensions
9072dc9 ARM: S3C24XX: move simtec-specific code to mach directory
28c569f ARM: S3C24XX: Move common-smdk code to mach directory
a0feb6d ARM: 7358/1: perf: add PMU hotplug notifier
3f31ae1 ARM: 7357/1: perf: fix overflow handling for xscale2 PMUs
f6f5a30 ARM: 7356/1: perf: check that we have an event in the PMU IRQ handlers
99c1745 ARM: 7355/1: perf: clear overflow flag when disabling counter on ARMv7 PMU
5727347 ARM: 7354/1: perf: limit sample_period to half max_period in non-sampling mode
f4ad400 msm: board-qrd7627a: Add support for MSM8625_EVB
c06bf0f arm: mach-types: Add machine type for MSM8625_EVB
19d57d3 Input: wacom - fix 3rd-gen Bamboo MT when 4+ fingers are in use
546bb67 ALSA: hda/realtek - Reuse init_hook for ALC269VB coef setup
e49d603 ARM: mach-shmobile: ap4evb: fixup fsi2_ak4643_info typo
1740d34 ARM: mach-shmobile: mackerel: Reserve DMA memory for the frame buffer
e9db93a ARM: mach-shmobile: Fix ag5evm compilation by including linux/videodev2.h
63d7112 ARM: mach-shmobile: Fix bonito compile breakage
526af6e ALSA: hda/realtek - Apply the coef-setup only to ALC269VB
ce0dc0c ath6kl: Set optimal listen intvl,bmiss,scan params while going to wow suspend
8f46fcc ath6kl: Maintain the listen interval per VIF specific
390a8c8 ath6kl: Check wow state before sending control and data pkt
1e9a905 ath6kl: Add provision to define suspend policy in disconnected state.
948c46a sh: fix up the ubc clock definition for sh7785.
fb43406 sh: add parameter for RSPI in clock-sh7757
de3a49b sh: Fix sh2a vbr table for more than 255 irqs
2d4b971 powerpc/pmac: Use string library in nvram code
ad5b7f13 powerpc: Make SPARSE_IRQ required
e9daf2a powerpc/prom: Remove limit on maximum size of properties
a2007ce powerpc: Use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
a2234b4 powerpc: Use vsprintf extention %pf with builtin_return_address
de801de powerpc/icswx: Fix race condition with IPI setting ACOP
a6cf7ed powerpc/atomic: Implement atomic*_inc_not_zero
b1ada60 atomic: Allow atomic_inc_not_zero to be overridden
d575146 CIFS: Do not kmalloc under the flocks spinlock
b0f8ef2 cifs: possible memory leak in xattr.
5621caa ARM: kill off __mem_pci
4d5fc58 ARM: remove bunch of now unused mach/io.h files
c334bc1 ARM: make mach/io.h include optional
41e32c9 ARM: clps711x: remove unneeded include of mach/io.h
efa497b ARM: dove: add explicit include of dove.h to addr-map.c
4091ac4 ARM: at91: add explicit include of hardware.h to uncompressor
33f7e3e ARM: ep93xx: clean-up mach/io.h
6c38e25 ARM: tegra: clean-up mach/io.h
8a52dd4 ARM: orion5x: clean-up mach/io.h
9675b88 ARM: davinci: remove unneeded mach/io.h include
5e71412 [media] davinci: remove includes of mach/io.h
6076c64 ARM: OMAP: Remove remaining includes for mach/io.h
68a7f1f ARM: msm: clean-up mach/io.h
17d971e ARM: iop13xx: move io.h externs to pci.h
21a5365 ARM: remove compile time __arch_ioremap/__arch_iounmap
ed5bf6e ARM: ebsa110: use runtime ioremap hook
f449588 ARM: ixp4xx: use runtime ioremap hook
1dfe34a ARM: iop13xx: use runtime ioremap hook
b12e9ba ARM: msm: use runtime ioremap hook
c177aa9 ARM: imx: convert to common runtime ioremap hook
4fe7ef3 ARM: provide runtime hook for ioremap/iounmap
f64b993 Bluetooth: Fix coding style in all .h files
044e124 Bluetooth: Use correct type for userspace exported structs
c476250 Bluetooth: Fix coding style in mgmt.h
55062d0 x86: fix typo in recent find_vma_prev purge
bb60424 ARM: OMAP2+: gpmc-smsc911x: only register regulator for first instance
097d591 vm: avoid using find_vma_prev() unnecessarily
8a16a70 regulator: Remove bq24022 regulator driver
46e446d Document: devicetree: add OF documents for arch-mmp
10d77ec ARM: dts: append DTS file of pxa168
5d48976 ARM: mmp: append OF support on pxa168
9613b21 ARM: mmp: enable rtc clk in pxa168
63fe122 i2c: pxa: add OF support
699c20f serial: pxa: add OF support
8154c07 mlx4_core: Get rid of redundant ext_port_cap flags
580be8b msm: iomap: Update base address mapping for TLMM
5edb4ae msm: watchdog: set up dump area from cpu 0
83cd904 mm: fix find_vma_prev
52abb70 genirq: Clear action->thread_mask if IRQ_ONESHOT is not set
3bbc505 msm: msm_bus: Fix the check for gateway fabrics
6866cb7 msm: wcnss: Ignore clearing of SMSM_RESET bit
3223d00 ARM: OMAP3+: PM: VP: fix integer truncation error
f67dabb KEYS: testing wrong bit for KEY_FLAG_REVOKED
2fb0354 framebuffer: add a pollable sysfs entry for display status
ac2a6d6 kernel/power: add pollable sysfs entries for touch events
59deeb9 nfsd4: reduce do_open_lookup() stack usage
41fd1e4 nfsd4: delay setting current filehandle till success
508dc6e nfsd41: free_session/free_client must be called under the client_lock
e27f49c nfsd41: refactor nfsd4_deleg_xgrade_none_ext logic out of nfsd4_process_open2
4aa8913 nfsd41: refactor nfs4_open_deleg_none_ext logic out of nfs4_open_delegation
1fa9c44 svcrdma: silence a Sparse warning
a8ae08e nfsd4: fix recovery-entry leak nfsd startup failure
a6d6b78 nfsd4: fix recovery-dir leak on nfsd startup failure
393d8ed nfsd4: purge stable client records with insufficient state
1255a8f nfsd4: don't set cl_firststate on first reclaim in 4.1 case
313f4ec crypto: Add error messages
651a68e openvswitch: Honor dp_ifindex, when specified, for vport lookup by name.
ecfa3df mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix scatterlist processing in PIO mode
0acfb07 pinctrl: forward-declare struct device
9a01be1 pinctrl: split pincontrol states into its own header
ae5d337 powerpc/44x: Add more changes for APM821XX EMAC driver
872acc3 pinctrl: include machine header to core.h
8dfc2b4 powerpc/44x: Add new compatible value for EMAC node of APM821XX dts file.
d4f8812 msm: 8930: Enable UHS-I SDR104 operating modes
d6ddef9 IPv6: Fix not join all-router mcast group when forwarding set.
ce8fea7 mmap: EINVAL not ENOMEM when rejecting VM_GROWS
99e362f mtd: msmnand: Fix calculation of OOB size for non ONFI devices
34efc28 caif-hsi: Set default MTU to 4096
bb1dbe7 ARM: OMAP2+: PM: fix wakeupgen warning when hotplug disabled
79421b4 cxgb4vf: Add support for Chelsio's T480-CR and T440-LP-CR adapters
f637d57 cxgb4: Add support for Chelsio's T480-CR and T440-LP-CR adapters
95f050b net: Use bool for return value of dev_valid_name().
960b029 defconfig: Remove defconfigs options added by previous commit.
ce3a8ca msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Replace PMEM with ION in LPA driver
66431a7 net/mlx4: defining functions as static
be6736b net/mlx4: remove unused functions
9a9a232 net/mlx4: fixing sparse warnings for not declared, functions
2ab573c net/mlx4: fixing sparse warnings when copying mac, address to gid entry
39b2c4e net/mlx4: fix sparse warnings on wrong type for RSS keys
966684d net/mlx4: fix sparse warnings on TX blue flame buffer
4ef2a43 net/mlx4: fix sparse warnings on TX control flags, endianess
ebf8c9a net/mlx4_en: Saving mem access on data path
6975f4c qla3xxx: ethernet: Silence static checker warning.
eb9bc6e NFC: NCI code identation fixes
0a40acb NFC: Core code identation fixes
427a2eb NFC: LLCP code identation fixes
40c75f8 NFC: Fix LLCP sockets releasing path
47807d3 NFC: Remove the rf mode parameter from the DEP link up routine
9dda50f NFC: SN is not an invalid GT value
0c31835 NFC: Unlink LLCP child sockets from llcp_sock_release
2fbabfa NFC: Export NFCID when detecting a p2p target with pn533
d8dc107 NFC: Export Jewel/Topaz ID from pn533
7975754 NFC: Export sensf from pn533
e65b0f4 NFC: Fragment LLCP I frames
eda21f1 NFC: Set MIU and RW values from CONNECT and CC LLCP frames
d094afa NFC: Send LLCP RR frames to acknowledge received I frames
0767a7f NFC: Set the right LLCP N(R) value for I frames
b9a76f1 NFC: Clear LLCP SDPs whan MAC goes down
98b3ac1 NFC: Clear pn533 target structure
1762c17 NFC: Fix bitops usage in LLCP
53a0ac2 NFC: LLCP socket sendmsg implemetation
53aef92 NFC: Handle Receiver Not Ready LLCP frame
4722d2b NFC: Factorize the I frame queueing routine
c970a1a NFC: Add device powered netlink attribute
c3b1e1e NFC: Export NFCID1 from pn533
10d8493 bcma: add support for on-chip OTP memory used for SPROM storage
4ac887c bcma: return error in bcma_sprom_get() when fallback fails
5c17ddc ath5k: do not re-run AGC calibration periodically
62e2c10 ath5k: do not stop queues for full calibration
12ce8ba mac80211: Modify tsf via debugfs in mesh interfaces
2f40b94 mac80211_hwsim: Add tsf to beacons, probe responses and radiotap header.
6b62bf3 mac80211: fix mesh airtime link metric estimating
8097e14 cfg80211: expose cfg80211_calculate_bitrate()
2e7eb11 iwlwifi: move firmware completion wait
15854ef iwlwifi: move firmware request into drv
702e063 iwlwifi: move iwl_base_params to shared header
7db5b98 iwlwifi: move uCode deallocation to drv
ab0bd5b iwlwifi: fix station HT parameters
61f0439 iwlwifi: move traffic log definitions
0439bb6 iwlwifi: move IWL_MASK into file using it
70a18c5 iwlwifi: move tid_to_ac to PCI-E
930dfd5 iwlwifi: iwl_rx_cmd_buffer belongs to transport API
bffc66c iwlwifi: move queue functions to PCI-E
c977a33 iwlwifi: transport's tx_agg_alloc must not sleep
df2f321 iwlwifi: refactor PCI-E RX path
48a2d66 iwlwifi: don't pass iwl_rx_mem_buffer to upper layers
65b94a4 iwlwifi: pass response packet directly
2c6ab7f iwlwifi: use ieee80211_tx_status
15b86bf iwlwifi: move wowlan bool into priv
2dd4f9f iwlwifi: clean up (wowlan) suspend flow
ce9e80a iwlwifi: reduce IDI code ifdef
706c4ff iwlwifi: make config const
7e79a39 iwlwifi: use valid TX/RX antenna from hw_params
54708d8 iwlwifi: remove SKU from config
a8bceb3 iwlwifi: remove per-device debug level
fb5fe5b iwlwifi: simplify auth/assoc flow
5c40d86 iwlwifi: make EXIT_PENDING depend on mac80211
08ae86a iwlwifi: remove shared lock
4ff70fc iwlwifi: introduce statistics lock
fa23cb0 iwlwifi: make sta lock private & BH lock
015c15e iwlwifi: introduce per-queue locks
9451ca1 iwlwifi: build some station commands directly
40e4e68 iwlwifi: simplify code in iwlagn_key_sta_id
71cb992 iwlwifi: reduce sta_lock hold time in TX
f2b69ef iwlwifi: remove an unused argument
d316383 iwlwifi: move iwl_clear_driver_stations to user
e9a8e8e airo: fix test for FLAG_RADIO_DOWN
342bbf3 iwlwifi: always monitor for stuck queues
2662768 p54pci: use new driver.pm interface for suspend/resume
972a313 p54: pass interface setup errors back to mac80211
a9b89e2 rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Fix loss of receive performance
da473b6 ath5k: allow AP and mesh mode to operate simultaneously
804483e cfg80211/mac80211: report signal strength for mgmt frames
96acc35 ASoC: DAPM: Make sure DAPM widget IO ops hold the component mutex
cc22d37 ASoC: core: Add platform component mutex
c25cd15 ASoC: tegra: Remove unused variable
f1e90af ASoC: dapm: Use dev_warn for debugfs warning message
1f3b372 ARM: OMAP2+: PM: fix section mismatch with omap2_init_processor_devices()
49b87c6 ARM: OMAP2: Fix section warning for n8x0 when CONFIG_MMC_OMAP is not set
e48f814 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix omap24xx_io_desc warning if SoC subtypes are not selected
1d4526e mlx4_core: remove buggy sched_queue masking
7413851 netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix early_drop with reliable event delivery
739e450 bridge: netfilter: don't call iptables on vlan packets if sysctl is off
a157b9d netfilter: bridge: fix wrong pointer dereference
8be619d netfilter: ctnetlink: remove incorrect spin_[un]lock_bh on NAT module autoload
848edc6 netfilter: ebtables: fix wrong name length while copying to user-space
2a15cd2 r8169: runtime resume before shutdown.
4648dc9 tcp: fix tcp_shift_skb_data() to not shift SACKed data below snd_una
104a5f3 Input: max8925_onkey - avoid accessing input device too early
460eeaa sfc: Log the part number on probe
58f7e57 sfc: Remove efx_channel::last_eventq_read_ptr
dd40781 sfc: Run event/IRQ self-test asynchronously when interface is brought up
eee6f6a sfc: Encapsulate access to efx_{channel,nic}::last_irq_cpu in self-test
ed74f48 sfc: Test all event queues in parallel
93e5dfa sfc: Raise self-test timeouts
e7bed9c sfc: Remove TX completions from adaptive IRQ scoring
61321d9 sfc: Update comments on efx_rx_packet_gro()
bdca71e sfc: Remove redundant function efx_nic_has_mc()
2c61c8a sfc: Fix calculation of vf_i in map_vi_index()
bc48e4c msm: mdm: reset errfatal and status gpios during mdm SSR
d3b3b64 checkpatch: require commit text
2f5f89b mfd: Fix pm8606 build failure
5a924d1 mfd: Fix a typo in MFD_MAX8997 Kconfig entry
34fe6f1 mfd : Check if the other db8500 core is in WFI
9ab492e mfd : Check if the db8500 prcmu has pending irq
9f60d33 mfd : Copy the db8500 gic setting to the prcmu
cc9a0f6 mfd : Check if there are pending irq on the db8500 gic
801448e mfd : Cleanup duplicate db8500 definitions
61a2af3 mfd: Return proper error if s5m-core regmap_init_i2c fails
b3b9747 led: Modified power control of pm860x led
1efc158 backlight: Modified power control of pm860x backlight
7825806 mfd: Code cleanup for pm8606 sub-dev initialization
23de435 mfd: Add power control interface for pm8606 chip
fe2afaa mfd: Fix wm831x-spi table id name typo in MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE macro
624e26e mfd: Include linux/mfd/pcf50633/mbc.h in pcf50633-irq.c
7f849a3 mfd: Include linux/mfd/pcf50633/pmic.h in pcf50633-gpio.c
378f64e mfd: Correct readability of WM8994 DC servo 4E register
dc9913a mfd: Use regmap for tps65910 register access.
2853378 mfd: Add ability to wake the system for 88pm860x
b8b8d79 mfd: Make twl6030_irq_set_wake static
3f8349e mfd: Clear twl6030 IRQ status register only once
91d6a9a mfd: Remove unused io_lock mutex from da9052
485540d mfd: Decouple/recouple gic from the ux500 PRCMU
8dfc470 mfd: Initialize tps65912 irq platform data properly
855cc45 mfd: Fix ACPI conflict check
ee42b3a mfd: wm8994: Add __devinit and __devexit annotations for probe and remove
1fa93bb mfd: Show correct device id for wm8400
f0447a6 mfd: Move omap-usb-host usbhs init before allocing child dev
cbb8c22 mfd: Remove omap-usb-host magic numbers for dev dma mask
231dd9c mfd: Fix typo for TPS65912
60b5c5a4 mfd: Make pcf50633_write_block() return 0 on success
113351b mfd: Fix val_len parameters for s5m-core regmap_raw_write
d1b5c5e mfd: Fix kcalloc parameters swapped
d625552 mfd: Support AB9540 ab8500 variant
2ced445 mfd: Parametrize ab8500 IRQ masks and registers
0f620837 mfd: Add ab8500 version detection and enforcing
6d95b7f mfd: Fix ab8500 error path bug
d2cb87c mfd: Test for jack detection when deciding if wm8994 should suspend
ee67b0c mfd: wm8994: We don't need to runtime resume by default
9a022e5 mfd: wm8994: Mark MICBIAS register as readable
cbcde05 mfd: Trivial twl4030 code-style fixes
450b115 mfd: Add to_irq() member to asic3 gpio_chip structure
edcf319 mfd: Remove unneeded version.h include from ab5500
38040c8 gpio: Support no-irq stmpe mode
e31f9b8 mfd: Add support for no-interrupt stmpe config
0dc299a mfd: Add itps65910 wakeup support
88a1cfd mfd: Add support for multiple s5m devices
621210e mfd: Convert s5m core driver to use devm_kzalloc()
1773140 mfd: Initialize tps65910 irq platform data properly
c7a1fcf mfd: Fix s5m error handling for invalid device type
c3ebb30 mfd: Fix possible s5m null pointer dereference
d2d5cb4 mfd: wm8350 variable dereferenced before check
b4a6dbd mfd: Add initial db8500 prcmu register access api
6f53d10 mfd: Remove check for db8500 firmware bug
4d64d2e mfd: db8500 OPP and sleep handling update
992b133 mfd: Spawned db8500 regulators update
6b6fae2 mfd: db8500 clock handling update
0508901 mfd: Update abstract dbx500 interface
b58d12f mfd: Function for obtaining the db8500 prcmu firmware version
c72fe85 mfd: Remove db8500-prcmu U8400 legacy
e536b62 mfd: Fix section mismatch warning for da9052-spi
1039d76 mfd: Add pdata to set mc13783-ts conversion delay
4d75dd6 mfd: Add missing regmap_exit to free a previously allocated da9052 register map
d48f411 mfd: Add new mfd device for TPS65217
0dcc9a9 mfd: twl-core: Don't specify regulator consumers by struct device
1e3e2c7 remoteproc: cleanup resource table parsing paths
63140e0 remoteproc: remove the hardcoded vring alignment
55f3408 remoteproc/omap: remove the mbox_callback limitation
7a18694 remoteproc: remove the single rpmsg vdev limitation
41a6ee0 remoteproc: safer boot/shutdown order
04a9016 remoteproc: remoteproc_rpmsg -> remoteproc_virtio
fd2c15e remoteproc: resource table overhaul
beaa935 msm_fb: display: decrease file->f_count when play
8d19d0d msm_fb: display: call mdp_pipe_ctrl() with correct block name
5756b76 vsprintf: make %pV handling compatible with kasprintf()
c09ff08 page_cgroup: fix horrid swap accounting regression
1dbd02e ARM: ep93xx: convert vision_ep9307 to MULTI_IRQ_HANDLER
068a463 ath6kl: Fix kernel panic while receiving fwlog during boot
ff2eb68 NFSv4: Add a helper encode_uint64
475d4ba NFSv4: More xdr cleanups
7001951 NFSv4: Cleanup - convert more functions to use encode_op_hdr
cd93710 NFS: Fix nfs4_verifier memory alignment
ab19b48 NFSv4: Add a encode op helper
4ade982 NFSv4: Add a helper for encoding NFSv4 sequence ids
6fdfb0bc NFSv4: Minor clean ups for encode_string()
2d2f24a NFSv4: Simplify the struct nfs4_stateid
f597c53 NFSv4: Add helpers for basic copying of stateids
1e3987c NFSv4: Rename nfs4_copy_stateid()
ea9d23f NFSv4: Add a helper for encoding stateids
cb17e55 NFSv4: Add a helper for encoding opaque data
d0b496d NFSv4: Rename encode_stateid() to encode_open_stateid()
36281ca NFSv4: Further clean-ups of delegation stateid validation
8e663f0 NFSv4.1: Fix matching of the stateids when returning a delegation
a1d0b5e NFS: Properly handle the case where the delegation is revoked
fa68a1b NFS: Fix a typo in _nfs_display_fhandle
7953ca7 Bluetooth: Handle error command status for AUTH_REQUESTED command
30e9eb1 usb/gadget/pch_udc: Fix compile error
c0a2392 cs5535-clockevt: Allow the MFGPT IRQ to be shared
fc579da cs5535-clockevt: Don't ignore MFGPT on SMP-capable kernels
8d31321 HID: usbhid: add quirk no_get for quanta 3008 devices
fd1d152 HID: multitouch: add more eGalax devices
71078b0 HID: multitouch: add new PID from Ideacom
841cb15 HID: multitouch: add support for Atmel maXTouch 03eb:2118
78f8baf ALSA: hda - Add Gigabyte GA-MA790X to the beep whitelist
33ad391 MAINTAINERS: add entry for exynos mipi display drivers
0a79951 MAINTAINERS: add maintainer entry for Exynos DP driver
9d5ef26 ASoC: fsl: add dt support for imx-audmux
b2a0017 softirq: Reduce invoke_softirq() code duplication
a09b659 genirq: Fix long-term regression in genirq irq_set_irq_type() handling
f320515 ASoC: Add missing regmap_init_i2c in wm8804_i2c_probe
4614679 OMAPDSS: APPLY: print warning if wait_pending_extra_info_updates fails
21e56f7 OMAPDSS: MANAGER/APPLY: Add runtime_pm protection around wait_for_go/vsync functions
c0c1cfc OMAPDSS: DISPC: Fix FIR coefficients
08f3267 OMAPDSS: DISPC: Fix OMAP4 supported color formats
dd2116a OMAPDSS: HDMI: Add M2 divider while calculating clkout
6d0d7e2 dma: imx-sdma: Print a message when firmare fails to be requested
6602b0d dma: imx-sdma: Let the driver be probed even if no firware is found
5c44778 video: s3c-fb: Add support EXYNOS5 FIMD
23f1365 pxafb: do console locking before calling fb_blank()
9e15db7 dmaengine: Add support for multiple descriptors for imx-dma.
6c05f09 dmaengine: Add support for MEMCPY for imx-dma.
d8b5348 dma: dmaengine: Distinguish between 'dmaengine: failed to get' messages
865d943 drivers/dma: linux/module.h included twice
a0ae500 msm: qdsp5: Initialize audio stopped flag at open
d3024e6 msm: 8064: add support for DSPS
63f32b3 ARM: EXYNOS: fix touchscreen IRQ setup on Universal C210 board
a786e83 HID: waltop: Add support for tablet with PID 0038
56d27dd HID: waltop: Replace original rdescs with links
51153a7 HID: uclogic: Replace original rdescs with links
f1f1ffa ARM: tegra: Select PINCTRL Kconfig variables
971dac7 pinctrl: add a driver for NVIDIA Tegra
8f23921 ALSA: hda - add quirk to detect CD input on Gigabyte EP45-DS3
9462640 msm: vidc: add slice info extradata feature for encoder
fa8d9d7 OpenRISC: Remove memory_start/end prototypes
1bc0b9f openrisc: remove semicolon from KSTK_ defs
6cbe5e9 openrisc: sanitize use of orig_gpr11
2f099a2 openrisc: fix virt_addr_valid
01c4d33 OpenRISC: Export dump_stack()
0662d33 OpenRISC: Select GENERIC_ATOMIC64
a820372 slab: introduce kmalloc_array()
a126194 tsif: port tsif to 8960
d1f42e3 x86/olpc/xo15/sci: Enable lid close wakeup control
3f33ab1 x86/kprobes: Split out optprobe related code to kprobes-opt.c
4648468 x86/kprobes: Fix a bug which can modify kernel code permanently
86b4ce3 x86/kprobes: Fix instruction recovery on optimized path
da4e330 x86/geode/net5501: Add platform driver for Soekris Engineering net5501
373913b x86/geode/alix2: Supplement driver to include GPIO button support
8bee7ce x86/mid/powerbtn: Use MSIC read/write instead of ipc_scu
1b7ccab x86/mid/thermal: Turn off thermistor
6348307 x86/mid/thermal: Add msic_thermal alias
0f48d34 x86/mid/thermal: Convert to use Intel MSIC API
4707375 x86/mid/scu_ipc: Remove Moorestown support
33e9970 x86/mid: Kill off Moorestown
1b198bb x86/iommu/intel: Increase the number of iommus supported to MAX_IO_APICS
eae460b x86/iommu/intel: Fix identity mapping for sandy bridge
8bec2e9 rtc: sa1100: add OF support
af82931 ARM: pxa: fix invalid mfp pin issue
0c7de34 ARM: pxa: remove duplicated registeration on pxa-gpio
adab30d Input: max8925_onkey - allow to be used as a wakeup source
8bdcc59 USB: OTG: msm: Add debugfs entry to disable MSM BUS bandwidth voting
bbdc818 ARM: pxa: add dummy clock for pxa25x and pxa27x
5cb917b tg3: Fix to use multi queue BQL interfaces
6967cca pxa: magician/hx4700: Convert to gpio-regulator from bq24022
a7efba1 msm: pm2: Support HOTPLUG functionality for non boot CPU's
d1f67b0 msm: board-msm7627a: Add 8625 specific PM driver platform data
41786ab pm2: Power Management driver changes for 8x25
9184a22 8139too: Add 64bit statistics
e97cbb3 usb: mdm_bridge: Add support for PID 0x904c
0a4eaee Bluetooth: btusb: add support for BCM20702A0 [0a5c:21e6]
ba106ce ASoC: wm8962: Remove defaults for volatile registers
5ab054f ASoC: core: Fix the suspend/resume failure
fbe4ff7 ASoC: wm8962: Remove unneeded pm_runtime_set_active()
8eaa7bb ARM: OMAP1: Fix section mismatch for omap1_init_early()
33c3f71 ARM: OMAP1: Fix typo in lcd_dma.c
44c568a ARM: OMAP: mailbox: trivial whitespace fix
a90180d ARM: OMAP: Remove definition cpu_is_omap4430()
31fc80a ARM: OMAP2+: included some headers twice
7bb8308 ARM: OMAP: clock.c: included linux/debugfs.h twice
be89cd9 ARM: OMAP: don't build hwspinlock in vain
7db74d5 ARM: OMAP2+: ads7846_init: put gpio_pendown into pdata if it's provided
17e22ca ARM: omap: pandora: fix usbhs platform data
b4c0a8a ARM: OMAP: sram: Add am33xx SRAM support (minimal)
fb3cfb1 ARM: OMAP2+: id: Add am33xx SoC type detection
f611b02 ARM: OMAP2+: GPMC: Export gpmc_enable_hwecc and gpmc_calculate_ecc
dffc9da ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: fix missing content/correction in low-power mode support
4752a88 ASoC: wm8994: Use audio mode for jack detection when system is active
f77b996 net: rmnet_usb: Fix autosuspend support
56cea3f ASoC: imx: add an explicit Kconfig option for imx-ssi driver
4762fba ASoC: imx: separate imx-pcm bits from imx-ssi driver
af4872f ASoC: imx: rename audmux prefix mxc to imx
3c77c29 ASoC: imx: move audmux driver into sound/soc/imx
3bc34a6 ARM: imx: convert audmux to a platform driver
2405fc9 ARM: imx: merge audmux-v1 and audmux-v2
17ec38a ASoC: imx: move phycore audmux call into ASoC machine driver
60282ed ASoC: imx: move eukrea audmux call into ASoC machine driver
f558b27 Revert "ARM: OMAP2+: Fix multiple randconfig errors with SOC_OMAP and SOC_OMAP_NOOP"
1416408 ARM: OMAP2+: PM: share some suspend-related functions across OMAP2, 3, 4
b24823e rapidio/tsi721: fix queue wrapping bug in inbound doorbell handler
e6ca7b8 memcg: fix mapcount check in move charge code for anonymous page
1c641e8 mm: thp: fix BUG on mm->nr_ptes
62aca40 alpha: fix 32/64-bit bug in futex support
7512102 memcg: fix GPF when cgroup removal races with last exit
9f78ff0 debugobjects: Fix selftest for static warnings
9354f1b floppy/scsi: fix setting of BIO flags
9ce70c0 memcg: fix deadlock by inverting lrucare nesting
73737b8 drivers/rtc/rtc-r9701.c: fix crash in r9701_remove()
22ea71d c2port: class_create() returns an ERR_PTR
7ad1256 pps: class_create() returns an ERR_PTR, not NULL
6027ce4 hung_task: fix the broken rcu_lock_break() logic
6e27f63 vfork: kill PF_STARTING
57b59c4 coredump_wait: don't call complete_vfork_done()
d68b46f vfork: make it killable
c415c3b vfork: introduce complete_vfork_done()
880641b aio: wake up waiters when freeing unused kiocbs
f986a49 kprobes: return proper error code from register_kprobe()
c22ab33 kmsg_dump: don't run on non-error paths by default
f9353e7 regmap: Fix rbtree block base in sync
994f5db regcache: Make sure we sync register 0 in an rbtree cache
55283e2 x32: Add ptrace for x32
b7c39a3 ARM: OMAP2+: omap_device: call all suspend, resume callbacks when OMAP_DEVICE_NO_IDLE_ON_SUSPEND is set
3ec2dec ARM: OMAP: omap_device: remove omap_device_parent
401606f ARM: OMAP2+: PM debug: fix the use of debugfs_create_* API
92206fd ARM: OMAP2+: PM: share clkdms_setup() across OMAP2, 3, 4
e68e8093 ARM: OMAP2+: PM: clean up omap_set_pwrdm_state()
506c7d7 ARM: OMAP3: PM: remove superfluous calls to pwrdm_clear_all_prev_pwrst()
e7084fd x32: Switch to a 64-bit clock_t
a628b68 x32: Provide separate is_ia32_task() and is_x32_task() predicates
81caaf2 ARM: ecard: ensure fake vma vm_flags is setup
036dafa r8169: add byte queue limit support.
8027aa2 r8169: add 64bit statistics.
7a90484 md/raid10: fix assembling of arrays with replacement devices.
31aed6a usb: serial: csvt: Modify interface sub class value for PID 0x904c
055bf38 drm, gma500: Fix Cedarview boot failures in 3.3-rc
7185370 msm: board-8064: Fixed 8064 GPU bus clk freqency requests.
cc4ad90 ARM: OMAP2+: Fix module build errors with CONFIG_OMAP4_ERRATA_I688
25db711 gpio/omap: Fix IRQ handling for SPARSE_IRQ
384ebe1 gpio/omap: Add DT support to GPIO driver
96751fc gpio/omap: Use devm_ API and add request_mem_region
862ff64 gpio/omap: Remove bank->id information and misc cleanup
cd2934a flush_tlb_range() needs ->page_table_lock when ->mmap_sem is not held
835ee79 VM_GROWS{UP,DOWN} shouldn't be set on shmem VMAs
6414fa6 aout: move setup_arg_pages() prior to reading/mapping the binary
9d1dfc0 qla3xxx: ethernet: Fix bogus interrupt state flag.
328ae2c arm/dts: mt_ventoux: very basic support for TeeJet Mt.Ventoux board
6510e13 ARM: OMAP2+: Remove extra ifdefs for board-generic
75a57fe ARM: OMAP2+: Fix build error when only ARCH_OMAP2/3 or 4 is selected
d1d81d4 bridge: check return value of ipv6_dev_get_saddr()
0f8ade3 ASoC: wcd9310: Add the compander support to wcd9310
18f973a mlx4_en: remove sparse errors
769009b brcm80211: smac: cleanup couple of debug output statements
b0c359b brcm80211: smac: remove firmware requests from init_module syscall
e64a4b7 brcm80211: fmac: remove firmware requests from init_module syscall
549040a brcm80211: fmac: initialize host interface drivers regardless result
1d9c179 brcm80211: fmac: use counters in brcmf_bus structure
ac94f19 brcm80211: fmac: remove brcmf_usb_attrib structure
3bc7e29 brcm80211: fmac: remove unnecessary NULL pointer check
ebecdcc rtlwifi: rtl8192c: Prevent sleeping from invalid context in rtl8192cu
8f526ab rtlwifi: Remove extraneous value return
48de1a1 rtlwifi: Detect misread of end-point count
3abead5 mac80211: combine QoS with other BSS changes
293702a mac80211: use common radiotap code for cooked monitors
1b658f1 cfg80211: Add an attribute to set inactivity timeout in AP mode
d665508 mac80211: fix the support of setting non-forwarding entity in Mesh
77a1abf net: export netdev_stats_to_stats64
fe8431f mac80211: add an rx flag for ignoring a packet's signal strength
c04a4ff cfg80211: fix kernel-doc
888d04d mac80211: use compare_ether_addr on MAC addresses instead of memcmp
a92c7ab msm: 8064-pmic: Replace direct PM8921 IRQ with a pass-through TLMM
186834b RDMA/ucma: Fix AB-BA deadlock
7e03b7c NFS: Fix a compile issue when !CONFIG_NFS_V4_1
91e56aa NFS: Undo changes to idmap.h
4d196e4 mac80211: use 16 bit alignment for the if_ibss bssid field
380aeef mwifiex: endian bug in mwifiex_drv_change_adhoc_chan()
62ebeed p54spi: Release GPIO lines and IRQ on error in p54spi_probe
461bc26 rndis_wlan: use u8 for key indexes
f096ce6 rndis_wlan: use RNDIS_WLAN_NUM_KEYS for all key index checks
f808e4a rndis_wlan: fix le16/le32_to_cpu mix up with config.beacon_period
e4e02da rndis_wlan: prevent integer overflow in indication()
551d6fe rndis_wlan: make some variables unsigned
b26e395 rndis_wlan: remove unneeded variables
41eedf3 rndis_wlan: integer overflows in rndis_wlan_do_link_up_work()
5533513 {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Implement RSSI threshold for mesh peering
5809802 b43: prevent firmware on bcm5354 from taking over wrong GPIO pins
6a01f0c ath9k: make use of list_for_each_entry_safe
d53c74e ath9k: completely zero intialize valid_phy_rate_idx
3d045a5 mac80211: Fix the generation of PREQs in proactive RANN mechanism of HWMP
be0b281 mwifiex: fix bug in wildcard scan handling
b9be5f3 mwifiex: remove unnecessary struct mwifiex_802_11_ssid
eb416ad mwifiex: correct bitrates advertised to cfg80211
f384b3d MIPS: BCM47XX: provide sprom to bcma bus
019eee2 MIPS: BCM47XX: move and extend sprom parsing
ac78838 MIPS: BCM47XX: fix signature of nvram_parse_macaddr
44d4b2a MIPS: BCM47XX: return number of written bytes in nvram_getenv
a027237 bcma: add support for sprom not found on the device
1c9351c bcma: export bcma_find_core
52aa63f ssb: add some missing sprom attributes
03a5642 ssb: add alpha2
3b64e6f ssb: fix per path sprom vars
f8f8a66 ssb: remove 5GHz antenna gain from sprom
edd8d90 ssb: sprom fix some sizes / signedness
4e0ad25 ath9k: fix drv_tx_last_beacon on AR9003 by processing beacon tx status
627e67a ath9k_hw: enable interrupts for beacon tx completion events
4286df6 ath9k: do not call ath9k_hw_txprocdesc on AR9003 outside of the tx tasklet
d6157bf Revert "ath9k_hw: Fix false tx hung detection in AR9003 chips"
a0f6d6c mwifiex: handle auto authentication mode correctly
a6e4923 video: msm: wfd: Allocate bigger buffers for non-16 byte aligned heights
8482286 defconfig: 8960: Enable qseecom driver
a5649bc msm_fb: HDMI: Fix for HW reset issue on HDCP Reauth
182ada1 iwlwifi: fix wowlan suspend
63371fa ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: fix error handling
54b28cd ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: fix the use of debugfs_create_* API
d617369 ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: micro-optimization for sanity check
4018bfe ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: misc cleanups
1a21a68 ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: move late_initcall() closer to its argument
1079a8b ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: add missing platform_set_drvdata()
d62bc78 ARM: OMAP3+: hwmod: add SmartReflex IRQs
cfec9c5 ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: clear ERRCONFIG_VPBOUNDINTST only on a need
ade6ec0 ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: Fix status masking in ERRCONFIG register
1f55bc185 ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: Add a shutdown hook
ad54c3d ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex Class3: disable errorgen before disable VP
74754cc ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: fix err interrupt disable sequence
cea6b94 ARM: OMAP3+: SmartReflex: use voltage domain name in device attributes
0379c1f ASoC: OMAP: ams-delta: drop .set_bias_level callback
aabf317 ARM: OMAP1: ams-delta: update the modem to use regulator API
ac2885d ARM: OMAP1: ams-delta: set up regulator over modem reset GPIO pin
63fc5f3 ARM: OMAP: add minimal support for Nokia RM-696
65f1915 ARM: OMAP: enable Bluetooth on the PandaBoard
7846e16 ARM: OMAP: pandora: add support for backlight and poweroff
2534b4a ARM: OMAP4: board-4430sdp: don't initialize value that is never used
dedd5bd ARM: OMAP3: cm-t3517: add EMAC support
a8195ba ARM: OMAP: move generic EMAC init to separate file
d4860eb ARM: OMAP3: RX-51: add explicit mux configuration of tsc2005 control gpios
afbb189 ARM: OMAP: Add omap_reserve functionality
e127bd4 msm-camera: pass video driver id to daemon.
a585927 msm: kgsl: add userspace memory alloc and free tracepoints
9d15ae4 msm: kgsl: allocate the snapshot buffer from kmalloc
c15b461 msm: kgsl: return correct error code for unknown ioctls
ff6eab0 msm: kgsl: fix statistics for ion memory regions
bd50f89 IB/ehca: Fix ilog2() compile failure
84803fb xfs: log file size updates as part of unwritten extent conversion
9959f98 msm: rtb: Only select separate cpus if SMP
2e96691 IB: Use central enum for speed instead of hard-coded values
6923e68 xfs: do not require an ioend for new EOF calculation
aa6bf01 xfs: use per-filesystem I/O completion workqueues
daa16bc ath6kl: Restrict memcpy to bounce buffer only for write request
89e984e IB/iser: Post initial receive buffers before sending the final login request
8d527e5 copper: Enable VFB to support full Android on copper
96aa3e1 Revert "msm: board-8960: Support PMIC USB OTG switch over current protection"
5aead23 Revert "msm: board-8960: Enable PMIC USB OTG switch over current protection"
4188188 ext4: add comments to definition of ext4_io_end_t
b43d17f ext4: don't release page refs in ext4_end_bio()
491caa4 ext4: fix race between sync and completed io work
93ef854 ext4: clean up the flags passed to __blockdev_direct_IO
58884c4 GFS2: make sure rgrps are up to date in func gfs2_blk2rgrpd
e7cc3ac dt: fix twl4030 for non-dt compile on x86
6aad1c3 GFS2: Eliminate sd_rindex_mutex
e4e449e gpiolib: Add comments explaining the _cansleep() WARN_ON()s
f13ebad ASoC: dapm: Show if widgets are forced in debugfs
25553ff gpio: gpiolib: Support for open source/emitter gpios
aca5ce1 gpio: gpiolib: Support for open drain/collector gpios
3d2ddfd Documentation: gpio: Add details of open-drain/source configuration
4273b79 fuse: O_DIRECT support for files
ac45d61 fuse: fix nlink after unlink
692c654 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Fix noise issue while SSR
134d12f ARM: OMAP: fix iommu, not mailbox
e21af48 ALSA: hda - fix broken automute/autoswitch for Realtek
8832b23 WLAN: WCN1314: Add API to enable/disable interrupts from chip.
91982b5 drm/gma500: Fix Cedarview boot failures in 3.3-rc
d010b33 perf: Add callback to flush branch_stack on context switch
2481c5f perf: Disable PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_* when not supported
3e702ff perf/x86: Add LBR software filter support for Intel CPUs
60ce0fb perf/x86: Implement PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH for Intel CPUs
88c9a65 perf/x86: Disable LBR support for older Intel Atom processors
c5cc2cd perf/x86: Add Intel LBR mappings for PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH filters
ff3fb51 perf/x86: Sync branch stack sampling with precise_sampling
b36817e perf/x86: Add Intel LBR sharing logic
225ce53 perf/x86: Add Intel LBR MSR definitions
bce38cd perf: Add generic taken branch sampling support
db05828 ALSA: ice1724 - constrain runtime rates for locked internal rate
8ccd16e wl12xx: print the tx packet len
e9ba715 wl12xx: avoid bug_on_recovery during fw switch
6667776 wl12xx: configure the correct beacon_interval
97fd311 wl12xx: don't allow scanning while device is in ROC
121af04 wl12xx: don't handle change_channel while associated
249e969 wl12xx: set correct vif type in change_interface callback
b32b2b0 wl12xx: increment session_counter for device role as well
9fd6f21 wl12xx: set authorized AP on sta_state notification
2d6cf2b wl12xx: implement sta_state callback
8a6a84a wl12xx: consider bss_conf->idle instead of hw->conf.flags
349345a wl12xx: don't start dev role on ibss vifs
ff2a661 perf annotate: Add missing newline on error message
824ac0e perf annotate: Fix help string on tui
142cfbd perf annotate: Restore title when came back to original symbol
ef7c537 perf annotate: Handle lower case key code in annotate_browser__run()
58e817d perf annotate: Print asm code as blue when source code is displayed
67cbbd7 perf tools: Add descriptions of missing Makefile arguments
41c21a6 perf evlist: Restore original errno after open failed
4e70daa tpm_tis: fix tis_lock with respect to RCU
a59cb29 KVM: x86: increase recommended max vcpus to 160
df156f9 x86: Introduce x86_cpuinit.early_percpu_clock_init hook
242ec97 KVM: x86: reset edge sense circuit of i8259 on init
d2a1b48 KVM: PPC: Add HPT preallocator
b7f5d01 KVM: PPC: Initialize linears with zeros
b4e7061 KVM: PPC: Convert RMA allocation into generic code
9cf7c0e KVM: PPC: E500: Fail init when not on e500v2
9d4cba7 KVM: Move gfn_to_memslot() to kvm_host.h
1a18a69 KVM: x86 emulator: reject SYSENTER in compatibility mode on AMD guests
a52315e KVM: Don't mistreat edge-triggered INIT IPI as INIT de-assert. (LAPIC)
b93a355 KVM: fix error handling for out of range irq
e235885 KVM: SVM: comment nested paging and virtualization module parameters
e4b35cc KVM: MMU: Remove unused kvm parameter from rmap_next()
9373e2c KVM: MMU: Remove unused kvm parameter from __gfn_to_rmap()
3ea8b75 KVM: MMU: Remove unused kvm_pte_chain
2adb5ad KVM: x86 emulator: Remove byte-sized MOVSX/MOVZX hack
28867ce KVM: x86 emulator: add 8-bit memory operands
54f6579 KVM: PPC: refer to paravirt docs in header file
b3c5d3c KVM: PPC: Rename MMIO register identifiers
31f3438 KVM: PPC: Move kvm_vcpu_ioctl_[gs]et_one_reg down to platform-specific code
1022fc3 KVM: PPC: Add support for explicit HIOR setting
e24ed81 KVM: PPC: Add generic single register ioctls
6b75e6b KVM: PPC: Use the vcpu kmem_cache when allocating new VCPUs
d37b1a0 KVM: PPC: booke: Add booke206 TLB trace
82ed361 KVM: PPC: Book3s HV: Implement get_dirty_log using hardware changed bit
5551489 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Use the hardware referenced bit for kvm_age_hva
bad3b50 KVM: PPC: Book3s HV: Maintain separate guest and host views of R and C bits
a92bce9 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Keep HPTE locked when invalidating
03cdab5 KVM: PPC: Fix vcpu_create dereference before validity check.
4cf302b KVM: PPC: Allow for read-only pages backing a Book3S HV guest
a355aa5 KVM: Add barriers to allow mmu_notifier_retry to be used locklessly
342d3db KVM: PPC: Implement MMU notifiers for Book3S HV guests
697d389 KVM: PPC: Implement MMIO emulation support for Book3S HV guests
06ce2c6 KVM: PPC: Maintain a doubly-linked list of guest HPTEs for each gfn
9d0ef5ea KVM: PPC: Allow I/O mappings in memory slots
da9d1d7 KVM: PPC: Allow use of small pages to back Book3S HV guests
c77162d KVM: PPC: Only get pages when actually needed, not in prepare_memory_region()
075295d KVM: PPC: Make the H_ENTER hcall more reliable
93e6024 KVM: PPC: Add an interface for pinning guest pages in Book3s HV guests
b2b2f16 KVM: PPC: Keep page physical addresses in per-slot arrays
8936dda KVM: PPC: Keep a record of HV guest view of hashed page table entries
4e72dbe KVM: PPC: Make wakeups work again for Book3S HV guests
befdc0a KVM: PPC: Avoid patching paravirt template code
5701352 KVM: PPC: e500: use hardware hint when loading TLB0 entries
7b11dc9 KVM: PPC: e500: Fix TLBnCFG in KVM_CONFIG_TLB
e371f71 KVM: PPC: Book3S: PR: Fix signal check race
ae21216 KVM: PPC: align vcpu_kick with x86
468a12c KVM: PPC: Use get/set for to_svcpu to help preemption
d33ad32 KVM: PPC: Book3s: PR: No irq_disable in vcpu_run
7d82714 KVM: PPC: Book3s: PR: Disable preemption in vcpu_run
dfd4d47 KVM: PPC: booke: Improve timer register emulation
b590497 KVM: PPC: Paravirtualize SPRG4-7, ESR, PIR, MASn
940b45e KVM: PPC: booke: Paravirtualize wrtee
29ac26e KVM: PPC: booke: Fix int_pending calculation for MSR[EE] paravirt
c59a6a3 KVM: PPC: booke: Check for MSR[WE] in prepare_to_enter
25051b5 KVM: PPC: Move prepare_to_enter call site into subarch code
7e28e60 KVM: PPC: Rename deliver_interrupts to prepare_to_enter
1d1ef22 KVM: PPC: booke: check for signals in kvmppc_vcpu_run
7401f62 KVM: PPC: booke: Do Not start decrementer when SPRN_DEC set 0
dc2babf KVM: PPC: Fix DEC truncation for greater than 0xffff_ffff/1000
f920842 PPC: Fix race in mtmsr paravirt implementation
95325e6 KVM: PPC: E500: Support hugetlbfs
841741f KVM: PPC: e500: Don't hardcode PIR=0
303b7c9 KVM: PPC: e500: tlbsx: fix tlb0 esel
dc83b8b KVM: PPC: e500: MMU API
0164c0f KVM: PPC: e500: clear up confusion between host and guest entries
90b92a6 KVM: PPC: e500: Eliminate preempt_disable in local_sid_destroy_all
3bf3cdc KVM: PPC: e500: don't translate gfn to pfn with preemption disabled
59674c1 KVM: s390: provide access guest registers via kvm_run
5a32c1a KVM: s390: provide general purpose guest registers via kvm_run
60b413c KVM: s390: provide the prefix register via kvm_run
b9e5dc8 KVM: provide synchronous registers in kvm_run
8d26cf7 KVM: s390: rework code that sets the prefix
2b036c6 KVM: SVM: Add support for AMD's OSVW feature in guests
4a58ae6 KVM: MMU: unnecessary NX state assignment
3e6afcf KVM: s390: Fix return code for unknown ioctl numbers
1efd0f5 KVM: s390: ucontrol: announce capability for user controlled vms
3777594 KVM: s390: fix assumption for KVM_MAX_VCPUS
58f9460 KVM: s390: ucontrol: disable sca
ccc7910 KVM: s390: ucontrol: interface to inject faults on a vcpu page table
d6b6d16 KVM: s390: ucontrol: disable in-kernel irq stack
c0d744a KVM: s390: ucontrol: disable in-kernel handling of SIE intercepts
5b1c149 KVM: s390: ucontrol: export SIE control block to user
e168bf8 KVM: s390: ucontrol: export page faults to user
27e0393 KVM: s390: ucontrol: per vcpu address spaces
e08b963 KVM: s390: add parameter for KVM_CREATE_VM
a138fe7 KVM: MMU: remove the redundant get_written_sptes
6addd1a KVM: MMU: Add missing large page accounting to drop_large_spte()
37178b8 KVM: MMU: Remove for_each_unsync_children() macro
9452870 msm: acpuclock-7201: Remove support to update loops_per_jiffy
4adf9be regulator: Fix mask parameter in da9052_reg_update calls
1fe3327 diag: Increase itemsize of diag memory pool.
966e0cd drm: drop setting vm_file to filp
ba110d9 pinctrl: Show selected function and group in pinmux-pins debugfs
1e2082b pinctrl: enhance mapping table to support pin config operations
6e5e959 pinctrl: API changes to support multiple states per device
0e3db17 pinctrl: add usecount to pins for muxing
7ecdb16 pinctrl: refactor struct pinctrl handling in core.c vs pinmux.c
57b676f pinctrl: fix and simplify locking
10f1551 usb: gadget: storage: release superspeed descriptors.
1d6d304 usb: gadget: core: fix bug when removing gadget drivers
145cbad usb: gadget: storage: add superspeed support
b0c3e7f usb: gadget: fix typo for default U1/U2 exit latencies
834e066 usb: gadget: storage: fix mass storage gadgets to work with Synopsys UDC
7295baf USB: gadget: storage: remove alignment assumption
9e5eb17 usb: gadget: storage: adapt logic block size to bound block devices
26bba69 usb: gadget: epautoconf: do not change number of streams
fb5591e usb: gadget: udc-core: add "new-style" registration interface
0d0c240 usb: gadget: defer setting maxpacket till ->setup()
bc2aa11 usb: gadget: add SuperSpeed support to the Gadget Framework
3ba2890 usb: gadget: add max_speed to usb_composite_driver
081412d usb: gadget: add streams support to the gadget framework
5ef53d9 usb: gadget: coding style fix
31ac352 usb: gadget: use config_ep_by_speed() instead of ep_choose()
cf64ce4 usb: gadget: configure endpoint according to gadget speed
cf709c1 usb: gadget: add usb_endpoint_descriptor to struct usb_ep
d23607a usb: gadget: convert all users to the new udc infrastructure
883e0e3 HID: hid-input: allow array fields out of range
5177504 usb: gadget: introduce UDC Class
9bcc83f usb: ch9: add function defines from ch9, USB 3.0 spec
0be99a2 usb: Add module.h to various dwc3 drivers
f208a8f usb: dwc3: convert structures into bitshifts
b141b8c usb: dwc3: gadget: allow clock gating to work
b333f87 usb: dwc3: core: cache GHWPARAMS* registers
d8e9f2a usb: dwc3: add struct dwc3_hwparams
2aadc55 usb: dwc3: gadget: implement streams support
92366a9 usb: dwc3: gadget: add support for Bursts
4f5db5c usb: add usb_endpoint_maxp() macro
bba939f usb: dwc3: gadget: fix DMA offset calculation
4281539 usb: dwc3: gadget: make DWC3_EP_WEDGE do the right thing
df7a63d usb: dwc3: gadget: driver should not wait for RxFIFO to drain
a6544d0 usb: dwc3: gadget: fix DEPSTARTCFG for non-EP0 EPs
9342a6f usb: dwc: remove "All rights reserved" statement.
f8336a2 usb: dwc3: ep0: fix debug output
9b580c9 usb: dwc3: ep0: remove second giveback in error case
b55ee45 usb: dwc3: ep0: fix debug message
0788d7b usb: dwc3: ep0: ignore direction on 2-stage transfer
b7139d3 usb: dwc3: ep0: Make USB30CV happy with SetAddress
6edd5bd usb: dwc3: gadget: improve debug on link state change
29561f1 usb: dwc3: omap: set idle and standby modes
ecc99439 usb: dwc3: ep0: introduce ep0_expect_in flag
4454f03 usb: dwc3: ep0: giveback requests on stall_and_restart
d3ba9a9 usb: dwc3: gadget: drop the useless dma_sync_single* calls
d195b32 usb: dwc3: gadget: fix GCTL programming
e207db6 usb: dwc3: define ScaleDown macro helper
18b26f8 usb: dwc3: Fix definition of DWC3_GCTL_U2RSTECN
4ae8e1c usb: dwc3: gadget: do not map/unmap ZLP transfers
5248ed1 usb: dwc3: omap: fix IRQ handling
6e8585e usb: dwc3: omap: change IRQ name to dwc3-omap
8ff9be9 usb: dwc3: add module.h to dwc3-omap.c and core.c
6f33e1a usb: dwc3: omap: distinguish between SW and HW modes
201d9a0 usb: dwc3: omap: drop DEV_PM_OPS for now
c6aa993 usb: dwc3: omap: use the macro we already have
e4b3246 usb: dwc3: omap: do not enable DMA Disable Clear IRQ
c93695d usb: dwc3: omap: fix dev_dbg() calls
665b9c7 usb: dwc3: use ep0_next_event field
4f072fa usb: dwc3: core: add ep0_next_event field
aa7b4d0 usb: dwc3: drop EP0_STALL state
0054d11 usb: dwc3: ep0: clear all EP0 flags
c0478e0 usb: dwc3: ep0: fix Get Status handling
6062cac usb: dwc3: gadget: replace mdelay with udelay in the busy loop
b55db3b usb: dwc3: gadget: rework the dequeue on RESET & DISCONNECT
fe2b091 usb: dwc3: core: move the core check before soft reset
9665fdf usb: dwc3: debugfs: remove test mode interface
32e132e usb: dwc3: ep0: simplify EP0 state machine
edb4e77 usb: dwc3: core: add flag for EP0 direction
31d1e80 usb: dwc3: ep0: add handling for unaligned OUT transfers
64e9634 usb: dwc3: add a bounce buffer for control endpoints
6cd800e usb: dwc3: core: add defines for XferNotReady event on Control EPs
c7dbe4f usb: dwc3: gadget: improve command completion debug message
162e128 usb: dwc3: gadget: set request dma to invalid when unmapping
ff4e987 usb: dwc3: ep0: fix 'transfered' typo
7a769ec usb: dwc3: core: add missing @ for kerneldoc
e918b57 usb: dwc3: debugfs: add a kfree() on error to dwc3_testmode_open()
b31b612 usb: dwc3: gaget: clear DWC3_EP_WILL_SHUTDOWN bit
15623d7 usb: dwc3: gadget: use TRB type 6 for ISOC transfers
4df3977 usb: dwc3: gadget: reset resource index to zero
679dc46 usb: dwc3: gadget: fixing dequeue of TRBs
d9a09a2 usb: fix dwc3 build when USB_GADGET_DWC3 is not enabled
faea001 usb: include module.h in the DesignWare USB3 DRD driver
4dc64e5 usb: dwc3: Introduce DesignWare USB3 DRD Driver
348a4c2 usb: gadget: introduce gadget_is_dwc3()
d474186 IB/iser: Free IB connection resources in the proper place
901b044 x86/numa: Improve internode cache alignment
63bc7d8 8660: wlan: Always initialize regulators when WLAN is turned on
4716882 usb: ohci-pxa27x: add explicit include of hardware.h
f266530 msm: board-msm7x27a: Add SMD device for 8625 SURF
e3027e2 msm: 8625: Add support for 8625 SURF
f704860 ext4: try to deprecate noacl and noxattr_user mount options
a4b64fb rtnetlink: fix rtnl_calcit() and rtnl_dump_ifinfo()
c7198b9 ext4: ignore mount options supported by ext2/3 (but have since been removed)
709e1b5 bridge: message age needs to increase, not decrease.
aaca735 bridge: Adjust min age inc for HZ > 256
4c1dc80 vmxnet3: Fix log messages and corrects some typos
0b47150 tg3: Recode PCI MRRS adjustment as a PCI quirk
e19a82c ucc_geth: separate out rx/tx ring alloc and free operations
4b32da2 ppp: Replace uses of with
bf7daeb ppp: Move ioctl definitions from if_ppp.h to new ppp-ioctl.h
784db3f ppp: Change copyright notices from ANU to me
2fae5e3 tg3: Fix poor tx performance on 57766 after MTU change
6541b80 tg3: Add memory barriers to sync BD data
c441b45 tg3: Fix jumbo loopback test on 5719
66acdcf ext4: add debugging /proc file showing file system options
ae909ea m68knommu: factor more common ColdFire cpu reset code
645e533 m68knommu: make 528x CPU reset register addressing consistent
0b2a213 m68knommu: make 527x CPU reset register addressing consistent
320de7d m68knommu: make 523x CPU reset register addressing consistent
d894b89 m68knommu: factor some common ColdFire cpu reset code
5a916be ext4: make ext4_show_options() be table-driven
5483f18 vfs: move dentry_cmp from to fs/dcache.c
440f6ff m68knommu: move old ColdFire timers init from CPU init to timers code
c05793c m68knommu: clean up init code in ColdFire 532x startup
9773be5 m68knommu: clean up init code in ColdFire 528x startup
2ba168a m68knommu: clean up init code in ColdFire 523x startup
fa1fc24 m68knommu: merge common ColdFire QSPI platform setup code
ed8a279 m68knommu: make 532x QSPI platform addressing consistent
3b2039b m68knommu: make 528x QSPI platform addressing consistent
6c84a60 m68knommu: make 527x QSPI platform addressing consistent
2424f54 m68knommu: make 5249 QSPI platform addressing consistent
36d175a m68knommu: make 523x QSPI platform addressing consistent
a4e2e2a m68knommu: make 520x QSPI platform addressing consistent
b7ce7f0 m68knommu: merge common ColdFire FEC platform setup code
5046954 m68knommu: make 532x FEC platform addressing consistent
4f8f9fb m68knommu: make 528x FEC platform addressing consistent
308bfc1 m68knommu: make 527x FEC platform addressing consistent
9a11b493 m68knommu: make 5272 FEC platform addressing consistent
2163459 m68knommu: make 523x FEC platform addressing consistent
d4e0837 m68knommu: make 520x FEC platform addressing consistent
55148f6 m68knommu: merge common ColdFire UART IRQ setup
0d2fe94 m68knommu: merge common ColdFire UART platform setup code
b9a0c3f m68knommu: simplify the 54xx UART setup code
b77fb7f m68knommu: simplify the 5407 UART setup code
a75bc61 m68knommu: simplify the 532x UART setup code
7bdebba m68knommu: simplify the 5307 UART setup code
cae82a8 m68knommu: simplify the 528x UART setup code
1eb1391 m68knommu: simplify the 527x UART setup code
6b656e8 m68knommu: simplify the 5272 UART setup code
43d94b7 m68knommu: simplify the 5249 UART setup code
b92225c m68knommu: simplify the 520x UART setup code
a579748 m68knommu: simplify the 5206 UART setup code
bbbeeaf m68knommu: make 54xx UART platform addressing consistent
69d23b6 m68knommu: make 5407 UART platform addressing consistent
35b7cf2 m68knommu: make 532x UART platform addressing consistent
f8bb532 m68knommu: make 528x UART platform addressing consistent
909159f m68knommu: make 5307 UART platform addressing consistent
20e681f m68knommu: make 527x UART platform addressing consistent
023e055 m68knommu: make 5272 UART platform addressing consistent
e8f69e5 m68knommu: make 5249 UART platform addressing consistent
13682af m68knommu: make 523x UART platform addressing consistent
ffc203b m68knommu: make 520x UART platform addressing consistent
8400ca3 m68knommu: make 5206 UART platform addressing consistent
fde3944 m68k: merge the MMU and non-MMU versions of process.c
9657a87 m68k: make support for FPU hardware configurable
43dec91 m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of ptrace.c
397ac99 m68k: remove dead timer code
fa7f9e7 m68k: merge mmu and non-mmu versions of time.c
b6c58e8 m68knommu: remove unused CONFIG_GENERIC_CMOS_UPDATE option
35aefb2 m68knommu: modify timer init code to make it consistent with m68k code
9517746 m68knommu: make persistent clock code consistent with m68k
d3f033f m68knommu: remove reduntant definitions of _ramvec
f84f52a m68knommu: clean up linker script
10cb54d m68knommu: hard set the ColdFire MBAR register on startup
8cbd232 msm: kgsl: Check before resetting timestamps of 2D core to 0 on startup
6c03438 kernel.h: doesn't explicitly use bug.h, so don't include it.
35edd91 bug: consolidate BUILD_BUG_ON with other bug code
187f188 BUG: headers with BUG/BUG_ON etc. need linux/bug.h
b642631 PM / Domains: Fix include for PM_GENERIC_DOMAINS=n case
37f08be PM / Freezer: Remove references to TIF_FREEZE in comments
8671bbc PM / Sleep: Add more wakeup source initialization routines
05b4877 PM / Hibernate: Enable usermodehelpers in hibernate() error path
4782e16 PM / Sleep: Make __pm_stay_awake() delete wakeup source timers
da863cd PM / Sleep: Fix race conditions related to wakeup source timer function
d94aff8 PM / Sleep: Fix possible infinite loop during wakeup source destruction
f6a1ba6 ARM: tegra: Enable CPUIdle on Tegra20
4265cbf ARM: tegra: export usb phy symbols
249c517 ARM: tegra: build localtimer support only when needed
013df38 ARM: tegra: select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
fa3e44f Input: atmel-wm97xx - convert to dev_pm_ops
0c0c440 Input: atmel-wm97xx - set driver owner
e3ae3525 Input: add cyttsp touchscreen maintainer entry
aaa60fa Input: cyttsp - remove useless checks in cyttsp_probe()
8c690fd ARM: dt: Explicitly configure all serial ports on Tegra Cardhu
aa87512 Input: usbtouchscreen - add support for Data Modul EasyTouch TP 72037
96d6714 ASoC: DT: Add digital microphone binding to PAZ00 board.
583553b ARM: dt: Add ARM PMU to tegra*.dtsi
c5444f3 ARM: tegra: match SoC name not board name in DT board files
adb7950 percpu: fix __this_cpu_{sub,inc,dec}_return() definition
e774747 mmc: core: Fixup suspend/resume issues for UHS-I cards
8f7f6b7 mmc: mmci: reduce max_blk_count to avoid overflowing max_req_size
5b6b0ad mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: fix for mmc cards on i.MX5
c84f15a mmc: core: fix regression: set default clock gating delay to 0
24e1511 MAINTAINERS: hand over atmel-mci (sd/mmc interface)
f0c5f65 Input: add support for OnKey module for DA9052/53 PMIC
1b8be32 Input: add support for TI Touchscreen controller
cb053de msm: scm: Add a 4 input 2 output atomic command
ad20ff9 ASoC: wm8753: fix initialization
b2ccf06 ASoC: neo1973: fix neo1973 wm8753 initialization
2466ab9 ASoC: core: Split the union for CODEC/platform in the DAI
4bdd479 ASoC: sgtl5000: rename device tree binding document
15ca1b1 ASoC: imx: move SND_SOC_AC97_BUS selection down to machine driver
9a3a101 ASoC: imx: initialize dma_params burstsize just in imx-ssi
57701f7 msm: camera: Fix camera devices disable sequence
91dc1be viafb: LCD bpp cleanup
9d8ae5c rpmsg: fix build warning when dma_addr_t is 64-bit
6828886 msm_fb: display: add overlay1 writeback enable and disable
4d0d258 msm: 8064: Enable XO driver
6c3b37b Input: atmel-mxt_ts: Support firmware upgrade in bootloader mode
2adf6da ext4: move ext4_show_options() after parse_options()
26092bf ext4: use a table-driven handler for mount options
1defde2 ASoC: wm8994: Factor out WM1811A detection mode setting
28e3326 ASoC: wm8994: Don't bother updating the jackdet mode needlessly
afaf159 ASoC: wm8994: Disable JACKDET when disabling detecton
7d464b2 ASoC: wm8994: Make sure we sync DAPM on WM8958 detection mode changes
67109cb ASoC: wm_hubs: Disable cache of the DC servo calibration for WM1811
b16db74 ASoC: wm8994: Suppress noop updates of FLL K
2bc16ed ASoC: wm8994: Push wm8994 private data allocation out into device probe
192cfd5 Linux 3.3-rc6
e37aade x86, memblock: Move mem_hole_size() to .init
72578c3 ext4: unify handling of mount options which have been removed
39ef17f ext4: simplify handling of the errors=* mount options
664c5f1 udlfb: Add module_param to allow forcing pixel_limit
b49f184 udlfb: Make sure to get correct endian keys from vendor descriptor
2556cd8 mdio.h: Include linux/types.h
c0638c2 tcp: don't fragment SACKed skbs in tcp_mark_head_lost()
ea5f4db block, sx8: fix pointer math issue getting fw version
4e3a631f defconfig: automatic update
d8a1993 can: usb: PEAK-System Technik PCAN-USB Pro specific part
46be265 can: usb: PEAK-System Technik PCAN-USB specific part
bb47855 can: usb: PEAK-System Technik USB adapters driver core
2b61972 can: sja1000: add support for PEAK-System PCMCIA card
e6d9c80 can: peak_pci: add support of some new PEAK-System PCI cards
224223a can: cc770: linux/can/dev.h included twice
33499df ARM i.MX 3ds debugboard: register a dummy regulator for the smsc911x device
7dc3a6a ARM i.MX pcm037: register a dummy regulator for the smsc911x device
613330a regulator: provide a helper for registering a fixed regulator
f541fb7 dccp: fix bug in sequence number validation during connection setup
793734b dccp ccid-3: replace incorrect BUG_ON
938e00f msm: kgsl: Add support for adreno203 in msm8x25
bc76efe perf tools: Handle kernels that don't support attr.exclude_{guest,host}
8f54ed4 perf tools: Change perf_guest default back to false
6e557a6 perf record: No build id option fails
80af9e6 pcmcia at91_cf: fix raw gpio number usage
f24fa8a ARM: pxa: fix error handling in pxa2xx_drv_pcmcia_probe
2b2c5d8 pcmcia: Convert to DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE
5d95f8e pcmcia: convert drivers/pcmcia/* to use module_platform_driver()
d571c79 pcmcia: irq: Remove IRQF_DISABLED
f166033 cpupower tools: add install target to the debug tools' makefiles
7490ca1 cpupower tools: allow to build debug tools in a separate directory too
62d5a67 cpupower: Fix broken mask values
68bb2c3 cpupower tool: allow to build in a separate directory
3827150 cpupower tool: makefile: simplify the recipe used to generate cpupower.pot target
cf0213f cpupower tool: remove use of undefined variables from the clean target of the top makefile
f2a00bb cpupower: Fix linking with --as-needed
e0c6082 cpupower: Remove unneeded code and by that fix a memleak
0b37ee6 cpupower: Fix number of idle states
e03bd1a cpupower: Unify cpupower-frequency-* manpages
e7d85a9 cpupower: Add cpupower-idle-info manpage
f642089 cpupower: AMD fam14h/Ontario monitor can also be used by fam12h cpus
568a899 cpupower: Better interface for accessing AMD pci registers
a175423 Btrfs: fix casting error in scrub reada code
d3b0106 btrfs: fix locking issues in find_parent_nodes()
4c7ccb3 msm_fb: display: Use FIR (QSEED) for upscaling.
d750d74 msm: acpuclock-8960: Update Krait frequency/voltage data for 8064
ae942ae vfs: export full_name_hash() function to modules
4bb6ead msm: camera: send error to HAL if daemon crashed
fb1cce9 msm: smd: add smd device for 8625
766f87a msm: vidc: Enable CP for 8660
966922b msm: clock-8x60: Add IOMMU clock aliases for the video driver
2b88f2d net: dcb: getnumtcs()/setnumtcs() should return an int
89d27a3 ixgbe: dcb: check setup_tc return codes
6f66342 e100: Show short v/s long rx length errors in ethtool stats.
d24d65e e100: Fix rx-over-length statistics.
38eac1a msm_fb: display: set max clk level when more than 2 pipes used
c246a1b msm_fb: display: perform bus scaling updates when idle
41f8579 gpu: ion: Add API to do cache operations
79e9ffa gpu: ion: Do not allow cached IOMMU mappings.
0a1dfa3 vidc: Enable error concealment in video core
11926c9 of: of_spmi: Change name of spmi-dev-container
115cf65 msm: Add QPNP interrupt support
1ec41a3 staging: ozwpan: remove debug allocator
023d25c msm: smd: Refactor 8960 family targets to use platform data
5a55b4a msm: smd: Update processor ID names
b772644 msm: smsm: Update subsystem restart SMSM interrupts
7ad623a msm: smd: Add interrupt debugging support
98c6c64 msm: smd: Add logging for power analysis
65a7d43 msm: smd: Remove spurious DATA notification
cce6daf msm: smd_pkt: Remove hard-coded PIL names
a53cf23 msm: smd_tty: Remove hard-coded PIL names
17992c1 msm: smd: Add edge-to-subsystem lookup call
73d4546 msm: smd: Move legacy targets configuration out of else
cc55bb0 Staging: bcm: fix possible memory leak of 'pstAddIndication' in CmHost.c and removes a whitespace
07b99cf Staging: rtl8712/rtl8192u: move USB device ID within staging drivers.
5347170 Staging rtl8712: Remove double USB device IDs
5f95373 staging: iio: Convert platform_drivers to use module_platform_driver
0f1acee staging: iio: core: Avoid NULL pointer de-ref in case indio_dev->setup_ops are not in use
e553f18 staging: iio: core: Introduce debugfs support, add support for direct register access
4abf6f8 drivers:staging:iio Fix typos and comments in staging iio.
92a6253 Staging: ozwpan: prevent bogus dereference
f2e3326 staging: ozwpan: added TODO file.
b222258 misc: bmp085: Use unsigned long to store jiffies
5f0b3f9 usb: otg: ab8500-usb: make probe() work again
85b4b3c usb: gadgetfs: return number of bytes on ep0 read request
60b9bd8 usb: ohci-pxa27x: add explicit include of hardware.h
371f3b4 usb/core: remove "always" from usb_unlink_urb() kernel doc entry
2a5be87 Allocate correct size (portably) in drivers/usb/gadget/f_midi.c::f_midi_bind()
b1443ac0e usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: signedness bug in transfer()
6ef1a92 usb: sl811-hcd: Convert to module_platform_driver
4279148 usb: r8a66597-hcd: Convert to module_platform_driver
2e8d3fe usb: isp116x-hcd: Convert to module_platform_driver
b1116dc usb: dwc3: core: Convert to module_platform_driver
a5360a5 usb: cp210x: Update to support CP2105 and multiple interface devices
9c5028e r8169: corrupted IP fragments fix for large mtu.
7191940 Revert "powerpc/usb: fix issue of CPU halt when missing USB PHY clock"
3017087 msm: display: Fix video bandwidth values for WUXGA display
3f2010b packetengines: fix config default
8c3d7c3 ARM: S3C24XX: Move s3c2443-clock.c to mach-s3c24xx
8fe2ff7 ARM: s3c2410_defconfig: update s3c2410_defconfig
84c028b ARM: S3C2443: move mach-s3c2443/* into mach-s3c24xx/
dd6f01b ARM: S3C2440: move mach-s3c2440/* into mach-s3c24xx/
26febf8 ARM: S3C2416: move mach-s3c2416/* into mach-s3c24xx/
74fe619 Bluetooth: Don't force DISCOVERY_STOPPED state in inquiry_cache_flush
85e2a26 ARM: S3C2412: