project android/
97b8834 manifest: remove mm-dash

project device/oneplus/oneplus3/

project frameworks/av/
8b1c52e CameraSource: Just let it record if Legacy Hal
e85d953 Revert "SEEMP: add framework instrumentation"
9cb09ae frameworks/av: Fix video recording breaks
b5eb737 video: Use boot clock for recording start time
ee74ec3 soundtrigger: fix memory corruption
63ac33d audioflinger: Fix audio for WifiDisplay
1b62c8e libaudiopolicyservice: make legacy build with Werror
71519a6 audiopolicy: Remove duplicated AUDIO_FEATURE_ENABLED_PROXY_DEVICE flag
bb6dfe5 frameworks/av: Don't override LOCAL_CFLAGS
1607bf8 OMXNodeInstance: More legacy HAL1 fixes after merge of android-7.1.0_r7
86dd0f5 OMXNodeInstance: Fix legacy HAL1 after merge of android-7.1.0_r7
bd65251 libstagefright: fix camera/encoder for targets that using native handle source
a1bf2a5 libstagefright: Support for legacy camera/encoder buffers
82677bc frameworks/av: Use project pathmap
3244a80 avextensions: Fix build for non QCOM
3331fa0 avextensions: Fill in QC feature support (part 1)
63acea4 stagefright: Trivial FFMPEG fixes
207e20b ffmpeg: Avoid QCOM-specific identifier
ed6d669 camera: Disable extra HDR frame on QCOM_HARDWARE
8ba6df9 stagefright: Disable spammy debugging
10da912 stagefright: Explicitly handle ALAC files
7926816 mediascanner: Accept .opus file extension.
36495bd soundtrigger: fill in default extras from dsp
cdf2c95 av: "ACodec: update native window crop rectangle" depends on QCOM
dfd680e stagefright: Add deferred release option
0a336ab stagefright: Copy the thumbnail time
08967ee audiopolicy: Set sane defaults for QC audio features
528cd05 nuplayer: Avoid crash when codec fails to load
9cf7e82 stagefright: Finish "Port AOSP fixes"
5296f43 StagefrightRecorder: Add support for WAVE recording
5525d74 stagefright: Fix some aac file cannot be played back
2cb22e1 libstagefright: Extended media support via FFMPEG
bdb51af stagefright: Improve FLAC and WAV support for 24-bit
710e39f audiopolicy: Use audio_session_t consistently for AudioSessionInfo
0e8b4f6 audiopolicy: Constrain session events to music streams
94fd849 stagefright: Fix HEVC in MKV for most clips
daca91f audiopolicy: Add AudioSessionInfo API
6ae1ceb stagefright: Support MP3 in MPEG4 containers
06a7fc9 stagefright: Add support for loading a custom OMXPlugin
bda6c9c cameraservice: allow devices to disable flash support
652b555 camera/media: Support for legacy camera HALv1
99c0146 libcameraservice: Don't pass NULL args on setCallbacks call
d9fe254 stagefright: omx: Don't signal dataspace change on legacy QCOM
1be5ded libstagefright: Add support for NV21 color format
ca8820a camera: Better fix for janky metadata issue
3d76dc2 camera: add ability for a device to specify MAX_CAMERAS
4ed8c36 camera: Workaround for GCC-compiled HAL3 drivers
029a676 omx: Improve debug messages for null buffers
057ebb0 camera: Allow devices to load custom CameraParameter code
18b7ea7 audiopolicy: fix compiling for legacy audio
13d41eb libstagefright: squash exynos4 support
02fd0a6 stagefright: fix finding hardware codec
7cccae7 libcameraservice: add missing check for entry count
c2957b7 MtpServer: Fix concurrent access to mStorages
ea1e9f9 Screenshots info is not updated when device is plugged in MTP mode
d8c38ab MTP: Fix crash when no storages are available
e4aa0c9 av: Add support for loading audio_effects_vendor.conf
b9d86fd libstagefright: Make it possible to skip OMX buffer reallocation
b8761cb mediascanner: handle DATE tag
1b5ad87 libstagefright: Support YVU420SemiPlanar camera format
54b14fc camera: Don't segfault if we get a NULL parameter
f3a8c6d camera: allow device to append camera parameters
849d65e audiopolicy: Handle legacy startOutput on output command thread too
9a7f886 audioflinger: Don't do float conversion in upmix/downmix for legacy ALSA
868fd4e audiopolicy: squashed support for pre-kitkat audio blobs
7e9c90d pre-kitkat audio policy blobs re-activated.
16bae20 audio: Don't update the audio_output flag with track flags
570a4fd Compilation fix: N-MR1 merge.
aa27bc8 Revert "MPEG4Writer: Handle writing multiple NAL units in a video sample".
d73b993 Revert "stagefright: ACodec: Enable temporal layered encoding".
2590528 Revert "NuPlayer: drop temporal-layers to achieve smooth fast-play".
ceeb991 Revert "stagefright: Enhance MPEG4 writer/extractor to store/retrieve layer info".
b47805e Revert "stagefright: Enable layered encoding for HFR".
b6465e8 Revert "MPEG4Writer: Handle writing multiple NAL units in a video sample"
9c666f4 Revert "stagefright: ACodec: Enable temporal layered encoding"
e668290 Revert "NuPlayer: drop temporal-layers to achieve smooth fast-play"
55d4163 Revert "stagefright: Enhance MPEG4 writer/extractor to store/retrieve layer info"
9fb7f40 Revert "stagefright: Enable layered encoding for HFR"
6e04afc CameraService: Allow HAL to handle video buffer duped FD's.
c8c9dd5 IOMX: do not clear buffer if it's allocated by component.
cb06250 IOMX: allow configuration after going to loaded state.
823ec9e IOMX: do not convert ANWB to gralloc source in emptyBuffer.
f4ce5a2 SoundTrigger: get service by value
5d2ad7c Radio: get service by value
f03d82f SampleIterator: clear members on seekTo error.
2523206 DO NOT MERGE: IOMX: work against metadata buffer spoofing.
57536a8 Fix stack content leak vulnerability in mediaserver.
9bb1026 Fix potential overflow in Visualizer effect.
c181f8e OMXNodeInstance: sanity check portIndex
cc1255e Fix free-after-use for MediaHTTP.
10f8940 Check mprotect result.
7b791d5 Limit mp4 atom size to something reasonable.
b6cce4a Merge DAX changes
cd0cde4 IOMX: do not clear buffer if it's allocated by component
823404e IOMX: allow configuration after going to loaded state
e71a95c IOMX: do not convert ANWB to gralloc source in emptyBuffer
d61fded SoundTrigger: get service by value.
a8497d0 Radio: get service by value.
5bbd983 SampleIterator: clear members on seekTo error
bbe4711 StagefrightRecorder: add null check for recording source
d6ba47c AudioFlinger: increase size of client heap
27e3ab8 AudioTrack: Don't tear down sink for invalid offload track
b5e0b4e DO NOT MERGE: IOMX: work against metadata buffer spoofing
a2ab66e Fix stack content leak vulnerability in mediaserver
eaf6edd Fix potential overflow in Visualizer effect
850c46b OMXNodeInstance: sanity check portIndex.
e16e4d8 Fix free-after-use for MediaHTTP
c1a27ea Check mprotect result
37bb90a Limit mp4 atom size to something reasonable
5aa77fa audio: Disable a2dp support on FM active
8e91ae1 audio: prohibit track reusing if effect chain moves
8d92479 audioflinger: fix for playback paused during track transition
2eb769e stagefright: ACodec: Selectively call VQZIP Info
3e90446 libstagefright: omx: Prevent assertion due to state mismatches
6fd65d8 MediaPlayerService: Clear the vector holding tracks
22b5392 CameraService: Allow HAL to handle video buffer duped FD's.
a73342b MediaPlayerService: Fix binder dereference while connecting to media services
397691f Merge DAX changes
4d5e584 audiopolicy: Add support for 384kHz audio playback
7566651 MediaPlayerService: allow next player to be NULL
c4a2be2 MediaPlayerService: avoid invalid static cast
deef247 Fix build breakage caused by commit 940829f69b52d6038db66a9c727534636ecc456d.
c8d25ba SoftMPEG4: Check the buffer size before writing the reference frame.
098e43c better validation lengths of strings in ID3 tags
4a8fe81 Add EFFECT_CMD_SET_PARAM parameter checking
841f610 soundtrigger: add size check on sound model and recogntion data
eae5335 Revert "mediacodec: minijail: Enable exporting of policy files"
d35e664 libstagefright: call release encoder instead of signalEOS
69e245e APM: Avoid invalidation of music stream if not required.
b1d0f3c Revert "audioflinger: don't call flush/resume if track is removed"
884d6e2 NuPlayer: cancel pauseTimeout when tearing down offload
7aa2ae7 Stagefright: avc_utils: handle invalid sample aspect ratio
d049e94 stagefright: ACodec: Handle temporal layered encoding error
37e5290 libmedia: correct latency computing of AudioRecord
b08efcd Add bound checks to utf16_to_utf8
57289e1 libstagefright: Call encoder release first
2d5bd30 Add bound checks to utf16_to_utf8
0571b38 mediacodec: minijail: Enable exporting of policy files
1db7192 libstagefright: Call encoder release first
60dc41e Stagefright: Addition of DS capability
f65ac94 stagefright: Enable layered encoding for HFR
7b278d7 Revert "Revert "mediacodec: minijail: disable exporting policy files""
e801e12 DO NOT MERGE - stagefright: fix integer overflow error
25df135 Impose a size bound for dynamically allocated tables in stbl.
0528ae5 fix build
c923eb3 SoftVPX: fix nFilledLen overflow
0fe1837 Fix build
cdc643d Fix build
d84db30 SoftMP3: memset safely
c441929 stagefright: fix possible stack overflow in AVCC reassemble
4c749df omx: prevent input port enable/disable for software codecs
fd8cb9b Fix corruption via buffer overflow in mediaserver
6332552 audioflinger: don't call flush/resume if track is removed
35cbc3d audio: add support to return unreleased frames
3473280 MediaRecorderClient: Fix binder dereference while connecting to camera
5d4197d MediaRecorder: Handle 24-hour timelapse duration
063c96d Camera3: don't let dequeueBuffer block indefinitely
ab58457 Revert "mediacodec: minijail: disable exporting policy files"
9c41985 audiopolicy: Avoid spurious routing in APM::stopSource
eb24cbb NuPlayer: drop temporal-layers to achieve smooth fast-play
b226439 stagefright: Enhance MPEG4 writer/extractor to store/retrieve layer info
ab72e65 MPEG4Writer: Handle writing multiple NAL units in a video sample
1698508 stagefright: ACodec: Enable temporal layered encoding
f1138c9 frameworks/av: Add support for DSD offload playback.
269f128 Camera3: don't let dequeueBuffer block indefinitely
2e9400f libstagefright: Add error handling in mediacodecsource
bce5cca libstagefright: Handling SSR/Hardware error in Camcorder

project frameworks/base/
7fa0423 SystemUI: squashed update of battery styles
0b8817f Fix battery text gap issue
3ced274 Always show battery percentage when charging
2413b14 SystemUI: Expose switch bar title
b4268c7 Enable NSRM (Network Socket Request Manager).
cab3492 NLP Combo feature
ce657fd SystemUI: tuner: Remove battery preference
affcd73 Battery: correctly colorize the "!" critical level percentage text
f7afa4b Themes: Expose QS battery
c4c2cf8 OMS: Introduce MODIFY_OVERLAYS permission for user apps
6d7a0d1 Battery icon: fix getDrawable for new Android API
3bd17fa4 OMS themes: prevent potential SysUI fc if no valid battery res
e9ddaf0 Battery styles: bring in latest upstream changes
a99edae Circle battery inside icon percentage: eyes saver size
1e6257e Adjust the battery text to a sane level
e04ca6b Adjust QS battery tile padding from 2dp to 0dp
8b33aa0 [1/3]frameworks/base: add "Accept all files" option for incoming files via BT
285b64f Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
58897d8 telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid
50b791c Telephony: Add getLteOnGsmMode() method (1/2)
d8d2eb6 Forward port Samsung STK support (frameworks/base)
1f91256 SystemUI: Use own drawables for QS expand icon
9ca1729 Themes: Allow Permission Icons to be fully themed
73ef687 Themes: Allow Immersive cling colors to be fully themed
6fcd88c Themes: Expose resolver hardcoded colors
75902ca Themes: Make resolver list fully themeable
5014ed4 Themes: Expose various QuickSettings text colors
2c68057 Themes: Expose nav bar tuner colors
3e8d0b0 SystemUI: Expose QS edit item decoration background color
e163576 Themes: Allow Navbar ripple color to be themed
216b218 Allow custom alpha for notification shade bg color
af51cd5 Ambient notification inversion compatible with OMS7 (2/2)
74dc3cb Allow prevention of doze notification color inversion
0030064 Notification dynamic colors bool compatible with OMS7 (2/2)
5105723 Notifications: Expose a bool to disable dynamic colors
a506028 OMS7-N: ApplicationsState: add filter for Substratum icon overlays [1/2]
cdc5d61 N-Extras: Add dynamic theme fonts support
8d7785c OMS7-N: ApplicationsState: add filter for Substratum overlays [1/2]
8781131 N-Extras: AudioService: Allow system effect sounds to be themed
c03e203 N-Extras: Add dynamic theme BootAnimation support
023bf2e OMS7-N: Implement multi-target enable/disable and disable-all [11/11]
2027f19 OMS7-N: Do not enforce code policy limiting overlay installation [10/11]
6820a02 OMS7-N: Persistence on boot through OverlayManagerServiceImpl [9/11]
97e969d OMS7-N: Disable Zygote preloaded drawables [8/11]
1d6a510 OMS7-N: installd: add command 'rmidmap' [7/11]
10e3a23 OMS7-N: Fix memory leak during idmap creation [6/11]
b81f940 OMS7-N: idmap: suppress print for padded resources [5/11]
6491aef OMS7-N: Set EXTRA_REPLACING correctly in ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED [4/11]
b034095 OMS7-N: Integrate OverlayManagerService into framework [3/11]
2f2b1ef OMS7-N: Introduce the OverlayManagerService [2/11]
4f11c07 OMS7-N: Support tagging resources as OK to overlay [1/11]
7102ca5 Battery tile: allow to disable custom battery style [1/2]
255808d aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)
0ba23e0 aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s
bd22d15 aapt: Use a std::map instead of a SortedVector
f47fb9d aapt: Speed up the style pruning
27ce3e4 androidfw: Allow package ID to be overriden at runtime
f2c8941 Sync battery tile icon with statusbar
dfb43fb Battery icon: allow to set a custom charging color [1/2]
a80afb8 Circle and landscape battery perc inside the icon: use bigger text
6e08fa1 Few improvements to battery styles
31be138 Battery tile bolt/text should not be clear
159ced0 Fix battery text scaling issue
ad8589c battery: fix battery percent on lockscreen
151bf0b SysUI: Use VectorDrawable's for rendering battery
499ff2a SystemUI: Implement hidden and text battery styles
39d4b5c SystemUI: Implement battery level text customisations
23616e5 oneplus: Basic function porting.
05bc3a2 lights: Make sure the lights are out
b414063 systemui: Fix a few issues with Tuner
318ff6a systemui: Enable navbar tuner
edc34bc frameworks/base: Support for third party NFC features and extensions
2b5f880 allow forcing HighEndGfx mode
50c833a Fix for Deep Sleep [1/2]
69fd9b6 power: safely convert int to void *
6cacf18 perf: Per-app performance profiles
b707acd SystemUI: add quick settings pull down with one finger
ed69f56 Settings: Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks (1/2)
7e9faca base: add wake buttons (squashed)
6376928 Extended Powermenu (Squashed)
d2c7db1 Add an option to change the device hostname (1/2).
dafe817 add am_pm statusbar clock choice to toolbox
44e93f3 Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
812a2c4 frameworks: Add inital Evervolv Toolbox setting.
6606550 bootanimation: Do not free frame map
ab20f38 bootanimation_main: Disable boot animation when device is triggered by alarm
61a64d8 bootanimation: performance/speedup enhancements (squashed from CM11)
fb05fa1 Bootanimation: Fix the low memory device oom when run boot animation
2db6d63 framework/base: Create surface based on the panel orientation.
93f1a4a bootanim: Add continuous splash support
7eb2c96 Revert "camera2-legacy: Workaround max jpeg/preview size AR mismatch"
6a98733 display: Fix crash when no display modes present on HWC2
00447606 camera: Tolerate errors in getHorizontal/VerticalViewAngle
4d7fa63 BT: Set persiste Bluetooth State during enable timeout case
2bf9993 Bluetooth: Fix broadcast receiver leak issue
6edf2ec Bluetooth: Ignore second connect request
309518d BT: Limiting the thread lock to critical part of state update
75417ab pm: Use /system/bin/sh instead of /bin/sh
3e2ca21 systemui: fix NPE when opening now on tap
13ff421 Add support for Samsung extended AGPS
03d5189 Fix random crash in libhwui
88aee8b sensors: Create bool to select what timestamp to use
bd7237b Allow sending vendor- or device-specific commands to the camera HAL.
2fe3584 SystemUI: fix MediaProjection cast crash
40c558c Camera: Don't throw exceptions when value pairs have spaces in them
e04adbb Reintroduce button-backlight (and respective inactivity timeout)

project frameworks/native/
736c810 OMS-N: installd: add command 'rmidmap'
0d37c9e Revert "Revert "DispSync: workaround HH hardware vsync issue""
dd83a3e surfaceflinger: hwc1: Fix hwrotation
c462b4b libgui: fix test after compatibility patches
46a99a4 libgui: squashed update for readding ICS and JB_MR0 support
cddac8f libgui: Add pre-MR2-compatible symbol for setPosition
15690b6 binder: MemoryHeapIon: fix unused parameters
cbfeed1 binder: Squashed commit of MemoryHeapBaseIon
77bbc19 Revert "get rid of MemoryHeapPmem"
154ee89 binder: Don't include the compat symbols on arm64 binaries
56c78d2 Revert "Revert "Second try at adding a compatibility symbol for the MemoryBase constructor.""
151cf6d DisplayDevice: Backwards compatibility with old EGL
c8bbc18 sensor: Allow devices to skip the permission request
3771fa4 libgui: Don't assign handle to NULL after free is common
d37f8a9 libgui: Don't assign handle to NULL after free
ce601ea Support WAKE flag in keyboard layouts
fa76235 Fix for landscape thumbnail images on GLES11RenderEngine
d2d69c9 surfaceflinger: odd hw rotation (90/270) patch for swapping width/height
edb2fc6 sensorservice: Fix init sequence for pre-1.1 API sensor HALs
4c3cbfd Fix boot animation rotation problem when ro.sf.hwrotation is set to 90 or 270
5d166e2 surfaceflinger: Reimplement hwrotation
0b0a378 RenderEngine: remove warning "using EGL_IMG_context_priority"
0c8b7d8 libEGL: allow devices to workaround Google bug 10194508
5ad6d11 Revert "egl: Remove old tuna BGRA vs RGBA workaround."
81cb5dc exynos4: getphys implementation on buffermanager for samsung omx
bbe877f native: Restore VM memory overrides
e0a1a24 Add dalvik heap override for xxxhdpi phone
f925561 Add HWUI overrides for xxxhdpi phone

project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/

project hardware/qcom/bt-caf/

project hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8996/

project hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8996/

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/

project vendor/ev/
638a117 ev: update tools and cleanup common configs
3b29833 ev: Remove Chromium
38939ef Fix message when a command times out. The previous version printed out the nanoseconds elapsed, not seconds.
3619f3b Accept socket connection before tracing.
0896686 Make dumpstate vibrate immediately.
02410d3 Use time() instead of clock() for timeouts.
90d0880 Always #include , not .
9db4af4 dumplogcat: fix up for lollipop
af4c860 dumplogcat: add the ability to pull correct last_kmsg
db231f3 dumplogcat: a mini dumpstate module

project vendor/nxp-nfc/opensource/Nfc/

project vendor/nxp-nfc/opensource/frameworks/

project vendor/nxp-nfc/opensource/libnfc-nci/

project vendor/oneplus/

project vendor/qcom/binaries/