project android/
17261ac manifest: Masquerade -> ThemeInterfacer

project frameworks/av/
c5f24d4 fix up from mismerge

project frameworks/base/
9c552b7 Revert "Add a protected broadcast for Masquerade events"
8bf0a8a base: Force authorize all calling packages by Masquerade (2/3)
bb94700 FWB: Give power dialogs own set of volume icons for themes
05ce9b3 OMS: Add hide annotation to MODIFY_OVERLAYS permission
4abab6d OMS7: Rootless Security Update Preparation for March 2017
160a831 Add a protected broadcast for Masquerade events

project packages/apps/Settings/
48e76df Development: Allow all Masquerade calling packages for debugging (3/3)

project packages/apps/ThemeInterfacer/

project system/core/
849e01e Create "theme extras" directory

project system/sepolicy/
38d7664 Welcome to Theme Interfacer! [2/2]
c5166e6 sepolicy: Redo masquerade rules
0063694 sepolicy: Fix application of bootanimation
90252de sepolicy: allow masquerade to read and write theme assets
3d30694 sepolicy: rename masquerade domain and allow JobService in system_server
a7988b2 initial policy edits for masquerade to operate rootless
33012e6 sepolicy: fix themed sounds
e0aefa2 sepolicy: fix themed boot animation
c4fd8b4 Introduce sepolicy exceptions for theme assets

project vendor/ev/
b6dd141 vendor/ev: Masquerade -> ThemeInterfacer