project frameworks/base/
9c459fe Avoid starving RT anims
16b2806 Fix a use-of-uninitialized-value warning.
5dde268 Fix static analyzer warnings.
5480c1b Fix memory corruption caused by patchCache.clear
be31c89 Fix dlfree error when delet mZipInflater
f86e667 Reduce log verbosity: Don't spam logcat
bc424e1 Fix window animation flash issue
7f5a830 [PackageManagerService]: Fixes can not boot issue.
9ec2058 Parse "vendor/priv-app" to find privileged applications
82656d3 Fix pms systemReady NullpointerException
a84ec46 Use ftruncate if fallocate is ENOTSUP
77bde40 pm: Improve the scan process
98476cf Deadlock in PackageInstallerSession
d641798 Fix for wakelock being held during bootup and idle scenario.
0301307 am: Account for time changes when showing recent activities
8d29cc0 fix persistent process is killed and restart again and again
7251cdd Fix previous app displaye on back key press
58e8898 [ActivityManager] Fix the inconsistence between ProcessRecord and BroadcastQueues
cb4ba3c Clear pending activity launches when force stop package
be198ab [ActivityManager] Reset killed flag at attachApplicationLocked

project frameworks/native/
de73439 surfaceflinger: Validate setposition parameters
87d82f3 Fix warning: macro redefined
b8dc4c9 SF: Improve phase/vsync offsets on HWC1
37635cf Fix leak of file descriptors and memory.
e75bcad Fix a use-of-uninitialized-value warning
924c29f Fix surfaceflinger file descriptor leak
a6a9002 Fix use of open()
e91ef89 Fix clang static analyzer warnings.
9c59992 Enable 64-bit support in libs/gui/Sensor.cpp
2619b46 Cast size to double
9febfd3 surfaceflinger: use min realtime sched priority
e26805e SF: Share cputime slices when RT sched priority is identical
550775b SF: Adjust RT sched priorities
b2c7f97 Fix window type mismatch issue
09ffe26 SF: converting mixed Priority Realtime definitons
87b8f87 native: make UI highest priority
7b3c162 native: use realtime scheduling for UX-critical items
9ae424a Rely on the platform -std default.
38f6a22 Remove unused include.
445c616 Switch GLES wrappers over to using Clang (and fix inline assembly).
4174f45 Split increments to silence a compiler warning.
584cf58 Atrace: Fix Buffer Overflow when checking kernel function
4726d33 installd: Simplify Dalvik cache path creation
7a754e1 Input: improve touch response slightly

project system/core/
7c09be1 init: Don't crash the system due to an invalid mkdir argument
76def3d init.rc: don't start console unless asked to
84cd1e6 start zygote in post-fs-data
170abb0 init: select usb gadget controller at run time
c5b9bed rootdir: init.rc: Fix for "add_tid_to_cgroup failed to write" warnings
6f5021d init cpuset: set to use all cpus for all cpusets
981d92f utils: add realtime scheduling priority
a64fbd6 cutils: realtime scheduler class support