project device/lge/hammerhead/
f74baa7 hammerhead: Simplify powerHAL

project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
6002d16 op3: Disable tethering provisioning for all carriers
59cfe12 gps: Update to CAF LA.UM.5.5.r1-04000-8x96.0
db4395e op3(t): remove unneeded post-processing
939cb15 op3(t): Remove uneeded graphics props
69ab969 wifi: sync with official N
26ca774 op3(t): Don't set default GPU power level
cc5a1b5 op3: Remove fpc delays after authentication cancelled
1438e72 op3: Enforce vendor tree presence
c8a5d53 op3: Update decoder profiling result
46f81ca op3: Unpin fpc hal
3f8e702 op3: Sort blob list
6612284 op3: Update to OB14 blobs
09cf49f op3: use stock aptX libraries from ob14
fc7a0ff op3: Doze: Refactor
6541fa3 op3: Doze: Perform operations as current user
cf2b4ab rootdir: rework ramdisk